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Cane v Devastator

Red Devastator

League Member
Jun 26, 2004
Ghosts of the past - p8

Previously - Red Devastator a.k.a. Damian Robins was caught in the middle of a big fire at age of 5. His parents died in that same fire. Somehow, he survived. When he arrived to the hospital, he was diagnosed with congenital analgesia (a disease of inability to feel pain). After nine long months of recovering in the hospital, Damian arrived to the orphanage. His face was scared from the fire, and his body did not look a lot better either. Kids hated him. They called him freak, beat up on him, and were making his life a living hell. He was putting up with everything for a while before finally he started fighting back. And when he did start fighting back, it wasn’t pretty. During that same period of time, Damian’s aunt showed up and took him from the orphanage. She had a talk with him about why he had become so aggressive. He blew her off by telling how all the people are ignorant and are treating him as a retard just because he was burned in the fire. He said that he is smarter than any of those people, and that beating them up will make them be afraid of him. He wants people to be afraid of him. But that wasn't the end of it. He continued his hysterical behavior until he was sent in the mental institution. Damian spent years in that same mental institution. He saw years chipping away on him. All that time made Damian think about his past, present and the future. He wanted more from life. So he decided to escape the hospital. One night in April of 2001, Damian escaped the mental institution. That same night, the institution had burned down to a crisp, and eh was charged with premeditated murder, destruction of property and a whole other bunch of crap. Damian spent a couple of days in court. The whole thing got dragged out with a bunch of back and forth hearings. Let's see how it concludes.

Ghosts Of The Past - part 8

May 9, 2002 - Today should be the last day in court. As we enter the courtroom, we can see a judge sitting behind the bench. Damian is sitting at his usual accused chair, and his attorney si near by. Prosecution seems ready to face the final challenge as well.

Judge: I have been informed that before the closing statements are made, defendant wants to call out one final witness.

Defendant stands up.

Defendant: Yes, your honor. I would like to call out Mr. Damian Robins.

Suddenly, it gets really loud in the courtroom as people jeer Damian's presence. Judge is forced to use his hammer.

Judge: Quiet down, please! Now, Mr. Robins, please sit at the witness bench.

Damian walks over and sits down.

Judge: Please put your left hand on the bible and right hand over your chest.

Damian does so.

Judge: Do you swear to tell a truth and nothing but the truth, you are under the oath.

Damian: I do.

Judge: Defendant, you may proceed.

Defendant: Mr. Robins, what was it like to be in the mental institution?

Damian: It was horrible. I was not like those people. I did have some problems, but I am not crazy. They were making me go through shock therapies, they made me wear a straight jacket... It was horrible.

Defendant: Is that why you tried to escape?

Damian: No. I was set on doing my time no matter what. I wanted to improve myself, even if that means spending years in that place.

Defendant: Then why don't you tell us how did you survive the fire.

Damian: It was late at night. I was about ready to fall asleep. Then, I've heard a hard explosion. Before I knew what was going on, the whole building was on fire. I was trapped in my room. But not for long because I broke down the door. Then, I ran across the hallway, and I jumped out through the window. As you know, I can't feel pain. My body was hurt, but I kept on going. Hearing all the screams from the inside made me run. It made me run for my life. Now, I regret that I wasn't there to help those poor people.

Damian makes a grimace like he is about to cry.

Defendant: No further questions.

Judge: Very well. Prosecution, do you have any question.

Prosecutor steps up.

Prosecutor: Yes, your honor.

He turns towards Damian.

Prosecutor: Mr. Robins, you've told us that being in that hospital was horrifying for you. Is that correct.

Damian: Yes, I just said so.

Prosecutor: And being as bad as it was, you are telling me that you never thought about running away?

Damian: Of course I thought about it, but my will to improve was stronger.

Prosecutor: If so, then why did you run away without telling anyone where you are?

Damian: I... I was... Being out there that night, it was awful. People died that night. I was scared, insecure...

Prosecutor: Ok. All that you've said would've made sense Mr. Robins, except for the fact, that every room in the institution was sealed with an iron made door. How were you able to break down that door?

Damian starts thinking. He doesn't reply.

Prosecutor: Mr. Robins how did you break down the iron made door?

No response again. The judge steps in.

Judge: Mr. Robins, answer the question.

Damian finally collects his thoughts and answers.

Damian: Isn't it obvious? Look at me. I am 6'10, 300 lbs. I broke then down by force.

Prosecutor: I thought you might say that Mr. Robins. So, I've decided with a permission of court, to put you to a little test.

Damian sits nervously in his chair.

Damian: What ...kind of test?

Prosecutor turns towards the judge.

Prosecutor: Your honor, I have a set up of the exact door that was used in St. Joseph mental institution. I would like to put Mr. Robins to a test to determine if he was really capable of breaking through those kind of doors.

Defendant: Objection!

Judge: Overridden. Please proceed, Mr. Davidson.

Only a minute or so later, 5 men bring in a setup of an iron door. They replace the regular door with it within minutes and we're all set.

Prosecutor: Your honor, can Mr. Robins proceed towards the door now.

Judge: Yes, Mr. Robins please do so.

Damian stands u and walks to the door.

Prosecutor: The door is locked. Now, Mr. Robins can you please demonstrate how were you able to break down the door?

Damian looks at the door for a moment. Then, he starts pounding it with no effect. He does some kicking, too, but still, the door keeps still. Then, Damian proceeds to should blocking the door, without any success. People around start looking at him almost mocking him. This makes Damian angry, very angry. He starts kicking door with a lot more strength and intensity. And the door knob starts loosening up. And finally after he does a big shoulder check, the door breaks down. Damian gets an angry look on his face as he turns towards the prosecutor. If couple of dozen cops were not present in the courtroom, he would probably choke the life out him.

Damian: Are you happy now!?

Prosecutor backs down.

Prosecutor: No more questions, your honor.

Judge: Very well. Mr. Robins, you may sit down.

Damian sits down.

Judge: Now, prosecution, please stand up.

Prosecutor and his assistant stand up.

Judge: Do you have a closing statement?

Prosecutor: Yes, your honor. We believe that enough of evidence had been presented for Damian Robins to be proclaimed by the court guilty as charged on all charges. 22 people died on April 29, 2001. Mr. Robins was the only one capable of starting that fire and he should be charged for doing that.

Judge: Thank you Mr. Davidson. You may sit down now.


Judge: Defendant attorney, do you have a closing statement.

Defendant stands up.

Defendant: Yes your honor. Unlike Mr. Davidson, I believe that there had not been enough of evidence presented, and because of that, all the charges against my client should be dropped. All of this has been very stressful for all of us and especially Mr. Robins. Throughout the last couple of months, he had to relive that unfortunate night. So, please for the sake of everyone in this courtroom, can we conclude this case?

Judge: Thank you Mr. Smith. Jury will make their decision in a given time. Until then, the court is in recess.

Hammer drops...



Two Hours Later...

We're back in the courtroom. Judge turns towards the jury leader.

Judge: Has jury come up with decision?

Juror: Yes, your honor.

He slides a piece of paper to the judge. Judge reads it.

Judge: Mr. Robins, please stand up.

Damian does so.

Judge: Damian Robins, for evading arrest, I find you NOT GUILTY.


Judge: For the charge of destroying property, I find you ...NOT GUILTY.


Judge: And for the charge of premeditated murder, I find you...NOT GUILTY.

A feeling of relief comes over Damian's body as the crowd in the courtroom gets loud one more time. With this we fade out.

Flashback ends.

We're back in a dark room. The only light we can see is the one of a single candle. Red Devastator is standing by it. As the camera moves over his menacing body, through his hair we can see a glassy look in his eyes. He turns towards the camera and then we can see blood on his hands and arms. Devastator starts laughing madly as once again, we fade out.

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