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Black Dawn 2012: San Francisco, CA - 8/13/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[MUSIC UP: “Control” by Garbage.]

The world might end

[CUTTO: Anarky holding the EPW TV Title he just won from Larry Tact.]

The night might fall

[CUTTO: Teddy Alexander beating on Eddie Burns.]

Rain on down and cover us all and drown us with the burdens of our sins.

[CUTTO: Adrian Willard and Kendall Codine exchanging punches.]

Maybe I’ll look you in the eye

[CUTTO: Gabriel Poe glaring at the camera after his victory at Aggression.]

Tell you, you don’t want to die

[CUTTO: Boogie Smallz smiling wide, as the camera shoots up towards him making him all the more imposing.]

Maybe I’ll hold my breath and jump right in.

[A series of quick cuts showing Otaku, The First, Triple X, Rezin, and Impulse all perched up on the top rope.]

Maybe I’ll hold my breath and jump right in.

[The same series of cuts, but this time each man is seen in slow motion as they leap off the top rope. The sequence ends with them hitting their moves as the harmonica blasts and the guitars kick in.]

I never saw you coming from inside my little prison

[Series of quick cuts showing Rezin, Stevens, Impulse, and Stalker, all with the shadows of the steel cage upon them.]

Your autograph would really buy me time.

[CUTTO: Karl Brown and Otaku signing autographs for fans.]

If you think you are the reason.

[CUTTO: Cameron Cruise holding the EPW World Title at the end of the last Aggression.]

Give me something to believe in.

[CUTTO: The First standing in the ring, arms raised.]

It’s always darkest right before the dawn…It’s always darkest right before the dawn.

[CUTTO: Graphic for EPW’s Black Dawn for a beat then CUTTO: AT&T Ballpark in San Francisco, California. Pyro exploding all over the stadium as the song fades out and the mics in the crowd pick up the loud cheering of the fans. The camera sweeps the stadium before finally going to the broadcast table where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews and Mike Neely are there as always and ready for another night of action.]

DT: Welcome to Black Dawn everyone…I’m Dave Thomas, joined as always by Dean Matthews and Mike Neely, what a night of action we have for you, all the titles in the Empire on the line, somebody’s getting shaved bald, two old rivals meet up…It’s going to be an incredible night…

DM: You said it Dave…Anytime you have two big time warriors like Gabriel Poe and Boogie Smallz having a fight and it’s this far down on the card, you know a show is stacked!

MN: That’s going to be a ton of fun to watch, Boogie and Poe know each other well and the both want a win in the worst way on EPW PPV, it’s going to be a war and I’m going to love it.

DT: Impulse has really put himself in a tight spot tonight, the Marathon Man is fighting two matches and he’ll be defending his belt for as long as he holds it. The first stop against one half of the Dangle Brothers, Jared Wells.

DM: Wells had a crack at the title before, you know he’s got that defeat fresh in his mind and will be looking to avenge that loss.

MN: The Dangle Brothers are going to dominate tonight. Wells with the IC and Cruise with the big belt, you mark my works!

DT: And no matter what happens there, Impulse gets a match with Stalker inside a steel cage.

MN: You mean a career ender, Stalker’s a monster, putting him in a cage only makes him that much more lethal.

DT: Also inside a steel cage will be the hair Vs hair match as either Rezin or Sean Stevens will be bald at the end of the night.

DM: Rezin lost a hard fought match last time out and now he’s upped the stakes, he wants the hair of the former two time EPW World Champion, can he win and claim that trophy?

MN: NO! No he can not!

DT: Then we have a brutal 7 way war for the EPW TV Title, as Anarky, the Anti-Champion faces off against Adrian Willard, Larry Tact, Classy Mike C, Aaron Jones, Teddy Alexander, and Kendall Codine.

DM: Anarky ran his mouth and Dan Ryan decided to make him put up or shut up, this will be an absolute war, and don’t forget this is falls count anywhere, no count-outs or disqualifications, it’s going to be carnage.

MN: I call it glorious! This might be the best match ever!

DT: Jimmy Mylde has been promising us his new tag team and tonight he has to deliver with the Dream Stealers getting a shot at the EPW World Tag Team Titles against the Animezing Dragons.

DM: With the tag team King of the Cage upcoming and a huge list of teams and singles wrestlers from outside EPW signing up for take a shot at winning these belts, tonight will be a huge test for both teams and the winner can look forward to having a HUGE target on their backs.

MN: Jimmy Mylde is used to the big time, the Dreamstealers will win the gold tonight and they will RETAIN it through KotC, you can bank on it.

DT: And the main event…Cameron Cruise has been chasing the EPW World Title for 8 years, is tonight the night he breaks through? The First has had the champion’s rights revoked, he loses the title on a count out or disqualification and he can’t use the Poison Mist…But if there’s one thing for certain, The First always has a plan.

DM: The man who shocked the wrestling world by revealing he was behind the return of Dis now defends the EPW World Title against a hated rival who holds a win over him and Cameron Cruise will have this crowd’s undivided support, it should be an epic battle for the EPW World Title tonight.

MN: Cruise is going to stomp the guts out of this clown, the only question is if First has the nerve to lose with honor of or if he runs from the ring and loses the title by count out…This ballpark will be rocking as Cruise takes the big one tonight!

DT: What an amazing night of action and it’s about to get started!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Gabriel Poe vs. Boogie Smallz

[“Whenever I May Roam” by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra begins to pump through the arena speakers. The camera pans to a small section on the stage where a few members of the orchestra are in attendance and playing their instruments live to their hometown. A blue haze lights up in the outdoor stadium. Pyrotechnics explode and light up the entrance for Gabriel and Mia Lee Poe. The fans erupt into applause as Poe makes his way to the ring.]

TF: Coming to the ring and hailing from Denver, Colorado, weighing in at 312 pounds ... accompanied to the ring by Mia Lee Poe, he is 'The Apocalypse' GABRIEL POOOOOE!

[Gabriel Poe stands in the ring and the lit up blue haze cuts off. The music continues to play as Mia Lee Poe poses in the ring and then stands by ‘The Apocalypse’ as he gives a cold icy stare up the ramp, awaiting his opponent’s entrance. Mia Lee goes to the floor and stands in his corner.]

DT: Ladies and gents, the Dark Reign is back in EPW!

MN: Well the Dark Reign may be back, but I think Boogie Smallz is gonna shed light on it, so to speak. This is Black Dawn…the dawn of a new era in EPW.

DT: And what does that have to do with Boogie?

MN: Black Dawn…Boogie is a brotha’. He wants to start a new era in Empire Pro. The dawn of a new era. It makes sense to me. This show is really named after him!

DM: Give me a break with your analogy.

[Poe’s music cuts off and the song “Black Superman” by Above The Law cranks up. After a few seconds of it playing, Boogie Smallz steps out onto the stage with a menacing look on his face. The crowd seems to be behind Poe in this match-up, as Boogie is getting booed by many of the Empire Pro faithful. Boogie makes his way down the ramp, no pyro or special lights needed, as he appears to be all business for his encounter with Poe.]

TF: From Brooklyn, New York. Standing 6’9” and weighing in at 300 pounds. Here is…BOOGIE SMALLZZZZ!

DM: Smallz is now in the ring and having a stare down with Poe. Boogie is walking towards the center of the ring and mouthing something to Poe.

MN: These guys have an animosity towards one another that is indescribable. Just take a look at their faces. The hatred these two have for one another goes back several years.

DT: We heard Boogie’s side of the argument. He thought they were friends and Poe attacked him on the behalf of the owner of GXW, Erik Zieba.

DM: When Boogie did that shoot in the ring on Zieba and GXW, it sent shockwaves throughout the industry! The internet was buzzing because of what Smallz said about his former employer.

MN: I guess if I was in Zieba’s position, I would have hired mercenaries to do my dirty work too. But in all honesty, it didn’t work. Boogie beat Kevin Powers, Poe’s old Dark Carnival cohort, and Zieba eventually disappeared off the face of the earth….never to be seen again.

DM: Poe has been silent this entire time. I suppose we will never know the truth about what was going on in his mind when he jumped Boogie back at Wrestleverse I.

DT: Poe now walks to the center of the ring and is mouthing something to Boogie. The words from Poe get the better of Smallz, and he hauls off and throws a fist at Poe

DM: But Poe blocks it and fires off a few punches to Boogie in defense. They begin trading fists and then the bell rings to start the match!

DT: These two didn’t waste any time to get things started!

MN: Get him, Boog! Don’t forget what he did to you the last time Poe was in EPW! He stabbed you in the back!

DM: Leading up to this match, Boogie told the world his side of the story. Poe hasn’t had much to say about this bout.

MN: He hasn’t had much to say since he stepped foot back in EPW…period.

DT: He said the Dark Reign has returned. But it may be off to a slow start if he can’t get past Mr. Smallz.

[Poe has Smallz backed into the corner and is nailing him with fists. He beats Boogie down to the mat and then raises his arm to the crowd, who respond by cheering on his actions. Poe has his back to Boogie, who stands up and shakes off the onslaught from Poe. Smallz taps him on the shoulder; Poe turns around and gets a big right hand to the face that levels him.]

DT: Smallz just leveled Poe and caught him off guard with that shot.

DM: Poe is quickly back to his feet and Boogie executes a Japanese arm drag on him.

DT: But Poe is back up again. He absorbed the maneuver and it didn’t seem to have much effect on him.

[Gabriel Poe gets in Boogie’s face and pie faces him. Smallz angered by the move locks onto Poe behind his neck and delivers a fury of knees to his gut. He then follows it up with a big uppercut. Poe is dazed and Smallz bounces off the ropes and nails him with a big boot to the face. The Apocalypse hits the mat face first and Boogie begins stomping him down with his boots.

Poe starts to get to his feet and Boogie is now perched on the second rope. He measures Poe and hits him with a double-axe handle that puts Poe back on the mat. Boogie stands Gabriel up and hits a brainbuster on Poe. Smallz bounces off the ropes and drops a leg on to Apocalypse for good measure. He goes for the pin



NO! Poe kicks out!

MN: Boogie should’ve hook the leg to get the extra momentum. He totally blew his chance right there.

DT: Smallz has been in control for a few minutes now. Poe kicking out of the pin is showing us he still has some fight left in him.

DM: It’s gonna take a lot more offense to put Poe down for the count.

DT: Smallz stands Poe up to his feet and bounces off the ropes and attempts a boot to the midsection. But Poe catches him…and holds onto the foot.

DM: Boogie is hopping around on one foot and trying to negotiate with Poe, pleading to not cause any damage.

DT: Poe spins Boogie around by the foot and follows it up with a devastating clothesline!

[Poe drops to one knee and catches his breath for a moment, while Boogie crawls to the ropes to escape his opponent. Boogie now trying to get to his feet and Poe is quick to pounce on him before he has the opportunity to regain his senses. Poe grabs Smallz by the hair and brings him to his feet. He throttles his neck and drops Boogie with a chokeslam.

Boogie is trying to get to his feet and Poe hits the ropes. Just as Boogie stands up, he is hit hard with a clothesline. Poe follows through with his momentum; both men go over the top rope, and hit the stadium floor. Gabriel stands up and lets out a war cry of sorts to the crowd. He then lifts Smallz up and whips him into the steel barricade. Boogie winces in pain and Poe comes charging at him full steam ahead. Boogie ducks down and flips Poe into the first row.

Boogie regains his wits and just as he turns around Poe is to his feet and tries to pull him over the barricade to brawl in the audience. Smallz rakes the eyes and bashes Poe’s head over the barrier. He pounds Poe’s face into the barricade a few more times and pulls him back over to the ringside area. Boogie punches Poe a few times and then whips him into the steel barricade…but Poe does a reversal and Boogie crashes it hard. Poe grabs a steel chair and goes to the well again by charging at Boogie.

Smallz lifts up his leg and in a last ditch effort kicks the chair causing it to hit Poe in the head. Boogie then follows it up with a clothesline and sets up a table at ringside.]

DT: The referee is being extremely lenient here. He knows that this match is huge for both men.

DM: Boogie has that table set up now and rather than laying Poe on it, he tosses him up onto the ring apron.

MN: Boogie knows what he is doing. The man is a veteran of the sport; he does everything for a reason.

DT: Boogie now up on the apron. He lifts Poe to his feet. Gabriel trying to mount a little offense to stop Boogie, but its not enough.

DM: Smallz grabs him by the hair and delivers a knee to his face! Boogie now puts his back to Poe and lifts him up in a crucifix. Smallz takes a few steps and you know what that means! GOOD LORD!

DT: FACE THA MUSIC! He hits the move off of the ring apron and through the table on the stadium floor!

[The crowd starts chanting…”HOLY ISH…HOLY ISH” in reaction to the move.]

MN: Holy s[BLEEP] indeed! The move took its toll on Boogie, but Poe just went face-first into that table!

DT: Smallz trying to shake off the cobwebs from Face Tha Music on Poe. He slowly gets to his feet, grabbing Apocalypse, and rolling him into the ring.

DM: Wait a second…Mia Lee Poe has run over to Boogie. She is pleading with him.

MN: Boogie brought up a good point recently; she has the same last name…but is it his wife or his daughter? She looks so hot…it makes me want to put aside the price of a cup of coffee every day so I can import a chick like that!

DT: Boogie mouths something to her and points to her corner for her to go and stand there.

MN: He ain’t got no time for these silly hoez! Word.

DM: Boogie continues on his path and now enters the ring. He goes for the cover…





DT: That small distraction by Mia Lee may have bought Apocalypse some time.

MN: Boogie Smallz should be standing triumphant right now but instead he finds himself dumbfounded because Mia Lee had to get all in his Kool Aid.

DM: Do what?

[Smallz pounds the mat in frustration. He goes right to work on Poe with some stomps to his torso. Boogie walks to the corner and starts to climb the ropes for a high impact maneuver. As he climbs to the second rope, Mia Lee Poe stands on the apron. Boogie looks infuriated and pauses his ascension. He shakes his head and gets off the ropes to confront Mia Lee.]

MN: Will this harlot ever quit? She is supposed to be here for eye candy, not to annoy the hell out of Boogie. He needs to slap the tramp and put her in her place…on her back! OH!

DT: Please forgive him for his chauvinistic comment, ladies.

MN: She is only a valet and this is the second time tonight she has ran interference on Apocalypse’s behalf. It is pissing Boogie off! Meddlesome wench!

DM: Smallz has his finger pointed in her face and she stands her ground. He grabs her by the hair and holds his fist up.

MN: Hit her! Remove her from the equation!

DT: He is cocked back and Poe is getting to his feet. Gabriel sees what is going on and rushes over to Boogie to stop him.

DM: High knee to the back by Poe to Boogie…but he collides with Mia Lee and sends her tumbling to the floor!

[Poe is in a fit of rage and goes after Smallz, who does his best to evade him, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Gabriel snatches him by his hair and delivers a hard right hand that levels Boogie. Poe now lifts him up and whips him into the ropes…hits him with a flying shoulderblock. Smallz is on the canvas and Poe stomps on him numerous times.]

MN: Poe doesn’t even care about poor Mia Lee on the floor out here. What a despicable human being he is.

DM: Gabriel has Boogie up and it looks like he is going to position him for the Seventh Seal!

DT: He has Boogie in place. He hoists him up…but Boogie fights out of it! Poe turns around and gets a knee to the gut by Smallz!

DM: Now Boogie has him in place…He lifts Poe up…POWER BONG!

DT: Smallz with the cover…




DM: Boogie wins it with the Power Bong!

MN: It’s not called that anymore, Boogie has cleaned himself up…the Power Bong sends the wrong message about his recovery from his addiction.

DM: For once tonight, you are right.

DT: I stand corrected. My notes read that he has renamed that move…its called 99 Problemz. My apologies.

MN: You should be ashamed of yourself.

DM: Boogie is not done yet. He got the win and now he is adding insult to injury.

[Smallz is dropping knees to the face of Poe in succession. Over and over again knees to the face. Poe appears to be unconscious and Smallz slaps him in the face. Boogie now lifting Poe up and tossing him to the floor near Mia Lee. Boogie raises his arms in triumph and asks for the mic.]

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Someone get a stretcher out here to cart of this sorry futhamucka and his b*tch to the back! [Crowd boos.] Dan Ryan…did you see what I just did to the guy you thought would shut me up? The man you thought you could use to stop me from runnin’ my mouth?

Gabriel Poe, I let you off easy. I should still be beatin’ you down…but I need to conserve my energy. I need to save my strength for something more important. I’m talking about the Kings of the Cage tag team tournament coming up next week.

Dan Ryan, consider this my official announcement to enter the fray. You have all this outside interest, guys from other organizations and indy dudes no one has ever heard of signing up…but don’t forget about the talent here in EPW. You know, the ones you have signed to crappy contracts that can’t do anything about it. Dan…you have me on the hook for two more matches…once that’s over...you better pay up.

And to anyone out there that I might get randomly drawn to be my partner. You have my word that I will hold up my end of the deal. But if you team with me and come with some weak ish…you will get dealt with just like this sorry sack of ish I just disposed of tonight. Don’t be like Gabriel Poe…don’t become another statistic! I’m in it to win it and won’t accept anything less. Ya heard? [Pauses.]

Good…that’s what I thought!

[Smallz exits the ring, he looks down at Gabriel Poe and Mia Lee, and then up to the camera. He mean mugs the camera and does a hand motion of wiping his hands clean. He then throws in a few more stomps to Poe for good measure and walks down the aisle to the back to a chorus of boos from the crowd.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Sweet as Sugar

[We cut backstage to Tiffany, one of the sexy Empire girls that also doubles as backstage assistants, walking next to a well-dressed young man. Tiffany is breathtaking as usual, while her counterpart is wearing blue jeans and a button-down silk shirt with a dragon pattern on it. There are sunglasses hanging from the top button on his shirt as he smiles toward his hostess.]

Tiffany: It's Shayne, right?

Man: Yeah, Shayne Grissom.

Tiffany: Well, first off we are glad to have you signed on with the company. The EPW has a long-standing tradition of creating superstars and everybody seems to think you are already on your way after the accolades you received a couple of years ago.

Grissom: Thanks.

Tiffany: We asked you here this evening so you could get a feel for the way the backstage area works during a typical Aggression broadcast.

[She no sooner finishes her sentence, then a kid whizzes by holding a cord for something that has to be fixed on the technical side, no doubt. The kid moves so fast that he almost bumps into both Shayne and Tiffany as he passes.]

Grissom: [chuckling] Excuse me.....

Tiffany: Well, as you can see, it is a very fast-paced environment. It may take some getting used to.

Grissom: Nahhh.....I worked in another a couple of other large-scale leagues in this past year, so it isn't a big deal at all. I'm actually looking forward to jumping in with both feet.

Tiffany: I know it may seem like all leagues are a dime-a-dozen, but EPW is truly different.

[Shayne looks over and notices Impulse. He just shakes his head a little at the site of the smaller man, knowing that he is a top talent fron what he has seen.]

Grissom: No kidding, there's a ton of talent here.

Tiffany: Come with me and I'll show you around how we try and set up at every venue we play at.

Grissom: Alright.

[Tiffany begins walking down the hall and Shayne follows. She begins pointing at doors with specific wrestler names on them.]

Tiffany: Some of our wrestlers that are headlining get the perk of having their own locker room. That is not something that you'll enjoy early on, but it is always nice once you achieve it. Most of the roster uses one of the two main locker rooms in the facility and go with the community mindset with them.

Grissom: Fine by me. My Dad was a road agent with an Indy league several years ago, so I have an idea of how stuff works backstage.

Tiffany: That's good to know. I guess you won't have any excuses will you?

Grissom: None at all!

[They round the corner and enter a room with an EPW banner on one wall. Near that wall is the cameras and sound equipment for cutting backstage interviews. It is a rarity to see it from this angle. Grissom can't help himself, walking up to the area and looking around.]

Grissom: Does this stuff work?

Tiffany: Yeah, it does. However the guys aren't back here to tape.

Grissom: You mind if I take a second here and look it all over?

[Tiffany, realizing that the young man is already starting to feel at home, allows a smile to crack through and flicks the switch to turn the lights on the staging to full strength. Shayne looks up with pure enthusiasm.]

Grissom: Some people say that the youth of today don't understand hardships. They say we've been handed everything on a silver platter and we don't appreciate the kind of work it takes to achieve greatness in this world. That might be true for the average person my age....

[Shayne cracks a sly smile.]

Grissom: But it sure as hell isn't me.

[Shayne stands resolute as he continues.]

Grissom: I was born in St. Louis and watched my father deal with gangs and typical inner city problems my whole life. I grew up around a wrestling ring. I have ate, slept and lived the squared circle my whole life. I'm twenty-three years old and I've already logged more in-ring time than most people with five years more experience in this business. I'm not some kid who uses his look and attitude to make his way.

[Shayne points his thumbs toward his chest.]

Grissom: I back it up in that ring.

[Shayne reaches and puts his sunglasses back on his head, shielding his eyes from the camera and giving him an even more arrogant look.]

Grissom: Take this as a warning because anybody that gets matched up with me inside that ring better be ready to get a battle. Many young men come here and they hope to be a success. They hope they can live up to the hype...that upside that their future is so richly lit with. I'm here in EPW to tell you all one thing about this young man's hype....

[Grissom's face is but a cold stare.]

Grissom: The future is now....

[Shayne cracks a wide grin.]

Grissom: And it’s sweet as "Sugar". I'll be seeing you all.

[Shayne takes his sunglasses off as he walks away from the interview area.]

Grissom: Hey Tiffany, you like that? No...Don’t answer because you can tell me over dinner!

[The screen fades as Grissom chases Tiffany out of the room.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Impulse (c) vs. Jared Wells

[MUSIC UP: “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. The crowd reacts with a mix of boos and cheers as Jared Wells makes the long walk to the ring.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship! [Pop!] making his way to the ring is the CHALLENGER hailing from Baltimore, Maryland weighing in at 253 pounds…JARED!!!! WELLS!!!!

[Wells hits the ring with a big smile on his face, looking supremely confident as he stretches himself out with help from the ring ropes.]

DT: From the looks of Jared Wells you would never know that Impulse already holds a victory over him, this is a man who looks completely relaxed and ready to capture gold here tonight at Black Dawn.

MN: It was a fluke, Impulse might be a hell of a wrestler but he’s not a fighter, Wells is, and Wells is going to beat the daylights out of this punk and show the world that Black Dawn is going to usher in the era of the Dangle Brothers!

[MUSIC UP: “Revolution Baby” by Queen V. The crowd gets LOUD as Impulse powerwalks towards the ring, fans reach out for high fives and fist bumps as he moves his way towards the ring.]

TF: And his opponent, from New York City, New York…Weighing in at 188 pounds…He is the EPW Intercontinental Champion…IMPULSE!!

[The crowd roars again as impulse hits the ring area, he works his way around the ring high fiving fans and takes a fist bump from Rose before moving past her…Then quickly going back to her with a smile on his face. She and Impulse have a hug before he goes back to working his way around the ring then he hops up the second rope and gazes into the massive crowd as flashes pop all around the ballpark.]

DT: Impulse has his work cut out for him here tonight as he not only has to defend his belt against Jared Wells, he’s also got another match tonight in a steel cage with Stalker.

DM: The Marathon Man is looking to live up to that nickname here tonight, if he pulls this off it will be one of the great performances in EPW history.

MN: He’s going down against Wells and losing the gold here, and in the cage with Stalker it’s just going to be added humiliation!

[Impulse hands his belt to the ref, who holds it high for the crowd to see before handing it to the time keeper and ordering the bell rung to start the match.]

DT: And we’re underway…impulse circling Wells as the bigger man looking to get a lock up…impulse in a collar and elbow but quickly shifts and gets behind Wells…Drop toe hold by Impulse drops Wells to the mat and impulse floats over quickly for an arm bar. Wells quickly powers to his feet…IMPULSE WITH A ROLL UP!




DM: You know Impulse wants to try to end this match as quick as he can so he can remain in good shape for his battle with Wells later tonight.

MN: Yes, we can all agree that Impulse is looking for a cheap win any way he can get it, and then you two will fall over yourselves to tell us all how honorable and noble he is…What a bunch of frauds you all are.

DT: Impulse keeping his space from Wells…Wells looking for an opening…Impulse snapping off a leg kick, and another! Wells charges…IMPULSE WITH A HIPTOSS!! A great throw by the champion sends Wells to the mat and Impulse secures an arm bar again on the challenger. Wells punches the mat in anger and again quickly gets to his feet…Impulse shifts to a hammerlock and now wrenches on the arm. Wells trying to find a way to throw a back elbow at Impulse who’s keeping himself away from the free right arm of the challenger…Wells now rushes backwards trying to crush Impulse into a corner…IMPULSE SIDESTEPS!! Wells hits the corner and Impulse quickly whips him to the other side…Wells hits and staggers out…DROPKICK SENDS WELLS TO THE MAT AND ROLLING OUTSIDE TO THE FLOOR!! [Pop!]

DM: Wells outside the ring fuming at the fact Impulse has had control so far!

MN: Settle down big man, you’ve had this turkey in trouble before, you can drop him again and this time you’ll keep him down!


MN: Now we’re talking! Impulse went for the home run and now he’s going to pay for it! Bring it home Wells!

DT: Wells slings Impulse into the ring and now and stomps him in the back a couple times…Wells drops down…CAMEL CLUTCH! Wells wrenching on the back of the champion!

MN: Tap out! You got a cage match with a sociopath later tonight, cut your losses and call it a day here!

DM: You are right that Stalker has to be loving seeing this, impulse trapped in this hold and the longer he suffers, clearly the worse off he’ll be when it comes time for his match in the cage later tonight.

DT: Impulse is trapped in the middle of the ring and he’s being stretched out by the challenger here…Wells pulling for all he’s worth…Impulse fighting and he slips an arm free…Impulse slips out behind Wells…Impulse off the ropes…GETS CAUGHT AND DRIVEN TO THE MAT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! WELLS HOOKS THE LEG!!




MN: He HAD him! Although I really can’t complain, the longer and more brutal this match is the more terrible the beating Stalker’s going to dish out later tonight…That might be a career ender…I can’t wait.

DT: Wells grabs Impulse and just THROWS him into the corner…Wells working over the champion with punches to the midsection and now a right hand to the jaw...Impulse whipped to the corner…He hits hard…WELLS WITH A RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO THE TEMPLE!!




DT: OH THAT WAS CLOSE!! Wells just BLASTED Impulse and I thought for sure that was the match!

DM: Impulse just got RUN OVER there, amazing willpower by the champion to fight his way out of that pin!

MN: Amazing slow count more like it, but again the ref does him no favors, the more abuse he takes here it just means more and even more brutal abuse later, being in a cage with Stalker is a nightmare, being in a cage with him when you’re hurt is a death wish!

DT: Wells pulls Impulse back to his feet…Wells cracks the Marathon Man with a right hand and another shot…Impulse staggers back…IMPULSE WITH A SUDDEN IMPACT!!! WELLS DUCKS!! WELLS WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! IMPULSE DUCKS!!! IMPULSE WITH A SUDDEN IMPACT THAT HITS!! BOTH MEN DOWN!!

DM: Impulse out of NOWHERE going for the big move and he hit it and Wells is out of it! Can he make the cover to get the win!

MN: What?! HOW?! This is impossible!

DT: Well it happened…Impulse crawling over trying to make the cover!!





MN: YES! YES! Come on Wells, keep on him…Black Dawn is the Dangle Brothers night!
DT: Both men dragging themselves to their feet…Wells takes a knife edge chop…A right hand by Wells misses, and another chop by the champion and another…Wells sent towards the corner…No he reverses! Impulse crashes into the corner and Wells follows with a BIG SPLASH! NO IMPULSE MOVED!! Wells hits the corner hard and staggers out…IMPULSE WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!




[Bell rings, the crowd cheers loudly as Impulse rolls to the floor with his arms raised in victory. “Revolution Baby” by Queen V plays.]

TF: The winner of the match and STILL Intercontinental champion…IMPULSE!!

DT: Impulse had Wells wrapped up tighter than a drum in that inside cradle, just a beautiful move by the champion and he’s kept the gold at least for a little while longer as tonight he has the daunting task of getting in a cage with that maniac Stalker.

DM: Just a textbook inside cradle by the champion showing why he might be the best pure wrestler in the business today.

MN: Wrestling ain’t going to do him a dime’s worth of good in the cage with a blood thirsty monster like Stalker, enjoy your hollow victory Impulse, it’s about to get real bad, real quick for you!

DT: We’ll see if that’s the case, Black Dawn continues with more action next!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
WANTED: Hand Sanitizer


[Our scene opens up on EPW Owner Dan Ryan in his temporary office at the ball park, doing his regular company business proceedings before the show goes on. Suddenly, he’s overwhelmed with a feeling of discomfort. It’s too quiet...]

Dan Ryan: ...ugh, somebody’s about to come in here. I already know it.

[Shaking his head and grumbling to himself as he anticipates the inevitable, he sets his paperwork aside and clears the desk, clasping his hands and lowering his head to keep his chi in a calm state. As expected, a few moments later, there’s the sound of raised voices outside his door, and the secretary buzzes in.]

Lesbian Siegel: Uh, Mr. Ryan... somebody demands to see you right now.

Dan Ryan: Just go ahead and let him in...

[A second later, the door pops open and a noxious smell overwhelms the hulking professional wrestling legend. He doesn’t need to look up to know who has come knocking.]

Rezin: Oh DANNY BOY! Guess WHO!

Dan Ryan: What can I do for you, Erik?

Rezin: Well, FIRST of all, Danny...

[The goat bastard strolls in and rudely pulls up a chair on which to prop up his leg and lean on.]

Rezin: You can address me by my PROPER name of REZIN from now on. Not because it’s a marketing thing or anything like that, BUT... I have to admit, I haven’t really had a handle on my emotions as of late, and I’d HATE to accidentally kick you in the face in a sudden moment of unhinged fury!

[Something can be heard, low and menacing. It’s coming from the big man sitting behind the desk, not moving as this filthy and ungrateful wretch stands berating him in his own workspace.]

Rezin: And number TWO, I think I’m owed an explanation here! I just found out that later tonight, in my cage match against your so-called “King” Sean Stevens... there’s a goldamb ROOF?!

[Rezin leans forward and raps the owner’s desk in a rebellious act of discontentment. The bossman’s fists are trembling ever so slightly as he tries to hold back on his own impulsive urge to just reach out and strangle him. A younger, brasher Dan Ryan might have done just that... but right now, business was business.]

Rezin: This was NOT agreed upon... and let me remind you that my HAIR is on the line here! I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but I DEMAND some action! If this is how it’s gonna be, then dambit, SOMEBODY’S gettin’ kicked in his fuggin’ face! HEAR ME, Danny Boy?!

[Ryan nods with reservation, and opens his hand, offering Rezin a seat. The goat bastard obliges, but also sets his mud-encrusted bare feet on the desk as well, defiant as ever. The owner clears his throat before addressing his employee.]

Dan Ryan: I will explain... but first of all... ERIK...

[Ryan lowers his hands and leans forward to let the other man know that he is NOT f*cking around.]

Dan Ryan: You’ll be addressing me as MISTER RYAN... and nothing less.

[Dan glances at the feet on his desk... and Rezin, knowing the “I’m Going To Humility Bomb You Through Something Hard” look all to well, pulls his feet off, and seems to shrink in his seat. Or maybe Ryan is getting larger with Hulk-like anger.]

Dan Ryan: Now... as to your issue on the cage having a roof... I’m afraid there’s little I can do at this point. You put me in a bind demanding this cage match, and I had to find one on short notice. Only one I could find had a roof to come with it. Can’t go without the roof... it’s a structural canopy.

Rezin: ...but wait, what about the cage from the OTHER cage match?

Dan Ryan: New legislation on workplace safety regulations... can’t use the same steel structure for two separate matches anymore. It’s a health hazard, in case any of the cages sustain structural damage through the action.

Rezin: Come on... are you SERIOUS?!

Dan Ryan: What do you think I do in this office, Erik? Do you think I just sit here all day, waiting for people to barge in here, screaming and complaining about how the world isn’t revolving around them? No... I do my JOB. I keep this company running, and to do that, I have to keep up on everything. Finance, payroll, legal interests... you name it, I take care of it. And do you know why?

Rezin: ...because you’re the Bossman?

Dan Ryan: That’s right, Erik... I’m the Bossman. And the Bossman says you need a roof to your cage. Try as you might, you’re not going to climb your way out of this one. You picked this fight with Stevens, and you’re going to see it through. No excuses, no easy way out... and no escape. Deal with it, or get the hell out of this ball park.

[No longer as brash as before, Rezin quietly nods.]

Rezin: ...no escape, huh?

[He suddenly springs out of his chair, knocking over to the floor. Ryan doesn’t flinch, standing like a stone guardian in his throne of power.]

Rezin: No escape for me... and no escape for the KING! And if he can’t get out, then nobody will get IN to save him from the SLUDGE-SOAKED SUFFERING he’s in for tonight! MARK MY WORDS, haughty BOSSMAN... the DOOM of your Empire begins TONIGHT!! First, I’ll kill the King... and the rest will FALL!!

Dan Ryan: …actually, since you’re here, there’s also something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

Rezin: ...uh?

Dan Ryan: What’s this I hear about you breaking into Kenny Lombardo’s home and holding him hostage?

[The goat bastard’s smug confidence gets slapped right off his face. He glances around nervously...]

Rezin: ...OH SH*T!! Did you hear that?

Dan Ryan: ...hear what?

Rezin: I think that was my CELL PHONE going off!

Dan Ryan: I didn’t hear any cell phone... unless your ringtone is the sound of you crapping your own pants.

[Rezin blusters his way back to the door.]

Rezin: HA-HA! Good one, Boss! Yo, I’ma gonna scroll on outta here and take this call, you know, let you get back to all that legal work, keepin’ up on the legislation and all that sh*t!

Dan Ryan: Sounds good. We’ll talk about it later... now, go get ready for your match.

[Rezin dashes out of the room as fast as he came in. Outside, we can hear his anger being taken out on the secretary in the former of a muffled shout.]


[The EPW owner shakes his head in frustration, and seems to take solace as he pulls the papers back out and gets back to his business.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
All That's Wells and Good

[CUTTO: Kenny Lombardo, backstage, just on the other side of the curtain.]

KL: Hello everyone! I’m backstage, waiting for the still – reigning Intercontinental Champion to make his way out of the arena, having successfully dispatched with one half of the Dangle Brothers – Jared Wells – his partner Cameron Cruise still with his shot at The First and the Empire Pro Wrestling World Title a little later this evening –

[Kenny’s line cut off mid – word as Impulse walked to – slash – past him, the EPW Intercontinental Title belt over his shoulder.]

KL: And here he is, the Marathon Man himself! Congratulations are in order, Impulse, for a successful title defense, but your night is far from over!

[Impulse sort – of – not – really glared at him, as if to say ‘I know, and you’re keeping me from taking a breather.]

IMPULSE: Yeah, Kenny. One down, one to go.

KL: One down, one to go? Are you sure you aren’t looking past Stalker?

IMPULSE: Looking past Stalker? No, Kenny. You don’t look past a cage.

[He stared straight down the barrel of the camera.]

IMPULSE: I’m not lookin’ past you, Reeves… I’m looking through you. This issue between us, has existed for some reason almost since the moment I stepped through the ropes in this company.

Well. It ends tonight. For you, Reeves… for us – it ends tonight.

Tonight, you’re going to see the biggest difference between us, Reeves. I’ve already gone out there and successfully defended my championship here at Black Dawn.

In less than an hour, I’m going to go back out there and do it again.

[He walked past Kenny, who was left with the microphone, staring doe – eyed into the camera.]

KL: Dave? Back to you.
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
HAIR vs. HAIR: "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Rezin

[FADEIN: The ring where the roofed steel cage has been lowered a quick cut takes us to a barber’s chair sitting at ringside.]

TF: The following contest is a STEEL CAGE MATCH set for ONE FALL and the loser of this match will be SHAVED BALD! [Pop!]

[MUSIC UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard, the crowd boos LOUD as Rezin comes through the curtain, wrists wrapped in black tape, black loose pants, barefoot, Rezin looks angry as he stares at the cage.]

TF: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 227 pounds…REZIN!!! [Boos!]

DT: Rezin not at all happy with this steel cage having a roof on the top of it. In his previous incarnations this man was known for being an escape artist, but tonight if he wants to shave Sean Stevens bald he’s not going to be able to do it by sneaking out of the cage, he’s going to have to pin the man or make him quit.

DM: Rezin wants to destroy EPW and he thinks a win here tonight over Sean Stevens would help further that agenda. Rezin wants to have a trophy of his win and to leave Triple X bald.

MN: Well it’s not going to happen, he might have given Stevens a run for his money last time, but this time Stevens is slamming the door shut on him. This is going to be a beating of a punk whose bit off more than he can chew!

[MUSIC UP: “King” by Iron Solomon. The crowd pops BIG as pyro explodes and “Triple X” Sean Stevens stands at the start of the walk way. Stevens in black ring boots, black tights with crowns on both legs and a black X across the seat. A black T-Shirt reading “The King is Back” in gold and top shelf Ray Ban sunglasses complete his outfit. Stevens walks to the ring with a confident swagger.]

TF: And his opponent…From ORLANDO, FLORIDA…Weighing in at 244 pounds…The EPW Hall of Famer…TRIPLE X!!!! SEAN!!!! STEVENS!!!!

DT: If this was an indoor stadium we’d be in trouble since Sean Stevens is would have blown the roof off the place. The two time former EPW World Champion making his way to the ring and he looks ready for a fight!

DM: Rezin and Stevens had a heck of a battle at Aggression and I know Stevens wants to prove the point once and for all that he’s the better man and to silence everyone who thinks Rezin can compete with him.

MN: Rezin’s in for a long night, this buffoon thinks he can destroy EPW, best of luck doing it against the King in a steel cage!

[Stevens gets to ringside and takes off his glasses and T-Shirt, handing them to a ring attendant. He gives a quick glance at the barber’s chair before making his way up the steps and into the ring, the ref keeping Rezin at bay until Stevens is in his corner, the cage door slams shut and then the bell rings.]

DT: And this big time grudge match is under way….Stevens wastes no time and charges in and hammers away on Rezin with a series of right hands. Rezin staggering as Stevens rocks him with right hand after right hand…A kick to the gut by Stevens doubles over Rezin who then gets dropped to the mat by a RUNNING KNEE LIFT!

MN: School is in session pothead! It’s time to learn your place in this world!

DT: Rezin stumbling to his feet and Stevens grabs him and DRIVES HIM INTO THE CAGE!! Rezin staggers and ANOTHER FACE FULL OF STEEL! Rezin drops to the mat and Stevens jumps on him for a pin!




MN: I would have hated to see it end there, Rezin needs to suffer before he’s beaten and shaved bald! I want him to suffer!

DT: Stevens gets Rezin back to his feet and LACES in a series of chops! [Woo!] into the chest of the former Escape Artist. Rezin sent to the ropes….Stevens off the other side…FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Rezin nearly got BEHEADED! Stevens pops to his feet and now he’s going to the outside…Stevens up top…FROG SPLASH!! HE NAILED IT!! COVER BY TRIPLE X!




DT: Rezin kicks out again…Stevens drags Rezin up by his hair…REZIN WITH A LOW BLOW!! HE JUST KICKED STEVENS LOW!! Stevens staggering in pain…DAMASCUS HEEL TO THE HEAD OF STEVENS!! Both men down and Rezin’s gotten himself back in the match with that underhanded but technically legal move in this match.

DM: You knew Rezin wasn’t going to play by the book this whole match, and he’s assuredly not going to back off doing whatever it takes to knock off Sean Stevens and to get those golden locks removed from Triple X’s head.

MN: That’s fine with me, unlike that idiot Impulse, Stevens isn’t a choir boy, Rezin wants to play dirty…Well I’m sure Stevens will be more than willing to get dirty with him when the time is right.

DT: Rezin using his bare feet to stomp away on Stevens…Rezin drops down and is now just CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF STEVENS!! Stevens flailing as Rezin just putting both hands on the throat of Triple X and squeezing away…Stevens catching Rezin in the back of the head with a couple of knees manages to break the hold…Stevens gets to his feet quickly and is met by a kick to the midsection by Rezin, and a headbutt by the deranged man staggers Triple X…REZIN WITH A SCHOOLBOY!! HE GRABS THE TIGHTS!!!



MN: SLOW DOWN REF!!! That’s the franchise in there! He gets shaved bald this company’s stock will be worthless by this time tomorrow!

DT: Rezin back to his feet a sick grin on his face over how close that pin was…Rezin backs Stevens into a corner and now lifts him to the top rope…Rezin with a series of right hands, now he climbs up to meet Stevens…Rezin jumps…REZINRANA! NO!!! POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP BY STEVENS!!! STEVENS JUST PLANTED REZIN!!!

MN: There we go! Come on Trip! Bring it home!

DT: Both men down on the mat after that devastating move…Stevens has got himself back into the match after spiking Rezin like a football. Stevens crawling over to Rezin and throws an arm over his chest!




DT: Rezin rolls the shoulder off the canvas just in the nick of time. Both men slow to their feet…Stevens rocks Rezin with a series of right hands…Stevens grabs Rezin and muscles him up onto his shoulder…LAUNCHES REZIN INTO THE CAGE! Rezin just got thrown like a lawn dart into the cage and crumples to the mat, Stevens over for a cover!




MN: Come on ref! Ring this idiot up so we can get on with the sheering! Nobody cares if it’s an honest decision or not, we just want to see the pot smoking weirdo bald!

DT: Stevens pulls Rezin to his feet and sends him to the ropes…HIGH ELEVATION SPINEBUSTER!! REZIN STUCK LIKE A TACK!! THE COVER!!




MN: Now I think the ref is actively against Stevens! This is a conspiracy to destroy the company and the ref is in on it!

DM: Rezin showing a lot of heart to power out of that pin attempt by the EPW Hall of Famer.

MN: Heart my ass! Anyone can kick out if they get 10 seconds to do so!

DT: Stevens with a scoop slam on Rezin…Stevens now going outside, he’s up top…He jumps up and grabs the cage…He’s now using the cage like monkey bars and climbing over till he’s hanging over Rezin…STEVENS OFF THE CAGE WITH A LEGDROP!!




[Crowd groaning!]

DT: Oh how much closer can you get?!

MN: I want this ref fired and then thrown in jail and then shot!

DM: Calm down Neely.

MN: YOU CALM DOWN! I like having a job that pays me money, and if Stevens is bald the ratings are going to drop like a stone! This is bigger than a win or a loss, my lifestyle is on the line here!

DT: Stevens pounds the mat in frustration and he gives the cut throat sign. I think Rezin is about to be on the wrong end of an X-Factor…REZIN SPITS BLACK MIST IN STEVENS’ FACE!! A move that would cost The First the EPW World Title later tonight now is totally legal for Rezin who quickly grabs Stevens…INSIDE CRADLE BY REZIN!!




DT: Rezin with a look of horror on his face, he was SURE he’d just pinned Stevens with that inside cradle, Rezin wants so badly to claim Sean Stevens hair as a trophy. Stevens still trying to get that black mist out of his face as Rezin now kicking Stevens in the back and stomps to the head…Stevens in a daze as Rezin gets behind him COTTONMOUTH!! REZIN DRIVING HIS FINGERS INTO THE MOUTH OF TRIPLE X!!

MN: NO!!! You have any idea what that hand’s done or where it’s been?! Stevens might be in detox for months after this match!

DT: Stevens flailing as Rezin drops him to the mat and locks in a body scissors on Triple X…Stevens trying to connect with back elbows but Rezin keeps moving his head so Stevens is catching nothing but air…Rezin with a maniacal grin on his face, he’s beyond thrilled to be torturing Stevens with this hold.

DM: This nerve hold is beyond painful…Stevens might black out from the pain, I’m sure he won’t tap, but we might have Stevens out cold in the barber’s chair in a few moments.

MN: Don’t even THINK such things! Come on Trip, it’s rally time!

DT: Stevens trying to fight to his feet…Rezin hanging on for dear life…Stevens slowly pulls himself off the mat…Stevens rushes backwards CRUSHES REZIN IN THE CORNER! Both men drop to the mat. I think they clashed heads as they hit the turnbuckle!

DM: Both men down and they might be in bad shape here, that was a nasty sounding noise when they hit the corner.

MN: Get up Trip! You have to win this match or this company will be in the toilet!
DT: Rezin pulling himself up by the ropes, Stevens starting to stir a little bit…Rezin now scaling the ropes, he’s up top…Stevens is rubber legged and on his feet…REZIN WITH A MOOSAULT!!! STEVENS CAUGHT HIM WITH AN X-TERMINATOR!!! STEVENS KNOCKED REZIN COLD WITH AN X-TERMINATOR!!! HE COVERS!!!




[Bell rings, crowd pops HUGE as “King” by Iron Solomon plays. Stevens staggers to his feet as the ref raises his hand.]

TF: The winner of this bout…TRIPLE X!!!! SEAN!!! STTTTEEEEVVVVEEEENNNNSSSS!!!!

DT: What a win, what a match!

DM: For the second straight Black Dawn, Sean Stevens has caught an opponent attempting a moonsault and laid them out with a picture perfect X-Terminator, what a big win for Stevens here at Black Dawn!

MN: And now for the fun, time to get sheered you stupid bastard!

DT: Stevens dragging Rezin out of the ring and tosses his body into the barber’s chair…The crowd howling in approval as Stevens grabs the trimmer and removes a giant chunk of the hair from Rezin’s head!

DM: Triple X didn’t seem to care if he lost his hair in this match, but he sure is delighting in taking away Rezin’s!

MN: This is the highlight of the night for me, every opponent who fights the King should have to wager their hair, so their bald heads can be testament to the greatness of Triple X!

DT: Stevens continuing to sheer Rezin bald as this crowd revels in it. [Stevens throwing chunks of Rezin’s hair into the air. Stevens looks upon the mostly bald Rezin and drops the trimmer and throws his arms in the air, getting another pop from the crowd.] A hard fought victory for the Hall of Famer and the spoils of war are his…So many more big matches to come here at Black Dawn, I can’t wait to see what will happen next.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW TELEVISION TITLE:Anarky (c) v. Willard v. Tact v. Teddy v. Codine v. CMC v. Jones

[Cue-Up: “Money Talks” by AC/DC]

DM: Well this is new. What’s going on here?

[To a mixed reaction from the crowd, Lecompte emerges from the curtains and makes his way towards the ring with a microphone in hand. Decked out in normal business attire, Lecompte is wearing a customized black suit, reminiscent of his days as owner of TCW.]

DT: It appears that the former owner of TCW is making his official debut here in EPW.

MN: Well it’s about time they added some class to this locker room.

[Lecompte enters the ring with a look of proud arrogance upon his face as he begins to speak once the crowd’s reaction dies down.]

Lecompte: It’s been nearly a decade since I last showed my face in the world of professional wrestling. I accomplished a lot during my tenure in Total Championship Wrestling. I watched careers sky rocket to the top, some of which are still going strong in this business today. However, I’m here today to tell you that each of those are eclipsed by the young man that I’m about to introduce to you this evening. His legacy is one that is well known, but tonight, he begins a new chapter in the book of Codine. Kendall Codine Jr. was a young man that had no direction, but now that will all change tonight with my guidance.

Tonight, I give you the future of EPW….

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you….


[Cue Up: “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem and Pink]

MN: Who?

[A burst of red pyro flames erupts in succession down the length of the ramp way. On cue, emerging from the curtain on the last boom is a large, imposing figure. His flowing blonde hair rests upon his shoulders and he sports a pair of red wrestling tights that features a white stripe running down both legs respectively. His ring attire is completed by a pair of white wrestling boots. The man formerly known as Kendall Codine, makes his way down to the ring, exposing his new ring moniker, “Paladin” which is written across the rear of his wrestling tights. Paladin acknowledges the crowd and slaps hands as he makes his way to the ring. Upon his entrance, he climbs each turnbuckle, received by the fans with a huge pop each time. Lecompte exits the ring and makes his way to the back, as Paladin continues to feed to the crowd.]

DT: Well, BLACK DAWN 2012 continues, ladies and gentlemen, and with Kendall Codine…. Or… Paladin… already out here, we’re about ready to begin our seven-man elimination match for the EPW Television Title!

MN: Don’t you mean the Television Anti-Title?

DT: Whatever... let’s just introduce the contestants.

[CUE UP: “Overlord” by Black Label Society.]

[The fans pop as the guitar intro hits the PA and the words “IT’S BEEN ENVISIONED...” scroll across the EmpireTron. “THE PROPHECY” ADRIAN WILLARD raises his arms as he steps out onto the stage, getting the support of the capacity San Francisco crowd. Looking determined and confident that fate is on his side, he marches toward the ring, picking out the favorable signs out in the sea of fans that read such things as “Willard Is The Higher Power!!” and “I Believe In The Prophecy!!”]

DT: It looks like Adrian Willard will be the first man to come down to the ring! The former Television Champion certainly looks confident here tonight!

DM: And who can blame him? “The Prophecy” Adrian Willard believes that retaking the EPW TV Title is his destiny! When you’ve got destiny on your side, confidence comes easily!

MN: Where does this guy get this supposed “vision” that lets him look into the future? Does he have ESP, or has he just been huffing paint fumes?

DT: Well, he’s certainly outspoken... and many would consider his prophecy to be nothing short of OUTLANDISH... but as you can hear from this audience, the spirit of the Empire Pro fans are behind Adrian Willard!

[CUE UP: “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant.]

[AARON JONES steps out onto the stage, accompanied with a video package on the EmpireTron for his first Pay Per View entrance. With some excitement in his eyes, he proudly pumps his arms into the air, much like Willard before him, but the minimal and mixed reaction he gets quickly pulls him out of the moment. He hurries down to the ring with his face turning a shade darker.]

DT: Aaron Jones, son of our senior official Pat Jones, is out next. Not so much energy from the crowd, but that’s to be expected, given Aaron’s lackluster in-ring ability since he took up the boots and pads. Not to mention, they still probably haven’t invested their trust in the young man given his associations with the nefarious Copycat...

MN: The kid had so much going for him when he was the Cat’s boy... but it takes a certain kind of stupidity to come out to the ring one week after the next and willingly get your BUTT handed to you!

DM: Stupidity, Neels? I’d call it GUTS. I like this kid... and you can say what you want about his lack of skills in the ring, but in his defense, he’s a smaller athlete jumping into the ring with the greatest professional wrestling talent gathered from across the planet. Most guys in his position would have taken that as a sign that it just wasn’t meant to be. But Aaron Jones keeps lacing up the boots, never backing down and never quitting.

DT: An admirable quality in ANY athlete, young or old, fresh or veteran. We’ll see tonight if Aaron Jones can step up and show us all if his perseverance is truly paying off!

[CUE UP: “Our Bovine Public” by the Cribs.]

[CLASSY MIKE C steps through the curtain, with his video package showing clips from his work in other federations as well as some classic poses over the Union Jack. Pockets of fans of his outside work show their support, while the rest remain mostly neutral. He pays them no attention as he walks to the ring with a confident smile and a will to compete.]

DT: And here’s Classy Mike C, the Mauler from Manchester! A brawler like such as he definitely holds an advantage in the chaotic atmosphere of a seven-man elimination match!

MN: I forget... when was this guy in Empire Pro again?

DT: Like I told you back at Aggression, he used to tag up with “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin several years ago!

MN: Wait, you talkin’ ‘bout my man A-BEN?! The ORIGINAL EPW Intercontinental Champ? Where’s HE been anyway?

DM: We’re not here to talk about Adam Benjamin, Neels. We’re here to talk about Classy Mike C, making his way to the ring now! If you don’t know him by now, then hopefully he’ll give you something to remember after tonight!

[“CMND/CTRL” by the Deftones.]

[A good part of the crowd immediately begins jeering as TEDDY ALEXANDER’s video package fills the EmpireTron, mainly showing him kicking a various people in the head with his crippling Angerbash. After a moment, the Pennsylvanian Paralyzer steps out onto the stage, wearing his neckbrace on his shoulders. He grins sadistically as he performs his signature “I’ll-Break-Your-Spine!” pose, and starts for the ring.]

DT: And here’s another newcomer making a fast rise through the ranks... the Philadelphian Nightmare, Teddy Alexander! The fans are giving him an earful here tonight at Black Dawn, likely due to his roll in the Television Title match back at Aggression 67!

DM: I still wonder what his motives were in interfering in that match and causing the TV Title to change hands. Do you think it had something to do with his backstage encounter with the First?

MN: Maybe he just did it because he thought it would be FUN to Angerbash somebody in the main event. WHO KNOWS with this guy?! He willingly goes out there to break your SPINE and leave you CRIPPLED! And then he’d LAUGH about it!

DT: A dangerous and violent force to be reckoned with, for sure... and with so many people involved in this match-up, only bad things can happen when Teddy Alexander lets loose!

[CUE UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank.]

[The crowd gives a supportive pop as LARRY TACT steps out onto the stage, sans usual lights and pyros to maintain the time of production. His entrance is instead heralded by the fans, energetically chanting “LAR-RY!! LAR-RY!!” in time with the music. He takes a moment to scan the crowd, smirking in approval, and boldly descends the ramp to approach the ring.]

DT: What an OVATION to welcome the former EPW Television Champion, LARRY TACT! The fans are clearly behind him retaking the title tonight!

MN: Might have a little trouble doing that considering the man that helped him LOSE that title is just now stepping into the ring!

DT: Look at the blatant SMIRK on Teddy Alexander’s face! He’s clearly proud with what he did at Aggression!

DM: He should enjoy it while he can, because stepping into the ring with a technical mastermind and dominant grappler like Larry Tact is a MUCH different experience compared to blindsiding him in the middle of a title defense!

DT: Larry is FIERCELY staring down the man that cost him his Television Title... but he reserves himself as he steps into the ring! He’ll wait for the bell before he gets to work on exacting his revenge!

MN: Pff... these fans are making him soft.

[CUE UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie.]

[The arena lights come down through the intro of the song, with strobes lighting up the stage. The name ANARKY fills the EmpireTron, before giving way to a highlight reel of the champion’s brutal legacy through the EPW ring. A dozen names fall victim to the Chaos Breaker as the song hits its first riff and Anarky emerges on the stage. Held at his side is the EPW Television Title, with its face obscured beneath an “Anarchy” logo plastered over it in black electrical tape. The jeering fans voice their disapproval of the self-proclaimed “anti-champion” as he stoically makes his way down to the ring where six opponents stand ready and waiting.]

DT: Last but not least is the man with the TV Title... ANARKY! Despite the absolute hate from these fans raining down on him and the prospect of defending his belt against SIX hungry challengers, there is a dauntless look of determination crossed across the former World Heavyweight Champion’s face as he makes his way to the ring!

MN: He’s determined, alright... determined to MAIM these ungrateful punks!

DM: Anarky has been a controversial and polarizing figure over the past year... but regardless of what anybody might think of him, it hasn’t stopped him from carving a path of destruction through Empire Pro, without remorse or regret.

DT: It pains me, knowing this man had finally won the loyalty and the trust of these fans... and he just tossed them aside like they were nothing!

MN: They ARE nothing, Dave! They’re nothing but bloated, bleating piggy banks...

[Anarky hits the ring, rolling under the ropes with a fierce and unstable burst of energy, and it’s enough to put the other six contenders on the other side of the ring lest he unexpectedly lash out. The TV Anti-Champion doesn’t boost up a turnbuckle... he doesn’t pump his fists proudly... he doesn’t even hold up the belt on his shoulder. He simple stands there on his side of the ring, smiling at his opponents with a raptor’s grin.]

DT: He calls himself the Television “Anti-Champion” of Empire Pro... and there could be something to that. He has no regard for ego or pride... he isn’t about the image of being a champ... the only thing this man cares about in the world is thumping heads in between the ropes.

MN: Beautiful, isn’t it?

DT: I’d sooner call it SADISTIC and TWISTED! The underlying goal of every man that straps his boots and steps into that ring should be to set out to be the best of what he can be! All Anarky is interested in is HURTING people!

DM: And yet thus far, it’s worked out pretty well for him. We’ll see if his luck changes tonight. Six challengers stand in the ring ready to oust the champion and bring the Television Title out of the hands of that skull-faced warmonger!

[The music fades out and the lights come up as ring announcer Tony Fatora approaches the center of the ring, ready to make the formal match introductions.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen... our next contest is a SEVEN-MAN ELIMINATION MATCH for the Empire Pro Television ANTI- Championship! There will be NO disqualfications... NO interferences... and falls will count anywhere. Introducing first... hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at 285 pounds... “THE PROPHECY”... ADRIAN WILLARD!!

[Willard pumps his fists to a pretty good pop from the fans.]

TF: Fighting out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and weighing in at 160 pounds... AARON JONES!!

[Jones looks around nervously, knowing all of the attention is on him in that very moment.]

TF: Coming to us all the way from Manchester, England, at a weight of 263 pounds.... “CLASSY” MIKE C!!

[Mike C loosens himself up by stretching against the ropes, foregoing the posturing that usually accompanies the announcement of one’s name.]

TF: Next up, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 240 pounds... “THE PALADIN”... KENDALL CODINE!!!!

[Codine raises an arm and the fans cheer their support.]

TF: Fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and tipping the scales at 286 pounds... “THE BRUTALITARIAN”... TEDDY ALEXANDER!!

[Alexander pumps the neck brace into the air, getting the crowd to jeer, and seeming to enjoy their reaction.]

TF: From Manhatten Island in New York City, New York, and weighing in at 260 pounds... LARRY TACT!!

[Tact stands firmly, staring down Teddy Alexander, even as the fans give him a sizeable pop.]

TF: And finally... hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, and weighing in at 231 pounds... he is the EPW Television Champion --

[CUE UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard.]

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

DM: What the HELL?! Did I miss something, or did we add an EIGHT man to this match?!

DT: Oh jeez... not this guy AGAIN!

[The fans bring on the heat as Rezin steps out through the curtain, wearing a bastard’s smirk and showing a completely shaved head. The smirk quickly turns into a scowl as ringside fans point and laugh at him. Threatening to back-hand a few of them, he gruffly makes his way down the ramp and to the ring.]

DT: REZIN is coming back to the ring now! What does he want this time?!

DM: Maybe he’s looking for scraps of his hair!

MN: Hardy-har, Dean... kick the man while he’s down!

DT: He’s been asking for it for months now, and I’m damn glad I saw it happen earlier tonight... but right now, the Escape Artist still has something else on his mind as he makes his way down the ramp!

[Rezin rolls into the ring, giving a tiip of the imaginary hat not currently covering his bald head to the Anti-Champion, Anarky, before approaching Tony Fatora in a menacing manner. With a wave of his hand, he demands the music to be cut, and rips the microphone out of the ring announcer’s hands.]

Rezin: Listen, Tony... you obviously haven’t been listening to the word on the street... so do yourself a favor, and disappear, while I do this the RIGHT way...

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

DM: Oh, come on... is it necessary to insult the announcing skills of our own Tony Fatora?

MN: EVERY insult is necessary, Dean! And since when the hell did ring announcing require skill?

[Tony, not wanting any trouble, quickly clears out of the ring. Rezin raises the mic to speak again when the crowd begins chanting...]


[The smirk on Rezin’s face morphs into a sneer, but he keeps his composure, and talks over them.]

Rezin: AND NOW... introducing your Empire Pro Television ANTI-Champion of the World...


[The crowd boos loudly as Anarky’s name is announced. The TV Anti-Champion stands ready and waiting for action, tossing his belt haphazardly to the ref so that he can show it to all four sides of the arena. Meanwhile, Rezin exits the ring and starts moving toward the commentary table.]

DT: OH NO...

MN: Better scoot over, Dave!

[The commentators make room as Rezin pulls up a steel chair and picks up a headset at the end of the table.]

DM: Uh... welcome, Rezin. Just go right ahead and have a seat.

MN: Thanks for joining us, Rez!

RZ: And thank you for having me, gentlemen!

DT: What are you doing out here? Didn’t you already compete tonight?

RZ: What, a man can’t come out and give his friend and ally a little verbal support?

DM: Nice haircut, by the way!

RZ: Ugh...

MN: Show some RESPECT, Dean! Rezin, unlike this ungrateful stooge sitting next me, I GENUINELY think the bald look is good on you. You look the monk from Diablo 3 now!

RZ: Thank you, Neels... that’s actually a compliment I can respect.

DT: Interferences are strictly prohibited in this match, I should inform you...

RZ: Bah... why is the second you guys see me, you immediately jump to the conclusion that I’m up to no good.

DM: Because most of the time, YOU ARE!

RZ: Look, even if I WANTED to get involved in this shindig... all I’d be doing is getting in ‘Nark’s way. Trust me... he doesn’t need my help for this match. He’s at a greater advantage than any of the other hacks in that ring with him. Bossman thought he was setting him into a trap, but I’ll tell you right now... he did him a favor by arranging this match.

DT: We’ll see about that... Nick DiGarma is the official, and he cues for the bell to begin the match!


RZ: Let the CHAOS begin!

DT: The bell has rung, and Anarky is beckoning all six men to come at him at once!

MN: He’s ballsy, that’s for sure!

DM: Anything can happen right now! Who’s going to make the first move?

DT: OH WAIT!! LARRY TACT just broke rank and just blindsided TEDDY ALEXANDER!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: I was WAITING for that to happen!

DT: Alexander backed into the ropes as Larry Tact rains the vengeance down upon him with furious rights and lefts! Larry’s probably been waiting for this since Teddy cost him the -- OH MAN, ANARKY JUST LEVELED AARON JONES with a running lariat while he was distracted!

MN: Heh... kid was too busy staring at Larry and Teddy going at it to even see that coming!

DM: And the dam breaks! Willard and Mike C jump on Anarky, as the TV Anti-Champion tries to fend them off from opposite directions! Meanwhile, Tact pushes Teddy Alexander off the ropes, and whips him across the ring!

DT: Alexander on his way back... and Tact PUTS HIM INTO THE AIR with a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

RZ: That was some SERIOUS hang time...

DT: Only a man with the power of Tact can manage something like that against an absolute BEAST of a man like Teddy Alexander!

DM: And as Tact gets his payback on the man that cost him the title, Willard and Mike C continue to double team the TV Anti-Champion, but Anarky continues holding his own, returning shots! Meanwhile, Jones has remained on the mat, and Kendall Codine sees an opportunity to eliminate somebody from this match!

DT: Here’s Codine with the cover on Jones!



Jones managed to kick out!

RZ: That was a HUGE mistake right there. That kid isn’t fit for this kind of pandemonium. He should have just stayed down and saved himself a world of suffering.

DM: Some people in this federation aren’t so quick to QUIT when the odds are against them, Rezin! Now back to the action... Alexander’s back on his feet, trying to regain his bearings! Tact clearly caught him by surprise at the bell!

DT: And here comes Tact for some more, charging right at Teddy Alexander -- OH NO, the Brutalitarian COUNTERS with a back body drop, sending Tact OVER THE ROPES and spilling to the outside!

Crowd: “BOOO!!”

MN: There, THAT’LL slow him down!

DT: Tact is out of the ring, and across the ring, Codine has pulled the recovering Aaron Jones away from the brawl and locks him into a kneeling armbar! Codine’s really putting some STRAIN into Jones’ shoulder, but Aaron refuses to tap for now!

DM: Mike C has finally beaten Anarky into a corner, and Willard backs off for a moment to give the brawler from Great Britain a chance to get his shots in! Wait, here comes ALEXANDER -- OH, WILLARD JUST BARELY DUCKED THE ANGERBASH!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: How on EARTH did he see that bicycle kick coming?!

RZ: It must have been FORETOLD!

DT: Alexander coming around... and Willard catches him with the Fireman’s Carry -- GOING FOR THE HIGHER VISION -- NO, TEDDY SLIPPED OUT!! Alexander with the opportunity now... and Willard gets ROCKED with a forearm as he spins around!

DM: Willard reeling off the ropes... and Teddy DUMPS HIM OUTSIDE with the clothesline!

MN: That’s TWO! First Tact, now Willard the Rat King! Teddy’s just CLEANING HOUSE in there!

DT: Well he better keep an eye out for Larry, who’s getting back to his feet on the outside! In the corner, “Classy” Mike C taking Anarky by the arm and going for the Irish whip! But Alexander is in the WAY -- OH MAN, ANARKY TACKLES THE BIG MAN OFF HIS FEET AND TO THE MAN!!

RZ: YES! Look for yourself! The Anti-Champion NEVER says die!

DM: Anarky putting some HEAVY shots into Teddy’s forehead to leave him stunned on his mat! Getting back to his feet, but Mike C meets him with an AXEHANDLE SMASH across the back to put him on his knees... but Anarky BITES BACK with an elbow right to the gut! He’s got Mike C by the HAIR... OH MAN, WHAT A KNEE STRIKE!!

DT: Mike C is SPLIT OPEN from that knee shot! Anarky takes him from around the head... and BUSTS HIM AGAIN with a JAWBREAKER!! Mike C just hit the MAT!!

MN: Now it must be Anarky’s turn to clean houses, and even Codine knows what’s up!

DT: Codine leaves Jones on the mat and rises to his feet once he sees Anarky coming! He goes in looking for the lock-up, but Anarky comes right at him with a sharp BOOT to the abdomen! Codine doubled over... and he gets DRILLED RIGHT INTO THE MAT with a SWINGING DDT!

Crowd: “BOOOO!!”

DM: Anarky is all but DOMINATING everybody in there now!

RZ: And everybody thought he’d have a hard time handling six guys!

DT: The TV Anti-Champion is looking to make the first elimination in his first title defense, making the cover on Codine!



Codine with the kick-out! Plenty of fight still remains in that young man!

DM: Anarky’s still in control and now he spies Teddy Alexander making it back to his feet and shaking some of those hard blows out of his jaw! ‘Nark pulls Codine back to his feet... takes him by the HEAD -- and he THROWS CODINE right into ALEXANDER, and both men tumble through the ropes to the outside! That’s two more out of the ring!

MN: Oh no, Teddy landed right at Larry’s feet!

DT: And Larry Tact is more than happy to pick up where he left off on Teddy Alexander! Anarky, meanwhile, is standing strong in the ring with only “Classy” Mike C and a slowly recovering Aaron Jones in his company! The TV Anti-Champion makes his way over to Mike C and begins laying the boots into the Englishman, turning his back to Aaron Jones, who isn’t as out of it as he thinks!

RZ: Clearly, he knows that AJ isn’t the threat in this match...

DT: Don’t be so quick to judge, Rezin, because Aaron Jones sees the opportunity in front of him, and he’s going right for it! Anarky with his back turned... and Jones ROLLS HIM UP from BEHIND!!

Crowd: *POP!!*




NO! Anarky kicked out, but Aaron Jones was close to surprising everybody by eliminating the champion from this match!

RZ: But unfortunately for him, a guy like ‘Nark doesn’t go down THAT easily.

DM: Anarky looks like he’s RAGING as he storms back to his feet... and Aaron Jones catches a KNEE right to the gut before he can even react! Anarky shoves him into a corner and gives the young man a BRUTAL beating... and meanwhile, outside of the ring, Larry Tact has Teddy Alexander on the floor where he continues to pound away on him, while Adrian Willard pulls Codine up and rolls him back into the ring!

DT: Willard follows him, just as Anarky takes Jones by the arm... and here comes the Irish Whip -- NO!! Jones with the REVERSAL -- AND ANARKY HITS THE MAT after being tripped up with a DROP TOE HOLD!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Jones quickly slides over and puts the TV Anti-Champion into a headlock before he can recover... but notwithstanding, Anarky powers back up to his feet with Jones clinging frantically to his back!

MN: Oh man, oh man... THIS can’t end well!

DT: Anarky is trying to shakes Jones loose, while Adrian Willard, across the ring, brings Codine back to his feet and sees the TV Anti-Champion with his hands full! Willard bounces Codine off the ropes... and there’s the WHIP -- and Codine COLLIDES INTO THE CHEST of Anarky, slamming him back into the corner and CRUSHING Aaron Jones against the turnbuckle!

DM: That’s two birds with one stone for Adrian Willard! Codine looks mostly unhurt, and turns around in time to see Willard charging after him -- CODINE WITH AN ARM DRAG, and Willard goes to the mat!

DT: Codine back to his feet -- AND HE’S BLINDSIDED by a running ELBOW from “Classy” Mike C, who lunged at him from out of nowhere! Codine drops to the mat clutching his face, and he quickly rolls out of the ring!

RZ: Gettin’ too rowdy in there for Junior in there, so it seems.

DM: Codine takes a breather on the outside until things get a little less hectic for him to handle, and not far away, Larry Tact is standing up Teddy Alexander after a lengthy pummeling on the mat! He’s got a view of the steel steps, and he intends to use them! He’s got Teddy by the arm... and there’s the WHIP -- NO!! REVERSAL BY TEDDY!


Crowd: “BOOO!!”

MN: YES!! TACT went into those steel steps himself!

DT: Tact is hurt, and Alexander takes the opportunity to reach into the ring and grab a recovering Adrian Willard by the ankle! Willard barely has time to react, and Teddy just yanks him under the ropes and out of the ring! Adrian goes out, and Alexander quickly rolls back in to take his place!

RZ: The more bodies he puts between himself and Larry Tact, the more time he has to do his thing. Larry’s been nothing but a pest to him since the bell rang.

DM: Teddy Alexander should have known Tact was going to come gunning for him in this match after he cost him the title... back in the ring now, Anarky has come out of the corner and returned to his crap with “Classy” Mike C! It astonishes me with how much these two can keep trading shots and keep going as if they didn’t feel it!

DT: And while the brawlers continue beat into each other, Aaron Jones, looking beat and breathless, stays in the safety of the corner as he tries to recover... and Teddy Alexander finds Kendall Codine as he’s getting back to his feet, rubbing that spot where Mike C put an elbow into the side of his skull!

DM: Codine gets ROCKED by a big right hand from Teddy Alexander, and Teddy draws him right in... lifts him up by the WAIST... and OH MY GOD, what a PILEDRIVER!! That HAD to have knocked Codine out cold!

MN: Or at the very least, broken his NECK!!

DT: Alexander with the cover on Codine, and that may do it for the young man!



Crowd: *POP!!*

And it’s BROKEN UP by AARON JONES, who flew in at the last moment and dropped the elbow across the back of Teddy Alexander’s head!

MN: Why would he do THAT?! Teddy was about to eliminate somebody from the match!

RZ: Take it from me, Neels... you can’t really hold Indiana natives to any standard of intelligence.

DT: Alexander rises and just LOOMS over the smaller Jones! Aaron is practically HALF HIS SIZE!! Jones, trying to put some blows into Teddy’s chest... but the Brutalitarian just REELS HIM INTO A BEARHUG!!

DM: This is a BAD PLACE for Jones! He’s groaning in PAIN as Alexander squeezes the life out of him! But wait, outside the ring... where Teddy Alexander thought that Adrian Willard and Larry Tact would occupy themselves, the two seem to be plotting something together!

MN: WHAT?! There’s not supposed to be any alliances in this match!

DT: Willard and Tact sliding into the ring together, and they’ve got their sights set on Teddy Alexander! Alexander sees them coming and tosses Aaron Jones aside like a rag doll! Tact and Willard are ON HIM!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Alexander can scarcely defend himself as the two crowd favorites back him up into the ropes... there’s the double Irish whip... Alexander OFF THE ROPES -- DOUBLE ARM DRAG PUTS HIM ON HIS BACK!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*

DT: That SHOOK the entire ring! Tact and Willard back to their feet... they go together into the ropes... STEREO ELBOW DROPS ON EITHER SIDE OF TEDDY ALEXANDER!! The Brutalitarian is feeling some brutality tonight!

MN: This is HORRIBLE!! Where’s Anarky when we need him?

RZ: ‘Nark’s still got his hands full with the limey!

DM: Anarky looks as though he’s gotten the upper hand on “Classy” Mike C, bludgeoning the British brawler up against the ropes!

DT: Adrian Willard and Larry Tact see them and know exactly what to do! They bumrush Mike C and Anarky and SEND THEM OVER THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: AW, COME ON! Those were the only two other guys in this match that I actually like!

DM: Tact and Willard are in control, and the fans approve!

RZ: Don’t they realize they’ll have to turn on each other at some point?

DT: Until that time comes, they’d rather put their efforts together and take care of some of the bigger threats in this chaotic elimination match! Looks like Aaron Jones and Kendall Codine have recovered, and just in time to pair off with the other two man standing tall in the ring!

DM: It’s Codine on Tact while Jones tangles up with Willard! Codine and Tact go right into the lock-up, and Larry manages to wrestle the second-generation superstar into a rear waist-lock! On the other side, Willard has no trouble taking control of the smaller Aaron Jones, raising the young man onto his shoulder -- WAIT, Jones slips down his back!

DT: Aaron has a chance to make something happen! He quickly bounces off the ropes... and Willard takes a SHOULER BLOCK right to the chest! Willard reels off the impact... and Jones takes the chance to follow through with a snapmare!

RZ: Wow, did the kid suddenly wake up and find his TALENT all of a sudden?

DM: It would appear so! Jones puts Willard into a chinlock, and meanwhile, Kendall Codine tries to pry his way free from Tact’s grip! Tact has him locked in tight, though... and Tact LIFTS HIM UP WITH THE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

DT: Tact BRIDGES for the PIN!!



NO! Codine escapes another pin attempt!

MN: Dangit, would somebody just get ELIMINATED already?!

DM: Jones pulling off of Adrian Willard to throw himself into the ropes... LOW DROPKICK CATCHES WILLARD IN THE FACE!! He quickly goes for the pin!

DT: Could he have enough for the first elimination?



Willard KICKS OUT!

RZ: That was a pointless pin attempt...

DM: An opportunity should never be passed up, under any circumstances... back on the outside of the ring, Mike C and Anarky have continued their brawl, and this time, Mike C is looking strong against the reigning TV Anti-Champion!

DT: “Classy” Mike C takes two handfuls of Anarky’s hair... OH MY GOD, he drives him FACE FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!! Anarky goes lifeless on the ringside floor! Mike C put all he had into that one, and arrogantly poses in front of the booing ringside fans!

DM: We’ve still got some action going on back in the ring! Teddy Alexander is coming to, but staying down and out of the way! Tact has Kendall Codine wrangled into a necklock on the mat! DiGarma asking Codine if he’s going to tap, but Kendall shakes his head!

MN: Old-school Larry Tact would have just choked out that fresh-faced brat by now!

DT: Aaron Jones, meanwhile, is feeling pumped and confident! He’s sizing Adrian Willard up and waiting for him to get to his feet! Is he planning on the SAVATE KICK?!

DM: He COULD BE, Dave! Not unless “Classy” Mike C intends to stop him, as he’s making his way back into the ring!

DT: Willard almost to his feet... Jones waiting for him to turn around... Adrian turns, and -- HE DUCKS THE SAVATE KICK -- !!


Crowd: *POP!!*


DT: Aaron Jones can hardly BELIEVE IT!! Now he begins celebrating with the crowd behind him -- but it’s CUT OFF by…. STEVEN SHANE!! IT’S STEVEN SHANE!!!

MN: The hell??


DT: And Aaron Jones just ate a Westside Connection right on the point of the jaw!! The superkick connects!!

MN: Ha!! Say goodnight Gracie.

DM: Remember…. When Steven Shane was put out of commission it was Aaron Jones who organized the hit while in the service of Copycat, so I have to think this is a little payback…. Shane did say he was back to right some wrongs…

DT: Steven Shane slides back out of the ring and is headed back up the ramp, while Aaron Jones is practically out. He’s trying to get himself up by the ropes…. He turns and is caught by “The Prophecy” Adrian Willard as he spins him around -- lifts him into the FIREMAN’S CARRY -- THERE’S THE HIGHER VISION!!

RZ: HAH!! Talk about being up on Cloud Nine one moment, then crashing and burning into the maw of HELL in the next!

MN: The only thing that would have made that better is if it had been anybody BUT the stupid rat king prophet!

DT: Jones hit the mat like a TON OF BRICKS after taking that spin-out facebuster! Willard going for the cover! That could DO IT!



THREE!! That’s it, Jones is DONE!


MN: FINALLY!! That’s one down, and five to go!

DM: I thought Aaron came a long way in tonight’s match, but his success turned out to be his own undoing, and all it took was a single vulnerable moment to end his chance at being the EPW Television Champion!

MN: And some help from Steven Shane.

RZ: He might still be a champion someday... but he’s definitely not cut to be an ANTI-Champion!

DT: Whatever that means... Willard rolls Jones from the ring, and notices that Anarky is still lying hurt on the ringside floor! I think he may try and remove the reigning Anti-Champion next!

DM: And as Willard goes to the floor, Kendall Codine has progressed up to his knees, fighting the necklock applied by Tact! Codine with some ELBOWS to Tact’s ribs... and the hold is BROKEN!! Codine reaches back -- GOING FOR THE GUILLOTINE BLADE --

DT: NO!! Tact SHOVES HIM OFF -- and Kendall Codine bumps into “CLASSY” MIKE C as he’s getting to his feet! -- CODINE GRABS HIS HEAD AND DROPS HIM WITH THE GUILLOTINE BLADE!!

DM: Perfect timing! Hold on a sec, outside the ring... Willard has got Anarky up to his feet! Lifts him UP -- AND LAYS HIM OUT WITH A HUGE SIDEWALK SLAM on the ringside floor!

DT: Codine going for the cover on Mike C... but Willard is going for a cover AS WELL on the outside! DiGarma going to Codine first and making the count!




Crowd: *POP!!*

TF: “Classy” Mike C... HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

MN: My regards to the Queen, Classy! Tell Benji I said sup!

DM: That’s two down, and five competitors left in this match... Willard, meanwhile, still has Anarky pinned on the outside and is waiting for a three count by the ref!

DT: Here comes DiGarma, quickly sliding to the outside...



NO!! Anarky kicked out!

DM: Willard looks annoyed... but he doesn’t give the ref any grief, knowing that he was doing his job to the best of one man’s ability!

RZ: I’da spinning heel kicked him in the face. No disqualifications... right?

DT: Can’t win a match without a referee, Rezin... back in the ring, Tact makes his move on Kendall Codine! He goes right back to the necklock... he locks the arms... and he’s GOT THE TACTFUL SURRENDER LOCKED IN!!

Corwd: *POP!!*

DM: Oh my, Nick DiGarma quickly slips back into the ring to see if there will be a tap out! Could we be seeing Kendall Codine suffering the same fate as Aaron Jones?!

MN: Man, I sure hope so! The irony would be beautiful!

DT: Codine trying to struggle free... can he make it? Hold on... Teddy Alexander suddenly BURSTING to his feet -- ANGERBASH ON LARRY TACT!!

Crowd: “BOOO!!!”


DM: And Larry Tact did NOT see it coming at all!

RZ: Nobody EVER sees their own downfall coming! That’s what makes it GREAT!

DT: Kendall Codine narrowly avoided elimination by submission, as it looked like Tact was about to take him to the mat with that Tactful Surrender, from which there would have been no escape! But by sheer luck, Teddy Alexander was waiting for Tact to preoccupy himself before he swept in and dealt a one-hit deathblow!

DM: Alexander’s pointing to his neck as he stares brazenly into the audience... I think he’s signalling for the END! Is Kendall Codine going to stop him?

DT: Doesn’t look to be the case, Dean! Codine’s not going to get in the way of an elimination that brings him one step closer to the TV Championship! Alexander peels Tact off the mat... reaches down and SCOOPS HIM UP FOR THE PACKAGE POWERBOMB --



Crowd: “BOOOO!!!!”

DT: That’s GOTTA be it for Larry Tact! Alexander hooking the legs to seal the pinfall!



THREE!! Tact is GONE!


Crowd: “BOOO!!!!!”

DM: A disappointing finish for the man who last held the TV Title, which he won’t be retaking tonight on Black Dawn!

RZ: Disappointment is a delicious emotion, gentlemen!

DT: Looking at that HEAD of yours, Rezin, I’d say you’d know something about it! Alexander back on his feet, GLOATING as Larry Tact is rolled clear from the ring! Now we’re down to four competitors, folks!

MN: And my man Teddy is back on top, where he belongs! You’re next, Junior!

DM: Alexander turns his attention to Kendall Codine, still trying to regain his bearings after the Tactful Surrender he was just put through... back outside the ring, Adrian Willard has chosen to bring his battle with the TV Anti-Champion back into the ring!

DT: Anarky is rolled back under the ropes, and he STILL looks out of it after taking that Higher Vision just a few moments ago! Willard comes in after him, and now suddenly Teddy Alexander’s attention is divided!

MN: Codine or Willard... who to kill first?

RZ: Decisions, decisions...

DT: Kendall Codine makes that decision as he shrugs off the pain and lunges at Teddy Alexander... NO!! Alexander surges forward and BLASTS HIM with the forearm!


Crowd: “BOOO!!”

DT: “The Brutalitarian” is living up to his namesake, thoroughly brutalizing the second-generation superstar! Adrian Willard sees this and only feels compelled to intervene!

RZ: He WALKS AWAY from Anarky before he can finish the job? The man is no prophet... he’s a FOOL!

DM: Nevertheless, Willard sees Alexander in control of things, having just eliminated Larry Tact, and right now, the Philadelphian Nightmare is the biggest threat in this match! He’s gotta stop him before he gets rolling!

MN: Yeah, and starts breakin’ NECKS!

DT: Teddy and Adrian go into the lock-up... Anarky’s slowly getting back into things behind them! Alexander beginning to overpower... NO!! Willard fighting back!


DT: This capacity crowd is rallying behind the former Television Champion, Adrian Willard, as he vies with the other powerhouse in this match, Teddy Alexander!

DM: Teddy’s starting to SHUDDER!! Adrian’s STRENGTH and SPIRIT are just completely taking over!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: It’s these stupid FANS!! Rezin, can’t you do anything to shut these people up?!

RZ: I dunno, Neels... I’d get pretty dizzy after all of those spinning heel kicks!

DT: Alexander to a KNEE now! The expression on his face is somewhere between RAGE and DISBELIEF!! But WAIT... Anarky’s made it back to his feet, and he’s got an open shot at Willard!

MN: GO FOR IT, ‘NARK!! This is the PERFECT moment for a Chaos Breaker on that chump!

DM: Anarky charging forward... but Willard sees him coming!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Perfect timing and excellent execution by Adrian Willard, taking out the dominant Teddy Alexander and the defending “anti” champion in a single blow!

RZ: P’ah... even FOOLS can get lucky! Doesn’t mean there’s skill involved!

DM: You sure you aren’t just talking about yourself, ERIK??

RZ: WATCH IT, Matthews... or do you want to know what the capital of Syria is?

DM: ...what the hell are you babbling about?

DT: He means Damascus... as in the heel. Dean, don’t get him started, Rezin... shut up and let us do our jobs here. BACK to the match... Codine looking hurt after Alexander’s beat-down... and Teddy himself is lying STUNNED on his back... but Willard is standing tall, and finds himself with the opportunity to eliminate the defending champion!

DM: Willard getting Anarky back to his feet... he SCOOPS HIM UP... making his WAAAAAY -- AND ANARKY GETS PULVERIZED WITH THE RUNNING POWERSLAM!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

RZ: Ouch...

DT: ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING!! Willard going for the cover... THIS COULD DO IT!!



NO!! Anarky got the shoulder up!

Crowd: “AAawwww....”

DM: Anarky hangs on to his “anti” title a little longer, but Adrian Willard has more to give! He gets Anarky up again... BOOSTS HIM UP WITH THE GORILLA PRESS!

Crowd: *POP!!*


DT: Willard PUMPING THE TV ANTI-CHAMPION FOR THE CAPACITY CROWD! The POWER of Adrian Willard is on full display tonight!

RZ: Big muscles don’t make a big man! His supposed “destiny” follows a straight path. Me? I let sh*t lie wherever it falls...

DM: OH, WOW!! Willard just DROPPED HIM FACE FIRST TO THE MAT!! How about THAT for letting things lie where they FALL, Rezin?

DT: Willard wasting no time, hooking both legs and making a cover!



THR-NO!! Anarky just managed to kick out before the three!

Crowd: “AAawww....”

MN: The man’s a survivor! You’ve gotta give him that!

DT: Anarky is clinging to a thread, but still keeps himself in this match, despite the best efforts of Adrian Willard!

DM: It looks like Willard has run out of chances on trying to eliminate Anarky, as Teddy Alexander has recovered, and is coming right at him... OH MAN!! Willard NARROWLY avoided the running axe-handle smash!

DT: Willard coming back with a big uppercut -- BLOCKED by Alexander!! Alexander with a boot to the gut... FOLLOWS THROUGH with the SCISSOR KICK!!

Crowd: “BOOO!!!”

RZ: Headshot, b*tches!

DT: Hey, watch the language there...

RZ: Oh come on, what’s color commentary without colorful language?

DM: Willard’s momentum has just been cut short by Teddy Alexander... but hold the phone, Kendall Codine is BACK UP... and he’s going for ANARKY!

DT: He must know that Anarky is on the verge of being eliminated! Anarky still in the midst of recover... and Codine HAS HIM BY THE LEGS!!

DM: YES!! He’s going for the FIGURE FOUR!! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The “Anti” Champion is in a WORLD of PAIN!! Could Codine make another elimination here, relinquishing Anarky of the title?!

DM: Anarky is SCREAMING in pain! I think he’s GONNA TAP!!

MN: Come on, Rezin! You’ve gotta help him!

RZ: Even if I could, I wouldn’t. Don’t count the man out yet...

DT: It’s only a matter of time at this point! Anarky can’t hold out much longer! Codine is REALLY applying some pressure!


DM: These fans are rallying behind Kendall Codine... and Teddy Alexander hears it! And I DON’T think he likes it!

DT: Oh boy... Alexander leaving Willard hurt on the mat, as he advances on the two man locked in a battle of submission! But he only needs a moment more! NO!!

DM: ALEXANDER PUTS A BOOT INTO CODINE’S FACE!! MY GOD!! Codine had NO CHANCE of defending himself, and just like that, Anarky slips free from the hold, and survives elimination YET AGAIN!!

Crowd: “BOOOO!!!”

DT: Why would he do that?! Codine was on the verge of taking the reigning champ out of this match!

MN: At the cost of that son of a bum getting all the glory? Not a chance! If anybody’s going to topple the Anti-Champion, might as well be Teddy Alexander!

RZ: Teddy’s got penache... he might make a great champion. But don’t get me wrong... he is NO Anti-Champion!

DM: Anarky crawls clear, favoring the legs, as Teddy Alexander gets Kendall Codine back to his feet! Codine trying to overpowerhim... but Alexander keeps him off with an open-handed SLAP right across the chest! Those giant hands of the Brutalitarian are just knocking the AIR right out of his lungs!

DT: Alexander wrangling Codine toward him... locking the leg, he lifts him ONTO HIS SHOULDERS and OFF THE MAT! Codine in a BAD position, suspended upside down from a dangerous height! Alexander taking him to the center of the RING...

DM: OH, DANG!! WHAT a BERSERKER BREAKER by Teddy Alexander!! Codine’s neck gets CRUSHED on that shoulder, and Teddy drops him to the mat!

Crowd: “BOOOO!!!”


DT: He’s putting a lot of the focus of his attacks directly on the neck area, which I don’t honestly know how I feel about at this point! Codine looks lifeless on the mat, and Alexander hooks the legs for a cover!




Crowd: *POP!!*

RZ: Is that what happened? I thought his nervous system was having a freak-out or something, in response to his whole damb spine being broken...

DM: Codine is still kicking in this match, but the damage is certainly beginning to show on the young man! It took EVERYTHING in him to kick out of that pin attempt, and Teddy can sense the weakness! He’s back on his feet and going to the corner... waiting for Kendall to rise!

MN: Oh, yeah... ANGERBASH, baby! Kick his whole damn head off! Give some kid in the front row a Pay Per View souvenir he’ll never forget!

DT: Codine working hard to get up... across the ring, Adrian Willard coming around... Anarky hasn’t quite left the corner he’s pulled himself into, but you can tell he’s watching this all go down... and it doesn’t look like he’ll be doing anything to stop this from happening to Kendall Codine!

RZ: No point in getting in the way of two men hashing it out between themselves. The strongest will prevail... in this case, Teddy.

DT: Codine is almost up... Alexander CHARGING FORWARD -- ANGERBASH --


Crowd: *POP!!*



DM: UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! On the absolute BRINK of being finished off by the dominant Teddy Alexander, the second-generation Kendall Codine took the beating and came through at the last possible moment, stopping the big man cold!

RZ: That kid’s got some crazy Kung Fu timing... I’ll give him that. I bet he couldn’t do that again if the tried!

DT: But he’s got to make the COVER now! Alexander is OUT, flat on his back, but Kendall went down again right after pulling off that Guillotine Blade, his body just WRACKED with exhaustion!

DM: Come on, Kendall, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Crowd: “PA-LA-DIN!! PA-LA-DIN!! PA-LA-DIN!!”

DT: The fans are rallying behind him, and Codine is pushing himself to move faster! Seconds matter at this point! Teddy Alexander beginning to stir as well!


DM: Oh no... ask and ye shall RECEIVE, Neels! Anarky coming to his feet!

RZ: Your prayers have been answered, Mike, because the PROPHET has come!

MN: Who, Adrian Willard!?

RZ: Bah... no.

DT: Speaking of, Willard has managed to make it to his feet as well... but the attention is on Anarky now, approaching the scene of destruction between Kendall Codine and Teddy Alexander! The TV Anti-Champion faced with a decision! Who does he finish off?!

DM: PLEASE not Codine!

RZ: Not on your life, Dean-O!


DM: NO!! Anarky going for CODINE!! He lifts the young man off the mat...

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!!!”




THREE!! He GOT HIM! I hate to say it, but it’s OVER tonight for Kendall Codine!

TF: Kendall Codine... HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

Crowd: “AAAWWWW!!!”

MN: BEAUTIFUL!! That kid was getting annoying anyway. He should take notes from the Jones boy... go down fast, and let the big boys do their grown-up work.

DM: The crowd voicing their disappointment, but Codine still had a definite effect, as even the man who just eliminated couldn’t hide the subtle limp in his leg, left there from the young man’s earlier attempt at a figure four submission!

DT: The official assists Codine rolling out of the ring, as Anarky turns his attention to Teddy Alexander! Alexander getting to his feet, and there’s a strange look on his face!

RZ: Dare I call it a CONFUSED look?

DM: It’s a rare look for Teddy Alexander, but I’m sure he wonders why the TV Anti-Champion didn’t finish him off instead!

MN: Heh... doesn’t really matter what the answer to that is! While I gotta hand it to Anarky for saving the situation there, I can’t help but know he’s made the biggest mistake of his life by letting Teddy Alexander live a little longer in this match!


Crowd: *POP!!*



DT: Anarky wasn’t the ONLY one waiting for the precise moment to strike! Willard making the cover, hooking the legs... Anarky standing BACK!



THREE!! FINALLY, somebody stops the Philadelphian Nightmare!!

TF: Teddy Alexander... HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!

MN: Ugh... I need a minute to let this sink in...

DM: Excellent elimination by Adrian Willard, being in the right time at the right place!


DT: The WALLS here at AT&T Park are about to come crashing down as the last two men stare each other down! ADRIAN WILLARD, the former Television Champion! ANARKY, the reigning Television ANTI-Champion! The doctrine of PROPHECY against the will of CHAOS! It’s a conflict as old as time itself, and TONIGHT, one must triumph over the other!

RZ: You know who I’m bankin’ on!

DM: The TV Anti-Champion, Anarky, looks hurt and exhausted... and I think Willard KNOWS it!! “The Prophecy” is just GLOWING with power right now!

MN: No, that’s just the steroids lighting up under all of these old-style, radioactive ballpark spotlights they got bearing down on us!

DM: This stadium was built in the nineties, you moron!

DT: Adrian Willard tells Anarky to bring it... and the Anti-Champion BRINGS EVERYTHING as he BURSTS FORWARD!! Willard only NARROWLY deflects a forearm that nearly crushes his nose, and both men fall into the ropes clinched together!!

DM: Anarky connects with some UPPERCUTS, keeping Willard’s head held into place! This sort of brawling wouldn’t have any place in a regular match, but the no disqualifications rule is still in place until one of these men makes the final elimination to determine the Television Champion!

MN: You mean ANTI-Champion! And uh... speaking of, Rezin... what happens if the Rat Boy wins? Does that make HIM the new Anti-Champion?

RZ: Nah, he’s too marketable to be anti-anything. I’d sooner walk into that ring and spinning heel kick him into oblivion before I see THAT beefcake hoisting a belt around and pretending he’s better than me!

DT: You just better remember to wait until that bell rings before you think of doing anything of that sort! There are no disqualifications, but no interferences either! Anarky’s giving up about four inches and fifty pounds, but he’s making every shot count!

DM: And Willard’s taking every one of them, showing no signs of backing down! The pain isn’t important at this point! Only the PROPHECY! Willard, now, FIGHTING BACK... Anarky soaking the blows... YES!! Willard BREAKS HIM with a stunning EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! The Anti-Champion is REELING now!!

DT: Willard presses off the ropes... there’s the WHIP -- NO, REVERSED BY ANARKY!! Willard into the ropes... DUCKS the lariat attempt by Anarky... off the ropes AGAIN... ANOTHER DUCKED LARIAT!!


DM: Willard gaining some STEAM as he comes off the ropes a THIRD TIME... ‘Nark shoots LOW for the BACK BODY DROP -- NO, WILLARD WITH THE SUNSET FLIP!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Willard hooking the legs... THIS COULD BE IT!!



NO!! Anarky with the LEG SCISSOR breaks the pin... and gets his legs locked around Adrian Willard’s NECK!!

MN: HA HA!! Got him!

DM: Oh man, what a way to turn things around! Willard trying to break free, but Anarky uses the opportunity to get in some HARD shots into “The Prophecy’s” exposed face!

RZ: He kicks out, and immediately starts kicking ass again! There’s no STOPPING this man!

DT: Willard getting some footing... and he DEADLIFTS ANARKY OFF THE MAT!! MY GOD, LOOK AT THE POWER of ADRIAN WILLARD!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: OOH... Anarky is just DRIVEN RIGHT INTO THE MAT!! THAT broke the leg scissor hold around his head! The Anti-Champion is stunned on the mat... and Willard goes to the far corner for some distance!

DT: I think he’s got something planned here! Anarky recovering, immediately finds Willard before he even thinks of getting up! Despite all the brutality he’s been through tonight, the rage continues to flow through him as he forces himself onto his feet! Willard SPRINT OUT OF THE CORNER -- SPEAR -- !!

DM: ANARKY LUNGED OUT OF THE WAY!! Willard THROUGH THE ROPES -- GOD, he landed with a SICKENING THUD on the ringside floor!

Crowd: “OOOooohhh...”

RZ: Like a planet-killing asteroid on a collision course of DESTRUCTION!!

DM: Anarky to the outside... he needs to REST, but the pain doesn’t seem to bother him! Not that he needs to hurry either, considering Willard isn’t getting up any time quick!

DT: Anarky rolling him over onto his back now... hold on, he’s going for a PIN ON THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!! DiGarma is there! Is this IT?!





DM: There are NO LIMITS to these athletes! Adrian Willard staying alive, clinging to the envisioned prophecy of a second reign as Television Champion! But Anarky is without relent, getting Willard back to his feet... he’s taking him to the STEEL STEPS NOW!!


Crowd: “OOOooohhh...”

DT: GOD ALMIGHTY, HEAD-FIRST INTO THAT TOP STEP!! Anarky’s making every advantage of the environment and the no disqualification rule! It seems he could end this now, if he wanted to... but I think he knows, as we ALL know, that there may still be some fight left in Adrian Willard!

RZ: You sure about that, Thomas? Because I’m not seeing it right now...

DM: Willard peeled back off the ringside floor... Anarky’s got him by the neck... and HE JUST THROWS HIM VIOLENTLY INTO THE BARRICADE!!

DT: That nearly BROKE the guard rail! Adrian Willard is groaning in AGONY... but Anarky will not let up! He pulls Willard off the barricade... and DRIVES HIM RIGHT INTO THE RING APRON!!


DM: These attacks are just destroying Adrian Willard’s back and ribs! Anarky is holding nothing back here tonight! He is beating “The Prophecy” from pillar to post around that ring!

DT: Willard looking hurt... Anarky reels him in... waistlock, and he LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE PILEDRIVER!! MY GOD, HE NAILED IT RIGHT ON THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

RZ: YES!! If Willard’s not dead, then he soon will be!

DT: I don’t think there’s ANY coming back from that! Anarky with the COVER! THIS MAY DO IT!!




Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: What does it TAKE to keep this meat-head DOWN?!

DM: Anarky giving a daring look to the official on that one, but referee Nick DiGarma was RIGHT on the money with that count! The Anti-Champion moves on, prying Adrian Willard back off the ringside floor... and this time he rolls him under the ropes and into the ring!

DT: The match has returned to the squared circle, and Anarky can sense Willard’s strength draining! That piledriver right on the ringside floor was definitely a hard blow to the head, and another high-impact strike could do him in for good!

RZ: The CHAOS is calling, gentlemen!

DM: Yet still, Willard trying to force himself up... even as Anarky follows him in and CRUSHES HIM with a stomp of his boot!!

Crowd: “BOOOO!!!”

DT: The fans voice their disapproval as Anarky restlessly paces around the ring, limping but masking his pain beneath a pall of seething rage and sadistic violence! He’s waiting for Willard to make a move, and still, in spite of all the pain and exhaustion, Adrian Willard puts his hands to the mat and uses all of his might to push himself back to his feet!


DM: Anarky kneeling in front of Willard, beckoning him up! He’s going to wait for the precise moment “The Prophecy” succeeds in making it back to his feet to bring him crashing back down to the mat!

MN: Adding some much needed insult to some much deserved injury! THIS PUNK COST TEDDY THE TELEVISION TITLE!!

RZ: Come on, Adrian... just a little bit more, and you can embrace the VOID!

DT: Willard on his KNEES, stirred to action by the crowd chanting his name! Anarky, beneath the smudged mosaic that was once his skull facepaint, has a madman’s maniacal smile spread across his face, yearning for this chance to DESTROY Willard’s dreams of retaking the Television Title!

DM: Adrian almost to his feet... here comes ANARKY -- BIG, CLOSE-FISTED HAYMAKER TO WILLARD’S FACE!! Willard HITS THE MAT AGAIN!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!!”

DT: He didn’t even have the strength to defend himself from that!

MN: HAHAHAHA, that was AWESOME!! STAY DOWN, Bee-Yotch!!

DM: Anarky is JAWING at Willard while he’s down, letting him have it! Is this what it means to be an ANTI-Champion?!

RZ: This is what it means to be a HUMAN BEING, Matthews... and there is nothing more HUMAN than HUMAN than the ANTI-Champion standing DOMINANT in the ring right now!

DT: Willard, shaking the stunning pain out of his face... and still, with grit and determination, “The Prophecy” pushes himself up, trying to make it back to his feet! There is no QUIT in that man!

DM: Not until Anarky can finish him off, but he’s just stalling at this point!

MN: Who cares?! It’s IN THE BAG!!

DM: Willard to his knees... ANARKY WITH ANOTHER BIG HAYMAKER, puts him on the mat again!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”


Crowd: *POP!!!*

RZ: This boy just don’t GET IT, do he?

DM: Anarky just waiting for him! He could do this ALL NIGHT, if he wanted to!! Willard, up to a knee... here comes ANARKY --


Crowd: *POP!!!*



DT: DT: Willard SHAKING HIS HEAD!! He’s HAD ENOUGH!! Willard BACK ON HIS FEET and he pushes Anarky away! The smiles has left Anarky’s face now as he stands in disbelief! Now WILLARD tells him to bring it!

RZ: ...whelp, only one thing left to do then!





Crowd: “AAAwww....”

DM: My HEART skipped a beat there! Anarky only broke free at the LAST possible moment!

MN: Come on, Anarky, GET HIM!!

DT: Both men scrambling to their feet... Anarky with a HARD SHOT to the face... and Willard SHRUGS IT OFF!! Willard COUNTERS with one of his own, and Anarky is REELING!!

DM: Willard trying to FIGHT BACK!! He scoops Anarky onto his shoulder -- NO!! ANARKY SLIPS DOWN BEHIND HIM!!


DM: Both men collide into the lock up! WILLARD OVERPOWERS!! He goes behind... SCOOPS UP ANARKY FOR THE SIDEWALK SLAM -- but Anarky PUTS SOME ELBOWS right into his ear, and Willard DROPS HIM!!

RZ: Come on, ‘Nark... bite, scratch, SCRAPE!! Do whatever you have to!

DT: Willard rubbing the pain out as Anarky comes to... Anarky with the BOOT TO THE GUT... he puts Willard into the FRONT FACELOCK... he’s trying to TURN HIM AROUND INTO THE CHAOS BREAKER!!




DM: Anarky doesn’t have the STRENGTH to match a man of the SIZE and CONVICTION of Adrian Willard! Willar... wait, he grabs him by the waist -- MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT STRENGTH!!





Crowd: “BBBBOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”






MN: YES!!!


[CUE UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie. Anarky rolls off of Willard’s chest, and both men lie side by side, exhausted and breathing heavily like parched desert wanderers.]

DT: What an UNBELIEVABLE match!! I’m absolutely SPEECHLESS right now!!

DM: Adrian Willard put it all on the line here tonight... and there were some golden opportunities during the key moments of this match where he could have eliminated Anarky... but the TV Anti-Champion has come out triumphant tonight!

RZ: Well, there you have it gentlemen! Still doubt me?

[The camera cuts over to the commentary table as Rezin is rising out of his chair.]

RZ: You just saw it for yourself... that man in the ring... that man EVERYBODY said wasn’t WORTHY of being the World Heavyweight Champion of this federation... THAT MAN just survived SIX others in that ring! You want to know what the ANTITHESIS of your “champion” is? Then open your goddamb eyes and TAKE A LOOK at him!

[Rezin holds his hands out to the ring in admiration as he drops the headset, watching as Nick DiGarma assists the TV Anti-Champion to his feet and raises his arm in victory. Anarky yanks his arm away, huffing as the rush of battle washes out of him. Still on his back lies Willard, coming to and looking at the lights in self-reflection in the wake of his stunning defeat.]

DT: Well, ladies and gentlemen, you just heard from Rezin, giving some praise to the winner of this match...

DM: It was a hard-fought victory for Anarky... and this time, it was a legit victory... but I still say that if you’re going to carry a belt, you better represent this company and represent yourself like a REAL champion... otherwise, you might as well get the hell out of the way!

MN: Come on, what Anarky proved here tonight is that six other men aren’t even worthy of carrying that title! Well... FIVE other men, anyway. I still say Teddy got screwed...

DT: Hold on a second... Rezin’s not finished here, as he takes the microphone and the Television Title from Tony Fatora before he can bring them to the ring! What’s he doing here?

[The crowd BOOS vehemently as Rezin ascends the steps with the belt and the microphone and comes into the ring. Anarky, in a stoic trance following the physical toll of the match, stands tall as Rezin smiles and congratulates him with a polite clap -- probably the only clapping being made in the entire ball park. Rezin holds up the EPW Television Anti-Champion...]



[Lashing out in a sudden lapse of emotions, Rezin rips off his shades and springs onto the middle rope and nearly throws himself out of the ring, baring his teeth in a maddened fury.]



[Rezin’s eyes burn with an unhinged determination and hatred. Ringside fans hurl their hotdogs and drinks at him. A nacho chip lathered in cheese connects with his forehead with a splat, and sticks there for a moment. He doesn’t even flinch.]

DM: Jeez... a little cheese with that WHINE?

MN: He wasn’t whining, Dean! He was lashing out! These people have disrespected him to the point of insanity!

DT: Oh, please…....

[Rezin comes off the ropes and recomposes himself. Anarky stands waiting.]

Rezin: Here is your winner...


Rezin: …

[The goat bastard glowers into the capacity crowd surrounding the ring, but presses on...]


...the MAESTRO of MALICE!!

...the CALIPH of CHAOS!!



[Rezin lowers the mic and raises his head up. The hesitation forces the crowd to boo even LOUDER. Rezin finally raises the mic again, lets out a deep breath, and speaks at just above a whisper.]

Rezin: ...Anarky.

[Rezin chucks the mic and lowers himself to both knees, holding up the TV Anti-Title covered in black tape to Anarky like a doom priest offering sacrifice to his destroyer god. Anarky nods, and takes his belt. He doesn’t hold it up nor strap it on... instead, he holds it at his side and keeps his head held up, allowing the sores of his trials and tribulations symbolize his legacy as a competitor. He turns to exit the ring, pausing for a second to see if Rezin follows. The Escape Artist rises to his feet and follows him out.]

DM: FINALLY, I thought he’d NEVER shut up!

DT: Anarky’s brute, destructive strength and Rezin’s maniacal devotion may just be a match made in hell! With the King of the Cage Tag Team Tournament coming up, one has to wonder if these two will be working together to spread their doctrine of chaos through the ranks for Empire Pro!

DM: Clearly, Rezin realized earlier tonight -- when he all but ATE “Triple X” Sean Stevens’ mighty FOOT -- that he’s not cut out to do his dirty deeds on his own! He needs a nice, long set of coattails to ride on, and Anarky just happens to be doing all the things he wishes he could be doing!

DT: Anarky seems to tolerate him for now... but Rezin is walking a fine line!

MN: You guys know NOTHING! Rezin is a Dennis Hopper to Anarky’s Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now! I hope they DESTROY the King of the Cage tournament!

DT: We just better hope they don’t “destroy” anything else... in the meantime, Black Dawn continues, ladies and gentlemen.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

DM: It’s been a busy night for Impulse already tonight. He successfully defended the Intercontinental Title earlier against Jared Wells, but this second match will be a different ballgame altogether.

MN: I highly doubt this match ends by way of inside cradle.

DT: I tend to agree.

MN: You can’t get this kind of expert analysis just anywhere.

DM: I think I could get it pretty much anywhere actually.

MN: I could get your mom pretty much anywhere.

DM: What?

MN: Nothing.

DT: The cage has been lowered guys, and we’re ready to go!


TF: This contest is a steel cage match for the Empire Pro Wrestling… INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

DM: That’s what it’s all about, Dave.

MN: It’s all about hubris, Dean. Simple pride, and Knox is about to learn that when you’re arrogant enough to wrestle two matches against two top athletes in one night, there’s nowhere to go but down.

TF: This match has a sixty minute time limit, and there is no disqualification. The winner of this match will be the wrestler who escapes the cage, either through the door or over the top – or the wrestler who obtains a pinfall or submission victory.

DT: Impulse is not suffering from hubris, Neely! He agreed to team with Stalker against the Dangle Brothers in return for finally receiving a match with Stalker, and EPW owner Dan Ryan promised a title shot to Jared Wells if the Dangle Brothers won that match. I think it’s a credit to his honoring his commitments that he agreed to both matches.

MN: He just thinks he’s better than everyone else.

DM: I’m not one to ever agree with Mike Neely, but ‘Pulse is defending his title twice on an EPW Pay Per View: one of the biggest venues a wrestler can hope to reach. While I think he’s to be admired for sticking to his commitments and making sure the fans see the matches that were advertised, I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew tonight and we’ll see a new Intercontinental Champion.

MN: If you said that an hour ago you’d have been brave. Now you’re just a follower.

TF: Introducing first… from Seattle, Washington…

[SFX: Heavy boos.]

Weighing in at two hundred and twenty four pounds… this is the challenger…

[SFX: Even more boos.]


DT: There is no love lost amongst these fans for Jason Reeves. This has to be part of his endgame, and the look on his face tells the tale: he’s enjoying every minute of it.

DM: He’s been stirring the pot in EPW for months now, he’s been weaseling his way inside Impulse’s head for reasons we can’t even begin to understand, and there’s been some chatter that he intentionally threw the tag match with the Dangle Brothers to force Impulse to wrestle twice tonight.

MN: He’s a genius.

DT: Stalker is not a genius, but he certainly is what Impulse referred to as a Machiavellian Madman, and while I’m not convinced that his anger – fueled tirade in Dan Ryan’s office was anything but legitimate, it’s certainly in his nature to spent the past few weeks planning this out. Not only does he get Impulse, a legitimate wrestler and one of the few in professional wrestling today who doesn’t seem to have a selfish streak, to fight a war with the Dangle Brothers on his behalf, but he gets himself a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against an opponent not at his best, with a banked shot at the big belt all lined up.

MN: Everything is falling into place.


[SFX: Loud cheers.]

TF: From Washington Heights, New York… weighing in at one hundred and eighty eight pounds… He is The Marathon Man… He is… your… UNDEFEATED… EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING… INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION…

MN: He’s on an ego trip!


MN: The nerve of this man.

DT: What?

MN: He’s having an affair with Caitlyn Daymon, and not only can’t he be bothered to hide it from his chick sitting there in the second row, but he doesn’t even let Caitlyn get announced with him.

DT: He is not!

MN: Then why is Caitlyn Daymon following him?

[CUTTO: The entranceway, where Caitlyn Daymon is in fact following Impulse to the ring. She is several steps behind him and trying to catch up, which would indicate that he either didn’t know she was coming with him or didn’t care.]

DM: My guess, Mike? She wants to see Impulse beat Stalker?

DT: That’s something we all want to see.

DM: Well, may the best man win.

MN: Et tu, Matthews?

DM: Knowing Stalker, whether he wins or loses he’ll take everything negative we say about him tonight and use it as justification to murder our pets in three years.

MN: That’s why I never say anything negative about anyone crazier than myself.

DT: Impulse with another quick greeting for Calico Rose, she does look like she’s fully recovered from her ordeal.

MN: Milking an injury is shameful.

DT: I would say Impulse was smart to keep her away from EPW until his business with Stalker was complete. It would be a shame if she came back only to get hurt again.

DM: Look at Stalker in there, he’s not even moving. He does play the games, but this is the payoff. This is the moment, and we’ve seen it before, where his plans all coalesce. He’ll play this one straight.

DT: Impulse hands off the title belt and the door is closed – we’re official.


MN: NOW we’re official.

DT: The referee is giving them some last minute instruction, but I think we know what’s going to happen here. Match can be won by pinfall, submission, or cage escape.

DM: Impulse showed us last year that he doesn’t believe in the cage escape, so you know he’ll be fighting for a pinfall. I’d say he might even be looking for a submission here just to prove a point.

DT: And Stalker?

DM: I think Stalker would be looking for the pinfall, too. He’d be happy, I think, with any kind of victory, but much like Impulse, Stalker wants to send a message.

MN: ‘Put away your milk and cookies, Knox – it’s time for the big boys to play.’

DT: You’re hopeless.

MN: Talk louder, Impulse couldn’t hear you.

DT: These men are circling each other, and the tension is palpable.

DM: Both men are known for their psychological game, and I don’t think either of them want to make the first move.

DT: But you can sure hear these fans, they’re cheering for Impulse!

MN: Front runners.

DT: I think they’re getting under Stalker’s skin, you can see his gaze shift left to right. Ooooh boy, he looks angry.

DM: As much as he’s his own man, he’s got to be rattled with all of this support against him.

DT: Stalker pointing at Impulse and shouting at him – He just shrugged his shoulders to a huge ovation!

DM: As intense as Knox can get, he’s still got a sense of humor.

MN: Stalker doesn’t.

DT: No, he doesn’t. Right hand by Stalker! Impulse ducked out of the way! Another wild swing, Impulse hooked his arm and neck, he’s got Stalker locked in a modified crossface! Stalker backed him into the cage! Elbow to the head! Spin around, and a right hand – IMPULSE DUCKED! Stalker bounced his hand off the cage!

DM: If he hit that cage hard enough, he could’ve broken his hand. That would certainly change the course of this match.

DT: Impulse with a forearm to the back! And another! Hook by the waist, and a rollup! ONE… TWO… Kickout by Stalker, he just sent Impulse into the ropes!

MN: And cage!

DT: No, Impulse managed to stop himself against the ropes – STALKER JUST SHOVED HIM FORWARD!

MN: That’s the danger of such an early pinfall attempt, your opponent has plenty of energy to keep on truckin’.

DT: Impulse’s head bounced against the cage, and Stalker fires right hands that hit the mark! Impulse trying to keep his hands up, but he’s just getting pounded down! Stalker with some kicks, and the Marathon Man is falling fast! Remember, this is his second match tonight!

MN: You think you can do everything, you end up eating canvas.

DM: Still far-reaching with your blanket accusations, but you do have a point. Impulse isn’t at his best right now, and he really needs to remember to back off and play defense if he wants to get out of this with his belt.

MN: I’d say ‘getting off the mat’ should be his current priority.

DT: Stalker with a hook around the waist of his own, and a belly to back suplex just knocked the Intercontinental Champion for a loop! Reeves rolls to his stomach and knees – oh, he just locked eyes with Caitlyn Daymon.

DM: This could be his Achilles heel, Dave. Impulse has expressed his desire to beat Stalker for his own reasons as well as for Caitlyn’s, but he’s done his best to keep himself focused on his own path. Reeves, on the other hand, has taken a singular delight in tormenting Caitlyn, and if he shifts his focus, he could pay for it.

MN: Like maybe with a taser?

DT: Stalker moved toward Caitlyn, even with a cage between them, she’s pulled a taser from one of her pockets, and she’s got him dead locked between the eyes!

DM: Whether she’s intending to fire or not, she’s giving Impulse a chance to recover. He’s on one knee, and he’s got Stalker in his sights.

MN: Coward, always attacking from behind.

DT: He never does that.

MN: There’s a first time for everything!

DT: Impulse holding onto the ropes, he’s pulled back like a bowstring! He’s not the type to attack a man from behind, but he’s moving back and forth – he’s shaking like he’s barely held back.

DM: All he needs is for Stalker to turn around.

DT: CLOTHESLINE FROM IMPULSE! Stalker took the full force of his forearm across the neck, and Stalker hits the mat! He’s up, and Impulse with a kick to the stomach! Gut-wrench suplex! Impulse with a scoop, and a bodyslam just put Stalker back down again!

MN: That succubus just cost Stalker the match!

DT: Impulse measuring his opponent… he’s off the ropes, and a legdrop across the chest knocked the wind out of Stalker!

MN: Is he arrogant enough to try for a pinfall?

DT: I don’t think so. He’s got Stalker hooked already.

DM: Impulse needs to be careful here. A lot of his attack strategy is based off the ropes and using them in creative ways. He’s been cut off from that in this match.

DT: Speaking of which, there he goes with an Irish Whip. Stalker off on the rebound, and a drop toe hold into a side headlock! Impulse is holding on tightly, forcing Stalker to carry his weight and keep his neck in an uncomfortable position.

MN: Boring!

DM: No, this is smart strategy. Impulse has shown his comfort with wrestling both a breakneck speed and a much slower, much more methodical pace. His best strategy has always been those matches where he changes it up to keep his opponent off balance. But I think he needs to conserve the energy that he’s got left for this second match.

DT: Stalker pushes back to his knees, Impulse still trying to pull him forward. This has to be a struggle for Stalker. He needs to get his weight back under him to break the hold, but at the same time, Impulse’s leverage is forward. Tricky situation.

MN: He’ll figure it out. Stalker’s just the man to teach Knox some humility.

DT: Stalker just pushed forward! He landed back on the mat on his stomach, but he managed to send Impulse into the ropes and cage! The hold just broke, and Stalker bounded away!

DM: There’s nothing between him and the door.

DT: He’s got enough energy, he could probably make it. Impulse shaking off the impact of his head grazing the cage – STALKER WITH A CURBSTOMP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

MN: He might’ve made it out the door, but it’s not about that.

DM: It’s about sending a message. And I think that might cost Stalker in the end, if Impulse can turn this match back around.

DT: The fans are on their feet, cheering for the Marathon Man, but Stalker with another curbstomp! Scoop and a hook of the head, and Stalker with a suplex into the cage! Impulse hit hard and just landed on his neck and shoulders!

MN: You say Stalker wants to prove a point? I think he’s pretty well proving it.

DM: There wasn’t any of Impulse’s usual confidence in this one, not like his match with Jared Wells earlier: so far Stalker has proven that he may very well be the man who has his number.

DT: Stalker with another scoop, and he flings Impulse into the cage! IMPULSE GOT HIS HANDS UP! He held onto the cage as Stalker tossed him and swiped backwards with both feet, he caught Stalker square in the face with those kicks!

DM: But while Stalker’s head snaps back and he crumbles, Knox just dropped down holding his hands. Good gambit on his part to stop Stalker’s momentum, but if Impulse just damaged the fingers on both hands, he might not be able to mount a successful offense or defense.

DT: Impulse hooks Stalker around the neck and arm, T-Bone suplex!

MN: What a faker!

DM: Take a look, Mike – he hooked him with his wrists. Improvisation works.

DT: Stalker rising, Impulse with a kick to the midsection! Forearm to the back of the head, and a kneelift! Cover, ONE… TWO… KICKOUT by Stalker!

DM: Impulse has had much more defense than offense so far in this match, but I think he’s done an admirable job of keeping himself in the running.

DT: In the running? Impulse has Stalker measured, and I think he’s looking to finish it off right here! Stalker just has his bell rung, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for Impulse to hit him with the kick and make his point.

MN: Never happen.

DM: Stalker’s getting up, with his back to Knox. It might be time.



DT: STALKER WITH A LOW BLOW! Impulse lost his balance and collapsed to the mat! Stalker recovers quickly, and he lands a DDT! Cover, ONE… TWO… Stalker backs off!

DM: That’ll cost him.

MN: Nope! He’s in complete control.

DM: I have a feeling he’s going to wish he’d gotten the win when he could’ve.

DT: Stalker with a scoop, and a whip into the corner! He’s following, just a step behind, and Impulse hits the corner chest – first! Stalker with a clothesline to the back of the head, and Impulse takes a second hit to the sternum! He’s slumped against the middle turnbuckle, and he’s breathing very heavily!

DM: Wisely, I think, Stalker is walking toward the door. Impulse is trying to get himself together, and Stalker could very easily get the win here with less than an effort.

MN: Not if that bitch doesn’t get outta the way!

DT: Caitlyn has that taser in her hand again! She’s blocking the way for Stalker’s escape!

MN: But he’s also laughing at her. Does she really have control?

DT: Stalker just blew her a kiss, and he turned around to return to the ring. Impulse is on his feet, but he’s holding onto the corner, still pulling himself together.

MN: Dumb.

DM: Maybe it isn’t wise to turn his attention away from Stalker for as long as he has, but it’s simple human nature – Stalker hasn’t attacked him, so he’s been taking as much of a breather as he can.

DT: Break time is over, as Stalker grabs him by the head on either side, and he drops him to the mat, cracking the back of his head off the canvas! Impulse rolls onto his side, his hand pressed into his forehead, and he’s kicking the mat in frustration.

DM: Stalker has pretty much eschewed technical skill, he’s just punching Impulse in the face now.

DT: Wasn’t that always the extent of his match related skill?

MN: You’re just a hater.

DT: Another scoop, and Stalker with a front faceslam! Another kick to the head!

DM: Stalker’s abandoned all pretext of strategy, he’s just beating Impulse in the head. On one hand, it’ll keep him dazed and disoriented, and on the other, the disorientation will keep Impulse from being able to counter.

DT: Stalker with another scoop, and a kick to the midsection! Powerbomb! These fans are booing as hard as they can, they want Impulse to overcome the odds one more time.

MN: They can wish into one hand and crap into another…

DT: Mike!

MN: Have another burger.

DM: Stalker’s not taking any chances. He’s got Knox in a double underhook…

DT: Modified piledriver! Stalker just dropped Impulse on his head, and he’s gesturing that it’s over!

MN: It could very well be.


MN: He’s not done punishing the idiot.

DM: No, that was a legitimate kickout. Knox isn’t done yet.

DT: He’s had a long night, it could be the beginning of the end. Stalker with another piledriver! No cover this time, he’s pacing, soaking up the boos.

MN: Impulse isn’t moving, other than his hands to his face. I think he’s finally realizing that he’s bit off more than he can chew.

DT: Stalker drags Impulse to the middle of the ring, and a kick to the side! Impulse to the fetal position! Another kick! Scoop, and an irish whip into the ropes… Fist to the midsection doubles Impulse over, and he drops to his knees!

DM: This might be a good time to try and escape the cage.

MN: Over the top, though. Crazy bitch is still guarding the door.

DT: I think you have a point there – but Stalker with another scoop! Right hand – IMPULSE PUSHED HIS HAND AWAY! HEADBUTT! BOTH MEN DOWN!

DM: Did you see the blood spurt from Stalker’s face?

DT: He could have a broken nose, and that might be all it takes for this to turn itself around!

MN: How? Both men are down!

DT: Stalker is rolling on the mat, holding his nose in pain, while Impulse staggered backwards after the force of the blow, and he’s against the bottom rope, his eyes are closed tightly. The referee is pacing, I don’t know if he knows whether or not to count!

DM: In a normal match, of course, a ten count would end it as a draw, but this is specifically no countouts, and no disqualification.

MN: Just give it to Stalker, he’s gushing from the nose, he’s earned it!

DT: Both men are slowly recovering, and the crowd is getting deafening! They’re all cheering for the current reigning Intercontinental Champion, and he’s starting to respond!

DM: I think we can see the night has worn on Impulse. Usually, he gets his second wind with a nip – up, but he’s dragging himself to his feet on the ropes. First, the match with Jared Wells and now, Stalker’s repeated bouncing of his head off everything under the sun, his tank might finally be running on fumes.

DT: Stalker is getting to his feet too, gushing from the nose! He’s definitely got a broken nose, and he’s unsteady. Right hand by Stalker – ducked by Impulse!

DM: I can tell you from personal experience – you take a shot like that that breaks your nose, you see stars, your vision blanks out, and you get completely disoriented.

DT: Another fist from Stalker! Impulse grabbed his wrist and twisted him around with his other arm! Hook of the head with one fluid motion, and a reverse DDT!

MN: Still no sudden second wind from the Golden Boy. He still can’t get a concrete advantage.

DT: Impulse with an arm over Stalker’s chest! ONE… TWO… Kickout by Stalker!

DM: Now this is interesting, they’re rolling in opposite directions. Impulse is commando – crawling to the ropes, while Stalker is already on his knees.

MN: And he’s finally gotten smart! Stalker climbing the cage!

DT: It’s not like he can go out the door!

DM: So it’s a race. Stalker and Impulse climbing connecting sides, who’s going to make out first?

MN: Stalker. Impulse is an idiot. His little mistress is guarding the door, he could just as easily go out that way.

DT: Impulse is on his feet, Stalker is on the top rope! He’s got both hands on the top of the cage, and he’s ready to pull himself over!

DM: So now it’s a race.


DM: Not exactly!


DT: Both men crashed to the mat, but Impulse landed on his feet! Stalker got hung up in the ropes, and his arm wrenched! Impulse moving toward the door!

DM: I’m surprised. I thought he’d go for the pin.

MN: He’s a coward.

DT: Impulse at the door, but he’s not moving to open it! Stalker is slowly getting up… I think he’s measured for the Sudden Impact! Impulse steadying himself on the cage… What is she doing?



DM: He was holding onto the steel cage at the time, he just completed a circuit, and Impulse collapsed!

DT: What the hell is she thinking? Stalker on unsteady legs, he just landed on Impulse and gestured to the very confused referee!

MN: No disqualification, baby!



DT: That was a robbery!

DM: That was something, all right.

DT: Caitlyn Daymon just retrieved that Intercontinental title belt and opened the cage door, handing it to the still – dazed Stalker!

TF: The winner of this bout… and NEEEEEEEEEEW… Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion… STALKER!

DT: Stalker with the belt in his hands, he just spat blood in Impulse’s face while the referee is trying to help the former Champion to his feet… CALICO ROSE JUST TACKLED CAITLYN DAYMON! These fans have gone crazy while Rose lays a series of right hands into her face!

DM: Knox protected her, she’s protecting Knox, it’s what partners do.

DT: Stalker outside the ring now, he’s got Rose by the hair, pulling her off Caitlyn Daymon! Leave her alone!

MN: What do you always say, Burgerman? You get involved, you pay the price.

DT: IMPULSE JUST FLEW OUT OF THE RING! HE KNOCKED STALKER AWAY FROM ROSE! We’re going to see a rematch right here on the floor!

MN: Oh no we’re not!

DM: Security finally hits ringside, but Stalker has wisely grabbed Caitlyn Daymon and they’re making a hasty retreat, and Stalker rubbing it in by holding that belt high!

MN: Well what’s up with that? He lost the match!

DT: Impulse looks like he’s standing on will alone, Rose takes him by the side and helps him to the ramp, and he’s getting a standing ovation! You can bet Stalker and Caitlyn will have to pay for what just happened, sooner or later, but for the moment we have ourselves a new EPW Intercontinental Champion!

DM: And look at those two just walking up the aisle. I can’t believe Caitlyn Daymon, after all we’ve seen Stalker put her through…

[CUE UP: “ZERO” by Smashing Pumpkins.

Stalker and Caitlyn stop DEAD in their tracks.]

MN: Oh no….

DT: The owner of EPW is coming out here, Neely!!

[The crowd erupts as Dan Ryan steps out through the curtain, staring a hole in Stalker, who’s about halfway up the aisle.]

MN: Stalker won that belt fair and square! It was no disqualification!

DT: That’s quite true, but it looks like Dan Ryan has something to say anyway.

[Ryan begins a purposeful walk down the aisle, not even looking Stalker in the eye as he starts to pass him. At the last possible second, he reaches out and snatches the Intercontinental Title away and continues toward the ring. Stalker tries to follow, but Ryan waves a hand at the security near ringside and they rush to block him from getting back to the ring. Near the cage, Impulse is standing, being helped by Rose, and he and Ryan simply make eye contact. Ryan passes him as well and climbs through the cage door into the ring.]

MN: What right does he have to take the belt from Stalker like that?? This is his moment, dammit. He EARNED this!

DM: Maybe the boss disagrees.

MN: Well maybe I disagree with the boss!

DM: Well maybe you should go in there and tell him that.

MN: Maybe I’ll just stay here.

DM: Maybe you will.

[Ryan motions for a microphone and is handed one through the cage.]

DAN RYAN: After two long years of scratching, clawing, manipulating and scheming, I would like to congratulate Stalker on finally becoming the EPW Intercontinental Champion.

[Stalker, still struggling with security seethes in the aisle, staring the owner down.]

DAN RYAN: Last week, I came to a decision concerning Stalker. He’s threatened me with legal action, threatened me with his ‘iron clad’ contract stipulations and, in general, made everyone’s life a living hell. Then I thought, why announce my decision in a simple press release, when I can do it here, now, at Black Dawn?

MN: Where is he going with this…?

DAN RYAN: And just now, with Stalker winning the Intercontinental Championship…. [Ryan holds the belt up] …this…. Intercontinental Championship…. I realize that the time is right. I’m ready to make my decision public.

[Stalker has stopped struggling and is now listening intently, Caitlyn by his side. Impulse, by now has regained his own footing at the barricade near the ring and is listening as well.]

DAN RYAN: I had some options, of course. I can’t just fire you, can I? You do have a contract. You did negotiate a buy out clause. And, of course, you are my Intercontinental Champion. If I fired you, I’d be sued nine ways to Sunday over the ordeal. I know you’re the litigious type.

[CUT TO: Stalker, who smiles]

DAN RYAN: On the other hand, my wife is an attorney.

[The smile fades.....]

DAN RYAN: So, it’s very likely any lawsuit would be wrapped up in the court system for months and months and months.

[…replaced by a scowl.]

DAN RYAN: Also, I realized something else, Stalker… err… Jason. I realized….. I…. DON’T CARE.

[HUGE crowd pop]

DAN RYAN: Effective immediately, I hereby strip Jason Reeves, also known as Stalker, of the EPW Intercontinental Title….

[ROARING FAN APPROVAL – a shot of Stalker shows him LIVID and fighting to get through security.]

DAN RYAN: And since I’m quite certain a man of Impulse’s strict ethical character wouldn’t want a championship simply handed to him….

[Ryan glances at Impulse, who nods in agreement back at him.]

DAN RYAN: …I will announce on Aggression 68 the manner by which we will determine a new champion. As for you, Stalker…. Jason? You, sir…. Well, you are fired.

[If the stadium had a roof, it would blow off right now, as Stalker goes apeshit. Caitlyn Daymon looks like she’s seen a ghost.]

DT: My God!! Dan Ryan just fired Stalker!! After all this!!

MN: He can’t do that!! He just won the championship!! HE JUST WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

DT: Dan Ryan has fired Stalker, and Stalker is beside himself!! Upwards of twenty men are restraining him, and are now dragging him back up the ramp!

[Security staff literally drag a kicking and screaming Stalker up the aisle and through the curtain as the crowd goes nuts. Dan Ryan finally climbs through the cage door and starts up the aisle himself, giving a light slap on the back to Impulse as he passes he and Rose. Ryan starts past Caitlyn Daymon, who is still frozen in place, then pauses, and without looking back at her, speaks…]

DAN RYAN: Oh uh… Caitlyn? I didn’t forget the last year or so in your life either so, I’d like to see you in my office, sweetie. We have some things to talk about….. [Ryan looks over his shoulder and locks eyes with her] …NOW.

[Caitlyn Daymon’s head hangs as she starts to shuffle up the aisle behind the EPW owner.]

MN: And now he’s picking on poor Caitlyn Daymon?? Hasn’t she been through enough?

DM: Been through enough?? She was in league with Stalker this whole time! Are you kidding me?!

MN: Just because she tased Impulse and cost him the belt and was hugging Stalker after the match and was leaving with him after pretending to hate him for a year and faking a nervous breakdown and…. Oh.

DM: Yeah. Oh.

DT: What an amazing turn of events. Stalker wins the Intercontinental Title, Caitlyn Daymon HELPS him, then Dan Ryan strips Stalker of the belt, then Dan Ryan FIRES Stalker…. What else can happen tonight??

DM: We haven’t even gotten to the World Tag Team Title Match or the Main Event yet. We’re just getting warmed up!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. The Dreamstealers

[CUE UP: “Ikari No Jyushin”. The crowd erupts in cheers as pyro explodes around the curtain at the main entrance and then fires in sequence down the sides of the aisle in bright colors, and the EPW World Tag Team Champions walk through the smoke. Karl Brown walks stoically down the aisle, his belt around his waist, and Otaku exuberantly holds his belt up high as he plays to the crowd.]

DT: Once again, thank you for joining us LIVE on pay-per-view for Black Dawn 2012, but I’ll tell you what Dean, after weeks of hearing about The Dreamstealers, we have word that nobody has seen them in the back or even in the building. So we may be just a minute away from watching The Animezing Dragons retain by forfeit.

[CUT TO: THE ANIMEZING DRAGONS, Karl Brown and Otaku, reach the ring and start warming up as ‘Ikari No Jyushin’ plays out. The referee takes the EPW World Tag Team titles from them, and now they look to the entrance in wait]

DM: This really does not surprise me, Dave. Jimmy Mylde talks a big game everywhere he goes, and you wouldn’t need fingers to count on one hand the amount of times he’s delivered.

DT: We’ll see what happens, but I’m being told The Dreamstealers have exactly 40 seconds before they are forced to forfeit.

[Crowd stands up and looks at the entrance ramp, where JIMMY MYLDE walks out with a microphone. The boos reign down!]

MYLDE: Quiet, quiet! I know… [pauses, nods in approval] You’re tired of seeing the Dragons walk around with those belts too. We all are. But luckily, their reign is coming to a ROCKIN’ end, because The Dreamstealers are here and ready to own this gig! ARE YOU READY?!

[Boos continue]

DT: I still don’t see anybody!

MN: Will you just wait?! Jeez!


[In the ring, Otaku throws up his arms like “C’mon already!”]

MYLDE: Then allow me to introduce to you, hailing from LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, the team of BOBBY STEPTOE and THE SATURDAY NIGHT KID, better known around the WORLD as THE DREAMSTEALERS!

[CUEUP: “Dr. Feelgood” by Motley Crue]

[Closeup on the entrance – lights flash and move as we await the debuting tag team]

“HE’S the one they-a-call-a Doctor FEEL-GOOD…he’s the one that makes you feel ALL-RIGHT!”

DM: …are you serious right now?

[Mylde is standing by, excitedly shaking his head back and forth to the song]


[CUTTO: The ring, where two wrestlers in purple tights with white splash and stars going down the legs attack The Dragons from behind! One of them is about 5’11 with brown feathered hair, mascara, and fishnet gloves. The other is taller, more of an athletic build, with long blonde hair, lightly powdered face, and lipstick]

[Bell rings]

DT: The Dreamstealers came running through the crowd and are now attacking the tag team champions! There goes Karl Brown over the top rope…what an underhanded strategy! It’s their debut match, a title bout, and they’ve shown no respect for the tag team champions here!

MN: Brown and Otaku have to be smarter than to fall for a game of possum! Of course, they’re not…

DT: Here comes Otaku off the ropes…DOUBLE DROPKICK from the Dreamstealers!

[Steptoe and Saturday pump their arms like a couple of machine guns then do the Up High Five!]

DT: Referee is getting some order now, and it’s Otaku in the ring with…one of the two Dreamstealers, the brunette with the gloves – says ‘Steptoe’ on his tights so I’m guessing that’s Bobby Steptoe.

MN: Good observation!

DT: Steptoe backs Otaku into the corner and CUTS across his chest with a sidehand chop! And another one! Steptoe with the irish whip, but he’s reversed to the opposite corner…

[Steptoe leaps onto the second turnbuckle and springs back with an elbow!]

DT: Great show of athleticism by one half of the Dreamstealers, Steptoe with that springboard elbow to the face of Otaku!

[Rustling at the announcers booth]

DM: Hey, who invited YOU here?

MYLDE: It’s called ‘taking the initiative’ Matthews, I invited myself! That’s why they call me THE GO-GETTER, THE EARLY BIRD, you know what I mean?

DT: For those listening, that’s Jimmy Mylde who just joined us live.

MYLDE: And I’d just like to say, it’s a pleasure to finally be in the company of top flight talent…Mike Neely!

MN: Hey thanks Jimmy, I feel the same!

MYLDE: Listening to you, it’s like…it’s like listening to myself sometimes. Can you read my mind?

MN: Were you just thinking what an AWESOME maneuver it was when Bobby Steptoe just took Otaku down with a headscissors?

MYLDE: Jesus Christ, that’s unbelievable! Hey I didn’t know the Great Baldini worked here…

DT: Alright, quit the love-fest. Jimmy, what can you tell us about these guys? I see Steptoe has now tagged in The Saturday Night Kid...

MYLDE: Oh, talk about a world-class talent, The Kid is amazing! You name it, he can do it. He sees a move once, he can perform it from memory. He sees it twice, he’s MASTERED IT.

DT: Saturday has the arm twisted, and now he comes back around with a back-heel to the jaw of Otaku! The tag champs are in trouble here early on.

MYLDE: But if you REALLY want to know about The Dreamstealers, you have to walk a day in their shoes. You have to travel three continents in three months, living off a healthy diet of sex, drugs, and rock n roll!

DT: Did you just admit to the Dreamstealers taking drugs?

MYLDE: PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, you idiot! What kind of show do you think we’re running here?!

DT: Well did they have a prescription for the drugs?

MYLDE: Hell no! We got it from someone else!


MYLDE: Look bud, there’s different rules in Scandinavia! My boys…they have chronic back pain!

DT: Right, chronic back pain at age 20…

MYLDE: 22! Steptoe is 25, Saturday is 22.



DT: Brown with rapid fire shots on The Kid! Kid fires back, blocked – Brown returns fire! Kid fires again, block again! Brown with a kick to the mid-section…FACEBUSTER! Here’s the cover…



And a late kickout from the Saturday Night Kid!

DM: Where’s all the energy this kid’s supposed to have, Jimmy? That looked like it was almost three!

MYLDE: Hey, call it like it is, Dean! The Kid made one mistake, he’ll bounce back.

DT: Apparently not, because he’s crawling towards his partner to make the tag! The Saturday Night Kid reaches for the hand of Bobby Steptoe, but Karl Brown drags him back to center-ring by his ankles!

[Brown steps over the ankle and puts Saturday in a cross-face]


DT: Saturday’s not going anywhere stuck in that cross-face, and it doesn’t look like he’s struggling much either!

DM: This guy is WIPED! The match just started and he’s already sweating bullets. Did your boys even train for this, Jimmy?

MYLDE: Look, they were on the road six days a week, performing rock ballads in arenas around Europe before the US tour early this fall.

DM: That doesn’t sound like TRAINING to me.


DT: Snap suplex from Karl Brown near the corner – HE TAGS IN OTAKU! OTAKU’S GOING UP TOP FOR THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

[Fans on their feet in anticipation!]

DT: Wait a second, here comes Bobby Steptoe for the save! Otaku’s hung out on the turnbuckle, and now Karl Brown is firing off shots…CLOTHESLINE OVER THE ROPES! STEPTOE TO THE FLOOR! OTAKU IS STOMPING THE SATURDAY NIGHT WHO IS TRYING TO ROLL TO THE OUTSIDE, BUT THE DRAGON IS HOLDING HIS LEGS!


[Steptoe exhaustedly makes his way over to The Kid and starts pulling his arms]

DT: Steptoe and The Dragon are in a tug of war! Steptoe is trying to get his partner to the outside for a rest, Karl Brown needs him in the ring for the finish…

MYLDE: Screw this! [leaves announcer’s table]

DM: Where the hell is HE going?

DT: It looks like Jimmy Mylde is going to join in! He’s got Steptoe by the waist, Steptoe is pulling The Kid, and FINALLY they get him to the outside!

MN: Jeez, all that for a rest?

[Mylde is signaling to the ref, waving off with both arms]

DT: What the…it looks like Jimmy Mylde is calling off the match! The referee is making his count…AND THEY’RE LEAVING!

[Massive boos!]

DT: The referee hasn’t called a forfeit, but it does appear that Jimmy Mylde and The Dreamstealers are walking out on the match!

[Mylde escorts his boys down the entrance as he turns towards the ring and says, “IT’S ALL WRONG FOR US, BABY! IT’S ALL WRONG FOR US!”]

DM: All that talk, all the taunting of The Animezing Dragons, and these guys have the nerve to walk out?

[Bell rings]


[CUEUP: “Ikari No Jyushin”]

DT: Well, that appears to be all. The Dreamstealers came into Black Dawn with a lot of hype, and COMPLETELY fizzled out!

MN: That’s not fair, they’re young guys! Maybe they just needed a mulligan.

DM: Mulligan my ass! They came in out of shape, clearly having not trained a single day for this, and now they are walking out like the cowards they are, along with their big mouth, coward manager!

[Jimmy Mylde is at the top of the entrance, still saying “IT’S ALL WRONG FOR US, BABY! DON’T WORRY, WE’LL FIX THIS.”]

DT: Not quite the match we expected, but hold on, because the World Championship is up next!!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT - EPW WORLD TITLE: The First (c) vs. Cameron Cruise

[FADEIN: Kenny Lombardo in the back, standing next to him is The First, the crowd boos the sight of the EPW World Champion.]

LOMBARDO: Tonight you and Cameron Cruise finally put aside all the talk and go one on one for the EPW World Title, your thoughts as we’re so close to the fight.

FIRST: My thoughts are that tonight Cameron Cruise will be part of something special…That something special is that after our match is over…It will be official…I will be the greatest EPW World Champion of all time…You see tonight at Black Dawn many things have happened and many more will happen…But at the end of the night, only one man can hold this belt…Only one man can truly declare himself the best…And when you walk into an arena filled with people screaming at the top of their lungs for the other guy to win…When you have the rules changed to make it easy for him to get the title…When everything is set up for you to fail…That’s when being successful is all the more sweet…

Tonight when I finish off Cameron Cruise and prove to the world what a joke and a fraud he is…The dominating nature of my victory will be so total and complete everyone…EVERYONE will know that I greatest to ever hold this title…[First smiles gleefully and walks away.]

[FADEIN: A sweeping shot of the ballpark, the crowd getting hyped as the main event is only moments away, the bell rings as we cut to Tony Fatora standing in the middle of the ring.]

TF: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening, set for one fall and it is for the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! [Pop!] This match has the added stipulation that the Poison Mist is banned and that if The First loses by count-out or disqualification he will lose the EPW World Title! [Pop!]

[A pause for about 5 seconds and then MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine and the crowd goes CRAZY. The music plays for a little while longer before Cameron Cruise finally comes through the curtain, Cruise in a Giants orange ring jacket with “Cruise” on the back in the black Giants font. He has on long white tights with “Cruise” on the right leg in orange in the Giants font, white ring boots, white elbow pads. A massive wave of pyro hits as Cruise stands at the top of the entrance soaking in the moment.]

DT: Cameron Cruise…Is home…This crowd is beside itself…If there is such a thing as home field advantage in wrestling Cruise has it and it’s overwhelming.

DM: He’s held every other title in EPW except the World Title, is this his night to finally grasp the brass ring and become EPW World Champion?

MN: You’re damn right it is! The Dangle Brother Era begins tonight in front of these thousands of screaming fans, Cruise is going to rip that little geek apart…This isn’t going to be a match, it’ll be a slaughter!

[Cruise hits ringside and climbs the ring steps, he hits the ring and turns towards the hard camera, throwing his arms in the air, flashes popping from all sections of the ball park as Cruise stands confidently in the middle of the ring.]

DT: AT&T Park is electric, you can feel it in the air, this is incredible…Cruise in the ring awaiting the champion…

[Cruise’s music fades out, the crowd buzzing, a “Cruise” chant breaks out, after a few moments MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre and the crowd boos LOUD!]

DT: What a lion’s den the champion is stepping into.

MN: Come on out little boy, time to pay the piper!

[The staging around the curtains opens. Two young children dressed in Egyptian clothing walk down the walkway, throwing crushed rose petals, after a few moments we see 8 large men, all also dressed in Egyptian clothing carrying a giant throne, upon which sits The First. First is covered in golden Egyptian style jewelry. He holds two silver staffs with ankhs on the ends of them crossed over his chest. The crowd jeering loudly as First stares impassively at the crowd.]

MN: Oh I hate this clown, I hate him so much.

DT: First making a royal entrance as it were here to Black Dawn, but this crowd cares nothing for the pomp and circumstance of the champion as he’s being carried to the ring here.

DM: The First has said that EPW has had Kings and Queens before but those titles are beneath true greatness, that Pharaoh is a more fitting title.

MN: The fact that you would listen to anything this fool has to say…This company doesn’t pay you enough Dean.

[The First has his throne placed such that he can step off it and onto the apron of the ring. First stands up and holds the ankhs aloft, drawing boos. He then places them on the throne and walks to a corner, climbing to the second rope he stares defiantly at the hostile crowd that continues to sneer at him. The First then hops into the ring and begins discarding his jewelry, revealing his black “Destined for Greatness” wife beater, black gi pants, black ring boots, face painted white with the “Eye of Horus” motif covering both eyes, and the EPW World Title across his waist.]

TF: Introducing the challenger…Hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina, weighing in at 267 pounds…CAMERON!!!! CRRRRRRUUUUUIIIISSSSEEEEE!!!

[Cruises raises his arms, a wide grin on his face, a loud “Crrrrrruuuuuuuuiiiiiissssseeeee” comes from the crowd.]

TF: And his opponent, hailing from Salem, Massachusetts…Weighing in at 199 pounds…He is the EPW World Heavyweight Champion…THHHHEEEEE!!!! FIIIIIRRRRRSSSSSTTTTTT!!!

[Loud boos as The First takes off his personalized EPW World Title belt and holds it over his head. Pat Jones takes the belt from First and shows it to Cruise, then he shows it to all four sides of the ring before handing it to the time keeper, after a moment of telling both men to back up Jones calls for the bell to start the main event.]

DT: EPW World Title on the line…First circling, trying to keep at a distance from the bigger challenger…First snaps off a jab and right hand…Cruise connects with a right hand of his own and staggers the champion…Cruise pushes The First back into the ropes and whips him to the other side…Shoulderblock by Cruise sends First to the mat and rolling to the outside!

DM: Normally First could buy as much time as he wanted out there, but Pat Jones is on him quickly with the ten count and he loses the title if doesn’t get back in the ring before it’s over.

MN: He can’t run or hide tonight, it’s going to be a beating for this little loser!

DT: First yelling at Pat Jones to back Cruise off and he re-enters the ring. Cruise right back after First rocking the champion with right hand after right hand…Cruise sends him into the corner…First staggers out…CRUISE LIFTS HIM HIGH IN THE AIR!! PRESS SLAM BY THE CHALLENGER!! [Pop!] First staggers to his feet…GETS BLASTED BY A CLOTHESLINE!! First rolls out of the ring and flops face down on the floor!


DT: Pat Jones backing Cruise off and he’s giving First the ten count…The title changes hands if Jones makes it to ten…First back to his feet at six and he shakes out the cobwebs and rolls back into the ring at 8. Cruise grabs First and whips him into the ropes…He lifts First up…DROPS HIM THROAT FIRST ON THE TOP ROPE!! FIRST CRASHING TO THE MAT!! COVER BY CRUISE!!




DT: The First rolls the shoulder and the match continues, but it’s been all Cruise so far in this one…Cruise gets The First back to his feet…The champion sent into the corner…First hits hard…CRUISE CHARGES AND CRUSHES FIRST WITH AN ALAVANCHE!! First falls out of the corner flat on his face, Cruise rolls him over onto his back…CRUISE THE COVER! LEG HOOKED!




DT: The crowd with a small groan as The First again refuses to yield in the early stages of this EPW World Title match…Cruise drags First to his feet and cracks the champion with a series of right hands, First staggers into the ropes…Cruise runs to the opposite side and charges at the champion…FIRST WITH A BACKDROP SENDS CRUISE SPRAWLING TO THE FLOOR!! First timed that perfectly and just LAUNCHED Cruise to the floor!

DM: The First finally holding off the onslaught of Cruise and now has put himself back into this match.

MN: I’m so bias I can’t even stand to listen to you say those things…Ahhhh…Come on Cruise, you got this, get up and take him down!

DT: The First to the apron…Now he’s waiting on Cruise to get to his feet…ASAI MOONSAULT FLATTENS CRUISE!! The champion opening up with his high flying high risk style of offense and he’s just laid out Cameron Cruise on the floor!

DM: You can hear the crowd being silenced, like The First just pressed a mute button and turned off this ballpark, what a shot by the champion.

DT: The First grabs Cruise and rolls him into the ring….First now back on the apron…SLINGSHOT LEG DROP BY THE CHAMPION!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!




DT: Cruise kicks out! [Pop!] First quickly secures an arm-bar…You know he’s love to try to get that cross armbreaker on Cruise…Cruise slowly getting to his feet [“Cruise!” Chants] Cruise with a right hand and another….Cruise breaks the hold and hits the ropes…Cruise charging at First…BIG KNEE BY FIRST SENDS CRUISE TO THE MAT!

MN: Dammit…Come on Cruise! Get your head in the game!

DT: The champion rains down a series of vicious elbows to the head of Cruise…First now off the ropes…LEGDROP! First pops back to his feet and throws his arms in the air drawing a loud jeer from the crowd.

DM: Does Cruise have the strength to make another rally, he’s been in EPW so long and come so close to the title before, does he have the ability to get back in this match with this crowd begging him to get back in the fight?

MN: He better! Come on Cruise! Get moving!

DT: First backs Cruise into a corner and whips him to the opposite side…First sets…HANDSPRING ELBOW INTO THE CORNER…Cruise staggers out…FIRST OFF THE SECOND ROPE WITH A SHOULDERBLOCK!! HE COVERS!!




DT: First glares at Pat Jones and he grabs Cruise…Cruise sent to the ropes…First off the other side…SPEAR BY THE CHAMPION!! COVER BY FIRST!!



DT: First seething in rage as Cruise kicks out again…The champion stalks to his feet and he’s measuring Cruise…I think he’s going to try to end it here with a Soulbreaker…Cruise is up…FIRST LEAPS!! CRUISE SHAKES HIM OFF! First scrambles back to his feet…CLOTHESLINE BY CRUISE! AND ANOTHER!! First staggering and Cruise now hammering him with right hands…A BIG RIGHT FLOORS THE CHAMPION! [Pop!] and this crowd is back in this match!

DM: Cruise has got to take advantage here, he can’t let up if he wants the EPW World Title.

MN: No mercy Cruise, take him out!

DT: The First staggering to his feet and he gets cracked by another right hand…First sent to the ropes…CRUISE RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK! First went flying like a crash test dummy! Cruise backs First into a corner and now working him over with punches to the body and now shots to the head…Cruise lifts The First up and puts him up top…Cruise following him…Cruise works First over with right hands…Hooks him…SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Both men crashing to the mat…Cruise crawling, throws an arm over First’s chest…DO WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION?!





MN: Ahhhh!! Come on! You have to be kidding me!!

DT: This crowd is buzzing, they can’t believe that didn’t bring the gold home for Cameron Cruise, who’s now slowly getting to his feet…You can see the determination on Cruise’s face…Cruise grabs The First by the hair and pulls him to his feet…Cruise lifts him…VERTICAL SUPLEX!! Cruise holds on and lifts First up again…ANOTHER ONE!! Cruise gets First back up again…This time he grabs his leg…FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!! CRUISE WITH A BRIDGE!!




DT: Cruise looks horrified at Pat Jones as he can’t believe that didn’t get the job done…First has been just thrown around like a ragdoll but he keeps fighting out of these pins…

DM: You start to worry about Cruise doubting himself, if he’s starting to wonder if he can put The First away and win the EPW World Title.

MN: He’s just debating how much booze he’ll be drinking with Wells after he wins he’s got this locked up! Take it home Cruise!

DT: Cruise now waiting on First to get to his feet…Cruise setting…First is up…REALITY CHECK BY CRUISE!! HE NAILED IT!! CRUISE HOOKS THE LEG!!!






DM: Cruise hooked the inside leg, leaving the leg near the ropes free and First was able to use it to touch the ropes and break the pin just in time!

DT: Cruise is beside himself, this crowd had just exploded for a moment and now everyone has to get back into this match because it’s not over…First just rolled himself out to the floor trying to buy time…Cruise still arguing with Pat Jones over the foot on the rope.

MN: Stop arguing, get the ten count going! You win the belt if you win! Shut up and tell Pat Jones to count!

DT: Cruise now heading outside after First…Cruise walking over to the prone champion…DROP TOE HOLD BY FIRST!! CRUISE JUST HIT FACE FIRST INTO THE RING STEPS!!

MN: Oh no…Ohhhh no…This is that sickening feeling I got when I bet my friend 200 bucks on the Rangers and then the Cards rallied to tie…This isn’t good…COME ON CRUISE!!

DT: Cruise has been busted open…First slowing dragging himself to his feet…Now stomping away on Cruise…First drops to a knee and now just DRIVING PUNCHES INTO THAT CUT!! First trying to split Cruise open even worse…First grabs Cruise and sits him against the ring steps…First backs off…RUNNING HEAD OF STEAM!! DRIVES A KNEE INTO CRUISE’S HEAD!!! CRUISE MIGHT BE OUT COLD!!! First back to his feet and slides into the ring….[First throws his arms in the air and yells “Champion of the World!!” drawing LOUD boos!] And The First has regained control of this match!

DM: And with Pat Jones counting Cameron Cruise out of the ring, he might also have ended the match!

MN: Get up Cruise…GET UP DAMMIT!!!
DT: Cruise has yet to get to his feet and the count is already at 6…


DT: Cruise stirring…Trying to get up.


DT: He’s on his hands and knees



DT: Cruise is up…HE LUNGES INTO THE RING! THE MATCH CONTINUES!!! [Pop!] First gives a glare to Pat Jones before hammering away on Cruise some more…Cruise dragged to his feet…First with a kick to the gut, caught by Cruise…FIRST WITH AN ENZIGURI!! Cruise crumples to the mat…First standing over him, now turns his back to the fallen Cruise…STANDING MOONSAULT!! FIRST WITH A COVER!!!




DT: CRUISE STILL IN THIS!! [Pop!] Frist shaking his head in disbelief as Cruise continues to keep fighting, but the challenger has paid a hell of a price in this match, he is busted open badly…First stomping away on Cruise now…[“Quit Cruise! Just give up!” First yelling at him.] First now berating the challenger…First now waiting for Cruise to get to his feet…First off the ropes…FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! Cruise decked…First waves his arms [“That’s it!”] and First is now going to try to end this…Cruise gamely trying to get back to his feet but he’s in a bad way…First behind Cruise…HE LEAPS UP!! SOULBREAKER!! HE HIT IT!! FIRST THE COVER!!




DT: CRUISE KICKED OUT!! [Loud pop!] First is beside himself! Cruise just kicked out of the Soulbreaker!

DM: What guts, what heart by the challenger!


DT: First shakes his head in disgust at the ref and now he turns to Cruise…Cruise up to one knee…SHINING WIZARD BY THE FIRST!! First now going to the outside…If the Soulbreaker didn’t get it done, I’m sure he thinks a Cut The Thread will…FIRST OFF THE TOP…CUT THE THREAD!! NO!! CRUISE MOVED!! FIRST CRASHES AND BURNS!! [“Cruise!” chants]


DT: Cruise is beaten, he is bloody, but he is dragging himself to his feet as the EPW World Champ struggles to get up…Cruise with a big right! And another! Cruise has First staggered…Cruise DECKS him with a clothesline…First gets to his feet ONLY TO BE KNOCKED DOWN AGAIN!...[Cruise raises his arms and screams, the crowd pops loud!] Cruise firing up this crowd! Cruise sends The First into the ropes…POWERSLAM!! THE COVER!!




DT: First throws an arm up…Cruise not wasting any time and quickly grabs First and moves towards a corner…He hooks First…HE’S GOT HIM UP…RUNNING POWER BOMB!! HE NAILED IT!! CRUISE WITH A COVER!!




MN: NO!!!

DT: First kicks out again…Cruise shakes his head, a bit of frustration on his face…He quickly yanks First back to his feet…First is hooked…CRUISE GOING FOR A SHIPWRECK!! IF HE HITS THIS HE’LL WIN THE TITLE!! HE HIT IT!! HE GOT ALL OF IT!!! COVER!!!





MN: He’s holding Aaron Jones hostage or something…It’s all I can think of…This has to be a setup, a plot of some kind…This is a disgrace!! How can EPW employ this man as an official?!

DM: The count has been the same for both men Neely.

MN: You say something dumb again like that and I’ll gut you…

DT: Cruise is stunned, he can’t believe that wasn’t enough…Hell I can’t believe it wasn’t enough…Cruise grabbing The First and now he lifts him up, he’s got The First up top…Oh my lord…He’s going for a top rope Reality Check…

MN: DO IT! Destroy him! If he won’t give up the title without dying then send him off to his next life!

DT: First firing away with punches to the gut, Cruise and First trading shots now…First slipping, he grabs Cruise…AHHHH!!!

[The two men crash into the broadcast table as the broadcasters scamper to safety. “E-P-W!” chants]

DT: Am I on?! [Pause] Cruise and First laid out in front of us on the floor, both men went crashing through that table…First might be out cold. Cruise writhing in pain…

MN: Don’t you dare count them out Jones!

DT: Cruise crawling towards the ring and throws himself inside…I don’t even know if he knows what’s going on, but he’s ten seconds away from winning the EPW World Title!

DM: First Is out of it and the title changes hands on a count out!

MN: Count faster!

DT: The count up to 5 and the First hasn’t moved yet.

SIX! [“Six!” yell from the crowd.]

SEVEN! [“Seven!”]

DT: First crawling, but he’s looking out of it!

EIGHT! [“Eight!”]

DT: First moving towards the ring…Will he be in time?!



DT: FIRST BACK IN THE RING! [Groans!] Cruise still down and he’s been holding his arm this whole time, he must have landed on it when he fell through the table…Cruise pulling himself to his feet…First stumbling to his feet also…Cruise with a right hand…First ducks…CATCHES CRUISE!! SINGLE ARM DDT!! He flips Cruise onto his back…CROSS ARM BREAKER!! Cruise howling in pain!!

MN: We were 1 second away…This sport is so cruel…So damn cruel…

DT: Cruise in a world of trouble, First wrenching that arm…Cruise crawling, dragging himself to the ropes…Can he get there?! YES!! CRUISE BREAKS THE HOLD!! But was the damage done?!

MN: Stop talking both of you! I need to just watch this match and pray that Cruise can find a way to win…Come on damn you…

DT: The First now stalking Cruise, Cruise back to his feet, First with a right hand and another shot…Cruise rocked backwards…First sends Cruise to the corner…First follows him in…Cruise gets a foot up! First ran right into that boot…Cruise grabs First…He’s fighting for a backslide…NO! His arm gives out…First switches it up…BACKSLIDE BY FIRST!! NO! CRUISE FIGHTING!! HE SWITCHES IT AGAIN!! CAN HE GET FIRST OVER?! YES!!




[Bell rings, crowd pops HUGE!!! MUSIC UP: “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine as Cruise lays hunched over in the ring.]




DM: Cruise fought tooth and nail, and in the end he finally found a way to get the win and the title…What a night for Cameron Cruise!

DT: Cruise now holding the EPW World Title high…A dream realized here tonight at Black Dawn as he has upended The First and won the EPW World Title…Cruise celebrating…FIRST SPINS CRUISE AROUND AND SPITS GREEN MIST IN HIS FACE!! What a classless act by the former champion! [Boos!] First rips the EPW World Title from Cruise…First off the ropes…DECKS CRUISE WITH THE BELT!! HE JUST KNOCKED CRUISE OUT!

DM: What a sickening lack of sportsmanship by The First…He had a good match but he came up short, no shame in that…

MN: Let him have his temper tantrum…It’s over, he’s yesterday’s news! Seeya later LOSER!

DT: The First jumps out of the ring and he’s got a mic…

FIRST: Did you enjoy it Cruise? Well as someone else used to say in this business…Party’s over…I’ll let you in on a little secret… I didn’t even try to kick out of that backslide…You know why? Because Dan Ryan took EVERYTHING away from me…Except for one thing…That’s my right as a champion…To get an immediate rematch…And guess what Cruise…It’s happening right now…Ring the bell!

[Pat Jones yells “NO!” and waves his arms to show he means it!]

FIRST: RING THE BELL PAT! Ring the bell!

JONES: You can’t do this! You know that’s not what an immediate rematch means!

FIRST: Do I? I think I know damn well what the word Immediate means, and more importantly I think my lawyers know what it means…I’ll own this company…I’ll fire you and your worthless kid…I’ll make everyone in that locker room’s life a living hell…I’ll kill this company if I have to get what I want…Now ring the bell!

[First throws the mic out of the ring and yells “Ring it!” again…The crowd now boo’ing loudly, some trash being thrown into the ring.]

DT: Don’t do it Pat! Don’t give into this blackmail!

DM: I can’t believe what The First is trying to pull here…This is…Just the most disgusting thing I can imagine…To try to steal away Cameron Cruise’s glory like this…

[Pat Jones looks conflicted, a horrified look on his face…He finally yells “Ring the bell” and slumps his shoulders, the bell rings, leading to a wave of trash being thrown into the ring. “Bullshit” chants start.]

DT: This…This Farce of a World Title match…I don’t even know what to say…The First up top…Cruise is out cold from that belt shot…CUT THE THREAD BY THE FIRST AND HE COVERS!




[Bell ring, crowd booing and continuing to throw trash. MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre. Pat Jones leaves the ring, unwilling to raise First’s hand. The First goes out of the ring and rips away the mic from Tony Fatora.]

FIRST: The winner of this match…[Gets pegged by a bag of popcorn, drawing a pop from the crowd] And now…THE FIRST…THREE TIME EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…THE GREATEST EPW WORLD CHAMPION OF ALL TIME…ME!! ME!!! ME!!! I’M THE BEST!!!

DT: Fans…I really don’t even know what to say…This is perhaps the most sickening thing I’ve ever seen in my life…The First has just stolen the EPW World Title from Cameron Cruise…

DM: And he’s acting like he’s done something great, that he should be praised for what he did…I can’t even imagine what’s wrong with this man…

MN: I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate The First more than I did before this match, but I do…Somebody needs to whip his ass in the worst way…

DT: I don’t often agree with you Neely but I sure as hell agree with you here…What a great night of action we had from AT&T Ballpark, it is a crying shame it had to end with the actions of The First…I can only hope he gets what’s coming to him and it happens soon…For Dean Matthews and Mike Neely…I’m Dave Thomas signing off…

[The First stands in the ring which continues to be pelted with trash as Cruise is trying to get to his feet on the floor…”Three time World Champ! Lindsay never did it! Stevens never did it! I’m the best! I told you I’d prove I’m the best tonight and I did!”

The First points to and pounds the belt, glaring with his face in the camera as we........]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Re: MAIN EVENT - EPW WORLD TITLE: The First (c) vs. Cameron Cruise



[The First climbs the turnbuckle and goads the crowd on as they continue to throw trash in the ring. Meanwhile, Cameron Cruise gets to his feet outside the ring near the barricade.]

DT: Folks we’re off the air here live, with our time limit for pay-per-view expiring, but we’re gonna stay with you in case anything else happens here, and I’m being told we’ll be streaming this live on the web….

DM: Well, I’ll just say up front that The First has erased any doubt as to his motives with this display tonight. If anyone doubted what he was up to before, they should have no doubts now.

MN: It’s rare that I agree with you guys, but even I’m disappointed in the guy. This was pretty low, even to me.

[Cruise looks into the ring at The First up on the turnbuckle facing the other side of the crowd. Cruise puts his hands on his hips, frustrated, then glances out into the crowd toward what would be centerfield. Suddenly, Cruise gets a determined look on his face and turns, rushing into the ring under the bottom rope.]

DM: Look out, there goes Cruise!

DT: Cruise up behind First and he just leaped up and clobbered him on the back of the head!! First down to the mat and the belt goes flying! Cruise on top of First, pummeling the champ with rights and lefts!!

MN: He’s showing some fight here!

DT: Cruise pulls First up and tosses him unceremoniously from the ring! First on the outside trying to rally and fend off this attack but CRUISE COMES FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A PLANCHA!!!!

DM: You don’t usually see Cruise flying like that!! This man is fired up!!

DT: Cruise has First by the back of the head and now he just tosses him over the barricade into the crowd!!

[Cruise leaps over the barricade into a wide aisleway leading through the crowd toward the centerfield gate.]

DT: Cruise in the aisle with First and now he’s got him by the hair and he’s got him to his feet just dragging him down the aisle toward the centerfield gate!!

MN: Where the hell does he think he’s going??

DT: First swipes away Cruise’s hand and tries to fight back, but Cruise blocks it and flings him hard toward a sea of fans on the side of the aisle!! They scatter like roaches and First lands hard on the metal folding chairs in the floor seating!!

DM: The First thought it was over! He thought he pulled off the ultimate heist here and he’s getting a lot more than he bargained for!! Cameron Cruise is NOT finished here tonight!

DT: Cruise pulls The First back out and back up the aisle they go!! They’re almost to that centerfield gate… he’s setting up with the champ backed against the gate door….and…. CRUISE JUST DROVE THE FIRST THROUGH THAT GATE WITH A SPEAR AND THAT WOODEN FRAME FLIES APART INTO A MILLION PIECES!!!!

DM: Dear lord!!

MN: That’s…. impressive.

[A chant starts to ring out through the massive AT&T Park.]


DT: Cruise back up and he’s got the champion again…. But they’re headed out of camera range! We’re gonna have to get someone back there!!

[Cruise takes First by the head and drags him farther into the darkness of the stadium as the crowd continues to stir.]

DT: I don’t know where they’ve gone but Cameron Cruise has had a fire lit underneath him tonight in San Francisco…

[The crowd perks up as the big screen in the stadium comes to life with a view of the walkway beside MCCOVEY COVE just outside rightfield.]

MN: My God! They’re out by the water!

DT: Cruise and First coming into view out by the Cove! Cruise takes The First by the arm and irish whips him HARD INTO THE BRICK POST OUT ON THE DECK!! FIRST STUMBLES OFF THE POST…… REALITY CHECK!! MY GOD!!


MN: Look at all the boats in the water gathering around!! Talk about a ringside seat!

[Sure enough, dozens of small boats are starting to gather around the waterside area as the fight continues.]

DT: Cruise pulling First back again and…. OH MY GOD HE JUST TOSSED THE FIRST INTO THE COVE!!!


MN: Cameron Cruise just tried to kill the World Champion!!!

[Fortunately, several nearby boats are there, and multiple people immediately pull First up and out of the water. On the front of a fifteen foot boat, the EPW World Champion lays splayed out, unconscious.]

DT: Cruise looks down on his handiwork for a moment, then turns and lets out a primal scream into the San Francisco night!!

DM: He may not be the World Champion, but you can damn sure bet that Cameron Cruise earned some respect tonight!

[Cruise looks back down to First on the front of the boat, fists clenched as the sound of the fans in the stadium can be heard from outside.]



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