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Cane v Turk


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
(Cane mailed this to me since he cannot remember his password to his account. -sean)

{{the scene fades in to trevor cane who is standing alone on an empty street. he walks over to a bench and sits, his face still black and blue from chaos’ attacks..}}

the messenger

"just like that, the entire world crumbles down. nothing going as it seemed. and now i come face to face at rapture with the man who defeated a former new era world champion; turk. juliet marceau’s so-called personal hitman. isn’t this her fifth or sixth one? turk defeated the former champion in larry tact, while i was getting tossed through hell and back. but i am used to that road. i travel through hell every time i step into the ring. it is not something i fear, nor is it something that i look forward to. it is there. always. turk is my latest hell. he’s big. he’s strong. he’s the loc superstar. but that means nothing to me right here and right now. all i care about is getting back on track. bringing my message of hope, of truth to the masses, and doing it one man at a time. i tried working on chaos first, but that failed. i tried saving chaos, but he is so wrapped up in his own little world that he will fail to see the future until it is too late. some feel like i’m being laid out to rest. that juliet marceau has handpicked me to lay down for her personal hitman. they will be proven mistaken. trevor cane rests for no one. no one."

{{cane rubs his eyes and looks up at the darkening sky. a few birds drop into the picture as they fight over the scraps of leftovers on the ground.}}

the messenger

"have we even heard from turk lately? all i heard for weeks on end was how turk was going to run through each and every person put in front of him. how turk was the loc superstar! i ask you again, have we even seen the guy? one more person so wrapped up in his personal glory that he cannot see the simple tasks set in front of him. somehow he beat larry tact. this time he won’t be so lucky. i may have been injured pretty bad at the two year anniversary show, but i hold my own destiny. it is a long, rough road where i am heading. i don’t expect to make it scott free, and i don’t expect make it in one piece. but i will, and i promise you this, i will continue on that road with a victory over turk. loc superstar? try pos superstar."

{{the scene fades out as cane shoos the birds away, stands and walks towards the ocean in the background.}}

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