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Cane v Surprise


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA

(Posted for ULTIMATE surprise)

(FADEIN: A shaded figure standing in a room. The room is lit only by a candle, on the table, towards the front near the camera. All we can see is a well defined arm, resting on a knee.)

FIGURE: "What I do not know for certain -- maybe will one day, maybe never will -- cannot dictate what I for certain know I can and must do with my life as a human being. My decisions about here must square with what here is. That is reality. I can wonder that there is a heaven where there is no strife, no suffering. But if I sit and do nothing here as if a puppet on strings waiting to be activated or plopped into fortune, or purposely do what is detrimental to my well-being or existence here, there is no doubt that I and the others associated to me in my life will struggle and suffer and endure pains here and now. The goal for the human being is happiness, not suffering and struggling. Even those who are suffering because of their own unique-to them environmental circumstances are striving, if only in their thoughts, for happiness.

Reality is: What is, is. The recognition of truth. That which is real, being an actual thing; having objective existence, not imaginary. Each of us must choose what we believe about the “there and later” as I call it; Destrucity is not a rationalizing guide to be used to decide on “there and later” dumbly and blindly. Reality dictates: Existence Exists. If it is there, it is. You cannot escape reality, for in the end it will never avoid you.

Destiny has always been locked into a connotation, an idea of something spiritual or ethereal. Something out of our control. My faith stops at the recognition I have for the "gift of my life", my birth. I have to have a wondering faith about that because I -- none of us -- know in an absolute way that is provable. Destiny, in it's literal meaning doesn't presuppose faith as I recognize it. I have no "blind faith," when it comes to determining the outcome of my life - fulfilling my destiny. If it were meant that we were not to use our capabilities as a human, then we wouldn't have been given -- gifted, if one desires -- the "human" tools we do have.

Spirit means to me: the animating principle that makes what is alive different from what is dead. Wherever that energy for animation comes from, and whatever I believe about it, does not effect or change that I know I must, here on Earth, process the use of that energy through the vessel I have been provided to use it through -- the human body and the human mind. Thinking “there and later” is not being “here and now”. And "here and now" is where I know I am and, also, am conscious of -- know --the animation I have. Where are you? HERE. What time is it? NOW

Destiny is: one's own inevitable, inescapable fate. A predetermined course of events. The power or agency thought to predetermine events. Who and what is “one’s own?” The being is the who; the what is its life. What is inevitable, inescapable, and predetermined in it’s course is fixed by the nature of the being’s life. For the human being’s life, what is inevitable, inescapable, and predetermined in its course is that for one’s own life to exist it must be sustained and generated by itself.

Since Fate is: The force or power that determines events. A final result; outcome -- We can know the force, power or agency of the human being’s life that is predetermined to sustain and generate itself is one’s own mind and body. By one’s own volition and effort, mental or physical exertion, one controls what the results and outcome of his life will be. We think, and with our thoughts we pre-determine our fate by determining -- again, by our own volition -- our subsequent course of action, which in turn, actualizes what we had pre-determined in our minds. We have the sovereign power -- proprio moto -- over our destiny; our fate is effected by doing this either positively or negatively.

Destrucity is my approach to the world. My battleplan for living life toward its ultimate; creating an ineluctable bond between what “is”, what I "believe" and what I “ought” to do."

(Winds blow and the camera flame slowly gets smaller and smaller. It eventually goes out, leaving the room in darkness.)

FIGURE: "Cane. You'll find out the full truth of the universe, of what I believe, what I ought to do, what is ... at DESTRUCITY."


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