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[CD] Damn Intros

Paddy McDowell

League Member
Apr 4, 2010
The Land Down Under
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PADDY: "Seen this face before? I'm just about sure, 50% of the people who'll watch this won't recognize me. To the other 50%, you must follow the independent scene... A LOT (He winks and gives a thumbs up.). So then, to make it brief, name's Paddy McDowell and I'm here to show you that video gamers CAN be athletic. (CLOSE-UP: MCDOWELL'S face) I can do a flip (another wink. ZOOM-OUT.).

So, should I state my backstory? Guess it's the only thing to talk about at this point, I've still got like three minutes. Alright, unlike the masses who're flocking to professional wrestling, no, I WASN'T neglected as a child. I actually grew up in a HOUSE, in a CIVILIZED neighbor hood. I didn't 'train on the streets', nor did I live a lifestyle of 'fighting'. No, I actually got TRAINED at a school, which is what qualifications professional wrestlers should have in the first place.

I can't help but assume, a majority of these fans are tired of hearing about how you had to live through so many hardships. They're tired of hearing about how you didn't get the life you deserve and that you have to take it out on other people by causing them 'pain' and the sort. That's become a growing trend in this industry, I'm just trying to be different. My moniker isn't... 'The Never Resting Shadow' or some emo crap like that...

... Actually, my nickname's Solid Snake. Saying that, you should know how cool I am, 'cause I play MGS, b*tches."

(He points the gun motion with his hand at the camera with an eye closed.)

PADDY: "So, go watch me win matches. Watch me bring people into a funny little thing I call reality. I can assure you already, it'll be one hell of a ride."

(He looks around.)

PADDY: (whipser) "Sephiroth was über haxor!" (a third and final wink before we-

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