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Bobby Jack Windham v. Rory Henderson

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Jul 3, 1997
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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Bobby Jack Windham, wearing amateur-style ear guards, sitting in front of a bunch of lockers, with his singlet straps unhinged, sipping a red power drink.)


(Bobby takes a swig of his drink.)

BJW: Ah want to make that point real clear Eddie Patton was NOT the better man. Eddie Patton is NOT the better man. The only reason wah Eddie Patton walked out of our match supposedly victorious is because of Next Level Wrestling's mistreatment of this Christian man and biggest superstar. Y'see, rasslin' to me is a SIMPLE thing. It's two men, goin' at it in the ring. It ain't two men FORCED TO RASSLE IN A CAGE. It ain't two men in a ring with fans and other rasslers allowed to come out and get in yer bizness. Ah thought rasslin' was an honorable sport... but it ain't here in NLW.

(He takes another swig.)

BJW: As a Christian man, ah have long believed in turnin' the other cheek and the Golden Rule. Despite YOUR ignorance and shameful treatment of a man of mah character, ah still have persevered here in NLW to make you see the err of your ways and give your lahf to our savior Jesus Christ. But ah got it all wrong. Ah prayed long and hard for the answers as to why ah have been a victim of several injustices here in NLW and finally God answered mah prayers. He told me that ah haven't understood the battleground. This ain't a normal, wholesome, Christian land lahk the one ah grew up in. The NLW is a cesspool of human filth and moral decay. Thus... ah have to unfortunately LIVE in that unfortunate par-ah-dime. This means that ah will still live a Christian lahfstyle and serve as a true role model for you ignorant sinners... but now ahm gonna hafta do that in YOUR terms, unfortunately.

(He takes another swig.)

BJW: The NLW prides itself on bein' a promotion where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can happen. Well, guess what? Ya'll seemed to have forgotten MAH LAST NAME. Mah family MADE this sport... and we MADE it by doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible. The Windham clan didn't just win titles. We DEFINED the way this sport operates. My uncle Mark? The first bad boy gone good in the CSWA. The man who SET THE BAR in the CSWA. While Hornet got the accolades... mah uncle Mark's the one that made you watch. And mah Uncle Troy? He took this sport and made it go HOLLYWOOD. Ain't no one made you want to watch more. Just there mere MENTION of his name has sold out arenas. And he just did it again... pummeling the crap out of the entire NFW just a few nights back.

(BJW now takes a swig and smirks.)

BJW: Well, guess what, NLW? Ya'll want to have a chaotic atmosphere? Well, mah family has thrived under those circumstances. Ain't NO ONE cause more trouble than the Windhams. Ya'll opened up a can of worms that ya'll never even knew was in the cupboard.

(He now reaches to his side and picks up a cellphone and dials.)

BJW: Hey, uncle... it's about tahm ah gave you a phone call.

Not open for further replies.

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