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[CD] "Many Hands Make Light Work"

Ian Bishop

League Member
Feb 21, 2015
OOC: All characters in this RP used with permission. CD work for EFG Battlemania.

The moon was almost half tonight, with a bit of crescent arc to it, as I stumbled, drunk, in the streets of Manaus, the most populated city inside the Amazon rainforest. It was somewhere inside this abyss of trees, rivers and wildlife that the Efed Guerilla’s Battlemania event is to take place in nine days. I had left the Hotel Intercity Premium Manaus and was headed down Avenue Alvaro Maia in search of a place to serve me liquor. Most of the city had abandoned lots, buildings that were falling apart and covered in graffiti. Even though it was almost midnight, most of the city was bumper to bumper along the busy road as equally drunken man accidently walked into me. I almost fell to the ground but caught a pole and swung myself back up, looking at the man, apologizing in his native language.

“Watch where the fuck you're going,” I slurred, taking my fist and punching him square in the jaw.

The impact from my punch caused some blood to fly from his now broken lip as he fell to the ground, out instantly. A couple of bystanders checked on him as I laughed and continued down the road, adjusting my white unbuttoned dress shirt due to the extreme heat and my tan cargo shorts. The near fall made me look up at my nearby surroundings and I noticed above me a sign that said “E.T. Bar” with a 3D ET alien on it with the moon and the kid on the bike in the sky scene.

“You’ve got to be fucking joking,” I scoffed, but nonetheless I made my way into the crowded bar as bar and got up to the counter as the local bartender was cleaning glasses. “I’ll have a Coke and an Appleton’s.”

“A coke and o que?” the bartender asked, in a hybrid English-Portuguese mix.

I leaned over the counter, in a drunken rage as I screamed at the bartender. “I want you to fucking mix the pop Coca Cola with the rum known as Appleton Estate, you idiota!”

“Nao Appletons,” the bartender said confused, as if he never heard of the rum before.

“You don’t have Appletons?” I asked flabbergasted, “how the fuck do you not have Appletons… fuck… fine, just mix your best rum with some Coke… and for god’s sake put ice in it.”

The bartender nodded as he violently threw ice in my cup, obviously upset with me calling him an idiot, as he continued to make my drink with Largo Bay Silver. “Really, that’s your best fucking rum? God give me a fucking beer then… Jesus Christ I’m not drinking that shit.”

He stared at me, frustrated, before throwing out the drink he just mixed for me and handing me an equally cheap beer; Coors Light. I sigh heavily as I drank the watered down beer, watching whatever it was that was on TV, I don’t know, some reality Brazilian shit when I heard another person sit down next to me. Not too concerned, I continued drinking the shit beer and watching the show when I recognized the voice ordering the drink. I turned my head slightly to see it was none other than another participant in the EFG Battlemania event: “The Living Legend” Amp. I laughed as I cocked my eyebrow, swigging some beer back.

“To whom do I owe the pleasure of your company?” I said sarcastically, before glaring at Amp, “are you following me? Trying to gain an upper hand before Battlemania? There’s probably a hundred bars in this city and you pick the bar named after some stupid Alien movie… that I’m in. Explain yourself.”

The bartender handed Amp his drink, a rum and coke, noticeably Appleton’s. Amp shakes his head at the choice of rum, then takes a large gulp of it, before turning to me.

“You know why I’m here.”

I looked around, in an over the top fashion, but turning back to him a little pissed off. “Do I look like a psychic to you? I’m a fucking wrestler, not Mother Theresa or whoever the famous psychics are, just give me the courtesy of letting me know you’re gonna start a damn fight so I can take a shot in the pisser and we can take our business outside.”

Amp shook his head, a bit disappointed like, before turning, staring at me. “If I wanted to kick your ass, I would’ve just done it the minute I walked into this bar.” He stopped to check the time on his phone before drinking more of his mix. “This is shit rum.”

“The beer is shit too,” I said, before realizing I had conducted in small talk, “OK, again, enough of this back and forth conversation, just get to the point why you’re let alone in the same bar as me, but sitting next to me.”

I finished my beer and slammed it onto the counter, the impact cracking the glass bottle but not breaking it. Amp ran his fingers through his hair as he swigged back his drink before explaining his visit.

“You know, Ian, the women here… They leave a lot to be desired. For once, I seem to be at a loss when it comes to humiliating some broad. Even the whores here shouldn’t dare charge for their services.” Amp smirks as he finishes his drink.

I stared at Amp blankly, almost frustrated. “I know you didn’t come here to talk to me about the lack of women for you to corrupt here. Get to the point, Pettis.”

Amp chuckles a bit, as the bartender brings him another drink, taking away the empty glass. The bartender sees the cracked beer bottle in front of me, and only sighs, as he throws it away. He then goes to fetch another beer.

Amp then answers, “Listen, Ian. Me and you know each other quite well from our time in Boardwalk. I know what you are capable of, and you know the same about me. Our strengths our weaknesses…

“Yeah, and those weaknesses could cause me to toss your ass out of that ring,” I replied.

Amp stops for a second, and then continues. “Well, yes. But that is not the point I’m trying to get to. There are 28 other wrestlers in this match besides me and you. And knowing that you can be just as sadistic and uncaring as myself, what if instead of 29 vs. 1 for the both of us… It was 28 vs. 2?”

I stare blankly at Amp for a moment, as the bartender sets a fresh beer in front of him,. Ian then responds, “Wait, so you are wanting us to team up? Why? What the hell is in it for me?”

Amp smiles, and answers me, while stirring his drink with the straw inside of it. “Ian, if me and you combine our efforts, you know that no one, and I mean NO ONE can stop us. One by one, all of those motherfuckers will exit that ring over the top rope, and then it’s just down to me and you. A match the world has been itching to see. “Incredible” Ian Bishop vs. “The Living Legend!” At least then we know that one of us will be leaving with the honor of winning BattleMania.”

I pondered this, as I took a drink from my beer. I start to play with the coaster on the bar, thinking over the proposal Amp had just given me. I then consider it, “Me and you vs. the world, huh? I do have to say that I have always respected you, Amp. And I know you respect me, or you wouldn’t be asking me this. Hell, I’m not even in Boardwalk right now. But I have to admit… It’s one hell of an idea.”

Amp smiles, after finishing his second drink. He stands up from the bar, and reaches into his pocket. He then takes some money from it, and counts out a few bills before tossing them on the bar. As I looks up at him, Amp speaks. “Who knows, Ian… Me and you just might discover how dominant we are when it comes to teaming up. Today, BattleMania… Tomorrow… Maybe the world.”

With that, Amp walks away towards the exit, as I stare down at the beer bottle in front of me. The beads of condensation drip down the bottle to the coaster below it, and I can’t help but think of each one as a body. A body of one of the BattleMania participants… As they fall over the top rope and to the ringside floor… I take a sip before thinking of Amp’s idea one final time.

“It’s like that John Heywood said… ‘Many hands make light work.’”

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