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Breaking The Silence



[H1]Breaking The Silence[/H1]

- Billy Buckley

He hadn't returned one of my calls for weeks and the prospects of an interview were looking very dim. On Monday morning I received a cassette tape in the mail from Evan Aho. The following message was on the tape. A straight-up transcript was what I thought most indiciative of Aho's style.


AHO - When I was younger I dreamt of opportunities like this. All wrestlers do. Everybody wants a shot at the big prize on the big show. It's the fantasy that little kids recreate in their backyards and wrestlers in the indies mimic on a mini-scale. The elements are so cliche that they can be called classic...

Huge arenas filled with cheering fans...

Loud music, bright lights, pyro, fireworks...

A shiny gold belt around the waist of a true champion...

And you...getting your shot.

Wrestlers give, and give up, so much for this moment. But it's the type of sacrifice our breed is willing to make. It's hours in the gym on top of hours in the ring. It's years in the bush leagues traveling across the country to work shows you may not get paid for. It's never seeing your family or your friends when you're on the road. It's the sobering truth that your career could be over any moment you're at "work." It's something for which we truly shed blood, sweat and tears.

So now I'm at that moment. Now I've got the shot. I'll line up across the ring from Steve Radder with the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line. When I was younger I dreamt of opportunities like this...

But things have changed for me. The things that make this match different from all the rest don't excite me anymore. The idea of being in the limelight has no draw. The belt...not a big deal. It's all the same to me, but make no mistake about it, I want this match.

This night, just like the night before it, just like the night after it, is going to define me. This match is my proving ground. This match is my opportunity to show how good I am at what I do. This is my chance to *out-wrestle* the man deemed World Champion.

The world has always needed a cue to recognize the greatest wrestler. This belt is that cue. It's their green light to call someone the best.

I've never needed that cue. I've known the best all along.


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