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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
(Scene fades in to an abandoned warehouse. As the camera approaches the shadowy figure of Mr. Myers it can be seen that he is staring intently at a photo, a photo of Michael Manson.)

V/O: I was wrong, to assume that this beast would be satisfied with only one victim. I should have known better.

(As the camera pans around to the front side of Mr. Myers, his chest can be seen heaving in breaths and letting out slow controlled ones. As he runs his scarred hand across the photo of Manson, his breathing stops.)

V/O: Now you will all witness the true meaning of being hunted. I am truly sorry for all of you.

(Mr. Myers rips the photo off the wall it was attached to and slowly walks away.)


League Member
Jun 27, 2011
(FADEIN: A darkened room, misty with cigarette smoke. A lone, shadowed figure sits in a chair, slightly rocking back and forth. You can’t see his face or mouth, but an ugly beard is spouting off his chin and he has stringy, messy long hair falling down to his shoulders. He’s thin, but out of shape with a massive pouch. Burning embers flare up when he lights up another cigarette. Every once in a while, he coughs harshly.)

V/O(a familiar, somewhat wry voice): Whatever happened to Michael Manson?

(FLASH FOOTAGE accented by gun shots with each clip: MANSON holding up the NFW World heavyweight title while being carried on the shoulders of the NOT NFW in the NFW East, MANSON holding up the WFW World Heavyweight title, bloodied and bruises, MANSON lying in the ring, almost broke, but curling his hand up and over the Ultratitle.)

V/O: He was the Man More Exciting than Jesus....

The American Alien...

The Satanic Anti-Hero...

(CLIPS: MANSON locking SHANE SOUTHERN in the Tourniquet Crossface, slapping CASTOR STRIFE in the face, hitting JT TYLER with the Sweet Dreams Stunner, diving off an elephant into the ring onto NOT CRAIG MILES, smashing a chair into ARES’s skull, fist-fighting with DOC SILVER on either side of a ladder.)

V/O: He fought the greatest of his time...his whole generation.

He tormented them....

Confused them....

Bloodied them....

Conquered them....

They were afraid of him. They loved him. Worshipped him. Imitated him. Were burned trying to be HIM.

The things he did defied explanation...

(CLIPS: MANSON swan-diving from the top of a cage as its hoisted back up higher and higher into toward the arena’s ceiling, dropping and elbow off a huge screen into a dumpster, lighting someone up trapped on a table in a bonfire, screaming in pain locked in a tarantula in a cage, getting in the chest by a broken table leg by FELIX RED.)

V/O: Yet he always walked away from everything...and he came back..stronger...smarter...until....until finally he simply walked away.

At the very height of his fame, arguably the greatest of all-time.

Friends, enemies, fans, and heathens looked and looked....but he was nowhere to be found.

(CLOSEUP: The FWC Logo and the MANSON/MYERS dual image with an old picture of MANSON from when he was first starting out.)

V/O: Now there’s Myers and there’s another tournament. Another trophy. Another title.

Another chance to prove again....what everyone already knows.

Will Michael Manson show up?

Is there still a Michael Manson?

Is he still the same Michael Manson?

...is he still the greatest?

(CLOSEUP: The figure’s green eyes squint and focus.)

V/O: Nobody knows.

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