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Bio for Psycho


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Name: Psycho
Nickname: "The American Dangerman"

HGT: 6'2
WGT: 225

Music: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne

Ring Apparel: kick-boxing pants and many different colored masks with a ? mark on the forehead

Wrestlers Style: High Flying, EXTREME Risk Taker

Heel/Face: Face

5 Moves:

1 Space Flying Tiger Drop
2. Flag Pole Dive
3. Yukuza Kick
4. 450 Legdrop
5. Moonsault

Set-Up: Tiger Driver

Finisher: Psycho Flight (Stardust Press)

Titles: King of the CWWF - 2000

History: started wrestling pro at age 16. Was a top contender for the WWL Cruiserweight title. Reappeared in the CWWF has top contender for the Hardcore Title. Was knocked out cold and could no longer continue in his Hell in the Cell match at Rage in the Cage in the CWWF. Was the last UEW Hardcore Champion

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