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BIO: Kevin Mason

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
Fighters Name: Kevin Mason

Cage Name: n/a

Height: 6' 2

Weight (205-235lbs): 205 lbs.

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Fighting Out Of:: Seattle, WA

Training Team: None

Specialty (IE: Boxing, Kickboxing, etc): Unorthodox boxing

Entrance Theme: Drop That by Lil Wayne f/ Eminem


\\\"I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes
Hate in my heart, love in my mind
I seen nights full of pain, days of the same
You keep the sunshine, save me the rain
I search but never find, hurt but never cry
I work and forever try, but I’m cursed, so never mind
And it’s worse, but better times seem further and beyond
The top gets higher the more that I climb
The spot gets smaller, and I get bigger
Tryna get into where I fit in, no room for a n*gga
But soon for a n*gga it be on, mu’f*cka
‘Cause all the bull****, it made me strong, mu’f*cka..\\\"

\\\"So I\\\'ma pick the world up and I\\\'ma drop it on your f*ckin head!\\\"

Song blares and not before long Kevin Mason comes from the back wearing his patented all black hoody and fight shorts. His hood is covering his face as he walks confidently to the octagon banging his head in approval. He undresses and gets checked out by the proper medical staff on hand, before taking his mouthpiece out and screaming \\\"VIRGINIA\\\". He enters the ring and takes a wild run around the outer circle of the canvas... awaiting his opponent.

Will you have a training team? (More than one fighter. Yes or No): No

Team Name: No

Training Out Of: No

Training Specialty: No

Head Trainer: No

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