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[CD] Reflection: Champion No More


Jan 10, 2004
New York
Fade in: a cloudless, sunny day. The trees sway to the tune of a light breeze. The water of a pond ripples ever so slightly, its surface blurring for a moment and then clearing the next to show a flawless reflection. The green grass is pattered with some cherry blossom petals that touch down softly. Everything seems to be in balance. Panning around this serene scene, it’s a park. Families have picnics, small and large— some setting out blankets on the grass, others using wooden tables to sit at with their food for the afternoon. There’s discussion, laughter. A good day in general.

But what day is ever perfect for all? The shot follows the lackadaisical path of a few cherry blossoms, panning as they fall from a cherry blossom tree, flutter through the air, finally landing on a set of large stones set in the ground, encircling the pond. Then a rock comes splashing into the water, causing more ripples. Panning to the source of the rock reveals two men sitting on a couple of the stones: Larry Tact and his friend, the man known only as Predator. Both are dressed casually; Tact with blue jean shorts, t-shirt, and blue/white patterned sneakers. Predator in black shorts, a sleeveless red shirt and sneakers.

Tact shows the wounds of battle from the Ladder Match he had at Destrucity. They come in the form of a couple ugly looking purple, bruised patches of skin on his face, along with a few cuts that haven't healed. Several blotches of raw, red skin adorn his arms and legs, as well. He looks solemnly at the water, throwing another rock in, while Predator looks nowhere in particular, his black dreadlocks obscuring most of his face.

Predator: You know, I thought not having heard from you in a while might’ve just been something to do with your having the title. But when I heard you were in the dirt sheets, I knew it had been too long enough since we met up.

Tact: It’s nothing to do with you. I can’t believe what’s gone on the past week. It’s been 2001 all over again, only no jail time and kidnappings.

Predator: (laughs) Weren’t THOSE the good times....

Tact: I can’t believe how it all went down....Starr...STARR...of all people! Karla Starr has been running around all this time, trying to make some impression on me. When it came down to it, all she managed to do was cost me my trust with Cindy.

Predator: Yeah, I read in the Star— no pun intended – that she left you. Doesn’t she know you didn’t have anything to do with it?

Tact: I tried to tell her, but she was too rattled. She wasn’t ready to listen to me. I can’t believe this.....I can’t believe Starr...

Tact throws another stone in, as it sinks upon contact with the water.

Predator: You talking more about Cindy...or the title loss?

Tact flinches.

Predator: I mean, granted, Starr wasn’t able to get to Rabesque, but you weren’t expecting her to help you. All that training you did, and it ended up not being enough. Don’t let it get to you too much. You have another match coming.

Tact looks at Predator.

Tact: I didn’t need all that training. I took things too far, physically and mentally. I went for too much, got the match in my mind too much. I should’ve kept my head straight.

Predator: Come on, Larry, it’s no secret you’ve wanted that match for a long time. I doubt anyone thought you wouldn’t go all out for it. And you would’ve questioned yourself had you lost without that prep. You can’t second guess yourself on it.

Tact: If I had the title still I wouldn’t need to second guess.

Another stone descends into the water, the ripples reaching the stones and disappearing on contact with their hard surface.

Predator: It’s the law of averages, man. You were going to lose at some point.

Tact: Any one. It could have been any other match. Just not that one. With Rabesque, I can’t say that. Cuz it’s not right. I SHOULD have beaten him. I should still be the NEW World Champion. I should’ve won.

Predator: Everyone makes mistakes. You were a bit too cautious, you were trying to be perfect. Nobody’s perfect. You gotta understand, it’s over now. You have to move on. Besides, you don’t have time to worry about it. You’ve got other things to look at. Other situations.

Silence. Neither says anything, and then Tact throws another rock. Once again it dips through the water. Predator picks up a rock.

Predator: Man, you gotta work that. Give it some wrist action.

Predator moves the dreads out of his face and tosses the rock. It skips the water of the pond a few times.

Predator: Now you can sit here and practice skipping rocks like the rest of us slackers, or you can go and start on resetting your life and getting back on the way to the title.

Tact laughs a little.

Tact: A jacked, seven foot slacker? I don’t think that’s possible.

Predator: Well, we all gotta keep in shape. It’s the seven footer’s hobby.

Tact: (smirks) Not all of them

Predator: There are always a few bad eggs.

Tact looks back at the pond. Across from it, two sets of parents watch their kids wrestling on the grass. One is wearing a “No False Gimmicks” t-shirt, the other a “Simply Tactilizing” one. A third kid is standing back, apparently acting the “referee” and wearing an “MWG/Ashley = MTV Movie Awards” t-shirt. The kid in the Tact shirt pins down the kid in the Rabesque shirt, but the kid in the MWG shirt won’t count.

Kid MWG: No man! That’s not how it goes, remember? You can’t pin him!

Kid Rabesque: HA-HA! Get off of me!

Kid Tact: But Tact is better! He should pin Rabesque!

Kid Rabesque: Oh yeah? Who won the ladder match? Who’s Champion? Huh? HUH?!

Kid Tact: He never pinned Tact!

Kid MWG: Give it up! Tact lost, so you HAVE to get pinned.

Kid Rabesque: HA-HA!

Kid Tact: But...but....

Kid MWG: It’s the rules. Unless you want me to hump you like MWG would!

Kid MWGs parent: JIMMY!

Kid MWG: I’m just kidding MOM! Geez...but you still have to get pinned.

Kid Tact: Fine.....

Kid Tact gets up, but Kid Rabesque puts him in the Figure Four Leglock.

Kid Tact: Hey!

Kid Rabesque: HA-HA!

Kid MWG: OHHH submission! Tap out!

Kid Tact: Hey! Ow!

Kid MWGs Parent: Jimmy! We said they couldn’t do that!

Kid MWG: Fine...let him go. Tact loses again!

Kid Rabesque: HA-HA!

Tact looks stunned while watching this.

Tact: What have I allowed to HAPPEN? Look at that...that's just wrong!

Predator: It's always sad to see the youth infected like that....

Tact: It's NOT going to be that way. I won't let the New Era be stopped short. It's going to continue, and it's going to be EPIC.

Predator stands up and skips another rock across the pond. He extends a hand down to Tact.

Predator: You've got a title to reclaim....

Tact grabs Predator's hand and is pulled up.

Tact: I've got a legacy to pave.

Tact looks down at the rock in his hand. He tosses it at the pond, and with a "plunk!" sound....it sinks into the water without one skip. Tact shrugs and grins.

Tact: Just not in skipping stones.

Fade out.
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