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Chain Reaction 2!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

More lightning...........

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........

"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection running with the briefcase of 10,000 dollars!

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Camera opens up to Gail Martin who is standing with Perfection.)

GAIL MARTIN: Hello IWF fans! I am here with none other than the man who made his name known to us all at Chain Reaction One, Perfection!

[Perfection is standing tall, hands on his hips as he smiles his perfectly white and straight smile at the camera large and proud]

GM: Perfection, it is said that your antics last week were not only wrong, but that you are running around with money that you didn't even earn.

PERFECTION: Gail, I earned this money in more ways than one. Do you know how much it costs to tan this golden body? Or even to buy a new pair of Diesel jeans?

GM: Well..

PERFECTION: Exactly! You wouldn't know! So tell me, who is more deserving of cash than a person that can use it? And mind you, use it perfectly.

GM: I suppose...

PERFECTION: Suppose? No. You don't suppose you know. Say it.

GM: Um..

[Perfection shakes his head and hands over two one hundred dollar bills, Gail looks reluctant to take the money]

PERFECTION: Say it. It's MY hard earned ten thousand dollar cash if you do.

GM: I know?

[Gail slowly takes the money from his hands]

PERFECTION: That's right, you do know. See what a little incentive does to a situation.

GM: Yeah...sure. Tonight you are going head to head against the very person that actually was awarded the money, the person that the fans have rallied behind and favor, Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

PERFECTION: Who the fans pick is irrelevant, who the bosses choose is irrelevant it's what I do and say that actually matters. Like I said, a little incentive to a situation, my incentive in beating Mary is becoming that much closer to the first ever IWF Champion, a perfect champion.

GM: Do you think that your pompous attitude and narcoleptic behavior may get in the way of your wrestling?

PERFECTION: HA! This, this is what we call having self esteem! Now if you will excuse me, I have to get my pecs massaged before going out. Here.

[Perfection hands over another two hundred dollars]

PERFECTION: Just look at the camera and say, he's simply perfect.

[Perfection walks off of camera view as it zooms in on Gail Martin.]

GM: Uh...he's simply perfect...

[Camera fades with Gail Martin shaking her head......]

(We fade in to Aaron Creed who is sitting alongside Terry 'The Idol' Anderson. Aaron Creed looks clean cut and ready to go where as Terry... well let's just say it looks like he just got done partying.)

AC: Hello wrestling fans! Welcome to our second edition of Chain Reaction! I'll be calling the matches alongside Terry 'The Idol' Anderson!

(Creed waits a few seconds awaiting Terry to say something but he doesn't, he just stares blankly at the camera with his mic drooping from his hand.)

AC: Alright then! Thank you all for once again joining us in viewing our terrific wrestling evening planned. Tonight represents a special night as The Emerald City championship tournament starts up.

TA: That name sucks.

AC: What... what name?

TA: City Emerald Belt thingy.

AC: The Emerald City Championship? That's an excellent name Terry, do you even realize why it's called that?

TA: I dunno that chump Mori likes emeralds?

AC: Umm.... Seattle... The Emerald City? Ring any bells?

TA: What's a Seattle?

AC: You know Terry sometimes I think you do this just to p... never mind.

('The Idol' bursts out laughing and gives Creed a good ole boy slap on the back.)

TA: Woooo! Feels good to be on the air this week! What's the first match up Creedy?

AC: Well it looks like the first match on our slate tonight is the finally debuting Erik Mateo vs. Dusty Rodgers.

TA: Mateo... isn't he the one who got himself locked in that motel room bathroom?

AC: Yes Terry but he's ready to go tonight and after this quick commercial break we'll have the start of the match!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Erik Mateo vs. Dusty Rodgers

("Great to be a man" by Rodney Carrington is playing over the PA system as we fade back into Chain Reaction. Donald Bell is in the ring with Erik Mateo stalking down the aisle.)

Bell: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevadaaaaa! Weighing in at 267lbs and checking in at 6 foot zero inches...... ERIK MATEOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(Mateo climbs up the steps of the ring, ignoring the fans while doing so, he struts across the ring and hands his cowboy hat to the timekeeper who questions what she is supposed to do with it. He cracks his knuckles and stares down the ramp. "I get the job done" by Big Daddy Kane hits the PA and a few fans start cheering. The crowd is slightly larger then Chain Reaction 1 so the volume difference is notable. Dusty Rodgers steps out from behind the curtains, wearing a fancy look feathery robe with the initials DR on the back, he pauses to take in the fans and makes his way to the ring.)

Bell: His opponent..... from East Harlem, New York! Weighing in at 266lbs and checking in at 6 foot 3 inches.... DUSTY RODGERRRSSSSS!!!!!!!!

(Dusty slaps the hands of what few fans stretch them out and he enters the ring. Dusty takes off the robe to reveal he is wrestling in a speed o.)

AC: Oh my god i'm going to be sick!

TA: Sick about what?

AC: He's wearing a speed o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TA: SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AC: Look at Erik Mateo he doesn't even want to get near him, head ref Tony Daniels signals the bell and this match is under way! Mateo won't budge from his corner. Dusty is taunting him... look at that! He just knife edged chopped the turnbuckle!!!

TA and Rodgers: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

AC: Is this guy insane? He walks over to Erik and looks to grapple him but Mateo shoves him backwards and now Dusty is taunting again and HE just KNEE DROPPED THE MAT! What in the f*cking world is going on here!

TA: Hahaha Creedy boy, watch your mouth. I don't understand the issue here, Mateo is obviously fearing for safety at the utter genius that is this man. Wait what's this guy's name again?

AC: Dusty RODGERS! Tony Daniels is urging the wrestlers to hook up in the middle of the ring, Mateo refuses to get near him and Dusty is Wooing circles around the ref.


AC: Rodgers out of nowhere charges Mateo and nails him with a swift punch to the forehead! Followed by a Knife edge chop!


AC: Knife edge chop again!

TA and Rodgers: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

AC: Is that his only move?

TA: We are about to find out, Rodgers just whipped Mateo across the ring and Mateo quick to get his senses slides under the bottom ropes. I think he's afraid of those deadly chops.

AC: That's not wrestling Terry, this is just insanity! Rodgers is strutting around the ring taunting Mateo.

TA: Mateo is just shaking his head refusing to go in the ring, he just said some gibberish to the ref and Tony Daniels is shrugging his shoulders. I don't even think he understood the man. I sure as hell didn't understand his promo.

AC: Terry will you shut up! He sounded like you do after one too many! Look, Daniels is up to 3 on his ten count and Rodgers has seen enough, he slides out of the ring and is now in chase mode!

TA: Do I need to say it again?

AC: Say what again?


AC: (Sighs.) Mateo is back in the ring and the ref is up to the four count on Rodgers... what wait.. what the hell is he doing now?

TA: I dunno some fan said something to him.


Rodgers: WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!



TA: They are having a Woo OFF!

AC: Daniels is up to 8 on his count..... 9........ 10!!!! The ref signals for the bell and raises the hand of Erik Mateo, who stares down at the scary sight of Dusty Rodgers wooing himself off!

TA: Look at Mateo he's running up that ramp like a scared little girl.

AC: Well that was certainly an interesting turn of events. Mateo wins his debut match via count out and we have to cut to commercial, we'll be right back!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
MLM vs. Perfection

(Camera fades to the announcer's booth where Terry 'The Idol' Anderson is seen putting his flask away in his coat pocket.)

AC: Next up folks, is what we've been waiting for! The first match of our Emerald City Championship tournament!

TA: What?

AC: Let's head to the ring!

(“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the PA. The fans turn their attention to 'Perfection' as he makes his way past the curtains. Carrying the briefcase of money in his hand, he has a wide grin spread across his face as he makes his way to the ring.)

Donald Bell: Introducing first! hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at 220 lbs and checking in at 6 foot even here is.... PERFECTTTTION!!!!!

AC: Perfection enters the ring to a lot of booing. After last week's episode of him stealing the winning prize money from the rightful winner, it's no surprise the reaction he's getting.

TA: If Perfection had boobs he would've won, bottom line. The man is simply put a masterpiece! The only reason Mary-Lynn Mayweather was declared the winner is because we have a lot of sexist pigs in this arena.

AC: You should talk.

(Camera shows Perfection talking something over with IWF's other referee, Paul Tyler. Looks like they are having a lengthy discussion as Perfection's music fades out and "Dance-Sing by Ice Cream Fire hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet in a loud chorus of cheers. Mary-Lynn steps out from behind the curtains and wastes no time storming the ring.)

TA: Hey someone needs to calm her down! She didn't even give Donald Bell a chance to introduce her!

AC: Bell takes his cue to exit the ring as MLM is already in there and looks steaming mad. Her face is a furious red as she signals to Paul Tyler that she's ready. He signals the bell and wow she charges right at Perfection and he ducks her first closed fist attempt, grabs her by the waist and sends her reeling into the corner.

TA: What crawled up her butt?

AC: I love it when you ignore the facts Terry. MLM charges at Perfection again... he ducks, she spins around, spinning HEEL KICK! Perfection grabs his jaw as he bounces against the ropes. He stumbles forward and MLM connects with a hard clothesline that sends him flat to the ground!

TA: That's no way to treat a work of art! Come on Perfection get up and show her why she only won that prize money because of her looks!

AC: I don't think it will be that easy, Terry. She has him up to his feet, whips him against the ropes, attempts a dropkick but PERFECTION holds the ropes!

TA: NOTHING BUT AIR! Perfection moving in now, he picks up MLM, connects with an elbow to the face, Knee to the face, grabs her by hair and whips her into the corner... charges in... BODY SPLASH!

AC: Perfection with the upper hand now, doesn't relent and hits her with a back rake that sends her to her knees. Picking her up by the hair again now... he spins her around... hooks her... SWIFT DDT in the middle of the ring. He goes for the pin 1.2NO! Wow that count seemed a bit quick.

TA: That count was simply Perfect, Aaron, not sure what you are talking about! Anyways Perfection has a hold of MLM in the center of the ring, he hooks her... RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Going in for the pin again... 1.2NO! Come on ref what's with the slow counts?

AC: Slow? Are you kidding me? MLM does not look good right now... Perfection senses that she is hurting... he hooks her legs.... rolls her on to her stomach.

TA: Picture perfect Boston Crab!

AC: Let's just hope Paul Tyler doesn't confuse a cry of pain as a sign of submission!

TA: Look at her she's tapping right now!

AC: That's not tapping.. she's crawling... crawling.. closer... closer... She cries out in pain as she lunges and grab the ropes. Come on ref... break it up!

(Paul Tyler starts rubbing his face as if he got something in his eyes.)

TA: Chill Aaron, I think he got something stuck in his eyes.

AC: Oh quit vouching for him... obviously Paul Tyler is favoring Perfection in this match.

TA: Look you happy now? He's giving Perfection the five count.

AC: Finally and look at Perfection he let's go a full clear second after 4. He should be DQ'd.. this is insane. MLM is being obviously favored against in this important match here at IWF.

TA: What's so important about this match?

AC: I wish you would pay attention more to the ring action and not to your flask. Perfection being booed loudly now, is posing in the middle of the ring.

TA: His body is amazing.. I mean if I were.. never mind.

AC: .......... MLM is up against the ropes now and Perfection has no idea she has stirred up. He turns around and is met with a dropkick! Quick to his feet again and he's met by another! MLM bounces against the ropes and connects with a swift kick to Perfection's face!


AC: He's not looking so perfect anymore.

(A large gash above Perfection's right eye has emerged from the impact of MLM's heel of her boot.)

AC: MLM smells the opportunity here.. she's moving in and picks Perfection up and gets him to his feet... she whips him against the ropes, FRANKENSTEINER! Wow that whip action was absolutely gorgeus!

TA: That's sexist Aaron!

AC: I was describing.. you know what... never mind! MLM against the ropes, comes flying in with a running leg drop! Spins her body around... hooks his leg.... 1...........2? What the... Referee Paul Tyler obviously with a slow count there and MLM is upset. But she does not relent she has Perfection up and whips him into the corner... charges in with a FLYING Cross Body...


AC: MLM isn't fazed! She catches herself on the turnbuckles, hops to the top rope.... FLYING CROSS BODY FROM THE TOP ROPE!! Hooks his leg.... 1..............2SHOULDER UP!

TA: Man he needs to slow down those fast counts!

AC: MLM is really upset now... she is up to her feet arguing with the ref about his obvious favortism... Perfection is up to his knees... sees the chance.... ROLL UP!!! 1.2.3!! WHAT?!?

TA: WOOOOOOOOO! Perfection with the win and he moves on to the next round of the Emerald City Championship tournament!


TA: Yeah now that it really matters, Perfection is my pick to win.

AC: MLM is up to her feet now highly upset about the situation. Perfection slides out of the ring, grabs his briefcase and is already behind the curtains. Paul Tyler is nowhere to be seen and listen to this crowd.


TA: Bunch of sexist pigs.

AC: We'll be right back with another debut match, stay tuned!

(Camera fades to commercial as MLM is shaking her head inside the ring.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Bribery and Sweat.

(We fade in to Gail Martin as she is backstage looking for Art Mori. As the camera turns the corner, Perfection can be seen slipping referee Paul Tyler a wad of cash. He notices the camera and ducks away into a locker room. Perfection, with a towel to his head, covering his cut suffered from the previous match grins as he also enters the locker room.)

Gail Martin: Well that was interesting......

(Art Mori approaches the camera from down the hall and Gail waves him over.)

Gail Martin: Wrestling fans we are here once again with Commish Art Mori. Now Art I'm sure a lot of people want to know what the exact plans are for the rest of the Emerald City Championship Tournament!

Art Mori: Glad you asked Gail. On Chain Reaction 3 there will be another pair of Round 1 matches. As you noticed earlier, Erik Mateo won his debut match up against Dusty Rodgers so he will have a place in the first round of the tournament.

Gail Martin: So I assume that means the winner of Waltz and Seti will also have a place in the first round?

Art Mori: That's correct, Gail.

Gail Martin: Will anyone else be involved in the tournament?

Art Mori: Well nothing is set in stone as of yet, but we will have a definitive answer for you when we announce the line up for Chain Reaction 3!

(Art's phone begins ringing and he excuses himself out of camera range.)

Gail Martin: Well you heard it here first folks, the Emerald City Championship tournament is only beginning!

(Before the camera cuts off it moves over to Art Mori, who looks flustered with the phone call.)

Art Mori: Yes, Mr. Cho, I will gladly speak to her once the event is over. Yes... Yes... I understand your concerns Mr. Cho. I will take care of it. Yes sir... goodbye.

(He hangs up the phone, shakes his head and pulls out a tissue to wipe his forehead of sweat. Fade to commercial.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Seti vs. Waltz

[FADE IN: “Pass Out” by I-Exist is playing over the PA as we return to programming. “The Fallen Angel” Stephen Waltz is already standing in the ring, raising his arms as his name is announced by Donald Bell.]

BELL: Introducing the first competitor in our next match... from Eugune, Oregon, weighing in at two hundred and seventy three pounds... “THE FALLEN” ANGEL”... STEPHEN WAAAAAALTZ!!!!!

[The crowd lets out a reaction that is lukewarm at best. After a moment, “Do You Call My Name” by Ra replaces the tune on the PA. Vizier ta Seti steps through the curtain, making a straight path to the ring, to a collectively reluctant reaction.]

BELL: And the opponent, from Giza, Egpyt... he weighs in at two hundred and fifty-five pounds... VIZIER TAAAAAA SETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

TA: I can’t BELIEVE he managed to pronounce that name correctly...

AC: Here’s our first look at the IWF newcomer, Vizier ta Seti! Wow, look at those eyes! This crowd doesn’t even know how to react!

TA: They’ll LAUGH when they see how much of a JOKE he is against my boy Stephen?

AC: Feeling confident for your protege, I see?

TA: I gave him some pretty good pointers before the match, so he’s got the advantage of my sage-like wisdom.

AC: The only thing you’re wise in are proof counts...


AC: And there’s bell, as our own Donald Bell quickly gets out of the ring as Vizier ta Seti boldly comes out of the corner! Both men into the lock up... Waltz looks completely off guard! Seti with a side legsweep, and Stephen Waltz hits the mat! The Egyptian-born powerhouse switching holds... he lifts Waltz off the mat by the waist... and he puts him back down there with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

TA: Ugh, that was unexpected...

AC: Seti drops the KNEE right onto the exposed forehead, and now “The Fallen Angel” is holding that spot as he writhes his way to his feet. Vizier ta Seti just waits for him to get into position... rolls him to the mat with a fireman’s carry, and quickly follows up with a dragon sleeper... no, not a sleeper... he brings Waltz to his feet and slams him face-first to the canvas with a DRAGON SUPLEX!

TA: D’OH!!

AC: Vizier ta Seti goes for the cover, two... and no! Waltz kicked out, but so far, the newcomer has completely dominated him in the opening moments of the match! He’s making your boy look like COLT-FAN in there, Terry!

TA: Just give him a minute to implement some of those tips I gave him...

AC: Seti bringing Waltz to his feet... no, Waltz got the LOW BLOW! [Crowd jeers!]

TA: HA! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

AC: That’s your veteran advice? Hit the man in the jewels? Anyway, the referee unfortunately did not see it, but that doesn’t matter, because Vizier ta Seti only seems more ENRAGED than hurt by that cheap shot! Waltz quickly reels him into a facelocks... lifts him up for the suplex, no wait, Seti slips down his back!

TA: That crafty sand spider!! How did he do that?!

AC: Remarkable agility on the part of Vizier ta Seti, who goes into the ropes... Waltz going for the lariat, but Seti ducks... Waltz spins around, and walks right into a CHOKESLAM that nearly puts him through the mat to the floor! [Crowd gasps!] Seti with the COVER... TWO... NO!! Waltz barely escaped that time...

TA: AWWWW, MAN!! Stop blowin’ this, kid! I got fifty bucks on you winning, and we need that money for booze!

AC: Waltz crawling to the corner in attempt to retreat, but Vizier ta Seti has him right where he wants him! Seti is setting up for the spear... Waltz coming to his feet, and Seti charges right for him... NO!! [Crowd jeers!] Waltz pulled the referee into the path at the last second! The official just took the brunt of that charging spear!

TA: HAHAHAHA!! That’s ANOTHER trick I taught him myself! Stephen Waltz will escape the Spear of Anubis today!

AC: Waltz rolls to the outside of the ring to make an escape, and meanwhile Vizier ta Seti checks to see if he’s done any serious damage to the referee. I’m not sure if he’s concerned for his well-being or not, but he definitely knows he can’t finish things without someone there to make the count or submission. Wait a second, what’s Stephen doing now?

TA: Going for the CHAIR, of course! This is the perfect time to be using it!

AC: Another one of your “pointers”, I see... Waltz bringing that chair into the ring, and I think he’s going to get Seti while his back is turned! Here comes Waltz... NO! Seti saw him at the last moment and countered with a kick to the mid-section! Waltz drops the chair... and OH MAN! SETI DRILLS HIM FACE FIRST INTO IT WITH SEE NO EVIL!! [Crowd gasps!]

TA: OH SH*T!! What just HAPPENED?!

AC: Looks like whatever Waltz was planning turned around and blew up in his face! Seti looking to the referee now, who’s still not quite all there... I think he’s got more planned!

TA: Get out of there, kid! He’s gone completely JIHAD on us!!

AC: Seti dragging Waltz to the middle of the ring... now he’s taking the chair up to the top rope! What’s a man that size doing up that high?! Vizier ta Seti leaping off... OH MY GOD, THAT WAS A 450 LEGDROP ON THE CHAIR!! STEPHEN WALTZ GOT CRUSHED INTO THE MAT LIKE A BUG!! [Crowd faints!]


AC: Seti kicking the chair from the ring as the referee finally comes to! It’s all but over now... Seti with the cover... two... THREE!!

[Bell rings.]

BELL: The winner of this contest... VIZIER TA SETIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!

[Ta Seti rises from his fallen opponent, arms held up proudly and defiantly to the audience. The referee checks on Waltz’s condition, who still hasn’t moved since the chair-assisted legdrop. Many fans are still trying to keep their brains from leaking through their noses after the amazement that was the finishing maneuver.]

AC: Very impressive first showing by the man from Giza, all but dominating “The Fallen Angel”! You okay, Terry?

TA: Oh my god, is he DEAD?!

AC: Looks like another long and painful recovery for Stephen Waltz. Terry, you’d just be cruel to convince that man to go back into the ring... meanwhile, the moment belongs to the victorious Vizier ta Seti!

TA: Come on, that was a blatant ACT OF TERRORISM!!

AC: Terry, where are you going?!

TA: I’m going to fulfill my PATRIOTIC DUTY to my country!

AC: Oh geez... ladies and gentlemen, pardon the interruption... we’ll have for action here in just a moment!
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Patriot Act + Main Event: Scott Douglas vs. Kerry Kuroyama

(We fade back in from commercial to backstage area at Moss Bay Events Center. Terry 'The Idol' Anderson is seen running full speed down the long hallway, as the camera follows him he catches up to Vizier ta Seti.)

Anderson: You're nothing but a cheating scumbag you know that?!?

(Anderson's high volume catches Seti and turns him around.)

Seti: And you are nothing but a fool.

Anderson: Fool? FOOL?!? I'm not some SANDTROLL CHAIR...

(Before Anderson can finish his sentence, Seti locks back his fist and clocks him directly in the jaw. What happens next is like a scene out of a comedy movie. Anderson spins around, looks at the camera stunned, falls to his knees and face flat to the ground.)

Seti: That is your only warning, Idol.

(Art Mori walks onto camera just as Seti disappears from view. He looks down at the fallen Terry 'The Idol' Anderson and then to the camera.)

Art Mori: What the hell just happened here?

(Mori leans in to check on Anderson and looks up the camera, signaling them to cut the feed. They do and the camera switches to Aaron Creed who has a grin on his face.)

AC: Folks next up will be our main event. It's another round 1 match up for the Emerald City championship! Featuring Scott Douglas vs. Kerry Kuroyama. After Perfection advanced earlier tonight, this match will determine who will join him in round 2. Now as my co host regains his senses and makes it back to the announcer's booth, let's take a break for some commercials.

(FADEIN: The entrance way where Scott Douglas is walking towards the ring “Baby Takes” by Green River playing over the PA as he hits the ring, the crowd gives Douglas a solid cheer as he stands in the middle of the ring.)

BELL: The following contest is the main event of the evening and is a first round match in the Emerald City Championship Tournament! Introducing first from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 226 pounds, here is SCOTT!! DOUGLAS!!

(Douglas throws his arms in the air, drawing another pop. He then runs the ropes as he warms up.)

AC: Scott Douglas looking to keep his momentum going tonight as he faces Kerry Kuroyama to see who keeps moving on in the quest to win the Emerald City Championship.

TA: These men both got wins last week, and the question is who can keep it going when it really counts.

AC: Are you okay Terry?

TA: What do you mean am I okay?

AC: After what just happened backstage... I mean that was a pretty solid punch.

(Camera switches to the announcer's booth, where Terry 'The Idol' Anderson has an ice pack to his face.)

TA: Not sure what you are talking about Creedy.

AC: Okay then.

(Camera switches back to the arena. “Revolve” by The Melvins goes over the PA as Kerry Kuroyama comes out from behind the curtain, also drawing a cheer from the crowd.)

BELL: And his opponent, also hailing from Seattle, Washington weighing in at 231 pounds…KERRY!! KUROYAMA!!

(Kuroyama leans back in a corner, waiting for the bell to ring, which it does after a moment, and the two men walk to the middle of the ring and lock up.)

AC: Douglas and Kuroyama lock up and Douglas gets a side headlock. Kuroyama gets behind. Douglas and gets a waistlock…Douglas trying to fight to escape… KUROYAMA POWERS HIM OVER WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Kerry quickly secures an armbar on his fallen opponent after hitting that big move!

TA: that was some flawless technique by Kuroyama getting Douglas over. Now let’s see if Kuroyama can press his advantage.

AC: Douglas works to his feet and Kuroyama catches him with a knee to the ribs. Douglas doubled over and Kuroyama now off the ropes and a KNEELIFT drops Douglas to the mat! Douglas gets himself back to his feet…RUNNING KNEE STRIKE BY KUROYAMA AND A COVER!!! TWO AND NO!

TA: Dynamic offense from the third generation wrestler, Kuroyama is pulling out all the stops here!

AC: Kuroyama gets Douglas back to his feet and NAILS him in the midsection with a SPINNING MULE KICK…Douglas doubles over… Kuroyama grabs him…SIDE-RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! A COVER! TWO AND NO!

TA: Douglas being hit with a buzzsaw here, Kuroyama has been nothing short of relentless in the early going.

AC: Kuroyama now looking for a Texas Cloverleaf, something I’m sure he picked up from training with Rocko Daymon…Douglas fighting to not get turned over…FLIPS KUROYAMA INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!! TWO AND NO!! Douglas nearly got the pin out of nowhere there, both men to their feet and Kerry misses with a clothesline and Douglas now hits one of his own! Kuroyama back up…BACK DOWN from another clothesline…He’s back to his feet again and this time Douglas catches him…THROWS HIM ACROSS THE RING WITH A RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!

TA: Douglas getting himself back into this match, he’s got to keep the pressure on to take care of Kuroyama.

AC: Kuroyama slowly getting to his feet as Douglas stalks him…Douglas grabs Kuroyama and elevates him…OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Douglas with a cover…FAR LEG HOOKED! TWO AND NO! Kuroyama not beaten yet.

TA: Douglas clearly has the firepower to do damage the question is does he have enough to put it all together to get the win here tonight?

AC: Scott now backs Kuroyama into the corner…Kuroyama sent to the other side and he staggers out…INTO A BULLDOG! Douglas now has the advantage and he hits the ropes…DROPS A LEG ON KUROYAMA AND A COVER!! TWO AND…NO!!

TA: The falls are getting closer for Douglas but this can be where frustration sets in also, when you’re so close but just not getting the win. Douglas has to keep his focus.

AC: Douglas grabs Kuroyama and sends him to the ropes…KUROYAMA BACK WITH A BICYCLE KICK TO THE JAW! Douglas down on the mat as Kuroyama stumbles into the corner and falls down as both men have taken a great deal of punishment already in this match.

TA: To be the first ever Emerald City Champion would be a feather in anyone’s cap and you know these two men are going to go all out to earn that right, I don’t expect the violence to stop anytime soon!

AC: Kuroyama and Douglas both back to their feet they meet in the middle of the ring and now are just LACING INTO EACH OTHER WITH CHOPS! This crowd is woo’ing away as both men are just hauling off and BLASTING each oither…Kuroyama winning the battle and sends Douglas to the mat with a SPINNING BACKHAND!

TA: Douglas got himself into a fist fight with Kuroyama, and well I wouldn’t want to be the man trying to fight that guy in a contest of who has the more painful chops, I’m pretty sure he’s winning that one every time!

AC: Kuroyama pulls Douglas back to his feet…He’s got him set for a Tiger Suplex…AND HE NAILS IT! BRIDGE FOR THE PIN!!! TWO ANNNNDDDD NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Oh that was close!!

TA: Kuroyama just STUCK him with that Tiger Suplex, amazing resolve by Douglas to find a way to kick out of that move!


TA: I’m stunned that Kerry Kuroyama wasn’t knocked out by that, he landed HARD on his head.

AC: Douglas now over to Kuroyama he grabs Kuroyama and has him set…DDT!! Douglas stuck him with that one and now he’s debating a pin or to do another move…He slides Kuroyama closer to a corner and now Douglas climbs to the top rope…MOONSAULT BY DOUGLAS…NOBODY HOME!!

TA: Douglas needed to make a decision and stick to it, not committing to a move or a pin just gave Kuroyama an opening to exploit!

AC: Kuroyama back to his feet and pulls Douglas to his feet and he’s going for the KUROYAMA DRIVER again…AND HE HITS IT!!! DOUGLAS IS OUT!! THE COVER!!! TWO AND THREE!! (Bell rings, crowd gives a loud cheer as Kuroyama stumbles to his feet with his arms raised.)

BELL: The winner of this contest and advancing in the Emerald City Championship Tournament…KERRY KUROYAMA!!

AC: Kerry Kuroyama has pulled out a hard fought win here tonight over Scott Douglas, both men doing all they could but in the end that split second of hesitation cost Douglas dearly.

TA: It’s something as simple as second guessing yourself that could cost you a match, I’m sure Scott Douglas will he rehashing this one over in his head for a while.

AC: Douglas back to his feet, and the two men shake hands (Pop! “Revolve” by the Melvins hits on the PA) a good show of sportsmanship to conclude tonight’s show.

TA: I couldn't agree more, Creedy.

AC: Terry.. are you sure you are okay? Did that punch knock something loose?

TA: What do you mean?

AC: You didn't make one vile comment that entire match, in fact, you were quite pleasant to work with.

TA: That's how I am all the time!

AC: .......... Well folks, we are out of time for tonight. Thanks for tuning in for an exciting Chain Reaction. See you next time!

(Fade to IWF Logo.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

(Camera fades in to Art Mori's office, he is sitting behind his desk with a glass of liquor in his hand. He has just turned off the television that was broadcasting the second episode of Chain Reaction. There is a knock at his door.)

Art Mori: Come in!

(A woman, long brunette hair tied in a pony tail, wearing a business suit and a small pair of glasses steps in. She has a notebook in her hand and a very serious look on her face. Mori looks up at her with a strange look.)

Art Mori: And you are...?

Woman: I assumed Mr. Cho informed you I would be coming?

Art Mori: Oh yes yes... I am sorry.....

(Mori clears off his desk of liquor, pulls out a hand towel and wipes his face of sweat.)

Art Mori: He didn't exactly explain why you were coming.

Woman: Yes I am aware of that. He felt it best if I just told you in person. As you know, Mr. Cho loves wrestling. He loves the art of the matches and is a huge fan of entertaining performers.

Art Mori: Aren't we all?

Woman: Of course, Art. However, what he isn't a fan of is cheating, use of weapons, stealing, racial profiling and of course bribing.

(Wiping his forehead again of sweat, Mori nods his head in agreement.)

Art Mori: I can only control the talent so much maam.

Woman: We understand this, Mr. Cho just sent me here to help. Look Art, I know of your career. I know the injury you suffered in Atlanta. I know you had a wonderful chance at stardom ripped from you. Mr. Cho is trying to ensure that you are focused on putting out the quality product that he wants to see. Not some glorified Soap with some T&A thrown in.

Art Mori: I am doing what I can to make that happen, in fact on Chain Reaction 3 I am demanding the briefcase of money back from Perfection or he is being kicked out of the tournament!

(She cracks a small smile.)

Woman: That's a good first step, Art. Next thing I wold do is have a talk with your announcer... Terry Anderson.

Art Mori: Will do.

Woman: Okay well, I'll let you get back to your busy work. If you need me i'll just be down the hall, I look forward to working with you.

Art Mori: Same here.... hey wait.. didn't catch your name.

(She was already one foot out the door as she turned around to face him with a smile on her face.)

Woman: Paz.... Courtney Paz.

(Courtney Paz walks out of the door and it shuts behind her, Mori looks at the door for a brief moment before going back to his liquor in the desk. "Vietnow" by Rage against the Machine slowly fades in as we fade to copyright.)

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