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Benjamins Manifesto


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into Adam Benjamin sitting in his birth home in England. Adam was victorious in his return home and is preparing to leave for the States)

Benjamin: Miles away i will journy to continue my career, but here in England is were my heart will always be. If front of a packed arena that witnessed a star studded roster, I performed like no other. I gave my fellow countrymen the performance that I promised them. I bled for them, I put my body on the line for them, I did everything in the ring for them, because deep down that is all I know how to do. In victory I learned alot, I defeated a man that has the attention back in the states on my soil, and hopefully woke a few of the doubters up about Yours Truly...

(Adam shakes his head)

Benjamin: So now I brace myself for the return back to the states leaving my country once again. Now this departure might keep me away for a longer time, or maybe I will be back next month, regardless I know that the fans respect me here. But much like my first trip to the states this next trip is filled with questions. For one are the fans in the states finally going to apreciate my ring work. Will they finally wake up and say man this guy does it all night and night out to please us. Will the fans realise that I am a proud countryman, however in time have slowly begun to adapt the the american way of things. Ah questions that have the answers dangling in the balance.

(Adam smiles)

Benjamin: So whats it going to be Americans can you look yourselves in the eyes and truly say that Adam Benjamin does not give you all he has? I am returning for glory you can either take a seat and witness greatness, or you can deny yourself such technical greatness. The choice is your but let it be know that Yours Truly is given in a little, now it is your turn American, now it is your turn to open your arms and cheer for Adam Benjamin. I mean how cool will you all look being the better man, hold up the British flags because you are fans of mine, and do not feel as if you are turning your back on your country, when in reality all you are doing is turning your attenion towards a winner. See it is not hard at all, support me, and in turn i will bleed for you, i will do all I can for you, and in turn I will dominate for you, all in all showing what English pride is all about, in a Semi American way! Now go all, and buy the British flags, and british bandana's. and wear them proud.

(Adam looks into the camera)

Benjamin: Because the fact is fans and GXW outright, you can hate me all you want, but by god you have to respect what I do in the ring. Because Adam Benjamin might not be great at anything he does. But by god he is good at everything!!!

(Fade to black)

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