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[CD] Intermission

Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
Backstage at the BJCC Arena, Jason Tripp had just finished posting a message to Twitter when he spots JASON PAYNE walking through the back, fresh from the ambush brought on by Chaos. Sensing a chance to get a word or two from the big guy, he gets the camera crew's attention and heads towards him. Payne stops as Tripp comes up to him, and just looks at him as the camera comes on.

Tripp - "Lots going on here at Unplugged in Birmingham, as Jason Payne just lost his P©X Title to the returning King Krusher. Not only that, but moments ago, he was the victim of a vicious backstage attack at the hands of the man he took that title from, CHAOS! Payne, what's going through your mind right now?"

Payne looks at the camera, and then back to Tripp. As he stares Tripp down, a smile slowly spreads across his face, as what starts out as a chuckle gradually becomes hearty laughter. What starts out as hearty laughter begins to slowly morph into a maniacal cackle. Payne grabs Tripp by his jacket collar and pulls his face to within centimeters of his own. As he does so, he lets out a long, psychotic sounding laughter as Tripp covers his eyes and winces from the loudness. Releasing Tripp, Payne continues on his way past him, walking down the hall towards the shower, the echo of his insane laughing carrying throughout the entire backstage area.
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