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Jun 1, 2007
[Backstage after Reloaded XX.]

[Laying on one of the training tables is the hairy, silver-haired form of OMEGA ZERO, face-down and shirtless with a pair of black slacks on. Standing over him are not the usual training people, but two BUXOM WENCHES (no relation to Lane Cash’s hos) wearing white corsets and brown and green dresses typical of a mideval barmaid. The WENCHES are massaging Omega’s massive back, loosening it from after his double-chokeslam ride over the top rope and to the floor. Standing in the background, wearing a full-length made-of-thick-material golden trench coach is ANCALAGON, the father of dragons, and to his left is the Black Dragon himself, wrapped up in a black leather trench coat with his long black hair tied back in a ponytail that falls just below his shoulders.]

ANCALAGON: This turn of events is disturbing, Zackery. He should not have picked up the chair and used it against the Army of Darkness. I feel the conflict in Boromir’s very soul. He strays towards the power of darkness.

[A pause as a groan comes out of Zero’s throat.]

ANCALAGON: I fear his lust for power will doom the Fellowship.

DRAGON: He is mortal, and liable to fall. What is it we are to do for him?

ANCALAGON: We must guide him. We must not let him stray from the path or the righteous man. He must not fall into darkness. To allow him to fall could be devastating

DRAGON: If that is what you would have us do, then it shall be done.


DRAGON: What of the other who is fit to join the Fellow...

[At this, the Golden Dragon raises his cane, momentarily silencing Black Zack. He then points the golden dragon head of his cane at the fourth wall.]

ANCALAGON: Ah ah ah...Sauron has eyes everywhere, my friend. We must consider this course of action, indeed. But we will do so where the gaze of evil cannot pierce. Come.

[Ancalagon turns to the training table and claps his hands twice. The BUXOM WENCHES immediately stop, walking off screen stage right.]

ANCALAGON: Come, Zero. We have a great distance to travel, and a date with the Black Market that we do not wish to be late for.

[A grunt from Omega Zero as he stands, bare-chested and ready for action. He snatches his cloak off of a nearby banister and tosses it casually over his shoulders.]

[Fade out.]

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