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[CD] An Inconvenient Truth


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Spectre character development RP.

The camera faded in to a shot of a darkened hallway somewhere in the bowels of the Agganis Arena, mere hours before the start of Cyberstrike 13. The camera moved forward at a slow but steady pace, headed towards a door at the end of the hall. As the camera reached the door, the door creaked open and the camera moved inside a darkened room. The only light emanated from a small television monitor that had been turned on. The monitor showed us yet another darkened room, this one looking more familiar. As the camera focused in on the screen, we saw a muscular figure enter the picture, his chiseled physique being seen through the reflection of a mirror. Sound then filled the room as the man began to speak...

“Where is Larry Tact?

“Is he here for himself, for his brother... for New ERA of Wrestling?

“What is his objective going forward?

“Does he still have that fire?”

The man on the screen, who was now recognized to be Larry Tact falls back into silence. Suddenly, the DVD is stopped and a blue screen displayed. The camera turned around and the shot was immediately filled with the sight of a ghastly face standing directly in front of the lens. The cameraman let out an audible gasp and stumbled backwards as the one known only as Spectre stood before him. The blue light of the television screen reflected eerily off the white mask as the ghoulish one stared into the camera and spoke.

“Larry, Larry, Larry... Let’s hear it for my good pal, The Tactilizer, Larry Tact... original New ERA champion, father of the Tact Legacy. One of the best wrestlers ever to grace the sport. Always looking to give back to the fans, always striving to give the masses what they want... It’s the reason you’re so loved, Larry. It’s why you’ll always be Mr. New ERA in their hearts and minds.

“It also makes it rather ironic that even with all your incessant ranting this week you made not one single mention of your old pal Spectre... Spectre, the hottest topic in the New ERA Universe... Spectre, what all the fans are talking about, what the fans want to hear... Spectre, the most dominant force in New ERA today.

“But you don’t really care what the fans want to hear do you now, Larry? You’d rather babble on about piñatas and ninja turtles and altogether sound like a man who’s taken one too many chairshots to the head... But wait, Larry... in all the excitement you forgot to mention how you got knocked into next week, had your legacy spit on by the man who now threatens your very existence in New ERA of Wrestling... I suppose that’s an inconvenient truth that doesn’t quite fit into the Tact narrative now, does it?

“And they say Larry Tact is for the fans... Well I’m not one of those simpleminded fools, Larry. I know better... The truth is the Tact Legacy is nothing but a sham, a vehicle to feed your overinflated ego. Shame on you, Larry Tact... shame on you!”

Spectre threw back his head and let out a wicked cackle.

“You’re so delightfully predictable, Larry... While you may have made no mention of all the fun we had at Cyberstrike 12, its absence was more telling than anything you could have said... You can sit locked in your penthouse suite, covering your eyes and praying the big bad wolf will go away... you can wish that it was all nothing but a bad dream. Just remember, the fans are watching, Larry... The rest of that locker room is watching, too. Sooner or later you have to make a decision. Sooner or later you will be forced to deal with the fact that this spectre is very real...

Spectre balled up his hand into a fist and pounded it into his opposite hand.

“Actions speak louder, Larry, actions... Later tonight when I step in that ring with Eugene King, a man who I warned not to show himself or face the consequences... Pay close attention... see how good I am at keeping my promises... and know that with every violent blow I will be seeing your face, being pummeled out of existence... So just keep on running, Tactilizer, or stand and fight. Either way you’ll watch as your precious legacy is shattered... and there’s nothing you can do about it. Because you can’t stop what you can’t see, and you’re oh so blind, Larry...

“So blind to the lie...”

A click was heard as the television shut off, leaving the room in total darkness. The sound of crazed, uncontrollable laughter could be heard as the camera faded out.

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