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Chain Reaction 6!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

[Catching Up to the Past, Part V]

Art: As promised; one front row seat to tonight's event, and all the contracts as we previously agreed upon... All that is needed now; is your signature on the final page and a series of unexplained initials on subsequent pages.

(Derrick Allen stands in Art's make shift office in the nether regions of the Moss Bay Event center. Several papers along with the aforementioned ticket are strewn across Art's desk. The two share a hearty hand shake and directly following; Derrick reaches for the pen.)

Derrick: Sounds good, Art. You don't mind if I call you Art do you?

(Derrick doesn't wait on a response although Mr. Morti appears to be forming one in displeasure.)

Derrick: Good. Well, Art ... I think this is the beginning of something beautiful.

(Art cow tows to Derricks assertive charm; hesitating only while giving Derrick enough time to make his final signature on the last page.)

Art: I believe it will, D'.

Derrick: I prefer, Mr. Allen.

(Art is looks shocked, but is interrupted before he can respond.)

Scott: Really? So this is the ends to your means, sir?!

(Scott Douglas enters the small office with Courtney Allen, in toe.)

Art: Douglas, this is a closed meeting and you ... nor Miss Allen have any business here.

Douglas: Should have closed the door then Art.

Art: That is Mister ...

(Douglas interrupts Art.)

Scott: Explain yourself, sir!

Derrick: I.W.F. is becoming extremely popular.

(Derrick chuckles)

Derrick: You practically have to sign you life away to get a ticket. Art and I were
just talking... it must be the hometown draw of "Sup Pop" Scott, himself.

Scott: Don't patronize me, sir. You just signed on; didn't you?

Courtney: You got a contract here, D'!?

Derrick: Sure did, Court'!

Art: But when I called you ...

(Derrick interrupts.)

Derrick: The Allen's' are employed!

Courtney: I'm so happy for you big brother!

Scott: You don't see what he is doing Court'!? It's plain as day!

Courtney: Why can't you just be happy for him?

Scott: It's not that simple.

Derrick: Why can't it be, Scott?

Art: If you all are quite done I need ...

Derrick: Local boy makes good. I only want the same thing that you do, sir.

Courtney: I can't believe you acting this way, Scott.

Scott: Are you serious, miss?

Courtney: Don't talk to me in that off handed, fake ass, sarcastic polite tone that you two talk to each other in. If that's how you want to deal with each other... fine. But if you can't at least be happy for my own brother right now, regardless of whatever misguided disdain you may be harboring toward him ... then you're on your own tonight.

Scott: Awesome. That's ... just awesome. I've had about all I can take of the Allen's anyway. You both have a wonderful night.

(Scott storms out of the small office.)

Derrick: Hey, Artie ... ol' boy. Think you can make that two front row tickets ...



I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007


Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

V/O: What is Chain Reaction?

CUTTO Mateo: Raw

More lightning...........

CUTTO Kuroyama: Tradition

More lightning...........

CUTTO Perfection: Perfect

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

CUTTO Douglas: Home

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........


"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Eddie Whisky standing frustrated in the middle of the ring.
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd!

CUTTO: A zoom in shot of Vizier ta Seti standing in the ring, Emerald City Championship resting on his shoulder.

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

(Camera fades in to the announcer's booth.)

Creed: Hello and welcome wrestling fans to Chain Reaction!!!!! We've got a hell of a show planned for you tonight.

Anderson: You got that right Creedy boy! Perfection is finally going to shut that yap of Rocko Daymon's.

McGinnis: It's funny that you would select that match as the marquee spot for tonight. Considering that the Emerald City Championship will be defended for the first time in IWF history!

Anderson: Bah Vizier ta Seti doesn't deserve that title. Perfection was screwed out of it, he's our rightful champion.

Creed: Those are not the only matches on our slate tonight folks! First up will be a rematch between Mary-Lynn Mayweather and Eddie Whisky.

McGinnis: The last time these two met, Mary-Lynn pulled off quite a comeback and scored a quick pinfall.

Creed: Eddie Whisky was not happy about that one bit. In fact it's been rumored by IWF's twitter followers, that Eddie Whisky is unable to beat a female in the ring.

Anderson: Twitter? What the hell is a twitter?

McGinnis: Something like twitter is far beyond your scope, Terry. As much as I would love to see Mary-Lynn pull off another victory I have a feeling that Whisky will be determined to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Creed: Next on the slate is Erik Mateo vs. the debuting Eddie Patton.

Anderson: Mateo is my MAN! I am sure he will come away with the victory tonight.

McGinnis: Erik Mateo is a man that is hard to define. Even after being the man pinned in the tag team main event last night he sure looked extremely strong. I just hope he realizes that he doesn't need whiskey in his stomach to provide the surge that he showed during Chain Reaction 5.

Creed: Eddie Patton certainly has a huge task ahead of him if he looks to come out with a victory tonight. But I have to wonder if that task will be as big as the one facing Perfection tonight.

Anderson: What task? Shutting the mouth of a dead beat wrestler who thinks he's god's gift to Seattle? Perfection is god's gift to everyone! The most Perfect wrestler to ever grace any squared circle.... EVER!!

McGinnis: I think that's taking it a bit too far, Anderson. However, as I showcased Rocko's legacy on The Fuse....

Anderson: You did WHAT ON MY SHOW?

Creed: Terry calm down.

McGinnis: Your show? It's IWF's show....

Anderson: Creedy boy, please tell me he is joking.

Creed: I am afraid not, Terry.

McGinnis: Anyways... it's clear to me that Rocko is coming into tonight's match with a purpose. That purpose is to show he is still a top flight wrestler.

Anderson: Top flight my @ss! Stephen Waltz could easily take him in that ring. Speaking of Waltz, why is he not on the card tonight?

Creed: Not sure Terry, but it might have something to do with you.

Anderson: What's that supposed to mean?

Creed: Nothing. To top off the night it will be an IWF Emerald City Championship bout as Vizier ta Seti takes on Scott Douglas!

Anderson: Moppy has no business being in a title match.

McGinnis: You may believe that Terry, but Seti made Douglas an offer. Douglas accepted the offer and then delivered the results expected. They won their tag match last week, hence the title shot tonight.

Anderson: Perfection should be getting this shot.

McGinnis: Perfection is the #1 contendor regardless of this match outcome. Don't worry he'll get his shot just not tonight. I must say though, that Douglas will have a hard time walking away as champion tonight. After the recent events, that have taken place with Daymon and Perfection, I am sure Vizier ta Seti is determined to show tonight just what kind of champion he is.

Anderson: A yellow champion you mean?

Creed: Regardless of that fact Terry, he is still IWF's champion and it will be a great sight to see the Emerald City Championship on the line. I am sure Scott Douglas is excited to get an opportunity like this and will put forth everything he has for a chance to win.

McGinnis: Couldn't agree more Aaron.

Creed: Well folks, we'll be right back after some quick commercials to bring you our first match up.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
MLM vs. Eddie Whisky

Mary-Lynn Mayweather was introduced first in this match up. As per usual she was given a standing ovation by the mostly male audience. Anderson foamed at the mouth upon her arrival stating she was nothing more then eye candy. Aaron Creed asked why he was so opposed to that? Anderson didn't have an answer.

Eddie Whisky came out next, a large chorus of boos rained down upon him and he ignored all of it as he was dead set on the center of the ring.

The bell rang and this match started off similar to their previous one. Anderson completely bad mouthing MLM's in ring experience and overjoyed that Whisky took the clear and early advantage.

McGinnis noted that although their last match started out with such similarities it looked as if Whisky was more focused this time. Upping the ante a bit on his move selection in this one, Whisky wowed the announce team by smashing MLM into the mat with a top rope choke slam. Creed thought it was over after that but Whisky refused to hook her leg on the pin and in result got a kickout on the 2 1/2 count.

Just like their previous match, the crowd started a MLM chant and this seemed to unnerve Eddie Whisky a bit. After almost complete domination in the first five minutes of the match he took one risk too many when he tried to set MLM up for a top rope suplex. She hit him with a series of kicks and punches to the face, perched herself up on the top turnbuckle and nailed him with an amazing Missile drop kick.

The crowd erupted in cheers but MLM was only able to secure a two count. After applying a wrenched armbar to slow the bigger man down, she was forced to let go of the hold after he reached the ropes. Taking a breather on the outside, Whisky went under the ring apron and came out with a chair.

McGinnis was livid at the sight of this but Anderson was cheering. Whisky slid in the ring and ref Tony Daniels did his best to stop him, but couldn't. Whisky plowed through him and nailed MLM directly in the head with a massive chair shot. She fell straight to the mat and Whisky did not stop until two more chair shots later, when IWF security pulled him off of her. The booing of the crowd seemed to anger Whisky even more as Aaron Creed announced they were cutting to commercial.

Winner: Mary-Lynn Mayweather (via DQ)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Eddie Patton vs. Erik Mateo

Eddie Patton hit the ring first in this bout. He received a few cheers, mainly stemming from his recent promos. Brian McGinnis made note of Patton's supposed technical wrestling training and how it would be an advantage to him to keep the match from turning into a brawl.

The Idol cheered big for Erik Mateo as he came to the ring, the cheering became even louder when he realized Mateo had a bottle of whiskey with him.

Tony Daniels signaled for the bell once both men got into the ring. Mateo placed his whiskey bottle carefully near a corner turnbuckle and turned to Patton, begging him to come at him.

First few minutes of the match were fast paced as Eddie had gotten the early advantage. He hit him with a various assault of technical moves, including a Russian Leg Sweep, Fisherman Driver and a few submissions thrown in here and there.

Most notable turn of events came when Patton had Mateo hooked into a Single leg boston crab. Mateo powered his way to the ropes, breaking the hold and then slipped to the outside of the ring.

Daniels started the ten count and Aaron Creed took notice that Mateo was headed for his whiskey bottle. McGinnis didn't like this one bit as he felt it was a disgrace to drink while wrestling. Terry Anderson loved every second of it as he saw Mateo down what looked to be five shots in one gulp.

The fans booed Mateo in the process and he spat at them, while climbing back into the ring. Patton met him at the ropes but Mateo was obviously energized, pounding Patton down with a series of rights and lefts. After whipping Patton into the ropes and nailing him with a hard clothesline, Mateo signaled for the finisher.

Patton, blocked the Sitdown Powerbomb, much to the dismay of both Erik Mateo and his number 1 fan Terry Anderson. But Mateo hadn't lost control yet, in fact, much to his current resume he grabbed Patton by the head and tossed him hard out of the ring. So hard in fact Patton landed on the ring steps on his departure. Tony Daniels seeing this, immediately started the 10 count and Patton couldn't make it in time.

We were left in the ring to Mateo with his arm raised and his other hand pouring whiskey down his throat.

Winner: Erik Mateo (via Count out)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Whisky's Angry

(Camera cuts to Eddie Whisky storming the backstage area. He comes upon Art Mori's office and without knocking throws the door open and charges in.)

Paz: What the hell!?

(Whisky looks around, Art Mori is MIA and Courtney Paz is sitting behind his desk.)

Paz: Is there something you need Eddie?

Whisky: YEAH! I want Mary-Lynn Mayweather in a NO DQ match at Chain Reaction 7.

Paz: No DQ? Are you kidding me?! You just got done assualting her, in that ring, because you couldn't put her away. You expect us to reward you with a match favored heavily in your direction?

(Without responding Whisky clears the table with one stroke of his arm, slams his hand down and stares directly at Courtney Paz.)

Whisky: If I don't get what I want, SHE won't be the only woman on my list to put down. You got me?

(Feeling somewhat fearful, Courtney leans back and tries to avoid his stare.)

Paz: Look... I don't assign matches around here.... but...

Whisky: BUT?

Paz: I'll pass the message along to Art for you. Could you please leave before I have to call security?

(Whisky, smiling, turns around and exits the office. Courtney lets out a sigh of relief and starts to pick up the various papers and desk items Whisky tossed to the ground. Fade to commercials.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Perfection vs. Rocko Daymon

The fans erupted in cheers as Rocko Daymon's new music, 'Black Rain' by Soundgarden hit the PA. They have been waiting for this match ever since what transpired at The Experience. Ripping the fans chances to see him perform, made this an even more important moment for Rocko. Coming down to the ring he was followed by members of The Dojo. Notable sightings included Kerry Kuroyama and Frank Ares.

Terry 'The Idol' Anderson blasted Daymon for this approach, saying that he is going to need the help of all those men if he hopes to come out of this match with a victory over Perfection.

McGinnis disagreed, stating that if Perfection and perhaps even Terry Anderson, paid attention to the latest Fuse edition they would realize that Perfection is in for a great challenge.

Upon Perfection's introduction to the ring, Creed had to interrupt Anderson and McGinnis as their arguements grew louder and angier. Perfection received a large chorus of boos, opposite of Daymon's mostly cheering intro. Perfection didn't mind one bit and even tossed in the crowd a towel he used to wipe down his face.

Before the bell rang, Perfection approached head ref Tony Daniels about Daymon's entourage. Daymon quickly took notice and told his friends to leave the ring side area. Perfection laughed as the men walked to the back and even made a rude gesture towards Kuroyama, who had to be held back from charging the ring.

Once the bell had rung, Perfection extended his hand in hopes to get a handshake before competing. Daymon waved him off and immediately went in for a grapple. It caught Perfection off guard to say the least and for the next two-three minutes the crowd was treated to a wrestling clinic by 'The Undying One'.

Anderson couldn't help himself but to proclaim that Daymon was nothing more then a cheap shotting bastard and that no one but Perfection was truly worthy of being IWF's Emerald City Champion.

Creed commented on how well Daymon was moving around in the ring in the early moments of the match, but once Perfection took a diving shoulder to the back of Daymon's knee the match took a turn in favor of James Witherhold.

Working in various submission moves and joint related wrestling moves. Perfection went deep to work on Daymon's knees and legs, obviously setting him up for his finisher.

Perfection posed for the crowd after nailing a beautiful release German Suplex and the crowd gave him an earful in return. McGinnis pointed towards the entrance ramp as Vizier ta Seti made his way through the curtains. The crowd's boos suddenly turned to cheers and Perfection realized that Seti was watching the in ring action.

After flipping him off, he went back to work on Daymon. Hitting him with a hard snap suplex, Perfection pulled Daymon quickly back up and threw him into the ropes, Daymon reversed a back body into a knee to the face. He quickly went to capitalize on the move as the crowds cheering of his resurgence quickly energized him. Nailing Perfection with a fisherman suplex, he held on with the bridge and got a 2 count.

Anderson was fuming, stating that Seti's arrival distracted Perfection from finishing off Daymon. McGinnis and Creed both highly disagreed. Daymon went back to work on Perfection, hitting him with a flying neckbreaker, running powerslam and a twisting body to body suplex after an irish whip reversal were just some of the highlights on the back and forth that was experienced over the next five minutes.

Rocko looked to be in complete control and was ready to set Perfection up for his finisher, when the crowd suddenly turned into a Seti/Daymon chant. Daymon looked out and finally saw Seti watching the in ring action, however he had moved his location into an unoccupied seat. The fans chants were obvious as they wanted to finally see Seti and Daymon in the ring together.

Daymon, overlooking Perfection slowly getting to his feet, walked to the ropes and pointed towards Seti. The IWF champion stood to his feet and tapped the belt on his shoulder. Daymon shouted towards him and did not see Perfection incoming from behind. Perfection spinned Daymon around, kicked him in the gut and nailed him with a bridged Northern Lights Suplex.

The ref counted and a millisecond after hitting the three, Daymon kicked out. It was too late however as the bell was rung and Perfection had his hand raised in victory. Daymon was furious and argued that he kicked out in time, but was more frustrated with himself then anything which was obvious as Daymon slapped the turnbuckle in frustration.

Perfection made a quick exit and Daymon proceeded to stare Vizier ta Seti down as he made his exit towards the locker rooms. The crowd continued their Set/Daymon chant well into commercial.

Winner: Perfection (via Pin fall)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event: {Emerald City Championship} Vizier ta Seti(c) vs. Scott Douglas

Bell: Ladies and gentlemen, the following competition is scheudild for one fall and its for the Emerald City Championship! Introducing first the challenger ... Hailing from the Southpark Section of Seattle, Washington...

(Cheap pop.)

Bell: ...weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds and standing six foot one... "SUP POP" Scott Douglas!

("Baby Takes" by Green River rings out on the public address system. Scott Douglas appears from behind the curtains and throws both of his taped fists above his head and gets a decent pop. He pauses momentarily and glances back awaiting the arrival of Courtney Allen.)

Creed: Douglas seems to be looking for Courtney to come out of those curtains but that going to be difficult especially considering she is sitting ring side with her brother.

(The camera cuts to Derrick and Courtney Allen sitting ringside talking amongst themselves.)

McGinnis: Derrick Allen. Who we saw signing what could have only been an IWF contract with Art Morti prior to tonight's broadcast.

Creed: My thoughts exactly, Brian. In that same meeting we saw a rift between Scott Douglas and Courtney Allen where she made it very clear she would not be in Scott's corner tonight against IWF's Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti.

(Douglas slides in the ring and holds his wrists and then his boots out, for Tony Daniels to check for foreign objects.)

Bell: His opponent; hailing from Giza, Egypt weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, standing six foot three inches... the reigning IWF Emerald City Champion... Vizier ta Seti!

('Do You Call My Name' by RA hits the PA system, and the crowd comes to their feet with a loud pop. Seti steps out from behind the curtains in baggy black pants that dawn a gold Horus design and dusty worn boots. His right cheek painted with a black ankh symbol and the left with an eight pointed star. The belt strapped titles around his waist. His Mohawk sticking up high above his head in spikes; the hieroglyph of a viper on each side of his head.)

Creed: "The champ' is here..."

Anderson: You mean; the yellow "champ' is here."

Creed: Would you call Ali the black champ, Terry?

(Seti hits the ring and hands the titles over to Daniels. Daniels holds it aloft momentarily and passes it down to the time keeper.)

Anderson: No, I'd call him a leaf.

Creed: A leaf? ... wait, never mind.

(Daniels checks Seti's wrists and boots and calls for the bell.)

McGinnis: There's the bell and we should see a lock up here.

(Seti and Douglas circle one another a few times and then simultaneously launch toward one another and lock up.)

McGinnis: Color and elbow tie up. Douglas favors chain wrestling, but Seti is no stranger to the technical side of the sport.

(The pair struggle for the upper hand but neither can achieve it. They each push back and break away. The two begin to circle again. Douglas rotates his right wrist and squeezes it with his left hand.)

Creed: These two are somewhat evenly matched if you let the tape tell it. Douglas only giving up two inches to the champion. However he is, nearly, thirty pounds lighter.

Anderson: El Moppito is going to wipe the floor with this yellow freak.

(Seti holds his right hand high calling for a test of strength.)

Creed: Hold the phone, stop the presses... Terry "The Idol" Anderson is Team Douglas, tonight?

(Douglas follows suit and the two edge toward one another with some hesitation.)

Anderson: Don't get you panties all in a bunch, Creed. Anyone who can put this freakish foreign minister down flat on his back gets my seal of approval.

McGinnis: Test of strength!

Anderson: Well, at least for tonight. I mean let's face it, Douglas is practically a Mexican.

Creed: Your diplomatic ignorance has a hierarchy?

McGinnis: Seti with the upper hand!

(Seti brings Douglas' arms down and around and applies the pressure to his upturned wrists. Seti leans in chest to chest and forces Douglas back into a bridge.)

Anderson: Of course, Creed. What am I a savage? Furthest away, most hated. Not to mention after the show tonight I was hoping to see if Douglas could give me a quote on my landscaping.

McGinnis: Douglas, now, fighting his way back up.

(Douglas struggles to get vertical. Seti throws a knee to the stomach and ducks his head underneath Douglas' right arm.)

McGinnis: Northern lights Suplex!

Creed: And Seti bridges for the pin, but only a one count as Douglas is quick to kick out.

Anderson: Of course he did. You're going to have to do more than that to put down good old, Sub ...ahhh, Sup ... Is it Sub Pop or Sup Pop, Creed?

(Douglas and Seti both pull themselves to their feet. Seti slightly quicker than Douglas.)

Creed: Sub Pop. Seti and Douglas both back to their feet now. The champion in control, Irish whip into the ropes. Reversed! Seti off the ropes!

McGinnis: Drop Toe Hold by Douglas!

Creed: This is where Douglas has to capitalize if he wants to win this thing.

McGinnis: Seti back to his feet trying to shake off that face plant.

Creed: Douglas in the driver's seat. Sends Seti to the corner, big splash!

(Seti ducks out of the corner. Douglas barrels in chest first into the turnbuckle. Lands on his feet and stumbles backward.)

McGinnis: Nobody home!

(Seti meets Douglas chest to back and applies a full nelson and snaps back.)

Creed: Dragon suplex!

(Seti springs to his feet. Douglas rolls over slowly.)

Creed: The tables have turned here once again!

Anderson: Get up you lazy ground keeper!

Creed: Terry, watch it. You're going to offend our valued Hispanic demographic.

Anderson: They don't understand English... and what demographic? We don't even have a Spanish announce team.

McGinnis: The champion now, showing everyone why he has the belt, isn't wasting anytime. He pulls Scott Douglas to his feet!

(Seti attempts a kick to the stomach. Douglas catches it.)

McGinnis: Blocked ... Enzuigiri! Scott Douglas just dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Creed: Vizier ta Seti for the cover! One, two ... only two as Douglas barley gets that shoulder up in time.

Anderson: Fast count! Mucho rapido!

Creed: I think Seti may be ready to finish this off.

(The camera cuts briefly to Courtney and Derrick still at ringside. Courtney leans in to Derrick and says something inaudible. In ring, Seti drags Douglas to his feet by his hair. Leans into Douglas, causing his back to press against the nearest set of ropes, and then whipping him across the ring at a high velocity.)

McGinnis: Fury of Fates! No! Douglas ducks, back of the ropes, cross body, cover! One...

Creed: The champ launches Scott Douglas up and off; breaking the cover. Douglas is slow to his feet.

(Seti jumps up and shakes off the reversal and cover attempt. Douglas, near the corner, has made it to a knee, clenching his stomach.)

McGinnis: Seti might be going in for the kill here.

(Douglas swings up and gets a cheap shot on the champion and comes to his feet to take advantage.)

Anderson: There you go, amigo!

Creed: Douglas trying to take control here, throwing several wild right hands. The champion in on rubber legs.

(Douglas steps back and falls into the ropes and shoots back at Seti with a fore arm smash.)

McGinnis: Big forearm there! Referee Tony Daniels' warning to watch the elbow.

(Seti stagger back toward the middle of the ring.)

Creed: This could be Scott's shot.

(Douglas clenches Seti and snaps him back.)

McGinnis: Belly to Belly Suplex! Excellent execution.

Anderson: Damn right Guinness... Corona has this all locked up.

(Douglas pulls Seti to his feet, and latches his right arm around his neck in preparation for the Sub Pop maneuver.)

Creed: Here we go! We are getting ready to crown a new Emerald City Champion!

(Douglas throws Seti's arm over his own neck, grabs and pulls up his knee.)

McGinnis: Sub Pop!

(Seti forces his leg free as he goes vertical and grasps Douglas' neck.)

Creed: No! Neck breaker! Necker breaker! Seti covers. One, two, thr...

Anderson: He kicked! He kicked!

Creed: Indeed, he did. Two and three quarters, and Seti doesn't look thrilled.

(Seti looks to Tony Daniels for a moment, and decides not to waste his time arguing the pin. He stands and pulls Douglas to his feet. Seti grabs him belly to belly, around the neck and leg.)

McGinnis: T-Bone Suplex! What an impact! These two are putting on a clinic tonight!

Anderson: Shut it, Guinness. This is only a minor setback in Tequila's eventual defeat of...

(Seti rises back to his feet.)

Anderson: Of ...

(Seti drags Douglas up.)

Anderson: I don't know any Egyptian beers.

Creed: Surprising, Terry. Vizier ta Seti on the offensive once again. No, small package! One... one count only. Scott Douglas is going to need a little more than that to put the champion to bed tonight!

Anderson: Damn it!

McGinnis: Douglas on his feet! Seti is up, beautiful standing drop kick! Seti goes down.

Anderson: This is it! This is it!

Creed: Douglas pulls Seti to his feet, right, left right!

(That last punch spins Seti around. Douglas clutches as the waist.)

McGinnis: Release German Suplex!

(Douglas gets vertical and heads for the corner.)

Creed: Scott Douglas is pulling out all the stops. He is going high risk. Possibly a moonsault?

(Scott climbs the turnbuckle and steadies himself. From his new vantage point he catches his first look at Derrick and Courtney Allen sitting front row. Derrick stands up and begins clapping and obnoxiously shouting.)

Derrick Allen: Yeah! Let's go Scotty! Let's go!

(Courtney, still in her seat, tugs at Derricks arm urging him to cut out his antics and take his seat. He ignores her. Seti stirs. Scott jumps down from the ropes and continues his staring match with Derrick.)

Creed: The champion pulling it back together. Scott Douglas has to get his head back into this match.

(Derrick continues.)

Derrick Allen: You can do it, sir! Scott-y, Scott-y!

(Derrick's attempt at starting a chant pushes Scott over the edge and he throws his right leg over the middle rope and ducks out but is stopped by Seti, who grabs him by the left arm. Scott turns his attention to Seti.)

Vizier ta Seti: Let's go!

Anderson: DQ! DQ! He is cheating!

Creed: What an amazing show of sportsmanship! Rather than take the cheap shot Vizier ta Seti re-focuses his opponent for competition.

(Douglas realizes the mistake he was getting ready to make. He throws his leg back over the rope as Seti backs up and readies himself. Douglas swings his neck left to right to crack his neck and squares up.)

McGinnis: Lock up! Standing side headlock, into the rope. Seti pushes off and Douglas goes for the ride. Shoulder block, Seti goes down.

(Douglas hits the ropes. Seti flips over, Douglas crosses over him and hits the other side of the ropes, and Seti immediately hit his feet. Douglas charges off the ropes. Seti catches him with a kick to gut. Douglas bends at the waist.)

Creed: Kick to the gut!

Anderson: Handful of hair! He is cheating! Yellow cheater!

McGinnis: See No Evil! Douglas face plants hard! Cover! One... two... three! And the champion retains his Emerald City title!

(Tony Daniels calls for the bell. Courtney Allen jumps from her seat to cross the guard rail. Derrick restrains her and the two begin to argue. Seti pulls himself to his feet using the ropes and reaches down to receive his belt from the time keeper.)

Creed: And there you have it folks, another crazy night in the IWF and the Moss Bay Event Center.

(The crowd's attention turns to the entrance as Perfection speeds down the ramp and entrance way to the ring. Douglas stirs in the ring. Courtney Allen fights off Derrick and crosses the guard rail. Perfection hits the ring and catches Seti as his belt is handed to him. Douglas pulls himself up the opposite turnbuckle.)

Creed: Perfection catches the champion off guard and from behind! We are almost of time, we will hold as long as possible!

(Courtney rushes to the time keeper and rushes him out of his chair as he tries to sit back down. She takes his chair.)

Courtney: Scotty!

(Douglas looks toward the direction of the call. Courtney launches the chair toward Scott. He catches it, slightly dumbfounded and confused from the shot to the head. He turns toward the in-ring action to see Perfection and Seti squaring off in the middle of the ring. They are exchanging hard punches, but Perfection gets the advantage with a knee to the gut. He grabs Seti's arm and whips him but Seti reverses the whip as Scott Douglas sees Perfection charging at him he clocks him in the head with the chair!)

Anderson: The deal is off Moppy! I wouldn't let him cut my grass with scissors!

(Perfection falls to the ropes, bounces off and falls to the mat. Douglas approaches Seti and extends his hand. Seti shakes his hand and Douglas' raises his arm in victory. Seti picks up his Emerald City Championship, places it on his shoulder and stares down at Perfection. Slapping his belt a few times he yells down at Perfection as the IWF fans erupt in cheers.)

Creed: What a turn of events! Perfection stormed the ring thinking he would get a 'Perfect' cheap shot on the champion and it definitely did not work out for him.

Anderson: Hilarious, Creed. Don't forget to tip your waiters, folks.

Creed: That's it for tonight folks, hope you enjoyed the show!

(Courtney Allen enters the ring and stands next to Scott Douglas who look on as Vizier ta Seti raises the belt in the air. Slapping it a few times as the fans go wild. Copyright!)

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