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Bryan Storms vs Dakota Smith vs Chris McMillan


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
The Faces of MCW Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ, Elimination Match:
Bryan Storms
vs Dakota Smith vs Chris McMillan

Without a doubt, these three have epitomized what is great about Major Championship Wrestling. At MCW Finale, no belts will be on the line... this will be about RESPECT! The winner will undoubtedly come out of this match as the superior wrestler!

RP Deadline is August 16, 2006 by midnight Central time.



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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
The devil's gun....

(The marquee continuously flashes; “The Faces of MCW Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ, Elimination Match:
Bryan Storms vs Dakota Smith vs Chris McMillan”… “Without a doubt, these three have epitomized what is great about Major Championship Wrestling. At MCW Finale, no belts will be on the line... this will be about RESPECT! The winner will undoubtedly come out of this match as the superior wrestler!!!”… Below it stands Rico Suave, cigar in hand and a grin plastered on his face; He looks up at the marquee and laughs as he shakes his head…)

RS: What were Latham and the creative team thinking when they came up with this one!? I mean let’s be serious for a moment; the “faces” of MCW!? PLEASE!!! Dakota!? A face!? (Bursts into a cynical laughter…) That’s just a joke right!? I mean, come on; so he went and beat up on some old fart in another mundane federation, and all of a sudden, he’s a hero to you peons!? (Shakes his head) If that’s what rocks your boat, then by all means rock on… Just don’t think that for one second, Dakota has had a change of heart simply because he stood side by side with the likes of McMillan and Storms… There’s always a method to Dakota’s madness… And if you’re expecting any respect from him, don’t even bother coming down to the ring guys… Dakota will not give anyone respect, they have to earn it and you two have yet to even be an afterthought… Dakota commands respect while you two want to demand some and unfortunately for you two, you’re about to hit a brick wall… Dakota is an acorn that didn’t fall far from the tree; like his father before him, he’s a snake… A vicious verminous snake that will sink his fangs deeply into you when you least expect it…

(Turns and looks at the marquee again and takes a drag…)

RS: A “falls count anywhere, no DQ elimination match” huh!? Chris, Bryan, hate to burst your bubbles but you’ll be playing in Dakota’s back yard… You’ve been thrown into Dakota country… This is Dakota’s world, it’s his time and nothing you do or say will change that… Look at the writing on the wall guys; this is the Dakota era… And with his era comes…

(His cell phone rings, but before answering it he takes another drag…)

RS: Hey, I was about to call you; I was… (Apparently gets cut off by whoever is calling him…) whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Calm down before you bust a vessel or something!!! HEY!!! I had nothing to do with that!!! I was just as surprised as everyone else!!! You can’t do that, I already told you I had nothing to do with that!!! Well then maybe you should speak to him yourself, leave me out of that one!!! HEY!!! Don’t be threatening me!!! You need to realize by now that Dakota does whatever the hell he feels like doing; I have no control over him… And for God’s sake, stop yelling, you’re giving me an earache… No, I don’t know everything, there’s a lot of s(bleep)t Dakota doesn’t tell me, in fact he doesn’t really tell me anything… Yea that’s right!!! I’m like them three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil… Well yea, sure I’ll ask him the next time I see him, only don’t hold your breath… And what’s this rumor I heard that you’re going to mer… (Rico has a puzzled look) Hello!? Ain’t this some s(bleep)t, he’s going to rant and rave at me and is going to hang up!!! How rude!!! Well folks, it would seem that Dakota has pissed off the powers that be, once again!!!

(Shakes his head and laughs as he takes another drag… He looks up at the marquee as it once again flashes the match, he laughs even harder…)

RS: You people just don’t get it do you… Okay, looks like class is once again in session… Lesson number one… Dakota listens to no one; he does what he wants, when he wants and to whomever he wants… Sure he’ll make your company money, a fistful; but it comes with a price… Just look back at his past history, he really didn’t fall far from the tree, only he’s more direct in his approach, more scheming, much more conniving… Dakota only cares about Dakota and no one else, you should know that… (Looks again at marquee…) You need to change that boss, it’s false advertisement… And don’t think that I don’t sympathize with you over Dakota’s actions at that UCW event… He sure knows how to stir s(bleep)t up, but wasn’t that what you wanted!? Hell I could’ve sworn that you said you wanted a fire lit under the MCW’s ass… Hmmm…. I could be wrong, hey I’m only human… Lesson number two… I don’t control Dakota’s actions, how do you control loose cannon!? Hopefully he’ll be in a good mood and maybe, just maybe I can get some answers for you…

(Looks at his watch, takes a drag and slowly exhales…)

RS: Damn, it’s almost time for my show…

(Flips his phone open and presses a button…)

RS: Yea, it’s me… Tell Dakota I’m on my way… What do you mean, he’s not there yet!? WELL, did you call him!? He’s where!? DAMN IT!!! Do I have to do everything my damn self!!! Never mind!!! I’ll call him!!!

(Hangs up and cursing under his breath he dials another number…)

RS: Yes, hello, can I speak to Dakota… Yes I’ll hold…

(Takes a drag as he waits and after a few minutes…)

RS: Yea it’s me, listen Dakota you are supposed to be meeting me at the studio… No it can’t wait… We go live in about two hours… Hello!? Hello!? S(bleep)T!!! What the hell is going on!? What is it today!? Hang up on Rico day!? DAMN IT!!! Well folks, have to go and prepare for my show, hopefully the prima donna will decide to grace us with his presence… See you in a few hours and as always, the pleasure has been all yours….

(Camera begins to fade on the marquee as the matches for “MCW Finale” scroll through… Fade to black…)


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
To wake a sleeping giant....

(Flash to Dakota leveling UCW’s the Sarge… Flash to Dakota, Chris McMillan and the MCW champion Bryan Storms in a UCW ring… Feed goes black momentarily and when it comes back, we are face to face with none other than a grinning Rico Suave…)

RS: Well folks, hate to say I told you so, but I told you so!!! By hook and/or crook, Dakota emerged as the first ever NA champ… And just a few days ago, Dakota along with Chris and the chump, err, I mean the champ Bryan Storms invaded UCW as rumors of mergers and take overs run amok… I have been asked… NO!!! I have been yelled at, humiliated and even threatened folks by the powers that be, for now… They are demanding an explanation as to the guys’ actions and they are holding me responsible… Now I know I hang out with Dakota and yea at times I will do a little PR for the man, but get this “Charlie”, I DON’T tell him what to or not do; Dakota is responsible for Dakota… Rico is ONLY responsible for Rico and no one else!!! Dakota doesn’t listen to me anyway, you signed him up to a contract, you deal with him… I told you he was a loose cannon, did you think I was just jerking your chain when I told you that!? He’s unpredictable, hell even I was surprised when I saw him over at the UCW… And to not only see that, but to see that he did it along with McMillan and Storms!? After seeing that, I had to double up on the Tequilas!!! I don’t question Dakota’s actions Mr. Latham; I just go along with the flow… You want to know the answers to your questions, ask him yourself!!! But you want to know something!? Today’s your lucky day Mr. Latham, I’m in a good mood and Dakota will be here momentarily so I’ll ask him for you… Just don’t expect any miracles dude; so without any further ado… Ladies and gentlemen, here is your NA champion, DAKOTAAAAA SMITHHHHH!!!

(Dakota slowly and methodically makes his way to where Rico is standing; he comes face to face with Rico, who swallows hard… Dakota’s demeanor changes from solemn to a devious grin as he slowly turns from Rico to face the camera…)

RS: Dakota my man!!! The man who single handedly to… (Dakota cuts him off…)

DAKOTA: Stop your damn patronizing, asswipe… So let me get this straight, the head office wants answers to their questions… They want an explanation as to the actions of myself, Chris and Bryan… Well I can’t speak for neither Chris or Bryan; you need to speak to them, as for why I did what I did is really simple… So don’t ask… Was there an allegiance between us!? Maybe, maybe not, it’s neither here nor there… What they need to concern themselves about is how am I going to react in the very near future… Which brings me back to Chris and Bryan… In the middle of the ring we will once again meet, only this time we’ll be after each other’s blood… It couldn’t have worked out any better if I had planned it myself… I get to kill two birds with one damn stone… Chris McMillan, a man who goes a bit back, a man who seems to know his way around the ring, my old man has spoken of you… How you’re supposed to be this one tough SOB; well Chris, the ball is in your court… Now is your time to step up to the plate and back up all that crap you spewed out to me a while back… Sure you’re talented and sure you’ve been around the block a few times… And yes you came this close to becoming the MCW champion, but that was then Chris, this is now and now is my time!!! But you’re more than welcome to come into my world and try your luck McMillan… When I first got here I called you out and it took long enough for you to response… (Smirks) Latham sure knows how to put on a show, but his rationale is way off base… While no titles are on the line, that doesn’t mean that I will take it to you and Storms any different McMillan; as far as I am concerned you and Storms are two obstacles placed in my way… Now the talk around town is that this one is for respect, to see just who is top dog in the MCW, or in your case Chris, “the leader of the pack”… (Again he smirks, this time more cynical) There will be no respect in the ring Chris, whatever it takes for me to take you out, I will do… So this is how it will go Chris, you and our champion might as well team up to go against me, maybe that way you will stand a snowball’s chance in hell of not getting hurt too bad… You see Chris, I plan to take you out in the early rounds and then I am going to work Storms into a frenzy… I am going to ram the fear of God down his damn throat; I am going to show all the peons that I, not Bryan Storms am the real champion… Bryan don’t take this ass whipping personal; you are just another casualty, while you Chris will be nothing more than collateral damage…

RS: Dakota, if I may; why did you do what you did!? Are you planning to jump ship!? And this match that you are going to have against none other than Bryan Storms, the newly crowned MCW champion and of course Chris McMillan; what’s up with that!? I thought for sure that you three were on the same page… Why the sudden 360`!?

DAKOTA: You ask too many asinine questions Rico; So I’m going to enlighten your dumb ass… I did what I did, because I felt like it… Jump ship!? Do I look like an f’n sailor to you!? And as far as Chris and Bryan being on the same page with me, they’re not even in the same book…

RS: The powers that be want answers Dakota, they want to know why you tried to end the Sarge’s career…

DAKOTA: (Grins deviously) Do they!? Let them ask Latham, I am sure he has some sort of answer for them…

RS: You know that they are billing you as a face Dakota, what do you have to say to that!?

DAKOTA: Not a damn thing, they can bill me whichever way they want, it’s not going to change a damn thing… Like I said before, hell has come to the MCW… Chris, Bryan, it was great going down to the UCW and running roughshod, the beers we drank, the ass we kicked was all good… But now it’s back to reality… Are you ready for it Chris!? How about you Bryan, I am sure that you have something to say about all this, now is the time to make your peace amigo… Once in the ring they’ll be no time to think about anything else other than trying to survive… I know I don’t have to say this but I will anyway; in your minds, you see me a just another BS artist, talking a good game, getting better and better doing these damn freaking promos… You look down at me, like I’m some f(bleep)king little kid talking out of his ass… And it’s understandable that you do, however I want you to keep in mind several things… (Smirks) What!? You thought I was going to tell you, no, no amigo that part you will have to figure out on your own; but I am sure that if the two of you put your heads together, you might come up with a half ass thought…

RS: Hey Dakota, here’s a thought, how abo… (Again gets cut off by Dakota)

DAKOTA: F(bleep)K you and your thoughts!!!

(Without saying another word, he walks off; Rico just stares momentarily…)

RS: What ruffled his freaking panties… Well folks, I guess that’s it for now… As always, the pleasure has been…. YOURS!!!

(Fade to black…)


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY

Open on Bryan Storms in front of an MCW backdrop, the World Title held over his right shoulder. Per usual, off come his mirrored shades, which he sticks into his shirt pocket before looking at the camera.

STORMS: I'll apologize for not talking to you sooner straight off the bat. I've been busy lately, trying to uphold this company's honor, and I haven't had the chance to come back out to the City of Angels for a good, long while.

But, now I'm here, and trust me, even though I'm not defending my title at the Finale show, this match, this entire show, means a hell of a lot to me.

Because as much as this match is about me, Dakota, and Chris beating the living hell out of each other in front of 21,000 screaming Los Angelenos, that isn't everything. This match, this night, is about honoring the vision of two men, and the sacrifices of many, many more.

There's a lot people can say about Christian Sands, good and bad, but anyone can admit he took a risk when he brought Major Championship Wrestling back from the ashes, especially with the caveat of not signing any perceived major stars, any former world champions. It was a risk, and even though he stepped back early on, I think it's safe to say his vision paid off.

Were we the flashiest? The highest priced? The biggest names? The most recognized? The answer to each of those questions is no. But, was the action we provided as exciting as anybody else's? Did the competitors who went into Stage 33 every week give just as much as anyone else in this industry? Absolutely.

That's what will be personified when Dakota Smith, Chris McMillan and myself go at it one more time at the Finale. Because the three of us, we were the men who built the lasting legacy of MCW. As great as wrestlers like Adam Benjamin and Karl Brown are, they are not what this incarnation of MCW is all about. We made this, and we'll send it off in style.

McMillan, you gave me the fight of my life at Zero Hour. You busted me open, you separated my shoulder, you went inch-for-inch with me, never backing down. In the end, just three seconds separated us, and they happened to be in my favor. But, I know it just as easily could have gone the other way, and I've said from that moment I'd be proud to go up against you one more time.

Now, we get that chance, and this time, nothing's illegal. This isn't just wrestling anymore, this is a fight, a display of heart and guts, and I know you're very capable of bringing your best in that kind of situation. Just as I am.

This time, three seconds will likely separate us once again. But, I don't intend to give those three seconds back to you this time. All the intensity, all the drive I displayed when I won my world championship, I'll bring it all back for the Finale, en force. Because, as MCW World Champion, I'm not going to let my legacy with this company be marred with a check in the loss column.

That's what I'm fighting for. Not a championship, not a payday, but pride.

Dakota, you're going to learn that too. As you've said, Dakota, there's nothing personal between you and I. To be honest, in ten years, I could pass you on the street and not give a damn. But, at the Finale, you and I get the chance to do what we do best, and that's fight. You get your chance to prove why you're better than the MCW World Champion, and I get to show that, when the history books are written, its going to be my name that will be there right next to the letters MCW.

You may not have any respect for me, Dakota, but I know you want what I've got. You want the chance to show that you should be on my pedestal, that you should be the one getting all the talk, that you are the true MCW champion. I want to show that there's no one, not you, not Chris McMillan, who, when it's all been said and done, deserves to be the man forerver associated with the MCW World Championship other than your's truly.

And no, Benji, I'm not talking about you. 'Kay?

So Chris, Dakota, this won't be about teaming up with anyone. This isn't one for all, all for one Musketeer bulls**t. The objective is plain and simple...

Be the last one standing, winner take all.

And I've got some taking to do. See you for the final curtain.


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