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Cabrón v Fanatic


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Each path is precious.

* Fanatic RP for C14.


(A wisp of smoke rising from the bottom of our screen. The wisp becomes a couple, and then several streams of moderately thick smoke. As the picture zooms out, we see they are coming from the lit wicks of four chunky-cylindrical candles, the flames burning a bright orange-white. In the middle of these candles is a glass ball with an electrical current running through it-- much like one you would find in a gadget store.)

V/O: “Electricity is both finite and infinite, a wonderful plaything of man. It is both something we deem to have control over… and simultaneously… something we can never completely control…”

(As these words are spoken, a gloved hand runs a finger over the glass exterior, drawing current from one end to the other, before releasing it and letting the current disperse.)

V/O: “In human lives, there are also those who are deemed to be under control, and those who rise up to seize control. And… in similar fashion… sometimes it is merely a case of perception deluding reality…”

(The camera reaches further back, and we find a purple-cloaked figure sitting cross-legged near the glass sphere. The hood is not covering his face-- or, more accurately, masked face. A deep, royal blue mask, with triangles of orange-- one within another within another, etc.-- on the otherwise blank face.)

FANATIC: “In New ERA… this scenario, and the answer we are destined to determine… is surely on the horizon.”

(The ‘Elite Enigma’ has retained his uniquely soft-spoken but clear tones. FANATIC makes a slight gesture to the sphere with one blue-gloved hand.)

FANATIC: “Granted, I feel a little as if the horizon has been playing trick on myself for some time. It seems as if we were at this point some time ago… and the journey to progress had somehow become… just out of reach… but here we are. After a trip off the beaten path… we have arrived again on the road of the New ERA… a place which has, for my part, a journey yet to be completed. And it is good to be continuing that journey in earnest.”

“But let us look at this state of our collective affairs. It seemed liberty was to be the primary focus of this season, with the New ERA Championship having been claimed in grand fashion. For my part, I was willing to allow the fans to determine what it was they wanted to see each week, and not what someone sitting on a false throne deemed ’entertainment’ for the masses. Yet… victory was short-lived… sad to say, I did not hold up my end. Even despite the disillusionment of the First and his troupe… I do believe I could have prevailed in our match for the distinction of Champion. I was not prepared as I would have liked.”

“That does not deter me in the slightest.”

(A finger traces the curve of the glass sphere, drawing the electricity to it.)

“For you see… this is merely the path of the New ERA. It is not the end, nor the beginning… but merely the next chapter being written. But let us look deeper on… who is authoring this particular chapter?”

(He brings several fingers to one point, drawing a thick stream of electricity.)

“The First and his troupe. Yes… they would like us all to believe it is their hands that dictate. However, it is truly not one or a handful who lead this movement. It has always been the masses… the fans of the New ERA. They may not feel such control, but it is clear if you parse through the propaganda and self-promotion of the First… his is only a perception attempting to rule.”

(When his fingers spread out, the electricity separates to several thinner lines.)

“And just as the path of the New ERA has seemed muddled with the years… the horizon is not so far off as it may seem... for there is more than one way to arrive, and reach the mountain summit.”

“For my part, I may not have foreseen my time as Champion being so short-lived… and yet, it has made me value that time, to be sure. I better understand the very point I now make… that there are many avenues to being Champion. And the path to victory is not nearly so cut and dry as merely holding that title. Just look at our most recent Cyberstrike… without title nor partner, it was myself who managed to find a path to victory over The First.”

“And so shall I find a way to ride the wave of the Craze…and all its support from the New ERA fans… back to toppling First and his reign of supposed control.”

(FANATIC removes his hand from the sphere, intertwining his hands in front of him.)

“But that journey does not continue with a face-to-face meeting with the New ERA Champion. No… before that clash of forces, I find myself returning to unfamiliar opposition… at least, to myself.”

“El Cabrón… a man I know through other times and places, and people. My brother has certainly made me aware of your talents… a unique array of them, in fact. Pardon if I prefaced my direct words towards you with the landscape painting… however, it does in fact involve yourself, as well. Can you say you are not beginning your own journey here? I would say you are doing just that, merely by showing up at Cyberstrike 14.”

“And you are certainly one who would understand the concept of many paths taken. You have taken a great many roads on your wrestling journey… part of the thrill of being in this industry, to be sure. I thrive in the unknown. It does make me feel alive to know there is fresh opposition… with a mentality and approach I may need to work to unravel, squarely in the center of the squared circle, in the thick of the jungle that is our match to come. I believe you will bring something spectacular and versatile… an effort well worth the very attention of The First. I hope he watches with great attentiveness as we clash in the ring.”

“Just as I respect your abilities, and experience… please know that I am prepared to take up this challenge, as well. I have long since been one who accepts the road of one that is not expected to do great things. And I have understood… with the many paths there are to walk… victory is only denied to those who believe the perception of others. I do not choose to do so. For my part… I believe in the reality I forge in the squared circle of wrestling. I disperse the blur of illusions… break the mold of what others would have me neatly secure myself in… and I do it only through what comes naturally. That squared circle is a natural habitat for myself… it has been home even when I had none to call my own… and I speak with its spirit through my motions while in it. There is no finer friend.”

“El Cabrón… join me in celebrating the renewing of the New ERA, at Cyberstrike 14. Be sure to enjoy our time in the ring... it will be the thrill of the night, as we make the fans a memory they will not soon forget. And feel the cleanse of the Craze, as it washes over you… relish it, as it consumes…”

“… All in a blur…”


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