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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Best of EPW, Disc 3


1. EMPIRE WAR GAMES: Beast, Joey Melton, Cameron Cruise & Adam Benjamin vs. Troy Douglas, “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy, Christian Sands & Jonathan Marx – Aggression 9

2. Boogie Smallz vs. Lindsay Troy – Aggression 11

3. WORLD TITLE MATCH/LADDER MATCH/DIVORCE OR MARRIAGE: “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy © vs. Troy Windham – Wrestleverse II

4. WORLD TITLE: “Triple X” Sean Stevens vs. “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy vs. Joey Melton © – Russian Roulette II

5. STREET FIGHT: Christian Sands vs. Cameron Cruise – Aggression 13

6. Cross vs. Dis II – Aggression 17

7. “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy © & The Cameron Cruise Project vs. Highland Park Social Club (cc) – Aggression 27

8. KING OF THE CAGE: Rocko Daymon vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens – Aggression 31

9. WORLD TITLE MATCH: “Triple X” Sean Stevens © vs. First – Aggression 42

10. “Triple X” Sean Stevens [c] and First vs. Cameron Cruise [c] and Copycat – Aggression 44

11. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin vs. Karl “The Dragon” Brown – Black Dawn 2004

12. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: JA © vs. “Yours Truly” Sebastian Dodd vs. “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx – Wrestleverse I

13. WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: "Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy/Christian Sands [cc] vs. The Cameron Cruise Project vs. Priest/Eisenkreuz vs. Blitz – Russian Roulette

14. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Troy Douglas vs. The Sergeant © – Black Dawn 2008

15. WORLD TITLE CAGE MATCH: JA © vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens – Unleashed 2008
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Beast/Melton/Cruise/Benjamin vs. Douglas/Troy/Sands/Marx - Aggression 9 - WAR GAMES


EMPIRE WAR GAMES: Beast, Joey Melton, Cameron Cruise, & Adam Benjamin vs. Troy Douglas, Lindsay Troy, Christian Sands, & Jonathan Marx - Aggression 9

DT: We're back! Mike, it's time for the match everyone's been waiting for! Eight men! Two rings! One cell! It's EMPIRE WAR GAMES, LIVE on Aggression!

MN: How many other feds bring you THIS kind of action on free TV, huh? EPW rules!

DT: None! And remember, we still have to hear who the special referee is!

MN: The anticipation is KILLING me!

DT: Let's take it to the ring!

[Cut to the dual rings, now enclosed inside the War Games cell. Standing at ringside is Tony Fatora, mic in hand.]

TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is EMPIRE WAR GAMES! The rules are as follows! One man from each team will begin the match. Every five minutes one new participant will enter the match. The first team to receive a second entrant will be determined by a coin toss! The next wrestler out will be from the opposite team, and this will continue back and forth until all eight wrestlers are in the ring, at which point a victory can be secured via the first pinfall or submission! And now... introducing the referee for this match...

[CUE UP: "Black Superman" - Above The Law. The crowd ERUPTS, recognizing the music. The curtains part, and out walks none other than BOOGIE SMALLZ in a referee-striped throwback jersey, puffing a blunt and carrying a bong. The crowd roars and flashes gang signs. Boogie raises the bong to the crowd, then saunters down to the ring, stowing the bong under the apron and handing the blunt to a lucky stoner in the front row. He then slips into the dual rings and plays to the crowd.]


DT: All I can say is - WOW!!! I can't BELIEVE what I'm seeing! The last Global X-Treme Wrestling Unified World Champion, Boogie Smallz, is the special referee for War Games!


DT: Say what you will about Smallz' habits, Boogie Smallz is as tough as they come! He's defeated such notables as Dan Ryan, John Miller, Lindsay Troy, and Christian Sands in his career and was headlining the late Global X-Treme Wrestling before management issues send them into chapter 11! What a coup for EPW!

[Loose yourself by Emiem begins to blast as "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin makes his way slowly to the ring. Adam is wearing two English flag bandana's one that cover his head and the other that covers the lower part of his face revealing only his stone cold eyes. Adam makes his way into the ring and stands firm in his corner waiting for the bell to ring.]

TONY FATORA: Introducing first... He hails from the United Kingdom... He weighs in at two hundred and forty-six pounds... He issssss ADAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM... BEEEEEEEEEN-JAMIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!

DT: The look of focus on Adam Benjamin's face tells the whole story here, Mike. War Games is no laughing matter, and it seems Benjamin realizes that as one of the first two men out, he's in a very bad position.

MN: I'll say.

[Cue up: "Heartbreaker" - Led Zeppelin. The crowd boos thunderously (save for a few hottie pops) as Lindsay Troy strides confidently down the ramp, ignoring the pissants on either side of the ramp. She steps into the cage and flashes Benjamin a smirk and a little 'you-wish-you-could-have-this' pose. Benjamin doesn't know what to think.]


DT: Oh dear! What a pickle for Adam Benjamin, who's repeatedly claimed that he doesn't want to lay a hand on Troy!

MN: I'd lay BOTH hands on her! Now shut up and help me find my hand lotion!

[SFX: *DINGDINGDING* - Bell rings.]

[Smirking, Troy begins to circle Benjamin slowly, as if daring him to attack her. For his part, Benjamin raises both his hands fastidiously.]

DT: Troy's circling Benjamin like a shark, but he's not moving to attack!

MN: Why would he NOT want to put his hands on Troy? She's HOT!

DT: He's a gentleman, I guess.

MN: If Benjamin's gentle, I'm Paige Davis.

[It's Troy who makes the first move. She darts behind Benjamin and kicks him in the ass before he can turn. Scowling, Benjamin whirls and glares at her, but Troy just grins, reaching out to pinch Benjamin's cheek insultingly.]

DT: This is insulting! Troy's trying to humiliate Adam Benjamin!

[The two square off again. Benjamin again raises his hands - only for Troy to meet him with a pair of jabs to the face. Troy whips Benjamin into the ropes and rebounds to score with a big leg lariat, taking the former Intercontinental Champion down.]

DT: Oh! Troy takes Benjamin to the mat with that big kick!

MN: *sigh* Look at those legs...

DT: Uh, Mike? I think she'll kick your ass if she hears you talking like that.

[Benjamin wobbles to his feet, and Troy moves in to pepper him with more jabs. Whipping him across the ring into a corner, she sets him up and catches him stumbling out of the turnbuckles, dropping him with a neckbreaker. Benjamin rolls away, holding his neck and recovering.]

DT: These early moments of the match are crucial, Mike. Gaining control when that five minute timer in the corner of your screen goes down could make or break this match, because you don't know if the next man out will be a friend or a foe.

MN: Don't you just love how Benjamin's getting rocked out by a woman?

[As Benjamin begins recovering, Troy advances on him and picks away at him with hard stomps. Picking Benjamin up, she tosses him to the ropes and delivers a crisp back body drop, sending the Englishman over the ropes of one ring over into the second! Benjamin lands hard, holding his back.]

DT: And Benjamin sent into that second ring as Troy is completely dominant here!

MN: I'd let her dominate me. Ooh.

DT: Submissive.

MN: For her, anything.

[Wincing, Benjamin stumbles to his feet. Troy hops the ropes after him and brings him to the mat with a running facecrusher, then taunts the booing fans with some choice words. She strikes a brief pose, then strides back to Benjamin, shaking her ass at him.]

MN: OHH! Where the hell is that lotion?!

DT: Troy's taunting Adam Benjamin here! She's... flaunting her sexuality at him!

MN: I hope she never stops!

[That choice proves a bad one for Troy. Finally pissed off, Benjamin grabs her in a waistlock from behind and German suplexes her with authority.]

DT: Wait a minute - BIG German suplex from Adam Benjamin!

MN: BOOOOO! It's not gentlemanly to hurt a lady!

[The move catches Troy by surprise. She kips to her feet and rushes Benjamin, only to eat a kick to the gut and a snap suplex. The crowd is fully behind Benjamin despite the misogyny. Yours Truly picks up Troy and shoves her into the corner, unloading with hard knife-edged chops.]

DT: Benjamin's going to the chopping block on Troy here! He's just about chopping her out of her shirt!

MN: Out of her shirt?! I don't know whether to blast him or praise him!

[After a few more chops, Smallz interjects himself between the two, yelling at Benjamin to get Troy out of the corner. Benjamin scowls at the special referee, then drags Troy out of the corner for a bulldog. Troy grabs the top rope, causing Benjamin to land on the back of his head.]

DT: Benjamin going for the bulldog, but Troy blocks! Great ring awareness by the Queen!

MN: Damn right!

[Taking advantage of Benji's spill, Troy moves in and drops a knee across the Englishman's neck. Benjamin jerks at the impact. Unsympathetic, Troy knees him in the face a couple times, then picks him up and drills him with an underhook DDT.]

DT: Troy wearing down Benjamin here, gaining her team a crucial advantage in the early going!

MN: That's what Benji gets for joining the Maelstrom School of Gender Politics.

[Benjamin holds his head as he comes to his feet. Grinning, Troy hooks him up for a suplex, but Benjamin suddenly takes her down, forcing her into a Sharpshooter!]

DT: SHARPSHOOTER! Benjamin popped that hold out of nowhere!



MN: This is wrong! Someone stop this!

DT: Pinfalls and submissions don't count yet, but this hold is wearing Troy down enough that Benjamin's team might have a man advantage easily!

MN: The counter!

DT: The clock's counting down!



DT: Who's coming out - NO!

[The crowd boos as Christian Sands runs down the ramp, kicking his way into the cage. Benjamin releases the sharpshooter, only for Sands to deck him with a monster clothesline.]

DT: Christian Sands is in, as it looks like Troy's team won the coin toss in the back! This is very bad for Adam Benjamin, as he's outnumbered two to one in there with the Queen of the Ring and a former World Champion!

MN: MY DAWG! This is off the hook NOW, yo!

[As Benjamin comes to his feet, Sands scoops him up and delivers a powerful back suplex, stunning the smaller man. Recovering, Troy runs the ropes and drops across Altaro with a flipping leg drop. Sands and Troy then exchange a high-five, clasping hands and dropping a tandem elbow onto Benjamin.]

DT: Big double elbow by Sands and Troy, as they're dismantling Adam Benjamin in there!

MN: I mean, Troy's bad enough, but when you throw in the rightful World's Champion, Benjamin's TOAST!

[Picking Benjamin up roughly, Sands and Troy whip him into the ropes, decking him on the way back with a double clothesline. The two baddies exchange smirks. Sands sets his foot against Benjamin's face and begins grinding his heel into the Englishman's mouth.]

DT: This is disgusting! Sands is forcing Benjamin to eat boot!

MN: That's what Benjamin gets for claiming he's more of a main eventer than the World's Champion!

DT: There's no justification for this at all!

[Pushing with his heel, Sands backs Benjamin into a corner and begins stomping at the other man. Troy joins him, and the two partners stomp a mudhole into Benjamin as the crowd boos. After a moment, Sands sidesteps. Troy crosses the ring, then runs at Benjamin to slam him in the jaw with a baseball slide!]

DT: OH! Baseball slide by Troy, and I think Benjamin just spat up blood!

MN: Good! Stupid Banjoman!

[A smirk touches Troy's face as she crosses the ring again. She attempts a second baseball slide... but Benjamin rushes out of the corner and SPEARS the surprised woman with authority!]



[Troy goes down hard. Sands attempts to intercept Benjamin with a lariat, but the Englishman ducks it and swings Sands into a rough German suplex! Troy rolls to her feet, and Benjamin snap-suplexes her crisply! The crowd roars as Benjamin's adrenaline begins to flow.]

DT: Benjamin's throwing suplexes left and right! He's found his second wind!

MN: The clock's winding down!

[As Benjamin delivers another suplex to Sands, the crowd counts.]



DT: Who is it --- IT'S JOEY MELTON!!!


[Melton takes his time going down the ramp. In the meantime, Benjamin has whipped Troy into the ropes, sending her spilling into the ring nearest the ramp. It is into this ring that Melton steps. He looks down at Troy, frowning thoughtfully.]

DT: Looks like Melton's torn over whether or not to attack Lindsay Troy here!

MN: He BETTER not! I wouldn't even know who to cheer for!

[The indecision is momentarily. In the other ring, Benjamin tries to suplex Sands again, but the bigger man reverses into his own suplex. He then runs, jumps, and flies over both ring ropes to catch Melton with a neckbreaker as the crowd pops!]

DT: WHAT A NECKBREAKER BY SANDS, flying over BOTH sets of ring ropes to crack Melton!


[As Melton comes to his feet, Sands abandons subtlety and slugs the legend in the mouth. He throws Melton into the corner, yells a few choice curses into his face, and starts chopping away at him.]

DT: Sands going to the chopping block! He's picking Melton apart here!

MN: I STILL don't know who to root for! It sucks to have favorites on both sides!

[Melton manages to force an arm up, blocking Sands' chops. He quickly reverses the big man into the corner and throws a series of knees. However, Troy grabs him from behind and takes him down with a reverse DDT... only for Adam Benjamin to enter the first ring, run OVER the downed Troy, and leap off her stomach to hit Sands with a body splash in the corner!]




[Reeling, Sands stumbles out of the corner, tripping over Troy and Melton and falling on his face. Benjamin takes advantage of this to drop an elbow across Sands' back. Recovering, Melton does likewise. The two unlikely allies pick the former World Champion up and whip him into the ropes, decking him with a tandem side kick.]

DT: Great teamwork by Melton and Benjamin, as Christian Sands is being totally dominated in there!

MN: And that's something you don't see every day!

[Troy slowly wobbles to her feet, resting in a corner. Melton and Benjamin stay focused on Sands, however. Melton pulls Sands up in a half-nelson, shooting him into the cage. As Sands bounces off, Benjamin takes him up and over with a backdrop suplex!]

DT: Combo attack by Melton and Benjamin - and it looks like Sands is busted open above the eye!

MN: It wouldn't be a cage environment without blood!

[Wiping blood from his face, Sands comes to his feet unsteadily. Melton remedies that by chop-blocking his leg. Troy comes out of her corner to attack, only for Benjamin to take her down into an armbar, locking it in tightly. Meanwhile, Melton begins working over Sands' knee with kneedrops, locking in a side kneebar.]

DT: Dual submissions by Melton and Benjamin! They're firmly in control of this War Games match, and this crowd loves it!

MN: INDECISION! ARGH! Quick! Flip a coin! Which team to cheer for?!

DT: I don't have a coin!

MN: BAH! Poor man!

DT: I'm NOT poor!

MN: If you weren't, you'd have a coin!

DT: But - the clock's running down!





[Hailed by the roar of the crowd, Douglas rushes into the cell and immediately yanks Benjamin off of Troy, body-slamming him across Melton to a big crowd reaction! As Douglas stomps away at Benjamin, Sands and Troy roll into the second ring to recover some of their stamina.]

DT: Douglas is on the attack! He's the freshest man in the match, and he's putting that to good use!

MN: He's stomping those puny Autobots into fine powder!

[Grabbing Melton by the collar, Douglas hurls him out of the corner and lobs him into the second ring, then picks Benjamin up and scores with a powerslam. In the second ring, Sands grabs Melton in a full nelson. Troy takes advantage and begins pummeling Melton's ribs ruthlessly. Melton struggles, but can't escape Sands' grip.]

DT: That's despicable! Troy's taking free shots on the restrained Melton!

MN: Man... She's nasty, but HOT.

DT: I don't see it. She's just a damn Jezebel.

MN: ...And is this match a slobberknocker?

DT: Quiet.

[The free shots don't last long, as Boogie Smallz interjects himself and yells at Sands, ordering him to release Melton. Sands flips him the finger, but complies... slowly. Troy then kicks Melton in the teeth. In the other ring, Douglas lobs Benjamin into another corner, dragging him out with a big belly-to-belly suplex!]

DT: Textbook overhead suplex by Troy Douglas! Benjamin and Melton are in a world of trouble here!

[In the other ring, Melton slumps down to his hands and knees. Disdainfully, Sands pushes him over with his boot. Melton falls onto his back, allowing Troy to legdrop him. Sands follows by applying a seated dragon sleeper to the legend. Seeing Melton under control, Troy hops into the other ring. She and Douglas set Benjamin on the top rope, taking him down with a tandem superplex!]

DT: DOUBLE SUPERPLEX by Douglas and Troy!

MN: Well, I guess two suplexes are better than one!

[Melton fights Sands' submission in the other ring, but it's clear that he's fading. Meanwhile, Douglas picks Benjamin up and whips him into the ropes, bringing him back for a back body drop. Benjamin sees it and jumps over him and decks Troy with a flying knee!]

DT: OH! KNEE by Adam Benjamin!

MN: OUCH! That hit HARD!

[Benjamin turns to face Douglas... and the number one contender promptly powerslams him.]

DT: OHHHH no! Benjamin gets shut down by Troy Douglas!

MN: That was a ROUGH powerslam, man!

DT: Meanwhile, Melton is STILL being choked out by Christian Sands!

[Back in the second ring, Melton fights slowly to his feet. He reaches behind Sands and tries to snapmare him, but Sands waistlocks him and drops him on his head with a back suplex. As Melton totters to his feet, Sands superkicks him in the jaw, taking him down. In the first ring, Benjamin is thrust into a corner and punched powerfully by Troy and Douglas until Boogie Smallz interjects himself, lecturing the two.]

MN: I can't believe Boogie Smallz is actually making a decent ref. He doesn't seem like the type.

DT: Drugs or no, Smallz is a professional who knows the rules of the ring better than most.

[Troy and Douglas ignore Smallz and continue attacking Benjamin. However, the clock is running down.]






[The crowd ROARS as Beast charges down the ramp, exploding into the rings! He promptly grabs Douglas off of Benjamin and destroys him with a huge German suplex! Sands drops Melton and rushes to the rescue, but Beast SPEARS him to the canvas like a charging bull!]

[And then Beast turns to face Lindsay Troy.]

DT: Beast staring down Lindsay Troy! He's ENRAGED that she betrayed his trust after all this time!

MN: BOO! HISS! Troy can kick his ass!

[Impudent, Troy mouths off at Beast. The big man is unmoved. He scowls at her for a moment... then grabs her by the hair and prepares to slug her in the mouth!]


[Or not. Grimacing, Douglas comes up behind Beast and spins him around, firing off a round of jabs. Beast is mostly unfazed. He throws a knee to Douglas' gut, then wheels him into the second ring, following him in to deliver a brutal side suplex.]

DT: Beast going to town on the number one contender here! As the freshest men in the match, the brawl between these two will be the most intense!

MN: You mean Beast loafs around punching him while Douglas throws REAL moves at him?

DT: Stop.

[Beast hammers on Douglas as everyone else recovers. The big World's Champion whips the number one contender into a corner and clotheslines him hard, then beels him out powerfully. Douglas hands hard on his back, only to eat a dropkick from the recovering Joey Melton!]

DT: Melton and Beast double-teaming Douglas here!

MN: Okay, now I'm cheering for Megatron's team.

[Seeing Douglas incapacitated for now, Beast hops back into the other ring, but is met by chops from Sands. The big man fights back, and the two rivals slug it out in the first ring. Meanwhile, Troy and Benjamin have recovered. Troy swings at Benjamin with a big right hand, but Benjamin ducks and takes her down into a cross armbreaker.]

DT: I can barely follow the action here! There's too much happening at once!

MN: I'll say!

[Benjamin works the submission in on Troy, and she claws for the ropes in pain. Meanwhile, Beast catches Sands with a knee, then brings him up and mauls him with a huge powerbomb. Grimly, Beast elbow-drops his old rival, then picks him up and wheels him into the cage!]

DT: OH! Sands eats the steel wall!

MN: He always seems to do that...

[A bleeding Sands stumbles off the cage wall, and Beast picks him up to mangle him with a brutal press slam. Menawhile, Melton and Douglas slug it out - that is, until Melton kicks Douglas in the knee, then starts elbow-dropping said knee repeatedly.]

DT: Melton going to work on Douglas' knee in the second ring as Beast's team is in firm control here!

MN: The clock!

DT: It's counting down!



DT: And here comes Jonathan Marx!

[As Melton begins applying the Figure Four to Douglas, Marx rushes into the cage. He goes right for Beast, stunning him with a forearm, then jumps on Benjamin and applies an anklelock. In pain, Benjamin breaks the hold on Troy and tries to fight out of Marx's grip, but he's exhausted.]

DT: Marx is in, and he's looking to polish off Adam Benjamin! Yours Truly has been in there since the start, and both him and Lindsay Troy are exhausted!

MN: I would be too, man. This has gone nearly half an hour.

[Recovering somewhat, Sands cracks Beast with a jawbreaker, stunning him. He then hops the ropes with Troy behind him. The two drag Melton off of Douglas and hurl him into a corner, pounding him in the face with rights and lefts, busting him open above the right eye.]

DT: And now Joey Melton is busted open above the eye!

MN: Man, those punches must've been hard as hell!

DT: They certainly are!

[Again Smallz interjects himself into the proceedings, pushing Sands and Troy back from Melton. Sands shoves past his old rival and splashes Melton in the corner, only for Smallz to admonish him. Meanwhile, Douglas hops over and goes after Beast, and the two begin duking it out in the first ring.]

DT: Brawling here, brawling there, brawling everywhere!

MN: This is NUTS! I can't even tell who's winning!

[At this point Adam Benjamin is pretty much totally out of it. He's this close to tapping to Marx's anklelock, but fortunately submissions don't count until everyone's in the ring. Marx finally releases the hold and stomps Benjamin tactlessly in the corner.]

DT: Looks like Benjamin's completely dead here, having been picked apart by Jon Marx.

[Thrusting a shoulder into Beast's gut, Douglas takes him up and over with a northern lights suplex. He drops an elbow on Beast and grabs a sleeper hold. Meanwhile, Troy and Sands hurl Melton against the cage wall like a battering ram, working open his cut!]

DT: OH! Melton gets sent into the cage, and he's BLEEDING PROFUSELY here!

MN: Man! He's gushing like crazy!

[As Melton stumbles off the cage wall, Sands and Troy sweep him up and drop him with a double spinebuster.]


DT: The count!



DT: And here comes Cameron Cruise! Pinfalls and submissions are now legal!

[Apparently Marx was expecting this. He drags the limp Benjamin out of the corner and pins him quickly.]





MN: That was CLOSE! Marx had Benjamin down and was just WAITING for falls to come into effect to try and get the quick win!

DT: Great strategy by Marx, but Cruise managed to save the match for his team in the nick of time!

[Picking Beast up and delivering a sleeper drop, Douglas plods over to Cruise and starts hammering on him. Cruise fights back with a European uppercut, but Douglas and Marx double-team him, scoring with repeated elbow smashes before Marx hits a fisherman's suplex, bridging.]

DT: Fisherman's suplex!



Cruise kicks out!

MN: He's too fresh to pin!

DT: Douglas going for Benjamin!




[While that's going on, Sands and Troy dump Melton against the cage again, then saunter into the first ring to attack Beast with stomps. However, Beast spears Troy to the canvas with authority! Sands moves to attack, but Benjamin stirs, reaching up to schoolboy the big man!]





MN: I thought Benji was DEAD!

[His last ounce of strength spent, Benjamin slumps to the mat, trying to regain his stamina. Beast, meanwhile, shoves Troy into a corner and knees her in the gut, then Irish-whips her... only for her to collide accidentally with Boogie Smallz! Troy goes down, but Boogie manages to regain his balance, glaring at Beast.]

DT: Troy gets sent into Smallz for a mid-ring collision, and the special referee does NOT like that!

MN: I bet Smallz is gonna cap him any second now!

[Beast and Smallz exchange a few words before the world Champion moves on to Troy Douglas, body slamming him down. Meanwhile, Sands and Marx double-team Cameron Cruise in the corner. They set him up for a double suplex; however, Cruise recovers and jumps down, bringing both men down in a double reverse bulldog!]

DT: WOW! GREAT counter by Cruise, bulldogging both Sands and Marx in reverse from the top!

MN: That boy is nuts!

[Cruise's moment in the sun doesn't last. He picks up Marx, but gets hotshotted by the Gentleman into the cage wall! Marx then drags him down into the Marxism!]




[In the process of setting Douglas up for an Absolution, Beast breaks off the attack to kick Marx off of Cruise. He picks up the Gentleman and presses him into the air, launching him at Sands to take both opponents down!]



[Over in the second ring, Melton is recovering. Troy is down, as is Benjamin. Sands and Marx are both reeling. Beast heads back to Douglas and hooks him up for an Absolution, but Douglas back body drops him!]

DT: OH! Back body drop by Troy Douglas, blocking the Absolution!

MN: Virtually everyone is down!

[Tiredly, Douglas pushes Beast into a corner, setting him up and preparing for the End of the Road. However, Beast's stamina hasn't run down yet. He fights against Douglas, blocking the move.]

DT: Douglas looking for the End of the Road, but Beast's fighting it!

MN: Come on, Megatron! Hit him!

DT: Beast's straining! Douglas can't get him up!

[As Beast fights, Melton comes wobbling into the first ring as Marx recovers. Melton slugs Marx a few times, but Marx returns fire with a chop. Melton is thrown backwards and stumbles into Beast. The big World's Champion is momentarily distracted... allowing Douglas to deliver the End of the Road!]

DT: Wait! Miscommunication - Melton hits Beast by accident - AND THE END OF THE ROAD CONNECTS!!!

MN: No WAY that one chop could've made Melton stumble that much!





[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

MN: What was THAT?!

DT: I don't know! It looked like Beast kicked out of the End of the Road, but referee Boogie Smallz made the three count anyway!


DT: I don't know! Did Smallz just not see it? I can't even guess!

TONY FATORA: Here are your winnerrrrs... The team of Jonathan Marx, Christian Sands, Lindsay Troy, and TRRRRROOOOOOOOOOYYYY DOOOOOOOUGLAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!

DT: What a controversial decision! Not only did Beast apparently kick out of the deciding pinfall - it looked as if Joey Melton may have aided that situation by accidentally colliding with his teammate!

MN: Accidental? No way. That was intentional.

DT: How do you know?

MN: I don't, but this is fishy.

DT: Folks, I think Beast may have just gotten screwed!

[Coming to his feet, Beast stares at Smallz intensely. The last of the GXW Champions shrugs slowly, claiming he didn't see Beast kick out. Beast yells at him. Smallz and Beast go nose-to-nose, talking **** to each other.]

DT: I think this is going to explode! Smallz and Beast are THIS CLOSE to going at it! We could have an all-out brawl here!

[From the corner, Lindsay Troy and Christian Sands watch, smirking. Just as the two champions are about to attack each other, Troy smirks, then grabs Sands by the back of the head, reels him in - and kisses him quickly and intensely. It's over before he can respond. As she breaks the kiss, Sands blinks, then smirks at Troy, She smirks back. Beast looks pissed.]

MN: Weh?

DT: What was THAT all about?

MN: SANDS IS THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THAT RING RIGHT NOW. Anyone who gets a smooch from Lindsay Troy is COOL.

DT: I wouldn't say that. She's a Jezebel, and he's no better-

[Abruptly, Joey Melton slinks up behind Troy, whirls her around, and plants a big kiss on her. She doesn't fight it. However, Sands does... by punching Melton in the face!]


MN: OUCH! That's gotta hurt!

[Caught by surprise, Melton takes a tumble, and Sands goes after him. Troy restrains him, however, and the two shout at each other for a long moment. Finally, Sands draws in a breath and walks away. He and Troy depart the cage, Marx, Benjamin, and Cruise having long since gone as well. Meanwhile, Beast and Smallz are still shouting at each other.]

DT: Well, that's one situation defused - but Beast and Smallz are still at each other's throats!

[The situation explodes. Infuriated, Beast slugs Smallz, who slugs back. The two monsters begin to brawl, hammering on each other like insane giants!]


[As Smallz and Beast punch each other fiercely, the cage begins to raise. A bunch of security guys rush the ring and restrain Smallz first. The guards try and restrain Beast, but he fights them.]

DT: Security's trying to get this thing under control - and Troy Douglas is helping!

MN: Goody two-shoes that he is!

[Douglas is among the security guards trying to restrain Beast. Unfortunately, Beast spots him, reaching out to punch him in the head! Losing his cool, Douglas fights back until more security guards pull them apart!]

DT: This is a very touchy situation! Beast must feel like he got screwed, and Douglas and Smallz may be responsible!

MN: Man! It's like a bomb!

DT: Folks, I'm sorry, but we're out of time! For Mike Neely, I'm Dave Thomas! This has been Aggression! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

[Fade to credits, then to black as Smallz, Douglas, and Beast stare each other down through the security...]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Boogie Smallz vs. Lindsay Troy - Aggression 11


Boogie Smallz vs. Lindsay Troy - Aggression 11

JOHN DOE: "Lindsay Troy did a lot for the business as far as making a woman a figurehead of the industry. As far as that she was a great worker, as was Boogie Smallz. Boogie could work a match, he could take it where he wanted and make spots out of thin air. Lindsay, also could work a match, she was more of an artist painting a picture though, each move was part of a story, that's what made her unique. Well, at Aggression 11 they both had to work one another, and it was a great display of just wrestling."


[“Heartbreaker” cues up on the PA, and Lindsay Troy comes out to a sea of boos.]

MN: I’m tired of these ingrate fans constantly booing the Queen of the Ring! She’s a beauty, and she’s a consummate wrestler too!

DT: Well Mike, I think it might have something to do with her constant sabotaging of Beast, who is a big fan favorite here.

MN: Big Loafy? Jeez, that just cements their idiot status, liking that turd.

DM: Now now, there's nothing wrong with Big Loafy. He gives the mentally challenged people in the audience someone to look down on.

MN: *snickers*

[Troy enters the ring with an unamused look on her face. “Black Superman” then hits on the speakers, and Boogie Smallz comes out to a moderate sized pop.]

DT: Mixed reaction for the master of the Power Bong. I think people still take note of his issues with Beast as well.

MN: Everyone seems to have issues with Big Loafy. This is ridiculous.

DM: No, it's competitive. The more people who have beef with the top dogs, the better. Keeps Loafy on his toes.

[Smallz takes his grand old time coming to the ring, carousing with the fans. Troy is not amused.]

DT: I don’t think the Queen is amused here.

DM: Why should she? She wants to get this dismantling over as soon as possible.

[Boogie finally makes it to the ring and slides in, only to be met immediately with stomps to the back of the head and neck.]

DT: Troy wasting no time here! Stomp, stomp, another stomp. She is relentless!

MN: They don’t call her the uncrowned Intercontinental Champion for nothing.

DT: That has nothing to do with her stomping abilities... oh my! She just booted Boogie Smallz in the head! Boogie holding his head. Troy’s wrestling like she’s got something to prove! She’s looking to settle the score!

MN: According to Boogie, there is no score. But don’t tell him that now, he’s getting his head kicked in by our voracious Queen. I hail thee!

DT: Give it a rest, Neely.

DM: I'd give Troy a rest... no, wait, I'd be on her ALLLLLLL NIGHT!!!

[Troy yells at the never-was-able-to-get-off-the-canvas Smallz as she stoops to pick him up. As the pot-smoking last GXW Champion reaches his vertical base, Lindz peppers him with an array of martial arts strikes.]

DM: Ouch?

DT: Palm to the throat, chop to the chest, another palm to the nose... VICIOUS blow to the temple!

MN: I think Boogie is getting a little punch drunk here!

DN: No kidding, and, wow! Troy with a martial arts leg sweep. Smallz back to the canvas.

DM: Now THERE, he just got punch-STONED.

[The Queen mounts Boogie on the canvas, grabs him by the head and slams that melon repeatedly against the canvas.]

DT: One, two, three... my God, this is a woman possessed! Get on her, ref!

DM: Subtle.

MN: Give it a rest! She’s got something to prove. She’s a Championship slayer and she’s on the hunt for gold! Heh, whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend never met Lindsay Troy.

[The referee intervenes and Troy relinquishes reluctantly. However, she pounces right back on for the cover...



...but Smallz kicks out.]

DT: That was a close call. Lindsay Troy almost made too short work of the Boogieman.

DM: Believe me, Booger's just getting started.

[Lindsay picks up Boogie.]

DT: Oh my, Lindsay’s got Boogie Smallz by the arm, and she’s climbing the top rope. She’s gonna jump...

MN: Old school! Old school!


[Smallz holds his arm and Lindsay covers again...



...but Smallz kicks out again.]

DT: Boogie Smallz has a lot of fight in him to keep this up.

MN: A lot of fight, or a lot of stupidity. He should just give it up now. Troy’s got him beat!

DM: Oh?

DT: It’s still early. I fully expect a comeb... oh no, not if Lindsay hits this move! She’s got both arms hooked...

[Lindsay sets up for the Final Judgment, but Boogie counters out of the hold, flipping Troy over his head with a back body drop.]

DM: I knew THAT was coming.

DT: Boogie Smallz has too much left in him to give up that easily!

DM: Exactly. Troy tried to finish too early, but her enthusiasm cost her.

DT: Troy’s up, and Smallz KILLS her with a clothesline! She’s up again, and ANOTHER clothesline from Boogie Smallz!

[Troy hits the canvas hard, and Smallz presses his thumb and forefinger together, putting them to his mouth.]

MN: Light one up, Boogie Smallz!

DT: You’re such a flip-flopper, you make John Kerry look stable.

DM: Don't knock Kerry. Don't make me pull out the Junta-bashing.

[Boogie sits Lindsay up and stands over her shoulders.]

DT: Smallz is setting up. He’s got the leg and...


DT: Don’t get too excited there, Mike.

MN: Why shouldn’t I? This is the greatest submission hold ever!

DM: ...I'm going to kill you, Neely. I'm going to kill you in the face.

[Boogie grabs the right leg of Lindsay Troy with all his might as Lindsay screams in pain. Finally, Lindsay’s muscling out causes Smallz to relinquish the hold. Smallz kicks Troy in the back of her head.]

DT: Smallz showing some vicious streak of his own. He grabs Troy by the back of her head and whips her off the ropes. Troy coming in, Smallz spins around, and ROARING ELBOW! Troy reels to the canvas.

DM: ROLLING Elbow! You damn gaijin!

MN: She looks like she doesn’t know what hit her. She had the match in control, then let this buffoon take over.

DT: Stop flip-flopping!

[Smallz goes in again and picks up Troy. He whips her off the ropes again, and on the rebound this time, he nails her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He covers...



...but barely after the two count, the Queen kicks out.]

DT: Not as close a call there as Troy had earlier, but Boogie is wearing her down.

MN: Hey, I can wear her down easy!

DT: We went over this last week. She’d probably wear you down before you did her.

DM: But not me, baby! I'd melt her down like THAT!

[Smallz picks Troy back up.]

DT: Smallz with one headbutt, two headbutts, a third headbutt to Lindsay Troy. Troy’s head has to be ringing right now. Troy wandering around the ring listless! And she... JUST WALKED RIGHT INTO A BOOGIE SMALLZ CLOTHESLINE!

MN: Third lariat this match from the Boogmeister. Man, I haven’t seen anyone who can hit a clothesline like he can.

DM: Boy's got an arm on him!

DT: Flip-flopping aside, Troy slowly gets up, but Boogie quickly gets behind her and locks in a Dragon Sleeper!

[Boogie locks in the hold, and Troy flails her arms wildly. Boogie drags her back and locks in a leg scissors.]

DT: Boogie with that sleeper locked in with the leg scissors. Troy’s arm motions are getting slower and slower. I think she’s fading.

MN: Hey, never count out the Queen of the Ring!

DT: You’re embarrassing yourself, Mike, but that’s beside the point here! Troy is struggling to get her arms to the ropes, she’s flailing and flailing and... she’s there!

[After one warning from the ref, Boogie reluctantly lets the hold go. Boogie scouts the Queen as she’s struggling to get up.]

DT: Boogie Smallz is scouting Lindsay Troy like a champion.

MN: He is a champion!

DT: Ahem, copyright?

DM: Shove it, you two - he’s about to pounce.

DT: That he is, and Troy gets up and... cradle piledriver! Boogie covers...



Thr... NO! She kicks out! She kicked out of the cradle piledriver.

DM: Ooh, I thought that was over. Smallz SPIKED her.

MN: She’s one tough girl, I say. Tough and sexy, rawr.

[Boogie Smallz picks Troy up and bounces back off the ropes. He jumps in...]

DT: Smallz with the flying forearm and... HE MISSES!

[As the former one-half of the Hip-Hop Express crashes to the canvas, Troy sneaks in and locks him in Thy Kingdom Come.]

DT: That crossface is locked in tight! I think Troy’s gonna win the match!

MN: And she can add uncrowned GXW Champion to her uncrowned resume! This is great!


DM: Tell that to Smallz!

[Lindsay locks the hold in tightly, but Smallz edges towards the ropes. He reaches out his arm and grabs a hold of the bottom rope. After some admonishing, Troy relinquishes the hold.]

DT: C’mon ref, get some control of the match here. Lindsay should break the hold on instruction!

MN: Bah, who needs rules when you have a body like that. Vavoom!

DT: Well, that body isn’t only hot, but it’s a lethal weapon, and she’s about to use it. She’s climbing the top and... 720 DEGREE SPLASH! This match has to be over...




MN: What in the hell? He really is Black Superman! Either that, or his Maui Wowee is really woweeeeee!

DM: Considering it once brought him back from a twenty-foot near-fatal fall... it's wowee.

[The Queen slaps the mat and gets up. She pulls the last GXW Champion to his feet and climbs the ropes again. She waits for Smallz to get to his feet then leaps...]


MN: But how does that hurt her? She doesn’t have any testicles?


DM: Girl parts are sensitive too -

DT: ---And Smallz follows it up with a clothesline! Troy to the canvas! She gets up and Smallz with another clothesline, but Troy ducks! Troy ducks and takes him down with a crucifix...



Smallz reverses it! He covers...



Troy kicks out! Oh man! This is totally intense action here!

MN: Would you say it’s the greatest match in the history of our sport, Davy boy?


DM: STFU, newbie! Go back to intarnet!

[Both competitors slowly get up. They go to lock up, but Troy quickly rolls Smallz up in a small package...



...but Smallz rolls through with a small package of his own...



...but Troy fights through and gets back into the original position....



Thr... no! Smallz ends the back-and-forth and breaks the hold. Both competitors get up...]

DT: Oh my, what’s going to happen now?

MN: Watch! Idiot!

DM: Rolex!

DT: Shut up, Smallz is going for a scoop and... MICHINOKU DRIVER INTO A COVER...



Thr... NO! Troy kicks out! This match is a frigging see-saw!

DM: More like a roller-coaster. I guess that makes Smallz Space Mountain!

[Smallz picks Troy up, but Troy immediately greets him with a European uppercut. Dazed, Boogie stumbles back. Troy leaps up and hits him with a cobra clutch leg sweep. Instead of covering, she ascends to the top and waits for Smallz to get up. The pothead gets up and Troy leaps...]




Thr... NO! The she-devil kicked out again! I don’t know how they’re both doing it, running on fumes.

[Boogie picks Troy up, bounces off the ropes...]

DT: FLYING FOREARM! That can only mean one thing!

DM: And we all KNOW what it means!

[Smallz picks up Troy...]

DT: Here it goes!

MN: No! No!

DT: He’s got her up, spinning around, and... POWER BONG! POWER BONG! THIS MATCH IS OVER...




[SFX: *DING* - Bell rings.]

TONY FATORA: Your winner, by pinfall... BOOGIE SMALLZ!


DT: I can’t believe what we just witnessed here on free TV, Mike. Boogie may have denied that it was going to be a war to settle the score, but Lindsay thought otherwise. She brought it tonight.

MN: Yeah. I still would give this match to Lindsay on points, just because she’s so hot.

DT: Get over it, Mike. In fact, you’ll have a whole commercial break to get over it. We’ll be back with more Aggression after these announcements.

[Cue up spot for the new Johnson Famished Man dinner commercials, featuring Beast and the new Big Meat Loafy meal. However, Boogie Smallz hasn't left the ring as we go to the commercial...]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
WORLD TITLE, LADDER, DIVORCE OR MARRIAGE: Lindsay Troy (c) vs. Troy Windham - WV II


Lindsay Troy [c] vs. Troy Windham [Ladder match, Divorce or Marriage] – Wrestleverse II

ROCKO DAYMON: “This match came at the height of Lindsay Troy's reign as EPW World Heavyweight Champion... and Empire Pro saw the coming of "The Epitome" Troy Windham. I mean, very rarely do you see a match featuring the federation's best against the industry's best. It's a fan boy's wet dream, and a good business decision made by the federation.

This match really showed how marriage and wrestling have... a very interesting chemistry. As someone who was himself involved with a domestic dispute on a Pay Per View event, I can tell you that these kind of matches have that kind of "Battle of the Sexes" vibe to it. You want to see who the more dominant gender is in the end. Troy and Windham going at it was the first time we saw something like that with a major title on the line. Add to the fact that you're looking at the hottest talent in the league at the time, and people will remember it for quite a while.”


Dave Thomas: Folks, what a night we've had so far. New tag champs, a change in ownership and ... I don't even want to try and makes heads or tails of Beau Michaels...

Mike Neely: HEY! That's BEAU-kozuna, pal. And I'm sure if he had it his way, he'd be getting both!

Dean Matthews: Dude. Just...no.

MN: C'mon, that was wit--...


MN (grumbling): Fine.

DT: I missed my "family show" chide, didn't I?

DM: By about twenty seconds.

MN: Oh eff it all, we're on Pay-Per-View.

DT: Before we hand it off to Tony, guys, any last thoughts on this match?


DM: A fanboy to the very end.

MN: Hey, you gotta give the man credit for outsmarting the Shrew. He's had our fair World Champion on the ropes for months now and her resurgence against him may just wind up being too little too late.

DM: Windham HAS been MIA lately, choosing to miss promotional dates for the company and scheduled matches, claiming that he's been in "deep training" for this match. Take that to mean whatever you'd like.

DT: The man's called the "King of the Slackers" for God's sake! I can't imagine him doing any training outside of lifting a mirror to his face or watching reruns of Baywatch.

MN: Let me explain to you what he means by "deep training."

DM: Oh, this should be good.

MN: Troy Windham, YOUR Wrestling Jesus, means he's been going "in deep" on some women; practicing for the marriage consummation when he beats Lindsay Troy!

DT: OK, y'know what? That's enough sexual references out of you, Neels. Dean, any last thoughts?

DM: I talked to the World Champ earlier in the day, Dave, and to say that she was focused would be an understatement. I don't know if that stance has wavered any since Dan Ryan's defeat at the hands of Beast and Irishred, but I have to say that the last time I saw Lindsay Troy this focused was right before that six-man title defense back at Unleashed. The World Title may not be on the line here tonight, but this match is about more than the big gold strap...it's about Troy's personal life, something that Windham's mocked, violated and scorned. The Champ's not out for just the divorce papers or Windham's blood, she's out for his life and his career.

DT: I don't doubt it. There are a lot of people in the building tonight and around the globe that have been wanting to see Troy Windham fall at the hands of Lindsay Troy, and tonight may just be the night it happens! With that said, let's hand it over to Tony Fatora for the introductions!

[CUT-TO: Tony Fatora in the middle of the ring, looking exhausted by the events of the evening but a smile on his face nonetheless. Maybe it's because the night's almost over and he can take the next day to process everything that's gone down. Maybe it's because he'll have one hell of a story to tell his grandkids one day. But maybe, just maybe, it's because he knows he'll have the best seat in the house to hopefully see Troy Windham get his comeuppance. Not even an underhanded change in ownership could stop that.]

Tony Fatora: LAAAAAAAADIES AND GENNNNNNTLEMEN! The following contest is your MAIN EVENT and is a LADDER MATCH!

[The camera does a slow pull-back to reveal two Halliburton briefcases innocently hanging high on hooks above Tony's head. The crowd, not yet worn out by the crazy night, explodes at the mention of the headliner match and at the sight of the briefcases!]

TF: Two briefcases have been suspended above the ring. One contains the marriage license between Troy Windham and Lindsay Troy...

MN: -Windham


DM (rolling his eyes): Here we go again...

TF: And the other contains a set of divorce papers, courtesy of Lindsay Troy...

MN: -Windham.

DM: I'm seriously going to beat you upside the head with this chair I'm sitting on, Neely.

MN: Meep...

TF: This is a NO-DISQUALIFICATION, NO COUNT-OUT MATCH WITH NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE AND NO TIME LIMIT! In order to win, one competitor must scale a ladder and retrieve ONE briefcase. Per order of Dan Ryan, the match CANNOT be stopped until one of the briefcases has been acquired. Once opened, the contents of the briefcase MUST be honored. Which means, if the marriage license is retrieved, Lindsay Troy...

MN: -Win... (pause) OK OK Matthews, I'm done! I SAID I'M DONE, DAMNIT!

DM: (unfolds the chair and sits back down.)

TF: ...must acknowledge her union with Troy Windham as legal and binding. If the divorce papers are retrieved, Troy Windham must grant Lindsay Troy the motion and sign the papers TONIGHT!


DM: I think Tony missed his calling as a lawyer, Dave.

DT: You may be right, Dean.

MN: Doesn't anyone want to know what I think?

DM and DT: NO!

MN: ...

[CUT-TO: The entryway, where a line of trumpeters have taken their position along the length of the stage: four to the left and four to the right, leaving a considerable space between them. The men lift their instruments and begin to play the introduction to "Fanfare for the Common Man." While the music floats amongst the crowd, four "model/actresses" make their way out from the back, rolling out a red carpet. Cat-calls soon follow, although those in attendance know that this is only the lead-in to the man the world has grown to hate.

The trumpeters conclude their serenade, the lights slowly dim....

CUE-UP: "Beverly Hills" by Weezer.

CUE-UP also: Jarring, piercing BOOS!

From the ring, towards the curtain a series of Roman candles are launched one by one in time to the drum-beats and, on the EMPIREtron, a black-and-white still shot of Troy's face and body in a catalog-type pose is shown. Underneath the profile, the words "EPW'S CROWN JEWEL" fade into the profile in large, bold, block letters.

"Where I come from isn't all that great.
My automobile is a piece of crap.
My fashion sense is a little whack
And my friends are just as screwy as me.

"I didn't go to boarding schools.
Preppy girls never looked at me.
Why should they, I ain't nobody
Got nothin' in my pocket...

And then, the Man appears...

Wearing ridiculously over-sized vintage "Funkadelic Retro" sunglasses, black pants and a sleeveless ring vest adorned in diamonds that glisten in the spotlight, Windham struts to center stage. He poses like Jesus on the cross as the model/actresses surround him on bended knee in genuflection. He regards them with nary a glance, then slowly paces to the ring while his ladies crawl behind him. Upon reaching the ring, one dutifully lays before the apron and Troy stands on top of her, using her like the ring steps. The other two other model actresses clean his boots and the other holds the ring ropes open for him.]

TF: Introducing first, from Sweetwater, Texas, weighing in at two hundred thirty-eight pounds....he is the King of all Slackers, Wrestling's Jesus...."THE EPITOME" TRRRROOYYYYYY WIIIIIIINDHAMMMMMM!

[The crowd boos Windham louder, but Troy just takes it all in, egging the Los Angeles crowd on. He then rips off his vest and tosses it to the outside of the ring, hardly caring at how much it must have cost him. His "lady friends" immediately pounce on it, trying to grab it for themselves to just get a whiff of Troy's manly scent.]

MN: The man is in front of a crowd whose city is practically a fourth home to him, and they deign to BOO him?! This is a TRAVESTY!

DM: Even Hollywood knows a fake when they see one.

[Weezer is abruptly cut off and Windham's visage disappears from the EMPIREtron screen. The crowd turns their attention away from Windham (which the Epitome doesn't like one bit) and towards the entranceway once again. Their boos slowly dissolve as yet another phrasing appears on the EMPIREtron, this time in regal Latin script:

No one provokes me with impunity.

CUE-UP: "I ****ing Hate You!" by Godsmack.

CUE-UP also: Roof-blowing CHEERS!

A light display not seen before accompanies the drum beats, cymbal crashes and guitar shreds. Except, the music isn't coming from a CD being pumped through the speakers by the EPW sound crew..it's coming from Godsmack themselves. From the ceiling a large platform, not as long as the stage itself but almost as wide, is lowered towards the floor with the Massachusetts natives on it, playing that opening salvo for all they're worth. The crowd's on their feet now, cheering the nu-metal band and singing along while they anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Queen. On this night, every fan in the Staples Center is a Godsmack fan as well.

"For everything you do,
I'd like to swallow you,
And every day I'm gonna blame you..."

From the stage, a hidden door is slid away and from the opening rises Lindsay Troy, standing on the arms of a golden throne with her head lowered, wearing a white full-length, long-sleeved, tattered and torn wedding dress.

"And even if you justify,
Every ****ing bull**** lie,
It only makes me want to break you..."

She rises into the air, the throne now accompanied by steps leading down to the ground, as Sully continues to sing the lyrics that have become synonymous with the anger and hatred the Queen of the Ring feels toward Troy Windham. It's not until the second verse of the bridge that Troy makes any movement. She slowly lifts her arms to the back of her shoulders and tears the dress away in one, fluid movement, her chin lifting toward the ceiling as thousands of camera flashes go off and an explosion of yellow pyro surrounds the throne and blasts into the air.

"'Cause I ****ing hate you!
You're such a liar!
I love to hate you
You're all the same to me!"

Underneath the garment is a black tank-top, blood-red tape running all the way up her arms to her shoulders, red and black steel toed boots and her signature black pants with "Queen of the Ring" running down the legs. Only on this pair, the lettering is red to match her arm tape, instead of gold. Troy looks dead-on at Windham in the ring then leaps off the throne, forgoing the stairs and leaving the dress to slip down to the floor. A flip through the air later, she lands in a crouched position and moves down the aisle toward the ring. Troy gives Windham's ladies a death stare and, after they meekly scurry away up the aisle, vaults herself up and over the top rope into the ring.]

TF: And his opponent, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at one hundred seventy pounds...she is DIS in the flesh and the longest-reigning Empire Pro World Heavyweight Champion..."THE QUEEN OF THE RING" LINNNNNNNDSAAAAAYYYYYYY TRRRRRRROOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY!

[The lights come back up and Tony Fatora exits the ring. There's a haze in the air from the pyro smoke, but they don't get in the way of Lindsay Troy staring daggers through Troy Windham. "The Epitome" just laughs as he runs his fingers through his perfectly teased hair.]

DM: Lindsay Troy has been waiting a long time to get her hands on Troy Windham. These two are about to blow the roof off of the Staples Center.

MN: Yeah, and we don't have Jack Bauer here to stop the detonation.


DT: And we're underway! Windham's stepping to the center of the ring, looking up at the briefcases with a smirk and HERE COMES TROY! Lindsay Troy charging toward Windham, but he side-steps her. Lindsay bounding off the ropes, Windham missing with a clothesline that spins him around and Lindsay capitalizes with a BIG jumping snap kick! That steel toe catches Windham and he's down on the mat.

MN: Don't you think it's a little unfair that she's wearing those shoes?

DM: Against Windham? Nope. Not in the slightest.

MN: I can't win with you, can I?

DT: Troy yanking Windham up by the hair and oh! Thumb to the eyes by the Epitome! Troy's blinking in pain and Windham's going for the Slacknife! But Lindsay blocks, and a thumb of her own to Windham's eyes! Windham's reeling, and...

[SFX: Smack!]

DT: A knife-edge chop to his chest!


[SFX: Smack!]


DT: And another! And another! Lindsay Troy unrelenting with those chops. She's got Windham backed up into the corner, and an Irish-whip across the ring! Windham hits back first and Troy charges in! Windham ducks low and lifts Troy up and over the top rope! She lands on the apron, Windham turning to look at his handiwork and Troy grabs him by his head and drops down to the floor, driving Windham's throat across that top rope!

DM: Windham's grabbing his throat now, trying to rub the pain away. I think it's going to take more than just that to take away the sting.

MN: Can we get those ladies back here? I'm sure they'd love to take care of him!

DM: Even if they were allowed back down here, I'm pretty sure Lindsay Troy would break their necks without even blinking. Speaking of Troy, she's pulling a ladder out!

DT: The crowd's going crazy upon seeing that ladder, she's got it up to slide under the bottom rope, but Windham's not about to let her bring it in. Dropkick to the ladder and it goes right back in Troy's face!


MN: Hahaha, Boy-Troy's looking to cause some more damage to Lindsay's pretty face, fire or no fire!

DM: It took well over two months for Lindsay's face to heal after Windham threw a fireball into it. The burns weren't severe, but it was painful to look at regardless.

MN: Maybe a little plastic surgery would do her good, y'know?

DM: I really think she's going to kill you one day, Neely.

DT: The Queen of the Ring hit hard against the barricade and Windham's going to the outside now. Troy's trying to shake the cobwebs out, but she's met with a big boot to the face!


TW (sneering): Awwwwww CRY ME A RIVER!

DT: ANOTHER boot to Troy's head and Windham's really riling this crowd up.

MN: Just one of the many things he does best.

DT: Windham's pulling Troy up by her ponytail and he's talking some trash, getting right up in the Queen's face.

TW: You could have saved yourself a lot of pain, trollop!



MN: Troy Windham does NOT suck! My "WINDHAM IN '08" bumper sticker, designed especially by "THE NEW PICASSO" AUGUST DE LA ROSSI, says so!

DT: That man is despicable, and you're just as bad Neely!

MN: What? You really think Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama stand a chance? What this country needs is a little more Windham rule, if you ask me. Smack people into submission and then lord it over them every chance you get.

DM: Thankfully, no one did ask you.

MN: Hey!

DT: Troy takes a swing at him, but Windham headbutts her down the the floor! He's got that ladder now and DRIVES the top of it down onto Troy's face! She's holding her nose and Windham just cackles like a lunatic!

DM: Troy'll be lucky if her nose isn't broken.

DT: He's bringing that ladder over to the far part of the barricade that's holding the fans back, laying it diagonally across the top. Security's trying to move the fans back so they don't get hurt. Now he's kicking the ring steps out of the way. I'm not liking the look of this, gentlemen.

DM: Lindsay's getting to her feet, a bit shaky from that ladder shot, but it looks like her nose is in one piece.

MN: Bugger.

DT: Windham reaches out and he's got a hold on her arm. Irish-whip right towards the ladder...but Troy doesn't let herself crash into it! She's running up the steps....BACKFLIP FLYING ELBOW, CATCHING WINDHAM RIGHT IN THE KISSER! Both are down and senior official Pat Jones can do nothing but just stand there and watch!

MN: This is a page right out of the Do Not Try This At Home book.

DT: It looks like Troy is the first one standing. She swipes the ladder away from the barricade and slides it under the bottom rope. Windham's starting to stir on the outside while Troy sets that ladder up, trying to position it just under the briefcases.

DM: That ladder might not be tall enough, Dave. Those briefcases are pretty high up there, regardless of how tall both Lindsay Troy and Troy Windham are.

DT: The crowd hasn't left their feet since the start of the match and they're starting to get louder as Lindsay Troy starts climbing the ladder! She's moving fast, but there's Troy Windham with a leaping forearm shot to Troy's lower back! She spills off the ladder to the canvas, and Windham's nodding to himself in approval!

DM: We're not that long into this match and so far Lindsay Troy has taken a beating. I don't want to say it, and she may not forgive me for it, but Troy Windham, and a rested Troy Windham at that, may just be too much for her.

MN: See Matthews? We finally agree on something!

DM: Hell may just be freezing over.

DT: Windham's setting that ladder up in the corner now and Troy's slowly standing up. But it's Windham with a right hand and a kick to the stomach that doubles Troy over.

MN: Windham's liking what he sees. Can't say I blame him!

DT (shaking his head): Windham with the go-behind, lifting Troy up in the air...


Crowd: OHH!

DT: Windham just tossed her like a rag doll into the ladder with a release German suplex! Lindsay Troy is crumpled in the corner and would you listen to Windham laugh!


DT: ELBOW ACROSS TROY'S STERNUM! This is getting brutal!

DM: Something tells me we have yet to see brutal...

DT: Windham's not ready to go for a briefcase yet. He wants to make the beating of Lindsay Troy last as long as possible.

MN: Like a shark smelling blood, boys. Like a shark smelling blood.

DM: Windham's got a chair now, Dave, and with Troy feeling the affects of that suplex I'm not so sure she doesn't have a bit of a concussion right now.

DT: The Epitome is back in the ring, chair in hand and stalking over to where Troy lies. He pats the top of the chair, lifts it over his head ...and gets it sent right back into his face with a well-placed kick from Lindsay Troy! Windham's dizzied and Troy sweeps his feet out from under him! Windham's back-first on the mat and the chair just clattered out of his hands.

DM: Now it's Troy's turn to smell blood!

DT: Troy's rolling to her feet and sees the chair. She hobbles over, picks it up with a sick grin on her face and raises it over her head, only to send it down onto Windham's cranium! Windham's howling in pain, rolling around on the mat, but the Queen isn't finished!

MN: Make her stop! Pat Jones, make her stopppppppppp!!!!!!

DT: Pat Jones can't do anything, it's a no-DQ match! And even if it wasn't, I think he wants to see Windham get a little taste of his own medicine! Troy lifts the chair up again and sends it RIGHT BETWEEN HIS LEGS!

CROWD: STERILIZER! (clap clap clapclapclap) STERILIZER! (clap clap clapclapclap)


DM: If Windham was considering fathering any more illegitimate children, he may want to rethink his game plan.

MN: His ladies are going to be so disappointed! This is an injustice!

DT: You can see the tears welling up in Windham's eyes, his hands covering his groin. Troy's going back over to the ladder, debating whether to go for one of the cases or to make Windham suffer just a little bit more.

MN: Please, PLEASE, just end it here! Leave the man alone! He has needy women in the back!

DM: If you think Lindsay Troy's just going to leave Windham alone after the ordeals he's put her through, you need to turn in your "broadcast journalist" card right now.


DT: Troy's dragging the ladder out of the corner, then puts the boots to Windham before laying the ladder across him. She leaps onto the top turnbuckle with the chair still in hand, and she FLIES!

CROWD: HOLY ****! HOLY ****!



DM: Troy's clutching the back of her leg, which isn't good at all. You can't climb a ladder if you can't put pressure on one of your legs. Windham hasn't moved...he may be out cold!

MN: Someone get the medical staff down here for Troy Windham! The man needs air! He needs CPR!

DM: He needs some Aleve and a new chest, I think.

MN: Damnit! Doesn't anybody back there hear me?!

DM: Selective hearing.

DT: Troy's slowly getting to her feet and she's shaking that left leg, trying to kick the pain out of it. It might not be that badly hurt. She's hobbling over to Windham and that ladder again, and Windham just heaved it it at her! Another shot to the face by Troy Windham, and Lindsay Troy is down on the canvas once again and this time the ladder's on top of her!

MN: Is anyone getting tired of saying Troy and Troy and Windham, or is it just me?

DM: Can someone bring a muzzle out for Neely? Please?

MN: Selective hearing, remember Matthews?

DM: (grumble)

MN: haHA!

DT: I don't know what Windham's thinking here, because he's not exactly known for his aerial prowess, but now HE'S climbing up to the top turnbuckle.

DM: He's not looking so steady on his feet either.

MN: It's just a ruse. The man is perfectly fine!

DM: Someone's being delusio---


DT: Windham's perched up in the corner, looking over his shoulder at Lindsay Troy still on the mat. He turns back to face the crowd, then blows them all a mocking kiss and leaps through the air with a moonsault that CONNECTS!

CROWD: HOLY ****! HOLY ****!

MN: It's a Troy/Troy Sandwich!

DM: Oh now that's just wrong, Neely. So, so wrong...

DT: That's nearly two hundred forty pounds that just came crashing down on top of Lindsay Troy, and she's yelling out in agony from underneath that steel. Windham went ricocheting off the ladder, and he's lying on the mat, clutching his torso. Troy manages to shove the ladder off her, but she's not in any sort of position to capitalize on Windham's high-risk move. She can barely roll over onto her side, guys. She may have a couple broken ribs at the very least!

DM: Windham's the first one back to his feet, but he didn't get there without the aid of the ropes. Now he's kicking Troy underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring! She may be too hurt to stop him if he gets that ladder set up, and now that she's on the outside of the ring she's going to have that much farther to go to prevent him from getting one of those briefcases.

DT: And that's exactly what Windham's doing!

MN: GENIUS! The man is a GENIUS! Is it too early to name him TIME Magazine's Man of the Year? Oh, what am I saying...of COURSE it's NOT too early!

DT: Windham's getting that ladder set up and it looks like he's going to go for the briefcase hanging on the right, nearest to the stage. Lindsay Troy's still on the floor near the entrance aisle and she hasn't moved much since being kicked out of the ring.

MN: Kicked to the CURB is more like it!

DT: Windham's taking it slowly, which may either be from some injuries he sustained or he just wants to drag the moment out as long as possible.

MN: Victory is in the air....I can TASTE IT!

DT: One foot in front of the other, Windham's about halfway up the ladder now, and ... LINDSAY TROY! LINDSAY TROY IS ON HER FEET!


DT: She's a bit wobbly, but she's quickly unwrapping that arm tape of hers. Something just fell to the floor! Something fell out of her arm tape! She's bending down to retrieve whatever it is...UH OH! THOSE ARE CHINESE THROWING STARS!



CROWD: THAT WAS AWE-SOME! (clap clap clapclapclap) THAT WAS AWE-SOME! (clap clap clapclapclap)

DM: Lindsay Troy has either just lost her mind or just came up with the best blocking tactic.


DT: There's another layer of tape under that one and Troy peels it off, then slides underneath the bottom rope and unceremoniously rips the stars from Windham's legs, tossing them outside near us... and is now starting to climb up the ladder after him on the other side. Windham's INCENSED! He's not going to let her beat him to the top and he's STILL CLIMBING! Lindsay's trying to get up to the top as fast as she can! Windham's almost to the top rung, but he's stopped by a Troy uppercut! Windham's swaying backwards, which allows Troy to climb up a few more rungs. She's even with Windham now! They're in a precarious position, trading punches back and forth, and TROY SPITS IN WINDHAM'S FACE! Windham's pawing at his face, trying to get the saliva off his flawless skin, and he grabs the back of Troy's and slams her face down onto the top rung of the ladder! Troy falls off the ladder! She's down on the canvas! AND WINDHAM'S GOING TOO!



MN: I don't think I can watch anymore of this. Dean, hold me!

DM: Get off me, Neely!

MN: Just a little hug? Maybe?

DM: I'm bringing pepper spray with me next time.


DT: Windham may have jarred something with that move. He's clutching his lower back and grimacing.

DM: He may not have landed well on his tailbone, Dave. That's a painful injury to get over if that's what happened.

DT: Both are still down on the mat, on their backs.

MN: At least Lindsay Troy is used to it!

DM: Lindsay Troy is one of the least promiscuous women in this business, Neely. She'd just as soon break someone else's back than lie down on her own.

DT: The crowd's stomping and clapping, trying to will Troy back to her feet. She's starting to stir, rolling over to her side and making her way toward the ropes. It's slow going though, she's been through some kind of pain tonight, that's for sure.

DM: Windham's starting to get his bearings about him too. He's reaching out for Lindsay's foot and pulls her away from the ropes!

DT: He's wailing away on her now! Right and lefts, rights and lefts and now he's choking her! Her neck's already tender from that legdrop and Windham's exposing it here! The crowd's been on him all night and right now is no exception!


MN: This is slander! SLANDER, I SAY!

DT: Windham finally lets her go and Troy's gasping for air! Now he's stalking over to the ladder...it had fallen off to the side after that legdrop by the Epitome. He's setting it back up under the briefcases, parallel to our booth, and is starting to climb once again! The crowd's getting louder, trying to send their energy over to Lindsay Troy to get her on her feet again. She's up to her knees now, facing the ladder.

DM: Windham's halfway up it now.


DT: And Lindsay Troy springs into action! She lunges at the ladder, pushing it for all she's worth! Windham's shaking his head furiously, and it's starting to topplllllllOHHHH!




DM: RIDER KICK! That flying side kick caught Windham right in the mouth and over the top he goes!

DT: He hit hard and....he's screaming! Windham's screaming in pain! Get a camera over there!

DM: He landed on TACKS, Dave! Lindsay Troy's looking over the top rope and NODDING IN APPROVAL!


DM: Troy must have spread them out after Windham kicked her out of the ring after his moonsault onto the ladder!

[Split-screen: Lindsay Troy grinning psychotically in the ring and a replay of her on the floor earlier. The camera catches her rolling towards the apron and reaching under the ring, pulling out a small brown sack.]


DM: The man BROUGHT IT ON HIMSELF! All those months of torture, burning Lindsay Troy's face, marrying her against her will, getting restraining orders against Joey Melton, and all the while DUCKING AND RUNNING....this is a year's worth of PAYBACK!

DT: Windham's still down on the ground and Lindsay's setting that ladder back up. She could win it here!

MN: I don't even care anymore, I just want this to be overrrrrrr!

DM: You look like you're about to cry, Neels.


LT (about to climb the ladder): YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST LET ME BE, TROY!

DT: She's starting to climb up, but I don't think she positioned it right. The ladder's not directly under the briefcases.

DM: What's she going to do, jump and grab one?

DT: I'm not sure, Dean, but she's not stopping to correct the placing. She's still climbing. The fans are encouraging her, Windham's slowly getting to his feet. She's about two rungs away from the top and she's looking over her shoulder at Windham.

DM: She's...stopping?

DT: NO! She's taking a DEEEEEEEP BREATH....!


[A thousand flashbulbs light up the Staples Center]





CROWD: HOLY ****! HOLY ****! HOLY ****!


DT: Lindsay Troy just moonsaulted off the ladder, onto the top rope and then moonsaulted AGAIN right onto Troy Windham! I've never seen ANYTHING like that!

DM: She got tacked for her trouble as well, Dave. She might just be dead. They BOTH might be dead!

[CUT-TO: The carnage outside of the ring. Lindsay Troy's lying face down in the aisle, back and lower body covered in tacks. Troy Windham's lying not far from her, on his back again, breathing heavily and bleeding from the little metal points that are still stuck in his flesh.]

DT: Ladies and Gentlemen, if you're still watching at home, I hope you've put your children to bed by now.

MN: You HOPE?!

DM: Well, technically, this isn't as bad as that Demolition Derby match I heard about.

DT: Lindsay Troy still hasn't moved, but she's breathing, so that's a good sign.

MN: Depends on your perception, really.

DT: Troy Windham's starting to move his legs around a bit, trying to roll himself over. I don't know if either of these two have anything left in the tank to climb a ladder. They've laid it all out on the line as it is.

DM: They're going to have to dig down deep and find something in reserve. The massacre can't stop until someone grabs a case.

[CUT-TO: Various points backstage, where Empire Pro superstars are watching the match on television monitors. AUGUST DE LA ROSSI is screaming at the monitor, trying to will his mentor to get a fifth wind. THE MYSTERIOUS ZOLTAN just flexes his arms and calves, looking over his shoulder at the wall of security guards that are stationed to prevent the Entourage from trying to help Windham. In another locker room, JOEY MELTON, ADRIAN EVANS and CAMERON CRUISE have stopped celebrating the Project's championship win and stand glued to a screen, the EPW tag straps glinting in the light. MELTON looks worried. EVANS stands on the table, his hand on MELTON'S shoulder.]

[CUT-TO: The ring again, where Windham's managed to stand up!]

DT: WINDHAM'S ON THE MOVE AGAIN! He's swaying violently, but he's making a move toward Lindsay Troy, who has managed to painfully get to all fours. Windham's in front of her now, pulling her up by her hair. Troy's not fighting him. She may not know where she is right now!

DM: Now she does! She snaps upward and fires a right hand! Windham careens back! Troy with another right...no! Blocked!


DT: Now it's Windham with a right! And a left! And a kick to the abdomen! Lindsay Troy's doubled over again and Windham's thinking about giving her a Melton Special!

DM: Oh God no. Not here. PLEASE not here!


DT: Windham's reaching down to the waistband of his tights but NO! Troy levels him with a chop! You could hear that echo over the roar of the fans! Windham's hands go to his chest, he doesn't want to get caught in a chop-war with the Queen!

DM: You spend enough time with Melton and Randalls and you get a clinic on how to throw a gunshot chop.

DT: Windham's stagging back. Troy's following up with those chops and OH! Windham grabs her hand! Another kick to the stomach! And he's not going to *****foot around now. Shoves Troy's head between his legs and wraps his arms around her waist!

DM: He's got her lifted!


DM: Or what's left of them!

DT: Now it's Troy's turn to scream! And Windham's down to one knee! He tried to capitalize on a very tired, very sore Lindsay Troy and he may have just used up whatever he had left!

DM: Lindsay Troy's trying to grab a hold of the apron to get herself up and out of the tacks! She's struggling, Dave! And Windham's back in the ring, heading for the ladder! He's got to set it back up, though. Troy managed to kick it over when she went for that high-risk move.

DT: Windham's pulling the ladder up, opening up the stiles and securing those metal stays so it won't collapse in on itself. He's got it positioned under the cases.



DT: YES! Windham's on the side of the ladder furthest away from us, blocking an easy ascent from Lindsay Troy! She's going to have to go around to the other side!

MN: If she can even get to her feet first.

DM: She's trying, Neely. She's using the ropes to pull herself up!

DT: She's to her feet! Lindsay Troy to her feet!

DM: She's not going to be able to beat him up the ladder. He's got too much of a head start.

DT: Troy's trying to get her bearings. While she's doing that, Windham's about halfway up now!


DT: Lindsay's slowly stepping over to the ladder. Windham takes a second to sneer at her, but HE PAYS FOR IT WITH A LOW-BLOW!


DT: LOW-BLOW ON THE LADDER! Windham's got nowhere to go! He's clinging to the ladder for dear life. The only chance he has is to not fall off!

MN: Damnit! I hope Irishred bans the use of low-blows after this match! The guys in the back may actually LIKE him if he does.

DM: At least in Windham's case, I hope he doesn't!

DT: That blow stopped Windham's progress and now Troy's ascending the ladder! The crowd's jumping up and down, screaming for all they're worth, trying to push her up the ladder faster!

DM: Well, we know Windham's trying to regain feeling in his balls so he hasn't moved.

DT: Left, right, rung by rung Troy is climbing. She's damn near killed herself tonight, I don't even know how she's still standing!

DM: It's the will of a fighter, Dave! Whatever happens once one of those cases is opened, Lindsay Troy wants to know that it was her doing! That it was her say in what briefcase she chose, not one that Windham picked for himself!

DT: She's about even with Windham now...and she's a step ahead of him! Windham blinks through the pain AND HE'S CLIMBING UP WITH HER! THEY'RE NECK AND NECK!


DM: Wrong sport, Neely.

MN: It was still appropriate.

DT: They're almost to that top platform, those briefcases are so, so close!


DT: Troy Windham, on the top rung of the ladder! He can't quite make it to the platform, but he doesn't have to! He's got his hand on the briefcase!



CROWD (after every punch): LINDZ! LINDZ! LINDZ! LINDZ!




MN: I hope Irishred leaves that one in there!


DM: He's looking out into the crowd now, saying....SAYING HE'S GOING TO SLACKNIFE TROY OFF THE LADDER!



DM: All she's got to do is just reach up...




DM: Dave, I don't know if I can look...

MN: I know I can't!






DM: Now...what's in the case?! Marriage license? Or the divorce papers?!

[CUT-TO: The ring, where both Lindsay Troy and Troy Windham are lying. Windham's clutching his neck, those chronic problems are coming back to haunt him now that this match is all said and done. Lindsay Troy, on the other hand, is clutching that briefcase for dear life, holding it against her chest like a newborn baby. She just lies on the canvas for a minute or two, listening to the crowd give her her well-deserved due. After a moment, she lifts her head up to the cheers of the crowd, and reaches her hand out to grab the ropes to drag herself into the corner.]

DT: Lindsay Troy can BARELY move here, folks. After that hellacious main event, I don't know how much more excitement we can pump into the night.

DM: That case's contents are either going to make or break her life.

[Troy places the briefcase on her thighs and slowly unlatches the top, lifting it open. Tony Fatora walks over to hand her his microphone but she shakes her head, producing a microphone of her own that was inside the briefcase. She takes a manilla folder out as well, then tosses the case aside. With a nod and a hushed voice, she calmly asks Tony to give her some space.]

DT: Tony Fatora leaving the ring, now. Windham still hasn't moved from where he fell off the ladder. The crowd is still electric here.

DM: Lindsay just flipped the microphone on and looks out into the crowd, almost awaiting their approval.


[Troy nods, takes another deep breath, and rips the top of the envelope open. She lifts the top of the document out of its hiding place, glancing at it briefly, then lets it fall face-down by her side.]

DT: What is it? What's it say?

MN (fingers crossed and his eyes closed): Marriagelicensemarriagelicensemarriagelicensemarri agelicense....

[She raises the microphone to her lips, trying to hold a barrage of emotions in check.]

LT: It's.....




LT: the divorce papers!



MN (like Anakin Skywalker at the end of Episode III): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

DM: Would you listen to this crowd?! They're about to riot!

[CUT-TO: The EPW faithful, high-fiving each other, chest bumping, spilling beer and not even caring!]

DT: All this time, all this suffering that Troy Windham has put her through is FINALLY coming to an end! Lindsay Troy's got a grin on her face that's as wide as as the Sierra Nevada, and Troy Windham is finally starting to come to!

CROWD: SIGN THE PA-PERS! (clap clap clapclapclap) SIGN THE PA-PERS! (clap clap clapclapclap)

[Windham lifts his head and looks out to the masses, who are pointing and chanting at him. His eyes widen at the revelation and he pounds the mat in anger and frustration. One-upped twice in the span of five minutes. All his and the Entourage's dirty work, the months of planning, the perfectly timed executions...done. And there's absolutely nothing the Epitome can do about it.]

DT: Windham's trying to get to his feet, but he can't. He's got absolutely nothing left, gentlemen. It's enough that he managed to get himself to a seated position. He's leaning against the ropes, completely gassed.

DM: Look at Lindsay Troy, getting to her feet. She's still in the corner though, glaring at Windham, who can only glare right back. The puppeteer never thought his toy would break away from him and get her freedom.

MN: I don't want to look, AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

LT (raising the mic to her mouth, breathing hard): It's over, Troy.


LT: You shot for the moon and you came up far too short. Just like I knew you would.

DT: Look at the humiliation on Windham's face. Finally outsmarted by someone he completely wrote off. I never thought I'd see the day.

DM: I don't think any of us did, to be honest.

LT: I have to hand it to you, you didn't fall easily. I told you this would be like nothing you've ever seen before, and I'm sure that me winning the match AND getting the result I've wanted was never even a thought in the back of your mind.

I knew I had been through Hell before, but you ... you took things to a level I never imagined another person could possibly sink to.

[She points at him, exhaustion starting to overtake her.]

LT: Your reasons for coming to Empire Pro were outlandish and megalomaniacal at first, but then you went on to redefine the terms after EVERYTHING you put me through. For over a YEAR, I've had to deal with you and your two miscreant followers nearly all by myself and finally...FINALLY...I can say that this was all worth it, just to see you on the ground before me broken, humiliated and embarrassed that I made all your plans blow up right in your face.

[The crowd grows even louder still.]

LT: And now...

[She looks down at the envelope in her hand and draws the papers all the way out. Troy then reaches into the envelope and produces a pen.]

LT: There's only one thing left to be done.

[Troy starts slowly walking over to Windham, every step she takes carries an enormous burden. She's got one hand on the top rope to steady herself and as the distance between them shortens, so does Windham's fuse.

She stops over him and lets the pen fall into his lap. Windham stares at it, trying to fathom what he's contractually bound to do. After an agonizing moment, he takes the pen to hand.]

TW (somewhat inaudible, but the mic picks up enough): Give me the ******* papers!

DT: He's going to sign them!

DM: He has to, Dave. He doesn't have a choice!

[Lindsay starts to lower the papers down to him, but stops.]

LT: This must really tear you up inside, Troy.

TW: **** you, harlot. Just give me the ******* document.

LT: I'd love to.

[She stoops down to one knee and leans in, close enough so Troy can feel her breath lap against his cheek.]

LT: But our marriage was never legal in the first place.

DT: What? What did...what did she just say?

LT: Y'see, Troy, [her voice starts to crack] these papers aren't for you.

[She pauses, and a stillness rapidly blankets the Staples Center.]

LT: They're for Joey Melton.

[A collective GASP! rises from the silence, the fans completely unsure of how to react. Did they really just hear her right? Did she just say...]

DM: They've been married THE WHOLE TIME? AND NO ONE KNEW?


DT: I....I can't believe this. Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton, husband and wife, and now...now she wants out?!

[Before Windham can even think about grinning, Troy drives her knee right into his face, then kicks him out of the ring. She looks down over the top rope, her face twisting from smugness to sadness. She glances down at the papers in her hand, trying to formulate the words she needs to say. The crowd can't even boo, don't know if they should.]

LT (softly): I didn't want it to turn out this way.

DT: What way could she have possibly wanted it to turn out? She planted that document, knowing full well what it said, into the briefcase!

DM: Let her explain, Dave.

[Troy lifts her head, scrunching her brow and looking out into the crowd.]

LT: People who know me know I try as hard as I can to separate my personal life from the business. More often than not, though, the two mesh together whether I want them to or not, which also tends to lead to some kind of trouble. When Windham showed up the first time and scorched me with a fireball, I had a feeling that was just the beginning and he wasn't going to stop at just that. As it would turn out, he didn't. Call it a premonition as to how low Windham would stoop, but after Black Dawn, I didn't want to wait until we had the time to plan something a bit more formal. So, I quietly married Joey this past spring before Unleashed, and things were going well for awhile. But they didn't last.

[She starts to pace, the crowd starting to buzz.]

LT: I should have realized Joey Melton would always put the business first two Novembers ago when he returned to New Frontier Wrestling for another chance at the ULTRATITLE, a move that came as a shock to me since it was never something he discussed prior to signing a new contract. He was supposed to be managing me, only he wasn't at all. Adrian Evans once told me that I needed to let Joey Melton be who he was if I wanted to be WITH him. And for awhile, that's what I did. But then New Frontier turned into Ultimate Championship. The ULTRATITLE turned into reuniting with Calvin Carlton and Eddy Love's jacket. That turned into the Cameron Cruise Project Part Two. The idea I had for us to team up in order to spend some more time together dashed when Joey decided it wasn't something he wanted to commit to for the long run. I'd rearrange my travel schedule, taking on less promotional duties in order to try and be a family, but when I'd be home, he'd have somewhere else to be. And that's not the kind of life I want. Not anymore.

DM: This is surreal. Lindsay Troy, pouring her heart out here. I don't think anyone would ever expect this from her.

[Troy looks up at the EMPIREtron, doing her best to hold her emotions in check, but her facade is cracking.]

LT: I went through with the Windham ruse because I wanted to pay that man back so badly for what he did to me and to beat him at his own game of smoke and mirrors. And at the end of the day, when I didn't have to play pretend anymore, there was hardly ever someone for me to go home to. I've tried so many times to talk to you about this, Joey, in private, away from everyone else, but you never listened. Not once. And I don't think you're ever going to. We love this business, but if I had the choice between continuing in it with an unknown future, or leaving it all behind for a relationship and a family that would be absolutely, infallibly certain, I'd put my gear on the shelf. I'm not getting any younger and as it is, I can barely stand on my own two feet right now.

DT: Does this mean she's going to retire? Is Lindsay Troy announcing her retirement?

MN: Oh if there's a God in Heaven...

DM: I hope not. She may be thirty but there's still a lot of spring in her step, as evidenced tonight.

LT: You can't say the same, Joey. You'd either hesitate or, if you said yes, you'd be lying. You may never hang it up. You may do this until it kills you. I just can't let myself be around to watch you do it.

[The crowd is starting to get louder, and it's not quite certain if there are cheers or boos in the air.]

LT: I'm not leaving the business. Not just yet. But I'm not going to let the business be put first instead of me anymore. I love you, but you want the spotlight much more than you want me. I didn't want to tell you all this in this way, because dirty laundry should be kept at home, but I ran out of options. I've compromised on a lot of things, but this is something I just can't do.

[The divorce papers and the microphone fall to the canvas with a crackle, and Lindsay Troy gingerly exits the ring, making sure to take care around the remaining tacks on the arena floor. As she walks up the aisle and the ramp, there's a definite sound of clapping in the air, mixed in with some static from those who don't quite fully understand the challenges of being in a relationship with "The Unifier."]

DM: Regardless of what anyone might think of her methods, what Troy just said was nothing short of the truth, as painful as it may be.

MN: I have to wonder what must be going through Joey Melton's mind right now. I'll bet he's crying a river in the back right now!

DT: I don't know, but I'm hoping we'll get some answers soon! What a night! What an ending! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, I'm Dave Thomas. GOODNIGHT!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
WORLD TITLE: Sean Stevens vs. Lindsay Troy vs. Joey Melton (c) - Russian Roulette II


EPW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy vs. Joey Melton (c) - Russian Roulette II

DT: Alright folks, obviously Sean Stevens has done a number on Rocko Daymon and in a related vein – due to protests from all three camps concerning the finish of the number one contender’s matchup, Dan Ryan has promised an announcement regarding the Number One Contender’s slot on Aggression. However, I digress. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has at last come!

MN: Hallelujah, praise to the Jebus!

DM: Lord, if you’re up there, strike this idiot down with great vengeance. Smite him. Smite him good.

DT: No more biblical bickering, children.

DM/MN: Kay.

DT: Two years ago at Russian Roulette, Lindsay Troy shocked the world by winning the World Championship from Beast and unmasking as the mysterious masked Dis. For the two years after that, the Queen was nearly untouchable, resisting all challengers as one of the most dominant champions that the wrestling world has ever seen. But, at WrestleSTOCK, the Queen of the Ring was done in like the rest of us by Joey Melton and his damn twin brother, who all but stole the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, by order of Dan Ryan, there’ll be just one Joey Melton in the arena, and Lindsay Troy gets her shot at him.

DM: But she’s not alone, is she Dave?

DT: Certainly not. Though only one Melton will be present, we can’t forget about the man who impressively won the King of the Cage tournament, the man who is the deserving number one contender, “Triple X” Sean Stevens. Stevens, Troy and Melton in a three way dance for the world title, kids it just does not get much better than this. Let’s meet the combatants for the main event of the evening!

[CUE UP: “Public Service Announcement," by Jay Z as the lights dimmed and the crowd cheered throughout the opening sequence of the song.

"Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself, my Name Is…"

Fireworks. …as the curtain parted and "Triple X" Sean Stevens walked through, with his hair soaking wet, clad in a 100% cotton, "Blue-Eyed Badass™" t-shirt, black tights, with neon blue X’s on the legs and rear. Sean pauses at the top of the ramp, giving the audience the once over, then thrusts his arms in the air before continuing his walk down to the ring. Once at ringside, Sean points in the direction of a few of the members in the audience with signs promoting one of his many nicknames, before entering the ring, and hoping on the nearest turnbuckle, as his theme comes to an end.]

DT: Here is the King of the Cage, Sean Stevens, the man they call the Blue Eyed Badass!

DM: He’s been one of the best in the world for years, Dave, tonight he gets another shot to prove he deserves the title of Champion of the World.

[CUE UP: “Trampled Underfoot” Led Zeppelin. The crowd EXPLODES as the Queen of the Ring makes her way to the ring. No flashy lights, no thunderous pyro, just anger, intensity, and focus in the demeanor of the former champ.]

DT: The Queen of the Ring is here in the ATL, and guys, she looks ready to go.

MN: Oooh, Queenie’s angry. I’m sooooo scared.

DM: How many times have we determined that she could kick your ass into the Cretaceous Period, Mikey.

MN: At press time? 353205.

[CUE UP: “I Need a Hero” Bonnie Tyler. Melton walks out confidently to a chorus of boos from the crowd, though he does get his fair share of cheers. He strolls to the ring, pulls of his rope and leans against the turnbuckles.]

DT: The world champ looks confident tonight, and despite his reprehensible actions, he is STILL getting cheers here thanks to a 20 year legacy that he carved out just a couple hours north of here in Greensboro, NC. Our wrestlers are in the ring, to Tony Fatora for the introductions!

[CUT TO: Fatora in the center of the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the MAIN EVENT of EPW’s Russian Roulette 2007!!! When the action begins, our referee will be EPW senior official Bryan Weatherby. This match is one fall to a finish, must be decided by pinfall or submission, and is a THREE WAY DANCE to determine the UNDISPUTED EPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!!

Introducing first…

He stands six feet, two inches tall and weighed in at 245 pounds. He hails from Orlando, Florida, and enters tonight as the 2007 EPW King of the Cage. He is the Blue-Eyed Badass, he is TRIIIIIPPPPPLLLLLEEEE ECCCKKKKSSSS … SEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNN STTTEEEEEEEEEVVVVEEENNNNNSSSS!!!!!!

[The crowd cheers Stevens, who stands on the top turnbuckle and raises his arms to the crowd.]

TF: His first opponent stands six feet, three inches tall, and weighed in at 170 pounds. She hails from Tampa, Florida, and was, until recently, the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in Empire Pro history. Ladies and gentlemen, she is “THE QUEEN OF THE RING” … LIIIIINNNDDDSSSSAAAAAAY TRRRRROOOOOOYYYYYYY!!!!

[The crowd cheers for Troy, who barely even moves. Her eyes are locked solely on Melton.]

TF: And finally…

This man stands six feet, one inch tall and weighed in at 210 pounds. He hails from New York City, New York, and is one of the most decorated stars in the history of professional wrestling. He also enters tonight as the REIGNING and DEFENDING EPW Heavyweight Champion of the World…


[SFX: Bell rings]

MN: Is it just me, or did those intros take forever.

DM: How would you know, Mikey? You were asleep.

MN: Was not!

DM: Was too. You drooled all over my damn shirt!

DT: It’s true. It was kind of disgusting.

MN: No more talking. LET’S GET FIGHTING!

DT: And the main event of Russian Roulette 2007 is underway, and Lindsay Troy is making a beeline straight for Joey Melton!

DM: And I think Joey’s making a beeline straight for somewhere a little safer. Like say, a fortified bunker?

MN: I think I need to make a beeline for the little commentator’s room.

DM: I told you to stay away from the sweet tea, Mikey!

DT: Melton dodges to the outside, but Triple X is there to stop the champ dead in his tracks! He rocks him with a hard right hand, and he sends him right back into the ring and into the waiting hands of Lindsay Troy!

MN: Oh, what I wouldn’t do to have those hands—

DM: Stop before the lawsuits start.

DT: Melton scrambles to his feet, but the former champ is on him too quickly! She’s got Melton backed up into a corner, and she’s throwing out the catch-as-catch-can handbook and just LAYING into Joey with every stiff shot she can muster!

DM: Now, it’s usually Mike’s job to point this out, but there were about sixteen things about that sentence that were very, very wrong.

MN: Don’t I know it.

DT: Lindsay is unleashing every ounce of anger she’s got on Melton right now, and the champ has absolutely nowhere to run! Here comes Stevens to get in on the action—


DM: Tool.

DT: —but Troy wants no part of that! She elbows Triple X away and continues the assault! Left and right hands, elbows, knees, kicks, she’s throwing them all at the World Champion and connecting! Melton’s stagger in the corner … Troy takes charge … FLYING LEG LARIAT in the corner! Lindsay hops up … straight into a massive flying forearm by Sean Stevens! The Blue-Eyed Badass did not take well to being left out of the party, Dean.

MN: You talk about being left out of a party and you ask DEAN?

DM: He’s right, Thomas. Neels has probably been left out of more parties than any man in the history of Western civilization.

MN: Damn straight.


DT: Stevens turns his attention to the champ. He pulls him forcefully out of the corner … wicked short-arm clothesline and Joey Melton just about flipped completely over! Stevens looking to win early, he pins…


AND A HALF! He might’ve clotheslined Melton halfway to Savannah, but it’s gonna take more than that to take the title from him.

DM: Exactly, Dave. There might not be many people who like the way Joey Melton wormed his way into the EPW World Championship, but all those people still know it’d take more than that to take down one of the greatest stars in wrestling history.

MN: I like the way he won the world championship.

DM: That’s because you’re functionally retarded.


DM: That’s right. You don’t function.

DT: Stevens has Melton in his control as Lindsay was knocked to the outside by that forearm, and now the King of the Cage is on the prowl. He whips Melton off the ropes … catches him with a ring rocking POWERSLAM! He just absolutely CRUNCHED Joey Melton with that slam! He goes for another cover … but the former champ comes in the break up the pin, and Melton looks pleased!

MN: Not for long.

DT: Lindsay pulled Stevens off the champ, but she just wants to get her teeth into Melton as soon as she can!

DM: Do we REALLY need this much idiotic innuendo, Dave?

MN: I do. I really, really do.

DM: Didn’t we just establish the whole “retarded” thing.

DT: I established that in February 2004, Dean. It won’t stop him.

MN: No way, no how.

DT: Back to things that we’re actually PAID to talk about, Lindsay Troy’s got the champ backed into the corner again, and she is just throwing every strike in the book at him. We’re not but a few minutes into this thing, and you can already see where the welts and bruises will rise on Joey Melton once this thing is over. Bryan Weatherby tells Lindsay to break … she does … but she comes charging right back with a flying knee in the corner!

MN: Dude, Joey’s head just did that thing from The Exorcist!

DM: The power of Christ compels you!

DT: Joey staggers out of the corner … wicked snap suplex by the Queen of the Ring! She floats over for the pin …


Stevens quickly breaks it up before the count of two, and now the two challengers have both taken away a chance for the other to win the belt.

DM: If there was any way Melton would’ve been beaten by either of those moves, we might have a real issue.

MN: I may be an idiot, but I think these two have an issue anyway.

DT: Stevens and Troy are shouting at each other in mid-ring, and here go the King of the Cage and the Queen of the Ring! Lindsay’s gaining the advantage, and she’s firing hard right hands at Triple X! She steps back … clothesline misses! Lindsay turns around … and Stevens picks her up and absolutely PLANTS her into the mat with a spinebuster!

MN: Big ouchie. REALLY big ouchie. Maybe I should go comfort Lindsay.

DT: Sean Stevens is showing the form that won him King of the Cage early on tonight, EPW fans. He pulls Lindsay up, here’s an whip off the ropes … Lindsay leapfrogs Stevens … but runs straight into a dropkick by the champion, who finally looks like he knows what he’s supposed to be doing in this match!

DM: It’s probably a good idea for Melton to actually, ya know, try and get some offense in, seeing as he doesn’t have to be pinned to lose his title.

DT: Melton is reveling in the fact that he just pulled a fast one on Lindsay Troy … and Troy rolls him up! Shoulders are on the mat!



Melton kicks out! Joey Melton got a little too cocky early on and the former champion almost pulled one out of the hat! Now Lindsay pulls Melton up … she’s rolled up by Triple X!

One count … and Melton with the low dropkick breaks it up! Stevens and Troy both pop up … Lindsay shoves Sean … right into a rollup by Melton! This is incredible!


No! Broken up by Lindsay Troy! That was quick!

DM: That was … umm … a little strange.

MN: Can’t…breathe…need…oxygen.

DT: All three competitors are up after that dynamic exchange of near-falls, and now they’re all going at it together!

MN: Finally, my fantasy comes true. MENAGE A TROIS WITH LINDSAY TROY!!!

DM: Mikey, in your fantasy, weren’t YOU involved?

MN: Y’know, I thought something was strange about that. Also, in my fantasy, Sean Stevens was replaced by a really hot chick. Dude, this version of my fantasy sucks!

DT: All three are exchanging punches and kicks with each other, it’s like a youth soccer game out here, guys! I can barely follow the action, there are so many fists and feet flying around! They’re against the ropes, and Bryan Weatherby tells them to pull it apart. They do, but all three are staring at the others, none of them blinking!

DM: Did we just get the wrestling version of the Mexican F(FCC)ING Standoff?

DT: Troy and Stevens share a glance, and they head right after each other!


DT: No! They both head straight for the champ, and they pummel him! Irish whip … DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE SENDS MELTON TO THE FLOOR! The champ is certainly off his game tonight.

DM: It doesn’t help him that he has no doppelganger to bail him out and that Lindsay Troy hates him so much that she might just snap his head off in an instant if she gets the chance.

MN: Yeah, why’s everybody gotta pile on the champ? He’s cool!

DM: That’s your observation. He’s cool?

MN: Yep. That’s why I get paid the big bucks, Deano.

DT: Melton’s on the outside, and Lindsay’s going right after him!

DM: For some reason, I don’t think Joey wants to engage Lindsay as much as Lindsay wants to beat the living crap out of him.

DT: Melton’s trying to get the hell out of dodge, and he’s scrambling backwards and sliding into the ring…

MN: Survey says … BAD IDEA!

DT: Melton ran headfirst into Sean Stevens, and Triple X did not appreciate that at all! Melton begs off … Stevens CLOBBERS him with a right hand!

MN: It’s clobberin’ time!

DT: Stevens with a big right hand! And another! Melton staggers back towards the King of the Cage, who points behind Melton!

MN: I wonder what he’s pointing at?

DM: Trust me, it ain’t good for Joey.

DT: Joey turns around, and he sees Lindsay Troy! Troy steps … SUPERKICK—OH MY LORD!!! Melton ducked at the last moment and Lindsay caught Sean Stevens square on the jaw! You could see the blood spit out of Steven’s mouth as he was caught flush with that one!

[CUT TO: Split screen slo-mo replay. Stevens head snaps back violently as a gob of bloody saliva flies out of his mouth at 48 frames per second.]

DT: Lindsay’s shocked she missed her target, and Melton’s taking advantage! Boot to the gut of Troy … and a swinging neckbreaker! Joey pulls her up … hooks from behind—don’t go there, Neely—and he fires off an impressive German suplex! Melton bridges back for the pin…



NO! Very, very close to retaining the world heavyweight championship was Joey Melton right there.

DM: Melton started this one off slow, but he has come back with a fury after Troy missed the superkick, and now the champion is in the position he’s been in so often during his career.

MN: On top of a woman?

DM: No, douchebag. He’s got an advantage and he’s now going to isolate one of his two opponents to control the pace of the match.

MN: I like my idea better.

DT: Joey’s got Lindsay on the ground, and now Melton is going to work. He lines her up … and drops the knee right onto the small of Lindsay Troy’s back! Melton springs up, measures the challenger, and there’s another knee to the lower back.

DM: This is classic Joey Melton. He knows how to soften up an opponent, then slowly bring them to the point where they can’t take any more punishment.

DT: Melton is doing his best to keep Troy grounded right now, and Sean Stevens is not moving very much at all. He might’ve been knocked silly by that kick from Lindsay and that’s allowing Joey Melton to stay on the offensive. He pulls Lindsay to her feet … but she’s brought right back down with a snap backbreaker, and Melton flows that straight into a textbook Russian Leg Sweep! The champ goes for the pin…



Lindsay gets the shoulder up! The former champion showing the resilience that allowed her to keep the strap for two years.

MN: Feh. It’s just a matter of time before Melton decides to leave her crying yet again.

DM: I wouldn’t let Lindsay here you say that, Mikey.

MN: That’s what she said.

DM: No more DVDs of The Office for you.

MN: That’s what she said.

DT: Melton’s got full control now, and he’s put Lindsay into a serious spot of pain with the treatment he’s been giving her lower back. Joey pulls up the Queen, and he whips her VIOLENTLY into the far corner, and Lindsay just winced badly as she hit the turnbuckles. Melton stalks right in … and he drives an elbow hard into the side of Troy’s head! He sets up for the charge … MONSTER splash in the corner, and Lindsay Troy is both literally and figuratively on the ropes in this one.

DM: I just don’t know how long Lindz can hold on with the beating her back’s taken over the past few minutes in this one.

DT: Melton’s got Troy set up on the second rope.

DM: I don’t like where this is heading.


DT: Melton hooks the head … he pulls Lindsay off the top … OH MY LORD!!!! Joey Melton just delivered a MUSCLE BUSTER of immense proportions, and Lindsay Troy has to be done for! Melton covers, this has to be elementary…



THREE! No! No! Sean Stevens, who I could’ve sworn was knocked out cold, pulled Troy out from under Melton at the absolute last second possible, and he saved a chance at the title for both himself AND Lindsay Troy!

MN: Damn that there Triple X! Where’s Ice Tre when you need him?

DT: Melton is INCENSED that Stevens broke that pin up, and now these two go at it! Stevens with a forearm shot right to Melton’s chest! He steps back for the clothesline … no dice! He turns around, and Melton greets him with a trademark knife edged chop! And another! And another! Melton is blistering the King of the Cage with chops, and he’s backing him straight into the corner! Melton keeps up the chops, and now he just grabs the back of Stevens neck with both hands and drives his forehead down right onto Melton’s knees!

DM: Modified facebuster there, and considering that Stevens has already been knocked loopy at least once in this match, that’s gonna make getting his bearings even tougher.

DT: Melton has Stevens position all the way up top, and he’s climbing up to join him! Melton going for the superplex … Stevens shoves him off and the champ hits the deck! Now Triple X wants to fly … SHOOTING STAR PRESS …

NOBODY HOME!!!! Melton recovered quickly enough to get out of the way and avoid Stevens’ Shooting Star!

MN: Dude, he totally waffled himself on the canvas.

DT: Melton’s up again, he’s got Stevens … BRAINBUSTER!!! Melton connects, and he’s signaling for that patented Figure Four!

DM: As much as he’s done it over the years, I’m still pretty sure Melton hasn’t actually patented this particular submission hold.

DT: Melton grabs the right leg of Stevens, he steps through …



DT: Lindsay Troy came out of nowhere and broke up Melton’s submission attempt with a picture perfect, amazing springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT! We’ve GOT to have another look at that!

[CUT TO: Replay. Lindsay sees Melton about to hook in the figure four, springs off the ropes and flies over Stevens before hooking the head and hitting the DDT.]


DT: Lindsay drapes an arm across Melton for the pin…



THRRRRNOOOO!!!! Lindsay Troy almost got the World Championship back right then and there, but Joey Melton just BARELY got his left shoulder off the mat before the count of three.

DM: Tremendous show of endurance by Melton, but after the punishment Lindsay took, I’m amazed she could pull that up and is still standing!

DT: Melton and Troy are both up, and the champ is trying to take back the advantage, but Lindsay stops him dead in his tracks with a vicious Muay Thai knee that sends the champion reeling! Melton stumbles off the ropes … snap hurricanrana! She holds on for the pin…



OH SO CLOSE!!!!! Lindsay Troy mere moments away from regaining the title once again! How many times is someone going to come this close to taking the world title before finally breaking through.

MN: Infinity, ‘cause Joey ain’t losing.

DT: Lindsay is keeping the pressure on Melton. She sets him up in the standing headscissors … lifts him HIGH into the air …

KAWADA DRIVER!!! Lindsay nailed the Kawada Driver, and that might just do the trick! But Lindsay isn’t going to go for the pin! She wants to put Melton out of commission for good!

DM: Lindsay Troy has said that she wants to make Joey Melton’s life a living hell, and while she’s doing a damn good job of it so far, I think she thinks she can do better. Or, if your in Joey’s shoes, worse.

MN: Why would I be in Joey Melton’s shoes?

DM: Just … nevermind.

DT: Lindsay is absolutely POUNDING on Joey Melton right now, and the fire in her eyes is evident to everyone here in Atlanta tonight for Russian Roulette. She wants the title back, and she wants to end Melton’s career on top of it. Now she double underhooks … and she drives Melton into the mat face first! Lindsay nailed him with the Final Judgment, and that might just be the last moment of Joey Melton’s title reign! Lindsay pins…



THRNOOOO!!!! Joey Melton used whatever conscious or unconscious brain functions he had left to stick his right foot onto the bottom rope! Bryan Weatherby saw it and this thing ain’t over yet, kids!

DM: Joey must’ve had the corner of his eye open, because he stuck that foot out quickly and not a moment too soon.

MN: Honestly, Dean, I don’t think Lindsay’s all that mad. This gives her more chance to whale on Joey.

DT: That’s exactly what Lindsay’s doing, guys, and Sean Stevens is barely standing. He’s in the far corner recuperating while Troy is putting a whooping on the champion, but he’s got to recover soon if he wants the world title around his waist at night’s end.

DM: Good point, Dave, but I’ve got no problem with Triple X biding his time to recover and let Lindsay and Joey exert and hurt themselves.

MN: Hurt is a good word for this. Joey might have some more coming right about…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


DT: Lindsay Troy let Melton get up to his feet, and she knocked him right back down with a BEAUTIFUL spinning roundhouse kick! Now she hits the ropes … baseball slide into a flying headscissors….

RIGHT INTO THE DIVINE RIGHT!!!! Lindsay Troy has her devastating signature submission hold locked on dead center of the ring, and if Joey Melton doesn’t tap out, he’s going to pass out from lack of oxygen, suffer a torn meniscus, both, or worse!

DM: Lindsay Troy has stopped many a match with this hold, and she is cranking as hard as she can on it this time. She doesn’t just want Joey Melton to tap out here, Dave. She wants to break his spirit and take away the world title she feels he stole from her at Wrestlestock.

MN: Honestly, aside from the stretching and the unnatural bending and the choking and the immense pain to all parts of the upper body, I really don’t see how this is in any way a bad position to ever be in.

DM: If you’d ask Joey Melton I’m sure he’d disagree.

MN: How could I ask him? I’m pretty sure he can’t breathe very well right now.

DT: Melton has to tap out here, folks. If he ever wants to step inside the squared circle again, he has to submit and walk out of here with his career.

He has to tap, and I think he’s going to! He’s close, very close! Bryan Weatherby checks, but Melton just shakes his head!


DT: Melton is screaming in pain, but he will not quit, and he can’t find a way out!

DM: Actually, the way out is charging straight out of the corner, Dave!

DT: Here comes Triple X! Melton’s close to tapping…

Baseball slide by Sean Stevens breaks up the hold an instant before Melton would have given in! Joey Melton is still alive, and he rolls outside to recuperate in hopes of still having a chance to retain his title.

DM: After that, the chances of that have to be pretty slim.

DT: Troy and Stevens are the two wrestlers who are still able to stand under their own power, and now the two challengers will go at it! Troy with a kick right to the side of Sean Stevens, but Triple X answers right back! We’re blow for blow right in the center of the ring between the former champ and the Blue-Eyed Badass! Big shot by Lindsay … and Sean counters right back with one of his own! And another! And one more that sends Lindsay bouncing into the ropes…

…she rebounds…

Straight into a Fisherman’s Suplex! Stevens with the pin…



THRRROOOHHHHNOOOO!!!!! Lindsay Troy once again kicked out a hair’s breadth away from losing this match, and Sean Stevens was literally milliseconds away from being crowned world champ.


DT: Stevens has taken the initiative now, and he thinks he’s got a chance to finish this match! He whips Lindsay into the ropes … SPEAR!!! He drove his shoulder right into her abdomen and drove her straight to the canvas! Now he brings her up, and he’s signaling for the X-Factor!

DM: If Lindsay turns right into this, it’s over.

DT: Troy wobbles around … here comes the kick …

WIDE LEFT!!! Lindsay Troy rolled out of the way! She hits the ropes … Stevens tries a backdrop, but he telegraphed it! Lindsay’s going for the By Royal Decree … Stevens slips out! Troy spins around … HE CAUGHT HER!!!! X-FACTOR RIGHT ON THE CHIN!!!! Sean Stevens is going to be our new world champ! He hooks the leg…



THREEEEEE!!!! He’s done it!!! Wait! Wait! Hold on just a minute, Bryan Weatherby’s saying Lindsay Troy kicked out! I don’t believe it!

DM: She’s not human. She’s not f(FCC)ing human.

MN: You took the words right out of my mouth, Matthews.

[CUT TO: Slo-mo replay. Lindsay kicks out just before Weatherby’s hand hits the mat the third time.]

DT: Sean Stevens is INCENSED, and the crowd here is split! Half the fans think if was a pin, half think the former champ kicked out!


TROY FANS: LET’S GO LINDSAY! **clapclapclapclapclap** LET’S GO LINDSAY!


DM: Tool.

DT: Stevens is still protesting … NOT ANYMORE!!! Lindsay snuck in and rolled him up from behind…



NEW WORLD CHAMPION … NOOOO!!! Stevens got out of it just in the nick of time! We’ve been so close so many times here tonight, but still nobody has done what’s needed to walk out of Atlanta with the big gold belt held high!

DM: These three are pulling out some amazing feats here tonight. Joey Melton’s still half-conscious on the outside, and he’s come close several times to both retaining and losing his title. Sean Stevens has been knocked goofy on more than one occasion, but he’s been an instant away from the belt too, and Lindsay Troy is putting on an inhuman display of guts and heart.

MN: I don’t want to see her internal organs. Gross!

DM: Thanks for ruining the moment, Neels.

MN: Aw, shucks. My pleasure, Dean-o-rama.

DT: Stevens is all out-of-sorts now, and Lindsay’s going to take advantage! Lindsay with the kick … caught by Triple X … but Troy hops off with the other foot and hits the enziguiri! What a display of balance and agility after all she’s gone through tonight! Now she pulls Stevens to his feet … locks in the Cobra Clutch … and hits a vicious legsweep! She laid him out with it, and now she’s heading up top.

MN: Cool. She does sweet flippy stuff.

DT: Stevens is just about unconscious, and the Queen of the Ring is going to fly to regain her crown! She leaps…


AND IT CONNECTS!!!! What an amazing move by Lindsay Troy! She crawls over to pin…



THREEEEEEENOOOOOO!!!!!! Sean Stevens kicked out, and I am in SHOCK!

MN: These people are robots. They’re *******, motherf(FCC)ing piece of sh(FCC)t robots.

DM: Hey Mike, I know it’s a Pay Per View, but still…


MN: Eh. Not my kids getting ruined by it.

DT: Lindsay Troy can’t believe she’s not a two-time world champion, and neither can the crowd here in Atlanta. Now she picks Stevens up and lays in a couple of stiff shots to the body. She sprints for the ropes … jumps straight to the top …


CROWNING GLORY!!! CROWNING GLORY!!!! Corkscrew moonsault into the reverse DDT, and Lindsay Troy is going to get her title back!

DM: Don’t be so sure!

DT: She turns around to pin … but Melton’s back and he hits her with a steel chair he picked up at ringside! Joey Melton just knocked Lindsay Troy unconscious and he’s going to steal the world title again!


DT: Melton stalks over, and he wants to end this with the figure four! He steps over the leg…hold on! Inside cradle by Triple X!



NO!!!! Joey Melton almost got suckered in, but he kicked out at the very last moment again!

MN: Hot damn, this is getting the palpitations going.

DM: For once, Mikey, I totally agree.

DT: Stevens and Melton both get to their feet! Joey fires off a chop … Stevens ducks, and tosses Melton all the way across greater Gwinnett County with a belly to back suplex! He threw Melton like he was a welterweight!

DM: That, boys, is an astounding show of strength considering the beating he’s taken.

DT: Stevens senses the momentum has come to him again. Melton’s down, and he heads up top … he sets himself and leaps…


BUT NOBODY’S HOME! Joey Melton rolled away and Stevens faceplants on the mat yet again!

MN: His face is gonna look REAL ugly tomorrow morning.

DT: Melton hooks Stevens, he’s going for that slingshot suplex! This has been money for Melton over his twenty year career! He slingshots Triple X…

The King of the Cage floats over! He’s got Melton hooked for the X-Terminator!

NO! Melton slips out and caught Stevens with a low blow! Now he hooks the head again … SLINGSHOT BRAINBUSTER! Slingshot brainbuster, and he hit him with it square on the unforgiving surface of that steel chair he used earlier! Sean Stevens is out cold, and it looks like Melton’s going to leave Atlanta still world champion.

DM: Umm…not so fast, my friend.

DT: Lindsay Troy is somehow, someway, standing back up! Melton is going for the pin, and he doesn’t see her! Here comes Lindsay, and she hits a diving clothesline that sends Melton out to the floor! Lindsay’s got her chance! But … what’s she doing?

DM: Something very, very bad for Joey Melton, Dave.

DT: Melton’s staggering to his feet outside the ring …

Lindsay springs to the top rope and takes flight!



DM: Sweet heavenly mother of God!

MN: They’re dead. They’re both freaking dead.

DT: Lindsay Troy hit the Crowning Glory from the top rope to the floor, and both she and Joey Melton are out. Lindsay might’ve cost herself and Joey the world championship AND their careers with that all-time highlight reel move!

DM: That was … unreal. Just unreal, guys.

DT: Sean Stevens is pulling himself to his feet, and he sees the carnage outside! He’s got to act quickly! He scrambles outside, and he rolls Joey Melton into the ring! This is his chance to become world champion! WAIT!! Someone from the crowd!! It’s…..

MN: It’s Joey Melton!!

DT: It’s that damn twin again!!! He’s in the ring with a chair and he cracks Stevens over the head!! Stevens goes down like a SHOT!! COME ON!!!

DM: Stevens is down! Center of the ring! Melton still out! Troy still down on the outside! This could go absolutely ANY WAY!

MN: I am exhausted just WATCHING this contest!

DM: All three competitors have given their all and--

[A buzz sweeps through the arena, turning into an all-out eruption. A slender figure has sped down the aisle -- steel chair in hand. It takes just a second for the announcers to recognize him. A moment later and the fans are screaming his name.]


MN: And he's got a steel chair of his own!!!

[Standing over a stirring Sean Stevens, his lips are curled in amusement. He slowly brings the chair high above his head as the fans cheer him on as twin Melton looks on.]

DM: His agent PROMISED Stevens that Ice Tre would not cost him this match! He SWORE!

DT: That was the deal!

[Tre bobs his head along with the fans chanting his name, then, suddenly, his eyes turn to Joey Melton –errr….the one standing. And he BLASTS HIM across the skull with the steel chair.]

DT: OH MY GOD?!? Chairshot to Melton?!?

DM: Melton #2 is DOWN!

[Lindsay Troy regains her composure, brushing her hair from her eyes and rolling in the ring ... just in time to catch a glimpse of Tre blowing her a gangsta kiss as she gets to her feet ... and then CRACKING her with the same steel chair. The crowd is reeling, elated to see Tre in the ring, making things happen, but shocked at the events transpiring.]

MN: He just LEVELLED Troy! What is going on?!?

DT: Stevens HAS to be next!

[Tre, surprisingly, throws the chair down and out of the ring ... he grabs Stevens by his arm and visibly struggles to drag him across the ring.]

DT: Wait ... what is he DOING?

DM: Is he ... HELPING Stevens?!?

[He drapes Stevens arm over Melton, then slips out of the ring not-so-gracefully.]

DT: ONE!!!!



DM: Ice Tre can’t believe his eyes and he’s outta here!! Tre is running for the hills!!

DT: I don’t blame him!!

MN: He did his damage though!!

DT: Now all three …make that four are down!! Which Melton is which?!

MN: You expect ME to remember that kinda stuff???

DT: Melton stirring and up!! He’s over to Stevens, he’s wrapping him up….FIGURE FOUR!!! NO!!! SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE!!!! TWO!!!! NO!!!! STEVENS TO HIS FEET!!!! MELTON UP!! RIGHT HAND BY MELTON!! STEVENS DUCKS!!

He hooks the head!!!!

X-TERMINATOR!!!! OSAKA STREET CUTTER!!! He planted him right in the middle of the ring with that vicious X-Terminator! He hooks the leg…




[SFX: Bell rings, crowd EXPLODES]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match…




[CUE UP: “Public Service Announcement”. Bryan Weatherby grabs the belt from ringside, and hands it to a shocked Triple X, who holds it in the air triumphantly before falling to his knees and looking at the title, basking in the cheers of the crowd.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, after an EPIC contest, Sean Stevens has overcome both Joey Melton and Lindsay Troy, and a new guard has risen in EPW! Sands, Beast, Troy, Melton, and now Sean Stevens completes a quintet of legends to hold the most prestigious championship in wrestling today!

There’s nothing else to say except, the Triple X era has officially begun here in Empire Pro! And if I was Ice Tre, I’d stay as far away from Stevens as I possibly could!

As always, for Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, I’m Dave Thomas saying goodnight from Russian Roulette in Atlanta! We leave you with our brand new World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens!

[Stevens stands on the top turnbuckle, holding the belt high in the air in celebration. Then, out of the corner of his eye he sees the replay….with Ice Tre interfering and a deep irate gaze comes over his face.

The camera holds the shot for a while, the crowd’s deafening cheers supplying the soundtrack, before we…



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
STREET FIGHT: Christian Sands vs. Cameron Cruise - Aggression 13


STREET FIGHT: Christian Sands vs. Cameron Cruise - Aggression 13

[Cut to an alleyway behind the arena. The exit door swings open and Cameron Cruise steps out into the night air, looking ready to fight while being dressed in plain jeans and a white t-shirt. He's followed by the referee.]

Cruise: Alright where is he?

[A voice suddenly comes from off-camera.]

Sands: Hey, Cammy.

[Cruise looks to his right just as Christian Sands bolts into the frame, blasting his opponent with a heavy punch to the jaw that sends him flying into a nearby brick wall. Sands laughs as he observes the effects of his surprise attack.]

MN: Looks like this match is underway!

DT: Sands seems to have gained an early advantage by catching Cameron Cruise off guard and now he moves in to capitalize on his edge, bringing a groggy Cruise to his feet. And Cameron fights back by charging into Christian, landing punches into the sides!

MN: And Christian Sands throws him back to the ground! The new Tag Team champion is definitely showing his control early in his match

DM: Street fight, Mike normal rules don't apply here.

MN: Whatever.

DT: Cruise is back on his feet, but is quickly PUT DOWN AGAIN by a sidekick from Christian Sands! Christian is just relentless tonight

MN: That or he knows how to manage himself in the streets. Sands must have been raised from the ghettos of Canada, man!

DM: Ontario, Rep-Ruh-SENT!!

DT: Canada has ghettos?

DM: Of course, man!

MN: Back to the match, Sands getting a dazed Cameron Cruise back to his feet TOSSES him back into the wall! And Sands comes down on him, laying into his sides and face with a barrage of punches!

DM: That's what I call a Grade-A pizzowning!

[Silence from the commentary feed.]

DM: what?

DT: What the hell did you just say?

MN: Yeah, what the hell is a 'pizzowning', Dean?

DM: You know its like, an owning, with a 'pz' sound in front of it?

DT: whatever, Dean. No more Canadian ghettos, and no more 'pizzowning', please. But back to the match, Sands, continuing to manhandle Cameron Cruise and now he has Cameron by the back of the head OH!! Slings him headfirst across the alley, and Cruise hits the asphalt after kissing the brick wall!

MN: God, that was sick but Christian Sands isn't finished yet. He's getting Cruise back onto his feet, and it looks like that last move has cut open Cameron's brow.

DT: Indeed it has. Blood has been shed, and we've only gone through the opening moments. Christian Sands now has Cameron Cruise by the back of the neck, and is leading him down the alley

DM: and right into a set of garbage cans! Cameron Cruise gets buried into the aluminum!

MN: That had to hurt

DT: Cruise slowly getting back to his feet, and Christian Sands breaks into a run Cameron Cruise back up, and GETS PUT DOWN AGAIN by a running dropkick, courtesy of the new Tag Team champion!

MN: What is going on with Cameron Cruise tonight? I expected a lot more from him in this match

DM: I as well, Mike but as it is, Christian Sands is in full control of this match, and it doesn't look like his grip will ease any time soon, unless Cameron Cruise can do something.

DT: Sands has Cruise up again locks him into a standing leg-scissor headlock immediately countered into a back body drop! Cruise DUMPS HIM onto a smashed trash can!

MN: Looks like Cruise is trying to do just that, Dean.

DM: Cruise now has an opportunity to turn this match around Sands on his knees as Cameron gets him to his ...NO!! Sands with a low-blow!!

MN: Aw, now that was just ABYSMAL!!

DT: Cruise had an opportunity, and lost it. Sands trying to regain control sets a stunned Cameron Cruise over his shoulders, and ...OH!! DROPS HIM INTO A NECKBREAKER over the knee!!

MN: Good night, Polly!

DM: Sands hooks the leg for a cover One Two NO!! Cameron Cruise kicks out.

DT: It's still too early to get an easy win over Cameron Cruise.

MN: I get the feeling Sands has hardly scratched the surface, either. He has Cruise back on his feet now takes him by the arm HARD WHIP into the brick wall! And wait, he continues to hold on!

DM: WHIPS HIM into the other wall! AND BACK for a third time!! Cameron Cruise is getting slung around like a sack of crap!

MN: That IS kind of all he's amounted to thus far in this match

DT: Sands takes him around the waist OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX on the concrete!!

DM: Christian Sands is decimating him, piece by piece! I don't know how much longer Cameron Cruise can go on like this without getting somewhere!

MN: Meanwhile, this match has been moving down the alley, and now they're nearly at the mouth where the alley opens into the street in front of the arena.

DT: Oh boy Sands brings a weary Cruise to his feet, and now he's leading him out onto the street! Sands scoops him up and SLAMS HIM to the sidewalk!

MN: Not technically a sidewalk slam, I guess you would say

DT: Christian is giving Cameron the boots now and it looks like this brawling is beginning to draw a crowd of spectators!

DM: Damn Kansans

MN: We're in Missouri, Dean.

DM: Well, whatever. I hope they don't interfere with this match.

DT: The crowd keeps its distance as Christian Sands continues to lay on the punishment. Now he grabs Cruise by the back of his shirt and yanks him onto his feet THROWS HIM into the street while ripping his shirt off!

MN: Not like the blood hadn't ruined it. Quite a crowd is gathering, by the way

DM: Security is on the scene as the two men continue fighting Cruise now on his hands and feet, crawling. Sands steps up to him grabs him around the waist, and OH.....HOISTS HIM INTO A GUTWRENCH BACKBREAKER!!

DT: WOW!! Incredible improvisation!

DM: Sands makes the cover!!

DT: One! Two!! Th.....NO!! Cameron Cruise kicks out!!

MN: Though it's doubtful he'll have longer to go, at this rate.

DT: Sands bringing Cameron Cruise to his feet again stands him up, and goes for a clothesline....DUCKED by Cruise!! Cameron with a book to the gut

DM: Follows through with a NICE VERTICLE SUPLEX onto the concrete!!

MN: He's certainly looking to gain an advantage, but would it be too little too late at this point?

DM: Sands and Cruise up at the same time Sands going in for a shot to the face, but Cameron Cruise quickly ducks and bulls him backwards!

MN: Where are they going?

DT: Looks like this fight is heading into the parking garage now as security keeps the crowd at bay Cruise finally tackles Christian Sands to the ground and goes into him with a series of punches!!

DM: It's good to see that Cameron is finally putting up a fight and now it looks like he's left Christian Sands with a bloodied nose!

DT: Cruise pulls him up to his feet takes him by the arm, and whips him.....REVERSED BY SANDS!!


DT: OH MY GOD, Christian Sands just whipped him through the wooden security bar!

MN: Man he had to have broken a few ribs on that, or something! Those things are reinforced to keep CARS from entering and exiting.....imagine how it must have felt for Cameron Cruise!

DM: Sands takes a moment to check his bleeding nose, and now he's going back to continue the attack on Cameron Cruise. Sands has him on his feet again and now he's leading him by the hair, to a parked BMW!

MN: Wait that's MY car!

DT: Uh oh!


DT: AND SANDS bounces Cruise's head off the hood!

MN: DAMMNIT!! Do you know how much that's going to cost me to fix that dent?

DM: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Tough break, Mike!

MN: Up yours, Matthews

DT: Back to the match, Sands brings Cameron Cruise up again takes him back a distance, and grabs him by the arm uses the momentum to whip Cruise into the grill of the car!



DM: Heh heh heh

DT: Looks like your car is taking as much of a beating as these two are dishing out on each other but what bout that counterattack by Cameron Cruise! UNBELIEVABLE back flip off the hood of the car!

MN: Yeah, and instead of one dent, I have two!

DM: Sucks to be you, Mike!

DT: Cameron Cruise has had a lot of energy surfacing the past few minutes and in spite of being throwing through a wooden beam and having his head slammed into Mike's car, he's still fighting strong, and now he's looking to have control of this match

MN: Those bastards Cruise bringing Christian Sands off the ground and hoisting him onto his shoulder and Sands is fighting to break free!!

DT: Sands slides down Cameron Cruise's back grabs him around the waist.....BIG GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

DM: AND CRUISE LANDS ON HIS FEET!! He hooks Sands from behind......BIG REVERSE DDT!!

DT: MY GOD!! The head of Christian Sands just got BURIED into that concrete surface!!

MN: Cruise slowly rolls over for the pin.

DT: There's one TWO

DM: NAW!! Christian Sands kicks out

DT: I really have to say, watching this match early on, I was doubtful about how Cruise would handle himself in this match, but he looks to be putting up a decent fight now.

MN: That all depends on how long he can handle Christian Sands. Cruise took quite a beating early on, and if Sands gains control again that may be all she wrote.

DT: I would agree with you there, Mike. The match hasn't gone on for long, but in this environment under these stipulations a street fight can easily wear a man out in a short amount of time.

DM: Cruise is in control and now he's getting Christian Sands back on his feet. And now he's leading him too oh no


DM: That's MY car!!

DT: Cruise takes Christian Sands to Dean's Nissan 350Z scoops him up, and OH MY GOD, DRIVES HIM HEAD-FIRST INTO THE ROOF OF THE CAR!!

DM: *******IT, NOOOO!!



DT: Relax, you two! We have a match to call!

DM: But that's my CAR!!

MN: Tough break, Dean!! Cruise now climbs on top of the car to continue his assault on Christian Sands! Cruise brings Sands to his feet sets him into a standing headscissor!

DT: Going for a POWER........WAIT!! Sands holds on and turns it into a SPINEBUSTER!!


DM: F**K!!!


MN: HAHAHAHA!! That's great!!

DM: Shut the hell up, Mike! This is a tragedy!

MN: I can't help it this is freaking hilarious!

DT: Just like that, Christian Sands has turned this match around. Now let's see how far he can carry it before Cameron Cruise comes back!

MN: Sands bringing a groggy Cameron Cruise to his feet grabs him by the neck

DM: Oh God

DT: Oh no!! Christian Sands with a CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP OF THE CAR!!


DT: How the hell is he going to wake up from THAT?!

DM: well, at least they didn't do anything more to my car. But Jesus Christ, how am I going to hear my radio with the sound of wind blowing all around me?

DT: Prioritize, Dean! We have a match to call!

MN: Sands hops off Dean's destroyed Nissan and comes to the fallen Cameron Cruise he's looking to end this right here and now!

DT: Cruise hooks the leg for a cover



THR.....OH NO!! Cameron Cruise just BARELY kicked out!!

MN: I don't know HOW, though especially after being driven into CONCRETE from that height!

DT: Neither of these men is willing to give up yet, and Christian Sands looks to be going for the kill!

DM: Sands pries a weary Cameron Cruise off of the concrete ground of the parking lot. How can he still be standing?

DT: Sands takes him from behind puts him into a COBRA CLUTCH.....OH MY GOD, SAND BLASTER!!!!!!

MN: DENIED!! Cruise breaks away before Sands could finish him!

DT: Cruise returns to take Sands down.....NO!! Christian Sands with a powerful clothesline that puts Cruise to the ground again!

MN: Sands is kicking ass, yet again.

DM: Cruise trying to get up and can't! Sands helps him up and takes him by the head runs him down the parking garage, and BULLDOGS HIM into the concrete again!

MN: Damn how can anybody bear that kind of punishment?

DT: Sands maintaining control rolling Cameron Cruise over again for a cover!



NO!! Cruise still kicks out

DM: He's not quite spent yet!

MN: Sands is getting frustrated! He wants this to be over!! Now he gets Cameron Cruise to his feet again and Cruise collapses to the ground!

DT: He doesn't even have the strength to stand!

MN: Sands brings Cruise to his feet again, and pushes him against the wall. Christian steps back OH MY GOD!! KNIFE EDGE CHOP ACROSS THE CHEST, and Cruise goes down

DM: But Christian Sands isn't done yet! He brings Cruise up again against the wall A SECOND KNIFE EDGE CHOP!!

MN: JESUS CHRIST, that hurts just looking at it!

DT: Sands catches Cruise before he can fall again, and lifts him onto his shoulder looks like he's taking him to the streets again!

MN: Nah, he's taking him to SCHOOL!

DT: Sands back outside on the Kansas City streets DUMPS Cameron Cruise on the sidewalk, and here comes the crowd of spectators again!

DM: At least security is getting paid to do SOMETHING right

DT: Cruise is finally showing signs of movement as he tries to get to his knees, but Christian Sands lays the boots into him! This match is becoming more and more brutal by the minute!

MN: Sands has Cruise back on his feet takes him by the arm and the hair, and SLAMS him into the wall of the arena! Meanwhile, this fight is getting quite a good response from the fans that have 'front row seats', so to speak.

DM: Bah, they're all ticket scalpers, Mike. They're the scourge of the professional wrestling industry! I hope they get run over by a bus!

DT: Sands sizes up a weary Cameron Cruise, and LAYS INTO him with a heavy right! Cruise remains on his feet

DM: and comes back with a lamblasting left of his own into Sands' face!

MN: He didn't see THAT one coming! Sands returns with a left of his own!

DM: But Cruise refuses to go down!! And it's Cruise again back to Sands Cruise with a POWERFUL uppercut Sands with a chop across the chest

DT: And Cameron Cruise takes Sands to the sidewalk, and the two are beating the living hell out of each other with their fists!!

MN: Old-school brawl fest! I love it!

DT: Sands rolls over and puts Cruise on the receiving end as both men continue to beat each other bloody! And now it's Sands, using his forearm across his opponent's neck to cut off his air supply!

MN: He's choking the life out of him!

DT: Cruise struggling for air my God, he's going to kill him!

DM: NO!! Cruise with a KNEE TO THE GROIN out of nowhere!!

MN: OH GOD, that had to hurt

DT: Cameron Cruise knocks Christian Sands aside as he tends to his, uhm ...manhood. Cruise gasping for air as he struggles to his feet, and Sands wearing an expression of absolutely pain

MN: Wait a second, they're moving toward a busy road!

DT: Oh no! This could get dangerous! Cruise doesn't appear to know where he's going, as he's too busy trying to clear his head after nearly BLACKING OUT from a loss of oxygen! Sands is back on his feet, and now he sees him!

DM: Sands charging Cruise from behind Cameron turns around, and TRIPS CHRISTIAN SANDS INTO THE ROAD!!






DT: The driver is out of the car, and he can hardly believe it what the hell JUST HAPPENED here?! Somebody call an ambulance!

MN: But the match isn't over!!

DT: Christian Sands JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR, damn you!!

DM: Wait, Cameron Cruise is stumbling over to where Christian Sands now lies motionless in the street and collapses on top of him!!





DM: CAMERON CRUISE WINS!! My God, I can't believe it!! WHAT A BRUTAL MATCH!! After all the fight-fighting and brawling these two have gone through, one stands thanks to his opponent getting run over by a motorized vehicle, of course!

MN: What a lucky frickin' break for Cruise, man!

DT: Here come the EMTs

[Cruise crawls away as an EMT comes to him to check him for injuries, and to close the wound in his forehead. The remainder, meanwhile, run into the street to tend to Christian Sands, who is beginning to stir.]

DM: Well, he's not dead!

[Security helps out by controlling the traffic flow. The EMTs put an oxygen mask over Christian Sands' face, and it's apparent that he has come back to consciousness. With an expression of pain, he manages to sit up.]

DT: It looks like Christian Sands will be alright after all.

MN: Thank God I nearly had a heart attack there.

DM: My God, Sands is somehow getting to his FEET with the help of the EMTs! How is he STANDING!!

[Cameron Cruise, meanwhile, is led away while Christian Sands leans his weight over two other men. A third checks out his nose.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Cross vs. Dis II - Aggression 17

TONY FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is set for one fall, with no time limit. Introducing first…

(CUE UP: “Jesus Walks” by Kanye West. Cross comes out to a rousing ovation, his eyes set on the centre of the ring)

DT: There’s Cross, and he’s looking for some real pay-back here against… what do we call this guy? Dis or Dis two?

TONY FATORA: Weighing in at an impressive two hundred and eighty five pounds, and hailing from Los Angeles, California….


(Cross starts to jog to the ring)

DT: OH MY GOD!! Dis just clipped Cross’ knee out from under him!!

DM: Why don’t you ask what we should call Dis since he or she is out here?

DT: Dis is stomping away on that knee. Picking the leg up and he slams the knee of Cross right down onto the hard metal rampway!! Someone’s got to get this match into the ring.

MN: I thought this was Dis two?

DM: Whatever you want to call this Dis, he’s really hammering away on that knee. A really smart move, taking Cross out before the bell rang

MN: It hasn’t rung yet.

DM: … as I was saying. Working over the already injured knee you know this is going to give Dis Two the major advantage. Steve Savoy really did a number on it at Russian Roulette, and any smart wrestler would go for the injured part.

DT: Dis now with a knee breaker, and he pushes Cross hard back first into the apron. He pushes Cross into the ring and the bell finally rings. Dis stomping away still on that knee, not letting Cross get to his feet.

DM: Dis is smart to focus on the knee. Whoever’s behind that mask knows that if Cross gets his hands on them then they’re in big trouble. Driving his own knee into Cross’ there, and a nice leg lock, and you can hear Cross screaming NO at the ref.

DT: Dis releases the hold, picking up the wounded Cross now, and a hard slam down, and another knee drop onto the injured knee. Dis now showboating to the crowd… look at the arrogance there, as he turns around and nails Cross with a hard shot to the ribs as he’s getting up using the ropes. Irish whip off the ropes, but Cross on the rebound with a clothesline, and he’s wailing away with right hands on the fallen Dis!!!

MN: Cheat!! Cheat!!

DM: The ref agrees with you there, Mike, pulling Cross off and warning him about the closed fists, but he’s right back on him with a hard, vicious chop there. He lifts him up, and a hard charge into the corner and slam down. He’s not even trying to go for the cover, he just wants to hurt him, and the crowd are going wild as he tries to choke the life out of his opponent. I haven’t seen him this vicious in the ring in some time.

DT: Cross finally let’s go at the count of four, and he’s yelling at the ref, Dis dropping to the outside. Senior referee Pat Jones is forcing Cross back, as Dis struggles to shake off the effects of that concerted attack.

MN: You mean the cheating.

DT: Compared to what this Dis has been doing I’d say it was fair.

DM: It may have been unethical attacking before the bell but it wasn’t against the rules, Dave. Meanwhile, Cross has pushed past Pat Jones, but gets a headbutt for his troubles as Dis springs up into the face of the massive Cross. Dis now grabbing hold of Cross’ injured leg, and slamming it down across the apron. Nothing fancy, but all effective.

DT: Indeed it is, Dean. Dis back in the ring is still focusing in on that injured knee, which not too long ago gave out when he had Steve Savoy up for Golgotha. Dis with a leg lock on the apron, and Cross has got to be careful. Revenge may be one thing but if he keeps in this match he could end up not being able to walk any more!!

MN: Aw… boo hoo.

DM: Cross is trying to pull back on Dis’ chin to break the hold but Dis is having none of that, applying more pressure on the leg. Any leg lock, any hold that attacks your opponents legs at all, can be modified to single out the knee, and it looks like Dis is doing that right now. He’s switching to a standing leg lock, wrapping the leg of Cross around his own. Fans of British wrestling in the eighties might remember Cat Weasel used to do something similar, falling back as Dis just did.

MN: Cat Weasel? What kind of name is Cat Weasel?!?! Was he some kind of freak?

DM: He could probably still kick your ass, stupid name or not, Mike.

DT: Dis dropping back, and Cross is really showing the pain here. Dis releases the hold and another stomp onto the back of the knee. Dis now picking up the wounded Cross, whipping him into the corner. Hard clothesline, and he’s wrapping Cross’ leg round the rope!! Come on, this isn’t fair!!

DM: Still effective. Against someone as talented as Cross you need whatever advantage you can get. Dis breaking the hold at four though, and Pat Jones admonishing him.

DT: CROSS WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Cross fires back thanks to that talking to Pat Jones gave Dis. Dis with a quick thumb to the eye, now off the ropes… BIG sidewalk slam there by Cross.



Kickout by Dis. Cross now with Dis in his clutches, picks him up and drops him down across the top rope, and whoever Dis is is going to be singing castrati in the morning.

MN: Weasel Cats, castratis… you two sure you ain’t making this sh…


DT: Cross with a hard clothesline taking Dis down to the outside, and this time Cross isn’t letting up, flexing the knee as he makes it to the outside, and a hard whip straight into the ring post for Dis!!! Cross is taking it to Dis, slamming him down hard on the ringside area.

DM: Cross picking up Dis… snake-eyes onto the guardrail, followed by a whip into the steps!!! Did you see those steps move into the end of the rampway? The top set just bounced!!

MN: This is great!! E-P-W!! E-P-W!!

DT: Cross is vicious here, smashing Dis into the ring post. Referee Pat Jones on the outside trying to get them back into the ring, but Dis blocks another attempt by Cross and scores with a knee to the gut, and a snap suplex on the hard floor. Dis stomping away on the leg of Cross. It may not be fancy or varied but Dis’ offence has been effective, but those shots from Cross have taken their toll, as those stomps look a lot more tired than they were earlier.

DM: You’ve never been slammed into the ring steps, have you?

DT: Thankfully, no.

DM: Then you wouldn’t know how much it can take out of you. Dis is holding his shoulder a little. He was lucky to duck down into them; going in knee first is the worst thing you can do.

DT: Dis now rolling Cross back into the ring, grabbing the leg. Pat Jones trying to make him get back into the ring, but Dis takes Cross over to the ring post.

DM: Shades of Bret Hart here, with the figure four leg-lock on the ring post. Cross is screaming as Pat Jones goes outside and is trying to pry Dis off.

MN: Dis FINALLY letting go. Now THAT’S gonna swing things over to Dis in this one.

DT: Pat Jones admonishing Dis, but you’ve got to know he’s not going to disqualify either competitor unless he absolutely has to. Both competitors now back in the ring, as Cross is using the ropes to try and get to his feet. Dis with an arm drag, and he floats over to work on the knee again. Not to sound clichéd but he’s like a pit bull going in for the kill.

DM: And cross doing the smart thing and making it quickly to the ropes. He’s going to have to keep Dis away from that knee.

DT: Dis with a kick to the gut as Cross rises, and a DDT takes the big man down.

DM: Dis is starting to take his time, and he’s still holding that shoulder from going into the steps. Looks like he’s setting Cross up for either a piledriver or a powerbo

DT: Nope, as Cross with a take down, slingshoting Dis into the corner!!Look how Dis bounced there!! School boy roll up


NO!!! Dis with a kickout. Both men are slow to get up. Dis fires off a right hand, but Cross scores with one of his own. Those punches look tired as both of them are going back and forth. Cross with a block, and a right hand!! Another block, and he’s starting to pummel Dis!! Hard whip to the ropes and a HUGE powerslam there!!! One


THRNOO!! Dis somehow gets the shoulder up!!!

DM: That may not have been the smartest move on Cross’ part. The way he span looks like it’s hurt his knee again, but he’s still trying successfully to stand. Dis up now, rushing in but Cross takes him down with a clothesline.

DT: Cross now with a standing headscissors. HE’S GOT HIM UP FOR GOLGOTHA!!!


DM: One…


Kickout from Cross. A lucky break there after a very unlucky break, his knee obviously isn’t strong enough to support the weight going for Golgotha right now.

DT: Dis is in a bad bad way though right now…..Cross now charging Dis, bad knee and all and DIS PULLS THE REFEREE RIGHT IN BETWEEN THEM!!


DT: Dis took some of the brunt of that as well and in fact all three men are down in the ring……WAIT A SECOND!!!

(The crowd rises as EPW World Champ Lindsay Troy rushes down to ringside and slides into the ring.)


(Troy immediately pounces on the prone Dis 2 and starts wailing away with rights and lefts to the head.)

DM: She said she was gonna take out some revenge on this impostor as she calls him, and she’s doing just that!!

DT: Dis 2 trying desperately to cover up and now TROY IS GOING FOR THE MASK!! SHE’S GOING FOR THE MASK!!!

MN: No!! No fair!! DQ!! DQ!!


(Someone slips out from underneath the ring, dressed exactly like Dis two and charges into an unsuspecting Lindsay Troy, knock her off balance and out of the ring.)


DM: There are more of them????

(The new Dis quickly rolls Dis 2 to the side of the ring and rolls him to the outside, then slumps down on the mat.)

MN: I can’t believe this!!

DT: This new…Dis?…I don’t even know what to call this guy!!

DM: Dis 3??

DT: This new Dis is lying in the ring while Dis 2…..the one that wrestled this match is still out on the floor!! Cross is now coming to his feet, as is the ref….THIS….THIS NEW DIS!! ROLLUP ON CROSS!!! THE REF DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!! THE COVER!!!




DM: Oh my God!!

(Dis 3 immediately leaps to his feet and slides out of the ring as a shocked Cross looks on. Dis 3 goes over to a slumping Dis 2 on the outside and pulls him up to his feet, hugging him.)

DT: Look at Dis 2!! He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on either!!


(Dis 3 races around the ring to the ramp as a strange dry ice style fog begins pouring into the rampway)

DT: Dis three on the getaway and he goes right up into that fog!! Lindsay Troy is up and coming to her sense and she gives chase!! Troy into the fog as well and….out the other side???

MN: Ooooh!! Magic!!

DT: Dis 3 seems to have disappeared and Troy is left looking around!! Dis 2 now hightailing it out through the crowd and we’ve got yet another mystery on our hands!!

DM: Never a dull moment my friend!! Never a dull moment!

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what to make of this entire situation. All I know is that this Dis 2 has apparently caught a break with a win over Cross, even though he never pinned the man.

MN: Did you or did you not see a man in the Dis costume pin Cross?

DT: Well yes but….

MN: Case closed.

DT: Case closed my ass, Neely! There was another man in that ring and you know it!!

DM: I’m more disappointed that we didn’t get to see who Dis 2 was, and now we’re left to wonder who DIS 3 is.

DT: A mystery to be solved another day it would seem. For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, this is Dave Thomas bidding you all farewell…..GOOD NIGHT!!!!

(Fade to Credits….and to black.)


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Troy/CCP vs. Highland Park Social Club - Aggression 27


Lindsay Troy [c] and the Cameron Cruise Project vs. Highland Park Social Club – Aggression 27

DT: Well fellas, let’s get right to it. Tony Fatora is in the ring and THIS…is the MAIN EVENT!! Take it away Tony!!!

TONY FATORA: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event for the evening, and is a SIX PERSON TAG TEAM MATCH!!

Introducing first

[CUE UP: “Ride of the Valkyries” as, to a huge chorus of boos, the Highland Park Social Club step out onto the stage]

TONY FATORA: From Highland Park, Illinois, they are the current Empire Pro Wrestling World Tag Team Champions… RICHARD FARNSWIRTH… CHIP FRIENDLY… and SLAMBO THE CLOWN… THE HIGHLAND PARK… SOCIAL CLUB!!

DT: Here we are, main event time, and after last week this match is going to be intense to say the least.

DM: A lot of history between Farnswirth and Troy exists, but tonight she’s got Cruise and Melton to back her up after the Entourage walked out on her last week.

TONY FATORA: And their opponents…

[CUE UP: “Chip Away The Stone” by Aerosmith as, to a HUGE reaction, Lindsay Troy steps out onto the rampway, her World Title around her waist, with Cameron Cruise and Joey Melton on either side, flanking her]

TONY FATORA: They consist of the former World Tag Team Champions, and the current reigning WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ladies and gentleman… CAMERON CRUISE… JOEY MELTON… and the Queen of the Ring… LINDSAY… TROY!!!

DT: And here they go! Lindsay Troy just sprinting down the aisle, dropping her belt on the way and firing right hands at Farnswirth! Melton and Cruise in quickly, and all six are going at it before the bell can even sound!! Melton going at it with Friendly, Slambo with Cruise, and Lindsay just knocked Farnswirth down with a kick to the head!

MN: How are we supposed to call this match?

DM: With difficulty and because we’re paid for it. Troy with Farnswirth back up as Cruise just gets LEVELLED with a clothesline from Slambo. The referee trying to get some semblance of order in there, as Slambo tosses Cruise to the outside! Following him out, and a BIG double axe-handle across the back! Troy with Farnswirth against the ropes… CLOTHESLINE takes them both out of there! More referees are coming down to try and break Slambo and Cruise and Troy and Farnswirth up as we’re left with Melton and Friendly in the ring.

DT: The referee signalling the start of this match but there’s already been a lot of action! Chip Friendly with the Irish whip, reversed by Melton, BACK body drop takes him down and the friendly one just rolls to the outside! Joey Melton last one standing in the ring as Lindsay and Cameron now are making their way to their corner, and the Highland Park Social Club is holding a conference on the outside.

DM: The Club weren’t expecting Troy and the Project to come at them so suddenly, as evidenced by the fact Farnswirth was facing Slambo at the time.

MN: Yeah – Mrs Windham should be ashamed of herself!

DT: I don’t know about that, but Joey Melton’s back in his corner waiting on one of the HSPC to get into the ring. It looks like Richard Farnswirth is going to start, sliding back into the ring – and he’s pointing at Lindsay! The crowd are lapping it up as they’re practically joining Lindsay in begging for the tag.

MN: She begs for more from her husband.

DM: His death?

MN: It does begin with D, yes.

DM: Mike can spell – I never knew.

DT: Joey Melton is pointing at Troy, asking Richard Farnswirth if he really wants her in the ring… THERE’S THE TAG! Lindsay Troy vaulting over the ropes, ready to go… and Farnswirth tags in Chip Friendly?

DM: The crowd do not like that, but it’s a smart strategy. He’s trying to get her off her game, as she goes straight for him! Chip Friendly lets her get past, but PLANTS her with a release German suplex!

DT: Chip Friendly picking the champ up, connecting with a knee to the gut, and an Irish Whip straight into his own corner! The referee telling Farnswirth and Slambo to back off, as Friendly drives the elbow into the side of the head! Brings her out of the corner, scoop up and slam down. Quick elbow drop



Easy kickout there at two by the champion, as Friendly reaches up and tags in Slambo!

DM: Already we’re seeing good firm strategy from the Highland Park Social Club. I don’t know if targeting Lindsay is the best strategy, but get whoever you can, keep the fresh man in, and wear down your opponent is the cornerstone of tag team wrestling.

DT: And when you get someone like Slambo deciding to club away on you it’s going to wear you down that much quicker. Slambo with Troy up, sends her off the ropes, and a hard shoulder block takes her down!

MN: She’ll never be able to compete, she should be at Troy Windham’s doing the dishes or something! In a maids outfit!

DT: I am still shocked she didn’t kill you in the back. Slambo living up to his name here as he shoves Lindsay back into the corner, driving his knee into her gut. Tags in Friendly again, who just puts the boots in! Irish whip off the ropes, Lindsay Troy under the clothesline, back on the rebound LEG LARIAT! Lindsay Troy takes Chip Friendly down with a leg lariat and quickly tags in Cameron Cruise, who takes the smiling one down with a drop toe-hold! Floatover, into a hammerlock, and he’s wisely keeping an eye on Slambo and Farnswirth on the far side.

DM: Cruise is no slouch in there, as he’s cinched that hammerlock in nicely, but the match is still young.

DT: Cruise bringing Friendly to his feet, still with the hammerlock applied, and just clubs him across the shoulders!

MN: Ewww… that looked wrong when Chip fell forward.

DM: You make it too easy, Mike. Cruise switching into a side headlock, trying to wrench the neck of Friendly, but Chip quickly takes him off the ropes.

DT: Shoulder block by Cruise takes Friendly down. Cruise back off the ropes, Friendly over the top – and he starts running the other ropes! Criss-cross action here as neither seems able or willing to launch an attack!

DM: Was that a tag by Farnswirth?

DT: Cruise still running, KNEELIFT by Richard Farnswirth coming in off the blind tag! Cruise went down hard there, as Farnswirth and Friendly start to put the boots in.

MN: That’s the way to do it! Get him!

DT: Calm down, Mike. Friendly now to the ring apron, and we get our first look at Richard Farnswirth in this match. Farnswirth with a fist drop



Kickout at two by Cruise, but Farnswirth still applying the pressure and not letting up as he nails Cruise with a measured right before trying to get to his feet.

DM: Richard Farnswirth now with Cruise up, and takes him down with a snapmare there, picking him up part way and twisting his neck. This move was very popular in British wrestling back in the seventies and eighties, and whilst it doesn’t look all that punishing, done right it can tear the muscles either side of the neck. If that happens it’s all over.

DT: And Cruise is feeling the effects of it right now, as he’s trying to get his arm round for an elbow to the gut but the twisting motion on his neck is too great.

DM: Exactly. This hold can really wear someone down. Hurt their neck and they instinctively move a lot more gingerly around the ring. And it shifts very nicely into another snap mare, just like that one.

DT: Richard Farnswirth with Cameron Cruise in a lot of trouble right now, going for the cover NO! HE’S CHOKING HIM!


DT: Richard Farnswirth breaks the hold before the referee can count to five, looking at him as if to ask what he did wrong! Come on, he’s knows full well, and Lindsay Troy on the outside is just staring straight through him!

DM: And he knows it, smiling back as he leans in and starts choking Cameron again!

DT: And again breaking it before the count of five! Joey Melton shouting at the ref as the ref shouts at Farnswirth, and so far the Highland Park Social Club has had it pretty much all their own way after that pre-match exchange.

DM: And Farnswirth again going for the choke

DT: AND LINDSAY TROY HAS SEEN ENOUGH! Troy in and Farnswirth slides out under the bottom rope as the ref moves in to restrain the world champ! Lindsay Troy is incensed out there as Farnswirth is tapping his head.

DM: Like I said earlier he’s playing mind games. He knows that Lindsay is having a tough time with Troy Windham, and he’s using that to get under her skin even more.

DT: Lindsay Troy checking on Cameron Cruise as Joey Melton watches on, helping Cruise to the corner – and there’s the tag to Joey Melton! Richard Farnswirth back into the ring, tag to Chip Friendly, and we’re back to square one pretty much with two fresh competitors circling each other!

DM: The two veterans being very cautious here, but there’s the tie up, and a quick pull apart. These two paired up at the beginning of the match, and they lock up again, Chip Friendly going behind but Melton dropping down with a toe-hold.

DT: Chip Friendly trying to fight off Joey Melton, but Melton applying a leg lock on the canvas, obviously hoping later to get the figure four.

DM: Friendly finally though managing force Melton off with a kick to the side of the head.

DT: Both men back up quickly, Friendly coming in again – hip toss by Melton! Chip Friendly having real problems right this instant as Melton comes in, twists the arm, and there’s the tag to Lindsay! Troy comes in over the top, axe handle across the shoulder, and now taking over where Melton left off, twisting the arm round.

DM: Lindsay Troy quick with three hard kicks to the chest there, and she takes Friendly down into an arm-bar, going for the Fujiwara!

DT: NO! Chip Friendly still too close to the ropes after the tag and manages to get his hand out. The referee forcing Melton and Cruise back as Chip Friendly gets to his feet, shaking the arm out. The two now circling again, and look at the marks on Chip’s chest from those kicks! There’s the lock up, Friendly now quickly going behind and a take down there, as he moves into a front face lock! Picking Lindsay up still with the hold applied, a knee to the face and a SHARP snap suplex!



And another kick out!

DM: Still far too early with the calibre of these wrestlers.

DT: Chip Friendly keeping the pressure applied though, switching quickly into a scissored arm-bar!

DM: This works because it makes it harder for Lindsay to shift her position –she also has to be careful not to let her far shoulder touch the mat because she can’t do a lot with the near one.

DT: She’s trying to roll out of it though. Chip Friendly forcing her down with his legs, and I’d say so far this has been a pretty even match.

MN: What match are you watching? The Social Club have had it all their own way!

DT: Lindsay Troy though still trying to get out of the hold



NO!! Chip Friendly releasing the arm bar and rolling back out of the pinning predicament as Lindsay Troy now tapping her head and showing him how close he was to losing! He’s still smiling though, as Richard Farnswirth is looking on.

DM: Just like that we’re pretty much at square one again. That’s the thing with six person tag team matches, you can always have one person well rested if you work it out correctly. Right now that’s Slambo and Cameron Cruise.

DT: And it looks like Chip’s tagging in the big man! Lindsay Troy charging in, through his legs DROPKICK to the back of the knee! Lindsay Troy using her athleticism as she takes Slambo down with a headscissors, using the fact he was down to one knee to pull it off even better! Kick to the head as Slambo’s trying to get to his feet, off the ropes again CAUGHT! Lindsay Troy caught in mid air as she went for a cross body BUT CRUISE WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE OUTSIDE TAKES SLAMBO DOWN!!



NO!! Richard Farnswirth coming in to break up the pin after Cameron Cruise just FLEW across the ring! Cruise exchanging right hands with Farnswirth , fighting him back into a corner as Slambo and Lindsay get to their feet, Slambo misses with the clothesline, and Lindsay Troy with a hard forearm shot to the side of the head! JOEY MELTON WITH A CLIP!


DT: The referee was busy trying to separate Cruise and Farnswirth and Joey Melton took advantage to clip the leg of the biggest man in this match! Lindsay Troy stomping on the inside of Slambo’s knee as the ref forces Chip Friendly out of the ring! Chip Friendly trying there to gain some measure of retribution but to no avail as the ref stops him, and Lindsay Troy now applying a leg lock on the big man in the middle of the ring.

DM: Slambo’s seemed really out of his game this week, I’m surprised.

DT: And Richard Farnswirth does not look happy over on the far side, as Lindsay Troy turns her head and is challenging him to get into the ring!

MN: He could destroy her whenever he wanted to. He just doesn’t want to.

DT: So you’re saying Richard Farnswirth is the best wrestler on the roster?

MN: Exactly!

DM: What about Troy Windham?

MN: …oh crap.

DT: Lindsay now releases the hold, bringing Slambo back to his feet, and a kick to the side of the leg! That had to sting! Irish Whip into the corner, there’s the tag to Cruise, and nice double team move there with the double suplex!



Kickout at two by Slambo. Cameron Cruise in control right now, applying a leg lock of his own!

DM: Nice continuity here by the World Champion and the Project.

DT: And a quick tag to Joey Melton from the canvas! Melton coming in, stomping on the knee of Slambo, as Cruise rolls to the outside.

DM: If you want someone who can work over the leg there are few better than Joey Melton.

DT: Melton picking Slambo up, and a harsh chop to the chest! Backing Slambo to the ropes, attempting the Irish whip, reversed, Melton ducks under the lariat AND CHIP FRIENDLY PULLS THE ROPE DOWN!! COME ON!

MN: Turn about’s fair play.

DT: The referee admonishing Chip Friendly, who’s coming into the ring to protest his innocence AND RICHARD FARNSWIRTH ATTACKING MELTON ON THE OUTSIDE! That was premeditated!

DM: Naturally.

DT: Cameron Cruise trying to get the ref to spot what’s going on, as Melton goes into the steps! This is not right!

DM: No-one said it was.

DT: Farnswirth rolling Melton back into the ring, and Slambo walks over and there’s the tag to Chip Friendly. Friendly now has pretty much a free reign to do what he wants to Joey Melton after that assault on the outside.

DM: Technically even being in the ring is assault, so it’s not that much different. These guys get paid for beating each other up.

DT: But still… forget it. Joey Melton back on his feet, and Chip Friendly takes him down with a standing drop kick!



THKickout! The master of the smiley face only able to get a two count there but Melton looks hurt after going into the steps, holding his shoulder as Chip Friendly lands a hard right to the side of the head! Grabbing the arm, full twist ASIATIC SPIKE! Chip Friendly just DRILLS Joey Melton with an Asiatic Spike, and tags in Richard Farnswirth as Melton clutches at his throat!

DM: That is a very misunderstood move – it cuts off the air supply briefly, and hurts like hell.

DT: Farnswirth now with Melton up, takes him down with a side headlock, and switches into a sleeperhold! Joey Melton trying to fight it but look at the positioning there, Farnswirth very quick to lean Melton forwards and almost jumped onto his back to keep the hold applied!

DM: And Farnswirth has the hold applied tightly, it’s going to be very difficult to shift him. Cutting off the blood supply to the brain and restricting how much air Melton can get into his lungs, this is a smart move.

MN: Of course it is! No way the Club are going to lose to any team with Joey Melton on it.

DM: What if he was teaming with Troy Windham?

MN: …damn you.

DT: And Richard Farnswirth wants to damn the crowd too, as they’re trying to get Joey to stir – Farnswirth switching now, applying an arm bar as dragging Melton to his feet! There’s the tag to Chip Friendly, quick kick to the gut. Setting up – DRAGON suplex there!





DT: Referee Rosenkrantz ordering Cruise out of the ring, but I think that was a crucial interception as Melton is still showing the effects of that collision with the steps.

DM: I think he hit his head going into them, he’s looking really groggy.

DT: Whatever the reason, Chip Friendly is in firm control, taking Melton down with a back suplex! Only a two count from the cover but all these blows to the head

MN: Are killing what’s left of Melton’s braincells!

DT: Probably. But more seriously they’re damaging the head and neck. Chip Friendly picking Melton up, Irish whip into the corner, and a BIG running knee lift takes Melton to the mat! The cover



THNO!! Cameron Cruise in AGAIN to save the match for his team!

DM: And the ref has had enough as he’s warning Cruise he’ll disqualify him if he does it one more time.

DT: And Chip Friendly now tagging in Slambo again, who’s still limping slightly after the work done on his legs earlier. Slambo in, quick powerslam there, following it up with an elbow drop!




DM: And the referee unable to do anything about it! Nice strategy, because he said he’d DQ Cruise, not Lindsay!

DT: But Joey Melton is the one suffering from it, as Slambo just leans his weight onto the throat! The referee not even looking as he’s admonishing Lindsay… and Slambo releases the pressure as he turns! Stretching his knee out, picking Melton up – BACK BREAKER!!



THRENOOOO!! Joey MELTON this time kicking out, and Slambo is getting frustrated! Farnswirth calling for the tag, and ordering Slambo to hold Melton. Farnswirth climbing to the top rope!

DM: This’ll be interesting.

DT: MISSES! Richard Farnswirth coming down with a double axe handle and Joey Melton moved, pulling Slambo into the blow! Farnswirth up quickly again, charges in OUCH!! Joey Melton with a drop toe-hold sending Farnswirth crashing INTO Slambo as the two clash heads! Melton moving as quickly as he can… THERE’S THE TAG!!!

MN: NO!!

DT: Lindsay Troy in over the top rope, going straight for Farnswirth, right hands, and a sharp kick to the gut sends him flying! Slambo coming up from behind, nails her with a hard forearm, but Cameron Cruise is in!! Cruise attacking Slambo, Irish whip into the corner and a big splash! Chip Friendly in to the fray too, going at it with Lindsay! Richard Farnswirth on the outside, and the referee’s having trouble in there! Farnswirth – HEY!

MN: Bout time he got that again.

DM: Tony Fatora shoved out of the way, and Farnswirth with a chair! Moving back towards the ring

DT: FLYING CLOTHESLINE BY MELTON!! Joey Melton comes off the steps with a flying clothesline, as Chip Friendly gets DDT’d in the ring! Cruise being hammered by Slambo, and Lindsay to the outside with a plancha on Melton and Farnswirth!!

DM: The ref has lost this one.

DT: I’ve got to concur as the referee is signalling for the bell, but that’s not stopping them! Chip Friendly and Slambo double teaming Cruise, as Joey Melton comes in with a chair! Lindsay Troy smashing Farnswirth’s head against the barrier, and Chip and Slambo run out of the ring!! Security coming out now!

MN: It’s mayhem!!

DM: A melee!!

MN: A donnybrook!!!

DT: We’re out of time! We’ll see you all next week! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews I’m Dave Thomas….GOOD NIGHT!!!

[Cut to: copyright info….fade OUT…]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KING OF THE CAGE: Rocko Daymon vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens – Aggression 31

ANARKY: Oh man... this is a classic. You got two of the absolute best guys both in and out of the ring. Daymon might not have that same spirit he did back then, but ******* he was money on the mic. Little long-winded, but just dynamite. Stevens obviously is just a monster. Even now you can really see him starting to spread his enormous wings over the league. Just full of monster spots, too. You look at Daymon countering the top rope hurricanrana with a powerbomb and you just know how much it took it out of these guys. Five minutes later and they're dangling off the top of the f*cking cage like a couple of gymnasts. You can't teach people skills like that. And of course, my favorite guy Ice Tre shows up at the end, as he loves to do, and just **** everything up. He tried to kill Stevens, and of course he takes out Daymon. It was a great way to end the match and really make everyone look strong and moving forward. As we know now, Stevens may well be the most dominant champ in the last year, but all you have to do is look here to see how brightly he shined even back then.


Stones from the Sky” by Neurosis hits the PA. The arena is filled with LOUD BOOING almost immediately.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, our next event for the evening is a SEMI-FINAL ROUND for the KING OF THE CAGE TOURNAMENT!! Introducing first… hailing from Tacoma, Washington, and weighing in at 243 pounds… HERE IS… RRRRROOOOOCCKKOOOOO DAAAAAYYYYMMOOOOOONNNN!!!!!

[Daymon appears from the entry-way, and the boos get even louder. Taunting the fans, Daymon makes his way to the cage.]

DT: Daymon’s come under a lot of scrutiny lately due to his comments over the World Champion. That, and considering his somewhat controversial history, he’s quickly becoming one of the more HATED competitors among the Empire Pro ranks.

MN: Dunno why. The man has BALLS!

DM: And you like balls, don’t you, Mike?

MN: On a man who is trying to be a man? Yeah. I’m sure you prefer them dangling in your face.

DM: …touché.

[Daymon enters the cage and slides into the ring. He goes to the far corner and seats himself. Meanwhile, “Public Service Announcement," by Jay Z as the lights dimmed and the crowd cheers throughout the opening sequence of the song.

"Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself, my Name Is…"

TF: And his opponent… hailing from Orlando, Florida, and weighing in at 245 pounds… HERE IS… “TRIPLE X”…. SEEEEEEEEAAAAAN SSSSTEEEEEVVVEEEEENNNSSS!!!!!

[Fireworks. …as the curtain parts and "Triple X" Sean Stevens walked through, with his hair soaking wet, clad in a 100% cotton, "Blue-Eyed Badass™" t-shirt, black tights, with neon blue X’s on the legs and rear. Sean pauses at the top of the ramp, giving the audience the once over, then thrusts his arms in the air before continuing his walk down to the ring. Once at ringside, Sean points in the direction of a few of the members in the audience with signs promoting one of his many nicknames, before entering the ring, and hoping on the nearest turnbuckle, as his theme comes to an end.]

DT: Both men are in the ring… the cage door is closed… and there’s the bell to signal the start of this match.

DM: Many heated words were spoken between these two men earlier in the week. This should be an interesting match…

DT: Daymon comes to his feet and approaches Stevens in the center of the ring… both men begin circling each other… and Daymon shoots in low for a takedown, but Stevens blocks the attempt and remains on his feet! Stevens tosses Rocko aside…

DM: Great grappling defense on the part of Sean Stevens. If Daymon got him on his back, he’d be in a bad position.

DT: Both men circling each other again… there’s the lock-up! Stevens quickly slips Daymon into a side headlock! Daymon quickly reverses, slips behind Stevens and locks on a hammerlock! Stevens counters with a back elbow to the face, and Rocko backs off…

DM: Quite an even match-up. Both of these men are roughly the same height and weight… both have been in the industry for about the same length of time. Sean Stevens has a certain sort of natural finesse in his wrestling, whereas Rocko Daymon possesses a sort of raw, unrelenting brutality.

MN: That, and a set of coconuts dangling between his legs…

DT: I won’t ask why you’re thinking of coconuts, Mike… back in the cage, Daymon and Stevens circling for the third time… there’s the lock-up! But Stevens shoves Daymon back, and BLATANTLY slaps him across the face!

MN: Uh-oh.

DT: And Rocko responds by taking Stevens by the head and RAMMING IT into the cage wall! A second time! A third time! My God, a FOURTH AND FIFTH TIME for added effect! Stevens falls to the mat clutching his face…

MN: His head looked like it was going to be crushed like a melon!

DT: Daymon in control, laying a few boots into Stevens’ upper back to keep him on the ground… and takes a moment to taunt the booing audience around him! Now he’s getting Sean Stevens to his feet… sets him up, and DROPS HIM with a vertical suplex! Rocko quickly gets to his feet and hits the ropes… goes for a JUMPING FIST DROP, but NOBODY HOME as Sean Stevens rolls to the side!

DM: Like punching a brick wall… Daymon’s knuckles won’t be feeling too good in the morning.

DT: Daymon on his feet holding his hand… and he’s met with a DROPKICK to the face from Sean Stevens! Daymon up again, but put down on his back with a hip-toss that leaves him in a sitting position! Stevens capitalizes with a SNAPMARE!

DM: Solid comeback from Sean Stevens. If he keeps the momentum on his side, he can quickly derail Rocko.

DT: Stevens taking advantage of his opponent while on the mat… grabs him by the leg, and puts a boot into Rocko’s thigh! Grabs his leg again, and hits him with a SECOND! Goes for a third strike—but Daymon kicks him in the face this time! Stevens reels back, and Rocko has the time to make it to his feet and get into a three-point stance… and PASTES Stevens into the CAGE WALL with a running body tackle!

DM: Daymon wasn’t going to be fooled on the third time! He’s also making great use of the cage environment.

DT: Daymon pushes Stevens off the ropes… he returns with a CLOTHESLINE—and Rocko NARROWLY ducks it! He hits the opposite ropes and returns again, but Rocko Daymon meets him with a TILT-A-WHIRL SIDE SLAM that puts Sean Stevens flat on the mat!

MN: You see? That’s how a PROFESSIONAL gets the job done!

DM: Mike, you’ve never even stepped into a professional wrestling ring. How would YOU know what professional is?

MN: Well, obviously, it’s everything Rocko Daymon is! Just see for yourself.

DT: Daymon brings Stevens back up off the mat… puts him down again with a scoop slam, and drops a LEG over the face for extra emphasis! Now he takes him by the arm… and locks him in a Sitting Scissor Armbar!

DM: Submission holds don’t win cage matches, but they do their part. Daymon can gets some rest while keeping the pressure on his opponent, and you never know, Stevens may need to use that arm to climb out of the cage later in the match, and it would be hard to do that while it was banged up.

DT: But Stevens isn’t staying down for long! He’s muscling his way back to his feet, and lays a few punches into Daymon’s face to get him to release the hold! Both men scramble to their feet… and Stevens QUICKLY nails Daymon with a SWINGING NECK BREAKER to put him down to the mat!

DM: Stevens back on his feet… runs to the ropes… NAILS DAYMON WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT!! He had GREAT elevation on that move!

DT: Stevens is unrelenting… gets Daymon back to his feet, follows that with a HARD Irish Whip to the corner! Stevens charges in… PASTES ROCKO DAYMON with a BIG Corner Splash!

DM: Stevens excels with high-velocity moves and going all out to get the job done. It’s no wonder he’s been as successful as he has been.

DT: Daymon falls into a sitting position, and Stevens quickly runs to the opposite corner… he runs in going for a HIGH-ELEVATION MISSILE DROPKICK—BUT DAYMON ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT, and Stevens comes CRASHING into the turnbuckle!

DM: But as you can see there, going all out is a double-edged sword.

DT: Daymon takes a breather, and proceeds to stomp the living daylights out of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, who’s still tangled up in the corner! Stevens can hardly defend himself! Now Daymon reaches down and takes Stevens by the hair…

MN: Oh no, not his cascading locks of GOLD!!

DT: Rocko Daymon YANKS “Triple X” Sean Stevens out of the corner by his HAIR!! My GOD!! Daymon keeps his grip as he brings Stevens back to his feet… and RAKES HIS FACE ACROSS THE STEEL CAGE WALL!!

MN: I hope he tears his face to shreds!

DM: That’s an odd thing to hear out of you. You aren’t, perhaps, jealous of his looks, are you?

MN: I’m not jealous of anybody. I just happen to hate people who look better than me.

DM: With that face, Mike, I guess you must hate a lot of people!

MN: Hardy-har, Dean… actually, if that’s the case, then I can rest assured knowing I don’t hate either of YOU!

DM: …touché.

DT: Daymon’s been particularly vicious during this match…

MN: Well, why wouldn’t he be? He’s pissed off that this federation has a woman for a champion!

DM: You better shut your mouth, Mike, before the World Champion comes down here and shuts it for you…

DT: Back in the ring, Daymon is in full control… he hooks Stevens around the waist… GERMAN SUPLEXES HIM INTO THE CAGE WALL!! My God, I thought the whole thing was going to come apart there for a second…

DM: Again, Daymon knows how use the cage surrounding the ring to his advantage. That’s what got him into the semi-finals.

DT: That, and a little help from his wife…

MN: Damnit, Dave, you’re impossible…

DT: YOU’RE the impossible one! Back to the match… Rocko Daymon brings Sean Stevens to his feet again… sets him up in a standing head-scissor headlock. Hooks him around the waist… LIFTS HIM UP… AND DRILLS HIM WITH A JUMPING PILEDRIVER!! Jesus, he could have broken his neck!

DM: Daymon brings Stevens to his feet again. I noticed neither man has made an attempt to leave the cage at this point, which isn’t that bad of an idea, considering how much punishment both of these men can take.

DT: Daymon is looking to finish things as he whips Stevens into the corner… HERE COMES THE PHANTOM TRAIN—BUT STEVENS DIVES OUT OF THE CORNER, and Daymon goes BACK-FIRST into the turnbuckle!

MN: Oooohh… derailed.

DM: Stevens has an opportunity to turn things in his favor, which is what he sorely needs right now…

DT: Rocko Daymon stumbles out of the corner… and Sean Stevens quickly hits the ropes and NAILS HIM WITH A FACE-CRUSHER!! Daymon attempts to get back up, but Stevens catches him with a low drop-kick to the face to keep him grounded!

DM: Stevens is bringing Daymon back onto his feet, and he has him right where he wants him… hooks the leg, and PUTS HIM DOWN AGAIN with a Fisherman Suplex!

DT: Stevens has his opponent right where he wants him… now he’s going to the near corner and scaling the turnbuckle!!

DM: These high-risk moves always run the risk of backfiring, but the pay-off is well worth it.


DM: Daymon is in a world of hurt… and now would be a good time for Stevens to get out of that cage.

DT: Looks like Sean is one step ahead of you as he heads to the door—BUT WAIT!! Daymon’s, from his place on the mat, reaches out and BARELY grabs Stevens by the ankle!

MN: Looks like EPW’s greatest example of MANHOOD is still alive and kicking!

DT: Stevens tries to shake him off, but Daymon keeps his grip and grabs onto his foot with his other hand! Now he’s making it to his feet. Stevens is bouncing on one leg—and HE GOES FOR THE ENZIGURI—BUT DAYMON RELEASES HIS FOOT AND BACKS UP, and Stevens HITS the mat hard!

DM: Daymon’s leaning on the ropes to take a breather. He’s still recovering from that devastating frog splash…

DT: Stevens is quickly back on his feet and meets Daymon with forearm to the face! A couple more shots to the face, and he’s got Rocko backed up into the corner!

DM: Looks like Daymon is in La-La Land!

DT: Stevens is looking to finish him off… he’s setting Rocko Daymon up to the top rope! Now Stevens is going up with him!

MN: Uh-oh, what’s gonna happen?

DM: This could be big…!


DM: MY GOD!! From that height, Stevens was nearly BROKEN IN HALF!!

DT: Stevens is flat as a pancake on the mat… and now Rocko is repositioning himself on the top rope! HE DIVES OFF… AND NAILS SEAN STEVENS WITH A FROG SPLASH OF HIS OWN!!!

DM: I guess Rocko sees that as an eye for an eye! Or is he simply trying to out-do Stevens?

MN: I give Stevens a 8, in spite of a shaky landing. Daymon’s form was lacking, but he gets a little extra for timing.

DT: His timing couldn’t be better as he has successfully turned this match back into his favor! Daymon back on his feet, and takes a breather… and goes to Stevens, where he proceeds to MERCILESSLY stomp him in the face and shoulder!

DM: Daymon’s getting pissed… and that just makes him more dangerous.

DT: He brings Sean Stevens back to his feet… takes him by the face… DROPS HIM with a heavy Russian Legsweep!! Keeps the hold in place as he gets to his feet again… and NAILS HIM with a SECOND RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!! He picks him up for a THIRD… gets him into position—FLIPS OFF THE AUDIENCE—AND HAMMERS HIM TO THE MAT AGAIN!!

DM: Stevens is getting man-handled in that cage! And it looks like Daymon is finally ready to finish this one off! He gets Sean Stevens to his feet… hooks both arms—THIS COULD BE THE BRAIN ROCKER—


MN: A little fight left in him, it seems…

DT: Daymon back on his feet and turns around—AND WALKS STRAIGHT INTO AN X-FACTOR!! X-FACTOR OUT OF NOWHERE!! Daymon is knocked back and COLLIDES with the steel cage wall, and hits the mat like a ton of bricks!

DM: Out like a light-bulb! Sean Stevens has taken quite a beating in this match, but in that single move, he has turned everything around in his favor! Daymon is out for the count, and now Stevens is scaling the wall of the cage!

DT: Wait a minute, LOOK WHO IT IS!!

[The camera pans over to the rampway, where the notorious figure in black can be seen making her way to the ring. The hood is pulled up enough for anybody to see that it’s Caitlyn Daymon.]


MN: What?! Where?

DT: Rocko Daymon’s mystery helper looks to be coming to his aid again!

MN: What are you talking about? I don’t see anything!!

DT: Up there on the ramp, you idiot!

MN: Huh? I don’t see anything.

DT: Are you BLIND!?

MN: Doesn’t look like a mystery helper to me. Clearly looks like Caitlyn Daymon.

DT: YOU STUPID—Caitlyn Daymon IS the mystery person!

MN: Well, it’s not a mystery then, is it?

DM: Stevens is working his way up the side of the cage… seems to be having problems after that beating he took from Rocko Daymon. Daymon, meanwhile, is just beginning to stir on the mat.

DT: Caitlyn Daymon has come to a stop at the bottom of the ramp. What does she have planned this time?

MN: What’s the cause for alarm? She just came to watch the match.

DT: She isn’t here to watch anything! She’s going to interfere on her husband’s behalf, and you know it! Don’t deny it!

MN: What are you talking about?! First you say it’s this purported “masked man”, and all of a sudden it’s Caitlyn Daymon? Make up your mind!

DT: I SAID—ugh, just forget it…

DM: Rocko’s finally up on a knee and getting to his feet using the ropes… but Sean Stevens is already nearing the top!

DT: Why is Caitlyn Daymon stalling?

DM: Maybe she’s giving her husband a chance to win it for himself?

DT: DAYMON SPOTS STEVENS NEAR THE TOP!! And now he’s using ALL of his remaining strength to climb up after him!

DM: Rocko’s still reeling from that superkick to the face, but he’s scaling that cage pretty quick! But is he too late?! Sean Stevens is at the top, and he has one leg over! All he has to do is get the other leg over, and it’s merely a matter of climbing down safely!


MN: What a cliffhanger!

DT: Stevens tries to shake him off… but Daymon REGAINS HIS FOOTING on the cage! That was a close one…

DM: But now Sean Stevens has bigger problems! Daymon pulls himself to the top of the cage—where Stevens meets him with a HARD RIGHT HAND that nearly knocks him back into the ring! Daymon is hanging tight using just his index and middle fingers! Meanwhile, Stevens brings his other leg over the cage, and he’s OUT!

DT: But he’s gotta touch the arena floor! But Daymon LUNGES OUT and catches Stevens with a big right hand! Stevens nearly LOSES HIS GRIP—BUT DAYMON CATCHES HIM!! Daymon slings his arm over his head, reaches over the cage, and grabs him by the waist…

DM: He’s looking to suplex him BACK INTO THE CAGE?!

DT: Daymon going for the SUPLEX—BUT STEVENS BLOCKS IT!! Stevens SHAKES him off… but Rocko BLASTS HIM AGAIN WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND, and AGAIN locks him into a suplex position!

DM: He’s in trouble now…


DM: Hell or high water, Sean Stevens is NOT allowing himself to be suplexed back into that ring!

DT: Stevens HAMMERS Rocko Daymon with an elbow across the face! A SECOND!! He’s trying to knock Daymon OFF THE CAGE and TUMBLING INTO THE RING!! Stevens HITS HIM WITH A THIRD… A FOURTH…

MN: Rocko’s grip is SLIPPING!

DT: Stevens with a—NO! DAYMON BLOCKS IT, AND COUNTERS WITH A HEADBUTT THAT NEARLY BUSTS SEAN STEVENS NOSE OPEN!! Daymon regains his grip, and now he grabs ahold of Sean Stevens, and steps up to the very top of the cage wall!

DM: Just what the hell is he trying now?


DM: Absolutely DEVASTATING!! Rocko Daymon NARROWLY saves himself from defeat… but that move took just as much out of him!!

MN: Better to be hurt than to be a loser, I guess.

DT: The match STILL continues, but now both men are laying prone in the ring. I don’t know what—WAIT A MINUTE!! Who just jumped the barricade?

DM: It’s…







DT: MY GOD, it IS Ice Tre!! How in the HELL is he still alive?! Stevens practically CRIPPLED HIM last week!!

DM: And now he’s got a score to settle! Ice Tre is climbing the cage wall, trying to get into the ring. …did ever occur to him that he could have just entered through the DOOR?

MN: You can’t count on Ice Tre for making things all that practical…

DT: Both competitors are still on the mat in the ring… but Rocko is showing signs of life! Now he’s dragging himself past Stevens, and toward the cage door! Meanwhile, Ice Tre is nearing the top of the cage on the outside!

DM: Or maybe he has something else in mind…?

DT: Daymon’s only a few feet away from the cage exit… Ice Tre is coming to the top! And now he’s THERE! ICE TRE IS PERCHED ON TOP OF THE CAGE, and SEAN STEVENS is LAID OUT IN FRONT OF HIM!!

MN: This is like shooting fish in a barrel! Stevens can’t even DEFEND himself!

DM: Looks like Ice Tre’s going to get his revenge!



MN: That IDIOT?!? How in the hell do you screw up a SENTON SPLASH when you’re opponent is practically DEAD?!

DT: Daymon just got NAILED by that Senton Splash from Ice Tre, and now the both of them are laying dazed on the mat… but now Stevens is showing signs of life! Stevens… EVER SO SLOWLY is crawling toward the cage door!

DM: Meanwhile, Rocko’s finally coming to his senses… and now he’s coming to his feet, and GOING UP THE CAGE WALL!!

DT: It’s gonna be a photo finish!! Stevens is feet away from the door, and now Daymon’s halfway up the cage wall! Ice Tre is… well, STILL lying on the mat.

DM: Daymon is finally coming to the top, but Stevens is at the door! The referee opens it, and now it’s just a matter of climbing those last few inches to the arena floor!

DT: Stevens inching his way out, as Daymon crosses over the top of the cage and begins to make his way down…

MN: He’s gotta DROP—


[The bell rings as “Triple X” Sean Stevens slides to the arena floor. Rocko Daymon comes down the rest of the cage, looking flabbergasted.]

TF: Here is you winner, as a result of escaping the cage…


DT: Stevens squeaks by in this round… and Daymon is absolutely PISSED!!

[Shaking her head with disgust, Caitlyn Daymon goes back up the rampway and disappears.]

DM: Maybe Caitlyn should have helped him out after all.

MN: Rocko was CHEATED, damn it! He ALMOST HAD IT, if freaking Ice Tre hadn’t stuck his nose into things!

DT: Ice Tre, meanwhile is… well, he’s STILL lying prone in the ring. As for Rocko getting cheated, I can’t help but think it’s all karma coming around, considering how he won his LAST two matches, thanks to his masked helper, or his wife.

MN: For the last time, Dave, there’s NO MASKED MAN!! Ice Tre should have stayed at the hospital sucking his food through straws…

DT: Regardless, Stevens moves on to the KING OF THE CAGE FINALS after a HARD-FOUGHT victory. Rocko Daymon, well… looks like he’ll have to prove his manhood through other means.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW WORLD TITLE MATCH: “Triple X” Sean Stevens [c] vs. First – Aggression 42

FIRST: “This was just like, crazy stuff, I mean this was the first time I'd ever main evented in EPW in a singles match and it's for the World Title. I talk about throwing up before this match, and that's honest.

Stevens is really just an amazing guy to work with, he made me look like a hero in this match, I pretty much owe the guy my career. So hope you enjoy it. I think it's the best match I've ever had.”


DT: Folks we’re back, and unfortunately we have some bad news regarding Troy Douglas. Apparently, the former Intercontinental Champion has suffered a neck injury of some sort. While in commercial, paramedics came to the ring and braced Douglas’ neck, then we had an ambulance come down the entrance ramp and saw him loaded up and taken away to the hospital. It didn’t look good at all.

DM: Well our thoughts will certainly be with Troy Douglas and I certainly hope he makes a full recovery.

[FADEIN: A shot of the crowd as the bell rings to get everyone's attention.]

TF: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL...And it is for...THE E! P! DOUBLE-U! WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHTTTTT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

[Crowd pops]

[MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit, the crowd begins buzzing and then finally pops huge as The First walks out from behind the curtain into a purple spotlight. The First is shirtless, wearing black gi pants, black wrestling boots, he's wearing black lipstick with his face painted white and a black X slashed across his eyes and cheekbones. First's hair is black with blotches of purple. His right hand is taped up almost halfway to the elbow with a black Ankh drawn on it]

DT: Thanks to the actions of Ryoko and Lindsay Troy, there will be nobody at ringside tonight, tonight The First walks alone into battle, no Felix Red, no Ryoko, no Gotho...Everything is upon the shoulders of The First...

[The First gets to the ring and hops over the top rope, landing on the second rope inside the ring where he he raises his arms and screams at the crowd, who pop loudly in response.]

DT: The First soaking in this moment, this crowd crowd is electric!

MN: Like the Patriots soaked in the moment before the Bears broken them in half and had the Fridge rub it in their faces. Like the Chargers before Steve Young and Jerry Rice tore them to pieces...All this punk is, is a lamb, and he's about to be slaughtered!

[The music fades out, the crowd buzzes, some start booing, and the finally the lights dim]


CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.


CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.


[The Empiretron and the whole arena go dark for a beat...Then MUSIC UP: "King Back" by TI. "Triple X" Sean Stevens walks out on the stand as MASSIVE PYRO goes off, blasting blue streams in an "X" pattern as Stevens stands at the top of the ramp looking smug. Stevens is wearing black wrestling boots, black tights with a blue "X" on each leg and one on the seat of the tights. He's rocking a new EPW "Finisher" line T-Shirt in black with a pair of piercing blue eyes balefully staring out, above the eyes is a crown in gold with three X's upon it. Stevens begins to swagger to the ring, EPW World Title Belt strapped around his waist, and a custom pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses that may have run five figures covering his eyes. Stevens steps into the ring and goes to all 4 corners, soaking in boos everytime he throws his arms up at the crowd.]

DT: The champion, brimming with confidence, he harbors no fear of The First, he most likely has no respect for him, Triple X has made it clear, tonight is nothing more then an object lesson for the rest of EPW, do not cross him or this will happen to you.

MN: And it's going to be brutal, this kid hasn't been in the wars like the champ, he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into, this will be Sean Stevens night to shine!

[The bell rings]

TF: Introducing first...[Tony gets a bit of a puzzled look on his face as he says that and then continues.] THE CHALLENGER...He hails from SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS and weighs in at 207 POUNDS...He is one half of the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!...THE FIIIRRRRSSSTTTTT!!!!

{The First raises his arms to a cheer from the crowd, he's pacing back and forth, Stevens stands across the ring arms crossed over his chest, almost like a statue.]


[Stevens still doesn't move, continuing to smile smugly at The First as the crowd boos, Stevens finally deigns to take off his sunglasses and T-Shirt, handing them to a ringside attendant, he continues to wear the EPW World Title around his waist.]

DT: Stevens showing no reguard for The First what-so-ever...Senior offical Pat Jones now having to coax Stevens into removing the EPW World Title Belt...[Stevens finally takes the belt off, we can hear him telling Jones "Don't let him touch it...He doesn't deserve it"] Jones now showing the belt to The First who almost recoils from it, who knows what kinds of superstitions he's got going on in that mind of his.

MN: He should be struck blind for even looking at the title...

DT: Pat Jones now holding aloft the title these two men will be fighting over...He finally hands to the time keeper...Jones backing both men away from each other...

[Bell Rings]

DT: And here we go! Stevens and First lock up and Stevens powers The First into the corner...Ref calling for a clean break and Stevens gives him one...

MN: See, he knows he doesn't need to take any advantages, he knows he can win this on the up and up...

DT: They lock up again and Stevens again backs him into a corner...Another clean break...NO! {Crowd buzzing] STEVENS JUST SLAPPED THE FIRST!

DM: The disrespect leading up to this match was clear, and now Stevens just made it official that he has nothing but disgust towards The First.

DT: Stevens ducks a wild right hand by The First and now hammers him to the body. Stevens sends him to the ropes...BACK BODY DROP! PEFECTLY TIMED UP BY STEVENS! THE FIRST SENT SAILING! First back to his feet and Stevens sends him back into the ropes...HUGE CLOTHESLINE! BIG TIME IMPACT FROM THE CHAMP!

MN: I told you from the start this was a complete mismatch...Stevens is going to prove it...This match lasts only so long as Stevens wants it to...

{Stevens yelling "Get up Brian...Get up!"]

DT: Stevens now imploring The First to get to his feet...First up and wobbly legged...RUNNING FOREARM BY STEVENS! he just SMASHED The First with that shot and The First is flat on his face in the the ring.

DM: Clearly the champion's game plan has been to just unload with all the high impact moves he came up with early to take the challenger out quickly!

MN: And notice he's not calling this idiot by his gothtard name...He's calling him Brian...That'll be his name when he's making my coffee at starbucks next week when he's run out of this company on a rail!

DT: Stevens now has The First...He hooks him up...POWER BOMB!!!! OH MAN!!!! THAT COULD BE ALL!! Stevens now raising his arms to the crowd, soaking in the boos...Stevens now walking over to a corner and now waiting for The First to get to his feet...I think he's going for the X-Factor!

DM: After his total domination up to this point, if he did land the X-Factor that would make quite the statement win for the champion...

DT: Stevens just waiting on the First now...First to his feet...STEVENS COMING WITH THE X-FACTOR...FIRST SIDESTEPS! Stevens misses! First hammering away with HUGE RIGHTS! Stevens rocked...DROPKICK BY THE FIRST FLOORS STEVENS! Stevens gets to his feet and charges...INTO A ARMDRAG! He comes at The First again...ANOTHER ARM DRAG! Stevens back up and First cracks him with a right hand! Stevens staggers to the ropes...FIRST CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!

MN: Unreal...C'mon Stevens, get your head in the game!

DT: Referee Pat Jones keeping The First in the ring as Stevens is out on the floor and he is irate! He can't believe this has happened.

DM: Stevens clearly thought he could dominate The First and he's just been proven wrong.

DT: Stevens now back on the apron, demanding The First back off as he re-enters the ring. Stevens back in now and he grabs The First in a side headlock and quickly takes him to the mat. Stevens leaning on The First, putting all his weight on him.

DM: If the high impact stuff wasn't working it might be time to slow this fight down and try to grind down The First...Who hasn't had many singles matches in his EPW career.

MN: He can't go the distance with a machine like Trip...He'll be sucking wind and begging for momma at the half hour mark!

DT: First now fighting to his feet, he's battling to get back up and he does...First with a series of elbows into the gut of Stevens breaks the hold...First off the ropes...RIGHT INTO A BIG KNEE FROM STEVENS! First down again and Stevens quickly on top of him witth a rear chinlock.

MN: It might not be pretty, it might not get all these idiot kids in the crowd excited, but this is effective wrestling, this jumping flipping guy can't do anything if he's gassed out.

DT: First again trying to get back to his feet...First back to his feet...Stevens gives him a knee in the back and then shoves him face first into the turnbuckle! Stevens now spins The First around and drives a series of shoulders into the mid-section of the challenger...Stevens whips The First HARD into the corner...The First slumps in the corner as Stevens walks over and kicks him in the stomach, and again! Stevens now drags The First out of the corner and hooks him...SWINGING BREAKER!!! Stevens with the cover!!




DT: First kicks out! Stevens letting Pat Jones know wouldn't mind it if he picked up the pace on the count a little...Stevens picks The First up and elevates him...BRAINBUSTER!!! He just PLANTED him! And a cover!




DT: Again The First kicks out! Stevens now flips him over The First to his stomach and LOCKS IN THE STF!!! FIRST SCREAMING IN AGONY!!!

MN: Forget pinning this freak, tap him out!!!

DT: Stevens cranking on The First's neck...wrenching back, trying to force the challenge for the EPW World Title to quit...

[Stevens can be heard screaming "TAP BRIAN!! TAP OUT!"]

DT: Stevens continuing the bad mouth on The First as he's inching his way closer to the ropes...This crowd cheering, yelling, doing all they can to motivate The First as he's fighting his way over...

DM: Even if The First does make the ropes, how much damage till be done from this hold? Stevens has it sunk in deep!

DT: The First struggling...He's almost there...HE'S MADE THE ROPES!!!

[Crowd pops!]

DT: Stevens hanging on for the full four seconds before breaking it and now he's getting in Pat Jones face over what, I couldn't tell you...The First has fallen to the floor...Stevens now going outside after him...Stevens pulls The First to his feet and SLAMS his face into the STEEL steps...The First on dream street and now DRIVEN into the STEEL post! First is face down on the floor...Stevens scoops him up...DRIVES HIM SPINE FIRST INTO THE RING POST! AND AGAIN!

MN: Not only is he busted open, but he also may have a broken back!

DT: You are right about that, First is bleeding currently and Stevens has just dominated to this point in the match...Stevens now going over by the time keeper...What's he doing...He's got the EPW World Title Belt...He's waiting on The First to get up...

MN: Hey it's outside the ring, anything goes...

DT: Well not according to Pat Jones who's gone outside the ring and taken the World Title Belt away from Stevens....Stevens doesn't seem to be putting up to much resistance about this...Wait! Jones is busy handing the belt to the timekeeper, Triple X just grabbed a steel chair and charges at The First...FIRST DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO THE CHAMPION'S FACE!!!


DT: Stevens plan backfires! First now back to his feet and he grabs Triple X and BANGS his head off the apron...AND INTO THE RING POST! Stevens staggers back INTO A FOOTSWEEP! Stevens lands HARD on the floor! First dragging the champion along the floor...Now he gets into the ring...First off the ropes...OH LORD A SWANTON BOMB JUMPING OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!

[E-P-DUB! Chants!]

DM: The First is making it clear he will do anything and everything to beat Sean Stevens and claim that EPW Title...

DT: The First now throwing Stevens back into the ring...He's putting the boots to Stevens...Triple X picked up and now DRIVEN face first into the turnbuckle...He staggers and The First peppers him with a series of right hands...First whips Stevens into the ropes...KNEE TO THE GUT doubles over Stevens...First off the ropes...AXE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Stevens is down! A COVER!!!




DT: No! Stevens gets the shoulder up! First quickly back to his feet and stomping away on Triple X...First locks Stevens in an arm bar and throws a kick to the face...ANOTHER...SPINNING HEEL KICK! A big shot from the challenger and another cover!




MN: Come on Trip, get it together...Get back in this thing!

DT: First again has Stevens to his feet and continues his brutal attack with those right hands from the very taped up right hand of The First...Stevens rocks back into the corner...First now gets on the second rope...The challenger hammering away with right hands...This crowd counting along...We're up to seven...WAIT...STEVENS HOOKS THE FIRST UP...RUNNING POWERBOMB!! NO COUNTERED INTO A HURACANRANA! Stevens stumbles to his feet...INTO A SPEAR FROM THE FIRST!!! HE COVERS!!!




DT: Stevens just kicked out again! The Champion will not stay down...First drops a series of elbows to the chest of Triple X...First going to the outside...He's going up top....Stevens getting to his feet...FIRST OFF THE TOP WITH A CROSS BODY!!! THE LEG IS HOOKED!!!!



THR--NO! NO!!!


[Crowd groans, some smarks shout 'Two!']

MN: How the hell is this happening?!

DT: For the first time in the match now The First looks horrified, he can't believe that wasn't the winning move for him...First looks at Pat Jones in disbelief...He now grabs Stevens...Stevens fires a quick series of right hands to the gut of The First...First kicks Triple X in the head and hooks for a suplex...NO! Stevens counters out...HE'S GOT FIRST UP!!!! X-TERMINATOR!!! X-TERMINATOR!!! HE HIT IT!! HE HIT IT!!!


DM: It's incredible that after all the abuse that Triple X has taken to this point in the match that he could rally and hit such a move!

DT: Both men down, the champion HAS to get himself over to the prone body of The First and make the cover...Stevens is crawling, inching his way over...He throws an arm over the chest of The First...



THREE!! NO!!! NO!!!

[Crowd pops!!]

DT: THE FIRST JUST GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!! At the LAST possible moment! Stevens can not believe it...He punches the mat in anger...Stevens now again measuring The First, demanding he get to his feet...I think it's time for the X-Factor.

MN: I'll almost be upset if the X-Factor gets it done when the X-Terminator didn't, since this punk is a bug that needs to be exterminated!


DM: That's the second time that the champion has gone for the X-Factor and had terrible results with it.

DT: Stevens is out on his feet...And he's busted wide open! The First quickly to the outside...He's going under the ring...HE'S GOT A TABLE!!

MN: You mean we didn't run out of them in the triple threat match?

DT: I guess not...The First puts Triple X on the table and hammers him with a series of rights to the head, he's targetting that fresh cut on the champion's forehead...The First now back on the apron...He's going up top!

MN: No! Somebody stop this maniac!

DT: Wait! Stevens just got off the table, he's up on the apron, he hammering away with rights on The First...The Stevens climbing the ropes...Stevens grabs The First...OHMYGODNO!!!!! STEVENS SUPERPLEXS THE FIRST OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

["Holy Sh*t!" chants, crowd buzzing!]

DM: I don't know who really got the worst of that move, as both men went sailing and hit that table hard!

DT: Pat Jones taking time with the ten count, he knows this crowd wants to see a winner in this contest. Both men struggling to get to their feet after that devastating move...The First and Stevens crawling towards the ring, both men rolling themselves into the ring...This battle continues...

MN: What right does Jones have slowing down the count, this should have been a double count out and Trip should have his belt!

DT: I thought this was a lay-up for Stevens...

MN: He's still got this, just a little more drama then I was expecting...

DT: First and Stevens now in the ring back on their feet, both men trading right hands...First with a series of rights and Stevens staggers...Stevens with a kick to the gut, .Stevens loads up...BIG RIGHT! FIRST DUCKS!! OH MY!! Stevens just CLOCKED Pat Jones with that punch...Jones staggers into the ropes and sluimps there...First now firing a series of rights and lefts to the gut of Stevens...First with a BIG RIGHT, and ANOTHER...Stevens drops to one knee...First hits the ropes...SHINING WIZARD! TRIPLE X IS DOWN!! THE CHAMP IS DOWN!!

MN: Oh lord...This can't be happening...

DT: First to the apron...He's up top...CUT THE THREAD!!!! FRONT FLIP LEGDROP OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! FIRST COVERS!!! Jones still in the ropes...First yelling at Jones to get over and make the cover, Jones pulls him self off the ropes...AND FACEPLANTS INTO THE MAT!

[Crowd booing, yelling!]

MN: At last, justice!

DT: How the hell is this justice?! It was Stevens that knocked the ref silly in the first place! First banging the mat, counting out the fall himself...One...Two...Three...Four...Five...He finally gets off Stevens and shakes his head disgusted...He had the champ beat...

MN: Oh cry me a river...Such it up freak boy!

DT: First now trying to wake up Pat Jones who still hasn't moved since he tried to get over there...First shaking Jones now...Who seems to be stirring...WAIT A SECOND...STEVENS IS UP...HE'S WAITING ON THE FIRST!

MN: Turn around moron!

DT: First turns around...RIGHT INTO AN X-FACTOR!!! THE FIRST GOT BEHEADED!!! First falls through the ropes to the floor!

MN: Dammit, can this kid get any luckier?!

DT: Stevens now falls against the ropes himself....This has been a brutal, intense match up...The Champion now rolls to the floor and grabs The First...He smashes First's head into the apron...And AGAIN...Stevens now back into the ring...He reaches through the ropes to grab First and pull him into the ring...WAIT!! FIRST JUST SPIT RED MIST INTO STEVEN'S FACE!! THE CHAMPION IS BLINDED!!!

DM: And that mist is red! It's going to be nearly impossible for Pat Jones to notice it with the blood all over the champion's face!

DT: The First quickly rolls into the ring...ROLL UP ON STEVENS!!! HE'S GOT THE TIGHTS!! HIS FOOT IS ON THE ROPES!!!!



THREE!!! NO! NO!!!

DT: WAIT WAIT!! Jones is waving off the fall!!! He's poining at the rope that's still shaking from when the First's foot was on it!

MN: Ha ha! He got busted!!

DT: First thought he had it! Now Jones is telling him he saw the cheating, First is livid!

[Jones is pointing at his eyes then the bottom rope, First is screaming "I had him and you were--]






[Bell rings, crowd booing LOUD! MUSIC UP: "King Back" by TI, as Stevens rolls out of the ring to the floor, Pat Jones follows him to the outside and hands him the EPW World Title Belt.]


[More boos as Stevens, face covers in blood and mist continues backing up the apron, holding the belt aloft. The First still in the ring, seething, he kicks the bottom rope in anger.]

DT: Triple X has retained the title, but what a battle it was...What a night of action this has been, thank you all for joining us and we will see you next time on Aggression!

[Camera cuts between shots of Stevens on top of the ramp now strapping his belt back around his waist, and The First on the second rope in the ring glaring at him...The First yells "This isn't over" at Stevens...Stevens pats the EPW World Title Belt and smiles "You can't beat me." then raises his arms in the air]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Stevens/First vs. Cruise/Copycat - Agg. 44


“Triple X” Sean Stevens [c] and First vs. Cameron Cruise [c] and Copycat – Aggression 44

ALEXANDRIA MALONE: “Hey, guys, this is Alexandria Malone, the manager for the Heirs of Wrestling. I’ll be introducing you to a match that really set the stage for a lot of events that have transpired in EPW here in the last few months. Anthology members Cameron Cruise and Copycat really stuck it to The First and robbed him of a shot at the EPW Intercontinental Championship. The First tried for revenge when he enlisted the aid of EPW World Heavyweight Champion “Triple X” Sean Stevens. And this match was just incredible to see. The First was hellbent on getting some validation for Anthology’s actions and the opposing side did EVERYTHING short of throwing the kitchen sink at he and Stevens. And I think somebody may have actually run in WITH a kitchen sink. Anyhow, check this match out and watch these guys in action! You’re in for something special.”


[“My Way” by Butch Walker comes in over the PA, along with The Anthology’s video package. The audience begins to BOO LOUDLY. After a series of back and forth pyros, COPYCAT steps out onto the stage, posing for the jeering fans, before walking determinedly to the ring.]

DC: Ladies and gentlemen… now for our MAIN EVENT of the evening! Coming to the ring first, representing THE ANTHOLOGY… hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan and weighing in at 280 pounds… making his EPW DEBUT here tonight… the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME… CCCOOOOPPPPYYYCCAAATTT!!!

DT: Welcome back to Aggression, fans of Empire Pro, and if your just joining us, you’re just in time for our MAIN EVENT! Coming to the ring now, the man introduced into the Anthology at Wrestleverse III, making a controversial interference in the Intercontinental Title Match!

DM: Copycat is known the world over as a champion in many other leagues. He had some VERY disparaging things to say about some of the biggest names in this federation back at Wrestleverse. It’s time to see if there’s any CREDIBILITY to those words as he makes his EPW debut in the main event against some of those very names.

DT: The Anthology just seems to CONSTANTLY be growing with foreign talent… but are all these new acquisitions going to pay off in the long run?

MN: I think you’re going to get the answer to that question SOON, Dave, when you see just how talented Copycat is!

[As Copycat reaches the ring, “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine. Replaces his music. The fans BOO VEHEMENTLY as CAMERON CRUISE steps out onto the stage, proudly displaying the EPW Intercontinental Title. He heckles the crowd for a few moments before striding down the ramp and joining his tag partner.]

DC: And his partner… from Jacksonville, North Carolina, he weighs in at 263 pounds… he is THE EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… HE IS… “THE CRIPPLER”… CCAAAAAMMMEEERRROOONNNN CCCCRRRUUUIIISSSEEE!!!

DT: The IC Champion and unofficial figurehead of the Anthology, Cameron Cruise, walked out of Wrestleverse with a very controversial win in order to retain his title. There’s still a bit of an argument as to whether or not he KNEW about Copycat’s interference before the match!

MN: Clearly, he knew NOTHING of it… but even if he DID, who gives a damn? There is NO better Intercontinental Champion in this federation right now than THAT MAN, and I’m damn thankful Copycat helped him keep that belt!

DM: I don’t think everybody would agree with you on that one, Neels. Cameron Cruise has definitely come a long way and proven himself as one of this federation’s top competitors. But everybody knows that the WORLD Champion issued him a challenge for the big strap on this show, and Cruise turned it DOWN in order to tag up with his new teammate, Copycat.

MN: Right, well, Cameron Cruise isn’t about to blow the main event of what would be the BIGGEST and BEST Pay Per View event of the DECADE. That’s just bad business…

DT: Or maybe he’s just lacking the SPINE…

[The Anthology members meet up and hit the ring, going to opposite turnbuckles and POSING for the booing crowd as pyros shoot up from within the ring. Moments later… MUSIC UP: "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre, EPW Edit, the lights dim as The First walks into a purple spotlight in the middle of the ramp way. First's face is painted white with black lines around his eyes like Kefka. He's wearing a black "Pax Vobicscum" T-Shirt cut into a wife beater, with black karate pants, black ring boots, and his right hand taped up to the elbow, with the words "No Hope" written on the tape. First runs back and forth on the top of the ramp way screaming at the crowd who respond by popping big!]

DC: And the opponent… hailing from Salem, Massachusetts… he weighs in at 210 pounds… HERE IS… THE FORSAKEN ONE… TTTHHHEEEEE FFFFIIIIIIRRRRSSSSSTTTT!!!!

DT: And here comes the very man that was SCREWED OVER by Cameron Cruise and the Anthology at Wrestleverse! THE FIRST… the HIGH-FLYING WONDER… the AERIAL DAREDEVIL… he gave it his ALL when the Intercontinental Championship was on the line! But because of the two men standing in the ring, that dream could not be achieved!

MN: And it will NEVER be achieved, cause this mopey GOTH KID doesn’t know the FIRST THING about being a successful professional wrestler!

DM: Maybe if he had fewer people interfering in his matches…

DT: You KNOW The First has vengeance on the mind tonight! On the same token, it’s comforting to know at least SOMEBODY out there has the courage to stand up to the ever-growing Anthology!

MN: Is it courage, or is he simply lacking BRAINPOWER?

[The First waits on stage, not at all interested in going to the ring alone. A moment later… the lights dim. SFX: Thunder, Lightning, Horses, Chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of Gladiator-style war.]


[CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball … things that babies generally do.]


[CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious. ]


[CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant. Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence.]

"Time to ride, n[BEEP]."


[Fireworks in the shape of an X shot to the roof, as "King Back," by TI blasted over the PA system, and Trip stepped through the curtain. He was immediately met with a chorus of boos – that he ignored – as he stood on the stage in a 100% cotton "King of the Gladiators" t-shirt, black and silver tights, and a pair of millionaire "Gucci" sunglasses, which had minor drops of water on them, from his soaked light brown locks, and, of course, THE EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE, proudly worn around the waist. For a moment, he lingers on stage, looking at his tag partner with mild indifference… and confidently strides down the ramp toward the ring, with The First following.]

DC: And his partner… from Orlando, Florida… weighing in at 243 pounds… he is the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… The KING OF THE GLADIATORS… PLANET EARTH’S CHAMPION… The BLUE-EYED BADASS…



DT: Love him or hate him… there are few who can argue the IMPACT that the World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, has made on Empire Pro.

MN: Glad somebody finally REALIZES it!

DM: There hasn’t been a person to hold the EPW World Heavyweight Title quite like Sean Stevens. EPW’s ONLY two-time champ… not to mention, probably the ONLY champion with the gall and confidence to come out and make challenges to other contenders, even throwing his title on the line!

DT: Such is how he came to be in this match! Sean Stevens made the challenge to Cameron Cruise, title for title, but… the IC Champ mysteriously REFUSED the offer!

MN: Probably because “Triple X” Sean Stevens vs. “The Crippler” Cameron Cruise, with both EPW titles on the line, would be a match of ASTRONOMICAL PROPORTIONS that couldn’t exist on live TV! Television sets across the globe would EXPLODE from the sheer awesomeness!

DT: Nevertheless… Sean Stevens has found an unlikely partner in The First, as the two of them address the issue of the growing Anthology. It will be interesting to see how these two try and coexist.

DM: That’s a good observation, Dave. They both have it in for the Anthology, but they are HARDLY friends. This union will either work out and provide an amazing one-time high-flying duo… or it will self-destruct and the two will turn on each other.

[Stevens and The First reach the ring and step inside together, with the two members representing the Anthology keeping their distance on the other side of the ring. The First pops up a turnbuckle to a BIG face pop while Stevens, somewhat irked to have the young high-flying superstar stealing his thunder, removes his belt and scales another turnbuckle, to almost the opposite reaction. As the music ends, all four men meet in the center of the ring around Pat Jones…]

[After the respective champions hand of their titles, Jones holds them briefly in the air for the fans to see, and relinquishes them to the timekeeper. After some brief talk, Cameron Cruise obliges to stay in the ring while Copycat goes to the apron. In the other corner, there is no discussion, as Sean Stevens “volunteers” The First to start things off to no resistance.]

DM: No surprises here… The First and Cameron Cruise are eager to start this off on their own!

DT: Looks like this animosity is ready to come to a HEAD!! Pat Jones cues the bell… AND HERE COMES THE FIRST, charging right out of the gate for CRUISE, and landing the RUNNING DROPKICK before the IC Champ could even react!

DM: That slapped the smirk right off Cruise’s face! The First is off to a quick start, and he’s already back on Cruise before the IC Champ can even make it to his feet… there’s the whip to the ropes… and The First meets Cruise with a SPINNING HEEL KICK that puts him to the mat again!

MN: Hey, HEY!! This is all wrong, restart the match!

DT: A match can’t be restarted when it’s already begun, Mike…

MN: Yeah, but Cammy CLEARLY wasn’t ready when that stupid ref jumped the gun and rang the bell!

DM: That’s just too bad for Cameron Cruise! Cruise looks stunned, but nevertheless back on his feet… walking straight into a BOOT—oh wait, he CAUGHT it!

DT: Big mistake there! Cruise, looking down at the leg of The First, suddenly realizes what he’s in for!


DT: TOO LATE!! The First NAILS the ENZIGURI, and Cameron Cruise rolls to the floor the second he hits the mat! The high-flying superstar has the IC Champ on the RUN, and these fans are PUMPED and ON THEIR FEET!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Seems to me that Cameron Cruise didn’t quite expect The First to come out swinging at the sound of the bell, and now he has to take a moment to regain his bearings and rethink his strategy.

DT: All the while, The First occupies the ring, working up the crowd and getting them on his side! Look at the sheer disgust on the face of the World Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens…

MN: Right with you on that one, Trip!

DM: Here’s Cruise, back on the apron, telling Pat Jones to keep The First at bay! He takes one step in… and here comes The First! Cruise drops to the floor once again!

Crowd: BOOO!!

DT: Oh, COME ON!! Grow a spine and get in the match, why don’t you!

MN: I’ll have you know, Dave, that Cameron Cruise has more spine than ANYBODY in this entire arena!

DT: And that’s why he turned down the champ’s offer for a title shot, huh?

MN: Cammy has his OWN belt to worry about, Dave!

DM: Well, Cruise definitely wants back into the ring, but he’d be stupid to walk straight into another beating from The First! Jones is on the count of four while Cruise takes a moment to deliberate with his tag partner…

DT: Wait, here comes The First, charging to the ROPES—OH, but Cruise and Copycat clear out before he can throw himself to the outside!

Crowd: AAAWWwww…

DT: The crowd was clearly disappointed with that.

MN: Heh heh… BLUE-BALLED ‘em!!

DM: Wait a second… I don’t think Cruise realizes he ran around to the corner where SEAN STEVENS is waiting! Here’s STEVENS dropping from the apron, walking with a PURPOSE toward Cruise, who quickly books it in the other direction!

MN: Oh no… get AWAY from him, Cammy! Now is not the time!

DM: Cruise rolls BACK into the ring to get away from Sean Stevens… but backs up right into THE FIRST!! There’s a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP from one former tag champ to another, and The First pops back to his feet before running to the ropes…

DT: SENTON SPLASH on the prone body of Cameron Cruise! He goes for the cover!



And Cruise kicks out!

DM: Cruise has a lot more in him, but that all may change if he can’t diffuse the momentum The First has right now!

MN: Ah, that scrawny twerp is bound to run out of gas eventually!

DT: You only wish, Mike… Cruise back to his feet, but The First with a LEGSWEEP puts him to the mat once again! Here’s The First back into the ropes… and comes back with a JUMPING LEGDROP across the face of the IC Champ!

DM: The First looking to capitalize… he bounds up to the second rope in the near turnbuckle… comes LUNGING OFF with the KNEE DROP—OH NO!! Cruise rolled out of the way, and The First drove that knee into nothing but HARD CANVAS!!

MN: YEAH!! I KNEW Cruise was just waiting for him to slip up!

DT: The First back up, holding that knee… but now he’s given Cruise his window of opportunity! Cruise with the CHOP BLOCK to the back of the hurt leg, and he puts The First back to the mat! What a cheap shot!

DM: Cruise sees a weak point, and you better believe he’s going to jump all over it… Cruise has a hold of that leg now, and STOMPS IT on the mat, putting even more strain on that knee! OH MAN, he stomps it again… AND AGAIN!! Talk about letting off some steam!

MN: Well yeah, you’d be pissed off too if that SHRIMP was in there humiliating you!

DT: The First, while he had an energetic start to this match, is suddenly in a world of trouble, as Cameron Cruise quickly debilitated one of his essential legs! Even so, The First, trying to force himself to his feet, limping on one leg… but here comes CRUISE—and the IC Champ just LEVELS HIM with a running lariat!!

DM: That clothesline sent The First flipping head over heels, and that could have knocked him out cold!

DT: Here’s Cruise, hooking the leg for the cover!



And The First makes the kick out!

MN: Bah… you didn’t knock him HARD ENOUGH, Cammy! Tear that annoying little fly APART, and start with his wings!

DT: Cruise going to his corner… makes the tag to COPYCAT! It’s time to see what this newcomer can bring to Empire Pro!

DM: The First is trying to make it to his corner, but he can’t get there in time on his bummed leg, and now Copycat spins him around… there’s a BOOT to the midsection… and Copycat lifts The First up into the SUPLEX POSITION!!

DT: WOW, would you LOOK at that POWER?! Copycat holding him in place for several seconds… and brings him DOWN to the mat with PAINFUL IMPACT!!

MN: WHAM!! Looks like the Anthology struck gold YET AGAIN picking up THIS guy!

DT: The First in a world of hurt… but Copycat is already bringing him off the mat again… now he lifts him UP… AND BACK DOWN ACROSS THE KNEE with a HARD Rib-Breaker!!

DM: Copycat is definitely playing the power game against The First, given the disparity in size and weight! Cat knows he has the advantage, and he’s going to roll with it as best he can!

MN: They don’t call him the Smartest Player in the Game for nothing!

DT: We’ve seen The First fall victim to overpowering opponents before, but can his agility and determination save him against this new, unpredictable opponent? Copycat, bringing him to his feet once again… there’s the whip to the ROPES—and The First DUCKS the clothesline attempt!

DM: Here’s his chance! The First, rebounding off the other set of ropes… going for a CROSS BODY BLOCK—BUT COPYCAT REVERSES IT INTO A POWERSLAM!!

DT: MY GOD, what IMPACT!! Copycat quickly goes for the cover…



And The First kicks out!

MN: Damn… I thought he had him there!

DT: You’d do well to remember that it takes much more than THAT to put down The First for good! But now Copycat, bringing The First back to his feet… what does he have planned for the high-flying wonder now?

DM: Copycat boosts The First onto his shoulders… could be going for the SAMOAN DROP—oh wait, THE FIRST REVERSES WITH A CRUCIFIX PIN!!




Copycat KICKS OUT!

DM: The First couldn’t steal the victory, but he nevertheless opens a window of opportunity… he’s heading for his CORNER—but Copycat grabs him by the leg!

DM: Time to SLAM that window down on his fingers!

DT: The First, bouncing on one foot and trying to REACH that extra few inches to the hand of Sean Stevens… but now Copycat is drawing him back to the center of the ring!

DM: Look for the enziguri here again… The First GOING FOR IT—OH NO, Copycat released the leg just in time! He was quick not to make the same mistake as Cameron Cruise earlier in the match!

MN: Come on… The First to be some kind of IDIOT to think he could have pulled that off again!

DT: The First took a hard fall on the back of his head there… now Copycat, bouncing off the ropes, comes at him with an ELBOW DROP—OH NO, The First ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!! I guess he didn’t fall so hard on his head after all, but Copycat sure thought he was out of it!

DM: Wasn’t so smart with that one, Neels. Explain THAT to me.

MN: Uh… just a miscalculation on his part!

DT: That “miscalculation” is soon going to come back and haunt him, as The First makes it to his corner, and there’s the tag to “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS!!


DM: The World Champion is FINALLY in the ring, and he’s ready to show these guys how it’s done!

DT: Copycat back on his feet… but he meets a determined Sean Stevens, who simply BLASTS him with a forearm to the face!! Stevens had enough strength behind that to knock Copycat clear into the ropes… and now Stevens whips him to the other side of the ring!

DM: Here’s Cat on the rebound… WHOA!! Stevens telegraphs the Back Body Drop… and Copycat puts on the BRAKES!! Here’s Cat with a kick to the—NO!! Stevens CAUGHT IT!!

DT: The World Champion with a DRAGON SCREW puts Copycat to the mat! He follows through with an ELBOW DROP right into the inner thigh! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Stevens set him UP for that one!

DM: No doubt trying to outsmart the acclaimed “Smartest Player In The Game.”

MN: Well, I mean, he IS the World Heavyweight Champ… and… VERY brilliant at that.

DM: More brilliant than even Cameron Cruise and his cronies?

MN: Aw, man, don’t force me to make impossible decisions like that!

DT: Stevens still has a hold of that leg… and now he’s… going for a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK?! Submission attempt on the part of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, targeting that same leg of Copycat!

DM: Stevens has it LOCKED IN, and Copycat is now feeling the BURN courtesy of this federation’s champion! I’m sure he’s beginning to REGRET all those disparaging remarks he made about some of Empire Pro’s elite!

MN: Yeah, maybe Cammy should have passed the memo to Cat about dropping the champ’s name and subsequently paying the price for it…

DT: Copycat feeling INCREDIBLE pain right now, but so far, he’s kept his composure and REFUSED to tap out! I can see why… he’s only a few feet away from the ropes! The champ didn’t bother dragging him closer to the center of the ring, and with that short of a distance, Copycat KNOWS he can break out of this hold!

DM: Cat, now, trying to drag himself to the ropes… Stevens only putting up MINIMAL resistance! It’s as if he WANTS Copycat to break this hold, but he’s still intent on making him EARN IT in the most PAINFUL ways!

MN: You see? Never EVER say the champ isn’t MERCIFUL.

DT: Copycat only a foot away… now a few INCHES… and YES, he has the bottom rope! Pat Jones ordering Stevens break the figure-four… but Stevens SHAKES HIS HEAD!!

DM: Stevens is going to milk that hold for everything it’s worth! Jones making the count now… ONE… TWO… THREE… and Stevens releases before he can be disqualified! Copycat escapes, but I think he lost one of his nine lives back there!

DT: Stevens is already bringing Copycat back to his feet, and you can see the EPW newcomer favoring that leg now… granted, The First had that knee of his take a lot of punishment, so both teams seem hampered with the same handicap!

DM: Stevens, taking Copycat around the waist… AND JUST SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A DEVASTATING Belly-To-Belly Suplex!! It’s always gonna hurt when a man that size gets LIFTED UP and THROWN DOWN!!

DT: The World Champion, going for the pin…



NO! A kickout by Copycat!

DM: So far, the champ has been nothing short of FLAWLESS in that ring! Now he’s back on his feet, and has a handful of Copycat’s hair as he leads him back to his corner… Stevens makes the TAG to The First, right before setting Cat to the mat with a SNAPMARE!

DT: What’s he have planned here? Stevens, giving The First some manner of a signal, and now he hooks both of Copycat’s arms… Copycat is a SITTING DUCK!! Here comes THE FIRST—

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: OVER THE ROPES WITH A DROPKICK TO THE CHEST OF COPYCAT!! What GREAT double teamwork on the part of The First and Sean Stevens!

DM: I didn’t think the two of them were capable of that sort of communication!

MN: Yeah, me neither. I mean, from STEVENS, yeah, obviously, but I can’t see The First capable of such brilliance. I’ll just chalk that up to the champ showing him how its done.

DT: Here’s The First, going for another cover on Copycat…



NO!! Copycat manages to hang in there!

DM: Cat still has that hurt leg… and although The First’s knee took some punishment earlier in the match, he’s had a chance to sit on the apron and rest up. If the Anthology wants to retake control, he HAS to make the tag to Cameron Cruise!

MN: Yes, do it NOW that Stevens is out of the ring!

DT: The First with the whip on Copycat—and he’s definitely got a LIMP in that run… wait, Copycat makes the tag to CRUISE as he hits the ropes! Copycat on the return… The First LEAPFROGS and keeps his attention on Cruise!

DM: The First saw the tag being made, and now Cruise coming into the ring… but Copycat’s still MOVING!!


DM: TOO LATE!! Copycat GOT HIM WITH THE RUNNING BULLDOG!! And now the legal man, Cameron Cruise, adds insult to injury by just laying the BOOTS into the back of the head of The First!

MN: STOMP HIM, CAMMY!! Kick the HAIR DYE off his head!

DT: Cruise knows this is his chance to turn things around, and now he brings The First back to his feet and OOH… kick to the gut doubles him over… and Cruise follows through with a PILEDRIVER!!

DM: OOohh… good thing this match isn’t taking place south of the border, otherwise Cruise would have SURELY picked up the DQ for THAT crippling maneuver!

DT: Here’s Cruise with the cover, and I don’t know if The First has enough to kick out of this…



THR—OH NO, HE MADE IT!! Sean Stevens had one foot in the ring, but his assistance wasn’t needed!

MN: Yeah it was…

DT: Cruise getting The First up to a sitting position… and he slaps on a CHINLOCK!!

DM: Oh my God, the dreaded CHINLOCK OF DOOM!!

DT: The First now in a precarious position, as Cruise forces the knee in his back and just PULLS back on that jawline without remorse! The First looks like he’s slipping away…

MN: It’s because of all that blood loss from CUTTING HIMSELF to deal with the pain of being a complete FAILBAG!

DT: Cruise WRENCHING the face of The First… but now these FANS are getting into it! The fans, rallying behind The First, as the aerial wonder tries his HARDEST to muster the strength and energy to force himself out!


DM: Note that Stevens isn’t really participating in the rally efforts…

MN: Why SHOULD he?

DT: The First, with his fists CLENCHED and SHAKING… and YES, he is FORCING HIMSELF TO HIS FEET!! Cruise can HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!

DM: The First, DESPERATELY trying to pry his way out of this GOD-AWFUL BORING CHINLOCK… he’s up to a KNEE… now BOTH KNEES… now he’s getting UP!!

MN: Come on, Cammy, don’t blow it NOW!!

DT: Yes… The First is UP AT LAST!! The First drives an ELBOW into the ribs of Cruise… and ANOTHER… and a THIRD! But Cruise will NOT release his grip! The First is going to have to take other measures!

DM: The First, grabbing Cruise around the waist… looking for a BACK SUPLEX—oh no, Cruise somehow LANDED ON HIS FEET!!

DT: Cruise with an ELBOW to the back of The First’s head… FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A TIGER SUPLEX!! MY GOD, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! Cruise BRIDGES for the PIN!!




MN: Still, all that hard work trying to get to his feet and all these stupid fans cheering his name… where did it get him? On his DAMB SHOULDERS!! HA HA!!

DT: The First, getting to his feet… OH NO!! A VERY LOW KNEE to the midsection puts him back to the mat! Pat Jones warning Cruise about blows below the waist, but the IC Champ SWEARS he was aiming for the abdomen!
MN: Well, I mean, clearly he WAS…

DM: Cruise to his corner now, making the tag back to Copycat… and it looks like they have something in mind for The First!

DT: There’s Copycat into the ropes… and Cruise hoists up The First! Copycat with a LUNGING CLOTHESLINE brings The First back to the mat! The First is REALLY in a bad spot now!

MN: He was in a bad spot the minute he stepped into the ring!

DM: Cat, bringing The First to his feet… what’s he have in store here? Copycat… PRESSES THE FIRST OVER HIS HEAD!! OH MAN, what STRENGTH!!

MN: Doesn’t take much when your opponent weighs as much as a sack of potatoes!

DT: The First, DANGLING IN AIR… and Copycat brings him DOWN HARD to the mat!! Now Copycat bounces back to his feet… bounces off the ropes… STRUTTING HIS STUFF to the center of the ring?!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!

DM: It’s the STRAY CAT STRUT!! Copycat NAILS the elbow across the chest of The First!

DT: The First is getting PUMMELED in there! Here’s Copycat with the cover!



NO!! The First kicked out! He stays alive in this match, but already, you can tell the punishment he’s going through won’t end soon, as Copycat pulls him to his feet and leads him back to his corner, tagging in Cameron Cruise!

DM: Cat, scooping The First onto his shoulder… his HEAD is just hanging out there in the open! Now Cruise GRABS IT, and DROPS HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER!! The Anthology are really dishing out the double team tactics now, and it’s paying off!

MN: Strength in numbers. I mean, COME ON, it’s just basic logic here!

DT: Here’s CRUISE, going for the cover on The First!



NO!! AGAIN, The First kicks out! Say what you will about the daredevil wonder, he can withstand nearly ANYTHING!

MN: Ah, I’d say he doesn’t have much longer in him…

DM: Not unless he can somehow turn things around. Sean Stevens waits patiently in his corner for the tag, although only absently interested in The First’s progress. Cruise, now, getting The First back to his feet… there’s the whip to the ropes!

DT: Cruise waiting for The First… looking for a CLOTHESLINE—but it MISSED!! Here’s The First on the rebound… BLASTS CRUISE OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SPEAR!!

Crowd: POP!!

DM: THERE IT IS!! Just like THAT, The First gets this crowd back on their feet and gives himself the chance he needs!

DT: Both men are lying prone on the mat as Pat Jones begins the ten count…



DM: Cruise is now showing signs of life, holding his ribs in pain! That spear knocked the wind clear OUT of him!


DT: The First coming to now… trying to crawl to his corner where the World Champion waits with his arm extended over the ropes! Cruise trying to get to his feet…



DT: Cruise is UP… and The First only a FEW FEET AWAY from his corner now! Who’s going to make it there FIRST!!

MN: Not The First, hopefully!

DM: Well, that kind of IS his name…

DT: The First, only INCHES AWAY…

NO!! SHUT DOWN BY CAMERON CRUISE!! Cruise, drags The First back to the center of the ring, and that just SILENCED this capacity crowd!

MN: Damn right it did!

DT: Cruise is getting The First back to his feet… now he has him by the waist! Cruise going for a GERMAN SUPLEX—



Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: MY GOD, HOW HE DOES IT IS BEYOND ME!! The First just took that beating for several minutes, only to come back and nail the IC Champ with his FINISHER when nobody expected it!

DM: But now he’s gotta make the COVER!!

DT: The First, CRAWLING over the prone body of Cameron Cruise… he hooks the leg for the COVER…





DM: Pat Jones telling Copycat to exit the ring… I think Cameron Cruise really lucked out on that one!

MN: Luck had NOTHING to do with that!

DT: Regardless of what the cause was, I don’t think Cameron Cruise is quite out of the storm just yet, as The First makes it to his feet… and MAKES THE TAG TO SEAN STEVENS!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Wow… a crowd reaction for the CHAMPION!?

MN: Uh-oh… STEVENS and CRUISE in the ring together?!

DM: Your worst nightmare come true, Mike. Who do you think will come over in this one?

MN: OH MAN… don’t make me have to CHOOSE!

DM: Cruise slowly getting to his feet, and he still has yet to realize a tag was made! I’m sure he’s not even aware he was saved from that PIN!!

DT: Stevens going to the near corner… and he STARTS LOADING THE BOOT!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DM: I don’t think that’s gonna happen, Neels! Cruise almost to his feet now… Stevens has him RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM…

DT: Cruise TURNING AROUND… and here’s “TRIPLE X” with the X-FACTOR—




DM: I was CERTAIN he was down and out, but somehow, SOME WAY, Cameron Cruise reacted to seeing Sean Stevens coming at him, and NARROWLY missed having his head kicked off his shoulders and into the moon!

DT: Here’s the IC Champion, going for the cover on the WORLD Champion…




DM: But I can, Dave! Though Stevens took a HUGE drop on his head, he’s barely been TOUCHED this entire match! It’s going to take more than that to finish off EPW’s WORLD CHAMPION!!

DT: How are you doing over there, Mike?


DT: …Mike, you think you could lower your hands?


DT: But you’re missing the match!

MN: I can’t watch, Dave! Not while the TWO GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS EVER occupy the same ring! It’s like a PARADOX!! I’m afraid if I look, my HEAD will explode!

DM: …Cameron Cruise is one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever??

DT: Go ahead and miss it then, Mike, cause I don’t think you’re going to like what you’ll see next… Cruise getting Sean Stevens back onto his feet… lifting him UP OVER HIS SHOULDERS—HE’S LOOKING FOR THE SHIPWRECK!!

DM: WAIT!! Stevens, from being held upside down, grabs ahold of the NEARBY ROPES!! Cruise can’t WALK HIM to the center of the ring!


DM: And Stevens HANGS ONTO THE ROPES!! Stevens, using ONLY HIS ARMSTRENGTH, lifts himself UP and FLIPPING BACK OVER THE ROPES!! MY GOD, what ATHLETICISM!! Even if he IS just showing off to the fans, who right now, have NO IDEA what to think of their World Champion!!

MN: Oh yeah, here I’ve been ALL THIS TIME behind the champ, suddenly everybody realizes what a BAD ASS he is, and now everybody’s hopping on the bandwagon! Hate to say I TOLD YOU SO!!

DT: COPYCAT IN THE RING, RUNNING AT STEVENS… NO!! THROWN OVER THE ROPES WITH A BACK BODY DROP by the CHAMP!! Copycat spills over next to Cameron Cruise, and now BOTH members of the Anthology laid out on the outside!

DM: I don’t think Stevens is DONE here… here goes “Triple X” into the far set of ropes… COULD BE GOING OVER THE TOP—

No wait, HE PUTS ON THE BREAKS just as Cruise and Cat get to their feet! He locks eyes… and points to the NEAR TURNBUCKLE—



Crowd: *POPPP!!!!*


MN: What happened?! DID HE MAKE IT?!

DT: Damnit, Mike, uncover your eyes and watch the match!

MN: Not until Stevens tags out!



DT: What I’m seeing right now is simply BEYOND WORDS!! These fans are ON THEIR FEET as the team of The First and the World Heavyweight Champion, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, close in on VICTORY over the Anthology!

DM: But they’ve gotta make the PIN now, Dave! Stevens is seeing his chance to put this away… and now he’s stripping Cruise off the mat, and rolling him back into the ring! Stevens is going to PUT THIS AWAY!!

DT: I think you’re RIGHT, Dean-O!! Stevens getting Cruise set up for THE X-TERMINATOR… he lifts Cruise UP… OVER…


DM: Stevens turning around… WALKS STRAIGHT INTO A REALITY CHECK FROM CAMERON CRUISE!! How does Cruise keep SURVIVING by the skin of his TEETH?!

MN: Still doubt his being one of the BEST EVER, do you?

DM: Oh shut up… you’re not even watching anymore.

MN: No, but in my mind, they’re both beating up the shrimp in their, and THAT’S entertaining!

DT: Cruise doesn’t HAVE ENOUGH in him to make the tag! Both men LAID OUT in the middle of the ring, as Cruise now tries to drag his way to his corner, to make the tag!!

DM: The Cat finally returns to the apron and sees what’s going down! He’s REACHING OVER THE ROPES for the tag to Cruise! I think the IC Champ is going to MAKE IT!!

DT: Stevens is hardly UP at this point… AND CRUISE MAKES THE TAG!! COPYCAT in the ring now, and he’s got the champ right where he WANTS him!

DM: Copycat getting Stevens back to his feet, and slips behind him… and he locks in THE CAT’S CLAW!! MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT CLAWHOLD!! Stevens is REACHING OUT with his free arm to touch the ropes… but he MISSES!!


DM: Cat releases the hold on the champ and goes to the corner… TAG MADE TO CAMERON CRUISE… but Stevens still wants a PIECE of him! I don’t think the champion realizes the TAG was made! Pat Jones is telling him to get on the apron—but “Triple X” SHOVES him aside and starts LAYING INTO THE CAT with his fists!!

DT: But now the REF is getting in face! Pat Jones DID NOT LIKE that shove!



Crowd: BOOOOO!!!

DT: That SON OF A *****!! And here I thought I was starting to LIKE HIM!!


MN: …hey, what’s going on? Why is everybody out?

DM: Welcome back to the match, Neels…

DT: It’s COMPLETE and UTTER PANDEMONIUM in the ring right now! The ref is knocked out… three of the four participants are lying PRONE on the mat… and EVEN NOW, HERE COMES THE FIRST INTO THE RING!!


DM: He’s got the CROWD on his side!! The First, RUNNING AT CRUISE…


Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: The First PUMPS BACK TO HIS FEET and just GETS THIS CROWD ELECTRIFIED!! The chance to FINISH the match is at hand, but… now the ref is out!

DM: The First is checking on Pat Jones, but man, he took ALL of that missile dropkick from before! I don’t think he’ll be coming out of that for—

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!!

DT: Wait a second, someone’s running to the RING…


MN: OH YEAH, THE GOOD DOCTOR is HERE with the CURE for this match!!

DM: With the ref out, Hart has the CLEAR opportunity to interfere!! He could ruin EVERYTHING for The First right now!


DM: Hart running along the ringside… HE JUST TOOK THE WORLD TITLE FROM THE TIMEKEEPER!! He’s going to USE IT AS A WEAPON!!

MN: Damn RIGHT he is! He’s going to give The First the closest look he’ll ever have at THAT title!

DT: Shawn Hart, rolling into the ring to help his Anthology teammates… HE LUNGES AFTER THE FIRST WITH THE TITLE IN HAND…



DM: The ref CAN’T while he’s OUT, Neels! Besides, Hart was trying to INTERFERE with a WEAPON!!

DT: The First, ROLLING out of the ring… and now Hart is BACK ON HIS FEET with that title in his hands… but I don’t think he can SEE anything!!

DM: Wait a minute, Cruise to his feet… approaching HART—



DT: Shawn Hart, DROPS the belt and RUNS FROM THE RING!! No doubt, going to the back to wash his EYES out, although I don’t think he’s going to be too pleased to find out that he just CLOCKED HIS OWN TEAM MEMBER IN THE FACE with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!

DM: Here comes The First, back onto the apron… GOING UP TOP NOW!! HE’S GOT ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!!








[The bell rings as The First rolls off of Cameron Cruise and scrambles to his feet as “Happy Birthday” comes over the PA. Pat Jones, still looking a tad weary, raises his arm in victory.]

DT: What a VICTORY for the THE FIRST!! He FINALLY claimed his vengeance against the Anthology!

MN: Yeah, but only because he caused Shawn Hart to screw up!

DM: The First never said he was above going outside the rules, Neels. The way I see it… tonight was an eye for an eye! The Anthology thought they could use their numbers to prevail, and tonight, they were proved WRONG by the very man who has been the victim to their schemes time and time again!

[Copycat drags Cruise from the ring and attempts to bring him to. Meanwhile, The First spots the World Heavyweight Title idly laying on the mat… and picks it up. The fans POP WILDLY. The First stares at the prestigious belt for several moments…]

DT: Oh, what’s THIS!

DM: Somebody looking into his possible future, if you ask me!

MN: Oh come on, NOW you guys are just getting delusional!

[…and suddenly, IT’S GONE. RIPPED from his hand by the very man who owns it: SEAN STEVENS. “Triple X” promptly throws it over his shoulder, giving a foreboding look to his partner. The First nods, and the uneasy pairing part ways. Up the ramp, Cameron Cruise and Copycat, amid a crowd of booing fans, look angrily back into the ring before disappearing.]

MN: THERE!! THANK YOU, Sean, for taking back what’s rightfully YOURS!!

DM: These two worked together to pick up the win tonight, but I don’t think things are quite finished between the two of THEM! We might see another meeting down the line, but I’m sure that will have to come after Sean Stevens’ upcoming match with the number one contender, Marcus Westcott!

DT: A matter for the future… for right now, though, we are OUT OF TIME!! Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for yet another evening of NONSTOP ACTION! For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, I’ve Dave Thomas… GOOD NIGHT!!

[Stevens drops out of the ring and makes his way back up the ramp while The First pops up a turnbuckle, working up the cheering fans around him. Fade to the EPW logo.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
IC TITLE: Benjamin vs. Brown


INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown - Black Dawn 2004

TONY FATORA: Th' following contest is scheduled for one fall! It will determine the inaugural Intercontinental Champion!

[The arena is bathed in darkness seconds before "Rainmaker" blares out, causing a cascade of green and white lights to flicker across the arena in time to the music. With the first words, Karl steps through the curtains, looking around at the crowd. He high-fives fans either side of the aisle, stopping for autographs along the way, as he walks to the ring. Circles the ring once, then steps through the cell door, standing on the second rope, arms aloft, saluting the fans on each side of the ring, before waiting in the centre of the ring for his opponent. All the while, the fans are cheering deafeningly, with several "Dragon! Dragon!" chants breaking out.]

TONY FATORA: Introducing first, from Nottingham, England... Weighing in at two hundred and eleven pounds... KARRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL... BRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWNNNNNNN!!!

["My Sacrifice" Begins to blast as the English Flag is show on the MCW-tron. "Your Truly" Adam Benjamin makes his way to the ring Wearing two British flag bandana's, one on his head, the other across his face so that only Adams stone cold eyes can be seen. Adam gets into the ring and stands ready in the corner as the fans boo him thunderously.]

TONY FATORA: And introducing his opponent, from England... Weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds... ADAAAAAAMMMMMMM... BEEEEEEEEEEEEN-JAMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!

[CUTTO: The ring as the official raises the Intercontinental Title, then steps aside. SFX: *DINGDINGDING* - Bell rings.]

DT: And here we go!

[Brown and Benjamin circle to start before falling into Greco-Roman stances. They edge forward and finally lock up. Benjamin gets a hammerlock out of it, and Brown attempts to shake Benjamin out of it, walking around the ring before picking up speed and sliding to his stomach. Benjamin is shaken loose, but immediately goes to a front face lock. However, Brown comes to his knees, powering forward to grab Benjamin in a waistlock while still in the facelock.]

DT: Nice mat work from both men here!

MN: *snoring*

DT: Wake up, Mike.

MN: Muhh. I don't wanna go to school, mommy.

DT: Miiiiiike.

[After a moment, Brown comes to his feet with Benjamin still waistlocked, lifting him and slamming him to the mat on his back. The Nottingham native then shifts himself behind Benjamin, applying a gutwrench. Benjamin fights to his feet and rolls forward, shaking Brown loose. From there, Benjamin applies a side headlock, but gets back-suplexed for his troubles.]

DT: Ooh, big back suplex from Karl Brown!

MN: That guy needs himself a cooler nickname than "The Dragon". Aha! I got it! "Downtown" Karl Brown!

DT: Downtown?

MN: Why not?

[As Benjamin comes to his feet, Brown rushes at him and sweeps him off his feet with a cradle, seguing into a Boston crab attempt. Benjamin fights free, using his leg strength to trip Brown into the ropes. As Brown rebounds, Benjamin clips his right knee and goes for a leg lock, only for Brown to drop toe hold him and try for a side headlock. Benjamin attempts the back-suplex counter, but Brown lands on his feet and applies a hammerlock.]

DT: Nice counter from Brown, as he goes right to the hammerlock!

MN: You can buy hammers downtown!

[Quickly, Benjamin reverses and gets his own hammerlock, hooking Brown up and back-suplexing him with the hammerlock still applied, causing Brown to land with all his weight crushing his arm. Wincing, Brown comes to one knee, but Benjamin takes him by the arm and hits a front Russian leg sweep, following by pulling Brown up again. He then brings him down with an arm breaker and applies an armbar.]

DT: Tight armbar there by Benjamin as he takes control of the match!

MN: Poor Downtown. He's in trouble.

[Brown manages to scootch over and get a foot on the ropes; however, Benjamin is quick to drag him back to the center of the ring, dropping two knees across Brown's already hurting right forearm. Dragging Brown to his feet, Benjamin sets him up and drops him on the bad arm with a single-arm DDT. He tries for another armbar, but Brown rolls to the edge of the ring and wraps his arms around the bottom rope.]

DT: Great move by Brown, going to the ropes before Benjamin can lock on that armbar!

MN: Downtown's a smart kid, ain't he?

DT: Karl Brown is, yes. Downtown, I don't know.

MN: They're the same guy! Downtown Karl Brown!

[A look of annoyance crosses Benjamin's face. He grabs Brown by the ankle and pulls him forcefully away from the ropes. However, Brown quickly drop toe holds Benjamin down, then vaults over to waistlock him and pull him up into a release German suplex! Benjamin reels as his head bounces off the mat.]

DT: OH! Big German from Brown!


DT: Shut up with the Downtown!

[Holding the back of his neck, Benjamin comes to a standing position. However, he is soon back on the mat again as Brown darts in, cracking him with a neckbreaker and rolling him over for a pin.]

DT: Cover by Brown! One - TWO - NO, kickout!

MN: Heh heh. Neckbusta.

[Grabbing Benjamin by the hair, Brown drags him to his feet before slamming him face-first to the canvas in a highly untechnical manner. From there he changes the pace a bit, as he picks Benjamin up and gutwrench-suplexes him. Attempting to escape, Benjamin rolls to the ropes and slides down to the floor.]

DT: Benjamin trying to escape Brown's assault here!

MN: Look, here comes Downtown!

[As Benjamin recovers, Brown runs the ropes and leaps out of the ring towards Benjamin with a somersault plancha. However, Benjamin sidesteps, and Brown slams into the barricade to sprawl in a crumpled heap on the floor!]

DT: OH! Brown crashed and burned!

MN: They call them moves high-risk for a VERY good reason!

[Benjamin isn't stupid. He immediately capitalizes on Brown's mistake by moving in and pounding on the smaller man's head with hard right hands. From there, Benjamin takes Brown by the arm and whips him into the ringpost! Brown's face smacks off the post with a sickening thud, and he falls to land on his back on the floor.]

DT: Brown just ate the ringpost!

MN: With peas and carrots.

DT: Try just the ringpost.

MN: I hear it's delicious.

[Ever the ring-aware competitor, Benjamin rolls back into the ring to break the count-out, then rolls out again. He punches at Brown's neck and chops him several times, then sets him up in a standing headscissors and piledrives him on the floor! Immediately, Benjamin rolls the limp Brown back into the ring and covers.]

DT: MY GOD!!! Piledriver on the unforgiving concrete! Back in, and here's the cover - One -


NO, Brown kicks out!


[Gritting his teeth, Benjamin pulls Brown to a standing position and casually snap-suplexes him, bringing him down on his head. Brown holds his neck in both hands, twitching on the mat erratically before Benjamin scoops him up and delivers a spinebuster!]

DT: HUGE spinebuster from Benjamin! Looks like he's changing it up and playing to Brown's weaknesses instead of letting him employ his technique!

MN: We some spinebusta'! We some spinebusta'! We done knock ya spine out, we some spinebusta'!

DT: Actually, we some commentators, but whatever floats your boat, Mike.

[In a daze, Brown comes to his feet and falls into a corner, beckoning almost deliriously for Benjamin to come get him. Benjamin smirks, then approaches to chop Brown in the corner. Brown fights back with a halfhearted right hand, but Benjamin chops him again and delivers a belly-to-belly out of the corner.]

DT: Nice elevation on that belly-to-belly, as Karl Brown looks REALLY out of it here!

[Brown slowly crawls to a corner in an attempt to catch his wind, but Benjamin follows him and jerks him to a standing position, drilling him with a brutal dragon suplex. Brown's head is spiked off the mat, and his legs kick in the air spasmodically for a moment before he tips over to land on his face. Capitalizing, Benjamin delivers another dragon suplex, this time holding on and bridging.]

DT: Oh, bridging Dragon suplex ON the Dragon!



Thr-NO! Brown shouldered out!

MN: Lucky Downtown. I thought he was done.

[At this point, Brown looks dead on his feet. He wobbles to a standing position and throws a feeble punch, which misses by a mile. Benjamin smirks and whips Brown into the ropes, but the smaller man quickly leaps onto the top rope and backflips off, landing behind Benjamin and catching him in an inverted facelock, a position from which Brown snaps Yours Truly down into an inverted implant DDT!]




MN: He can't!!! He's too tired!!!

DT: I can't believe this!!! Karl Brown could have this match won, but he's too battered to make the cover!

[Both men lie prone in the ring as the referee counts. By the count of eight, both men are up. They take turns chopping each other before Brown waistlocks Benjamin and bulls him into a corner, driving a few slow shoulders into his gut.]

DT: Brown on the offensive now, but you can see that he's tired!

MN: Downtown's lookin' kinda sluggish. You're right - he IS tired.

[Drawing in a breath, Brown whips Benjamin into the opposite corner. Benjamin's face bounces off the turnbuckle, and he stumbles back into a Teardrop Suplex from Brown that draws a pop from the fans. As Benjamin staggers to his feet, Brown grabs him and hits a swinging neckbreaker, holding on to deliver a second and a third in rapid succession.]

DT: Ouch, rolling swinging neckbreakers from Brown! He's got the cover!

One -


NO, kickout by Benjamin!

MN: Neckbustas in triplicate!

[Brown wastes no time in pushing Benjamin back down and covering; he only gets a two count. Again, he pushes Benjamin down for a cover, but gets another two count. He pulls Benjamin up, then schoolboys him, but gets another two count. Similarly, a bridge only gets two for Brown.]

DT: Brown trying all the pinning predicaments he can pull out, but Benjamin won't go down!

MN: Apparently he's sure the neckbustas were enough!

[Shaking off exhaustion, Brown makes his way to the corner and begins climbing. He braces himself on the top turnbuckle and waits for Benjamin to rise.]

DT: Now the Dragon's gonna fly!

MN: What's he waitin' for?!

[Benjamin shakily regains his footing, and Brown flies off at him with a graceful cross-body... but Benjamin catches him in a fallaway position! Brown attempts to fight out, but Benjamin delivers a rib breaker, holding on. Yours Truly then draws back and swings the Dragon around his body into a stiff uranage!]

DT: OH!!! SWINGING URANAGE from Adam Benjamin! The cover!



Three - NO!!! Kickout!


[Rolling to his feet, Benjamin picks Brown up by the scruff of the neck and whips him into the corner, but Brown reverses. Benjamin winds up in the corner, where Brown body-splashes him. As Benjamin reels, Brown drags him to the top rope, hooking him up for a superplex.]

DT: Looks like Brown's going for the suplex off the top!

MN: The super DUPER plex!

[The crowd pops as Brown brings Benjamin up for the superplex; however, in mid-move Benjamin shifts his weight forward, bringing his knee up to slam smack into the side of Brown's face in an unbelievable counter! Brown's lights are immediately turned out, causing him to release his grip and fall to the mat, the superplex uncompleted. Benjamin lands on top of him.]







[SFX: *DINGDINGDING* - Bell rings.]


DT: What a phenomenal match between these two English superstars!

MN: That makes Benji 2 and 0 over Downtown Karl Brown, dude.

DT: Oh, stop. Regardless of statistics, Karl Brown showed himself to be a phenomenal athlete despite Benjamin's victory here tonight.

MN: Hell yeah.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
JA [c] vs. Sebastian Dodd vs. "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx - Wrestleverse I

JOHN DOE: "JA was a class act, he was the entertainment of the locker room , he could joke around all day but when it came to wrestling he was an encyclopedia of wrestling moves. The guy was a genius, the end. I worked him I think once in Empire, he could carry a match, with no hesitation I say he could. Sebastian Dodd, pratically the same, guy would work, he had amazing conditioning, could wrestle a six hour match if Dan Ryan asked him to. Then you have Marx, who was in a bit of a tussle with the upper management around this time but that's a whole 'nother story. If you take these three guys, toss them in a match, you get what happened at Wrestleverse I."


[“Stellar” hits on the PA and “Your Hero” Sebastian Dodd comes out to thundering boos.]

DT: Dodd is eschewing his normal shtick. He’s coming to the ring with a purpose.

MN: Yeah, a purpose to take the Eye-See title off of the undeserving waist of JA.

DM: Please Neely, JA didn’t ask for Dodd to come down, and in fact, if things went to plan, it would have been JA that was on the receiving end of that shot. Besides, what wrestler comes down to that song anyway?

DT: Well, judging theme songs aside, here comes the former champion...

[“Only Happy When It Rains” hits on the PA and former IC Champ “Gentleman” Jonathan Marx comes out to a mixed reaction.]

DM: Marx is another man possessed. He thinks he was wronged out of the title, and he wants it back.

MN: Well, he’s not going to get it back, seeing that he’s in the ring with the Almighty Dodd.

DT: And don’t forget the man who’s holding the title...

[“Eat the Rich” hits on the PA and the crowd explodes for the Intercontinental Champion. JA comes out with the title slung over his shoulder. He gets to the threshold of the ring, takes off his Elway jersey and tosses it into the crowd.]

MN: Shameless pandering!

DM: You’re just jealous because you’re not as popular, Neels.

MN: I’m popular. I was voted the number one wrestling announcer in Moose Jaw and Kamloomps.

DT: Hey, I didn’t win in Kamloomps? Gosh darn it!

DM: Alright kiddies, the match is about to start.

[SFX: *ding ding*]

DT: Alright, both challengers are eyeing up the champion and Dodd rushes in to charge at JA, but OH MY! He just ate turnbuckle! JA moved out of the way and now he’s eyeing up Dodd stumbling back, but...

DM: Wham bam thank you ma’am!

DT: Marx with a reverse DDT on the unsuspecting champ!

DM: JA let his guard down early and it cost him. Not the way you want to start off the match.

DT: Marx looking to grab JA, but, OH MY! Dodd just nailed him with a clothesline!

MN: There you go, Almighty Dodd! Kill ‘em both!

DT: Dodd’s now in early control of the match. JA’s getting to his feet, but Dodd kicks him in the face as he’s getting up! Dodd is a house on fire!

DM: Well, he obviously doesn’t respect JA, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

DT: Dodd’s got JA in a sleeper hold, but Marx is back up and he stomps both Dodd and JA! Marx picks JA and Dodd up, but...

DM: Rama-lama-ham-dam-a!

MN: Marx was right! JA and Dodd are working together!

DT: Well, they’re working together here as they’re both pummeling Marx here! Dodd with a left, JA with a right and Marx to the canvas. Dodd turns around and, HE JUST CLOCKED JA!

DM: So much for the teamwork theory.

MN: Well, Dodd has the right idea here. GO MY HERO!

DM: Don’t you mean Kenny Lombardo’s Hero?

DT: Whoever’s hero he is, Dodd has just tossed JA out of the ring. And now, he’s going to work on the former champ. Dodd goes over to Marx and he drops him *hard* with a side backbreaker.

MN: Almighty Dodd is taking no prisoners here! Go Sebastian, go!

DM: It’s only a backbreaker, Neels. I’d hate to see what you’d do if he hit a real move.

DT: Well, Dodd’s certainly not done yet. He’s got Marx in a Boston crab, locked in tight. The ref is checking with the former champ, but he’s not going to tap here.

DM: Of course not. Marx is battle-tested. It’ll take a lot more than that to make him tap.

DT: Dodd breaks the hold and drags Marx to his feet. He...

MN: ...McGreeveys him!

DT and DM: Shut up!

MN: Sheesh!

DT: Anyway, Dodd behind Marx and... BIG GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE...


But Marx kicks out. Not so close call there, but Dodd’s going back to work.

MN: Almighty Dodd is a student of the game.

DM: And so are the other two wrestlers here, which is why this has been and will be an outstanding match.

MN: Other two? JA is still outside the ring.

DM: Strategy. JA will get back in the match.

DT: But Dodd is handling Marx right now... ouch! Big time Russian side leg sweep right there. Dodd back to the canvas, this time with a sleeper hold on Marx.

DM: Dodd is aggressive like a pit bull here, Dave. I like this intensity.

MN: Finally, you fools are coming around to seeing the Almighty Dodd’s greatness.

DM: No one ever denied that he’s good, Neels. Thing is, we don’t worship him like he’s God either.

DT: Don’t you mean Dodd?

MN: Haha, very funny.

DT: What’s not funny here is that Marx looks like he’s getting worn down here. Ref raises his arm once, and Marx drops. Two times... and Marx’s arm stays up. Dodd breaks the hold and just STOMPS Marx right in his back!

DM: Mean streak~!

DT: Dodd picks Marx up and crashes him right back down the canvas again with a huge DDT! He covers again...



...but Marx kicks out again!

DM: Great tenacity by Marx here. He’s holdin’ on to the niiiight...

MN: Thanks for the eighties flashback there, Don Henley.

DM: Wait, Don Henley didn’t sing that song, did he?

DT: I don’t know, but Marx is in trouble here. Dodd’s going for the D-O-DDT, but wait... JA’s back in the ring and on the top rope...

DM: Come fly with him...


MN: Disqualify him! Loaded boots! Loaded boots!

DM: John Elway never flew like that, but then again, John Elway’s not a luchador!

DT: Dodd is on the canvas, he took those boots right to the temple! JA takes Marx and sets him up... OH MY! LUCKY SEVEN SUPLEX! JA just *planted* Marx on his head. He covers...



...but Dodd somehow got over to break it up!

DM: I don’t know how he got up, but that’s MOXIE!

MN: No it’s not, it’s the Almighty Dodd being... almighty!

DT: JA and Dodd both get up, and Dodd goes in with a left cross, but JA blocks it and nails him with a right jab! Dodd stumbles back and JA nails him with a clothesline!

DM: Promo-bot 7500X is malfunctioning!

MN: Show some respect to the Almighty Dodd!

DM: Much like you show tons of respect to the World Champ?

MN: Hey, Big Loafy doesn’t deserve respect, mkay?

DT: Well irregardless, JA’s got Dodd back on his feet and... chop!

Crowd: WOOOO!

DT: ...and another...

Crowd: WOOO!

DT: And another!

Crowd: WOOO!

DT: Dodd back against the ropes and JA whips him off. Dodd on the rebound and... FLAPJACK!

DM: With syrup!

DT: JA covers...


...but Dodd kicks out!

MN: I can’t believe this display of ripping off here. First the chops, then the flapjack...

DM: Oh please, next thing you’re going to tell me is that the vertical suplex is the domain and the domain only of Joey Melton.

MN: Well duh, who didn’t know that?

DT: I didn’t. I’ve seen people do the suplex for ages.

DM: Well, he does have a point. I mean, how old is Melton anyway?

MN: Hey, show some res...




...but Dodd kicks out again!

MN: This is blatant!

DM: Yes, blatantly punishing. JA’s taking out all his aggressions from Aggression out on Dodd here.

DT: And now JA grabs the legs and, oh my, I think we’re going to see a Liontamer here!

DM: Walls of Jericoholic! Walls of Jericoholic!

DT: JA’s pulling back tight, but... it’s Marx! Marx is up and he just nailed JA with a vicious clothesline!

DM: Payback for that nasty Joshi suplex JA whipped out on Marx earlier.

DT: Marx nails Dodd right in the back of the head with a knee drop and goes right back after JA.

DM: I don’t understand this. Pin Dodd, he’s out.

DT: But JA’s still pretty cognizant. This might be good strategy here by the Gentleman.

DM: Perhaps...

DT: JA’s back up, but Marx sends him back down to the canvas with another clothesline! Marx then with the knee right to JA’s throat! Ouch!

MN: Good job Marx. Shut that jerk-store up!


DM: Christ Jesus, you’d think Marx would have been doing that to Dodd considering how much he annoyed him this week.

DT: Marx back down on the canvas and he’s got JA in a Dragon sleeper!

DM: Hey, Neels, how about calling Marx out here on that totally unoriginal move.

MN: Bite me, that’s totally original.

DM: Right...

DT: I don’t know how JA is breathing here, Marx has that hold locked in tight. The ref is checking with JA, but the champ will not give up. Marx relinquishes the hold and grabs the champ. He’s picking JA up and he puts JA’s throat across his knee.

DM: I don’t like the looks of this...

DT: Marx leaps up and... DRIVES JA’S THROAT RIGHT INTO HIS KNEE! JA is GASPING for air here! Cover...



...but the champion kicks out! Marx wasting no time getting back and he DRIVES JA’s head down onto the canvas with a strong DDT. Another cover...



JA kicks out again!

DM: Marx is possessed. He wants his belt back.

DT: He sure does, and he’s gonna try to make JA tap in the bow and arrow hold to get it back! Marx with the hold cinched in, but Dodd’s up and he just LEVELED Marx with a boot to the face! Now he’s got JA and... DDT! He just planted the Anglo Luchador with that DDT!

DM: Dodd’s in a good position right now.

MN: Yes, the Almighty Dodd is going to win right here!

DT: Dodd’s grabbing JA back up and now he’s got Marx.

DM: Looks like we’re gonna see a COCONUT CRUNCH!

DT: That’s exactly what Dodd’s looking to do, but JA and Marx block it! Double kick to the gut and a double DDT! JA covers...


No! Marx drags JA off! Now he’s covering...


But JA drags him off! Now JA’s in Marx’s face! Right hand to Marx’s face! Marx fires back with a right of his own, and another, and another, now he’s grabbing the Anglo Luchador and... GOURDBUSTER! Marx covers...



But Dodd breaks up the pinfall and he covers...



Marx drags Dodd off and just NAILS him with a reverse DDT! Now Marx is going for a figure four on Dodd!

DM: Whoa, I think I need a cigarette after that.

MN: Yeah, that was intense, but not as intense as my night last night, ba-beee!

DM: Dude, all you did was look at the Sears catalogue.

MN: Hey, shut up!

DT: Marx’s got that hold locked in tight, but... here comes JA! Leg drop across Marx’s chest! Marx breaks the hold!

MN: More infringement!

DT: Infringement or not, JA’s got Dodd now and... OH NO! DODD JUST REVERSED JA INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!



But JA kicks out. Both men back to their feet, but... MARX JUST NAILED BOTH OF THEM WITH A DUAL CLOTHESLINE!

DM: This is insane!

DT: Marx grabs Dodd and whips him off the ropes... SPINEBUSTER! He’s gonna try to cover, but JA grabs him from behind... DRAGON SUPLEX! That’s the second big suplex JA has landed on Marx this match!


MN: Freak!

DT: JA’s now going to the top rope, he jumps... frogsplash on Marx... NO! Marx moved! Marx moved!

MN: And here comes the Almighty Dodd!

DT: Dodd is up and.... BIG RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON JA! Now he’s got the champ and.... HERO’S END! DODD’S GOT HIM IN THE HERO’S END!

DM: Not for long!

DT: OUCH! Marx just came out of NOWHERE and nailed Dodd with a bulldog! Marx’s got JA and... MARXISM! He’s stretching the champion!

MN: Here comes Dodd!

DT: And Dodd with a stomp right on the back of Marx’s head! Dodd grabs Marx and...




DT: D-O-DDT! Marx has gotta be out!




And JA breaks up the pinfall!

DM: This match certainly isn’t for the faint of heart!

DT: I know. JA’s got Dodd and one shot to the head, but Dodd absorbs it and shoots another one back. JA with another right cross, but Dodd fires right back with a jab. JA goes with a wild haymaker, but Dodd ducks it and... BACK SUPLEX! Dodd covers...



...but Marx breaks up the pinfall!

MN: That’s not very gentlemanly of Marx!

DM: When titles are on the line, Neels, gentlemanliness goes out the window.

DT: You’re right. Marx grabs Dodd and PLANTS him with a gourdbuster. He goes over to JA... NO! JA just clocked Marx with an uppercut to his abdominal area... SITOUT POWERBOMB! JA with the pin...



Th... NO! Dodd breaks up the pin attempt with a pinpoint dropkick right to JA’s head as he was sitting there!

DM: Holy crap, man. All three of these guys are dishing out and taking massive amounts of punishment.

MN: And this is where Dodd’s almightiness will go in his favor.

DT: Dodd’s got JA and it looks like he’s gonna give him the D-O-DDT too. What? He can’t hit the move... because Marx is hanging on his legs!

MN: Talk about desperation!

DM: This is Empire gold we’re talking about here. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Eye-See belt or the Big One, it’s an honor and a prestige to carry it. And Marx wants desperately to carry it!

DT: Marx to his feet and... reverse DDT on Dodd, but Dodd didn’t let go of JA, so he got a DDT too! All three men are down on the canvas!

DM: It looks like a war zone in there!

MN: Oh man, this is where Dodd rises from the dead to win the match!

DT: Cut the blasphemy out, Neely! We don’t want to offend our Christian viewers!

MN: Well, we signed Cross to a contract, so too late for that.

DT: All three men are stirring, trying to get up. Have we ever had a triple count out before?

DM: Not that I know of, and I hope we don’t start here - hey look at that!

DT: Folks, Adam Benjamin has just come down the ramp and is setting up a chair at ringside - he's settling in to watch the match!

MN: It's Big Daddy English!

DT: JA to his knees over on the ropes. Dodd’s crawling on all fours here. Marx is the first one to his feet full. He goes over to Dodd and... OKLAHOMA ROLL!



But Dodd kicks out. JA now up to his feet and he’s stalking Marx.... SCHOOL BOY!



NO! Marx kicks out.

DM: So many close calls here.

DT: And here comes another one as Dodd sneaks up behind JA and rolls him up!



NO! JA kicks out. Dodd rolls quickly to a corner.

DM: Good strategy here by Dodd, seeing as how everyone’s been getting snuck up on here.

DT: JA and Marx similarly retreat to corners as the crowd is wildly cheering each of these three men’s efforts.

DM: Is it safe to say that we’re at the beginning of round two here?

MN: A round where the Almighty Dodd will score a big win!

DT: All three men come out of their corners, and... OH MY! JA AND MARX JUST TOOK DODD’S HEAD OFF WITH THAT DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

MN: Blasphemy! Dodd Almighty, get up!

DM: I think both of these men were tired of Dodd’s antics during the week and want to settle this match themselves, like they should have been able to do last week.

DT: Collar and elbow tie... NO! Dodd just got up and clocked JA on the side of the head! Now he’s engaging Marx! This has turned into a donnybrook!

DM: Very uncharacteristic for the Gentleman, but his emotions are besting him right here!

DT: Right from Dodd, left from Marx, right from Dodd, another right from Dodd, left uppercut from Dodd misses and Marx counters with a jumping armbreaker!

DM: Now that’s more in the Gentleman’s wheelhouse!

DT: Marx grabs Dodd and gets him in a hammerlock, but look at this! JA’s to his feet and he’s going to the top again. He jumps and... MISSES WITH THE MISSILE DROPKICK! Marx released the hold and JA missed both Marx and Dodd!

DM: Went to the well one time too many if you asked me!

MN: Well, we didn’t ask you... even though I agree with you.

DM: Jerk.

DT: Marx goes over to JA and he’s got him in a half crab! JA’s in pain here, guys, and... oh man, look, Dodd’s up! What’s he doing?

MN: This is genius! He’s got the other leg! It’s a double Boston crab! Long live Dodd Almighty!

DM: Holy crap, that is genius. Taking him down like that. Although one question, what happens if JA taps here? Who wins?

DT: I don’t know, but I’m sure JA doesn’t want to find out here. He’s trying to inch closer to the ropes, but I don’t know how long he can hold out.

MN: Tap! Tap you silly bastard!

DM: He likes his title too much. I don’t think it’s in him.

DT: JA looks like he’s about to pass out. The ref is checking him and... WHAT? DODD JUST RELEASED HIS END OF THE HOL D AND CLOCKED JONATHAN MARX!

DM: I guess Dodd didn’t want to find out what would have happened if JA tapped here.

MN: Good strategy. Leech off of Marx and put JA out of commission. The title is Dodd’s!

DT: Dodd picks up Marx and locks him up in a sleeper hold!

MN: Lights out! New champion!

DT: Dodd has that hold locked in, and Marx seems to be fading fast... ref holds the arm up once... drops! He holds the arm up twice... drops.

DM: Not looking good for the former champ...

DT: Holds it up third time... and MARX KEEPS IT UP!

MN: Blood doping! Blood doping!

DT: Marx pushes back and drives Dodd into the corner with all his power. Dodd breaks the hold and Marx turns around... KICK TO THE GUT by Dodd! Oh my, Dodd saw it coming! Dodd locks him up... slingshot suplex! He covers...



Thr... NO! Marx kicks out. In the other corner, JA is finally getting to his feet.

DM: That may have been a big mistake. JA’s legs were hurting, but he’s back to his feet now.

MN: The damage has been done. Let’s pay attention to the new champion now, the Almighty Dodd!

DT: Dodd’s picking Marx up, and now he’s taunting the Gentleman! He kicks him in the gut and motions to the crowd... I think we’re going to see another D-O-DDT here... but... NO! JA just came in and saved Jonathan Marx by giving Sebastian Dodd a spinning heel kick to the face!

DM: I didn’t know he had it in him! This guy truly has the heart of a champion!

DT: JA back up, one crack to Dodd’s face, two, three, four, five. Dodd’s back into the corner, exhausted. JA charges in and... NO! He just ate turnbuckle there! JA stumbles out and Dodd goes to kick him in the gut but JA blocks it and almost immediately spins Dodd around three hundred sixty degrees! JA kicks Dodd in the gut and grabs him, spins him around and...

DM: KARELIN DRIVER! KARELIN DRIVER! Full force too! I think Dodd’s knocked stone cold out!

DT: JA with the chance to pin and win here...



NO! Marx breaks up the pin with a fist to JA’s back and now he’s got him in the MARXISM! MARXISM! That STF! JA has nowhere to go.

DM: The Gentleman is gonna get his belt back, and there’s no Dodd to save JA now!

MN: Crap! Get up Dodd! Get up!

DM: What, to save JA?

MN: No, to kick the crap out of both of them and win the match!

DT: JA is flailing, and he’s inching closer to the ropes. Can he get there? He’s slowly dragging Marx to the ropes! JA reaches... NO! He can’t reach! He stretches his arm back out...

DM: Marx has got that thing cinched in! He’s stretching like a madman!

DT: JA reaching his arm out... he’s stretching, he’s stretching...

MN: NO! Tap JA! Tap! IF Dodd can’t win, then Marx had better!

DT: JA’s got his arm in the air... is he gonna reach the ropes or is he gonna tap... he... REACHES THE ROPES! JA IS IN THE ROPES!

MN: I can’t friggin believe it! But how much does the Anglo Luchador have left in his tank?

DT: Who knows? This match has been among the most intense straight up wrestling matches I’ve ever seen in my life. Marx back to his feet, visibly frustrated! He grabs JA and whips him into the turnbuckle. Marx heads over and puts JA on the top rope.

DM: I think we’re going to see that super DDT he used to finish off Troy Douglas a few weeks back!

DT: Marx climbs up and puts JA in the front facelock but... NO! JA just landed one, two, three shots to Marx’s kidneys! Marx is wobbly and... JA SHOVED HIM FROM THE TOP ROPES!

DM: Is he thinking aerial move?

DT: JA’s just standing there. I think the missed frogsplash and missile dropkick from earlier are in his head right now. And... JA’s descending from the top. He grabs Marx and picks him up, but Marx lands a blow to JA’s head!

DM: Oh man, how much fight is left in both these guys?

MN: Too much...

DT: Marx goes for another right hand, but JA blocks it and kicks low in Marx’s gut. He grabs Marx and....


DT: JA covers....




[SFX: *ding ding ding*]

Tony Fatora: Here is your winner, and STILL EMPIRE PRO INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION...


DT: JA has done it! He’s legitimized his claim to the Intercontinental Championship, but he had to fight a war to do it!

DM: That’s an understatement, Dave. Both Jonathan Marx and Sebastian Dodd brought their A-games tonight and all three men had me whoaing like Keanu Reeves over here.

MN: Bah, the best moment is yet to come.

DM: What’s that?

MN: When JA’s victory is overturned due to steroid abuse and blood doping.

DT: Oh will you give it a rest?


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Troy/Sands (cc) vs. Cameron Cruise Project vs. Priest/Eisenkreuz vs. Blitz


WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: "Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy/Christian Sands [cc] vs. The Cameron Cruise Project vs. Priest/Eisenkreuz vs. Blitz – Russian Roulette

MACK BRODY: “Hey, EPW. This is one third of the tag team wunderkinds… *chuckles* … The Heirs of Wrestling’s muscle, Mack Brody. I will be picking up on a match that was really enjoyable for me. What we’re seeing here is a Tag Team Turmoil match between the reigning and defending champions, Lindsay Troy and Christian Sands. They defended against the legendary Cameron Cruise Project, the cocky Priest and his bodyguard Eisenkreuz, and the twin juggernaut badasses, Blitz. Now, what we do is tell a story in the ring… but sometimes, you just need a good balls-to-the-wall kind of match with action two miles a minute and we get that here. The odds were against Troy and Sands to say the least… could they overcome the odds? Spoiler alert: Nah, just ****ing with you. WATCH IT!”
TONY FATORA: The following match up is a Tag Team Turmoil match. All the teams will be in the ring at the same time if one member is pinned the whole team is eliminated. Introducing first….

(CUEUP: “Headstrong” as Joey Melton and Cameron Cruise walk down the ramp. But before Fatora can finish the introduction two figures explode from the curtain and charge down the ramp…their names….Max and Jecht…Blitz.)

DT: And this match hasn’t even started! Jecht with a clothesline to the back of Joey Melton as Max hits a Bulldog on Cameron Cruise.

DM: Nice attack, solid and quick.

MN: Cheating…that’s what it is! Hey what’s that over their, coming out of the stands….wait a minute…IT’S PRIEST AND EISENKREUZ!

DT: Priest sliding in the ring and Eisenkreuz following



DM: And here comes Sands and Troy down the ramp! Esienkreuz sliding out of the ring as he grabs Melton forcing him in the ring. Sands with a big boot to the face of Priest. Lindsay Troy leaping in the air….CROSSBODY TO CAMERON CRUISE!

MN: Esienkreuz picking Melton up, Melton with a shot to the gut, and another, Melton breaking free…SPINNING WHEEL KICK TO ESIENKREUZ!

DM: Sands grabbing Priest…..Irish Whip….AND PRIST GOES HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST Sands sending him in the ring.

DT: Troy and Cruise exchanging punches…..Cameron with a low kick…..VERTICAL SUPLEX AS HE HOLDS LINDSAY IN THE AIR…..Cruise aligning himself with those ring steps…VERTICAL SUPLEX TO LINDSAY TROY ONTO THE STEEL RINGSTEPS!

DM: And Cruise putting Lindsay in the ring as he slides in as well.

DT: And out tag team champions are in the ring with 3 other tag teams.

MN: This is going to be quite interesting.

DM: No this is going to be utter havoc!

DT: And Christian Sands is going to start things off as he shoves PRIEST, PRIEST shoving back.

MN: Cameron Cruise with a clothesline to the back of Jecht, as this has just turned into a tag team brawl!

DT: Lindsay Troy getting involved as she low kicks PRIEST, Christian Sands picking him up.

DM: Cameron Cruise Irish whipping Jecht, as Joey Melton has Max forced into a corner.

MN: Sands is going to body press PRIEST!

DT: NO! Cruise Irish whip Jecht into Sands, Sands falls over, and PRIEST lands on top of him.

MN: 1… 2… KICKOUT!



MN: Is it me or is everyone in that corner??

DM: Everyone's at the corner.

MN: Not surprised especially with Lindsay there

DT: Sands is to his feet, here comes Eisenkreuz bouncing off the ropes and charging at Sands¦.. SANDS CATCHES HIM IN A BELLY TO BELLY OVER HEAD SUPLEX! And Eisenkreuz lands on that crowd by the turnbuckle!


DT: I think they are both out of it. Look at that lump on Priest's head, it looks like an egg.

MN: Cameron Cruise to his feet as he looks at a knocked out Priest cover… 1… 2... faint kick out.



MN: THREE!! They cheated Christian Sands! I can't believe it!


MN: Lindsay looking at Sands in disgust as she slides out the ring with Sands.

DT: And Max tying up with Cruise, Jecht with Joey. PRIEST and Eisenkreuz look at the brawl Cameron pushing Max away as they both look at PRIEST..DOUBLE TEAM SUPLEX TO PRIEST FROM CAMERON CRUISE AND MAX! AND A DOULBE TEAM CLOTHES LINE FROM JOEY AND JECHT TO EISENKREUZ!!!

MN: WOW! I would have never expected that!


MN: Cameron Cruise turning around and PRIEST's giving him the finger!

DT: Toe kick from PRIEST...SWINING NECKBREAKER! Here's the cover..1..2.and Joey Melton breaking up the count.

DM: And Jecht sliding in the ring as he rushes at Melton...Melton Turning around...SPINEBUSTER FROM JECHT!

MN: Jecht grabbing Eisenkreuz and forcing him on his shoulders…Max is on the top rope…MAX JUMPING OFF AS HE HITS A SIDE EFFECT!!!! COVER 1..2.


DT: THREE!!!!!!!! The extra weight pinned Eisenkreuz down! And it comes down to Blitz and The Cameron Cruise Project.

DM: Joey Melton exchanging punches with Max, and Cameron Cruise is tying up with Jecht. Cameron with the duck under, and Joey gaining control. Cameron going for a German Suplex.

MN: He can't lift him up!

DT: Max forced into the corner again as Joey mounts the turnbuckle and punches the head.

DM: Jecht with the elbow to Cameron's face, Joey dismounting Max…AND MAX EYE RAKING JOEY MELTON.

MN: Nice move, very nice.

DT: Jecht grabbing Cameron by the neck and is choking him in the air. AND JECHT SLAMS CAMERON CRUISE TO THE RING.

DM: That had to hurt his back. Max Irish whipping Joey Melton, he's heading towards Jecht..

MN: Head over shoulder toss by Jecht as Joey is sent into the air. Jecht is setting up for a camel clutch on Joey Melton. And he's locked it!

DT: Max bouncing off the turnbuckles and is rushing at Joey. MAX WITH THE DROPKICK..


MN: And Cameron Cruise with a German Suplex to Max! He rolls to his feet, and another German Suplex! ROLLING AGAIN! THREE PERFECT GERMAN SUPLEXS FROM CAMERON CRUISE TO MAX!

DT: Jecht getting to his feet, rollup by Joey Melton.1..2..3


DM: NO! The referee saying that Jecht had his foot on the rope. Melton is in shock, Cruise Mud-Hole stomping Max. Joey pulling Jecht to his feet. Jecht with a punch to Melton, and another, and Jecht has Melton doubled over.

DT: POWER BOMB FROM JECHT!!! 12..and Cameron Cruise breaks up the count! Cruise punching Jecht, Irish whip, Jecht running at Max, Max halts Jecht. As Max runs at Cruise, CAMERON WITH A TRIP AS MAX HITS THE SECOND ROPE!

MN: OH NO! Jecht is rushing at Cameron Cruise! That's like a freight train coming at a buggy!


DT: Cruise and Melton grabbing Jecht. REVERSED SUPLEX FROM THE CAMERON CRUISE PROJECT. Cover by Joey Melton

MN: 1..2..Kick out. Max recovering as he punches Cameron Cruise. Joey forcing Jecht to his feet, Jecht Irish whipping Melton. Cameron Cruise with a low kick to Max. CAMERON CRUISE GOING FOR A SHARP CLOTHESLINE..


MN: He practically did a backflip!

DM: Cruise is in shock, Max punches Cruise in the face, Cameron backing up Jecht is behind him as he puts him on his shoulders, Cruise is struggling. Max on the top rope.


MN: YES!!!!

DM: Cover from Max! 1.2.Joey Melton comong the the rescue. NO JECHT THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

DT: THREE!!!!!!

SFX: Ding Ding!



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Troy Douglas vs. The Sergeant (c) – Black Dawn 2008

ANARKY: “What can you really say about this match? Four years Troy Douglas wiled away, desperately trying to really breakthrough in EPW. Not an easy feat for anybody, no matter how talented. Sarge here has got all the momentum in the world after ending Brown's unbelievable IC streak. This is one of those endurance matches that you almost had to witness in person. These guys left absolutely NOTHING there in that ring. Nobody could walk away and say, "Oh, y'know, Sarge really mailed it in." They worked the hell out of this match, and of course Troy got over in a godly way with the sharpshooter passout submission. You gotta love that -- it instantly elevated Douglas from never-was to full-on superstar. And of course it set the stage for the coming events in EPW.”


DT: Well, ladies and gentlemen… we’re moments away from the Intercontinental Title bout.

MN: OH, CRAP!! I left my list of Megatron jokes on the nightstand in my hotel room! Man, I had some GOOD ones!

DM: Here, Mike… you can look off my list.

MN: Dang, Dean, thanks!

DM: Your welcome. We need somebody babbling incoherently while we call the action, after all.

DT: The story behind this match goes back to Aggression 32, not far from here in the city of Dallas. It was on that night that the Sergeant ended a MONSTER title reign by becoming the Intercontinental Champion in beating the “The Dragon” Karl Brown. Some would say that the Sergeant won by unjust means in using a chair against his opponent, though some would argue that he was only evening the odds…

MN: Hey, chair shots are the way to go. I’m glad Sarge got that through his head. He has real promise, you know? Can you see a reign of him just bashing people’s heads in?

DM: I hope I NEVER have to see that.

DT: Troy Douglas was also involved in the match on that fateful evening when the Sergeant walked out of the building with the title. But, regardless of his defeat, Troy Douglas STILL laid down the challenge for the title!

MN: Let it be known, that Troy Douglas ALWAYS shoots his wad in the end.

DM: …while Mike doesn’t quite have a pleasant way of saying it, many would agree with him. Troy Douglas has been with this company for FOUR YEARS and never tasted Empire Pro gold.

DT: But tonight… that could all CHANGE!! He faces an equally determined opponent who is set to prove that he is a LEGITIMATE champion! These two have been locking horns over the past few months, and their rivalry has culminated to THIS moment… at BLACK DAWN!!

[“You Known My Name” by Chris Cornell hits the PA, and the crowd POPS WILDLY!! Troy Douglas’ video package plays on the VERY LARGE screens as the arena flashes in lights of blue and red!]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is set for one fall, and for the EMPIRE PRO INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing first, the challenger… from Greensboro, North Carolina… he weighs in 260 pounds… HE IS… TTRROOOOYYY DDOOOUUUGGLAASSS!!

[Three CANNON BLASTS ring through the air as fireworks LIGHT UP the stage and the song cuts to its chorus! Troy Douglas BOUNDS of the entry-way to a HUGE ovation, slapping hands with the fans during his extended walk to the ring.]

DT: Troy Douglas is HERE, and he looks READY for this match!

MN: Yeah… strange how no matter how many times he gets knocked off his cloud, he puts himself back on it every single time.

DM: You can’t look at it so pessimistically, Mike. Troy Douglas has had a number of trials throughout both his LIFE and his CAREER… and in spite of them all, he sticks to the game, puts his best effort forward, and STILL gets this crowd of TENS of THOUSANDS to their feet by just walking to the ring!

DT: Troy Douglas is looking to take that a step FURTHER by picking up a win here tonight, and earning his place in Empire Pro history. But he’s got a hell of a man to go through to get there…

[The arena lights cut to black as Troy Douglas is standing in the ring. “We Right Here” by DMX hits the PA, and the crowd POPS!! The Sergeant’s usual video package begins to play as green and yellow “camo” lights flicker through the arena.]

TF: And his opponent… from Springfield, Missouri… he weighs in at 201 pounds, and represents the UNITED STATES MILITARY FORCES!! He is the EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!! Please welcome… THEEE SSEEEERRRRGGGEEEAAAANNNTTTT!!!

[HUGE pyros explode across the stage as SARGE charges out onto the rampway, playing up to the SCREAMING fans surrounding him!! To a HUGE ovation, he makes his way to the ring, eyes focused on the challenger standing between the ropes. Douglas watches his arrival and entrance to the ring. Sarge takes a moment to go to various corners and hold up his title for a WAVE of flickering lights from flash photography, until he hands the belt over and goes over to his corner to stretch. The referee holds the title into the air before handing it off to the timekeeper.]

DT: Both of these men have made big claims for tonight… and we’ll see WHICH of the two of them can back up their words!!

MN: Five bucks Megatron eats it in the first ten minutes.

DM: I’ll see that. I have a hunch Douglas will find some success now that Michael Bay’s hitting it big with Transformers.

DT: The referee rings the bell, and the battle for the Intercontinental Title begins NOW!! Douglas and the Sergeant advancing toward each other… and there’s the tie-up!

DM: Douglas slaps on a quick arm wrench… but Sarge just follows through and reverses, flipping Douglas onto his back! The champion slaps on a headlock to maintain control!

DT: Keep your eye on Douglas now… here he comes with a Back Suplex—OH WAIT, the Sergeant lands on his feet, reverses with a Full-Nelson hold! And now Douglas pitches his weight forward, sending Sarge up and over… but Sarge lands SAFELY on his feet!

DM: Good use of reversals we’re seeing. Both of these men are well-trained wrestlers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some good back and forth action on the mat.

MN: Oh geez… I’m gonna read this magazine. Tell me when it gets interesting.

DM: Watch, Mike. You might LEARN something.

DT: I wouldn’t hold out on that, Dean… both men with a brief moment to regain themselves as they watch each other closely… and there’s the tie-up once again! Sarge, looking for something… but Douglas sinks his hands behind his head and puts him right in a clinch! And there’s the KNEE right below the jaw for added effect!

DM: A SECOND knee! The champion’s in a precarious situation now… and Douglas, again—NO!! Sarge catches the leg before Douglas could land another strike, and the champion PUTS HIM to the mat!

DT: Textbook ground and pound now… Sarge laying a series of FISTS into the face of the challenger… but Douglas wraps his legs around his middle, and puts the champion’s head under his arm! Oh man, he’s got him locked into a GUILLOTINE CHOKEHOLD!!

MN: Am I watching EPW or UFC?!

DM: Sarge tags the ropes and saves himself from yet another sticky situation. Douglas is really presenting the challenge tonight.

DT: But the Sergeant has barely begun his work.

MN: Yeah, wait until he grabs a chair. Screw your chokeholds and take-downs and Go-Go-Gadget-Platas or what have you…

DT: Both men on their feet again… there’s the lock up!! Douglas with a different advance, gets the Sergeant trapped with a double standing underhooks… and TAKES HIM to the mat once again! Oh no, WAIT!! Sarge rolls THROUGH and ends up on top!

DM: And the champion sinks in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! We’ve seen a couple submission holds thus far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the match we could expect to see!

DT: Douglas not near any ropes, but seems to have his armed positioned in a way where Sarge can’t get the maximum effect on the hold… and now it’s Douglas getting to his feet, trying to shake the Sergeant off! There’s a PUNCH to the face of the champion… and ANOTHER, and Sarge releases the hold!

DM: Both men scrambling to their feet… Douglas up first, and goes for a lariat—DUCKED by Sarge, who reaches back and nails a NECKBREAKER!!

DT: And just like that, the Intercontinental Champion takes control of this match! Here’s the first cover for the night!

And a kickout by Douglas. May be a little to soon for that.

DM: Regardless, the Sergeant is going to keep the pressure going. Douglas back up, but not for long as Sarge puts him down with a scoop slam. Sarge off the ropes… into the air, and INTO THE STERNUM of Troy Douglas with all four knuckles from that jumping fist drop!

DT: Sarge with another cover!

Another kickout from Troy Douglas, who shows he still has a long way to go before he can be put down!

MN: Not that it matters how long it takes. Douglas ALWAYS goes down…

DT: That may change tonight, Mike… but the Sergeant will do anything to see that title remains around his waist! He waits for Douglas to come to his feet, and comes running in for a clothesline… but Douglas DUCKS, and reverses with a BACKSLIDE PIN!!

THR—OH, that was close! Troy Douglas nearly stole the title right there.

DM: But the champion is no fool, and doesn’t like being MADE into a fool! Douglas up, but the champion meets him with a standing dropkick to put him down again! Now he’s going for the leg, slapping on a Side Leglock on the prone Troy Douglas before he can make a move!

DT: Douglas, feeling the pain, but denies the referee’s request to tap out. The Sarge keeps the hold locked in for a few more moments to work that leg… and finally releases! Still has a grip on that leg as he flips Douglas over onto his belly… lifts him by the ankle HIGH INTO THE AIR… and DRIVES down on that knee!! He seems to be focusing a lot on his opponent’s mobility!

DM: Not a bad idea. Troy Douglas already has a bit of a weight and power advantage, so slowing him down would be an effective offense. Now the Sergeant keeps the heat on, taking that leg and wrapping it into a Single Crab! Held a bit low to focus more on the knee than the back!

DT: Troy Douglas is REALLY hurting now! You can just SEE the pain in face, fans, as he reaches for the ropes but is kept in place by the champion! Douglas has to escape… but the Sergeant finally releases the hold, much to his mercy!

MN: Are you kidding? He’s a SERGEANT!! They know no mercy! He’s gonna drop him and DEMAND he gives fifty without breaking a sweat!

DM: But the champ is only going to give him a half second to rub that sore leg as he brings him to his feet again! Now the Sarge has his arms around his leg… lifts him up for a KNEE CRUSHER—NO!!

DT: Douglas kicked his leg FREE, and COUNTERS with a bulldog! Excellent quick thinking on the part of the challenger.

MN: To think if he’d done that some time ago, he wouldn’t have waited four years to get a taste of gold.

DT: Can it, Mike. Douglas with an advantage now as he positions himself across the Sergeant’s back… props his arms over his knees, and locks in a CAMEL CLUTCH!! Now THERE’S a move you hardly see anymore!

DM: Amen to that, Dave… although I’m not sure if Douglas has enough size and strength to really put that into full effect. Sarge is resisting the tap out, but at least Douglas is taking away a good chunk of his stamina!

DT: Finally, Troy Douglas releases the hold. What’s he doing now? Douglas wrapping the champion’s legs around his own… grabs ahold of both arms, and—PULLS BACK for the Mexican Surfboard! WOW, the challenger is REALLY showing his prowess in submission moves tonight! Could he be looking for the tapout?!

MN: Apparently not TOO much prowess, cause I see his shoulders on the mat…

DT: Oh, quick eye, Mike! The referee making the count!

And Douglas breaks the hold before facing an unceremonious defeat! But the damage is already done.

DM: Both men back up… and Douglas with arm drag, puts Sarge back on his mat! Now he slaps on an armbar!

DT: Man, the Sarge is really feeling the pressure from the challenger! It’s as though Troy Douglas was in there saying, “Two can play at this game!” But wait… now it’s the Sergeant getting back to his feet! This capacity crowd is RALLYING behind the Intercontinental Champion as he works his way off the mat…

MN: These saps sure like their cheater champions, huh?

DM: Here’s Sarge with a shot to Douglas’ ribs with his free arm… and Douglas releases the hold before he can take any more damage! Sarge meets him with a CHOP across the chest to reel him back… sends himself into the ropes… here’s Douglas with a clothesline attempt, but Sarge COUNTERS with a CRUCIFIX PIN—

DT: OH NO, turned into a SAMOAN DROP from the challenger!! Douglas quickly derailed the champion’s plans to make a comeback, which is just what he’ll need to do if he hopes to walk out of here with that title.

MN: Or go the way the guy before him did: just beat his brains in with a chair.

DT: You know that’s not going to happen, Mike… but nevermind that, perhaps Troy Douglas can win NOW as he makes the cover!



NO!! A strong kickout from the Sergeant, who proves he still has a little left in the tank!

DM: Things are getting drastic now in that ring. We can see it’s beginning to move out of the technical wrestling contest from earlier, as Troy Douglas uses his strength advantage to keep the Sergeant at bay. He’s still tending to that leg the champion worked on earlier, but he seems to be ignoring the pain while he continues to work.

DT: Douglas, now, bringing Sarge to his feet… there’s the Irish Whip to the corner! Douglas coming in for a STINGER SPLASH—and Sarge DODGES at the last moment, causing Troy Douglas to EAT the top turnbuckle like Rosanne Bar into a butterball turkey!

MN: Interesting image, Dave… are you looking off my notes?

DM: Costly error for Troy Douglas as the Sergeant recuperates and grabs him from behind… the champ, looking for a GERMAN SUPLEX—but CAN’T get Douglas over! Troy got his leg in the ropes…

DT: Sarge doesn’t break the hold… and Douglas BLASTS him off with an ACE CUTTER out of nowhere!! The champion’s LIGHTS just went out with that one, and here’s Douglas with the cover!



NO!! A kickout from the Sergeant!

DM: Troy Douglas is really wearing the champion down now. Sarge looking groggy, but Douglas forces him to his feet… hooks him around the head… lifts him UP, AND A BRAINBUSTER follows!!

MN: I guess the Sarge will forever be known as the only serviceman to be shell-shocked without ever actually having been in the dirt.

DT: I’d watch my mouth, if I was you. Then again, if I was you, I’d also likely cry myself to sleep every night…

MN: …dang, how’d you know I did that?

DT: Ugh, nevermind… back to the ring, where Douglas hoping to pick up the win here!



NO!! The Sarge will NOT let himself be beaten!

DM: Douglas is still in control, though. He can’t let himself get impatient at this point. Now he has the champion to his feet again, and there’s the whip to the ropes. Douglas looking for the Back Body Drop, but goes too soon—and SARGE, with a DRILLING DDT, puts Douglas to the mat!

DT: OH MY!! We’ve got both men lying prone on the mat, and this capacity crowd is going WILD for the both of them as the referee begins the ten count!





Looks like the Intercontinental Champion will be the first one on his feet… but now we’re seeing signs of life in Troy Douglas!


DM: And now it’s SARGE up… And here’s DOUGLAS with him! Here we GO!!

DT: SARGE with a shot to the face… and Douglas FIRES BACK!! The Sergeant with ANOTHER big strike, and Douglas returns!! SERGEANT… DOUGLAS… SERGEANT… DOUGLAS… SERGEANT… SERGEANT… SERGEANT… and the CHAMPION beginning to get some steam as he PUMMELS Troy Douglas to the ropes!

MN: Looks like Douglas is entering “blow-it” mode once again!

DM: There’s Sarge with the whip to the other ropes… but Douglas reverses! Sarge rebounds… runs straight into a Douglas SPINEBUSTER—NO!! Ear-clap from the champion… who counters with a NECKBREAKER, and the fans just POP to their feet!

DT: What a COMEBACK by the champion, Sarge!! He quickly goes for the cover!



NO!! A kickout by Troy Douglas!! How much does the champion have to dish out to put down this determined-as-hell challenger?

MN: Eh… the secret’s usually in holding out long enough for that challenger to blow his chance.

DT: Even if that WERE true, Mike—which I know it ISN’T—how long would that be? The Sergeant maintaining control… brings Troy Douglas to his feet, and now it’s HIS turn to unleash the punishing maneuvers! He hooks Douglas by the face… hooks the leg as he lifts him up, and BRIDGES with a Fisherman Suplex!!



NO!! Another kickout from the challenger, who refuses to go down without a fight.

DM: Sarge needs to up the ante a bit to put this guy away… and it looks like he’s just now realizing that as he brings Douglas back off the mat and leads him to the ropes. What’s he got planned? Standing-legscissor… into a POWERBOMB!?

DT: SARGE, looking to send TROY DOUGLAS to the outside like he did at Russian Roulette… NO!! Douglas grabs the ROPES, and Sarge goes TOPPLING WITH HIM as both men TUMBLE VIOLENTLY to the outside! MY GOD, what a nasty spill!!

MN: Somebody get the cleaning crew out here to wipe that sweat off the mat in front of us… cause these guys STINK!!

DM: That’s the smell of the sport, Mike! The smell I love!

MN: Yeah, I bet.

DM: …shut up, Mike.

DT: Douglas back on his feet… takes Sarge by the head and DRIVES HIM right into the corner of the apron… and DRAGS HIM a few feet for extra measure! That just left a big rub mark across the forehead of the Intercontinental Champion! This match is getting BRUTAL now!

DM: Douglas taking the beaten champ by the arm… looking to WHIP HIM to the steel post—but Sarge STOPS HIM in his tracks… yanks Douglas back, and lifts him onto his SHOULDERS—OH MAN, OLYMPIC SLAM INTO THE RINGPOST!!

DT: WOW!! He could’ve broken Troy Douglas’ SPINE with that move!!

MN: Silly Dave… Megatron has no spine!

DT: Sarge just ended Douglas’ attempt to regain control with that quick reversal… and he slips into the ring only briefly to end the referee’s count at seven. Douglas is feeling the pain in his back, and that may prove to be a factor if the Sergeant is able to lock in the CORRECTIVE TRAINING!!

DM: But for now, he continues to chip away at the challenger… Sarge takes him by the arm and gets him to his feet… and just WHIPS HIM straight into the steel barricade at ringside!! Still managing to work on that back, Dave! Good observation!

DT: Douglas trying to get to his feet… and a CLOTHESLINE from the Sergeant knocks him RIGHT OVER THE BARRICADE and into the RINGSIDE SEATS!! Looks like those fans who shelled out the extra dough to get that ringside experience are REALLY getting their money’s worth now!

DM: There’s the Sergeant into the ring to break the count… now wait, he STAYS in the ring? Looking for a count-out win? No wait… the Sergeant running to the ROPES as Douglas gets to his feet… here comes THE SERGEANT—


DM: I SURE DID, Dave! The Sergeant just went OVER THE ROPES with that Suicide Dive, and CLEARED THE FREAKING BARRICADE… CRASHING into Troy Douglas before he could so much as look up and see what was coming at him!

MN: Yeah, Dave, those fans are REALLY getting the ringside experience with two sweaty guys lying on top of them!

DT: Both competitors are now lying in a heap in the first three rows… and now it seems that the champion is finally coming back to his senses! He’s going back over the barricade to the ring, and bringing Douglas with him! Looks like he’s taking this fight back to the ring!

MN: No, you idiot! There are chairs ALL OVER THE PLACE out there!

DM: Douglas is rolled back into the ring… and Sarge follows as the ref gets to the count of eight. The champion has Douglas right where he wants him now! After the payoff from that high-risk maneuver we just witnessed, I’d say he’s ready to put this one away!

DT: Here’s Sarge with an Irish Whip to the corner, and Douglas connects HARD! Sarge charges in after him… DENIED!! Douglas got the elbow up! The challenger with an opportunity to turn things around… he boosts himself to the TOP ROPE as the Sergeant reels back… this could be something BIG!!

DM: Here comes Douglas with a DIVING SPEAR OFF THE TOP ROPE—OH NOOO!! Met with a SUPERKICK from Sarge while he was mid-flight!!

MN: HA HA HA!! Man, that’s so predictable…

DT: That looked like it could have knocked Troy Douglas’ incisors clear down the back of his throat… and following THAT punishing counter, Sarge makes the cover!!



THREE—NO!! Douglas got the shoulder up in the nick of time!

DM: Douglas is really in dire straits right now. The Sergeant just WILL NOT give him an opportunity to make a comeback…

DT: The Sergeant, now, bringing Douglas back to his feet… but Douglas fires back with a RIGHT HAND to the mid-section! There’s ANOTHER! This may be that comeback you were talking about, Dean!

DM: Just watch how the champion handles himself in this situation…

DT: Douglas pops to his feet and hits the ropes… comes back with a LARIAT—but SARGE just hooks him by the arm, and goes looking for a BACKSLIDE—NO WAIT!! Douglas REVERSES… powers Sarge around into a STANDING HEADSCISSOR—AND GOES STRAIGHT INTO A TIGER DRIVER!! OH WOW!!

DM: Now THAT was EXACTLY what Troy Douglas needed to stay in this match! Wait, he’s keeping the hold locked in… lifting the Sergeant up for a SECOND TIGER DRIVER!! Man, that just DRILLED HIM!!

DT: Troy Douglas, showing he can take whatever the champion gives him… and now he has Sarge in the prawn hold for the pin!



THREE—OH, AND SARGE just BARELY gets that shoulder up before the count of three!

MN: Close, but no cigar, Megatron!

DM: Man, this has just been a PUNISHING match thus far… both men may have very well reached their limits, and with Troy Douglas in control of this match, he may have enough to put the Sergeant down and strip him of his championship!

DT: After kicking out of TWO Tiger Drivers, I’d say the Sergeant could withstand quite a bit, but… what more does Troy Douglas have in mind as he brings Sarge back to his feet? Douglas takes Sarge from behind… and a REVERSE DDT just FLATTENS the champion on the mat! Douglas leaves behind the cover, and goes to the turnbuckle!

DM: Looks like Troy Douglas is looking for his OWN high-risk maneuver here! Douglas firmly placed on the top rope, and the Sergeant is laid out before him! Is this going to PAY OFF?!

MN: Bet Sarge really wishes he had that chair NOW…

DT: Here’s Douglas from the top rope… with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!






DM: WOW… talk about a close call for the champion! He was NANOSECONDS from losing his title to Troy Douglas!

MN: Alas, the powers that be stepped in and prevented the impossibility of Megatron EVER holding Empire Pro gold.

DT: Troy Douglas is moments away from becoming the Intercontinental Champion. All he must do now is put that EXTRA BIT forward to keep the Sergeant on the mat for good. Perhaps he’s prepared to go that extra distance NOW, as he brings the champion to his feet and leads him to the corner!! Could this be THE END OF THE ROAD!?

DM: IT MAY BE, Dave! Troy Douglas props himself onto the second rope and has the arms underhooked… HERE’S THE LIFTOFF…!!

DT: AND THE DESCENT!! END OF THE ROAD, like poetry in motion, and TROY DOUGLAS is just THREE COUNTS away from ending the journey that began FOUR YEARS ago!! Douglas PINNING THE SHOULDERS…






DM: The referee STOPPED right before the count of three… yes, that’s it, THE SERGEANT’S FOOT IS ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!

DT: Oh man… I couldn’t see from that last camera angle.

MN: I saw it just fine, Thomas. Well, I can’t say I really SAW it, but rather expected it…


MN: Cause it’s freakin’ MEGATRON!!

DT: Regardless… Troy Douglas in absolute SHOCK over the Sergeant’s survival of that BRUTAL Second-Rope Double-Underhook Piledriver! I don’t know if the champion managed to put his foot up in time or if it just FELL there on a fluke… but the Sergeant stays in this match for just a bit longer!

DM: Probably won’t be for much longer with Douglas controlling the match the way he has been…

DT: Every second counts in that ring… but perhaps you’re right in saying that time is quickly running out for the Intercontinental Champion as Troy Douglas drags him by the legs to the center of the ring! It’s Douglas, now, setting up for the SCORPION DEATHLOCK—NO WAIT!! Sarge reaches up and grabs him by the head—and ROLLS HIM OVER with a SMALL PACKAGE!!



THREE!! OH WAIT, NO!! Douglas BARELY kicks out!

DM: In spite of ALL he’s been through, the Sarge shows that he’s still capable of surprises! Douglas back on his feet while Sarge recovers… and comes SPRINGING at him with a clothesline—and Douglas EASILY dodges it!!

DT: Douglas has the Sergeant by the arm, and hooks him from behind… Pump-Handle Lift—NO!! Sarge falls down his back, and sinks in the CORRECTIVE TRAINING!! THE CHAMPION HAS DONE IT!!

MN: IT’S OVER!! And he didn’t even NEED the chair this time!

DM: Sarge has that Dragon Sleeper locked in… but look, Dave, he doesn’t have the leg-scissor applied!

DT: Why… you’re RIGHT, Dean! From here, it looks as though Douglas has his legs wrapped around the Sergeant’s right leg, thus PREVENTING him from locking in that leg-scissor hold!

DM: If Sarge can’t lock those legs around Douglas’ hips and SQUEEZE the life out of him, as is the purpose of that maneuver, then it’s all the better for his opponent! We can see now as the Sergeant struggles to keep Douglas in the middle of the ring, but Douglas is using that extra mobility that he wouldn’t normally have in the leg-scissor to drag himself to the ropes!

DT: What INCREDIBLE submission defense on the part of Troy Douglas, who would be in a VERY bad situation now if he were fully locked in the Corrective Training! Douglas only feet away from the nearest set of ropes now, as the Sarge FRANTICALLY tries to free his leg, but he can’t do so without loosening his grip around Douglas’ face!

DM: Here’s Douglas reaching with his legs… MISSED, but only by a couple inches… reaching AGAIN… OOHH, he’s SOOOO CLOSE…

DT: …THERE!! HE TAGGED THE ROPES WITH HIS FOOT!! The referee ORDERS the break, and Troy Douglas SURVIVES!! What a HUGE ovation from the fans as this match continues!! But though this match continues for their enjoyment, the disappointment is OBVIOUS in the face of the Sergeant.

MN: Yep… shoulda done the chair bit.

DM: Nevertheless, the champion must continue this match, for the fate of his reign. Now he begins to bring Douglas back to his feet… but Douglas fires back with a shot to his abdomen as he comes up the rest of the way! Douglas fires another jab—but Sarge BLOCKS, and counters with one of his own!

DT: And there’s DOUGLAS with a shot to the face! And SARGE answers in kind! DOUGLAS… SARGE… DOUGLAS… SARGE… both men going BACK AND FORTH in the center of the ring while these fans ROAR WILDLY around them!!

DM: Good thing we don’t have the retractable roof over our heads, otherwise it’d be BLOWN OFF by this capacity crowd!!

DT: There’s DOUGLAS with a heavy hook that sends the Sergeant into the ropes… Douglas with a BACKHAND—but it’s DUCKED by Sarge! Sarge from behind—



DM: Oh man, THIS IS IT!! The champion HAS DOUGLAS ON THE MAT and there’s nowhere for him to go! No mobility, no traction… NOTHING!! All Troy Douglas can do now is FIGHT THE PAIN to his best!!

MN: Even then, it’s only a matter of time before he CRACKS like he always does!!

DT: Sarge putting the STRAIN on that Dragon Sleeper, and Troy Douglas is SCREAMING in absolute agony!! He HAS to tap!! There’s no other choice!!

DM: Douglas reaching out, and the ref’s asking him…

DT: Is this it??

…Douglas extending the arm…



DM: NO, Mike, you dummy! He was REFUSING to tap, since he can’t muster the VOCAL POWER to do it right now!!

DT: What COURAGE from Troy Douglas, but really, what CHANCE does he have at this point?

DM: None at all, Dave. Douglas can hold out for as long as he wants, but eventually, that PAIN will catch up to him… or the Sergeant will STRETCH him to the point of his back breaking, possibly ENDING his career!

DT: Oh man, is that WORTH IT ALL?! I mean, I know Troy Douglas has worked SO HARD for this opportunity and waited SO LONG for his chance to shine, but is it WORTH THE RISK of losing his career?!

…wait a second… am I seeing things?

DM: I don’t think so, Dave… it looks like…

…YES… Troy Douglas is trying to BREAK FREE from that hold!!

MN: WHAT?! Man, no WONDER the Decepticons lost!

DT: Troy Douglas is DESPERATELY trying to squirm his way into a sideways position to keep the effect of that HOLD off of his spine! He’s got himself turned part ways, but the Sarge seems to know EXACTLY what he has in mind, and is trying to keep him in place!

DM: Oh no, this could be BAD for the champion! What can he do if Troy Douglas breaks FREE from this decisive submission hold?!

MN: Probably be left on head-cleaning duty for a few months…

DT: Douglas STILL working his way into a side position… and now he’s regaining the mobility of his legs on the mat!! Douglas PUSHING with his feet buried into the mat… and now SARGE has to rise to one leg to keep him in place… now BOTH legs!! My God, I can’t believe what I’m seeing… TROY DOUGLAS is GETTING TO HIS FEET while still trapped in the CORRECTIVE TRAINING!!

DM: The Sergeant is now CLINGING to the side of Troy Douglas, trying to reapply that Dragon Sleeper… but Douglas has ahold of his leg—and just POWERSLAMS THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION TO THE MAT!!

Crowd: PAWP~!!!!!!!

MN: Oh shoot, there went my hearing…


DM: He was in that hold for a solid few minutes, Dave… and he is showing CLEAR signs of pain! I’m not sure if his back is in that good of condition… and if he wants that title, he needs to end this match NOW!!

MN: What??

DT: Douglas is very PAINFULLY coming to his feet and taking the wearing Sergeant by the legs… looking for a SCORPION DEATHLOCK—NO!! Sarge BOOTS HIM AWAY—and Douglas BUTTS HEADS with the REFEREE!!

DM: OH MAN!! The zebra is OUT like a light, and now Sarge pops back to his feet… here comes a stunned Troy Douglas, and—SARGE DROPS HIM WITH A DOUBLE-KNEE CHINBUSTER!! GOOD NIGHT!!!

MN: What??

DT: That desperate act just KNOCKED Troy Douglas’ lights out… but now as the Sarge recovers and comes to his feet, he sees the referee incapacitated! He must be thinking to himself right now, “What will it TAKE to put this man down?”

DM: I think he has an IDEA, Dave…

DT: Wait a minute… the Sergeant going to the OUTSIDE!! Where is he going… oh my God, no, Sarge just grabbed a CHAIR!!

MN: ALRIGHT!! I KNEW he’d come to his senses! This is the ONLY way he can win this match, and he knows it!

DT: Damnit, Mike, I don’t care WHAT this looks like, Sarge is NOT that kind of man!

MN: What?? I still can’t hear you guys…

DM: Shouldn’t have applied so much mousse this evening, Mike…

MN: What??


MN: What??



DT: BACK TO THE MATCH, guys!! Sarge is TAKING THAT CHAIR into the ring as Troy Douglas shakes the cobwebs out of his head and regains his senses! No, Sarge, NOT LIKE THIS!!

DM: I think he means it, Dave! Sarge waiting in the corner with that chair held and ready to strike! He’s waiting for Douglas to come to his feet… but is he sure he wants to do it this way?

DT: I don’t know, Dean-O… Sarge looks… confused now, as he looks from Douglas to the chair to the fans in the audience. What could POSSBILY be going through his head right now?

DM: If he’s having second thoughts, he better make a decision FAST, because Douglas is almost up!

DT: Douglas BACK on his feet… and turns to see SARGE wielding that chair…


Crowd: ASPLODE~~!!!!!!


DT: What a COMMENDABLE ACT on the part of the Sergeant, saying to EVERYBODY that he doesn’t need to defend his title with a chair! He’s ready to do it with his BARE HANDS!!

DM: Here comes DOUGLAS CHARGING FORWARD… and Sarge STOPS him with a boot to the gut… and drives him SHOULDER-FIRST right through the second and third ropes, and into the STEEL RING POST!!

DT: That just DESTROYED Troy Douglas… and now Sarge spends a moment to resuscitate the referee so a finish can be made. The zeeb looks a bit groggy, but… but wait, what’s Sarge doing now? Sarge pulling Douglas out, hooking both arms… going to the SECOND ROPE…

DM: The Sergeant is going to finish off Troy Douglas with HIS OWN MOVE!! HERE’S SARGE WITH THE END OF THE ROAD…


MN: What??


DT: Sarge struggling… but now DOUGLAS lifts him off the ropes!! Douglas turning to the center of the ring—HIGH-ANGLE SPINEBUSTER!! The Sergeant was just OBLITERATED!!

DM: Douglas sets the leg and cross Sarge’s ankles…


DT: THIS IS IT!! TROY DOUGLAS with the SHARPSHOOTER HOLD in the center of the ring, and the Sergeant FLAILS WILDLY in attempt to free himself, but CANNOT!! Douglas is MOMENTS AWAY from becoming the Intercontinental Champion!!

MN: WHAT?? Douglas, the Intercontinental Champion??

DM: Oh, your hearing’s back?

MN: Yeah, just popped in right when Dave was talking about freeing himself, or whatever.

DT: Guys, WOULD YOU WATCH THIS!! Sarge in a DIRE position, as Douglas pulls back on his legs and brings that extra tension down on his SPINE!! Sarge HAS to get to the ropes so the ref can break the hold!! But they’re SO far away!!

DM: He’s going to need to dig down deep if he wants to get himself across that distance… but DOES HE HAVE IT IN HIM??

DT: Sarge reaching out… and DRAGGING himself with his bare hands, even with Douglas pulling HARD against his legs to keep him in place!! The more he pushes himself forward, the more it HURTS…

…but STILL, Sarge presses forward!!

DM: I think he might MAKE IT, THOMAS!!

MN: Oh, no way! No FREAKING way!!

DT: OH YES WAY!! Sarge only FEET away now!! Douglas is fighting JUST AS HARD to keep him pinned down… but the Sergeant will NOT be denied!! The champion INCH by PAINFUL INCH advances to those ropes!! He reaches out… only INCHES AWAY!!

DM: Just once more push, and he might make it!


…and TROY DOUGLAS JUST DRAGS HIM BACK to the middle of the ring!!


DM: Ah, man, SO CLOSE!! All that hard work and for NOTHING!!

DT: The Sergeant is facing the bitter taste of defeat as Troy Douglas cinches that submission hold in, and there is NOT HOPE for the Intercontinental Champion…

…or maybe there IS!! Can it BE?!


DM: Man, talk about DETERMINATION!! Look at that man’s FACE!! It’s just beet red, drenched in sweat, veins popping out all over the place…

MN: Like he’s crapping himself, or something.

DT: Can it, Mike! To IMAGINE that he still REFUSES to tap… and he CONTINUES to fight for his survival…THAT is the motivation of ANY dedicated champion!!

DM: The Intercontinental Title is ON THE LINE as Sarge gives his ALL into reaching those ropes!! Douglas PRYING BACK on those legs… trying like HELL to force in that extra bit more to send Sarge off the edge and force him to TAP!! But Sarge CONTINUES to press on to the ropes!!

DT: His face is an absolute MASK of pain right now!! But freedom is in SIGHT!! Only a foot away from the ropes now…

…a HAND’S LENGTH away…

…the Sergeant EXTENDS HIS HAND—




MN: Oh crap, there went my hearing again…


[“You Know My Name” fills the open arena as the audience EXPLODES!! Troy Douglas releases the hold at last, collapsing to the mat in absolute exhaustion, not stirring until the referee checks on him. Douglas suddenly bounds to his feet and jumps nearly FIVE FEET IN THE AIR as he beats his fist against his chest and ROARS TRIUMPHANTLY back to the audience!!]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner, by submission…



[Fireworks POP momentarily over the ring as the referee hands the Intercontinental Title to Troy Douglas who takes it in his hands with tears running down his eyes, and holds it up for the crowd to see. Other ring officials, meanwhile, come to the ring to tend to the Sergeant, who is just now being woken up again and comes to discover the result.]

DT: A tragic end for a promising champion in the Sergeant… but a DRAMATIC and EMOTIONAL victory for the man standing tall in the ring, TROY DOUGLAS!! After FOUR YEARS of trying to make his mark in Empire Pro, Douglas FINALLY puts his name in the history books with his hard-fought victory tonight!!

DM: Sarge put up a good fight, but Douglas was NOT going to let himself be denied tonight! He earned that title, every step of the way!

MN: Bah… I bet Sarge is really kicking himself right now for not using that CHAIR when he could have!

DT: On the contrary, Mike… I believe Sarge knew he was doing the RIGHT thing when he threw that chair out of the ring. It wouldn’t be worth holding that belt if he knew he had it through the WRONG MEANS!!

MN: I should call Joey Melton to the ring right now and *****SLAP you for even thinking that…

[Officials lead the Sergeant from the ring as Troy Douglas continues to celebrate in the ring. Before the former champion disappears through the entry-way, his tear-filled eyes turn back to the man who defeated him in the ring. The former opponents share a long look at each other before Sarge quietly salutes the victory and leaves. Douglas straps the IC belt around his waist and perches himself onto a turnbuckle, posing for the audience.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
WORLD TITLE MATCH: JA (c) vs. “Triple X” Sean Stevens [Cage Match] – Unleashed 2008

ROCKO DAYMON: “The first match between these two guys was back at Russian Roulette, in the King of the Cage finals. Stevens walked out with the win, and the title King of the Cage. Then when they met again at Unleashed, with JA as the champion... he backed it up.

You can only do so much within the ropes. In any normal match, you've got the option of taking someone to the outside, give the front-row fans a little something to see, and at the same time draw things out a little while the referee is counting away. But you can't do that in the cage... you've always got to be thinking on your feet, cause you've got a fifteen by fifteen foot piece of canvas and a few turnbuckles to do all your work. Stevens and Jericoholic Anonymous were two very limber, technically sound athletes that worked well in that environment.

I think somebody in the back told me that the cage they were using was something handed down from an old GXW event, and still had some signs of rust, so... that might have factored in to the cage wall coming apart the way it did. Those guys were lucky they didn't get seriously injured.”


A short intermission to set up the cage......



“Hello ladies and gentlemen!! Welcome to Giants Stadium!! The weather is great, there’s an amazing capacity crowd on hand and this is WRESTLESTOCK!! ”

[The voice of Dave Thomas introducing last year’s monumental inter-federational Pay Per View event rings out as we get a panoramic shot of the entire arena BRIMMING with fans. We get a few more close-ups of the fans screaming and waving to the camera, before we get a shot of a steel cage being lowered over the ring…]

“The following contest… is a special CAGE MATCH! ”

“The winner will be the first participant to exit the cage, and have both feet, touch the floor. Not only will they be named the number one contender for the Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship at Russian Roulette, but they will also be crowned the two thousand and seven KING OF THE CAGE!!”

[Cut to close-ups of both contenders of this historic match…]



[Dramatic music begins playing as we get a quick highlight reel of the match. Stevens gets tossed by a hard arm drag! JA takes a ride, landing hard after being the victim of a back suplex! A close-up of Stevens’ red-masked face!]

[Voices from the past soon continue the voice-over…]

“…you see, Trip. I ain't no underdog.”

“I'm not out to be Rocky. I'm not out to warm hearts.”

”I'm out to WIN!!”

[We get the final moment of the match, as JA is merely moments away from exiting through the cage door… and then BAM!! Stevens, clinging on the outside of the cage, kicks it RIGHT INTO HIS FACE, and drops down to the floor to pick up the win.]

“…let me tell you, JA. After I'm done destroying you—mentally, physically, and emotionally—you will never…


“Be the same… AGAIN…”

[We get a lasting shot of Stevens smiling PROUDLY as the King of the Cage trophy is placed upon his head!]

“The winner of the match, the new number one contender, and the TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN KING OF THE CAGE…”



[We get a panning shot of the filled Georgia Dome at the Pay Per View event Russian Roulette. We briefly flash between shots of the matches that took place and the fans witnessing the event.]

“I am Sean ‘Triple X’ Stevens.”

“I am the Greatest Wrestler on the Planet…”

“The ‘Blue-Eyed Badass’…”

“…and the undisputed ‘Champion of Planet Earth’. I am a wrestler, I am a fighter, I am a warrior, and the 2007 King of the Cage.”

[Cut to the opening of the main event… Stevens standing in the ring with professional wrestling legends Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton. We get some of the more breath-taking highlights of the fateful battle: Stevens hitting “The Queen of the Ring” with his favored X-Factor superkick… Lindsay hitting the Crowning Glory from the top rope to the floor… finally ending with Stevens hitting the definitive X-Terminator on Joey Melton and picking up the three count.]

“…and, when the night is done? I'll add one more title to my resume: EPW World Heavyweight Champion.”

[Lasting shot of Stevens triumphantly holding the title over his head following the match.]

“Deal with it.”


“You want this title back?”

[Cut to a daftly smiling Lindsay Troy standing in the ring with the World Heavyweight Title confiscated over her shoulder. Surrounded by a sea of screaming fans, she looks intently at the other person in the ring… “Triple X” Sean Stevens.]

“You earn it on Aggression 38 by taking on the Number One Contender.”

[Cut to the bold mask of the world’s favorite Anglo Luchadore looking intently into the camera.]


[Cut to the angered faced of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, moments before his fateful title match at Aggression 38.]

“JA wasn't in line for anything. He's a clown. He went an entire four months without so much as cutting an EPW promo, and you reward him with a title match?”


[Cut to the intense eyes of JA peering through his mask, standing on the opposite end of the ring.]

“When you think of everything JA’s had to put up with just to EARN this title shot, such as his shortcoming in the epic finals of the King of the Cage, or his number one contender position being lost thanks to interference and controversy, it’s amazing to see that’s he’s kept his poise and persistence through every ordeal, tirelessly BREAKING HIS BACK to put himself in THIS position!”

[Both men advance upon each other… coming nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. Cut to black…]

[…and the highlight reel EXPLODES back in as Stevens SLAPS the Anglo Luchadore across the face, making the first move! The montage goes on to show Stevens nailing JA in the corner with a knife-edge chop… driving him head-first into the commentary table… crushing him with a powerbomb from the top rope…]

“I've made my name and my mark in this industry by following one simple philosophy… by beating people the f[FCC]k up. And making examples out of non-believers.”

[Cut to Sean Stevens setting JA up for the X-Termination…]

“I'm walking out of Aggression as the first two time EPW World Heavyweight Champion, and you're walking out with another story of how you almost beat the best, to share with your future grandkids.”

[Stevens lifts JA up, but loses the strength, and drops him. Cut to black…]

“The only reason I haven't won the World Championship here is because I've never gotten the opportunity.”

[BAM! We immediately cut to JA driving Stevens home with the Karelin Driver.]

“Am I scared? No, because I know that even if I lose, I'm coming back again and again.”

“I'm going to earn more opportunities.”

[Stevens pounces forward looking for the X-Factor superkick, but JA dramatically DUCKS at the last moment and reverses with the Walls of Jerichoholic!]

“You should know the same, but you won't let yourself admit any weakness.”

“You don't want to lose to a clown…”

[As soon as the word is spoken, ICE TRE descends from the rafters with a baseball in hand. We immediately cut to the SWING HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD that catches Stevens in the side of the face and causing him to fall right into a SECOND Karelin Driver!]

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…”

[Cut to the enthralled albeit masked face of Jerichoholic Anonymous being hoisted onto the shoulders of Troy Douglas and Fusenshoff, proudly holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title over his head for all to see.]




“Are you surprised, JA?”

[Cut to Sean Stevens alone in his dressing room, staring intently at the camera.]

“Well, you're not alone.”

“But, let me tell you who else is just as surprised as you are. All of those millions and millions of fans, that tune into Aggression each week…”

“…to see someone knock me off of my throne…”

“…are shocked.”

[Closer shot, now just of his face. The age and experience are evident as his cold and uncaring gaze pierces the camera.]

“Those same people saw me physically dominate you for twenty minutes, as you laid around in the ring a sorry, sad, busted open, defeated slash destroyed shell of a man.”

[Closer shot, now just of his cold blue eyes, often capable of making women wet across the entire globe, but now just epitomizing rage.]

“And, those same people know that the only reason you're champ at the moment has less to do with your talent, and more to do with circumstance.”

[Cut to the final moments of Aggression 39’s main event, as Sean Stevens stands alone in the ring, arguing with the ref over a DQ finish… and the Anglo Luchadore comes sprinting down the rampway.]


[JA bombards the ring and blasts the surprised Stevens with a set of rights that quickly force him out of the ring. Quickly cuts to the shot of JA laying the World Heavyweight Title out in the ring, as if it were a line to be crossed, and daring Stevens, glaring at him outside the ring, to step in and cross it.]

[Cut to the face of “Triple X” Sean Stevens…]

“I don't really have anything to lose, JA.”

"I am a legend in this business, JA. I've reached a plateau where wins and losses no longer define me. I've fought some of the best, I've beaten everyone that the world considered the best, and whether I beat you or not, it still doesn't change the fact that you're not in my top fifty. If you beat me? Nobody's going to stand up and applaud you for being better than Sean Stevens. More than likely, they'll just dismiss it as luck, just like we dismissed your last victory over me as a screw job.”

[Cut to the face of “The Anglo Luchadore” Jerichoholic Anonymous.]

“A king with nothing to lose…”

“So when Unleashed is all said and done, and you're left with nothing, because that's what you had to lose going into the match... well, don't worry. You can pretend to wear your crown and reign over nothing.”

[Cut to JA standing behind the podium at the Unleashed press conference.]

“I'm challenging old Emo Balls over here to a good, old fashioned cage match.”

[Cut to a quick circling shot of the looming steel cage surrounding the ring in an empty arena…]

[…and moments later, we fade back into the arena. The same cage is now properly secured around the ring by the EPW production crewmembers. The camera gets a few dramatic shots of the megalithic steel structure while the commentators come in for voice-overs.]

DT: This is truly a feud that will end where it began last year at Wrestlestock! A rivalry born within the confines of a cage, and now, fate has brought both of these competitors back into the merciless and unyielding steel prison!

DM: This truly is one of the most highly-anticipated main events of the year, Dave! The animosity between these two men is beyond words! Sean Stevens beat JA to become the King of the Cage a year ago, which paved the way for his future successes. But here we are full-circle, one year later, and the Anglo Luchadore is the man to beat this time around. Stevens wants his title back… and JA wants to prove his championship reign is no fluke!

MN: A beautiful failure just waiting to happen! And I GET A FRONT ROW SEAT to that miserable CLOWN’S tragic short-coming!

DM: You have to wonder, though… who has the power in this match? Is it in the hands of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, hungry and enraged after being screwed out of his title by Ice Tre? Let’s not forget that Sean is the 2007 King of the Cage; he put this type of match back on the MAP in professional wrestling, so much that one would even call it his specialty here in Empire Pro. Does that give him the advantage?

DT: Or, do we give the power to Jerichoholic Anonymous, who comes into this match with the title? Could the champion have gained the advantage in confidence after his victory just two Aggressions ago? Could he carry the advantage in determination… to defend his World Title successfully, and… to defeat his rival in the very same match at Wrestlestock, the conclusion of which setting about the events that would unfold over the next year?

MN: Hey, uh… I just noticed something. Didn’t JA want there to be a ROOF on this cage?

[We cut to commentary, as Dave and Dean, suddenly aware of this information, glance up to the top of the cage and realize there ISN’T a roof.]

DM: Uh… well, that’s a surprise. I believe they just recycled this thing from this year’s King of the Cage tournament. Getting that extra roof is pricy, I hear.

DT: Regardless, I’ve heard that interim owner Lindsay Troy has prohibited ALL talents from the ringside area in this match, just in case. I even hear she’s got security guards patrolling the rafters up above to prevent any more zipline incidents…

MN: Yeah, good call.

DT: It looks as though that set-up for the device has completed… let’s go to Tony in the ring!

[The ring bell chimes three times as the camera cuts to TONY FATORA, dressed classy as ever, standing in the middle of the encaged ring with the microphone in his hand.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… it is time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

[POP from the fans!]

[…and the arena goes BLACK!!]

[SFX: The booming of thunder and lightning… the clomping hooves of steeds and the sound of chariot wheels digging through the earth… the cacophony of steel on steel, occasionally piercing the flesh, followed by the SCREAM of a man as his blood falls upon the sand…]

“…And the prophecy read that one day, like The Phoenix that rose from the ashes, that a boy would be born unto a family in the slums!”

[CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball… signs of a proud and successful life in the dog-eat-dog world of athletic competition.]

“This boy would go on to use the knowledge he gained, while fighting for survival in the streets to become a great leader!”

[CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.]

“And in time that boy would grow to become … a King.”

[CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.]

[Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence…]

“Time to ride, N[FCC]GGA…”

[BOOOOOOOOM~!! Triple sets of fireworks in the shape of an X shoot to the roof, as "King Back" by TI blasts over the PA system, and “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS steps through the curtain. The fans INSTANTLY JEER upon his arrival, but he pays them no attention, proudly striding to the ring while bearing his brand spanking new 100% cotton t-shirt that bears only a single phrase: “IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KING!!”]

[His tights come in jet black and platinum, and squarely on his face are the signature pair of millionaire "Gucci" sunglasses. He briefly pauses on the ramp to thrust BOTH arms into the air, making a rudimentary X shape with his body.]

DT: Never in the history of Empire Pro has there been an athlete whose controversy was equaled in his success! Whether you love him or hate him, you can NOT deny the fact that the reputed “King of the Cage” has a way of always backing up his words!

DM: He’s got an ego on him, that’s for sure… but seeing him here tonight, he doesn’t seem like his notoriously cocky self. Nah, Sean Stevens is pulling the gloves off tonight. Simply put, he downright HATES the fact that JA is the man carrying that title.

MN: I downright hate it, too! You know, everything Trip says is a FACT!! Sean Stevens is the ONLY man that deserves to stand at the helm of this company, because he’s the only man with the balls to actually REPRESTENT Empire Pro!!

DT: I dunno where you see how he “represents” this federation. He insults the fans, dishonors the corporate authority, and bullies the other employees!

MN: Bah, that’s just who he IS. You just gotta DEAL WITH IT, Dave. The fact remains, ever since he came to Empire Pro, he’s made strides in trying to be the ICON of this federation, and nobody—not the clown, not the furball, not the loser with the broken, and most CERTAINLY not that butch running things—has ever done it as effectively as TRIP!!

DM: “Trip?” What are you, one of his friends now?

MN: Hey man, Trip knows I’m cool! I’m DOWN, man!

DM: …shut up, Neels.

[Slowly, Stevens comes to the entrance of the cage, turning before entering and removing his shirt which he tosses into the audience. It’s immediately torn to shreds by the fans—out of hate or adoration, we may never know. Stevens hands off his shades to the timekeeper and enters the cage, pacing around the ring a few times while eagerly anticipating the entrance of the champion…]

[Then… the intro riff to “EAT THE RICH” by FOZZY hits the PA, and the crowd reaction is INSTANEOUS!! Fans LEAP to their feet in screaming hysteria as the house lights go to black and multi-colored lights flash in unison to the driving bass rhythm that begins the song.]

[As soon as the song moves into its first verse, the EmpireTron pops to life, revealing the various limbs of a faceless figure as he adorns himself in wrestling gear.]

“I've been down, I've been beat
I've been tossed into the street
Making nickels, begging dimes
Just to get my bottle of wine”

[He slaps on a pair of wristbands… pulls up a pair of spandex tights… laces up a pair of boots… and finally, with the camera panning up the man’s toned back, a hair-covered crest rises, and is immediately concealed beneath a mask that covers the entire head. Tightening the straps on the back of the mask to finish the job, the camera suddenly ZOOMS OUT to reveal a dramatic back shot of THE ANGLO LUCHADORE standing with spread legs and arms and shaking with TREMENDOUS energy!!]

“Some say Life, she's a lady
Kind of soft, kind of shady
I can't tell you Life is rich
She's no lady, she's a *****!”

[BOOMS!! peal through the air like a machine gun as a volley of rockets streak from the stage to the illustrious display of COLORED EXPLOSIONS at the top of the arena! The fans POP as the screen goes to BLACK and the entry-way LIGHTS UP, revealing the silhouette of the same LUCHADORE in the exact same position!!]

“They suck my body out
But then there is no doubt
Gonna pay the devil his dues
Cause I'm so sick of being abused”


[Pumping his fist in a FRENZY, JAY AYE spins around into a righteous pose as he presents himself to the sea of CHEERING FANS!! Around his waist, he bears the gleaming beauty of the EPW World Heavyweight Title, lit up like a Christmas Tree amid the glow of the lights and pyros flashing everywhere.]

Don’t you know that life is a *****

Out of the palace and into the ditch!”

[True to his always electrifying charisma, JA’s mere PRESENCE keeps the crowd roaring with passion as he paces the length of the stage and gets the fans popping like crazy!!]

DT: You can deny his right to that title… but listening to this capacity crowd VOICE THEIR SUPPORT for the man who has stepped up to serve as this federation’s centerpiece and World Champion, I would find it hard for ANYBODY to explain that Jerichoholic Anonymous doesn’t belong here at Unleashed, competing in the biggest title match of his career!

MN: A career that won’t last past tonight, I GUARANTEE IT!!

DM: I don’t know about that, Neels! If anything, JA has proven himself tenacious and determined against unbeatable odds! JA may have yet to prove he can beat Sean Stevens without help… and in the cage, of all places… but he finally has that opportunity tonight! He specifically wanted this match with Stevens, even after “Triple X” tried to WALK AWAY from the title picture, just to leave NO DOUBTS to his ability to carry that title!

DT: This is the opportunity he’s been waiting for, and on the biggest night of his life, you can bet he’s willing to put up the FIGHT of his life! And we all know he won’t rest until he’s silenced Sean Stevens for once and for all!

MN: It won’t ever happen. No matter HOW much you try and ignore it, you CAN’T turn a deaf ear to TRUTH.

[JA’s energetic entrance subsides as he comes to the bottom of the ramp and takes in the looming structure of the steel cage, staring intently at his opponent standing inside, who stares daggers back. Slapping hands a moment longer with his ringside fans, JA approaches the cage door, being held open by senior official Pat Jones. The Anglo Luchadore looks to the referee briefly, then shakes his head… instead jumping onto the side of the cage and SCALING IT, much to the delight of his fans.]

MN: What a freakin’ show off!

DT: He certainly loves to please his fans!

DM: Of course! There’s all this talk about who represents the company, but… what about the fans?? They ARE the company! And clearly, they favor the Anglo Luchadore!

MN: The fans are IDIOTS!! Come on, this has been established! McDonalds-eating, TV-watching, wife-beating, inbred IDIOTS!!

[JA climbs to the very edge of the cage, sitting on top and removing his title from his waist to hold it high over his head below the mass of cheering fans below. In the ring, Stevens shakes his head, annoyed by this showy display. JA soon redirects his attention to the matter in the ring, and carefully climbs down the cage wall with the title in hand, joining the other men in the ring as Pat Jones comes in through the door to make his final checks. Fatora raises the mic once again.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the MAIN EVENT of Empire Pro Wrestling’s UNLEASHED 2008, here live in “THE CITY BY THE BAY” San Francisco, California!!

[POP from the hometown fans!!]

TF: The following contest is a CAGE match with NO time limit, for the vacant EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! The stipulations for winning this match require either athlete to escape the cage by exiting through the door or climbing over the walls. The winner will be declared as the FIRST man to make contact with the arena floor.


TF: Introducing first, the CHALLENGER… hailing from Orlando, Florida… standing at six feet, two inches, and tipping the scales at 243 pounds… he is the FORMER EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… the 2007 FWrestling Wrestler of the Year… the EPW King of the Cage… “The Blue-Eyed Badass”… “PLANET EARTH’S Champion”…


[The entire arena BOOS LOUDLY as his name is announced. Despite them, Stevens does not break his gaze from the eyes of JA.]

TF: And his opponent… fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… he stands at six feet tall, and weighs in at 219 pounds… he is a former EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… he is “The Guru of Gimmick Infringement”… “the AYATOLLAH of MICHAEL COLE-AH”…


[The capacity crowd CHEERS WILDLY in support of the Empire Pro hero! Even so, JA equally does not shift his eyes from those of the Blue-Eyed Badass standing only a few feet away. Pat Jones retrieves the coveted EPW Heavyweight Title, holds it up to display to the four sides of the arena, and hands it to Tony Fatora before both men systematically exit the cage.]

DT: This is it… the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for!! Fame and glory await the man who walks out of this cage!!

[Pat Jones closes the cage door… bolts it… and cues the timekeeper.]


DT: The battle for the EPW World Heavyweight Title has begun!

DM: AND THERE GOES STEVENS, simply LUNGING upon JA at the ringing of the bell! The King of the Cage is laying into JA with a relentless BARRAGE of strikes!


Crowd: *POP!*

DT: BUT HERE COMES THE CHAMPION, back into this fight like a cyclone of furious fists, bringing the brawl right back to Sean Stevens’ doorstep! The crowd is ROARING as these two warriors ferociously claw and gnash their way from one corner of the cage to the next!

DM: And they aren’t pulling ANY punches, Dave! Both of these athletes came out swinging, and the unbridled WRATH we’re witnessing as these two try to tear each other limb from limb is beyond words! No doubt, this is a very emotional contest between both participants!

MN: You’d be emotional too, Dave, if your title had been STOLEN from you! Oh, but that’s right… you never HAD a title, did you?!

DM: Don’t go there, Neels… not now!

DT: STEVENS is beginning to gain the upper hand, rearing the Anglo Luchadore into a corner! Stevens, with STONE-CRUSHING BLOWS, wearing the World Champion down into a pulp! But JA is fighting back, delivering a set of RIB-CRACKING BODY SHOTS!

MN: We’ll have to rename the standard EPW cage as… “The Tenderizer!”

DM: Here’s Stevens, taking JA by the mask and yanking him out of the corner…


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”

DM: …and just THROWS HIM RIGHT INTO THE CHAIN-LINK WALL of the cage!! I think the “The Mutilator” sounds a bit more accurate, if you ask me!

MN: My name is cooler…

DT: This a TRULY fast-paced and highly-emotional start to the World Title contest! Stevens, not giving the champion even a MOMENT to recover, stomps the tar out of JA before he can even get to his feet!

DT: Stevens bringing the champ up now… has him by the mask and tights, looking to DRIVE HIM AGAIN INTO THE STEEL—NO!! JA SLIPS AWAY!!

DM: JA with the quick REVERSAL—RIGHT INTO A ROLL-UP on Stevens—and hooks the legs for the WALLS OF JERICOHOL—AH, NO!! Stevens KICKS him off and squirms out before the champ could get a firm hold of his legs!

MN: You can’t finish off the RIGHTFUL champion that easily!

DT: The threat of the World Champion locking in his signature submission hold is enough for “Triple X” Sean Stevens to hold back on his relentless offense, kneeling now on the other side of the cage-encompassed ring from the Anglo Luchadore, as both competitors take a moment to observe each other…

DM: Maybe now they can find the opportunity to catch their breath…

[For the first time since the ringing of the bell, both men hesitate in their actions to engage in a tense staredown. The fans, reacting to both the energetic fisticuffs only moments ago and completely pumped up by the electricity emitting from this confrontation, begin raucous “EE-PEE-DUBBYA!!” chants that resonate through the arena.]


DT: This capacity crowd is LETTING ITSELF BE HEARD here tonight!

DM: Well, that was a nice little brawl, but… now it’s time to get down to some old school wrasslin’!

MN: I prefer the brawling, myself.

DM: That doesn’t surprise me at all. Here’s both contenders, now, advancing on each other… and the LOCK-UP ensues!!

DT: Stevens, still shouldering that UNHINGED FEROCITY in that cage, forces the champion back into the corner! No rope breaks in that steel cage, ladies and gentlemen; it’s anything goes!

MN: And now that CLOWN-ASS is trapped!!

DM: The term is “Assclown,” Neels. WHOA!! Looks like he wasn’t trapped after all, as the nimbler Anglo Luchadore slips around “Triple X” and slaps on a HAMMERLOCK from behind!

DT: Slick move from the champion! JA works the arm… in their last encounter, we saw the Anglo Luchadore target that limb exclusively, which ended up costing Stevens later on in the match. Could he be going for the same strategy tonight??

DM: I wouldn’t doubt it, Dave. Especially in a cage match, where you may need to rely on your arm strength to carry yourself over that chain-linked wall, JA’s tactics seem especially keen.

DT: Oh! But Stevens with an ELBOW with his free arm, stunning JA long enough to REVERSE that hammerlock… and there’s the LEGSWEEP, putting both men to the mat!

DM: Stevens transitions to the front, still with a grip on the arm of the Anglo Luchadore, while the champion struggles to wrestle away from him! Stevens has the advantage of strength and positioning in this case, and that isn’t any more apparent as he locks the arm of JA into a standing armbar! Looks like STEVENS may be the one looking for limb-damage!

MN: No, you see, one of the RULES by royal decree of being a member of the KING’S court is, an eye for an eye, or an arm for an arm!

DT: Well, Stevens is certainly returning the favor as his wrenches the arm of JA! The champion, gaining the support from the fans as he works himself to his feet… Stevens moves his hands to his wrist, putting in a TWIST to put the pressure on the shoulder of the Anglo Luchadore!

DM: JA’s previous strategy has come back to haunt him! And you really have to wonder, if Stevens maintains this kind of over-powering pace in the wrestling game, what it will mean for the champion later in the match when the opportunity to escape is—

DT: OH WAIT!! JA, flipping over with a sudden REVERSAL, and BOOTING the stunned “Triple X” Sean Stevens with a stinging SIDEKICK to the ribs!

DM: That kick knocked Stevens off and clear into the ropes—causing him to bounce RIGHT INTO an Arm Drag by the Anglo Luchadore!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The crowd is CHEERING WILDLY as the World Champion comes fighting back, putting Stevens to the mat AGAIN with a second arm drag almost as soon as he popped back to his feet! Stevens rises once again, and is COMPLETELY LEVELLED with a DIVING LARIAT from the waiting JA!! He’s like a house on fire in that steel cage!

MN: Well that supposed “FIRE” better not burn through his fuel supply too quickly!

DM: While I won’t deny that as being sound advice, Neels, but I don’t think the World Champion is capable of making a foolish move like that. Stevens comes up to a knee, a bit reluctant to throw himself at the invigorated Anglo Luchadore!

DT: The dethroned King of the Cage is wise enough to avoid running blindly into the waiting arms of the champ! Perhaps now he’s beginning to understand that walking out of that cage with that World Heavyweight Title is going to require more effort than he anticipated!

MN: Would you stop blowing this all out of proportion, Dave? Trip only miscalculated that last series of moves…

DM: Well it was quite a COSTLY miscalculation… one that’s given JA the momentum in the cage and puts the fans squarely behind him as Stevens determines his next move!

Crowd: “JAY-AYE!! JAY-AYE!! JAY-AYE!!”

[From across the ring, JA taunts Stevens, motioning with his hands to bring it again. His die-hard fans in attendance begin a resounding “JAY-AYE!!” chant. Caught up in the moment, the Anglo Luchadore spends a moment to pump up the crowd and pound the cage in time with the chanting, only further amping the arena noise. Sean Stevens slowly rises to his feet, gazing out through the chain-link prison with a slightly bemused expression that indicates he isn’t at all beset by this reaction. Ever the professionals, both men begin circling each other once again and the match commences.]

DT: Both competitors are poised to go at it once again… and here’s Stevens shooting low for the takedown—and it’s BLOCKED by JA—OH WAIT!!


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”

DM: OOH!! Well, the Anglo Luchadore successfully kept himself from being put down on the mat, but the ever-opportunistic Sean Stevens instead settled for lifting him right off the mat and putting him into the steel chain-link wall of that cage!

DT: That sickening collision of flesh and steel has left the champion dangling against the ropes, but Sean Stevens isn’t about to let him go! Here’s Stevens with a whip—no wait, keeps ahold of JA—


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”


DM: Stevens is using that cage to his advantage, which is only to be expected by the man labeled “The King of the Cage.”

MN: Which is why TRIP is the King… and JA’s just NOTHING!!

DM: Yeah, “nothing,” I guess, when you look over that whole thing about him being the World Heavyweight Champion.

MN: I told you already, Dean… in my sphere of reality, JA is NOT the champion.

DM: Whatever…

DT: JA dumped to the floor, handing lifelessly on the bottom turnbuckle… and Stevens is already there, practically SMOTHERING HIM with boots to the head and back!!

MN: Also in my sphere of reality, JA is a REAL Mexican, and you have big bushy beard!

DM: Neels, I need you to zip it for a minute while I try to focus on this match…

DT: Stevens, finally trading stomps to the more effective CHOKE by driving that leg forcefully down over the back of JA’s head while he hangs over the bottom rope!! The Anglo Luchadore is desperately struggling to free himself, but Stevens has him PINNED DOWN!!

Crowd: “BOOO!!”

DM: I tell ya, “Triple X” is pulling NO punches in this match! Since the bell rang, every opportunity he’s had to put in some hits, he’s been nothing short of OVERKILL! Every second he’s in control, JA is feeling the punishment!

MN: No kidding! That fluke deserves every bit of a beating he’s getting for thinking he could get away with robbing the title!

DT: You have a very sick definition of “justice,” Mike!

DM: Welcome the Mike Neely’s “sphere of reality.”

MN: Thank you for explaining, Grizzly Adams!

DM: Ugh…

DT: Regardless, the punishment continues in the cage, with Sean Stevens FINALLY letting the World Champion off the bottom rope as he retreats to the far corner of the ring! JA is completely vulnerable against the turnbuckle, and now here comes Stevens with a RUNNING DROPKICK THAT BLASTS JA POINT BLANK IN THE FACE!!

DM: It isn’t looking good for the Anglo Luchadore as Sean Stevens begins to dominate this contest!

MN: It wasn’t looking good for that joker before he even got in that cage…

DT: …oh, now what’s THIS?!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

[The once-cheering mass audience now begins to BOO AND JEER with venom as “Triple X” Sean Stevens stands in the center of the caged ring, taunting them by asking what happened to all the noise and cupping a hand over his ear to listen in on their reaction. In his place in the corner, JA continues to move slowly as he recovers from the beating he’s just sustained.]

MN: Yeah, where are those stupid fans and their chanting NOW, huh?!

DT: Well, the “JAY-AYE” chants may have subsequently been ended, but Sean Stevens has no doubt failed to entirely silence this audience, and they’re letting him know what they REALLY think as he stands there and taunts them!

MN: He’s just keeping them interested, you know. Crickets take a vacation when “Triple X” steps into the ring!

DM: All I know is, in the time he’s wasting strutting his stuff around the ring, he COULD be doing more damage to the World Champion, bringing himself that much closer to the title!

MN: Who cares?! He’s obviously got this match in his hand!

DT: The champion, in a scene of heroic courage, finally works his way back to his feet using the turnbuckle for support! Here comes Stevens to continue the damage… but the Anglo Luchadore BITES BACK with a boot to the gut!

DM: JA’s window of opportunity is there as Stevens doubles over… and here’s JA, boosting to the second rope and taking the King of the Cage by the head… looking for a TORNADO DDT—but STEVENS shoves him off before he can connect!

MN: Huh-uh, he ain’t havin’ NONE of that!

DT: Fortunately for the deft World Champion, he landed on his feet! Here comes Stevens, raging out of the corner… but JA stops him with a SIDEKICK—OH NO, CAUGHT by Stevens!!

DM: Watch here… JA going for the ENZIGURI—DUCKED by Stevens—but JA merely BOUNCES BACK and catches “Triple X” with his heel!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DT: Stevens was looking like he wasn’t going to bite on it, but JA surprised him with that surprising comeback maneuver, and now he’s left clutching his face on the mat, while the World Champion, with the audience behind him once again, struggles to make it back to his feet!!

DM: This is just what the Anglo Luchadore needed to stay alive in this match! Sean Stevens is careful not to give him ANY chances, which means he needs to reach down DEEP to pull off moves like that and put this contest back in his control!

DT: Where does the World Champion go from here as he slowly pulls himself off the mat? Does he attempt to climb the cage wall and escape? Perhaps he’ll go for the door? Or will he try to continue his offense to further debilitate an opponent as dangerous and experienced as “Triple X” Sean Stevens??

DM: Well, by the way we see Stevens shaking the pain out of his face and coming back to his feet, I think the answer is obvious. You don’t want to try and escape the cage when the KING of the Cage is still alive and kicking!

MN: That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all night, President Lincoln!

DM: Mike, I don’t care what you think: I don’t have a beard.

DT: JA finally back on his feet with the help of the ropes, just as Stevens rises with his back to him! The Anglo Luchadore waiting to strike… and Stevens turns RIGHT INTO A KNIFE-EDGE CHOP!!


Crowd: “WHOOOO!!!”



Crowd: “WHOOOO!!!”

DM: Oh man, Stevens’ pecs are going to look like HAMBURGER tomorrow!

DT: Sean Stevens is practically DANCING in pain, and JA looks as though all the devastation he suffered moments ago did NOTHING to stop him!! Here’s JA, hooking Stevens’ arms from behind… flowing RIGHT INTO A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: JA is BACK and retaking control of this match!!

[The audience cheers wildly as a stunned Sean Stevens briefly flounders on the mat in pain, while JA rises to his knees and POUNDS on the canvas to get the fans even louder!]

DT: If there were any doubts left as to the worth of the World Champion, I’m sure they’ve just been ERASED, as JA, in spite of the beating he’s taken throughout this match, continues to fight strong!

MN: This is BULLCRAP, and I can smell it from a mile away! I DEMAND that as soon as this match has concluded, they test JA for anabolic steroids, and strip him of the title!

DM: So you think JA’s going to walk out of that cage with his belt, do you?

MN: Uh—I DIDN’T SAY THAT—I mean—WHAT I SAID was—uhh—STOP twisting my words around!

DT: This would be an ample opportunity for JA to go to the door and try to escape… but instead, we see him going to Stevens and helping him off the mat! But why would the World Champion turn his back on the chance for a quick and easy victory to continue this match?

DM: The answer’s obvious to me, Dave. The Anglo Luchadore wants to PROVE to Sean Stevens that the reason why HE carries the belt is because he’s the better wrestler and the RIGHTFUL champ, with or without the cage! He isn’t going to leave that cell until that point has been made clear!

MN: He doesn’t need to prove anything! We all know he’s a fluke, and it’s blatantly obvious.

DT: We’ll just see about THAT, Mike, as this alleged “fluke” that’s captured the hearts of the Empire Pro fanbase takes the former World Champion by his mane of blonde hair and leads him to the ropes… throwing him FACE-FIRST INTO THE WALL OF THE CAGE!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Stevens liked using that cage to his advantage earlier in this match, and it now looks like the Anglo Luchadore is choosing to return the favor! It’s almost as though he’s setting the King of the Cage off his rhythm, putting him in the kind of position where he can’t think fast enough to react and make a possible counter. So far, he’s done quite well in that task!

DT: It’s now Stevens in the precarious position, as Jerichoholic Anonymous continues to control the pace of this match! Here’s Stevens, struggling to his feet as he clutches his face… but JA’s stalking him around his blindspot!


DM: TOO LATE!!! JA, off the ropes, flows RIGHT INTO A ONE-HANDED BULLDOG that puts Stevens right back onto the mat, and directly onto his face!

Crowd: *POP~!!*

DT: Those envious good looks of his are going to be showing quite a number of unsightly bruises tomorrow when he wakes up!

MN: “Envious good looks?” Is THAT the reason why you have it in for Trip all the time? It just pisses you off that he’s younger, better looking, and not to mention a BILLION times more successful than you?!

DM: JA coming off the mat, and heading for the door—but there’s STEVENS’ HAND, suddenly clutching him by the ankle as if he’d just risen from the dead!

DT Uh-oh!! The first attempt made by a contestant in this match to leave the cage that surrounds the ring is immediately cut off as a sneering Sean Stevens has ahold of the champion’s leg, leaving him to bounce in limbo on one foot! Stevens, coming to his feet!

DM: Could be another ENZIGURI coming here as JA tries to shake him off! JA looking to strike—BUT STEVENS RELEASES HIM, leaving the Anglo Luchadore to take a bump to the mat!

MN: You’d have to be an IDIOT to think the KING would fall for that a second time!

DT: JA caught on the mat, trying to get up… but Stevens is on top of him immediately, pinning him with a knee to the chest and looking for the mount as he lays into the masked face of the Anglo Luchadore with a series of right hands!

DM: Sean Stevens is simply ENRAGED right now, but it looks like as though he’s letting it get to him! JA taking the shots, but watch his hands… THERE, HE’S GOT AHOLD OF THAT ARM!


DM: There’s a twist of the body and he wraps the legs around the shoulder… JA’S GOT A FUJIWARA LOCKED IN!! Oh man, he dragged Stevens right into that hook, line, and sinker!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The World Champion has the challenger locked into that painful submission hold, and we can see its effects on the face of Sean Stevens!!

MN: What is this idiot DOING?! You can’t win a cage match with SUBMISSION HOLDS!!

DM: JA is trying to make him tap, Mike; that isn’t the point! The point is, it slows Stevens down! It hurts him… possibly even CRIPPLING him later on this match when using that arm may be a factor! We’ve talked about focusing attacks on limbs, and JA has done it effectively in the past, and he always reaps the rewards when he does it!

DT: JA’s got a DEATHGRIP on that arm, even though Stevens is on his feet, and—oh wait… Stevens, with that leverage he has, just LIFTS THE ANGLO LUCHADORE OFF THE MAT by his ARM… and DROPS HIM to shake him off!!

DM: NO GOOD!! The champ hangs on!!

MN: That annoying little MONKEY!!

DT: Stevens, with ANOTHER LIFT—and you can SEE it takes a great effort on his part—DROPS JA… but HE CLINGS ON STILL!!

DM: The King of the Cage can’t strip the Anglo Luchadore from his arm, and every time he tries, it only hurts him more!

MN: Hey, let’s not forget who we’re DEALING with here! Can any of you honestly recall the last time you saw Sean Stevens tap to ANYTHING?

DM: I… uh, well… okay, I’ll give you that Neels. But once again, JA’s not trying to make him tap!

DT: Wait a minute, here’s Stevens trying to lift him again… I don’t know how much good another drop will do, but—oh wait… Stevens beginning to… SPIN!?

DM: Oh, you gotta be KIDDING me!!

DT: I can hardly believe what I’m seeing, but Sean Stevens, twirling himself like a human CYCLONE with the Anglo Luchadore still clutching his arm, and the centripetal force is elevating the champion further from the mat and whipping him around dangerously through the air!

MN: Let’s see this idiot hang on through THIS!!

DM: This is probably the first time I’ve seen a Fujiwara reversed in such a way, but it might pay off!! It almost looks as though JA’s grip is SLIPPING on the wrist of Sean Stevens!

DT: Oh no, keep holding on, JA!!

DM: It’s too late, he’s slipping—AND THERE HE GOES!!


Crowd: “OOOOoooohhh…”

DM: And like a DISCUS, the Anglo Luchadore gets TOSSED right into the cage wall!! I’m surprised he didn’t go THROUGH that chain-linked fence at the force he came flying off the arm of Sean Stevens!!

DT: A DEVASTATING fate for the Anglo Luchadore as a result of his trying to wear down the arm of Sean Stevens… but perhaps it was a price willing to be paid, as we see the King of the Cage just COLLAPSE in the center of the ring from the pain coming from his arm!

DM: It took everything he had to throw JA around like that, and it couldn’t have been good for his shoulder. The question now is, will that wounded arm hold him back later on while trying to wrestle this match, or possibly slow him down while climbing the cage wall?!

MN: Sean Stevens can win this match with BOTH hands tied behind his back! And screw climbing; why do you think they put a door in these things?

DM: I always considered them as “in case of fire” exits.

DT: The Anglo Luchadore and World Champion, meanwhile, looks hurt, lying in a heap stranded in the ropes against the cage wall. Stevens is back on his feet, shaking some of the feeling back into his arm… and now he’s putting his focus back onto the incapacitated JA!!

DM: JA looking helpless as Stevens looms over him and reaches for—WAIT, JA WITH A BOOT TO THE GUT!! I thought he was OUT of it!! Stevens is only stunned, but that gives the Anglo Luchadore all the time he needs to work back onto his feet!

DT: JA IS FIGHTING BACK!! The champion looking wobbly as he fights the pain coursing through his body, but he is nevertheless fighting valiantly as he takes Sean Stevens by the arm, and whips him right into the ropes!!

DM: Here’s Stevens on the rebound… running right into a SPINNING HEEL KICK—OH HE DUCKED!!

DT: JA turns around—



Crowd: “OOOOOooohhh…”

DM: You could literally hear the sound of STEVENS’ HEEL slapping JA’S JAW with that superkick ringing out through the entire arena, and it simply caused the World Champion to COLLAPSE TO THE MAT!!


[An eerie hush falls over the entire audience as both men lie lifelessly on the mat, looking through the open top of the cage and to the arena lights overhead. Eventually, the silence is broken as a few ringside fans begin clapping in time to urge their hero back to his feet. It soon catches on, and within moments, the entire capacity crowd is cheering as both men struggle to get up.]

DT: …with that powerful and hope-ending superkick on the part of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, the World Champion is now left motionless on the ground, and now it’s the challenger showing signs of life!

DM: And he’s going right to the door, Dave! I don’t blame him, either! The champ is down and out, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to walk out of this the winner.

MN: Come on, Trip! Move yer ass!!

DT: Stevens has rolled onto his belly and is proceeding to crawl for the cage door in the far corner. Senior official Pat Jones has unbolted and opened the door to give him the leeway! He’s only half the length of the ring away from taking the World Heavyweight Title and effectively crushing this entire capacity crowd!

MN: I know, it’s great, isn’t it? Justice is about to be served!

DM: …or maybe not! I think I see JA coming back!

[The crowd begins cheering even LOUDER as JA rolls onto his side, rubbing his aching chin. Then he spots Stevens crawling a body length ahead of him, and realizes what he must do.]

DT: He IS back!! JA, perhaps not fully recovered from taking that superkick to the face, but digging down deep to crawl after the fleeing Sean Stevens! He’s got a lot of ground to catch up on!

DM: But Stevens is already near the corner! I don’t think he’s putting very much haste into it, because he doesn’t realize JA is conscious and pursuing him!

MN: Come on, Trip, HURRY UP!!

DM: Sean Stevens coming to the turnbuckle… now sliding beneath the ropes, and extending his arms outside the cage! Now he’s HALFWAY out!! All he needs to do is drop to the floor, and—

DT: NO!!!

Crowd: *POP~!!!*

DT: JA HAS HIM BY THE HEEL!! Now he grabs ahold of his OTHER heel!!! Stevens was CLOSE, but the Anglo Luchadore has STOPPED him!! The King of the Cage is desperately clinging onto the cage door, trying to pull himself out the rest of the way!

DM: I don’t think JA has enough in him to pull Stevens back in there! He’s outweighed, and he just doesn’t have the stamina!!


DT: JA still has ahold of both of Sean Stevens’ legs, even though the challenger is DESPERATELY trying to kick him off!! But now the World Champion rises to his feet, and he has the extra leverage to pull back!! Stevens LOSES HIS GRIP ON THE CAGE DOOR!!

DM: It looks like escape WON’T be that easy!!


DT: Stevens, THRASHING for something to grab onto, finally finds the middle set of ropes in the turnbuckle, still trying to pull himself through that door, but the Anglo Luchadore still has him by both feet and is digging his heels into the mat trying to reel him in!

DM: Both men in limbo as they pull in opposite directions, and you could only imagine the strain on Stevens’ middle as—AND JA RELEASES HIM!!


Crowd: *OOOooohhh…*


DM: That was his bad arm, Dave!! Sean Stevens is in a LOT of pain right now, and furthermore, he’s STUNNED!! JA HAS A CLEAR SHOT FOR THE CAGE DOOR!!


MN: Somebody, STOP HIM!!



Crowd: *OOOOOOoooohhhh…*


MN: WOO-HOO!! Oh man, that was BRILLIANT!!

DM: At the last moment, before JA could clear the door, Sean Stevens used the last bit of his remaining strength to reach out, grab the door, and bring it SLAMMING SHUT across the Anglo Luchadore’s face!! The champ was just sent SPRAWLING back into the middle of the ring, clutching his face in agony!

DT: A desperate move on the part of Sean Stevens, who keeps his hopes of being EPW’s first two-time World Heavyweight Champion alive.

DM: Just barely though. Believe me, I could practically SMELL the dread coming off of Neels over here.

MN: Hey, pipe down you Clown-Ass!

DM: Jeez, if you’re going to insult me, at least do it the right way: it’s ASSCLOWN, you assclown!!

DT: Wait a minute… what’s going on out here, outside the cage?

[While the two competitors regroup inside the cage, outside, another story is taking place. The camera cuts to the cage door, Pat Jones is in the middle of a anxious discussion with fellow referees, continuously pointing to the bolt of the door, indicating it’s jammed.]

DT: Senior referee Pat Jones is talking over with the other officials… apparently about the cage door. What are they talking about over there?

DM: I can’t really make it out, Dave, but… the way Pat keeps pointing to the bolt, I’d almost have to assume it has something to do with it being stuck!

MN: You mean the door is jammed?!

DM: Well, Stevens DID forcefully close it over the face of the Anglo Luchadore. Perhaps, in his desperation, he pulled with a bit too much force and ruptured the bolt’s release mechanism!

MN: …wow, man. Now THAT is a cheap cage! Did we get this thing from New Era of Wrestling’s yard sale, or something?

DT: What would this mean for the outcome of the match? Time will tell as Sean Stevens, favoring his weakened arm, pulls himself out of the turnbuckle and approaches the World Champion as he comes to his feet. JA trying to defend himself, but gets a HARD ELBOW to the face to keep him stunned!

DM: Stevens has him by the head now, and he’s looking to finish this off!! Stevens sets him up for the X-TERMINATOR… but he’s looking to use his WEAK arm!

DT: We saw the very same thing in their last encounter! JA crippled the strength of Sean Stevens, disabling him from unleashing his finishing maneuver! Now we can see the King of the Cage STRUGGLING as he fights the pain in his arm, trying in vain to lift JA into position over his shoulder… but he CAN’T!

MN: Come on, Trip! Shut these fools up and prove you can BURY that Lucha-LOSER!!



DT: Stevens grabbing his arm in pain, and leaving himself COMPLETELY OPEN—


Crowd: *PAAAWWPPP~~!!!*

DT: THE ANGLO LUCHADORE HAS DONE IT ONCE AGAIN!!! That patented side neck drop has thoroughly LEVELLED “Triple X” Sean Stevens and all but assured the champion his title defense!

DM: Truly remarkable! In the fated match where JA acquired the title, he used the same strategy of weakening Stevens’ limb and preventing him from finishing him off! This time, he turned it around in his favor and showed the challenger how one REALLY puts the nail in the coffin!

MN: SHUT UP, the both of you! He still has to get out of the cage!

DT: That’s true, Neels… but JA is coming back to his feet, and Stevens isn’t moving! He’s got all the time in the world to walk through that door—

DM: You mean… the door that’s stuck?

DT: Oh NO…

[The Anglo Luchadore approaches the cage door in the far corner, where Pat Jones and two other referees have their hands clenched in the chain-link fencing and are struggling to pry it open. Despite their efforts, it won’t give. The champion quickly sees the situation at hand as he observes their efforts, and tells them to back away. The officials stand back as JA slips a leg between the ropes and begins KICKING at the door!]




DT: I guess we were correct to assume that the cage door is stuck, and despite the efforts of the champion and the ring officials, it can’t be opened up again!

MN: Oh man, it’s a MIRACLE!!!



DM: No dice… that door just won’t give! And in the time it took to try kicking it open, we can see the King of the Cage beginning to recover at his end of the ring!

DT: You’re RIGHT, Dean! Stevens is coming back to reality, and now JA has abandoned the prospect of exiting through the door, beginning to scale the cage wall!!

DM: But Stevens SPOTS HIM!!


DT: Stevens, peeling himself off the mat, fighting the pain in his arm and along his upper back and head, as he tails JA reaching the halfway mark on the cage wall, and GRABS HIM BY THE ANKLE!!

DM: Uh oh… it ain’t going to be that easy after all!! The Anglo Luchadore’s run out of time, and now he has to either kick Stevens away, or outlast him on the cage wall! Looking at the expression of SHEER RAGE in the face of Stevens, I think he’s going to have a hard time doing either!

DT: Stevens is trying to pry JA off the cage wall… but JA BOOTS HIM IN THE FACE with his free leg!! Come on, JA… CLIMB!!

DM: The champion is nearing the top, but here comes Stevens once again, this time scaling up the ROPES and getting ahold of JA’s ankle yet again! A single forceful YANK would cause the Anglo Luchadore to come tumbling back into the ring, but he’s hanging on the top of that cage for dear life!!

DT: He just needs to hang on for a little bit longer!

DM: I don’t know how that will help, Dave! The more time you give Sean Stevens to think, the more of an opportunity you give him! Now we see Stevens, remarkably BALANCING himself on the top rope, grab ahold of JA’s other leg! All JA has to keep himself held onto the cage are his fingers, and he’s got GRAVITY working against him!

DT: JA is hanging on, but… now we see Stevens adjusting his position, and hooking the legs of the Anglo Luchadore over his shoulders! This doesn’t look GOOD!!

DM: Time has ran out for the champion, and Sean Stevens is BRINGING HIM DOWN…

…with a POWERBAWMB!!!


Crowd: *HO-LEE-SH*T!! HO-LEE-SH*T!!*

DT: WHAT A DEVASTATING TOP ROPE POWERBOMB!! That single move has effectively LAID THE CHAMPION OUT in the center of the ring, and now his hopes of retaining are becoming even MORE slim!!

DM: You have to give credit to Sean Stevens in this match! While JA has been resourceful and undying, the King of the Cage’s sheer DESPERATION when the match has been in jeopardy has kept him alive!

MN: He just proves that the only way anybody EVER walks out of a cage is following right behind its KING!!

DT: With or without the title, there will be no doubt as to why “Triple X” Sean Stevens is Empire Pro’s own “King of the Cage!” Stevens, still fighting the pain in his arm… now bringing the Anglo Luchadore back to his feet! He hooks him by the head again… oh no, could he be going for the X-TERMINATOR AGAIN?!

DM: It seems that way, Dave, but why he’s trying, I couldn’t tell you! He didn’t have the strength to lift JA over his shoulder into the Ace Crusher the first time, so what makes him think he can pull it off the second time around?

MN: Don’t DOUBT the abilities of the KING!!

DT: Stevens, trying to lift JA up… but he CAN’T! This whole thing is futile, and he’s missing a great opportunity to leave the cage!

DM: He’s only trying to make it certain, Dave, but I’m not sure he can pull this off! Stevens trying again… NO!! He just doesn’t have the power in that arm! You can SEE the pain on his face!

[The camera focuses in on the face of the Blue-Eyed Badass as his teeth clench tightly and he squares off his footing… finally tensing up and trying to lift JA into the air once again… and this time… the Anglo Luchadore RISES…]

DT: Wait a minute… WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!





DT: “Triple X” Sean Stevens has HUMBLED the nay-sayers tonight, effectively TERMINATING JA in the middle of the ring, and leaving the champion as a lifeless heap on the canvas!

DM: But at what cost, Dave? Stevens is on the mat as well, but for an entirely different reason; whatever he had inside him to lift JA into that Osaka Street Cutter went right into that weakened arm, and now he’s probably feeling as though his entire shoulder were on fire!

DT: And with the door being stuck the way it is, Stevens has no choice but to fight that pain even further as he uses that arm to climb out of the cage! Will it hinder his progress??

MN: Hey, that ain’t no thang! You just saw what happened to that stupid “Anglo Luchadore!” He’s out like a light, and he’s not coming back for a while! Trip has all the time in the world to leave that cage!

DM: You never know… he just may need it!

[After spending a few more moments recovering in the ring, Stevens casts his gaze to the chain-linked cage wall looming over him, and his destination is in sight. Fighting the pain in his arm, he scales over the ropes and begins the long climb up. His face fills with fire as soon as he tries using his weakened arm, and soon discovers he is incapable of using it to further lift himself over the obstacle.]

DT: Sean Stevens is finally making the trip over the cage wall to the outside… and just as you said, Dean, that wounded arm IS playing a factor! You could see the sheer AGONY cross his face as he tried to use it to climb, and it just wasn’t going to happen!

DM: Stevens is still making his way up the cage wall, but at a pace that is surely slower than he would prefer. He’s gotta use that one good arm to pull himself up inch by inch! He’s already half way, but he’s going at a snail’s pace!

MN: Whatever happened to the expression “slow and steady wins the race?!”

DT: Wait a minute… look there to the center of the ring!

[The camera zooms in on the laid out body of JA as his eyelids begin to flutter and his arms jerk. The Anglo Luchadore slowly regains consciousness and begins stirring to life.]

DT: We’re seeing SIGNS OF LIFE in the World Champion! Perhaps he isn’t doomed to lose his title after all!

MN: It CAN’T be!! He was DRILLED by that X-Terminator!

DM: Stevens is only halfway up the cage wall, but if he doesn’t move any faster, JA may recover and could EASILY catch up to him!

DT: It’s a RACE TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE, as Sean Stevens continues to inch his way higher and higher above the ring, nearing the crest of the steel cage! Meanwhile, back on the canvas, the Anglo Luchadore and hero to the Empire Pro fans is slowly peeling himself off the mat!! The fans are COMING ALIVE to show him their support!


MN: STUPID FANS!! Come on, Trip, you’re SO CLOSE!!

DM: Sean Stevens nears the top of the cage… but the Anglo Luchadore is gaining new strength!! He’s FORCING HIMSELF ONTO HIS FEET!!

Crowd: *POP~!!!*

DT: He can hardly stand, but he knows full well that he’ll lose that title if he DOESN’T!! The champion spots Stevens reaching the top of the cage, and now HE’S GOING UP AFTER HIM!!

DM: Stevens is now aware that he’s being pursued, and trying his best to get his leg over that cage wall… meanwhile, JA is TEARING up the chain-link fence after him! I don’t know HOW he’s doing it, but HE IS!!

DT: JA is nearing the top… but Sean Stevens just got his second leg over!! All it is now is a short climb down, and—NO WAIT!! JA AT THE TOP, AND HE JUST SNATCHED JA BY HIS HAIR!!


DM: The Anglo Luchadore, FIGHTING FOR HIS TITLE, prevents Sean Stevens from going any further!! Stevens, THRASHING to free himself, but CAN’T!!


DM: I don’t think ANYBODY would be crazy enough to fall from that height, Neels! Nevertheless, Stevens’ attempt to escape is being CEASED by the World Champion, reaching over the top of the cage and just DRAGGING the challenger over the edge and back inside!!

DT: It’s an ALL-OUT BATTLE at the PEAK of the steel cage!! JA laying some HARD elbows into the face of Sean Stevens as he clings to the top of the cage!! It was a good thing he waited until Stevens was back on the ring-side of that wall, otherwise he could have easily knocked him out and caused him to inadvertently fall to the outside!

DM: But Stevens didn’t make it this far without a fight! Now we can see the King of the Cage RETURNING FIRE, using that arm we all thought to be USELESS in a way that leaves me simply ASTONISHED as to how he could be taking that pain and not even show it!

DT: OOOH!! A HARD haymaker to the jaw nearly knocks JA loose, but he clings on with one hand and prevents a nasty fall back into the ring! Either man dropping from this height would not only be in for a sickening fall, but also effectively END their chances of winning this match!

DM: The Anglo Luchadore is left temporarily reeling on the cage… and “Triple X” uses the opportunity to pull himself up to the edge, and now… now he’s STANDING on the rim of the cage!! This just turned into an old-school SCAFFOLD MATCH!!!

DT: One that requires a MIND-BOGGLING ability to balance oneself on just a few inches of steel! One hard strike could easily send a man TEETERING OVER THE EDGE!!

MN: Hopefully, it’ll be JA!! But, uh, you know… hopefully he falls back INTO the ring so Stevens can climb out and finish this thing!

[Rather than make a move to escape, Stevens waits for JA to recuperate and taunts him up to his level. Unabashed in his pride and with thousands of screaming fans supporting him, JA valiantly rises to the top of the cage and stands on the very edge, standing face to face with the King of the Cage!]

DT: Here we go… the FINAL SHOWDOWN at the very TOP OF THE CAGE!! The stakes are high, and a crushing blow could easily send either man to his doom!

DM: There isn’t a whole lot of leg room up there, which leaves me to wonder how either of these guys will effectively fight the other!

DT: THERE’S A BIG RIGHT HAND FROM STEVENS—oh, NARROWLY AVOIDED by JA with a quick backpedal! But Stevens is ADVANCING, giving the Anglo Luchadore no choice but to retreat to the corner!

MN: That’s the spirit! Keep on pushing, Trip! Give him nowhere to run!

DM: JA might have his back against the wall if he doesn’t attack Sean Stevens head on! Stevens isn’t landing any blows, but he’s pushing JA further and further to the edge!

DT: JA’s REACHED THE LIMIT, and now he has no choice but to attack or face a potentially dangerous—




Crowd: “OOOOOhhhhh…”

DT: And Stevens, losing his balance, RACKS HIMSELF ON THE RIM OF THE CAGE!!!

DM: A deadly ONE-TWO COMBO, if you ask me! Stevens is in an INCREDIBLY AMOUNT OF PAIN, but nevertheless prevents himself from taking a dive!

MN: That was a BLATANT NUTSHOT!! Somebody disqualify that masked loser!!

DM: I’m afraid anything goes in the cage match, Neels! Especially at THAT height!! Now it’s STEVENS retreating, with JA standing up once again and egging him on! Stevens inching back with his legs straddled over the cage wall, trying to GET AWAY from the World Champion!!

DT: Stevens nearing the opposite corner, and JA continuing to taunt him, trying to get him to stand up again! Stevens, however… Stevens seems interested in something else!

DM: I think he’s got something else up his sleeve! Sean Stevens is getting desperate, and we’ve seen how dangerous he can be in those situations! Stevens nearing the corner, and… what is he doing up there?!

DT: It looks like… he’s pulling something off the CAGE?!

[The camera zooms in on the action, as the sweat-drenched face of the Blue-Eyed Badass hovers over a pair of hands that tug at a concealed object embedded in the cross-point of cage walls. JA, from behind him, can’t quite catch a glimpse of what he’s doing. Finally, the piece of metal gives way—a bolt connecting the walls—and JA springs forward just as Stevens turns to show him what he’s found…]


DM: It looks like… the bolt connecting those cage walls! Stevens REMOVED IT!!



Crowd: “OOOOooohh…”


DM: That knocked JA COLD!! The Anglo Luchadore… WAVERING ON THE RIM OF THE CAGE…


[The Anglo Luchadore recoils violently from the pain that just struck his face, and almost instantly loses his sense of balance. Dreadfully, his body pitches forward and he falls INTO THE CAGE—]

Crowd: *SCREAM!!*

[—and at the VERY LAST MOMENT, his hands shoot into the air and GRAB the rim of the cage!! A moment follows as the fans CHEER, watching the World Champion dangle from such a dangerous height by his fingertips!]


DT: THE CHAMP, HANGING ON BY A THREAD!! MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DIDN’T FALL!! That could have VERY EASILY been the end of the match!

MN: DAMMNIT!! That shoulda done him in!!

DT: Pipe down, Neely! Stevens CHEATED using that steel bolt!

MN: Oh come, Dave! That’s perfectly legal!

DM: You know, Dave, far be it from me to agree with Neels, but I think he’s RIGHT!


DM: Any part of that steel cage can be used as a weapon. If you’re going to classify that bolt as illegal, you might as well say the same for the cage walls, and the door. Sean Stevens made a very smart move in knowing his environment and using it to his advantage!

DT: That ain’t right!

MN: Well, it’s REALITY, so DEAL WITH IT!!

DM: The Anglo Luchadore is most certainly dealing with it now! He’s got his legs back on the cage wall, but now he’s got STEVENS over him! Stevens is trying to use that bolt in his hands to POUND ON THE KNUCKLES of the champion, forcing him to lose his grip and cause him to fall!!

DT: JA is shimmying across the cage wall as fast as he can, moving his HANDS away from the reach of Sean Stevens!

DM: OH MAN!! JA just took a HARD SHOT to his right hand and was forced to let go!! Stevens has him RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM!!




DT: …oh… MY… GAWD!!!

[A sudden movement forces Stevens to hesitate and grab onto the cage to prevent falling, and with good reason. He looks back to see that the entire cage wall, now unfastened in one corner, beginning to WARP from the excess weight! The steel chain-link fencing leans DANGEROUSLY over the ringside area, but nevertheless remains in place as long as the other adjoining bolt is in place.]

DM: This doesn’t look good! That bolt Stevens removed from the corner and the added weight are causing that entire cage wall to wobble loose! I’m afraid that thing might come down at any point!

DT: We can only HOPE not! That’s RIGHT ABOVE US!!

MN: THAT’S IT, I’m outta here…

DM: Hey… NEELS!!

DT: Where are YOU going?!

MN: Over here!

[The camera briefly cuts to commentary as Mike Neely, bearing a concerned expression, gathers his notes and quickly hops out of his seat, moving over to a safer side of the ring.]

DT: What are you doing over there, Mike?!

MN: I don’t want to be under that thing when it comes down!

DT: It’s not coming down, Mike! It’s still got the other bolt to hold it in place!

DM: …maybe not for long!



[The cage wall shudders again, but JA continues to sidle his way toward the other corner, still bolted. Suddenly it becomes clear that he’s not trying to get away from Stevens, but rather, trying to even the odds!]

DM: He CAN’T be going for that other support bolt! The whole WALL would collapse!!

DT: I don’t think the Anglo Luchadore CARES!!


DT: Stevens is careful not to move any further lest he lose his grip while that massive steel chain-linked side of the cage wavers in the air! JA coming to the corner now… and you’re RIGHT, DEAN!! HE’S GOING FOR THAT SUPPORT BOLT!!

MN: He’s CRAZY!!

DT: That’s why he’s the CHAMP, Mike!!


[The crowd CHEERS WILDLY as JA removes the piece of metal and holds it high over his head, locking eyes with Stevens and showing him that he’s equally equipped! Stevens shakes his head in panic, continuing to clutch to the rim of the cage, and soon JA pulls himself up the rest of the way and edges toward the challenger. The further weakened cage wall shudders again, now beginning to LEAN OUT, casting a shadow of doom over the two remaining commentators at the table.]



DT: …uh… DEAN-O?!

DM: Looks like it’s TIME TO MOVE, Dave!!


[In a haste, Thomas and Matthews flee the scene, as ring officials quickly clear that side of the ring of personnel, including the nearby fans pressed against the barricade, for their safety. Meanwhile, teetering over all some twenty feet straight up, minus a foot or two every time the steel structure gives way a bit, JA presses upon Sean Stevens, who clings to the rim of the failing cage wall for dear life.]

DT: My God, it’s COMING DOWN SOON, and Stevens knows it! The World Champion, however… I don’t think he CARES!! HE WANTS STEVENS!!

DM: And he’s going to GET him if Stevens doesn’t do anything to protect himself!



[With mercy or remorse, the Anglo Luchadore takes a handful of the paralyzed Sean Stevens’ hair, holds his head back, and LAYS INTO HIS JAW with the steel bolt clenched tightly in his hand! Stevens’ eyes roll back as the lights go out, and his body slumps over the side of the cage! Fans SCREAM as for a moment, it appears as though he’d drop lifelessly to the outside—but JA narrowly CATCHES HIM by the arm before he can fall!]


MN: What he just did WAS ILLEGAL!!

DM: Shut up, Mike…




[A loud POP fills the arena as the supports near the base of the call wall gives way, followed by more. The leaning side of the cage SHAKES VIOLENTLY as it prepares to fall! Concerned, JA looks around for a means of escape—when suddenly, as if back from the dead, the hand of SEAN STEVENS clenches TIGHTLY around his throat!! Unable to act, JA cannot help but be PULLED BACKWARDS as the amazingly reawakened and visibly FURIOUS King of the Cage grabs on tight and pulls the champion down with him as the entire side collapses! Helplessly tangled together, both competitors FALL THROUGH THE AIR!]




DM: Somebody get the EMTs out here… NOW?!

MN: That was a REALLY… cheap… cage…


DM: I don’t KNOW!! I can’t see ANYTHING!! The entire ringside area looks like a WARZONE!! Both competitors are buried under a tomb of steel and wood!!

[In an instant, the ringside crew goes to work, frantically trying to clear the area of debris to check on the status of the competitors. A team of seven men work together to life the failed cage wall covering everything and leave it propped against the ring. Camera crews quickly move in on the point of impact, between two destroyed halves of what used to be the EPW commentary table—the twentieth or thirtieth of its kind, given how many times various talents have gone through them.]


DM: It all depends on who landed first!

DT: Somebody tell the video crew to start checking the footage from EVERY CAMERA ANGLE!! We need a winner by the end of the night or—

DM: Wait, LOOK!!!

[A broken piece of plywood is moved aside, and beneath the lifeless bodies of Sean Stevens are spotted. Stevens lies face-down, motionless… OVER the form of the ANGLO LUCHADORE!! Upon seeing this on the EmpireTron, the entire audience CHEERS WILDLY!!]

DM: JA is on the bottom…




[“Eat the Rich” hits the PA, and the fans CHEER WILDLY as EMTs rush in and help both men off the ground. Pulled clear of the wreckage, they quickly begin the task of resuscitating both men. In time, they both come around, though showing visible pain and looking beyond the point of exhaustion.]

[Sean Stevens, hearing the music, suddenly forgets the pain flowing through his entire body. His face turns to RAGE as he tries to come to his feet and protest, but the agony overcomes him, and he collapses once again, further adding to his ire as the EMTs try to help him to his feet, and get violently shoved away for their efforts.]

[Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the ring, Jerichoholic Anonymous reacts to the news of his being on the bottom of the pile, and in spite of hardly being able to stand, FALLS into the wall of ringside fans at the barricade in ecstatic celebration, being slapped on his bruised back and shoulders in congratulatory fashion by his adorers.]

[While all this is happening, few notice Pat Jones conferring with the other referees, some putting hands to their earpieces to hear orders coming from backstage.]



DM: I don’t think the winner has been declared yet, Dave! It appeared as though JA was the first to touch the ground, but nobody had a clear angle, and now there seems to be some discussion among the officials!

DT: But… BUT…

DM: We need undeniable evidence, Dave! A winner can’t be declared until we have proof!

MN: Well, get those idiots back there in the video editing truck to work! Give us some footage, damnit!!

DT: Wait, where are THEY going?!

[Continuing to deliberate, the referees are called to the backstage area, and hurry back up the ramp. Confusion permeates the entire arena as the music abruptly ends. JA begins to realize what is taking place. Meanwhile, an enraged Sean Stevens can’t help but take his anger out on a poor ringside employee, pointing at the remains of the steel cage and voicing his most negative and vulgarity-laced opinion on its craftsmanship. The sole official left at ringside gives the message to the waiting Tony Fatora, still standing with the unclaimed World Heavyweight Title. Fatora comes to his feet and raises the mic.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… due to the uncertainty of the winner of this match, the EPW officiating team is currently reviewing the footage of the final moments to determine WHO touched the ground first!

DM: Well, that explains that! I’m getting word that the officials are looking over all the possible camera angles! A decision will be made in due time!

DT: In the meantime, let’s see if we can get our OWN review going! Somebody fire up that EmpireTron!

MN: Screw that… somebody get me a chair! Where in the HELL am I supposed to sit down?!

[The ring crew continues to work around the ring, beginning to disassemble the steel cage. The World Champion, patiently waiting on the decision, paces back and forth with his eyes looking to the ground. “Triple X” Sean Stevens, meanwhile, continues his crusade to voice his angry concerns on the faulty design of the steel cage to any worker that so much as crosses his path.]

[The EmpireTron eventually lights up once again, catching everyone’s attention as we see the final moments of the match replayed from the same angle, this time slowed down. The impact isn’t clear, as both competitors disappear beneath a wall of mesh fencing as they fall through the table.]

DT: Well, THAT doesn’t help anything… did we get anything from the cameras on the south side of the arena?!

[We get a replay from an angle from the other end of the ring. This time, we can clearly see both men fall through the table just before the cage wall falls over them. It can clearly be see that in the final moment, JA is BENEATH Stevens as they collide with the commentary table!]

DT: Looks fairly evident to ME!! JA is CLEARLY on the bottom there!

DM: Let’s try it from another angle!

[Another replay from a closer angle, within the ringside seats. Once again, through the slow-motion, it’s evident that JA is below Stevens as they come careening through their fragile point of landing. Seeing this, the Anglo Luchadore victoriously raises his arm, and the fans CHEER!! Stevens shakes his head in dismay, sneering with spite.]

DT: I’ve seen enough! JA was the FIRST MAN to touch the ground! Even YOU can’t help but deny it, Neely!


DM: Here come the referees with the official decision! I think JA’s going to be pleased to hear this!

[The promenade of zebras come to the ring as the last remnants of the steel cage are taken down and carted away. The ring is soon occupied with the team of officials, soon joined by Jerichoholic Anonymous, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, and Tony Fatora. Pat Jones gives the message to Fatora who listens with a blank expression, raising the microphone to make the fateful announcement.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… after reviewing ALL of the available footage, the EPW officiating team has come to a decision!






Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

[Stevens springs nearly FIVE FEET INTO THE AIR as his name is announced. Fatora hardly has a chance to hand him the title before the King of the Cage RIPS IT out of his hands, runs to the nearest turnbuckle, and holds it HIGH OVER HIS HEAD, presenting his newly won title to the sea of disapproving fans! “King Back” BOOMS over the PA as Jerichoholic Anonymous stands STUNNED in the middle of the ring.]



DM: What an UNEXPECTED ANNOUNCEMENT!! I’d like to see what those referees saw!!

DT: Somebody, PLEASE, give me a replay!!

[The EmpireTron lights up once again, showing a completely new angle that takes place at ringside, at floor level. In slow motion, the cage wall comes down and both men violently tumble through the commentary table, which splits apart upon impact. The camera freeze frames as both bodies linger just a few inches above the ground amid a cloud of splinters… and a yellow circle appears over the point in the footage where Sean Stevens’ legs are CLEARLY touching the ground. The slow-motion footage soon continues, showing them connect with the hard, scantily padded floor. Upon witnessing this, JA COLLAPSES in agonizing disappointment, and the fans audibly react in a similar way!]

DM: There it is! You’re UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE!! Stevens’ legs hit the floor before JA!!

DT: What UNBELIEVABLE LUCK!! I thought for CERTAIN that JA hit the floor first!!

MN: Well, you thought WRONG, Dave! Maybe this will tell you a thing or two about jumping to conclusions before all the evidence is out on the table!

[Stevens continues to scale turnbuckles, holding his title while sneering into the spite-filled fans beneath him. The defeated and deposed Anglo Luchadore can only hang his head in defeat and leave the ring.]

DT: Fans… I’m completely SPEECHLESS as to what we have just witnessed! This has truly been one of the most monumental World Title contests we’ve ever seen! We’ve watched a CAGE COLLAPSE before our very eyes, and a World Champion DEFEATED!

DM: “Triple X” Sean Stevens has made HISTORY here tonight! With this win, he is the FIRST PERSON to EVER win the coveted EPW World Heavyweight Title TWICE!! No doubt, he’s set a new standard of excellence, and proven just why he bears the title of “The King of the Cage!”

DT: Of course, we can’t quite easily forget the efforts of the Anglo Luchadore, Jerichoholic Anonymous, who fought TOOTH AND NAIL even when the odds were stacked against him! There where times where he thought he was finished, and he proved us wrong! He may not leave the arena with the title tonight, but one thing is for certain, there isn’t a fan out there who doesn’t believe he is the TRUE World Heavyweight Champion!

MN: Well, they’re all wrong. You see that title there, Dave? You see the man holding it up?

DT: …yes, Mike. I can see.

MN: That’s what I THOUGHT!! WOO-HOO!! JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!! Oh man, I’m buying TWO hookers tonight!!

DM: Just make sure neither of them have Adams Apples, Mike. Wouldn’t want to repeat that incident in Houston.


DT: Ladies and gentlemen… we’ve reached the CONCLUSION of Unleashed!! You’ve just witnessed one of the most INTENSE Pay Per View events of the year!! The EPW Title has come to a new owner! But what will happen from here?? Will the ever-determined JA continue to fight for the title and stand EPW’s hero?? Will a NEW challenger step up to try his hand at the gold?? All these questions will be answered in due time, but for now… I’m Dave Thomas, standing here at ringside with Dean Matthews and Mike Neely—who I’m CERTAIN needs a new change of pants—


DT: Join us again, folks, at Aggression, as we see the fallout from this event! GOOD NIGHT!!

[Defeated, JA continues up the ramp. Despite his loss, he acknowledges those fans reaching out to give him a supporting high-five, and returns their gestures as a hero would. Back in the ring, Stevens, bearing a grin that would make the Devil himself turn green with envy, continues to loom upon the turnbuckle, showing off his title as fireworks begin to explode overhead.]

[Fade to the EPW logo.]

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