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Bobby Karma


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Handler's Name: Patrick M. Shutt

Email Address: pshutt@hotmail.com

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Wrestler Name: Bobby Karma

Real Name: Robert Arnold Anders

Alias(s): "What Goes Around Comes Around"
"The Sultan of Zin"
"The Epitomy of Destiny"

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 260 lbs.

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

Birthdate: September 20, 1980

Alignment: Face

Appearance: Bobby Karma is a short and very naturally muscular stocky young man. He isn't very tall standing at 5'9, but what he lacks in height makes up for in his weight. He is well proportioned being a short and stocky guy with a low center of gravity. He has a strong upperbody, but more importantly he has a much stronger lower body meaning he has a lot of explosive power in his legs. Bobby is pretty good looking young man. He has medium length really fine naturally platium blond hair, light sky blue/cyan eyes, and fair white skin. He has southern "boyhood charm" good looks. He is clean shaven.

His ring attire consists of the following: A styled/fashionable designer singlet, black elbow pads, black knee pads, black wrestling boots, and his hands taped up from the knuckles to just above the wrists.

Style: Technical/All Arounder. Bobby is not a complete risk taker but can climb and use the top rope if he needs to, but he will not do anything that is "unnessessary". He tries to remain technically versitile so that he can hit many different moves and not allow his oponants to guess what he might hit, keeping them guessing basically. He is pretty strong for his size and but he will not go for slow setting up power moves but instead go with the go with momentum. He is a steward of the game of wrestling/sports entertainment and knows the art of breaking his oponants down and physically descimating them before finishing them off once and for all. He wants to make them feel it and not forget who he is and remember his name.

Finishing Move: "The Karma Blast"

Description: A modified two-handed chokeslam/spinebuster slam combination. He irish whips into the ropes. On the return he grabs them by the neck, spins pivoting on one foot and finishing off with a modified Arn Anderson style spinebuster.

(Its all in the sell of the oponant jumping with him.)

Trademark move(s): "The Karma Crank" (Submission move-simply put, Its basically "The Haas of Pain")

Setup hold(s) for the finisher(s), if any: HEARTPUNCH (Self-Explainatory)

Move Set (Note any set-up moves at the beginning of the list):

1) Spinebusters (Arn Anderson styled)
2) Fallaway slams (Vintage Scott Hall)-If possible, maybe try to either toss the man over the top rope to the outside or into the ropes or turnbuckle.
3) DDTs (The closest that your ever gonna get to a classic Jake Roberts old school DDT)
4) Fisherman Suplexes (Reminescent of the late great Curt Hennig)
5) Belly-to-Belly Suplexes (Like Scott Steiner)
6) Neckbreakers (Think Rick Rude)
7) Spears (Low center of gravity picture perfect to that of Rhino's Gore)
8) Short-Armed Clotheslines (I.E. Dianmond Dallas Page)
9) Snap German Suplexes (Sharp and crisp like Chris Benoit)
10) Figure Four leg locks (done like The Man himself, Ric Flair)
11) European Uppercuts (As stiff and as sharp as David "Fit" Finley)
12) Snapmares
13) Dropkicks
14) Powerslams (Graceful but powerful fitting to that of Ted Dibiasi)
15) Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker (Think Eddie Guearro)

Entrance Music: "Bundy" by Animal Alpha

Titles Held: N/A

History: Robert Arnold Anders was born and raised in little Rome, Georgia. As far back as he can remember reaching the age of reason he can remember watching wrestling and more notably Rome's very own Arn Anderson. While most little kids spent their time cheering on professional wrestlers like Hulk Hogan preaching about "taking their vitamins and saying their prayers" Bobby was hooked onto the silently captivating and scarily charismatic 4 Horseman enforcer in the background week after week.

Bobby competed all throughout elementary, juinor high, and high school wrestling collecting countless acolades, metals, and trophies in amature wrestling tournaments all over the Southern States. No matter what he always managed to pay his respects to his idol. Upon graduating from high school in 1998, Bobby made the decision that he wanted to forgo college and go to wrestling school to be a professional wrestling. He actually received some of his training at the WCW Powerplant, it was there that his dream came true and he met his idol Arn Anderson. Sadly, Arn was long retired from wrestling by that time, but it didn't stop Double A from verbally teaching Bobby a sum of what he knows including the secret to Arn's patented trademark Spinebuster.

Bobby learned everything that he possibly could from the horseman legend soaking in all of the man's knowledge like a sponge. On numerous occasions Bobby was given the call to appear on WCW Television and on Nitro/Thunder as a member of the main roster, but Bobby actually declined and remained in the powerplant until it closed trying to learn all that he could. It was a good thing as in 2001 WCW closed its doors and was bought out by the WWE.

After the WCW close, Bobby toured on the indy scene gaining more experience and some notority under his belt, but it wasn't until after a year later that once again Fate would shine on Bobby once again. During a houseshow tour around Georgia, Arn Anderson would once again cross Bobby's path. Arn had agreed to do some small houseshow appearances on the same tour that Bobby was on. Arn agreed to work with Bobby in a small tour. Of course Arn couldn't actually wrestle his protege, but was in a program where Bobby played the heel and Arn was the face. Bobby (In the storyline) would turn on his hero and attack him. Then Arn (in storyline) would recruit someone to take on Bobby. Bobby loved the angle, but felt bad that he had to be against his idol, but in the end the feud was over and well received by the houseshow fans and thus got Bobby over in the South.

Bobby continued to wrestle in the Southern states touring gaining experience but never moving up. He felt that after his program with Double-A he had his brush with fame and that was that. He didn't need anything else. Besides he is only 26 years old and he had time. He is in no rush and was making a decent sized living on the houseshow circuit.

It wasn't until a representative/Road Agent of the CSWA was given a tape of the Arn Anderson/Bobby Karma houseshow feud. The Representative was so impressed that he immediately showed the tape to Chad Merritt and the board of directors to see about getting young Bobby Karma signed before some other federation snatches him up from them.

When Bobby received the call the CSWA, he was beyond thrilled, but felt that he needed a little help so he asked his friend Freddie Meriweather to accompany him as Bobby's manager since if it wasn't for Freddie, Bobby wouldn't be there. So now here they are trying to go beyond their brief 15 minutes of fame. What role will fate play in Bobby Karma's life from here.

Once signed by the CSWA, Bobby Karma was booked to take part in CSWA's 18th Anniversary card in order to help get his name out in the open and give him some notice. He was even signed on to take part in the annual CSWA GoldRush Tournament. It was there that the little known nobody named Bobby Karma has already gotten some attention of such superstars as CSWA United States Champion Kin Hiroshi and even CSWA Unified World Champion Troy Windham just to name a few of the many. Bobby still has a ways to go, but people have given him notice and he has more than made an impact in sports entertainment during his tenure. Now it is a matter of telling the rest of the world about him.

Enter the MCW (Midwest Championship Wrestling), owner Jalan Latham, who has been keeping his ear to the ground looking for fresh new talent for him to bring him found Bobby Karma after paying attention to his great showing in the CSWA 2006 GoldRush tournament got on the phone with CSWA CEO Stephen Thomas about wanting to sign Bobby to some dates with the MCW in between downtime with the CSWA. It didn't take long to convince the two sides to come to terms on a deal and in the end they agreed. Then Latham met with Bobby Karma and sold him on the idea of coming to the MCW. Now here is Bobby ready to begin the next tier in his conquest to hopefully tell the world and take over sports entertainment. Lets see what happens from here.

Manager/Valet Information (Optional):

Name of the manager/valet: "Light As A Feather" Freddie Meriweather

Gender: Male

Brief description: Freddie Meriweather stands at 5'0 and weights roughtly around 125-135 lbs. He is a short and skinny guy. He has long jet black hair pulled back into a pony tail but a long string if hair hangs freely down over his face styled nicely. He has a nicely trimmed gotee that resembles that of rocker Wayne Static (of Static-X) hanging on his chin underneath his lip. He is trimmed matching 70s styled bushy sideburns, and round glasses with the sunglasses uptop that flip down (like Dwayne Wayne from "A Different World"). Freddie likes to dress nice with various stylish suits such as Armani, Guchi, etc, taht he likes to wear and look mightly fly.

Does the manager interfere in matches?: For the most part, no he will not. Bobby wouldn't want him to interfere anyway as he wants to win all of his matches by himself. He might lend a small helping hand if neccessary, but for the most part Freddie can't do very much because of his small scrawny frame. If he does do something (to save Bobby) he might do a clever hit and run tactic while the ref isn't looking but then hide and save himself from any dire harm.
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