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Chain Reaction 11 - Line Up


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Live from the Moss Bay Event Center

Chain Reaction 11 - "Dastardly Dou's"

"ADD" Derrick Allen and Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington and Johnny Niles
Leyenda de Ocho and Spooky Doom vs Retour des Centres (pain Grille and Rendre Singe)
Mary Lynn Mayweather and The Minstrel vs Kerry Kuroyama and Perfection​

Main Event TBD LIVE!

Note:The three winning teams of the night will face off in a three way tag match in the main event. The winning team will be entered into a triple threat match on Chain Reaction 12 against the Emerald City Champion. (In the case that the team of Kerry Kuroyama and Perfection should win, Perfection as Champion will face off against Kerry Kuroyama and an opponent of Perfection's choice.)

Also see: Front Office: "Closed Meeting"

RP & Segment Deadline: Sept 30, 11:59pm EST
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