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Blood Bath Predictions

Paul Doom

League Member
Sep 18, 2004
Post your predictions here. I'll go first:

"All Business" Eric McRae vs. Donny Collins
McRae seems to have more of an edge going into this match. I'm guessing he'll walk away the winner here

Damian Stone vs. Rocko Daymon
Stone's been on a bit of a downfall since losing the title. However, I expect things to pick up at BB for him and walk away the victor.

"Classy" Mike C (C) vs. Marshall Snow
Hard one to call here...Sorry Snow, my money is on Mike C

Havoc vs. "The Sandman" Marcus Slayton
No contest here. Havok has had great luck since seperating from the Dominion. He'll leave the victor

Ray Santana vs. Angel of Death
C'mon! AOD's wrestling! Whoever wins....it won't be AOD...Take a hint....J/K man. I think AOD will win. I am actually looking forward to this match. Could be the turning point AOD needs

Lord Alucard vs. Paul Doom
Won't comment on this match

Nero & Big G (C) vs. Diabolic Forces vs. The Moundfields vs. Team Danger
Hard to call. But Team Danger will need this win. If they don't, then I won't see them recovering from the loss. Especially after leaving such a mark for themselves lately

"The Definitive" Danny Collins vs. Sean Taylor
This match will be great. Collins finally has the belt. He deserves it more then anyone else at this point. Sean Taylor is without a doubt, the best in the EUWC but has not yet won the World Title! I feel this will be his night. Sorry Collins but I expect a rematch sometime down the future

20 Man Bad Blood match.
Hmm....I seriously have no idea so I won't pick a winner.

Good luck to all those participating in the PPV. Please don't take any offence to what I said either. What are your predictions?

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