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Bryan "The Maniac" Rodgers


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Oct 8, 2014
Ze Utah
Wrestler Name: Bryan “The Maniac” Rodgers
Nicknames (if applicable): The Czar of the Bizarre
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 243
Hometown: Snowflake, Arizona
Birthdate: June 14, 1984

Physical appearance: Dirty blonde hair slicked back that hangs to the collar of his shirt. He’s almost constantly sporting a couple days stubble that he’ll usually shave right before a match, but not if put into one impromptu. Pale blue eyes, a grizzled face that shows more wear than a 30 year old should.

His physique is solid, but not overly defined and has a bit of a soda gut. He wouldn’t have difficulty lifting most wrestlers up for his Pledge Drive, however he’s not going to get up any “Giants” anytime soon. A near 7 footer at about 300 pounds would be “Herculean Effort” to hoist, but doable.

Various faded scars across his arms/back and chest from being a Deathmatch monkey early in his career. He has two tattoos, one of the Comedy and Tragedy Masques with the Comedy having glowing green eyes and the Tragedy crying bloody tears on his right shoulder. On his left wrist is a “watch” with a barbed-wire wristband and the hour hand pointing at the number XIII.

Ring gear: Leg-length purple tights with kneepad under the tights and white calf-high wrestling boots with purple laces. NGC is stylized in gold cursive on the boots. The tights themselves have various phrases, logos and product names all over in white interlocking fonts at different angles (highly similar to Keiji Mutoh’s tights) occasionally there is a word/phrase/logo that is “highlighted” in gold. White elbow pads with nothing on his wrists.

Theme music: “Superman” by Goldfinger
Ring entrance: The bouncy opening of Goldfinger’s “Superman” starts up and when the horn section kicks in Bryan “The Maniac” Rodgers steps out from the back wearing a sleeveless duster that would make NASCAR drivers blush at the audacity. Not an inch isn’t covered with some logos, small cracks of silver which we can only assume is the original color beneath it.

He bobs and dances to the song with Skullington T. Chair in his arms, and “The Barbara Walters of the Japanese Porn Industry” Midori Onita following behind him with her Smartphone in hand, checking stocks or last minute orders from the Nakamura Global Conglomerate. She’ll occasionally bark at him and Bryan will point out a specific patch on his duster, and give the camera a half-hearted thumbs up.

When he gets near the ring, he’ll lean Skully against his corner ring post and pull out a Magic 8 Ball with a hideous scratch of a H next to the 8 and ask it a question. He’ll await the answer, set the toy down in the corner next to Skully, and climb into the ring, pointing out different logos at the behest of Midori.

Face or heel?: Face
Gimmick: Indentured Servant Whipping Boy of a Japanese Multinational Corporation
Ring style: Technically Skilled Brawler (think Steve Austin with a dash of aerial stuff)
Brief biography: Talented student athlete who won a Golden Glove as a youngster, he started wrestling after his football career ended. He was a modern day Ronin, a journeyman wrestler with skill, but never became “The Man” anyplace. He’d often disappear for years and then show back up in some dingy gym someplace.

Wound up hosting a knock off Mr. Rogers show soon after the beloved child show hosts death and gained a young fan base, one of whom sent him a Magic 8 ball as a gift. The 8 ball was broken and malevolent and started affecting Bryan’s psyche. In desperation, he made up Skullington T. Chair to act as a moral compass to the Magic H8 Ball’s shoulder devil.

The H8 Ball got him in some trouble in Puerto Rico with a high ranking officials underaged daughter, and the only thing that kept him away from prison butt stuff was the Nakamura Global Conglomerate signing him to a fairly lucrative, but oppressive talent contract. One that he is still attempting to work off. To keep him in line, they sent one of their other talents who showed promise in negotiations and in talking in former pornstar Midori Onita who gained notoriety for her in depth interviews with her co-stars before getting sodomized by them. If Bryan is getting out of line she’ll bring him back in it with a vicious spinning backfist, or with her hypnotizing breasts.

Three strengths:
Tough Bastard; He’ll take a beating, but he’s got some primal instinct that can keep him in matches longer than he should really be there.

Not as Dumb as he Looks; He’s off-beat, he’s quirky, and he’s like a wounded animal sometimes. These traits can lead opponents to thinking he’s easy pickings or that he’s stupid. He thinks on a different wave length, but he’s more aware that people give him credit for. That can catch people off guard.

Skully and The Magic H8 Ball; They might be seen as simple props, but they really give Bryan a mental boost when they are around. H8 Ball to give him strategy, Skully for “back-up” if a situation gets too hairy, or an opponents cheating needs equalizing.

Three weaknesses:
Lack of Focus/Drive; Bryan has always been seen as pretty skilled in the ring, but his “that’s good enough” type mentality when it comes to going up against tougher opponents leads him to “moral victories” hanging in there with them instead of in ring ones by going for the kill. Sometimes he’ll try a different move instead of one he’s more familiar with that leaves him open to counters or puts him in a severely disadvantageous position.

Mules Blush at his Stubbornness; He’s tough, but sometimes his valor forgets about discretion. He’ll accept severely one-sided match stipulations or keep fighting a submission for longer than he should just so he can look tough.

The Nakamura Global Conglomerate; His benefactors are a fickle bunch at times, and sometimes if his antics might hurt the stocks Midori Onita will step in and try to get him under control (ie taking a weapon away because it might hurt the NGC by having a bloodied chair waving lunatic as their spokesman for a photoshoot the next day) or they’ll want him to shill a product at certain times which breaks whatever momentum he’s built up, or puts him in a disadvantageous situation.

Note for Writers: This number three you can run with and play with it. I literally see Bryan being used as some sort of human guinea pig by this company, make him wrestle in a frog suit, make him win by 5 count, make him stop after every time he hits a big move and shill some product.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
“Flashing” Elbow Drop (Muta style)
Snap Suplex
Bodyslam followed instantly with a leg drop
“Kitchen Sink” style knee to the breadbasket on a running opponent
- Idle Hands; Three quick left jabs, a right cross, a left to the gut, finished with a right handed short uppercut
- Tumbleweed; Opponent in the corner, he hits a cartwheel driving back elbow instantly chained into a running bulldog
- Shill Baby, Shill; Thesz Press punch flurry while screaming out product names for the NGC with every punch
- Brainstorm; Ironclaw STO
- Russian Leg Sweep into the Guardrail/Apron/Ringsteps
- High Arch Moonsault (Kurt Angle style)

Finishing maneuver:
Pledge Drive; Cradle Northern Lights Bomb
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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
I think we can definitely work with this. I know there were a lot of comments about the app in DEFIANCE - let's work through them along the way and do cool things.

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