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Be afraid, be VERY afraid.


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Jan 1, 2000
Warwick USA
Fade in to Showtime Steven James standing on an upper deck, the deck is over looking the ocean for he is at a deserted beach. There's no lifeguard on duty, no one is swimming, just calmness and the sounds of the waves crashing down on the shore. There's an overcast which blankets the beach in gray, James doesn't seem to be too jovial for everyone knows that his love for the beach is ummatched. He looks at the ocean, then at the camera, and begins.

SJ: What do you know? Another summer has come, and another summer has passed. Funny, it seems just like yesterday summer was getting started and there were beautiful women roaming along this beach in tight bathing suits. Not now. Now everyone's to work, back to school, back to everyday life, the vacations are over and paradise is closed. So i guess there's only one thing left to do....

the tv goes fuzzy and the picture is lost...then after a few seconds a picture comes back and it's James again. But this time he's on a busy beach with women all around. Instead of wearing the warm up suit he was wearing before he's now wearing tan shorts and a Hawiian shirt. Next to him is Lincoln Jones and they are both holding a Corona.

SJ: LIKE I SAID, THERE'S ONLY ONE THING TO DO AND THAT'S GO TTTOOO PARADISE!! I mean what the hell, we've got this card off so why not have a little fun? You having fun Linc?

LJ: Oh man, you know i am.

SJ: You see we know it's not our fault that we're so damn good at this gig that everyone is afraid to fight us. That's right, everyone bitched and moaned and now we have no one brave enough to fight us so we have been kept off the latest card.

LJ: It's apparent to us that no one in the GLCW can match our strength and speed, therefore if they want to give us nighs off fine. We'll take full advantage of it.

SJ: You see we're still training and staying sharp but oh my god...look at some of these fine ladies. Do you see them Linc?

LJ: UUuummm Steve, you know the rules about women and training.

SJ: Yeah, immitating Mick from Rocky "Women weaken legs." But dude, we're not wrestling. And besides, my legs have never had a problem about being weakened, and for that matter, neither has any other part of my body.

the girls near by scream in approval

SJ: Well as you can see I'm gonna be a little busy tonight, so everyone of the fellas in the back, have a great card, don't nobody get seriously hurt by anyone because basically...

LJ: That's OUR job. Be afraid boys, be VERY afraid.

SJ: While i go get laid in the shade.

LJ: Linc gives a mean look

SJ: What? It rhymes.

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