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BIO: Ryan McDounough

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
*Fighters Name: Ryan McDounough
Cage Name: The Iron Wrench

*Height: 5\' 11\

*Weight (205-235lbs): 220lbs

*Hometown: West Newton, MA

*Fighting Out Of:: West Newton, MA

*Training Team:

*Specialty (IE: Boxing, Kickboxing, etc): Kickboxing

*Entrance Theme: "Sickman" by Alice in Chains

*Entrance: "The Iron Wrench" appears wearing a bright red robe with "T.I.W" marked on the back in white bold text. As he makes his way to the cage he starts to remove the robe, flipping it back over his shoulder casually as he walks. Once he is in the ring he descends on to his knees flexing his muscles and smirking at the crowd.

*Will you have a training team? (More than one fighter. Yes or No): No

*Team Name: --

*Training Out Of: --

*Training Specialty: --

*Head Trainer: --
Contact Info (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, or Email.): AIM - GemmaLynn09
MSN - Babygemzxx@hotmail.co.uk

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