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BATTLEMANIA Roleplay Rules

Jorden Snow

New member
Oct 22, 2014
Robinson, Illinois
There are just a few simple rules to follow for the roleplays to be counted.

1.) Your roleplay must be submitted before March 14th, 2015 at 1am EST / 12am CST.
2.) There is a 1, count it 1 roleplay maximum.
3.) Your roleplay may NOT exceed 3,000 words.
4.) You absolutely under no circumstances are allowed to EDIT your roleplay.
5.) You may NOT use the character of anyone signed up for BATTLEMANIA in your roleplay.
- You can have a person dressed up like that character, acting like that character, just don't use another handlers character.
6.) Refer to the rules of the Trash Talk forum, and those apply here as well.

So long as you can follow these 6 simple rules, you'll be golden and you'll be on your way to the prestige that comes along with winning BATTLEMANIA and becoming $150.00 richer. Good luck.

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