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BB Week 1 Nominations Ep

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, FELICIA, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, CHRIS, and RAYNE. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(CUTTO: The house, after the HoH contest, everyone seems a bit unsettled over the idea that MARC is now in power. FELICIA is storming about the house looking rather upset.)

FELICIA: "MARC AND JOHN WILL DIE...AND THEY'LL DIE IN A GAY POSE!! AHHHH!!! (Storms off down the hallway.) I do all that work, answer all that stuff...That was tough knowing if Shane liked Football or if Siri wants to write a book...and I did it all, all he did was outrun a kid and two girls and now he's in charge? Phooey...Die...Die in a gay pose...(Storms into her bedroom and continues to seethe.)

(CUTTO: Russell in the diary room.)

RUSSELL: "Felicia is just a mess right now, she's breaking stuff in the house, they called her into the diary room a little while ago and calmed her down, but she's still snitty about stuff."

(CUTTO: MARC wondering the house in the evening.)

MARC: "Hey gang, let's get some freeze tag going up in this joint! Let's go!" (MARC runs out back, RUSSELL, SIRI, JOHN, CADENCE, FELICIA, SHANE, HOLLY and CAITLYN go with him...CHRIS, DAN, CASEY, don't. When the gang goes out back they run into RAYNE who's writing in a book.)

MARC: "Hey Rayne, we're playing freeze tag, you in."

RAYNE: "I dunno how to play."

MARC: "When you're tagged you're frozen until somebody else untags you to make ya unfrozen."

RAYNE: "Oh...I tag myself, I'm frozen (RAYNE doesn't move. While the rest of the gang run around the yard playing...CUTTO: FELICIA calling JOHN a "wanker-stank" at some point in the game.)

(CUTTO: MARC and CANDENCE flirting.)

(CUTTO: Shane in the diary room.)

SHANE: "I don't know what's going on between those two, if she's playing him cause he's in power, or if she likes him or what, but something is going on."

(CUTTO: MARC in the hallway where the photos of the 13 players of Big Brother hang on the wall. He then takes the keys that hang beneath the pictures and brings them into the HoH room.)

(Voice over MARC as he's looking at the keys.)

MARC: "It's tough, knowing I'm in control of people and if they'll stay in the game or not...But my biggest reason for these decisions is keeping the fun, happy people in the game."

(CUTTO: MARC walking out with the infamous Big Brother key holder, He places it on the circle table in the living room.)

MARC: "Everyone...It's time..."

(All the players grimly walk into the living room to get ready for the first nominations.)

MARC: "As you know, as Head of Household, I have to nominate two people for eviction...I have put the keys into the key holder, numbered from 1 to 10...I will remove the first key, read the name of the person who's safe, and then spin the table so the holder goes to that person, they will take out key number 2 out, read the name, and pass it along. Till all 10 keys have been removed, the 2 people left without keys will be the two I have nominated...With all that said...

(MARC turns the first key, and removes it from it's holder.)

MARC: "Cadence...You are safe..."

(MARC spins the table till the holder is in front of Cadence. Who then removes the next key.)

CANDENCE: "John...You are safe..."

(CANDENCE spins the table till the holder is in front of John. Who then removes the next key.)

JOHN: "Siri...You are safe" (SIRI looks relieved as she takes her key, and then has the holder spun over to her.)

SIRI: "Russell...You are safe" (The camera pans to SHANE, CASEY, and FELICIA who have yet to get keys and look worried...RUSSELL then removes the next key.)

RUSSELL: "Caitlyn...You are safe." (CAITLYN lets out a deep breath as she takes her key...The tension for the keyless grows. CAITLYN removes the next key.)

CAITLYN: "Holly...You are safe." (HOLLY takes her key and the others continue to stew...MARC watches on, a grim look on his face. HOLLY removes the next key.)

HOLLY: "Casey...You are safe." (CASEY raises his hands over his head.)

CASEY: "Thank you Marc...(CASEY removes the next key.) Shane...You are safe."

(CHRIS, DAN, and FELICIA look tense, while RAYNE is unfazed. SHANE removes the 2nd to last key.)

SHANE: "Chris...You are safe." (CHRIS gives a small fist pump as he gets his key...The final three look on as he removes the final key.)

CHRIS: "Rayne...You are safe." (CHRIS hands the final key to RAYNE.)

MARC: "As you can see I've nominated Dan and Felicia...Dan...You didn't wanna play Freeze tag with us...And out of the gang of people who didn't want to have fun. I get the worst vibe from you...So that's why you're nominated...Felicia...Look...John picked me to be HoH, that's the breaks, your attitude during this whole thing has sucked...So that's why you got nominated...We need happy people in this house, and you're clearly not a happy person...So, that having been said, the nominations are over."

(The group slowly breaks up after the nominations.)

(Announcer voice over.)

V/O: "Dan and Felicia are on the block, who will they pick for the Veto challenge, who will win it, and if they win it, will Veto be used to save one of them, and if so, who would be put on the block in their place...Tune in next time for the answers on FW Big Brother."

OORP: Comments in character about nominations posted here...

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
CUTTO: John in the diary room.

John: Honestly, I am glad I was not nominated, plus i enjoy playing games like freeze tag and having fun here and there. But if everyhitn gworks out iI think Felcia needs to take a hike, just cause she isn't having a good time, and that can ruin us all in the long run.

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