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BB Week 2 Eviction, Week 3 HoH Ep.

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing SIRI, CASEY, and then JOHN, followed by another quick series of film clips of CADANCE, FELICIA, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of HOLLY, MARC, and CHRIS. Which are quickly followed by shots of CAITLYN, RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(CUTTO: FELICIA and CHRIS sitting on the Green Couch of Doom, the rest of the house guests sit in front of them on either side on yellow couches. CUTTO: EMILY looking into the BB House on a TV screen.)

EMILY: "Welcome to the second live eviction...In a few moments, either Chris or Emily will be evicted from the Big Brother House...Hi Houseguests."

GROUP: "hi Emily!"

EMILY: "We've seen a little lobbying from Chris (CUTTO: CHRIS having a talk with SIRI, and then a talk with CADENCE.) while Felicia has mostly kept to herself...Who is leaving...(CHRIS appears generally unconcerned, FELICIA looks worried.) By a vote of 5 to 4...Felicia has been evicted from the Big Brother House...(FELICIA looks outraged...CAITLYN gives her a hug, as she stomps her feet and then leaves the house trying not to cry on her way out.)

CAITLYN: "Wow, I was the deciding vote to get rid of her...Wow, But I had to, she was just gonna ruin me if I let her stay with me..." (The room is not nearly as supportive to CHRIS as it was to DAN after his survival.)

EMILY: "Now houseguests, it's time to go out back and get ready for the next Head of Household challenge."

(CUTTO: The 10 Houseguests who can compete standing on the second step of a 3 step staircase, all of the 10 are blindfolded. JOHN watches on from the side.)

EMILY: "Houseguests, today's challenge is titled 'higher or lower' you will be asked a question, and when told, will step higher, if you think the answer is higher, or lower if you think it is lower, and now we'll begin."

EMILY: "Question 1. The number of people who got the first question wrong in last week's HoH contest was higher or lower then 4...OK...Step."

(SIRI, CAITLYN, CASEY and SHANE step down a step, everyone else up a step.)

EMILY: "The answer was Higher...Everyone who stepped lower is eliminated and make take off their blindfolds." (The four leave their steps.)

EMILY: "Question 2. The number of points Caitlyn got in the first veto challenge was higher or lower then 11...OK...Step."

(Only RUSSELL steps up.)

EMILY: "The answer was lower...Russell is eliminated." (RUSSELL leaves his steps.)

EMILY: "Question 3. The number of votes Dan got for eviction in the first week was higher or lower then 2...OK...Step"

(Everyone steps up.)

EMILY: "Everyone gets it right. OK...Question 4. The average number of letters in the names of the 13 house guests is higher or lower then 4.5...OK...Step."

(DAN steps down.)

EMILY: "The answer was higher...Dan...You have been eliminated." (DAN leaves his steps."

EMILY: Question 5. The number of house guests who've attended college is higher or lower then 10...OK...Step"

(Only HOLLY steps up.)

EMILY: "The answer is Higher...And Holly is the only one to get it right...Holly is the new Head of Household!"

(HOLLY Takes off her Blindfold and pumps her fists. She takes the HoH room key from JOHN, Everyone else mills about the backyard.)


V/O: "Felicia has left the house, and now Big Brother has it's first female HoH, how will it effect the dynamics of the house, what will Holly do? Who will she nominate? Turn in next time on Big Brother."

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