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Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Live from York Hall, London
Saturdays, 22:00-23:00, Sky Sports (UK) and ESEN (US)

Announcers: Errol Prince (PBP), “Lucky Seven” Laurie Palazzo (Color)
Ring Announcer: Dan Lozo

Show Format: 4-5 matches, 1-2 in-ring segments, 3-4 vignettes.
Writing Format: Teleplay

Match Rules: One Fall, 10-minute time limit, DQs, no yellow cards, no countouts.

TITLE: Black Market Heavyweight Champion (93kg+/200lbs+)

Handler Rules:

1-RP Max, reply in-thread for matches on a show. For post-show reactions, create a new thread in the Black Market forum.

Matches will be booked by me unless requested otherwise, same with angles. I encourage handlers to work together on angles to whatever extent they want, but if you would rather hang back, write, and see what the league comes up with, then I’ll book you myself. This is a freeform league whereby you get over on the quality and quantity of your contributions. I don’t decipher individual match outcomes based on RP threads, but roleplay, character development, angles, segments, etc, are what determines your long-term push.

The purpose of Black Market TV is to develop characters and tell a story.

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