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[CD] i remember my first bump . . .


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
* Wallace character development RP.

An androgynous svelte but lanky man sits in the ring on a stool, in a purple and lime green shirt with white overalls.
He has a thin face and a bob hair style like ringo from the beatles.

Hi everybody. I'm Wallace.

We hear uncomfortable laughter from the casual fans, a few cheers from those of his underground fanbase.

I grew up always being pushed down, I''d come to school and in a row
50 students, some teachers would stand behind each other, one by one they'd
place there hands on my shoulders or chest and shove me down and stomp on my
testicles . . .

There is some more laughter from the fans from this anecdote

Anywho, in martial arts you need to know how to fall as well, the STO is a form of a takedown
that has been evolved from martial arts to pro wrestling. Hip tosses and over the shoulder arm drags
as well. My first day of wrestling school, I was invited into the ring by our main coach and he knocked
me down my back for a bump . . . I popped up instantly and before I could finish saying " tadah"
he shoved down again, I rose up again like one of the inflattable tube persons -- he shoved me down
again this time pie facing me.

45 minutes later I rose again still hyper but the back of my arms bruised and bloodied
my back achey and he was so tired, I just poked him gently on the nose and he dropped down laying
flat on his back with a thud.

I looked down at him to check on him, cause I'm a nice caring person,
then I stomped on his testicles
50 times! Ah . . . memories

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