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Chain Reaction 1


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
(FADEIN: Scott Douglas, Kerry Kuroyama, Perfection, and Mary-Lynn Mayweather all standing in Art Mori’s office, there’s a lot of shouting and yelling from the four wrestlers as Art sits at his desk looking flustered.)

Perfection: And that’s why I should be wrestling for the title.

Mayweather: You?! Are you kidding me?! You shouldn’t be within 10 miles of the title!

Art Mori: Everyone everyone, I have a plan, all four of you tonight will be put in one on one matches, and everyone who wins will be put in a tournament for a chance to be the first ever Emerald City Champion! That sounds fair to me, doesn’t it sound fair to you?

(Art plasters on a fake looking smile, his body language pleading for the wrestlers to take the deal and stop fighting amongst themselves and to leave his office to give him peace.)

Douglas: Thanks for filling us in Art.

Kuroyama: So who's on the slate for tonight?

Art Mori: We have a lot of local talent signed up for just this one event so none of you will be facing each other tonight. Most of them are here for that 10,000 dollar prize at the end of the show.

Perfection: I’m not a afraid of a match tonight, and I’ll smoke any of you fools once we get to the tournament.

Mayweather: Keep talking.

Perfection: Oh don't worry about it, I'll also be walking out with that 10,000 dollar prize too.

(Perfection walks out of the room, the other three watch him leave, shaking their heads and then the three of them also file out. Art slumps back in his chair, then reaches into a drawer in his desk and pulls out a bottle of Sake and a glass he pours himself a drink which he downs quickly.)

Art Mori: This is going to be a long night. I have a feeling they’ll all be long nights.

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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Intro + Perfection vs. Dol-FAN!

(Camera fades in to Aaron Creed who is sitting in the same studio that 'The Fuse' was taped in.)

AC: Are we live yet?

(He gets the cue from behind camera and stares directly into it.)

AC: Hello Wrestling Fans! Welcome to International Wrestling Federation's first ever Chain REACTION! I'm your host for this evening, Aaron Creed. My partner in crime, Terry 'The Idol' Anderson should be joining us at any moment.

(On cue, Terry 'The Idol' stumbles into camera view. His clothes are a mess and in fact, they look to be the same clothes he wore to the taping of 'The Fuse'. He says something inaudible to the camera and Aaron Creed motions the crew to get him a mic.)

AC: Well Terry thanks for joining us, while we are getting you set up let's switch on over to Gail Martin who is with IWF Commish Art Mori. Take it away Gail!

(After a few more seconds of fumbling around we switch on over to Gail Martin who's standing backstage at the Moss Bay Events Center, standing with her is IWF Commish Art Mori.)

Gail Martin: Thanks Aaron! So Mr. Mori--

Art Mori: Just call me Art.

(Art Mori takes out a napkin and wipes his forehead of sweat.)

Gail Martin: So, Art, what do you have planned for tonight's first ever Chain Reaction!?

Art Mori: As you could tell from backstage we have quite a few sign ups, some you've seen this past week and some you haven't. What I can tell you is the 10,000 dollar prize for the top performer will be a tight contest. We have some really good talent back there and we can't wait to show them what IWF is going to be about!

Gail Martin: To that point, what is IWF going to be about?

Art Mori: Um... well... uhhhhh

(Wiping his forehead again, Art stares back at Gail, as she stands smiling at him.)

Art Mori: Well, we look to bring fine wrestling action here to the great city of Seattle. If you come to our show live you will not be disappointed and I wanted to send a special thank you to everyone who is watching us right now!

Gail Martin: So Commish, what's the line up going to be like tonight?

Art Mori: Glad you asked Gail! First up we have Perfection vs. Dol-FAN! Kerry Kuroyama vs. David 'The Bird' Gilbride! Followed by Scott Douglas vs. 'The Fallen Angel' Stephen Waltz and last but not least the main event will feature Colt-FAN! vs. Mary-Lynn Mayweather! On top of that, every winner in tonight's card will be entered into a tournament for our Emerald City Championship!

Gail Martin: Well it sounds like our fans are going to be in for a jam packed show! One quick question, it was rumored that Erik Mateo was going to appear on tonight's show. Is he in the building or...?

Art Mori: Hrmm... well Mr. Mateo was unable to make it to the arena tonight, there was an issue with his motel bathroom.

Gail Martin: His motel bathroom?

Art Mori: Yes.... and superglue.

Gail Martin: His motel bathroom and superglue. Okay... well any other words for the fans out there tuning in?

Art Mori: Don't do drugs!

(With that Art Mori walks out to a stunned Gail Martin. She's silent for a few seconds then stares into the camera.)

Gail Martin: Thanks again, Commish! Back to you Aaron and Terry!

(Camera switches back to Terry 'The Idol' Anderson and Aaron Creed.)

TA: Woo! 'The Idol' is here tonight, baby! Is it just me or was that guy sweating alot?

AC: Ugh... Terry you wreak, have you taken a shower in the past week?

TA: No time for showers, when you are living life in the fast lane!

AC: I see well... it looks like our first match of the night is ready to go! Let's take you down to the ring where Donald Bell looks to announce it.

(Camera switches to a pan view of the Moss Bay Events Center. The crowd is thin, but lively, beer is free flowing and the fans look anxious to see some action. Donald Bell is standing in the ring with a mic in his hand.)


(A few fans cheer, but most of them stare at Donald wondering he he is yelling at them. 'We are the Dolphins #1' begins playing over the PA system and a masked man, wearing a 'Matt Moore' jersey comes running full blast to the ring.)

Donald Bell: Our first match of the night ladies and gentlemen! Introducing first... HAILING FROM MIAMI FLORIDA! Weighing in at 165 lbs and checking in at 5 foot 7 inches here is..... DOL-FANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

(The loyal Seattle Seahawks fans immediately begin booing Dol-FAN! Which he soaks in as cheers. The Miami Dolphins theme music ends and.... “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the low budget sound system. The fans turn their attention to 'Perfection' as he makes his way past the curtains.)

Donald Bell: Next up... hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at 200 lbs and checking in at 6 foot even here is.... PERF...

(Before he can finish introducing him, Perfection is in the ring and grabs the mic from Donald Bell.)

TA: Looks like the best man on IWF's roster has something to say.

Perfection: That's 220lbs Donald... get it right.

(The fans start booing as Perfection shoves the mic into Donald Bell's chest. Referee Tony Daniels signals the match to begin as Dol-FAN and Perfection meet up in the middle of the ring.)

AC: The first match ever in IWF's Chain Reaction history is underway! Perfection puts out his hand to get a fair shake from Dol-FAN before starting this match. Dol-FAN extends his hand and Perfection yanks his away slicking back his hair in the process.

TA: That is some beautiful hair, Aaron.

AC: Dol-FAN doesn't like it and goes in for the grapple! He pushes Perfection back against the corner turnbuckle and lays some heavy fists into his gut. Perfection, not fazed by the punches, spins Dol-FAN around and plants him against the turnbuckle.

TA: Look at those perfect punches! Left, right, left, right! Perfectly thrown and perfectly executed! Dol-FAN stumbles forward out of the corner and Perfection grabs a hold of his hair, he spins him around and hooks him for a suplex....

AC: OH! Perfection lifts him up but can't hold the grip and Dol-FAN gets planted head first into a modified brain buster move.

TA: Aaron, it's Perfection in the ring, he knew exactly what he was doing and that move worked to Perfection!

AC: You know what Terry, i'm already tired of saying Perfection, so from now on i'm calling him by his real name!

TA: WHAT! You can't do that!

AC: James has Dol-FAN back up to his feet and he whips him across the ring into the ropes, Dol-FAN charging back, DUCKS a clothesline, bounces off the other ropes and TAKES DOWN James Witherhold with a flying cross body!

TA: Perfection planned that!

AC: Did he plan this? Dol-FAN is already on the top turnbuckle and measuring Perfection as he is getting back up to his feet, he launches himself and NAILS Perfection with another Flying cross body!

TA: Is that the only move he knows how to perform?

AC: I doubt it Terry.

TA: You can call me 'The Idol', and hey weren't you only going to refer to 'Perfection' by his real name?

AC: Shut your mouth Terry. Anyways fans... Dol-FAN looks to be in control of this match up now and he has Perfection... err James set up in a suplex. Perfect execution!

TA: Lies... that was only mediocre... look at this fool going for the pin! 1...2...NO! Quick two count by our ref Tony and Perfection gets that perfect shoulder up!

AC: Terry stop saying perfect so much!

TA: Oh you mean like that perfect elbow straight to Dol-FAN's gut on the way up by Perfection? Look at this a PERFECT! Irish whip, Dol-FAN comes racing back and Perfection dives under him... hooks his legs! Boston Crab!!

AC: Dol-FAN looks to be in a real bad place right now and he is wrenching away from the grip of James. He's slapping the mat in agony but he refuses to give up! James wrenches the hold even more and Dol-FAN is on the move.. pulling Perfection with him and he grabs a hold of the ropes!

TA: That was a Perfect Boston Crab if I had ever seen one. Look at Tony trying to get Perfection to release that Perfect hold.

AC: Yeah, dimwit it's called a five count! Finally Witherhold releases the move and backs off the fallen Dol-FAN.

TA: Not for long! Perfect boot to the face! Perfect boot to the back! Perfect boot to the back of the leg! Man this guy has some of the best looking moves I have ever seen!

AC: Lifting Dol-FAN up now, he hooks him.. looks like he is going for a Northern ligh.... OH! No... He couldn't perform the move right and now Dol-FAN landed directly on top of him and is wailing on him with a flurry of fists!

TA: He should be DQ'd for those closed fists attacks!

AC: Wow... Terry really? Dol-FAN stands back up and has Perfection up by his head.. Perfection pushes him back and nails him with a quick dropkick to the knee! Dol-FAN drops down to one knee and Perfection slaps him in the jaw with a roundhouse kick!

TA: That was Steven Seagal like right there.

AC: ......

TA: Simply perfect! Oh here we go! Perfection has Dol-FAN legs hooked and he... he's got it locked in PICTURE PERFECT!

AC: Oh that figure four leg lock has Dol-FAN screaming out... and there he goes.. he's tapping! Tony Daniels is breaking up the move and we have our winner!


(“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the PA system and Tony Daniels raises the arm of Perfection who gets a few boos as he poses for the crowd.)

AC: We'll be right back folks after this quick commercial break.
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Stephen Waltz vs. Scott Douglas

(FADEIN: Bell standing in the ring waiting to introduce the next match. After a beat “Pass Out” by I-Exist kicks in over the PA system and “The Fallen Angel” Steven Waltz makes his way to the ring.)

BELL: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first hailing from Eugene, Oregon weighing in at 273 pounds. “The Fallen Angel” Stephen Waltz!

(The crowd offers something of a reaction, mostly cheers due to the impressive size of Waltz, who while a little out of shape is still far more of a big man then most of IWF’s roster.)

AC: The fallen angel makes his way to the ring, I’ll excuse my partner for his bias in this match since he and Waltz go back a ways, just try not to make it to blatant.

TA: To hell with that, I hope he beats Scott Douglas to death I’d love to see this kid finally get on track!

(The PA crackles to life again, this time “Baby Takes” by Green River comes on, signaling the arrival of Scott Douglas, who draws a solid cheer from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.)

BELL: And his opponent, from SEATTLE, WASHINGTON [Pop!] weighing in at 224 pounds, Scott Douglas!

AC: The crowd gives the hometown product a cheer as he gets ready to start his career in the IWF in this match to qualify to compete for the Emerald City Title. (Bell rings.) Waltz charges in on Douglas who side steps him and sends Waltz crashing into the corner. Douglas opening up on the bigger man with right hands and now sends him to the ropes and a DROPKICK staggers the big man…Douglas again back to his feet and a CLOTHESLINE finally drops Waltz who bails to the floor looking to regroup.

TA: A fast start for Douglas, but I know Waltz has suffered worse than that he’ll make a game of this yet.

AC: Waltz makes his way back into the ring. Douglas catches him with a right hand…Waltz with a thumb to the eye stuns Douglas and now hits him with a knee to the gut! Waltz grabs him and a DDT! Waltz with a cover, two and NO!
TA: There you go man! Now take it to him and finish this thing off!

AC: Waltz now grabs Douglas and locks him in a Boston Crab! Waltz really leaning back in the hold and putting pressure on the back of Douglas who’s thrashing on the mat in agony!

TA: Tap out! You’re beat!

AC: IWF the height of professionalism at least from the color team…Douglas crawling and fighting, and he makes it to the ropes! [Crowd pops!] Waltz forced to break the hold

TA: He ain’t forced to do anything! If he wants to hold on and get DQ’ed he can do that! And I really hate it when the broadcasters say “They’ll be forced to punt!” no they are not! You can go for it on 4th down! Nothing’s stopping you!

AC: Man this match is really getting you worked up. Might want to ease up a bit…Waltz now has Douglas, he’s going for the Last Waltz inverted Power Bomb…NO! Douglas lands behind him and a school boy…TWO AND…NO! Both men up to their feet and Douglas stops Waltz in his tracks with a right hand and another shot…Waltz staggered and Douglas off the ropes…DROPKICK TO THE KNEE! Cutting the big man down to the mat…Douglas now drops a series of elbows . Douglas gives a yell to the crowd and now he’s got Waltz to his feet…He’s going to try to get the big man up for the Sub Pop, a Fisherman’s Suplex Brainbuster! [Crowd groans!] HE HIT IT!! THE COVER!! TWO…AND THREE!!

TA: That idiot may have killed him!

[Bell rings]

BELL: The winner of this contest…Scott DOUGLAS!!

[Crowd gives a mild pop, showing more concern for Waltz’s condition, a replay of the finish is shown, as Douglas barely gets the massive Waltz up and then dumps him on his head. Cutting back to live action we see the ref talking to the fallen Waltz, the ref flashes a thumbs up signal to the locker room.]

AC: A big win here for Scott Douglas as he puts himself in the running for the Emerald City Championship, we’ll get more updates on Waltz condition as we learn about them.

TA: He better be OK, or Douglas better sleep with one eye open!

AC: I’ll be back after we sedate my co-host and run some ads!
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
David 'The Bird' Gilbride vs. Kerry Kuroyama

(Camera fades in to David 'The Bird' Gilbride flapping his arms running wildly around the ring. The fans are staring at him as he tries to pump them up. His inaudible entrance music fades out and "Revolve" by the Melvins kicks on the PA.)

Donald Bell: Introducing next hailing from Seattle, Washington. (Pop.) Weighing in at 232 lbs and checking in at 6 foot 1 inches....... Kerry Kuroyama!!

(Curtains part way and the young Kerry Kuroyama steps through. The fans give him a warm welcome and he slaps a few hands as he makes the short walk to the ring.)

AC: Kerry Kuroyama vs. David Gilbride set to take off folks.

TA: Isn't this Kerry guy the one that's being trained at that sham called 'The Dojo'?

AC: Yes he is Terry and I highly doubt that 'The Dojo' is a sham.

TA: Well i'm not a trainer there, so obviously it is a sham.

AC: Anyways! Head ref Tony Daniels signals the match to begin. Kerry and David shake hands in the middle of the ring and now... David is flapping his arms like a bird.

TA: Impressive style.

AC: Kerry is unsure what to do but goes in for the grapple and he gets blocked and pushed backwards. Gilbride steps up and nails him with a hard chop.

(A few Woo's from the crowd can be heard.)


AC: Calm down Terry. Gilbride has Kerry grappled, he whips him against the ropes and comes at him with a hard clothesline.... Kerry ducks it! He bounces off the other ropes and connects with a clothesline of his own!

TA: Bird bird bird.. Bird is the word!

AC: Terry! Put down the flask! Kerry has Gilbride up now and he hooks him... Side Russian Leg Sweep. He hooks Gilbride's feet for the pin 1...2.. no! Gilbride gets a shoulder up. Kerry up again to his feet and has Gilbride on his knees, he hooks him again... WOW!!

TA: Calm down Aaron!

AC: That move was excellent a sit out Gutwrench powerbomb on the much smaller David Gilbride. He is not even moving on the mat after that move. Kerry up to his feet again and is measuring out the fallen Gilbride.

TA: Come on Bird man get to your FEET!

AC: Looks like Kerry is going to help him out with that and the fans are cheering him on, I think Kerry is looking to put on a solid performance for the crowd for a chance at this money! He spins Gilbride around... hooks him RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX! Gilbride's body just folded over after that move.

TA: If I had trained this Kerry Kombover guy he would've held that move for the pin and won this match.

AC: I think he could've accomplished that on his own if he wanted to. Kerry is over to David Gilbride again who is begging off as Kerry is pulling him up. Wait.. what! The Bird just pulled Kerry to the mat and on top of him and Tony Daniels looks confused but goes in for the count anyways.... 1....2....3!!


AC: I think David Gilbride realized he was extremely out matched and wanted to end the match on his own terms. Pulling Kerry on top of himself for the pin. Here is your winner and the next entrant for the Emerald City Title tournament... Kerry Kuroyama!

TA: Screw that guy and screw The Dojo... he doesn't have **** on The Fallen Angel!

AC: We'll be back in just a few moments with our main event folks!
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May 2, 2007
Main Event: MLM vs. Colt-FAN! + 10,000 payout!

(FADEIN: The announcers desk as the two men are mid conversation.)

AC: I’m not saying she’s going to be my wife or anything, but it’s working out.

TA: You spend that much money on a woman she’s thinking ring, that’s all I’m saying man. Oh I think we’re live.

(The PA crackles to life with a chant of “Go Colts” and generic music that is almost assuredly in the public domain so IWF didn’t have to pay a nickel for it. Out stumbling to the ring is a man who looks much like Dol-Fan from earlier in the night, only now in blue long tights, with a blue mask, a white Peyton Manning Jersey and a neckbrace on.)

BELL: Our next contest is set for one fall, making his way to the ring from indianapolis, Indiana weighing in at 165 pounds…Colt-Fan!

(Colt-fan soaks in the total indifference of the crowd as he hobbles his way to the ring.)

TA: Really? This is happening?! The poor slob who got beaten up earlier tonight has to wrestle again? I’m going to have to request Art pay me in cash from here on out because I don’t trust the checks this place cuts.

AC: (Nervously) Hey, lots of people are fans of NFL teams, and it just so happens we got two of them competing tonight.

TA: Oh sure thing, lemme sell the hell out of this for you then…IT’S COLT FAN!! HIS TEAM IS 0-10 AND SOON HE’LL BE TOO! There, that get everyone all fired up for this big match?!

(“Dance-Sing” by Ice Cream Fire hits on the PA. Mary-Lynn Mayweather makes her way to the ring drawing a loud cheer from the mostly male audience who may or may not be fans of her wrestling skills, but sure do like a pretty woman in a tank top and tight fitting shorts. She high fives the fans and avoids the more lecherous ones before hitting the ring.)

BELL: And his opponent from McCandless, Pennsylvania weighing in at 118 pounds…Mary Lynn Mayweather!

AC: This crowd sure seems fired up for Mayweather as she makes her way into the ring.

TA: Of course they are, normally to see a woman up close like this these losers have to stuff her g-string full of singles.

(Bell rings.)

AC: And this match is underway…Mayweather opens up with a flurry of kicks to the leg of Colt-fan! A spinning backfist sends Colt-fan tumbling to the mat! Mayweather with a cover…TWO AND NO! Colt-fan fights off the pin.

TA: Well he’s putting up more fight then his miserable team I doubt however he’ll be getting a good draft pick for the beating he’s taking.

AC: Mayweather goes to the top rope…MOONSAULT onto Colt-Fan! He’s in a world of trouble early on here, and now she’s got him hooked…LOCKED IN LEGALESE A MODIFIED STF!!! COLT-FAN IS TAPPING!!

(Bell rings)

BELL: Here is your winner, Mary-Lynn Mayweather!

AC: Well for a lawyer she sure as hell doesn’t work by the hour, Mary-Lynn Mayweather just dominating in her IWF debut here tonight.

TA: I think I might look good fighting a hapless moron who had already fought earlier in the night if you let me!

AC: We’ll be right back to find out which one of these performers will walk away 10,000 dollars richer!

TA: Me of course!

AC: You aren't eligible!

(Camera cuts for a quick commercial.)

(Fade back in to Kerry Kuroyama, Scott Douglas, Perfection and Mary-Lynn Mayweather all standing in the ring. Heading to the ring is IWF Commish, followed closely by none other then IWF Chairman Kimball Cho and his entourage.)

TA: Oh great who the hell is this guy?

AC: The man who signs your checks!

TA: Checks?! You are getting paid for this job? What the (bleep)! I'm doing this (bleep) for free!


(Art Mori grabs a mic as he enters the ring and holds down the ropes for IWF Chairman Cho to enter the ring. Cho has a large grin on his face as he stares at Mary Lynn.)

Art Mori: Thank you everyone for coming out here tonight in support of our first EVER Chain Reaction!!

(This grabs a few claps, followed by a couple of boos and more cat calls for Mary-Lynn.)

Art Mori: Now for the moment we've all been waiting for! Each person in this ring put on a hell of a contest and they are all being entered into the tournament for the Emerald City Championship! However we still have this 10,000 dollar prize to award to our best performer of the night! Are you ready!!

(The crowd throws out a few cheers and IWF Chairman Cho looks around expecting a few more as he shows off the metal briefcase containing the cash.)

Art Mori: Alright so i'm going to point at each performer in the ring and you guys will cheer the loudest for whoever you think should be awarded as Top Performer of the night!

(Art starts off by pointing at Perfection who gets all boos. Perfection flips off a few fans in frustration. Next up Scott Douglas, he gets a couple of cheers but nothing to write home about. Kerry Kuroyama is up next and again a couple of cheers but nothing special. Finally after pointing at Mary-Lynn Mayweather the arena erupts in a chorus of cheers, cat calls and it's the loudest the crowd has been all night.)

Art Mori: Well, I think that solves it.

(IWF Chairman Cho walks to Mary-Lynn and hands her the briefcase, he grins widely at her as she accepts the prize and waves to the fans.)

Art Mori: Top performer of the night goes to Mary-Lynn Maywe.......

(His sentence is cut short by Perfection rushing over and grabbing the briefcase from Mary-Lynn Mayweather! He knocks the mic out of Art's hand in the process.)

AC: Looks like we have a sore loser! OH!!! NO! Perfection just nailed Mary-Lynn with that briefcase!

TA: She only won it cause she's a hottie, if you ask me that tramp got what was coming to her!

AC: Perfection now running out of the ring to the backstage area! Scott Douglas is on his tail chasing him! Kerry Kuroyama is checking on the fallen Mary Lynn and look at this Chairman Cho is chewing out Art Mori! Folks we are out of time!! See you next time on Chain REACTION!!!!

TA: Can't WAIT!

(Fade to copyright.)
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