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[CD] Official Announcement...


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Dec 16, 2003
Azusa, California

At the X Mansion in Pasadena, California, in the large office of Xandor Alvarez, CEO of the X Network on the West Coast, a press conference has been set up. A few reporters have been allowed into the office with credentials from FWI. Everything is set. An older man in his mid 50's walks up to the desk and hushes the small crowd of reporters and NEW staff.

Older Man: Thank you for coming to my humble abode. I am Xandor Alvarez, CEO of the X Network, pro wrestling consultant to the A1E World Heavyweight Champion, and confidant.

So with no further delay, let me introduce to you, the reigning A1E World Heavyweight Champion........CROSS!

From a side door, a tall man with shoulder length black hair under a red bandana, a sculpted body, black jeans, sunglasses, and long thick black leather sleeveless trenchcoat steps into the room. The man slings a large World Title belt over his shoulder as he steps up to the desk.

Cross: Thank you, Xandor.

I called this press conference to inform the world that I have officially signed with New Era of Wrestling as of January 20th.

This signing has no implications in regard to A1E. I will continue to do what I do there, but I am now extending my presence to NEW.

My contract details will remain confidential, but I will inform you that my contract does contain an exit clause that I may execute anytime. This is fair warning to the administration of NEW that I am not here to play political games. I am here to crucify my opponents and win the NEW World Championship. I'm not here to make any friends, but if it happens, it happens. Just don't cross me.

Soon you will find out why you don't want to mess with me.

Thank you.

I will now take a few questions.

Reporter: Cross, many know your history with the FW organization and why you left it, why did you come back to a promotion affliated with FW?

Cross: NEW promises to be the "new era of wrestling." I wanted to see if it will live up to its name. After talking to the administration of NEW, I felt it was time I quit my boycott of FW-affiliated promotions and give it one last try.

Reporter #2: Another A1E superstar, Suicidal Killer, signed a couple days before you did, will there be some kind of alliance?

Cross: Suicidal Killer is one of the best up and coming stars I've seen in a while. I don't care for his actions or lifestyle, but I respect what he does in the ring. Like in A1E, if he screws with me, he's just another soul to crucify.

Reporter: Speaking of the talent in NEW, a couple of acquaintances of yours are also on the roster. What's your thought on them?

Cross: If you mean Larry Tact and Shawn Hart, I am honored to be stepping into the same ring as them. Both are accomplished athletes and I look forward to challenging them for the same goal. Due to the fact that the three of us want the NEW World Title, don't expect to see us chilling out together after shows. I here to win and so are they.

Final question, please.

Reporter #2: Now that you are in NEW, any chance of you looking into other FW-affliated promotions like GXW or Empire Pro?

Cross: As of now I am committed to A1E and NEW. If the executive offices of other promotions contact me and the offer is good, I will consider them. But for now, I am an A1E and NEW superstar.

Xandor walks up to the desk and addresses the reporters.

Xandor: Thank you for coming and make sure to check out NEW and A1E!

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