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Chain Reaction 5!


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May 2, 2007

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

V/O: What is Chain Reaction?

CUTTO Mateo: Raw

More lightning...........

CUTTO Kuroyama: Tradition

More lightning...........

CUTTO Perfection: Perfect

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

CUTTO Douglas: Home

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........


"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Eddie Whisky standing frustrated in the middle of the ring.
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd!

CUTTO: A zoom in shot of Vizier ta Seti standing in the ring, Emerald City Championship resting on his shoulder.

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Camera fades in to the announcer's booth.)

Creed: Hello and welcome wrestling fans to IWF's Chain Reaction!! After an exciting super show at the Experience we are glad to be with you once again for a stellar card tonight.

McGinnis: I can't wait Aaron, rumor is that Art Mori has an explosive main event planned for us tonight.

Creed: I've heard that rumor as well, Brian. On the slate tonight before the unannounced main event will be 'The Fallen Angel' Stephen Waltz vs. Af'aa!

Anderson: That is going to be an easy win for my boy, his neck is fully healed and he's ready for action, I am warning everyone on the IWF roster, watch out for Waltz!

McGinnis: As I stated at The Experience, I am still unsure why Art Mori is allowing this man to compete, he looks to be on his last leg.

Anderson: That's where you are wrong Bri bri! Stephen Waltz is the best competitor on this short list that we have.

Creed: Anyways! Preceding the main event Eddie Whisky, coming off a tough loss against Mary Lynn Mayweather, will be taking on none other then Dusty....


Creed: Rodgers!

McGinnis: Oh man... Eddie is going to wipe the floor with Rodgers, I haven't seen that man use more then a chop since he's been in IWF.

Anderson: I am a fan of both, I gotta admit though, Eddie Whisky is going to have a score to settle after last show's embarrassment.

Creed: Art Mori is heading towards the ring and it sounds like he has a major announcement to make.

(Camera cuts to the arena view of Moss Bay Events Center. "Just Let It Go" by KHZ hits the PA system and the crowd gives Mori a mixed reaction as he makes his way to the ring. With a mic in hand, the music cuts off and he addresses the crowd.)

Mori: I would like to apologize to all of fans of the IWF for failing to provide the main event as promised back at The Experience!

(Crowd lets out a large chorus of boos. Mori, taking a napkin out of his pocket and wiping his forehead let's the crowd noise die down a bit.)

Mori: I am here to say that I will not EVER let something like that happen again. You fans have been extremely loyal to us, and it was my fault for not providing the main event you guys deserved.

(Small change from boos to a few cheers.)

Mori: Also I am here to announce an EXCITING MAIN EVENT!!!


Mori: In IWF's FIRST EVER Tag team match up!!!... our main event will feature Erik Mateo... teaming up with PERFECTIONNNN!!!

(Loud boos.)

Mori: And they will be taking on 'Sup Pop' Scott Douglas teaming up with our EMERALD CITY CHAMPION..... VIZIER TA...

(Mori holds out the mic to the crowd and they scream 'SETIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!'.)

Mori: That's right I hope everyone is ready for one of the most EXPLOSIVE main events to be featured on Chain Reaction! Have a great night everyone!

('Just Let It Go' by KHZ hits the PA and the crowds gives him a standing cheer as he exits towards the backstage. Camera cuts back to the announcer's booth.)

Creed: WOW! I can't believe this what a main event we just learned about!

McGinnis: I gotta say, I honestly was not expecting this match up. There will be a lot of talent in that ring tonight.

Anderson: Yeah a whole lot of talent on the team of Erik Mateo and Perfection! They are going to pound a hole into that piss poor champ and Sup Mop!

McGinnis: I would be careful with the words you choose towards Vizier, Terry. Unless that is you want a reminder of what he did to you backstage at Chain Reaction 1.

Anderson: I don't recall that.

Creed: Well we certainly do. (laughs.) Anyways, Brian who do you think holds the advantage going into this match up?

McGinnis: It's tough to say Aaron, both teams are well equipped in various fashions of the wrestling game. They are equal, across the board, in strengths in the ring and I can honestly say the wild card in this match will be the drunken brawler Erik Mateo. If he's on top of his game, Douglas and Seti need to be prepared for him.

Anderson: Damn straight, Mateo is a beast and teaming him up with the RIGHTFUL IWF champion, only makes him stronger.

Creed: It's going to be an exciting night tonight. We gotta cut to commercial break, but when we get back we'll have our first match up!

(Fade to commercials.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Af'aa vs. 'The Fallen Angel' Stephen Waltz

Af'aa came down with his cousin Nasr, the mixed reaction of the crowd quickly changed to intense booing as both men made rude gestures to the crowd. Anderson reminded us that his 'boy', Stephen Waltz, was back to full strength.

Waltz made his introduction and was welcomed with a large amount of cheers. Creed and McGinnis both pointed out that, while neckbrace free, he was still walking with a heavy limp. Anderson quickly disregarded that and name called the fans for cheering his 'boy', saying 'He doesn't need these kinds of fans behind him'.

Head ref Tony Daniels rang the bell and the match was quickly under way, Af'aa took the early advantage working on Waltz's weak neck and legs. After tossing him to the mat with a quick fireman's carry, Af'aa wrenched in a hard boston crab which had Waltz screaming in pain.

With the fan's help and Anderson's screams into the mic, Waltz managed to work his way to the ropes. Daniels gave Af'aa a stern warning after waiting until the count of five to let go. McGinnis stated that Af'aa should have been DQ'd. Creed agreed, but for some reason The Idol said Waltz needs to finish this match himself.

The bout continued on for a few more minutes. With the tide changing two times, once with a side russian leg sweep from Waltz and the second, on a reversed irish whip by Af'aa turned into a dropkick.

Af'aa complained about a slow two count and as he was complaining Waltz saw his opportunity, hitting a quick reverse DDT, and scoring a pin fall!

Nasr stormed the ring in anger after the bout accusing the ref of a quick count. Waltz quickly got out of the ring in excitement over his victory.

Winner: 'The Fallen Angel' Stephen Waltz


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
> Perfection

(Backstage, Scott Douglas is wrapping his wrists with athletic tape, obviously pushing any apprehension about the main event out of his mind with focus.

Suddenly, he looks up, and his shoulders tense at the sight of...)


(Of Vizier ta Seti, who has walked up to him with his belt strapped around his waist and his mowhawk sticking straight up in the air. He is not, at least at this time, wearing any face or body paint.)

SETI: Scott.

DOUGLAS: Is this important? I'm trying to get ready for our match.

SETI: As a matter of fact, it is. You and I have no reason to work together, just like Eric Mateo and James Witherhold also have no reason. The only thing you all have in common is my Championship belt. Considering this, I would like to offer you a deal.

(Scott Douglas stands up and looks Vizier in the eye, not threateningly but genuinely interested in what the Champion has to say.)

SETI: You watch my back during this match and I'll watch yours; we will crush our opponents under our heels. In return, when we win I will inform the IWF front office that their main event for Chain Reaction Six will be me, defending my title against you.

(By the look on Douglas' face, he wasn't expecting that.)

DOUGLAS: I'm not complaining and I'm not saying I don't want it, but won't that be a problem with Perfection beating me for the number one contendership?

SETI: F**k James witherhold.

(The bluntness of the statement keeps Scott Douglas quiet.)

SETI: If he wanted to take his shot he should have done so tonight. He's the one with something to prove; so if he's not going to seize the day, he can wait in line.

(Scott Douglas ponders this for a moment, then he offers his hand.)


(They shook hands.)

SETI: I promise you, I will not fail this partnership.

(He tapped his chest with his fist, and turned around and left.)

DOUGLAS: No, I don't think you will.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Eddie Whisky vs. Dusty Rodgers

The Dusty Rodgers vs. Eddie Whisky match started off as you would expect. Dusty made his introduction first, the crowd, as usual gave him a chorus of repeated 'Wooos!'. Terry couldn't help himself and joined in on every one that Rodgers did. McGinnis asked him to stop, but Creed informed him that asking him to stop was useless.

It took a good three full minutes for Dusty to finally enter the ring after which Eddie Whisky's music came on the PA and the crowd instantly ripped into him. A few seconds of staring down a few of the fans as he walked down the aisle, sparked them into a 'MLM' chant.

McGinnis stated that Mary-Lynn Mayweather wasn't there tonight and was possibly lucky that she wasn't because of Whisky's obvious intense attitude. Creed then stated that she was definitely slated for an appearance at Chain Reaction 6 and was curious if Whisky vs. MLM would happen.

After finally entering the ring, Whisky was immediately greeted by the Wooing and knife edge chopping of Dusty Rodgers. Anderson was laughing when the bell finally rang and Whisky took complete control, slamming Rodgers back first into the turnbuckle.

Whisky followed that up with a set of brutal punches and kicks which made Rodgers stumble out of the corner, Whisky grabbed him up, spun him around for a HUGE Spinebuster. He missed a knee drop, which Anderson and Dusty Rodgers both celebrated with a woo. Creed pointed out that Whisky wasn't affected by the missed move and was waiting for Rodgers to turn around.

When he finally did he was met with a quick boot to the stomach and Whisky then unleashed the Sour Mash on to him. Going for the cover he was granted a 3 count and his arm raised in victory.

Getting on the mic afterwards he ripped the Seattle fans and made a declaration that when MLM steps back into the Moss Bay Events Center she was dead. Anderson loved that, McGinnis and Creed.... not so much. Fans booed him out of the ring and he soaked it in nicely.

Winner: Eddie Whisky


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Perfection's present

(Camera opens up to Perfection who is holding a wooden box in his hand. He's in his locker room staring at it when Courtney Paz enters the frame.)

Paz: How's it going, James?

(He looks up at her and shakes his head.)

Perfection: Do I have to be like Ron Artest and legally change my name for you idiots to stop calling me that?

Paz: Touchy tonight, eh? So I am assuming you already heard?

Perfection: Heard what?

Paz: Vizier ta Seti has made a deal with Scott Douglas that if they beat you and Mateo in the ring tonight, that he'll give him a title shot at Chain Reaction 6.

Perfection: What?!? How can he do that when i'm the #1 Contender?!?!

Paz: He's the champion.. he's allowed to do that.

Perfection: What about Cho?

Paz: Perfection, listen if you want your shot you gotta take it. But you know damn well that Cho wants you and Seti in that ring for our first ever REAL Pay Per View. The crowd is starting to love him and they REALLY hate you. Keep it that way.

(Perfection grins at her.)

Perfection: That's a simple task for a perfect man.

(Paz's face starts blushing as he stares at her.)

Paz: Just make sure you win tonight and that shot won't happen.

Perfection: Oh I got a special plan for that!

(Perfection opens the box and shows Paz what's inside, she looks at him strangely and he grins yet again then walks out of camera shot.)

Paz: He's going to drink before the match...?

(She shrugs at the camera and walks off in a different direction.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event! / Surprise Appearance

Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight's Tag Team ... Main Event is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds and standing six foot even, he is the number one contender for the Emerald City Championship; here is.... PERFECTION!

(“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the PA. The fans turn their attention to 'Perfection' as he makes his way past the curtains carrying a liquor bottle slung; low by his hip. The crowd lets out a chorus of boos and unorganized chants. Perfection smirks and struts to the ring as if the sound of disapproval pleases him.)

Creed: Is that ... Whiskey?

Anderson: It looks like it Creedy-boy, and I hope it's for me!

Creed: Let's hope not. You're enough trouble as it is, Terry.

(Perfection enters the ring and leans against a turnbuckle admiring this bottle of brown liquor. He studies the label and construction of the bottle inferring that it is of fine or rare make. The Helloween song fades down and Donald Bell raises his microphone once again.)

Bell: Introducing his Tag Team partner, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada! Weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds, six foot even... ERIK MATEO!

(The PA system rings out with "Great To Be A Man" by Rodney Carrington as Mateo strolls out from behind the curtains in his in-ring gear; topped with his ever-present cowboy hat.)

McGinnis: This is an interesting miss-match-up, if you will. The bravado and strength of Perfection paired with the rough and tumble Mateo to face Douglas' technical ...

Anderson: Give it a break McGinnis. No one cares. What the World wants to know... is who that bottle of hooch is for! My money is on me.

(Mateo cracks his knuckles as he makes his way to the ring. Tossing his hat out into the crowd and spouting off something unintelligible; he climbs up on the ring apron and steps into the ring.)

Creed: I'd think if he was going to give you that bottle, Terry ... he would have done it by now. My guess, given Perfection's confident nature, the bottle is for himself. Post match.

(Mateo and Perfection attempt communication in the corner. Mateo motion toward the bottle and Perfection swipes his hand as if to say "don't worry about that." Donald Bell returns to the microphone.)

Bell: And their opponents, introducing first ... hailing from Giza, Egypt weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, standing six foot, three inches... VIZIER ta SETI!

('Do You Call My Name' by RA hits the PA system. Vizier steps out from behind the curtains dressed in baggy long pants and boots that look to have been stolen from the pages of history. His bronze skin shines under the stage lights and his eyes are outlined with the eye of Horus in black paint. The Emerald City Championship is strapped tightly around his waist and matches the gold armbands that cover his wrists. The crowd becomes unhinged and comes to their feet instantly. He pauses momentarily to soak it all in. "Sup Pop" Scott Douglas appears from behind the curtain and the crowd lets loose once again. Seti turns and at the sight of Douglas directs his attention back toward the ring, but appears to keep his guard up as Douglas meets him side by side. Courtney Allen slips out from behind the curtain with little to no fan fare as she is nearly hidden behind these two towering men. Bell continues, but in a hurry.)

Bell: And his tag team partner from Seattle, Washington.

(The crowd pops again.)

Bell: Weighing in at two twenty six, six foot one... "SUP POP" Scott DOUGLAS!

(Seti leads the way to the ring as Douglas stays a slight step behind and a full step to Seti's right. Courtney lags behind as the two pick up pace and hit the ring hard and fast. Donald Bell scrambles to get out of the way as Douglas and Seti attack Perfection and Mateo.)

Creed: ...and they waste no time at all! The Champ and Douglas come out fighting!

Anderson: Yellow Mop!

(The bell rings as referee Tony Daniels tries to reign in the chaos.)

Creed: What?

Anderson: Yellow ... MOP! What don't you understand. It's the Yellow Mop team! Sub Mop and the Yellow guy.

McGinnis: Perfection and Seti pair off, as does Douglas and Mateo! Referee Daniels really better get this under control or this match may end in a double disqualification.

(Daniels focuses on Douglas and Mateo as Seti pins Perfection in the corner and the two trade blows trying to keep, and reverse the upper hand, respectively.)

Creed: ...and Daniels starts the count.

Anderson: Just like a foreigner, cheat, cheat, cheat.

Creed: I believe our current reigning champion is in fact a naturalized, legal, United States Citizen and Douglas was raised a few blocks from this very event center, Terry.

(Daniels abandons his fruitless count and forces himself between Douglas and Mateo and pushes the two away from each other. Daniels turns to Douglas and point him to his corner. Mateo follows suit and leaves Perfection and Seti as the legal men. Perfection blocks a bombing right hand and gains the advantage. Slipping out of the corner and spinning Seti in with a big right of his own.)

Anderson: Moppy is from Mexico. They called him El Mopito. Not only did they mop the floor with him every night, afterward he ACTUALLY mopped the floors. That's how he got the name, Creed.

Creed: Terry, if you hold a grudge against everyone that has drops Waltz on his head; I suggest you buy stalk in Samsonite.

(Tony Daniels attempts to break up the fist fight between Seti and Perfection. Perfection lays into the champion until he collapses into the corner; hanging by his arms on the top turnbuckle.)

McGinnis: Referee Tony Daniels, administering the count now as Perfection and the Emerald City Champion trade blows in the neutral corner.

Creed: Perfection seems to have Seti right where he wants him. He climbs to that middle turnbuckle.

(Perfection raises his fist, and the crowd readies themselves for the count chant. Perfection lays in with the first strike. The crowd chants; "ONE!")

Anderson: See, that's more like it. Where is that liquor?! It's time to celebrate already!

(Daniels starts yet another frivolous count of warning. Perfection drops another. "TWO!")

Creed: I hate to say it, Brian ... Terry, may be right.

Anderson: Damn right!

(Douglas stomps and slaps the turnbuckle in frustration. Mateo looks around for the bottle of liquor. "THREE!" Douglas has had enough and enters the ring. Daniel abandons his count and meets Douglas before he can get completely through the ropes. "FOUR!" Perfection hops down from the middle turn buckle and applies a headlock and walks Seti over to his and Mateo's corner.)

McGinnis: Mateo comes in with no tag. Referee Tony Daniels is none the wiser as he holds Douglas at bay.

(Perfection lifts the left arm of Seti, exposing his ribs.)

Creed: Oh, and a big boot to the ribs by Mateo.

(Perfection exits to the apron. Douglas gives in and takes back to the apron himself. Tony Daniels returns and allows the switch.)

Creed: Perfection is technically the legal man here folks, but I suppose that will go unseen by Daniels. Mateo on the offensive now with a strong right hand.

Anderson: Give it a rest, Creed. A guy left and a guy came in, big deal.

(Seti stumbles away from the corner with the force of the punch.)

McGinnis: Seti sent for the ride, Mateo clothesline.

Creed: Seti ducks, and back into the ropes. Oh, big knee to the gut and Vizier ta Seti finds himself on the wrong side of it!

Anderson: That is exactly what a cheater deserves.

McGinnis: Mateo really needs to capitalize here.

(Mateo drags Seti up by his hair.)

Creed: And it looks like he just might, Brian. Standing leg scissors.

Anderson: I smell a power bomb... and curry.

Creed: That's Indian, you ... never mind.

McGinnis: No! Seti reverses. High back body drop!

Creed: Seti puts the boots to Mateo. Mateo tries to crawl back to his corner as Perfection desperately reaches for the tag. The champ isn't having it!

(Seti grasps Mateo by the neck, and winds him up.)

McGinnis: Text book Neck breaker! Fantastic execution in the middle of the ring.

(Seti pulls Mateo to his feet and sends him into the Seti/Douglas corner. Perfection enters the ring and is stopped by Tony Daniels.)

Anderson: Perfection is the legal man ref! What are you doing!? Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

Creed: Only moments ago you were on the other side of that argument, Terry.

McGinnis: Seti begins to work over Mateo in the corner.

(Douglas reaches out and slaps Seti on the shoulder and enters the ring.)

Creed: If they can keep Perfection out; this may be all but over.

McGinnis: Indeed, Aaron.

(Daniels returns to the action as he hears the slap that he mistakes for a tag. Seti and Douglas argue in front of a dazed Mateo.)

Creed: Well, seems to be some dissention between Seti and Douglas, but then again I don't think anyone thought this would turn out any different here tonight.

Anderson: Douglas only wants his title shot with the Yellow fellow.

Creed: That may be, Terry. Honestly, who can blame the would-be hometown hero for wanting a shot ...at hometown glory.

(Daniels looks to Seti and raises both hands and claps, motioning that he will honor the tag. Seti reluctantly takes to the apron and Douglas pulls Mateo from the corner and spins him around to face Perfection. Douglas smirks at Perfection and turns his back.)

McGinnis: Douglas, the fresh man, sets up Mateo... Belly to Belly! And he tosses Mateo like a rag doll over his head back toward the Seti/Douglas corner.

Creed: This is "Tag Team 101." Cut the man off from his side of the ring.

(Douglas covers Mateo.)

McGinnis: We have a pin. One ... two, no ... only a one count. Mateo may have some life left in him yet! But Douglas is unrelenting, pulls Mateo to his feet, Irish Whip, off the ropes ... Standing Side Kick!

(The sound of Douglas' foot crashing into Mateo's face produces a loud crack causes the crowd to let out a large "oh" in unison. Mateo drops like dead weight in the middle of the ring.)

Creed: Wow! That is a part of Douglas' repertoire we have not seen before folks, and I don't know if Mateo can get up from that one.

Anderson: It doesn't matter WHAT Mateo does. Perfection is the legal man!

Creed: Really, Terry? You're worse than a politician.

McGinnis: Douglas may be showing us some more tricks up his sleeve. Looks like he is going high risk.

(Douglas goes to his and Seti's corner, grabbing the ropes on either side of the turnbuckle and placing his boot on the bottom turnbuckle; he begins his climb. Seti reaches out and slaps Douglas on the shoulder and throws a leg in the ring to enter. Daniel's rushes over to dispute the validity of the tag.)

Creed: Well, it seems to be tit for tat amongst team mates but I don't think Tony Daniels is going to let this one fly.

McGinnis: I think Daniels saw this one.

(Douglas, Seti, and Daniels argue in the corner. Mateo lays motionless in the middle of the ring. Perfection, softly, steps into the ring and grabs Mateo by the wrist and ankle and drags his lifeless body closer to their corner.)

Creed: Speaking of tricks up his sleeve. Perfection has just places Mateo is the perfect, no pun intended, to make the tag. That is if he ever wakes up!

Anderson: He'll wake up! I know it, you know it ... hell, Perfection knows it. Look he is already pulling out that bottle of liquor to celebrate.

(Perfection snatches the bottle up from the apron just behind the turnbuckle and cracks the seal.)

Creed: It may be a bit too early to celebrate.

(Seti, Douglas, and Daniels continue to bicker in the corner over who is the legal man. Perfection leans into the ring between the top and middle rope; hovering over Mateo. He squeezes Mateo's cheeks with his left hand to coax his lips apart as he sloppily pours a nice portion of the liquor down Mateo's gullet.)

Creed: What the ...

Anderson: Perfect! Perfection is a genius!

(Perfection returns to the apron, and stashes the bottle. Mateo's upper body springs upward bring him to a straight legged sitting position. His eyes pop open and widen, as his arms begin to shake violently. The tremor like vibrations spread to his chest and he begins to breathe heavily as if he was hyperventilating. His head and neck get in on the violent motion and he rises to his feet and approaches the ropes adjacent to his corner.)

McGinnis: I'm not sure what is going on here, but this is clearly not wrestling.

Anderson: What are you talking about, McGinnis? This is the ultimate comeback!

(Mateo, fueled by liquor, grabs the top robe and starts shaking violently screaming "Woo!" toward the crowd. Daniels, Seti and Douglas take notice and drop their argument to stare in awe. Mateo begins to snarl and flex wildly as the crowd encourages his insanity. He rounds the corner and hits the other set of ropes downwind of Seti, Douglas and Daniels. Douglas, never breaking line of sight, reaches back to Seti and slaps him in the chest.)

Creed: I think Douglas just tagged in Seti ...

Anderson: You can't do that!

(Seti, likewise, never breaks line of sight of Mateo reaches back and tags Douglas on the shoulder. Daniels, hears the series of tags, turns around with a terrified look on his face and gestures to the two by clapping his hands and shrugging his shoulders, just before retreating to the furthest corner from Mateo.)

Creed: Clearly, Daniels doesn't care who is the legal man ... as long as it isn't him!

(Douglas looks at Seti, and turns back to check Mateo's position. Seti does the same.)

Anderson: Look at them! They don't know what to do!

(Douglas and Seti turn at the same and stare each other down for a moment. Seti motions down by his waist with both open hands referencing the Emerald City Championship belt. Douglas drops his head in defeat and reluctantly charges Mateo.)

McGinnis: Douglas, full head of steam ... but Mateo is not having it! Spine buster!

(Mateo pops back to his feet.)

Creed: Erik Mateo is a man possessed right now! I don't know if he can be stopped.

Anderson: Of course he can't! Perfection only purchases the finest!

(Mateo brings Douglas back to his feet via his hair.)

McGinnis: Sit out power bomb!! Bolo Bomb! Bolo Bomb!

Anderson: I... don't think that's what it's called.

Creed: Cover, one ...

(Seti rushes in to break up the count. Mateo abandons the cover and snaps to his feet)

Creed: Mateo and Seti clash in the middle of the ring! Trading blows but Mateo doesn't seem to be affected one bit!

McGinnis: Erik Mateo is feeling no pain right now! Seti with another right, block. Mateo, kick to the gut! Waist and collar, here it comes... he launches the champion outside to the floor!

(Seti lands awkwardly on his knee on the outside. Mateo approaches the corner and raises his right hand to motion for the bottle. Perfection raises his hand for the tag and points at it with his other. The pair begin arguing. Courtney checks on Seti. Mateo becomes irritated with Perfection's lack of compliance and pushes Perfection off the apron.)

Creed: Mateo turns on his own partner!

Anderson: What is he doing!?

(Mateo looks around and spots the bottle. He grabs it and takes a healthy swig. Seti waves Courtney off and tries to stand. Perfection shakes off his fall and pulls himself back to his feet against the guard rail next to the time keeper.)

McGinnis: Douglas is stirring, but has yet to make it vertical.

(Courtney backs away to give Seti his space as his knee fails and he drops back to the lightly padded floor. Courtney and Perfection back into one another and snap around. Daniels begins the ten count on Douglas who has yet to get to his feet.)

McGinnis: And Daniel's begins the standing ten.

Anderson: Get her, Perfection! She spit in your FACE!

(Perfection reaches out to grab Courtney. She attempts to flee, slowed by her high heels and skin tight leather pants. Perfection wraps his forearm around her throat and holds her hostage. The time keeper flees.)

Creed: Douglas is all but incapacitated in the ring. He can't help her!

McGinnis: Mateo has to put DOWN that bottle and finish this match!

(Seti struggles to his feet and realizes Perfection has Courtney by the throat and hobbles to her defense.)

Creed: The champ to the ladies defense as Mateo introduces Scott Douglas to the bottom side of his
boots in the ring!

(Seti attempts to mount an attack on a bum knee. Perfection pushes Courtney toward Seti as a defense. Seti catches Courtney with a hand on each arm, steadies her and moves her aside. Perfection nabs a steel chair from the time keepers abandoned position and holds it up to fend off the slow, yet unrelenting, pursuit by Seti.)

McGinnis: In the ring, Mateo has Douglas against the ropes. Figuratively and literally... And he is laying those knife edge chops!

Anderson: We could all care less Guinness! Nail him Perfection! Knock his block off!

(Perfection continues to back his way around the ring and back toward the entrance way as Seti follows.)

Creed: This has turned into a complete circus! Seti makes chase, as Douglas takes a brutal DDT in the center of the ring! Mateo could put this to bed at his leisure at this point!

McGinnis: Seti and Perfection have all but abandoned this match in search of blood.

Anderson: Yes! Mateo is on fire!

Creed: I think Mateo drank the fire.

Anderson: What does that even mean, Creed?

(Perfection, now in the entrance way, plants his feet and winds up. Seti doesn't divert his course. Perfection swings but Seti's knee give way again and the chair nearly misses Seti's head and ring again the guard rail. Perfection loses his hold on the chair as Seti pushes off with his good leg and spears Perfection to the floor. The two begin brawling. Mateo returns to the bottle of liquor and swings from the bottle again. Perfection and Seti make it back to their feet and trade blows as they stumble back closer and closer to the curtain.)

Anderson: Get that yellow cheating foreigner!

McGinnis: Mateo still in control in the ring, and he may be looking to finish this off!

(Perfection gains control with a staggering right.)

Creed: On the ramp way, Perfection dropkicks that knee Seti crashed down on earlier.

(Seti falls thru the curtain, out of sight. Perfection follows.)

Anderson: Where are the cameras? We need a camera back there!

McGinnis: Mateo pulling Douglas up.

Creed: I think we have a camera heading to that area to find out what is going on back there!

McGinnis: He setting him up! Bolo Bomb! And again Mateo abandons the pin! What is going through his head right now?

(Mateo goes back to the bottle yet again. Douglas lays lifeless in the middle of the ring. Courtney slaps the apron over and over. Perfection continues his assault on Seti, concentrating on the injured knee.)

Creed: Mateo is going to the top rope! This could be the big elbow!

(Mateo struggles to balance himself on the top turn buckle. Courtney sneaks over to the bottle of liquor and snatches it. She move around the outside of the ring and positions herself in Mateo's line of sight.)

Creed: Courtney Allen has that bottle of liquor now!

(She holds the bottle up by the neck and swings it right to left until Mateo finds his balance and catches a glimpse just before he takes flight.)

Creed: Mateo see's her!

Anderson: Are you blind? The real action is in the back! You're looking at the next champion in charge right now!

(Perfection grabs Seti by the ankle, steps through, and lays into the figure four leg lock.)

Anderson: Picture Perfect! Picture Perfect!

(Mateo jumps straight down, landing on both feet firmly. His first step is with a slight wobble as he walks dead into the ropes as if he had never seen them. He grabs the top rope and steadies himself.)

McGinnis: Mateo has had this match wrapped up several times and once again he is wasting way too much time.

(Mateo reaches, widely and inadequately, for the bottle.)

Creed: This is Scott Douglas' chance!

Anderson: But El Mopito is out cold. Again, why are we focusing in the ring. Perfection is wrenching the hell out of the Yellow guys knee as we speak!

(Courtney wipes the top of the bottle off on her shirt, hoists it high in the air, and brings it back down to her lips and tips the half empty bottle upside down. Mateo is stunned and stairs in disbelief.)

Creed: Courtney Allen is downing what is left of that bottle!

Anderson: Yes sir! She is GETTING naked!

Creed: Now, you're paying attention.

Anderson: Damn, right.

(Courtney raises the bottle up from her lips allowing the last few drops to trickle out. Douglas slowly crawls toward Mateo. Courtney tosses the bottle up toward Mateo. He catches it and inspects the contents as if he can't believe his eyes.)

McGinnis: Douglas is moving!

Creed: SCHOOL BOY! School Boy!

(Mateo drops the bottle to the apron as he is ripped backwards.)

Creed: One...

Anderson: He's holding the tights!

McGinnis: Two, THREE!

(Tony Daniels rises to his feet and signals for the bell. The bell rings.)

Creed: Douglas pulled the fast one on Mateo! Vizier ta Seti and Scott Douglas win!

Bell: And you winners, Vizier ta Seti and "Sup Pop" Scott Douglas!

('Do You Call My Name' by RA hits the PA system.)

Anderson: This ain't over yet.

(Mateo springs up after the pin fall and let loose on Tony Daniels. Mateo kicks Daniels in the gut, and tosses him out of the ring. Douglas struggles to his feet and is met by Mateo's boot. Mateo tosses Douglas to the outside as well. "Woooo!")

Creed: Daniels, then Douglas. Both tossed to the floor like ...

Anderson: Like the trash they are! Daniels cheated Perfection out of a perfect victory. And of course anytime Moppy shows up ... he screws everything up!

(Courtney rushes to Douglas' side. He uses the rail and her help to get up, albeit, slowly. Mateo starts biting and ripping apart the turnbuckles in the ring. Courtney says something inaudible to Douglas and points to the back. The two begin to move toward the entrance way.)

Creed: This has been one hell of a night, folks!

(Douglas and Courtney get to the beginning of the ramp and Douglas stops. He picks up the steel chair left by Perfection and points Courtney back toward the ring. Mateo grabs the bottle and perches himself on the top turnbuckle of the far corner. Douglas continues to the back.)

Creed: Looks like Douglas is hell bent on keeping up his end of the bargain!

(Douglas limps back; holding his head with one hand and the chair with the other.)

Anderson: Perfection, look out! Look out!

Creed: He's not watching at home ... I don't think he can hear you.

(Douglas cocks the chair back, and steps through the curtain.)

Creed: Perfection is gone!

(Vizier ta Seti is laid out amongst road equipment cases holding his knee with both hands. Douglas drops the chair and extends his hand. Seti waves him off.

Anderson: Damn it, Moppy. Hit him!

Creed: There is such a thing as respect, Terry. Something both yourself and Perfection could learn and thing or two about.

(Seti gets up on his none injured knee, trying to regain his vertical stance. Douglas extends his hand once again, and Seti waves him off, again. This time with a bit more frustration.)

Douglas: Seti ... I ...

(Courtney bombs through the curtain with the Emerald City Championship in her hands. Seti hoists himself up on his feet against the black rolling cases scattered about. Douglas takes the belt from Courtney and looks at it for a moment. The tension builds momentarily as Douglas stares longingly at the object of his desire. Seti stands with his weight nearly all on one foot, and measures his options.)

Anderson: Hit him with his own belt!

Creed: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chain Reaction! Anything could happen right now!

(Douglas looks up from the title and with one hand; extends the title to its rightful owner. Seti takes the title from Douglas. Douglas looks to Courtney and motions to follow. They both side step the champion and walk off into the backstage area. Seti leans back against the rolling case, title in hand. Camera cuts back to the announcer's booth.)

Creed: What a turn of events! Can things get any crazier here in the IWF!

Anderson: Just wait until I get in that ring.

(Camera cuts back to Vizier ta Seti who is stumbling through the backstage door towards the parking garage, he screams James as the camera stops following. Cut back to the announcer's booth.)

Creed: What a night we had. For Terry 'The---..

(Creed gets cut off by "Black Rain" by Soundgarden. As the music hits the PA, a wave of excitement passes through the crowd.)

Anderson: WHAT?! What's happening!?

Creed: I'm not sure, Terry... the main event is over, but I think someone may be coming to the ring!

Anderson: WHO!?

(The curtain parts and a single man emerges, prompting the fans filling the Moss Bay Events center to EXPLODE in a thunderous pop.)


McGinnis: The Legend, the Myth, the MAN himself is IN THE MOSS BAY EVENTS CENTER!! "The Undying" Rocko Daymon, former multi-time World Champion and the TRUE hero of city of Seattle, Washington! LISTEN to that reaction!

(Standing in jeans and a black training jacket with The Dojo logo emblazoned across the back, Rocko Daymon takes a long moment scanning the small arena, gazing over the throngs of screaming fans. He performs his signature fist pump pose as a way of acknowledging their reaction before making his way down to the ring.)

Creed: We were unfortunate to miss him at The Experience, but the Paragon of Professional Wrestling himself has shocked everyone here in the building tonight by making this completely unexpected and fashionably late appearance!

Anderson: I'm surprised he's even able to WALK after that knock on the head Perfection gave him with the tire iron! He should've been brain-damaged!

McGinnis: They don't call him "the Undying" for nothing, Terry!

Anderson: Yeah, so he can take a licking and keep on ticking... but he's still a wash-up in my book!

Creed: Regardless of what you may think, Terry, I feel we are truly graced to be in the presence of one of the most inspiring and experienced figures in professional wrestling to date! But one has to wonder... what brings the former World Champion to Chain Reaction tonight?

McGinnis: I don't know, Aaron, but judging by the look on his face, there seems to be a lot going through his mind...

(Despite the warm reaction from his hometown crowd, Daymon wears the expression of a man who is not exactly feeling at ease. He makes his way around the ring to collect a microphone before ascending the steps and stepping through the ropes. The crowd picks up a "ROC-KO!!" chant after the music cuts out, and he lets it go on for a few moments, soaking in the love without a smile on his face, before raising the mic to let his voice be heard.)

Daymon: Strength and Vision, Emerald City...

Crowd: *POP!!*

Daymon: Thank you... I'm truly honored to be here tonight, with all of you. I hope you enjoyed the show this evening. But before I go any further... I want to apologize to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart. A few weeks ago... many of you were expecting me to step into this ring... going head to head with your Emerald City Champion. But, as we all know... that didn't exactly pan out.

Creed: And of course, we all know WHY...

Anderson: Because he's a punk, and he thinks he's better than the IWF!

McGinnis: Clearly, Terry, you have selective memory. I'm sure Daymon would have been more than willing to compete in the main event at The Experience had Perfection not jumped him backstage before the match.

(Daymon bears a solemn and sober expression, speaking from the bottom of his heart as he addresses his hometown fans.)

Daymon: Now... I'm not here to make excuses. Regardless of what happened, I made a commitment to come out here and giving you a match worth your time and money. But... because of powers completely out of my control, I couldn't live up to that commitment. For that, I am truly sorry...

Anderson: And you SHOULD be, punk! I lost fifty bucks on a match that never happened!

Creed: If you ask me, he shouldn't have to apologize for anything. Perfection is the REAL reason that match never happened! Still, you have to admire the man's selflessness, coming out here and giving the fans an honest apology.

(The audience is quiet, lingering on every word. Rocko's eyes aren't looking to the mat in shame; he's making eye contact with every person sitting in those seats, making a connection as one would with people he genuinely cares about.

Daymon: But I want all of you to know... that I'm going to make every effort to ensure that each and every one of you out there who were hoping to see "The Undying" Rocko Daymon in the IWF ring will be personally refunded their money by yours truly.

Creed: WOW!!

Anderson: WHAT?! He can't be serious...

(The crowd buzzes with excitement. Free money? Hell yeah! Daymon waves a hand in dismissal.)

Daymon: Forget whatever Chairman Cho wants to give me for compensation... I'm not in this for a paycheck. I'm here for YOU, IWF.

Crowd: *POP!*

Daymon: I'm in this to make sure you're all satisfied with the product you're watching... and I know a lot of you weren't satisfied with what should have been a major climax to this federation's first major event. That's not what professional wrestling is about... and it's DEFINITELY not what SEATTLE wrestling is about!

(He draws another hometown pop.)

Daymon: So I'm personally going to go to every length to make sure every one of you is repaid... and come to think of it, I'm going to go a step further.

(Daymon turns his attention to the cameras, directing his words to a new audience.)

Daymon: Mr. Mori... I know you're watching back there... and I know you've got a mess on your hands, given what went down at the The Experience... but I'm willing to be generous, and fix it for you. All I ask if for two things in return...

(He holds up his index finger.)

Daymon: Number one... you give me Perfection, in this ring.

(The crowd pops LOUD! Daymon pauses a beat to let them have the moment.)

Creed: Oh man! "The Undying" Rocko Daymon is calling for Perfection in a match!

Anderson: He's a fool! Perfection would end this dinosaur's career in a heartbeat!

(Daymon holds up the next finger.)

Daymon: And number two... you give me THAT TRASH-TALKING SON OF A B*TCH you call your "champion"... IN THIS RING!!

(The crowd pops LOUDER! There is fire in the eyes of "The Undying" Rocko Daymon as he glares into the camera.)

Creed: Not only Perfection, but also the Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti! Rocko Daymon is making the request right here TONIGHT to face off against the two top stars in IWF! Maybe we'll get the main event to The Experience after all!

Anderson: Who does this guy think he is, coming in here making demands? Just because he's a former World Champion doesn't mean he can just snap his fingers and demand an instant title shot!

(Daymon approaches the ropes, his eyes shooting daggers into the camera.)

Daymon: VIZIER TA SETI... if you're listening back there, then I got some words for you, CHAMP...

McGinnis: Oh boy...

Daymon: A couple weeks ago, you came into MY home, and told a slew of bold-faced LIES to MY people. But you didn't know the truth of the matter, Seti... and if you ask me, I really have to wonder if you even CARED.

Anderson: Does ANYBODY?

Daymon: You may be the Emerald City Champion... but that doesn't mean you can say whatever you want to whoever you want without owning up to it. Being a Champion is more than just tough talk and promising you'll defend that strap under any circumstances. It's about HONOR... INTEGRITY... RESPECT... three qualities that I serious question you having. You can talk like a champ... but you have yet to show me you can walk the PATH of a TRUE Champion.

Creed: Those are some strong words from the former multi World Champion... but then, he's responding to some very strong statements delivered by the Emerald City Champion at The Experience.

Daymon: So here's your chance, champ. You want a piece of THE PARAGON OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING EXCELLENCE?! Name the time and place. No more talk... no more posturing... let's just get it done already. Title or no title... it doesn't matter to me. All I want is YOU in this ring.

Crowd: *POP!!*

McGinnis: The loyal fans of Seattle clearly approve!

Creed: This is quite contrary to the "celebrity" image as described by Vizier ta Seti back at The Experience! Rocko Daymon is standing on no pedastal here tonight, ladies and gentlemen! With absolutely no interest in gaining fame or fortune, he is making a direct challenge to the man that called him out at IWF's first major event!

(Daymon holds up a finger, a gesture to indicate that he is switching topics.)

Daymon: And as for YOU, Perfection...?

(The raised finger turns into a clenched fist.)

Daymon: I don't think anything really needs to be said to you. You're going to find out very soon, that what you did just a couple weeks ago... that was the worst mistake of your life.

(Rocko Daymon turns his attention back to the audience, doing his signature single fist pump.)

Daymon: People of Seattle... be safe getting home tonight! Know that no matter what the haters and critics say about me, I'll ALWAYS be here with you!

(The crowd POPS HUGE as "Black Rain" hits the PA. Daymon makes a few more poses for the fans and exits the ring, exchanging high-fives as he makes his way back up the ramp to the backstage.)

Creed: And there you have it, folks! Former multi World Champion, "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON, has made his words here tonight on Chain Reaction! As humble as any other man in that locker room, he came out tonight and addressed these fans not as a major leage federation all-star, but simply a local wrestling hero, to delivery a poignant message to the Emerald City Champion and the number one contender!

Anderson: What an attention whore! PERFECTION is the man who should be getting all the hype, and here comes Mr. Hotshot, I'm-Super-Famous-From-TV hogging all the spotlight! If you ask me, Rock just needs to HANG IT UP, already!

McGinnis: Regardless of what people think of him, Rocko Daymon REFUSES to give up and die on the sport of professional wrestling! Clearly, he dispelled some perceptions here tonight that may have indicated he thought himself ABOVE a federation on the level of IWF. He may be a big name, but definitely showed here tonight that he remembers the city that made him the legendary figure he is today!

Creed: There's no telling how Commissioner Art Mori will react to this speech. Will he agree to Daymon's requests?

McGinnis: Daymon doesn't seem to be motivated by profit, so it's definitely plausible from a monetary consideration... but if you ask me, Aaron, the Commish right now needs to focus on pushing his homegrown talent. Vizier ta Seti and Perfection for the Emerald City Championship is what's important for IWF right now, and despite the intentions of the former World Champion, this isn't the right time to get involved.

Anderson: Yeah, no kidding! Perfection doesn't need to waste his time with this fossil! We all know he'd just break a hip halfway through the match, anway! All that's important now is that Perfection wins the Emerald City Title, so we don't have to go through the hassle of changing the record books!

Creed: Oh, Terry, would you get off that already? Anyway... thank you for joining us this evening at Chain Reaction, folks! We'll have more updates throughout the week on the fallout of everything we've seen here tonight! For Terry "The Idol" Anderson and Brian McGinnis... I'm Aaron Creed! Join us again next week right here at the Moss Bay Events center in Seattle for MORE great wrestling action from the International Wrestling Federation!

Anderson: PEACE!

(Fade to black.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Prolouge: 'Close Encounters of the Brother Kind'

(Douglas and Courtney Allen, now in street clothes, exit the Moss Bay Event Center out the a rear exit. Making small talk amongst one another; they breathe white steam in the cold night air. Most likely about the nights events that just took place. Douglas' bag is slung over his left shoulder and Courtney huddles to his right side trying to shield herself from the cold. "Scott ... Douglas" a voice calls out from the shadows.)

Douglas: What now?

Courtney: Oh, no.

Douglas: What?

(Douglas and Courtney stop.)

Courtney: That sounds like ...

(The voice draws closer. "Siss'!")

Courtney: ... Derrick. ****!

Douglas: Derrick Allen, long time no see, sir.

(Derrick Allen, Courtney's older brother, approaches his sister and her boyfriend. His clothes are simple and understated; t-shirt, jackets, jeans, boots. The red glowing cherry from his cigarette can be seen slight seconds before his face can. He pulls the cigarette from his lips and exhales as he speaks. The cold night air makes the smoke seem never ending and its readily interchangeable with the results of a drastic body heat and outside temperature contrast.)

Derrick: "Sup Pop" Scott. You've come a long way from the South Park Community Center, sir.

(Douglas reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. The tension between the three is clear and lends to a awkward back and forth.)

Douglas: Not really, sir. It's ten minutes from here.

(Douglas lights his cigarette. Takes the first drag.)

Douglas: I just took the long way to get here. Via Texas, sir.

(Douglas exhales.)

Derrick: Apparently that'd the best route, sir. I went through Canada, and I never made it.

Douglas: At least, it was scenic, sir.

Derrick: I see you two are back together. I assume the mayor and local precincts have been notified.

(Courtney laughs nervously. Douglas continues smoking his cigarette. Derrick does the same. The tension builds thicker with each passing, off handed, comment.)

Douglas: You didn't ask for a job. You rocked you're clever joke. What has you hanging outside the event center tonight, If I may ...Sir.

(Derrick pulls from his cigarette one last time before dropping it to the ground and exhaling. He steps in toward Courtney. Douglas readies on the offensive but backs down as Derrick extends an arm and gives Courtney a half of a hug. She commits to the embrace slightly, but is obviously apprehensive. )

Derrick: Why Scott, I am truly offended, sir. I came here for nothing more than to buy a ticket, watch a show, and say hello to my beautiful sister and one of my oldest friends. By the way, Siss' ... quick thinking out there tonight. You really saved Scotty's ass on that one.

(Douglas finishes his cigarette and lets it fall to the concrete. Courtney smiles nervously.)

Courtney: Thanks, D', it was great to see you. It's been so long, we really should catch up sometime.

Derrick: Of course, little siss'. I'm back in town now. I'm sure we'll see each other around.

Douglas: I bet we will, sir.

Derrick: Scotty, always a pleasure, sir.

(Derrick turns to walk away.)

Derrick: Nice. work out there tonight, sir. Keep up the good job!

(Derrick walks off and out of sight. Douglas and Courtney look to one another, but say nothing. Copyright. Fade.)

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