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BB Week 1 episode 1

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, FELICIA, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, CHRIS, and RAYNE. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(FADEIN: The 13 houseguests of Big Brother standing in front of the Big Brother house. They stand there with their bags ready for the three months they hope to spend in the house. In front of them stands a giant TV screen with the image of EMILY GARFIELD is shown.)

EMILY: "Hello houseguests...And welcome to Big Brother...Now the first thing we'll be doing is sending everyone into the house in waves...Group 1 and 2 will have 1 minute each to find beds. Group 3 will be the last group. Group 1 is Chris, Marc, Russell and Siri...(The four of them rush into the house and open a door to a bedroom)

RUSSELL: "Brick slabs and cushions..."

SIRI: "Keep looking gotta be better beds."

MARC: "JACKPOT!" (The others rush over and find queen sized beds and quickly claim them.)

EMILY: "Group 2 consists of Cadance, Caitlyn, Felicia, and John. You have a minute" (They rush into the house.)

RUSSELL: "That room sucks, check the others." (The group listens to Russell and avoids the stone room and finds a room with twin beds, and begins unpacking.)

EMILY: "And the last five, head on in." (They enter the house, CASEY opts for the fold out cot in the living room, while the other four are stuck with their crummy small cushioned stone beds.)

(CUTTO: Casey in the Diary room.)

CASEY: "You can tell everyone's tense, we're having small talk, who were are, where we're from, just all that junk, but still you can just see people wondering who's siding with who, it's just really hard to know who to trust."

(CUTTO: John in the Diary room.)

JOHN: "So far, just trying to feel people out. It's gonna be a long game. Just want to stick around for a couple weeks to get a better feel for people."

(CUTTO: MARC in the kitchen, drinking some OJ. CASEY, SIRI, RAYNE are at the table eating breakfest.)

MARC: "Look, I'm just saying a night on the slabs is no way to be, I'm just telling you, I got plenty of space for ya. You and Holly can't be enjoying that."

RAYNE: "I'm fine where I am for now...Thanks." (CAITLYN walks into the kitchen and goes to the fridge.)

MARC: "Hey Cat...Want to upgrade from Twin to Queen? From alone to company at night..." (Smiles wickedly)

CAITLYN: "No...I'm good..." (Glaces at the table who all seem to be a bit put off by MARC's lewdness.)

(CUTTO: Shane in the diary room)

SHANE: "Marc's nuts, he's been trying to find glue or household cleaners to get high off of, that doesn't work, I think the show knew what kind of a nut he is and kept that stuff away from him. I swear when he goes into the diary room they must medicate him or something."

(CUTTO: Marc in the diary room.)

MARC: "Man, everyone's so uptight, it's like a buncha scared cats...It's unreal...So, can I get my methadone?"

(CUTTO: everyone on the couch in front of a giant TV where EMILY appears.)

EMILY: "Hello houseguests...We'll be having our first Head of Household challenge. Everyone pair up into teams and go to seperate rooms and wait for the announcement to come back out."

(CASEY teams with RUSSELL, SIRI teams with CHRIS, CADANCE teams with SHANE, CAITLYN teams with DAN. FELICIA teams with MARC and RAYNE teams with HOLLY. Leaving JOHN without a partner.)

(CUTTO: The houseguests outside. RUSSELL, CHRIS, CADANCE, CAITLYN, MARC, and HOLLY are on treadmills, the other 6 are in booths in front of them. JOHN sits in a lawnchair watching events unfold.)

EMILY: "OK houseguests, in a moment we're going to start the treadmills. They will be going at three miles an hour. I will then ask 10 True or False trivia questions about the houseguests. Every wrong question the talker of the team gets makes their walker's treadmill move another mile faster, to a maximum of 8 miles an hour. When a person stops running on their treadmill their team is eliminated. To answer the question the houseguests will slide in the true sign in front of their booth, or the false sign for false.

Now for the twist...At the end, the team that wins will have the first Head of Household be selected, by JOHN...(JOHN raises his eyebrows and then nods at this new turn of events.) And so now. We'll begin..."

Question 1...True or False. Rayne is naturally Blonde...
(DAN, SIRI, FELICIA and RAYNE pick 'true'. CASEY and SHANE pick 'False')

EMILY: "The answer is False...Rayne has naturally brown hair..." (RAYNE looks a little confused, as does HOLLY who now has her treadmill go faster, along with CAITLYN, CHRIS and MARC.)

Question 2. True or False. Shane likes to play football.

(Everyone except DAN says "True".)

EMILY: "The correct answer is True, everyone got that except DAN. (CAITLYN's treadmill moves faster, and she breaks into a jog. DAN yells "I thought you liked basketball!")

EMILY: "Question 3...The one thing Siri wants to do before she dies is write a book."

(Everyone but RAYNE picks 'true'.)

EMILY: "The answer is true." (HOLLY's treadmill moves faster.)

EMILY: "Question 4...If Casey could be one person in history that person would be Indiana Jones."

(SIRI, CASEY, and FELICIA pick True. RAYNE, DAN, and SHANE pick False.)

EMILY: "the correct answer is True." (HOLLY goes to 6 miles an hour, as does CAITLYN who are both now moving pretty good. CADANCE starts walking faster.)

EMILY: "Question 5...Dan's least favorite food is sushi."

(Everyone but DAN and CASEY pick 'True')

EMILY: "The correct answer is False...He hates liver and onions." (Everyone but RUSSELL and CAITLYN go faster. HOLLY is now really running.)

EMILY: "Question 6...The sport Marc could never watch on TV is golf."

(Everyone but FELICIA and CASEY pick 'true')

EMILY: "The correct answer is False. He could never watch the Rodeo." (HOLLY is now going full speed...CHRIS, and CADANCE are going at 6 MPH. CAITLYN at 7. MARC at 5, and RUSSELL is still walking along at 3.)

EMILY: "Question 7...Jewel is one of Felicia's favorite singers."

(DAN, CASEY and FELICIA pick true. RAYNE, SHANE, and SIRI pick false.)

EMILY: "The correct answer is true...(FELICIA does a little dance in her booth, as HOLLY slides off her treadmill, eliminating her and RAYNE.)

EMILY: "Oh, we have our first elimination...(CHRIS hops off his treadmill as well) Followed by our second...and we're now down to 4 teams...(CADANCE has her treadmill set to 7 and keeps going.)

EMILY: "Question 8. If John wins the show he wants to buy a house and start his own wrestling league."

(FELICIA and SHANE pick 'true'. DAN and CASEY pick 'false')

EMILY: "The correct answer is true...(RUSSELL suffers his first speed increase. CAITLYN is now going the full 8 MPH.)

EMILY: "Question 9...Holly has a Dog named Willy."

(Everyone picks "true")

EMILY: "the answer is false...She has a dog named Marilyn." (RUSSELL breaks into a jog, at 5 MPH as does MARC at 6, CADANCE is now going the full 8 MPH, joining CAITLYN.)

EMILY: "Final Question...The Doors is one of Russells favorite bands."

(Everyone but DAN picks 'False.')

EMILY: "the correct Answer is false...Everyone stays at their current speeds, and those speeds will increase 1 mile each 15 minutes till we have a winner."

(CUTTO: Caitlyn in the diary room)

CAITLYN: "I was way behind. But I'm not going to quit, I feel I can outlast any of them."

(CUTTO: Russell in the diary room)

RUSSELL: "I was going the slowest into the end, I figured it would come down to me and Marc, the two girls were just going to fast to keep up."

(CUTTO: Cadance in the diary room.)

CADANCE: "I hate losing, and I sure as hell don't want to lose to some kid or that wacko Marc."

(CUTTO: Marc in the diary room.)

MARC: "I couldn't lose with those people I was facing, no kid or girl is gonna beat me."

(CUTTO: All 4 continuing to run...Russell and Marc get their speeds increased...CUTTO: Another speed increase...Finally CAITLYN slides off her treadmill, and we're down to three.)

(CUTTO: Another speed increase. All three are going at 8 MPH

MARC: "You ever outrun police dogs for 10 miles? I don't think so...I got this...Felicia...All I got to think about is if I keep running...Kerry wins...And then Bush is tried, convicted and shot for treason." (CADANCE is winded and shaking her head, trying to keep up with the other two...CUTTO: Ten minutes later, CADANCE slides off her treadmill.)

(CUTTO: Cadance in the diary room.)

CADANCE: "I had that...Man, if I'd picked Casey for a partner it wouldn't have even been a challenge."

(CUTTO: RUSSELL and MARC continuing to run. CUTTO: 12 minutes later, as RUSSELL stumbles and falls off his treadmill making MARC and FELICIA the winning team.)

(CUTTO: Russell in the diary room.)

RUSSELL: "I can't believe I slipped like that, ugh...So awful."

(CUTTO: MARC and FELICIA now in the backyard, with JOHN.)

EMILY: "John...Now it's your turn...You will now select the first head of household...You have been given the key to the Head Of Household room...Now you must give that key to either Felicia or Marc..."

JOHN: "I'll give Head of Household to Marc." (FELICIA looks annoyed, while MARC is pumped.)

(CUTTO: DAN in the diary room.)

DAN: "I think everyone is just horrified that Marc has the power right now. I mean, he's random, everyone's in danger. Who knows what he'll do. This is going to be a crazy week."

(CUTTO: SIRI, SHANE, and CADANCE in the diary room echoing these thoughts.)

(CUTTO: Shot of MARC celebrating in the living room.)

(Announcer Voice over.)

V/O: "Now that Marc is Head of Household, how will the house react, what plans will be made? Who will he nominate? Tune in next time on FW BB 1"

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