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[CD] A pretender...


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Mr. Entertainment character development RP.

(((FADE IN to a black and white shot of the dilapidated throne in the bowels of arena. Over the top, we can hear the soft, gentle sobbing of a young, free-spirited and beautiful woman (who we cannot see). Sat upon the throne, his eyes blank, sits Mr Entertainment, listening to the sobs with his face wracked in agony)))

ME: I’m sorry… I… I know Fanatic shouldn’t have been trusted… I wanted him to win… I should have helped him…as much as it hurts to say, Fanatic needed to keep You… but he failed…

Now, The First… a joker above all jokers, that knave… is pretending to be King…

It sickens Mister Entertainment… it sickens New ERA… that The First is running around with Her, as Her kidnapper.

I have to do something… but the pretender has surrounded himself with fellow cowards… Adrian Willard… the Shadow Cult… We have to be careful, don’t we? One false move and he’ll kill You… one wrong move… and all we worked for, all we built.

I know. I know. Soon… I have to act, soon…

(((FADE OUT)))

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