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BRAZEN (need input / eyes / help here)

Evan H.

DEF Director of Fun & Good Humor
May 7, 2012
South Tejas
I'm going to make a valiant attempt to get BRAZEN actually... well, doing something. Like REALLY try this time y'all, I mean it. Which was always the plan, I'm just lazy and it's a huge undertaking for anyone. I need help with one or two things...

A. The "booking doc"... the separate BRAZ doc where theoretical lineups and tour dates were all listed, all I have in my Drive is the giant character list... where did that booking doc go? Need.

B. I would like to scale back the cooks in the BRAZEN kitchen at least at first... potentially if nobody is real hot to work on this immediately, to juuuuuust me? For a little bit? BRAZEN is just aaaaaaall over the place right now as far as info, roster, plans, ideas, etc. ... needs some tightening up / special one on one attention to come up with a real plan before it's "opened back up" for people to hop in and help.

Is this a problem with anyone? Steve? Rob? Whomever else was tooling around with BRAZEN off an on? I need someone who's around and has the time to spare. If that's not you now... step back and give me a little time to get this thing reorganized and pointed in the right direction again. Plz K?

C. After hearing back, I might restrict the BRAZEN roster doc down to just me / me and whomever REALLY wants to stick with me and has time to help with this and really dig in and reorganize shit. Make it more user friendly from a "using these characters on the main roster" standpoint and reformatting some of the info to be more viable for writers unfamiliar with the characters, specifically.

D. I'd REALLY like to talk to the website guys and see how hard it'd be to add another drop down link under the "DEFIANTS" tab for the BRAZEN roster. I think if it were all on the site officially it would be WAY more viable an idea. Posting these BRAZEN/main roster live events combo shows as actual SHOWS to me is vital to making BRAZEN a real part of the fed and not just a repository for jobbers and characters we're not fucking with currently. Ya'know?

Anyway... discuss, hit me back, continue pulling your puds...

VJ Valentine

Nov 26, 2007
I want to get with you about this. Hit me up on Skype sometime if you see me online.


I will send you to the bin.
Jan 18, 2008
Aberdeen, Scotland
I've done one show and I planned on doing a couple more, however I'm not at all attached to any of it and have absolutely no problem with you taking the reigns on your own.

Also dropped a few derpy characters into the doc and I won't be offended if you wanna just scrub 'em out.

Billy has a BRAZEN character that he'd like to preserve. I'm sure he'll hit you up.


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
I tried to search for it since there was a bookerman doc for BRAZEN, but all I have is the master list of characters. May need to start a new one?

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