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BB week 1 Eviction/Week 2 HoH Ep

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, FELICIA, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, CHRIS, and RAYNE. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(FADEIN: DAN and RAYNE sitting on the Green Couch of Doom. In front of them to the left and right are seated everyone else in the big brother house. CUTTO: A TV shot of the house guests as EMILY stands across the street from the Big Brother house.)

EMILY: "Hello Houseguests."

GROUP: "Hi Emily."

EMILY: "Well folks, tonight will be the first live eviction, as either Dan or Rayne will leave the Big Brother house, but first let's get up to date with events in the house since Caitlyn used the power of Veto to save Felicia and forced Marc to nominate somebody new, which turned out to be Rayne."

(CUTTO: DAN lobbying RUSSELL to not vote him out, we see him also do this with CADENCE. Finally we see him talking to CHRIS.)

DAN: "So, anything I can do to keep myself in the game?"

CHRIS: "Yeah, leave me alone."

DAN: "What? I'm just looking to keep you from voting me out."

CHRIS: "Look, it's gonna be a coin toss really for me, I don't care about either one of you, so just leave me alone."

DAN: "OK OK...Look, anything I can do to make the coin land right."

CHRIS: "Yeah, leave me the (BLEEP) alone." (CHRIS walks away disgusted while DAN glares at him.)

(CUTTO: Dan in the diary room.)

DAN: "God, what a prick, I swear he better hope I go home cause I'll do everything in my power to boot his ass if I stay in this game, he is DONE."

(CUTTO: Chris in the diary room.)

CHRIS: "I'm sick of these people in this house, I mean, I tried to be a nice guy about it, but now, it's over, I've been on like '4' on the dial when I started...Now till I'm out the door, I'm at 11..."

(CUTTO: EMILY again, in front of the screen, the camera is now a tighter shot of only DAN and RAYNE on the couch.)

EMILY: "OK, and now the moment of truth...By a vote of 7 to 3...Rayne...You have been evicted from the Big Brother House...(DAN lets out a big sigh of relief, as RAYNE gets up and walks out of the house without much reaction, appearing as unemotional as possible. The rest of the house walk her to the door. After the door closes behind her CADENCE and DAN hug...DAN gets a high five from SHANE.)

DAN: "WHEW...Still alive...STILL...ALIVE..."

(CUTTO: EMILY again.)

EMILY: "While the houseguests deal with the aftermath of the first eviction, they are now being sent to the backyard for the next head of household contest. (CUTTO: 11 houseguests standing in booths. MARC sits on a lawn chair watching on.)

EMILY: "Marc as the outgoing HoH can not compete and will just be watching as the other 11 remaining houseguests will compete. This challenge is called "Majority Rules" where simply put, each person will answer a question. The people in the majority continue on, the people in the minority will be eliminated from the contest. At the end of the ten questions, or once we're down to 2 people, I'll then ask a tiebreaker question. the Person who answers it closest without going over will be the new Head of Household. If both go over, closest gets it.

OK, question 1. Who's cuter, Holly, or Cadence?

(CASEY, CHRIS, RUSSELL, SIRI and HOLLY are all eliminated after picking "HOLLY" the final 6 picked "CADENCE")

EMILY: "The majority has picked Cadence...I'm sorry, the rest of you may step aside, you are eliminated."

Question 2 Who's cuter, Dan or John?

(FELICIA is the only one to pick John.)

EMILY: "Felicia...You are eliminated...Everyone else has picked Dan." (FELICIA leaves.)

EMILY: "Question 3, who hates President Bush more, Casey or Chris?"

(SHANE is the only one to pick Chris.)

EMILY: "Shane...You have been eliminated."

EMILY: "Question 4, who's nuttier Marc or Felicia?"

(DAN is the only one to pick Marc.)

EMILY: "Sory Dan, the other three picked Felicia...You have been eliminated, we are down to three, Cadence, Caitlyn, and John."

EMILY: "Question 5, who's Smarter, Casey or Siri?"

(Only CADENCE picks Casey.)

EMILY: "I'm sorry Cadence...Both Caitlyn and John have picked Siri...You are eliminated...(CADENCE walks away from her booth.) And now we're down to the tiebreaker to determine the new head of household...Of the 13 houseguests. How many have been or currently are married?"

(Both JOHN and CAITLYN write their answers.)

EMILY: "OK, answers..."

(JOHN writes down 3, CAITLYN writes down 5.)

EMILY: "the answer is 2...John even having gone over is closer...And is the NEW HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD...Congrats John...(MARC hands over the HoH room Key to JOHN. JOHN pumps his fists over his head.)

ANNOUNCER V/O: "John has won the power of HoH. What effect will this have on the house, will alliances form, and most important of all, who will he nominate? Tune in next time on Big Brother."

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