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Burden of the King... ?


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to an empty locker room long after the fanfare has died down at Unleashed. Sitting on a bench, the EPW World Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder, is Anarky, his head down, apparently exhausted.)

ANARKY: “One split second is all it takes. The difference between a shoulder up and a painful loss. The difference between a chairshot to your opponent… or one to your back. That’s all it takes. One split second and I’m riding back home to Hartford, another meaningless loss. Another lost opportunity, among a million more.

“Instead, I am the EPW World Heavyweight Champion. I am the King of the Cage. Standing atop the pinnacle, sneering down at my inferior competition, I finally have proof that I am the best… yes… ?”

(He looks up at the camera and smiles.)

ANARKY: “No… I did not come this far to define myself by a belt. To define myself by the titles I earn. I am the same man I was a week ago. The same man I’ll be next week.

“Flip a coin… heads I win, tails First wins… sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you win.

“But for far too long… we have suffered through men like Stevens and First… men who used the title as a methodology of proof of their greatness… a way to lord their egomania over Empire Pro Wrestling.

“No longer.

“Today, a new era dawns in Empire Pro. This title… this title does not define me. I define it. I choose what it represents.

“And to me, it is a burden of proof… every day… that I haven’t yet earned. That my legacy is not yet written. Not completely, anyway. But I have a choice.

“I will welcome all challengers. I expect the road to be hard. And I know people will tell me that I was lucky… that I’m not good enough… that I can’t be the face of Empire Pro… that I’m not worthy to be called Champion.

“Today, perhaps, they are right. But tomorrow… tomorrow, anything can happen. Tomorrow, a man with a glittery belt… can become something more than a man who defines himself by his accomplishments, but instead, understands, he is merely a symbol, a representation of something more... a champion.

“It only takes a split second.”


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