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Buckley's round table


League Member
Feb 5, 2004
South Carolina
OORP: This one ran long, sorry. Thanks to Evan who did the Aho part for me. I thought having 2 guests was a great idea, then Melissa's part ran longer than I expected. Hope it's worth the time. and thanks again to Evan Aho for the conribution.

(Saturday Morning CSWA is on the air at 9 AM sharp. “Buckley’s Wrestling Round Table” appears on the screen as Billy Joel “Piano Man” *9 o’clock on a Saturday* plays. The caption disappears and Buckley opens the show seated in the living room looking set. Buckley is dressed in a decent looking suit and the faux fireplace blazes behind him.)

BB: Welcome fans, we’ve got a super exciting show for you today featuring highlights of ALL your favorite wrestling stars from the past weeks action. But we decided to start the show with our live segment the round table because we have an even bigger Round Table for you than usual. This week we have Washington State Superstar Evan Aho and then a special guest live via video phone…
First let’s bring out one of the hottest names to hit the CSWA in it’s illustrious history. A former Greensboro Champion whom I’m sure will hold many more titles in the future, Evan Aho.

(Aho enters wearing blue jeans and a plain gray t-shirt. Evan shakes Buckley’s hand and then sits opposite him.)

BB: Great to have you Evan.

EA: Thanks for having me Billy.

BB: Let’s get right down to it. You’ve been in CSWA for over a year now. You had quite a run on the independent circuit before you made your debut here. Other than the bigger paycheck and tougher opponents, what have you found to be the difference in the big leagues?

EA: Well aside from that, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in the professional attitude of the front office. There are a lot of promotions out there that act like passing out comp tickets at the local strip-club is promoting, offering free steroids to their wrestlers is hazard compensation and taking a week in the hospital with a collapsed lung is holiday time. This company runs first class from top to bottom. From the time you arrive at the airport for your first tour, CSWA takes care of you. The physicians are knowledgeable, the ring crew keeps the ropes tight and payroll gets checks out on time.

BB: That’s definitely a rarity on the independent circuit. But you’ve mentioned before that the money wasn’t an issue when you came to CSWA.

EA: Exactly. I took a pay-cut when I initially signed with CSWA, just to get my foot in the door. I really wanted the opportunity to wrestle here and the league wasn’t ready to sign me to anything. I offered to do a month of shows at minimum salary just to get on board. After I stuck that out, Chad was willing to sign me to a more lucrative contract.

BB: Judging by your ring work and fan base, I would say you’ve earned every penny. That brings me to my next question; traditionally independent fans been warm to accepting wrestlers based solely on their in-ring merits. However, the CSWA fan has seen some of the most flamboyant, if not silly, characters in wrestling history. What do you think has made the fans embrace a guy like you, against the backdrop of hair-dyed, face-painting superstars these crowds are used to?

EA: I think wrestling’s fan base is getting “smarter” overall. Fans today, including CSWA crowds, understand wrestling a lot more and seem to appreciate work-rate and in-ring performance a great deal. I’ve always worked hard on my wrestling, regardless of whether or not it was getting me over. If the fans are into it, I suppose that’s a positive for lengthening my career in this league. But I haven’t gone out of my way in search of their support.

BB: I’d say that’s a drastic understatement. How about you tell me about some more pertinent in-ring issues?

EA: (he smiles) That’s what I was hoping for Billy.

BB: SHOWTIME in Dallas. You had a successful night teaming with Shane Southern against a very dangerous duo in the New Suicide Squad. This begs the question will you two stick to the tag circuit, at least for the immediate future? I know your reputation is as a single’s wrestler. Do you think that will change and if so, how do you think you match up with the quality tag teams here in the CSWA?

EA: It’s not really for me to decide. I’m a wrestler and I’ll take any match I can get. So if they keep booking me in matches with Shane, I’ll be a tag guy. I would think that any other tag team in the league would have the advantage of working together for some time. The Professionals, Powers of Apocalypse, Simply Stunning…they all have that edge. One on one, I like my odds against anyone. While I’m in the ring, we’ll do just fine. But if I had my way, I’d wrestle single exclusively.

BB: It’s no secret that you have been the butt of some jokes told by some of the stars here in the CSWA, in fact I’m afraid one spoofed this very venue to have a few laughs at your expense. Do you think you’re an easy mark because of your quiet workmanlike nature or do you think these guys, specifically Eddy Love, don’t have the proper respect for your skills?

EA: I’m sure it’s a little of both. I don’t pay much attention to anyone’s sketch comedy or whether or not they respect my skills. I know what I can do and couldn’t care less if anyone else did. Eddy Love is a great wrestler, but he’s had an axe to grind with me since our time in Extreme Wrestling International. If he takes out his frustration by busting on my attitude, fine. One day he’ll deal with me in the ring and I can’t wait for the match.

BB: Love vs. Aho never quite happened in EWI. Is that match far off? What can we look for from Evan Aho in the near future and what is your ultimate objective?

EA: I hope it’s not far off, but that’s up to the booking committee. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same, Billy. Expect me to continue busting my ass in the ring and taking a match or two…or three every night the CSWA is on the road. I want the opportunities for the big matches. I want Eli Flair. I want Eddy Love. I want Hornet, Randalls, Radder, Kevin Powers…my list goes on and on, it’s just a matter of time before it’s fulfilled.

BB: I’d say that time is closer than anyone would think. Well it’s just a matter of time for us before our commercial break. Thanks Evan for joining us today, we’ll be back with more Round Table after a word from our sponsors.

(Back from Commercial)

BB: And next folks a surprise for you that came as a revelation to me just yesterday, and I hope that you fans are half as excited as I am. Live via video phone in her first interview since her departure from CSWA we have a lady who has won the hearts of many whether they’ve always been able to pull for her clients or not….. From Greenville, South Carolina welcome Sweet Melissa.

(Melissa is pictured on a split screen with Buckley. She is wearing a pair of long boot leg style warm up pants and a sports bra that reveals abs that make it clear she is well enough to have been in the gym on a regular basis. She has traded in the hard plastic full neck collar for the more typical foam rubber money collar. She now has some movement in her neck and while stiff she does not wince in pain as she had last time we saw her. After that annoying delay that always comes with video phones Melissa returns Billy’s niceties.)

SM: Thanks Bill, that means a lot coming from you…. And I can only hope that you are right and I did find my way into the hearts of some of the loyal CSWA fans.

BB: Oh, I’m sure. Now we see that you haven’t completely gotten out of the neck brace, but how are you feeling.

SM: Well every day is a struggle, but I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I told you I felt a thousand percent better today, both mentally and physically, than I did a month ago. I’ve actually gotten in the gym a few times recently, in addition to the rehab that came with my recovery. You know the neck is still a little stiff, and it may always be, but at least I can function on my own now, not being totally dependant for every day events, and that is a much bigger deal than you can imagine.

BB: Well I’m glad things are headed in the right direction, can we expect you back to work soon??

SM: No, Bill. I don’t know that that day will ever come. I still love parts of the business. I still feel I have a lot to offer as far as ring strategy, conditioning and training goes, but I’ve sorta lost that passion that you must have to be a daily part of the CSWA. I’m still helping to scout for Eddy, still providing training routines and the likes for him….. And he has been kind enough to keep me at the full share I enjoyed when I actually was training rather than consulting, but as an on air presence, you hate to ever say never, but I think this is about as close to a return as you’ll see from me. When he and I took the time off 2 years ago, I had a burning right from the start to return. I’m afraid that power bomb has robbed me of that burning spirit.

BB: I certainly hope that’s not the case, Melissa and as a person I hate to cast doubt, but as a journalist I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the you’ve been seen at several Indy cards scouting talent, and the popular rumor is that you’ve already begun working with a wrestler who you plan on busting into the majors in a similar fashion to the way you brought Eddy Love into the spot light. I’ve even heard that you’ve approached Merrit about getting this wrestler a spot in the CSWA in the near future.

SM: I have been to some cards, Bill, and at their request I have been to the gym with a couple of guys but these are hard working fresh faces who may years from now be stars, not the can’t miss once in a life time discovery I made when I signed the South Carolina farm boy (slight smile) you refer to. If I can come back, my first allegiance would be to Eddy, and the idea that I DO come back and that Eddy fires me is so far fetched, I haven’t considered the possibility. I don’t know how things like that get spread, but I assure you I have no signed deals with any wrestlers, nor are any imminent.

BB: So you and Eddy have kept a good relationship, again I’ve heard whispers that the 2 of you don’t share the tight relationship you once did.

SM: We went from traveling, training and partying together 364 days a year to talking on the phone once or twice a week, Bill. It’s bound to drive a bit of a wedge between us. Eddy and I have never had any patience for anyone in the sport who was soft at all, and while Eddy would never say it, and may not even think it, it often enters my mind that now I’m no better than the bimbos in wrestling who get their man beaten night after night because they have no place at ringside and the wrestler tries to hide that.

Eddy Love is as dear a person as I have known in my life, but yes Bill, there is more distance over the phone line than just miles. He still handles things like a professional and a devoted friend, but in his position he can’t make me a primary focal point, or he’d be in the same shape I’m in.

BB: While we’re on the subject of Eddy, are you surprised at the course he has been on since your departure, his selection of opponents?

SM: I assume you want me to read between the lines there, Bill. I assume you’re asking why Eddy hasn’t gone after Flair, and maybe has it entered my mind that losing his hair caused more rage from Eddy than losing me.

BB: No that’s not…..

SM: (interrupting with one hand up to stop) There have been some dark days in my life since I took that bump. When you sit around lonely, in traction waiting for excruciating rehab, you have lots of unhealthy thoughts, and Lord knows I’ve had my share.

Eddy and I always made a point of not letting who we personally disliked pick our matches for us. Eddy has kept that tradition and while in my opinion he may be mired in a feud that’s not helping to further his career and legacy, I’m not there to assist so how can I critique.

I’m certainly disappointed that Steve Radder has been allowed to walk around with the most prestigious belt in the business, but that’s been a lot of wrestlers’ decision not just Eddy. It’s an insult to the entire federation that a man with little talent, no heart and slim dedication carries that belt, but no Bill, to give a short answer no, I’m not surprised or upset that Eddy didn’t put Flair at the top of his hit list just because that’s the way I would like it, if anything I’m disappointed Eddy hasn’t dropped Radder back to the undercard.

BB: (smiling) Still no selling Radder, even with a neck brace that’s a true professional. (Melissa returns the smile)… So while we’re on the subject of our CSWA stars, care for a short game of word association.

SM: Sure Bill.

BB: Troy Windham.

SM: Fantastic Talent, non existent morals.

BB: Mike Randalls

SM: The biggest mean streak I’ve ever seen.

BB: Hornet

SM: When we get to the finish line, that’s who the whole business has to compare their legacy to.

BB: Kevin Powers

SM: That’s a tough one, Bill. You know some of the best times of my life were when we ran with Kevin, but to answer you….. Kevin Powers….. Bad decisions, wasted potential.

BB: Cameron Cruise

SM: I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.

BB: The Professionals

SM: Miles and Mayfield…. Hmmm, I haven’t seen a weakness, but have they really been tested??

BB: Evan Aho

SM: You know I handled Evan for a while in EWI, Bill…. He has all the tools to make it big in the ring. I just could never figure out what goes on in his head.

BB: Steve Radder

SM: Bogus. A no talent hack, who’s always in the right place, and Radder is the only man to damage Powers’ career more than Kevin himself.

BB: ELI Flair.

(Melissa pauses biting her lower lip.)
SM: The lowest form of life on this planet….. I can only hope some day Flair gets what he deserves.

BB: Well Melissa thanks for being with us, we’ve all missed you and wish you the best….

SM: Thanks Bill, I miss you and all those great CSWA and Eddy Love Lovers.

BB: Folks we’ll be right back with locker room footage of Shane Southern in a fit of rage after a recent card.


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