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Chain Reaction 7!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

V/O: What is Chain Reaction?

CUTTO Mateo: Raw

More lightning...........

CUTTO Kuroyama: Tradition

More lightning...........

CUTTO Perfection: Perfect

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

CUTTO Douglas: Home

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........


"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: Eddie Whisky standing frustrated in the middle of the ring.
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd!

CUTTO: A zoom in shot of Vizier ta Seti standing in the ring, Emerald City Championship resting on his shoulder.

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

Creed: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to an exciting edition of Chain Reaction! With me here tonight is my usual co hosts, Terry 'The Idol' Anderson and Brian McGinnis.

Anderson: I'm glad you used the proper order in introductions Creedy boy.

Creed: Well then we have a ton of action on our plate tonight as we have quite a few debuting wrestlers.

McGinnis: That's right Aaron, International Wrestling Federation is growing by the day. With the recently announced west coast tour, sponsored by Starbucks, followed by the announcement that IWF's second supershow will be hosted at Key Arena, we have been very busy trying to keep up with all the exciting news.

Anderson: Pfft Key Arena? Didn't some failed basketball team used to play there or something?

Creed: Terry I wouldn't say that on live television, Seattle fans might take it personal.

Anderson: Seattle? Are you kidding me? WE ARE IN SEATTLE? My god this entire time... I thought we were in New York City.


McGinnis: Good to know you pay attention, Terry.

Anderson: Shut it fan boy.

Creed: Anyways! We've got quite a line up for our fans tonight first up will be a triple threat match featuring two new members to the IWF roster. Mary-Lynn Mayweather vs. Go Go Spectacular vs. Johnny Niles.

(CUTTO: Quick camera shots in the back stage wrestlers of all three participants getting ready.)

McGinnis: Obviously Mary-Lynn has the advantage in this one. We all know of her talent and with her recent streak of excellent matches with Eddie Whisky, she'll be hard to stop.

Anderson: She's a cheater and that other chick probably cheats too! My money is on this Niles guy even though I have no idea who the hell he is.

Creed: After that will be the debut of Courtney Allen's brother, Derrick.

(CUTTO: Derrick Allen walking in through the parking garage.)

Creed: Taking on none other then the hard hitting brawler, Erik Mateo.

(CUTTO: Erik Mateo stuffing something shiny and metal into his duffel bag.)

Anderson: I got this one Brian.

McGinnis: Okay.

Anderson: Erik Mateo, my boy, will destroy this punk son of a ***** none as Derrick Allen. Why you ask? Because anyone that is in ANYWAY associated with Mop head is a loser. I predict Mateo wins by count out after tossing Derrick to the outside.

McGinnis: Decent prediction Terry. I must admit I can't argue with that result. Fact of the matter is, if you let Mateo drink during his match, you are going to lose. Until someone shows differently, that's what it'll be.

Creed: The action doesn't stop there folks, in what looks to be one of the biggest cards in IWF history we still have three more matches to discuss. But word from Gail is that she has secured an interview with one of IWF's newest wrestlers.

[We go backstage with IWF interviewer Gail Martin. Except we're not backstage, we're in some sort of mortuary filled with skulls and coffins and assorted spooky stuff... which I guess were all assembled backstage. With Gail Martin is a short but muscular lil' luchador dressed in white, our guest at this time. You can tell he's a luchador by the wrestling mask that he wears: a white hood trimmed with green, over a black face mask with swirling green flames patterned around the cheeks and the brow.]

[How is this young kid in the hooded mask related to the spooky decor that has invaded the IWF center? A clue might lie in the dead man's scythe that the new arrival carries nonchalantly over his shoulder. For you see, that luchador is a Grim Reaper... like thingy.]

GM: Wait, a Grim Reaper-like thingy? Really?

SD: You act as if this were the first time you ever saw a Grim Reaper in pro-wrestling.

GM: Oh no, it's totally cool; I've got this friend who's sooooo into the punk scene and she's got this awesome Death tattoo-

SD: Introduce me to her?

[They notice the camera filming them as they speak. With an embarrassed cough, Gail runs her hand through her hair, addressing the audience as if nothing were amiss.]

GM: With me at this time is the latest signee to the International Wrestling Federation. He has been called the Deadkid, the Undead Superstar and the Grim Avenger of Lucha Libre... Ladies and Gentlemen, the legendary Spooky Doom! Hey are you related to that other guy, you know, whats-his-name... "The Deadman"? Guy dresses in black and wears a way cool hat-

[Cue Spooky Doom rolling his eyes with an exasperated sigh as Gail Martin misunderstands the message and encourages him on, telling the poor kid that that's exactly whom she's talking about. Spooky grabs the mic.]

SD: Geez, why does everybody think about my uncle whenever I introduce myself? I mean, when was the last time HE ever delivered a soul straight to Hell, huh? Nahhh, he's only concerned about his streak nowadays, that and trolling MMA fighters. That's so bull****!

GM: So what is it that you do, as some manner of wrestling Grim Reaper?

SD: You know, the usual... Get into the ring, Have amazing matches. Bury the dead, raise the roof and pull out all the stops as I float through the air and strike my opponents down with furious vengeance. A long time ago my uncle would fight very evil men and take their souls down to the devil, right where they belong!

[Spooky Doom popping the devil horns in reference to his master, right in front of the camera!]

SD: Then he died. Then he came back as a redneck. Then he died again. Then he came back as something else. Then there was the vegetative state that no one in the family wants to talk about at dinner time. What I'm trying to say is that somebody really needs to go out there and get serious with the whole soul reaping business.

[The young kid turns sharply towards the camera.]

SD: That man is me. I'm Spooky Doom. Wrestler extraordinaire and not without reason known as the Undead Superstar. And if you cross my path, I just might take your soul... and ROCK N' ROCK!!

GM: Thank you very much Spooky Doom! Back to you, fellas!

(CUTTO: The announcer's booth, all three men are staring dumbfounded at the camera.)

Anderson: Dude... Did we just see an episode of Supernatural?

McGinnis: I don't believe so Terry. Spooky Doom will be someone to keep an eye on, that's for sure.

Creed: Next up on our match list will be another triple threat featuring, Eddie Patton vs. The Minstrel vs. Eddie Whisky.

Anderson: Eddie Whisky is going to walk into that ring and destroy. Bottom line, I can tell the man is on the verge of destroying anything that gets in his way to prove how much better he is then Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

(CUTTO: Eddie Patton backstage walking into his locker room. Eddie Whisky taping up his fists.)

McGinnis: I am more interested in the debut of The Minstrel. Over the past two weeks he has made it clear that he is a large threat in this match. It will be interesting to see just how the two Eddie's deal with him.

(CUTTO: Perfection posing for some photographs. He flexes his muscles for the camera.)

Creed: Perfection vs. Scott Douglas is a rematch of the #1 contendorship match a few weeks back.

Anderson: Except the #1 contendor title will not be on the line. Perfection has made it clear he's unhappy with other wrestlers getting title shots before him and I can't believe that dumbass Art is screwing him over like this.

McGinnis: He's not getting screwed over, Terry. Perfection will receive his shot. The fact is, it may be him running his mouth that has derailed him from getting it sooner. Chairman Cho has shown interest in Perfection's ability to generate crowd interaction, but he may be pressing his luck with his recent statements.

Anderson: What does Chairman Cho have to do with anything? I thought that dummy Art controlled the booking?

McGinnis: Anyways.... in this match up it will be interesting to see what plays out. These men know each other VERY well having faced each other around four times now. I honestly feel like we are going to see Scott Douglas pull this one out tonight.

Anderson: Bull****! Perfection wins hands down.

(CUTTO: Rocko Daymon arriving in the parking garage, switch to Vizier ta Seti stalking backstage with the Emerald City Championship resting on his shoudler.)

Creed: The Main Event set for tonight will be an exciting match up between our Emerald City Champion Vizier ta Seti going up against the legend... Rocko Daymon.

Anderson: This match blows!

McGinnis: Are you kidding me, Terry? This is what we've been waiting for! Even after Rocko lost to Perfection at the last Chain Reaction, it does nothing to damper what is set for tonight. Vizier ta Seti may be in for his biggest challenge yet.

Anderson: None of that matters. Perfection is not involved in this match, so I simply don't care.

Creed: Well I definitely care, Terry! Honestly I am rooting for Vizier in this one, both men are great wrestlers, great competitors but in the end I will be cheering for OUR IWF champion.

McGinnis: As for the wrestling skill portion... it's hard to say. Fact is Rocko has been through so much in his career, that if this match is an extended one, he may simply just not have enough in the tank to come out on top.

Creed: That's our line up for tonight! We are cutting for some quick commercials but we'll be right back with some in ring action!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
MLM vs. Niles vs. Go Go

Jay-Z and Rihanna's "Run This Town" gave entrance to Go-Go Spectacular and marked the start of her debut in the IWF. She stepped out from behind the curtain to a loud pop and posed momentarily before hustling down to the ring. The crowd chanted slowly and sparsely attempted; "el-cal-e-ente." Aaron Creed took notice and remarked how well she had been received as she hit the ring. Terry "The Idol" Anderson was torn between the incredible body of the young upstart and his disdain for Mexico and most foreigners in general.

Johnny Niles would make his entrance next; proving Go-Go to be a hard act to follow. He stomped down to the ring giving the paying crowd a fairly uneventful entrance; while Aaron Creed tried to explain that El Paso was, in fact, the United States to Terry Anderson.

Anderson: If it has "El" in the name ... That sir, is old Mexico. And furthermore, New Mexico, ought just be Mexico. We don't need it!

Aaron Creed gave up the fruitless fight against Terry's ignorance, and instead focused on the entrance of IWF's first lady; Mary-Lynn Mayweather. She steps out to fitting vocals of "Dance-Sing" by Ice Cream Fire to a huge crowd pop mixed with leering perverts and actual fans. She enjoyed a slow walk to the ring soaking in the fan fare slapping hands on the way down.

Mary-Lynn slid into the ring and snapped to her feet and received another large pop. The extremely over worked Tony Daniels called for the bell and the match began slowly.

Mary-Lynn and Go-Go locked up as Niles laid in wait playing the role of the eventual opportunist. Mary-Lynn traded martial arts strikes against Go-Go's unrelenting European uppercuts and knife-edged chops for the opening moments. Tony Daniels attempted to warn each to keep their palms open. Neither paid Tony any attention.

The feminine fisticuffs would land a stumbling Go-Go against a unforgiving turnbuckle. Feeling the upper hand to most certainly be hers, Mary-Lynn intended to stay on task by laying into Go-Go with a spinning back elbow.

As Go-Go collapsed from the corner to the mat, Johnny Niles attacked Mary-Lynn from behind. The first blow he attempted to deal Miss Mayweather, resulted in a miss, a duck behind and a series of devastating maneuvers to follow. Aaron Creed suggested Mr. Niles may have underestimated Mary-Lynn and, of course, Terry assured the audience at home that she was cheating.

With Nile's incapacitated and Go-Go back to her feet, Mary-Lynn set in on her only real competition. An attempted lock up resulted in Miss Spectacular's boot introducing itself to Mary-Lynn's uterus; only to be followed by three hundred and sixty degree spinning roundhouse kick to the chest. Terry Anderson managed to set aside his misplaced territorial nature turned racism aside long enough to make a semi-pop culture reference.

Anderson: Mayweather goes down! Mayweather goes down! Haven't heard that often have you? Not against Paqiou at least! Hey-O!

Creed: Wrong sport, Terry.

Anderson: Mexican ... is as Mexican does.

Creed: Manny Paqiou is Filipino, Terry.

Anderson: Potato ... Patata, Creedy-boy!

Creed: Correct me if I'm wrong: Isn't that Italian?

Go-Go used her advantage and put on quite the showing for her debut as Terry argued that Creed was incorrect. Her barrage included a whirl wind of fast paced maneuvers; a impressive running bulldog, and a leg drop to the back of Mary-Lynn's neck.

Niles slowly recovered from Mary-Lynn's decimation of his manhood and made it back to his feet. Go-Go met his recovery with a kick to the midsection that Nile's catches instantly. Go-Go counters, the counter, with a Enziguri but Niles ducks and Go-Go meets the mat. She snapped to her feet and Niles put her back down with a well timed dropkick.

Mary-Lynn since had moved away from the action and pulled herself up by the turnbuckle. Now on her feet, she set her sights on the only competitor on their feet; Niles. She charged at the larger of the two and attempted a flying cross body, but gets caught. Niles showboats for a moment while paying no attention to the, nearly recovered Go-Go. Niles then dumped Miss Mayweather over the top rope. She bounced off the apron and down to the lightly padded floor. Mary-Lynn took her bump and kept on ticking; snapping to her feet and shaking off the fall.

Creed: Is that ... Eddie Whiskey? It is!

Anderson: Yeah, get her! Get her! Damn, she is hot.

Creed: Make up your mind, Terry.

Anderson: Oh, it ... is ... made.

Eddie Whiskey stormed the ring ride and snatched Mary-Lynn as she attempted to climb back in the ring and began his vicious attack.

Johnny Niles remained in the ring and appeared extremely entertained by what he was witnessing just outside the ring.

Go-Go, now on her feet, made her way to the distracted Niles. Go-Go spins around hooks his arms and uses a backslide on Niles! Tony Daniels' drops to make the count.

Creed: One ... two ... three! Go-Go Spectacular takes the victory!

Tony Daniels calls for the bell and raises Go-Go's hand as she jump to her feet. The young star is ecstatic, but her victory celebration is cut short by the sight of Eddie Whiskey viscously attacking Mary-Lynn at ring side.

Go-Go snatches her wrist away from Tony Daniels grasp and hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Skipping over a pouting Niles' she takes a Suicide Plancha and dives out of the ring down onto Mary-Lynn and Eddie Whiskey.

Creed: Holy smokes!

Anderson: See, Mexican beans can jump!

McGinnis: Incredible move by Go-Go Spectacular!

Go-Go's dive breaks up the brawl long enough for Mayweather to recover and the two gang up against Eddie Whiskey. The crowd lets loose and pops for the turn of the tables. The two use numbers verse size to pummel the man as security rushes down to ring side to break up the unsanctioned brawl.

Creed: Security is at ringside now as Eddie Whiskey gets his just desserts... Stay tuned. We will return shortly after these quick commercials.

Anderson: Cheaters, both of them ...

Creed: Give it a rest, Terry. Stay tuned folks.

Winner: Go Go (Backslide 3 count.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
The Minstrel Strikes!

[Backstage. Go Go Spectacular is walking down a hallway on her way back to the locker room following her match. Something catches her eyes down the hall in front of her. As she approaches it, the item becomes clear – a rose with a photograph underneath it.]

[When she gets close enough to it she picks up the flower and the photograph – a look of shock crosses her face upon seeing the photograph of young Frankie Benji Lopez, her heart donor, with the word “HEARTLESS” in red lettering.]

[In this state of appalled shock and disbelief, Go Go has left herself vulnerable as behind her with a running start…]


[…comes the Minstrel with a chairshot to the back of her head, which causes GS to crumple to the floor. He stands over her body while breathily heavily, he tosses the chair to the side and then lifts her limp body up by the hair.]

[Despite not being the biggest wrestler at 5’11” 215 – the Minstrel has a considerable size advantage over Go Go and scoops her up with easy.]

The Minstrel: You want to be a hero? A story? You’re named Angel, huh?

[He chuckles.]

The Minstrel: Let’s see how well you fly!

[With that the Minstrel gets a running start before throwing Go Go…]


[Into the wall – her body lies in a head on the floor. There’s a bit of blood now residing on the wall.]

The Minstrel: Where’s your savior now? He’s f---in dead! He’s in the f---in ground!

[He starts laughing again as he picks up her body once more. He opens the door slightly to his left and drags her body half way into the room before stepping out again. He stands in the hallway with the door in his hand, he leans rather lackadaisically against it, the tone is his voice changes.]

The Minstrel: You know, Angel really suits you – everything good in the world – beautiful, gracious, and so generous. You bring me so much joy – you and dead little Frankie’s heart…

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…

[He places he hands over his chest and bows his head.]

[There is inaudible shouting down the hall. The Minstrel mutters in response.]

The Minstrel: People just can’t appreciate these tender moments.

Sadly, the time has come for me to bring this to a close.

[And with that statement he swings the door all the way back and…]


[Violently slams the door on the ribcage of Go Go. The footsteps down the hall are getting louder.]


IWF Security: HEY! STOP!

[The Minstrel reaches into his pocket and takes a small heart-shaped box and rests it next to her limp body.]

The Minstrel: Cheerio.

[He says before running off.]


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Erik Mateo vs. Derrick Allen

Erik Mateo was introduced first and stammered his way to the ring with his trademark cowboy hat and a bottle of his favorite whiskey. Mateo appeared to be business as usual and once in the ring placed his whiskey bottle carefully near a corner turnbuckle and turned toward the entrance way.

Derrick Allen's debut started at full speed and he hit the ring hard and fast. Allen slid in head first giving Mateo the opportunity to put the boots to him while Tony Daniels frantically called for the bell. Mateo would use this advantage to contain control of the match for the opening minutes utilizing a Backbreaker, a Powerslam and a vicious Swinging Neckbreaker.

Mateo's fatal flaw came after a delivering a swift, albeit unbalanced, DDT. He took a break from action and took to his bottle of whiskey. Before enjoying the age old favorite he climbed to the second robe and held the bottle up to a favorable crowd reaction. Creed and McGinnis remarked, respectively, and both agreed Mateo may be wasting too much time show boating and hamming it up for the crowd. Anderson was enthralled. During the fan fare Allen was able to recover and position himself back to back with Mateo. Allen lifted Mateo up and delivered a text book crucifix power bomb in the middle of the ring.

McGinnis: Incredible Crucifix Powerbomb! Allen is making quite the debut in the IWF.

Anderson: He's a cheater! You do not interrupt a man while he is drinking!

Allen recovered the bottle, which had fell to the apron, and preceded to mock Mateo's previous showing. He cracked the top of the bottle, took a large swig and then tipped the bottle and allowed in contents to empty on the floor of the event center. Mateo pulled himself to his feet as the last bit dripped from the bottle.
He charged at Allen but the bottle was dropped back to the apron and Mateo was met with a right, a left, and then a stiff lariat.

Allen would mostly maintain control for the remainder of the match doweling out damage with a few suplex's, a standing side kick and even a short lived half crab ended by a rope break. Mateo's at retaliation seemed forted by his preoccupation with his lack of liquor.

Feeling he had wore Mateo down enough Allen employed a Double Underhook Powerbomb to lay Mateo on his back in preparation for a high risk maneuver.

Creed: This may be it ladies, and gentlemen.

McGinnis: Yes, Aaron. I think we may see what Canadian fans would, no bout, recognize as the Fremont Plunge! More commonly known as the Shooting Star Press.

Creed: Wait, is that Scott Douglas?

Allen noticed Douglas on the ramp way and jumped down from the top turnbuckle and stepped over Mateo and stood against the ropes having yet another staring match with Douglas. During the distraction Mateo regained his wits. Allen taunts Douglas but he remains on the ramp way with his arms folded; emotionless.

Mateo crawled to the corner and retrieved his empty Whiskey bottle. In a panic he holds it up high hoping for at least a lone drop to be left. This infuriates Mateo and he leaped to his feet and charged Allen. Mateo struck Allen in the back with the empty bottle and the force sends him tumbling to floor.

Tony Daniels instantly calls for the bell and Derrick Allen is announced the winner by disqualification. Tony Daniels hopped to the floor to check on Allen, and attempt to raise his hand. Allen shoved Daniels away from him and tried to shake off the blow and subsequent fall only to find Scott Douglas is no longer on the ramp way.

Creed: Well, an unfortunate turn of events folks. Derrick Allen will take the victory although I'm sure it's not the way he wanted it.

Anderson: He shouldn't have meddled with another man's hooch, Creed. Plain and simple. Certain lines ... you just don't cross.

Creed: This coming from the color commentator who more times the not focuses solely on the color of the competitors.

Anderson: I call it how I see it, Creed. Yellow, or not.

Creed: Which, sadly, is referring to our Emerald City Champion. We will see Vizier ta Seti later tonight in a title defense again none other than Rocko Daymon. Stay tuned and we'll be right back.

Winner: Derrick Allen (Via DQ.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Two belts collide

(FADEIN on a large, clean IWF banner. It's a live shot; it's fluttering a bit in an ambient breeze.

From the left, approached Erik Mateo, holding his Las Vegas Wrestling Title belt over his shoulder. He doesn't acknowledge the camera, and he's almost out of frame when he stops... and grins.

Mateo takes a step back as he's joined, from the right... by Vizier ta Seti, the Emerald City Champion, with his own title belt over his shoulder.

They stare eye to eye for several long seconds. Vizier steps right into Mateo's personal space in an obvious alpha male power play. Mateo took a half step back out of surprise but other than that, he stood firm.)

SETI: What is that?

MATEO (shaking his head abit): A'hms-ah rake-on Haleh-toe-says, 'nlace youse do sahm-than...

SETI (not phased by the comment): What is that?

MATEO: Whut es whut?

(Vizier poked the Las Vegas Wrestling title belt that Mateo was holding.)

SETI: That. Why are you holding a championship belt for a failed wrestling company in my promotion?

(Mateo smirked.)

MATEO: Ain' youse pr'moshun, Chahmp. Beh'lown's tah tha howl lout o' ahs. Beh-sahds, youse been wowkin' 'bowt lahk kahng sheeiit eber sin' youse wahn thayt behlt.

(He patted his LVW belt.)

MATEO: Lhook ayt thayt, Seddi?? ah's gaht ah behlt too. Dinin't mane youse spay-shall.

(Vizier took a step closer, and their eyes were inches apart.)

SETI: When I get back from ending Rocko Daymon's chances... if you haven't tossed that belt where it belongs, I'm going to do it for you, and I'll send your ass out of here all the same.

(He pushed past Mateo with a shoulder - bump, and the LVW Champion was rocked but stood firm.)

MATEO: Baist wowch yous'eff, Chahmp, 'er youse gon' beh en fer ah rood way'kenin'.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Paying for your actions

(Courtney Paz is storming through the backstage area. Her face is beat red and she looks furious.)


(She screams at the top of her lungs. She comes up to a backstage worker and she asks if he's seen The Minstrel, he shakes his head yes and points down the hall. Paz, with her heels clicking, walks down the hall and bangs on the locker room door.)

Paz: Open this door immediately!

(The door slowly opens and The Minstrel is shown on screen staring daggers into Courtney Paz.)

Paz: Listen buddy.. i'm not sure what promotions you have run in before but this **** ain't going to fly. Your unprovoked attack against Go Go was SICKENING. You haven't even wrestled your first match and you think you can go around the backstage and attack whoever you want?

You want to fight female wrestlers? Fine that's what they are here for. But if you want to attack a female backstage, unprovoked and unwarranted you need to find yourself another promotion that stands for that.

Oh and one more thing, you've been suspended the night without pay. And you are lucky you aren't getting a pink slip.

You got anything to say?

(The Minstrel smiles.)

The Minstrel: Cheerio.

(He closes the door in her face and Courtney Paz turns around in a huff and walks off.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Eddie Patton vs. Eddie Whisky

Eddie Patton hits the ring first, a mixed reaction at best. Some cheers, some boos a lot of indifference. He slides into the ring and awaits his opponent for the night Eddie Whisky.

Whisky comes out to a massive reaction of boos. He pays no attention to the crowd at first, but eventually it seems to get to him. Making a few rude gestures towards the fans he climbs into the ring and stares at Eddie Patton.

Anderson: It's a paradox, two Eddies in the ring at the same time!

Creed: Originally this match was scheduled to be a triple threat, but due to Minstrel's unprovoked attack on Go Go after her win, he has been suspended for the night.

McGinnis: Rightly so in my opinion.

Anderson: It's a racist move!

The bell rang with Creed and Anderson arguing over whether the suspension of Minstrel for the night was racist or sexist. Whisky with the size advantage, as usual, took early control of the match with a series of clotheslines, big boots, leg drops and a viscious assualt of elbows to the back of Patton's head.

Whisky got a real hard time from the crowd, as they broke out into a MLM chant. This made him furious at which point Patton took that to his advantage and got the upper hand. After plants Whisky down with a set of rolling russian leg sweeps, Patton perched himself up on the top turnbuckle and NAILED a frogsplash.

McGinnis: That was a perfect aerial move. He's hooking the leg for the pin.

Creed: 1.....2.....NO! Whisky gets his shoulder up and the crowd can't believe it.

Anderson: They better believe it, Eddie Whisky is one of our toughest wrestlers we've got.

McGinnis: Oh so it's his toughness that is preventing him for beating a girl like MLM?

Anderson: She's a cheater!

Whisky lays a shoulder into Patton as he tries to stand him up. Hooks him and nails him with a double underhook suplex. McGinnins praises Whisky's ability to renergize himself so quickly after taking the frog splash.

Going back to work, Whisky with the upper hand and McGinnis/Anderson continue their arguement of who is better between MLM and Whisky. Afer throwing Patton against the ropes with an irish whip, Whisky hooks Patton for a spinning spinebuster and goes for the count but only gets 2. Slapping the mat in frustration the crowd starts laying into him again.

This time for good reason as MLM makes an appearance from behind the curtains. Causing the fans to uproar, Whisky turns around and sees her. Getting himself distracted he points at her and does a throat cutting motion. MLM just smiles and waves to her fans. Patton gets up, sees the distraction and wraps him in a school boy roll up. 1....2.....3!! Whisky can't believe it as he kicks out a millisecond too late.

The crowd is cheering and laughing at the same time as Patton makes a quick exit. Whisky up on his feet stares towards the curtains only to see MLM is already gone.

Winner: Eddie Patton (School-boy roll up 3 count.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Perfection vs. Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas made his simple entrance first to a surprisingly solid crowd ovation. His pop only to be outdone by Courtney's. Perfection's entered next and his crowd reaction sounded more like a chorus of disapproval with a slight smattering of cheer. Mostly from Terry Anderson.

Creed: This could be our most heated match of the night.

McGinnis: Perfection will be seeking retribution for Scott's actions against in the past weeks.

Anderson: Finally, Douglas gets what he has coming to him for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.

The match started hot and heavy and never let up for the duration. Both Perfection and Douglas set out to prove that they were the better; giving the fans one hell of a match.

Douglas and Perfection had each other scouted meticulously. Neither man could ever really secure serious control over this one.

For every masterfully thrown suplex Scott Douglas could deliver; Mr. Witherhold would answer with a technically sound move of his own. Everything from a T-bone Suplex, to Half Crabs and Dragon Whips to Lariats peppered this heated return match from "The Experience."

Eventually, Perfection had Scott right where he wanted him. Perfection grabbed the ankle of a downed Scott Douglas, spun and locked on the dreaded Figure Four.

Creed: Picture Perfect! Will "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas tap?

Anderson: Of course, he will!

Douglas' face show that he was clearly in pain but his "Never Say Die" attitude made a surprising reappearance. Courtney, outside of the squared circle, began to beat on the mat furiously and cheer for "Scotty" like her life depended on it. At her urging the crowd became involved with what quickly became a deafening "SUB-POP" chant.

Scott squirmed and fought, drawing from the support, to find the ropes and break the unforgiving maneuver. Tony Daniels called for the break and was, quickly, confronted by Perfection insisting Douglas tapped.

The fight continued with Perfection focusing on the already hurt knee of Douglas dealt down from the Picture Perfect.

Perfection looked to end it all as he set Scott up for a Northern Lights Suplex. Before Perfection knew what hit him, Douglas gave him a swift knee to the mid-section and hooked Perfection; nailing him with a Fisherman Suplex and bridging for the pin.

Creed: One ... Two... Three! "Sup Pop" Scott does it!

The hometown crowd became unhinged and let loose the loudest pop of the night, so far. Douglas was quick to exit the ring, rolling under the bottom rope, as Perfection yet again got in Tony Daniel's face; complaining that the count was too quick.

Creed: And Perfection doesn't seem to want to acknowledge his loss.

Anderson: Because, clearly, Douglas is a low down dirty cheat!

Winner: Scott Douglas (3 Count via Fisherman Suplex)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Allen gets the last word

Creed: I'm being told that we are going to go to the back now where Gail Martin is standing by in hopes of possibly talking with Scott Douglas about this festering situation between he and IWF new comer, Derrick Allen. Gail?

(Cut to: The other side of the curtain.)

Gail Martin: Thank you, Aaron.

(Scott Douglas and Courtney enter the backstage area of the Moss Bay Event center. Scott is still pouring sweating from the ring.)

Gail: Scott Douglas, if I may ...

Douglas: Not tonight, Gail.

Gail: Courtney ...?

Courtney: Not a chance. Scotty, I'm going to go check on pay out, so we can get out of here before you and Derrick get into it.

Douglas: Alright.

(Courtney splits off from Scott and heads out of sight. Scott grabs a towel from a nearby stack and slowly makes his way through the common area in the direction of the dressing room.)

Gail: Well, unfortunately neither Scott Douglas, nor Courtney Allen care to comment on the ongoing ...

Derrick Allen: Hey! What the hell was that, Scotty?!

(Derrick Allen storms into view and gets in Douglas' face.)

Douglas: You better back the hell off!

Gail: Get this!

(Douglas shoves Allen and he is forced back a few steps and instantly charges back with a push of his own. Douglas' back hits the wall.)

Allen: Or what?

(Douglas springs off the wall and catches Allen with a forearm smash and the momentum sends them both to the floor wildly throwing punches at one another. Derrick rolls on top of Douglas and continues throwing rights and lefts wildly.)

Creed: Douglas and Allen are beating the hell out of each other in the back. We're going to try and stick with this but security should be in route any second to break this up.

Anderson: Let's hope not!

(Douglas and Allen continue to battle back and forth for the upper hand; all the while wailing away on each other. The first few members of staff and security arrive and try to break the two up. Douglas takes to the top of the skirmish again.)

Creed: And security is arrived. Hopefully, we can get this under control shortly. Bare with us ladies and gentlemen.

Anderson: Bare nothing, this is the best thing I've seen all night!

(A member of security grabs Douglas belly to back and pull him up and off of Allen. Douglas shakes off security and grabs a steel chair nearby. He collapses it as Allen scrambles to his feet. Douglas swings widely to back off the staff and security.)

Creed: This is pandemonium.

Anderson: This is incredible! Take each other's heads off!

(Douglas cocks the back the chair and swings at Allen. Allen ducks and moves forward, just to side of Douglas. Douglas' follow through causes him to stumble forward and loose his grip of the chair. He barely hold on to it by the top and it unfolds. He balances himself on the chair to prevent falling and turns around just as Derrick throws a kick.)

McGinnis: Standing side kick! Shades of earlier tonight. Incredible force!

(Douglas' chin catches the brunt of the blow. Douglas' head catches the side of his head on the steel chair on his way down and it rings out with a violent thud mixed with a clang of metal. Silence falls over the staff, security, and the broadcast team.

A few members of medical and security rush to his side. Allen stares eerily at the damage he has done and slowly falls back into the crowd and vanishes from site.

Courtney Allen returns from her errand and walks right into the chaos to see Douglas laid out and bleeding from the head.)

Courtney: Scotty!

(She breaks into tears and drops to her knees next to Scott as medical braces his neck and readies to slide him on the back board.)

Courtney: Scotty! No!

(Cut to: A the commentator's booth. A collected and solemn team at the moment.)

Creed: Oh my. That was quite a fall and I'm honestly not sure what to make of it. Scott Douglas could be seriously injured. The highly skilled and extremely professional medical team on staff for the IWF will most certainly do everything possible to care for Scott Douglas' health.

Anderson: El Mopito, might be a few tacos short of a platter after that tumble.

Creed: I apologize for the continued insensitivity of my fellow broadcaster. Ladies and gentlemen we will return shortly.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Perfection is pissed

[Art Mori is in his office scrambling through documents the outside of his office door we can hear arguing between a man and a woman growing louder as they approach.]

AM: One week...just one week of peace and quiet would be great...

[The door to the office opens with a thud as Perfection enters Courtney Paz behind him sighing with her arms up at Mori.]

CP: I tried to talk to him in the hallway but he said....

[Perfection immediately cuts her off.]

PERFECTION: Art who is running this monkey circus? Are you the Commissioner?

AM: ...What?

PERFECTION: Yes or no, are you the Commissioner?!

AM: Well yes, but I don't...

PERFECTION: But you don't know how to do your damn job do you!?

[Perfection crosses his arms looking quite agitated.]


CP: Yes?

PERFECTION: Tell the (sarcastic tone) “Commissioner” what I am...other than beautiful, well tanned, and Perfect.

[She groans under her breath.]

CP: The Number One Contender to the Emerald City Championship.

[Perfection puts up a single finger]

PERFECTION: Number one f-cking contender, Art! Do you know what that means? It means that I am the number one runner up to fight for the title. That I am the only eligible wrestler to fight for that belt!

[Art Mori slams his hands on his desk and stands up, it catches Perfection off guard just a bit, but Courtney is so surprised from the loud noise that she stumbles backwards.]

AM: I've had enough! All of you wrestlers think you can order me around at MY JOB? Not anymore. I already had Courtney take care of The Minstrel for that stunt he pulled earlier, and you my friend are on the verge of losing your so called #1 contendorship title.

[Perfection pulls out his iPhone 4s and motions it towards Art.]

PERFECTION: Want to tell that to Cho?!

AM: You ARE NOT in control of booking, I am!

PERFECTION: Who hires the refs then? Because Tony sure as hell doesn't know how to properly count to three!

AM: Maybe you should pay him again then?

[Courtney puts her hand up.]

CP: Technically James... if you wanted your shot sooner you should have asked for it sooner. Let me speak for Art on this one and let you know that you will have your title shot, at our second supershow Surge. First IWF show ever at Key Arena. You should be happy because more fans will get to see.... your....

[Perfection grins.]

PERFECTION: Perfect body?

CP: *sighing* Whatever.

[Perfection turns back to Art Mori and stares at him for a few seconds.]

PERFECTION: I am sure Cho will not be happy with you speaking to me like that.

[Perfection turns his back to Art, slaps Courtney Paz on the ass and walks out the door not hearing another word from Art Mori.]

CP: What the!? JAMES!

[She starts after him, but changes her mind. Turning back to Art with her face beat red.]

CP: What the hell was that about, Art?

AM: I'm tired of his crap. Everyone thinks they can just push me around! I'm getting sick of it!

[Art pulls out a napkin and wipes the sweat from his forehead as we fade to black.]


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event: [Emerald City Championship] Vizier ta Seti (c) vs. Rocko Daymon

(CUE UP: ‘Black Rain’ by Soundgarden. The fans popped huge as the guitar riff filled the arena.)

Creed: Listen to the ovation as the Legend, The Myth, The Man… Rocko Daymon, enters the arena!

Anderson: They’re just hoping he’ll do something stupid and refund their money again.

McGinnis: Hardly, Terry. Rocko’s aborted debut match in the IWF was a shame, but these fans know what Perfection did to him, and they don’t hold that against him. And while he hasn’t had the chance to really showcase what he can do in front of an IWF crowd, this reaction is both appreciation for a storied and legendary career, as well as the drive and determination that Rocko feels to take on this new challenge in front of the same fans that he started his career with.

Anderson: Could you be kissing his ass any more?

Creed: Wow, Terry – between Rocko and Vizier ta Seti, who could you possibly be rooting for?

Anderson: Whoever wins, we lose.

(Rocko Daymon walks toward the ring with Kerry Kuroyama leading the way and several of his Dojo students behind him. They are forming both a wall of support and a focal point for which their Sensei can direct his energy – with an aerial view of the entrance they would be forming an arrow with Rocko at the tip.)

McGinnis: You don’t believe that.

Anderson: How can you not? Either we have a yellow bellied sand nig—

Creed: Terry!

Anderson: Or we have a preachy has – been. How can either of those options make you happy? Well, you’re generally sad and pathetic anyway, Aaron… it’s not a stretch.

Creed: I think what Brian is trying to say is that on one hand, you have the challenger, a man who has been at the top of countless wrestling promotions over the course of his career; a man who has proven he can run with the ball, so to speak, whenever he’s given the opportunity, and a man that has the ability to defeat anyone at any time. On the other, you have a man who has ate, slept, breathed, and bled IWF since the moment he stepped foot into this arena and has been vocally and outwardly proud to represent the company. I think it’s safer to say, whoever wins, we win.

McGinnis: Well spoken.

Anderson: You can both sit on it.

Creed: The challenger is in the ring and his team has remained outside; Rocko Daymon has come here for business tonight; the intensity is all over his face and you know he isn’t here to lose.

(CUE UP: ‘Do You Call my Name’ by RA. The reaction that Rocko received; while loud and powerful, was immediately dwarfed as the intro gives way to the song proper.)

McGinnis: Now this is what the fans have been waiting for. Regardless of how highly any of them think of Rocko, this man has been their Champion for as long as he’s held that belt and probably a fair bit before. I don’t think anyone in this arena is rooting against either of these men but a large chunk of their loyalty resides here.

Anderson: A sad comment on the state of professional wrestling today.

(The fans buzzed as there was finally movement from the backstage, just as the bridge kicked in. They got even louder at the first sight of the Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti, as he walked toward the ring with purpose. He had cut his Mohawk to just a few inches, and was wearing loose gold pants and soft medieval style boots, along with the Emerald City belt around his waist. He had gone very minimalist as far as face paint goes for this match: his sole decoration was an open eye on his forehead.)

Creed: And the Champion just stepped toward the members of Team Daymon! They backed up!

Anderson: A sad state on the affairs of today’s Patriots. They should’ve knocked him out!

McGinnis: I think we can safely say that Rocko and Kerry both spoke to the trainees: they know Vizier is going to try and provoke and cause a reaction; their job is to stay out of this one and let Rocko handle his business.

Creed: Very well said, Brian.

Anderson: You two need a hobby.

DONALD BELL: Wrestling fans, this is your main event of the evening!

(HUGE fan pop.)

DONALD BELL: This match is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit, and it is for the International Wrestling Federation’s EMERALD CITY CHAMPIONSHIP. Introducing first, to my right, is the challenger.

Anderson: Disappointment number one!

Creed: Will you stop?

DONALD BELL: Accompanied to the ring by ‘The Pacific Blitzkrieg’ Kerry Kuroyama and top students from The Dojo, Seattle’s premier professional wrestling training ground… from TACOMA WASHINGTON…

(Crowd pop at the hometown shout out)

DONALD BELL: Weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds…

(The crowd shouted out the next phrase along with ring announcer Donald Bell.)





(In the ring, Rocko Daymon raised one fist in the air while looking around at the fans, muttering a silent ‘Thank you’ to each of them for their support.)

McGinnis: He’s got a lot of support here based on what he’s done in the community, and what he’s done for professional wrestling on the whole can’t be measured in individual matches or championship reigns. We thought he was done, four years ago, and fortunately we were wrong.

Anderson: Why don’t you get your nose out of his—

Creed: Terry!

DONALD BELL: AND HIS OPPONENT… From Giza, Egypt… and weighing in at two hundred sixty three pounds… he is THE ONE WHO SAW ALL.

(Fan pop)


(Another fan pop)


Anderson: Thief!

Creed: Knock it off!




Creed: I think you could say he’s actually getting more cheers than Rocko Daymon, Brian.

McGinnis: For all that Rocko has done for professional wrestling, both here in the Seattle area and worldwide, right now Vizier ta Seti is the man who has stepped up and said ‘The IWF is Seattle’s local promotion, and I will represent it with every fiber of my being.’ I think that’s really hit home with these fans and that’s a big part of why he’s getting the reaction he’s getting.

Anderson: Easily misled ham ‘n eggers.

Creed: Seti has shown himself to be a pretty cold fish, unforgiving and uncompromising – he’s a very talented wrestler but I think the devotion to the IWF has been his biggest boon so far.


McGinnis: The members of the Dojo are leaving the ringside area along with Kerry Kuroyama, and I think this is a good sign that Rocko trusts Vizier at least enough to wrestle this match by himself. Rocko, obviously, wouldn’t have taken the match if he wasn’t ready for it, but if he thought Vizier might try something, he’d ask his students to remain.

Creed: There’s no real question there. Some of the other wrestlers here in the IWF have had a problem with Vizier ta Seti’s opinions and accusations but he’s never attempted, nor shown any inclination toward having any outside interference in his favor, and I think Rocko knows that.

Anderson: Why don’t you two just take ‘em into the back room and—

Creed: Terry!

McGinnis: And why don’t you stand in the middle of the ring and tell both of these men your honest opinion of them and then turn your back on both of them?

Anderson: … I don’t want to.

McGinnis: As you were saying, Aaron – I don’t think either of these men will hesitate to use any advantage or stroke of fate or luck in their favor, but at the same time, we’re going to see a winner tonight based on Vizier ta Seti and Rocko Daymon, not anyone else.

Creed: They circle each other, and Rocko offers a handshake!

Anderson: Its’ a trap!

McGinnis: Be that as it may, Admiral, it’s also a sign of respect from the former Champion of the World, and Vizier has ignored it! He leans in to lock up, but Rocko takes a step back and offers it again!

Creed: Listen to the fans, they really want to see this.

McGinnis: VIZIER WITH A SLAP TO THE FACE! He doesn’t respect Rocko, I’m not surprised to see him do that, but I think he’ll regret it!

Anderson: Why are these idiots cheering?

Creed: That was win – win, Terry. They shake hands, the fans cheer for the sign of good sportsmanship, Rocko double crosses him or Vizier does what he just did, and they can cheer for the hometown hero or the man who has declared himself to be their Champion.

McGinnis: Finally, they lock up.

Creed: Vizier has a slight weight advantage and he’s leveraging as best he can to force Rocko into the ropes, will we see a break? NO! Daymon just turned on it and backed Vizier into the corner! Referee Tony Daniels is in there with the count, ONE , TWO, THREE… and we’ve got a clean break!

Anderson: HAH!

McGinnis: Rocko with a slap to the champion’s face!

Creed: What goes around comes around, Brian.

McGinnis: Retaliation leads to escalation, Aaron; Rocko had better keep his hands up and his eyes open.

Creed: Another lockup, and this time there’s no leverage as Vizier lands a quick knee to the gut to stun Rocko Daymon! Right hand to the face! Another! Daymon is rocked! Vizier with a scoop, and a reverse Atomic Drop! Clothesline just put him down! Quick cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout by Rocko!

McGinnis: It’s the quick offensive moves plus the surprise pinfall attempts that beat most wrestlers, unfortunately for Vizier, Rocko Daymon isn’t ‘most’ wrestlers.

Creed: Vizier with a scoop, and a hard bodyslam to the mat!

Anderson: This guy is just sandbagging it now. Can we get some better wrestlers out here?

Creed: Rocko on his knees, holding his back – he’s taken a pounding in these first few minutes!

McGinnis: You shouldn’t count him out yet, Rocko can take a lot of punishment; he’s deceptively resilient and he’s won plenty of matches solely on the merit of his opponent underestimating his stamina.

Anderson: Do you even know that or are you making it up?

McGinnis: I follow the business, Terry… do you?

Anderson: … I do what I can.

Creed: Vizier with a scoop, and a shove backwards into the corner. Right hands into his challenger’s face, and Rocko is certainly on the brink here!

McGinnis: Rocko has a lot of talent that isn’t coming out here, that loss to Perfection might’ve shaken his confidence.

Anderson: Sure it did. If he can’t hack it, he can’t hack it.

McGinnis: That’s harsh.

Anderson: I only speak the truth.

Creed: Vizier with an Irish whip… KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! SEE NO EVIL! It’s over!

Anderson: No it’s not.

McGinnis: Yeah it is, he hit the See No Evil.

Creed: It’s pretty much over, Terry.

Anderson: Nope.

Creed: Vizier to his feet, he’s staring at his downed opponent...

McGinnis: I think he looks disappointed.

Anderson: Kickout.

Creed: You just can’t admit he knows what he’s doing, can you?

McGinnis: Cover!

Creed: ONE…

Anderson: Wait for it.

Creed: TWO…

Anderson: And…?

McGinnis: KICKOUT by Rocko! How did you…

Anderson: I see facts, Billy, I’m not blinded by hype.

McGinnis: It’s Brian…

Creed: Vizier is to his knees in disbelief, and quite frankly, so is the rest of this crowd!

Anderson: I’m not.

Creed: Stop showing off, Terry.

Anderson: Can we roll the replay, please?

(CUTTO: A side – by – side with the instant replay on the right. The impact of See No Evil was clearly blunted by Rocko Daymon getting his hands up.)

Anderson: And you say I don’t pay attention.

Creed: I don’t know what to say.

McGinnis: I do – Vizier is confident in his ability but he was also far too arrogant, he thought he could get a quick victory, but while Rocko’s mistake was getting caught in his grip, he was smart enough to figure out as effective a defense as he could while going down.

Creed: And now he’s playing possum, he’s looking like he barely kicked out with his last amount of strength, Vizier just pulled him to his feet, and he sent him into the ropes again! Fury of the Fates – DUCKED! Rocko off the other side, and a flying forearm to the Champion’s forehead!

Anderson: Now he’ll suck a little less, then Satin will suck a little less… it’s a suckfest.

McGinnis: Vizier back to his feet, Rocko just half a step behind… Vizier with a blind right hand, Rocko ducked it, and he caught Vizier with a side suplex! There’s the experience, use Vizier’s momentum and pull back every bit of stamina lost with the early hits.

Creed: He’s got Vizier by the mowhawk, and he’s got the Champ to his feet again!

Anderson: I always said it was a stupid haircut.

Creed: Scoop, and a hard slam to the mat! Quick cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout by the Champion!

Anderson: At least V’Ger Satin hit his go-to before he went for a cover. What’s this idiot thinking?

McGinnis: You can get a surprise pin out of nowhere more often than you’d think, Terry… the simplest impact can knock the wind out of you and before you know it the count is three.

Creed: Another handful of hair and Vizier is pulled back to his feet – He just broke Rocko’s hold! Right hand – blocked! Left jab! Another! Discus punch by Rocko Daymon! Vizier was knocked backwards into the corner… RUNNING SPLASH! Vizier stumbles out two steps and collapses to his knees!

(SFX: Fans dueling chants. “RO-CKO-DAY-MON! “VEE-ZER-ta-SE-TI”!)

Creed: Rocko through the ropes and to the top turnbuckle, the referee is counting… Vizier to his feet – TOP ROPE BULLDOG! COVER! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Rocko with a side headlock takedown, and he’s grinding Vizier into the mat!

McGinnis: Mat wrestling 101, Aaron: something this simple can force Vizier to carry both their body weights, and it’s going to be tougher to get air in his lungs.

Creed: Rocko pulls Vizier back to his feet, and another takedown!

Anderson: So he’s forgotten his vaunted wrestling skills now, huh?

Creed: Pardon?

Anderson: Headlocks. Lots of headlocks.

McGinnis: Spoken like someone who’s never been in the ring.

Anderson: Like you have a leg to stand on, or are you going to call your sister?

Creed: Guys!

Anderson: Yeah, guys.

Creed: Vizier is stretching himself out, looking for the ropes – he can’t reach! The fans are still chanting these two wrestlers’ names dueling – style, but right now the challenger has this match well in hand!

McGinnis: He’s stopped stretching, I think another plan is going through Vizier’s mind.

Anderson: Only circus music goes through his mind.

Creed: VIZIER WITH A SHIFT IN HIS WEIGHT! Rocko’s shoulders are down! ONE… TWO… He rolls back!

McGinnis: It might be his only out.

Creed: Another rollover! ONE… TWO… Rocko reverses!

(SFX: Fan boos.)

Anderson: Finally, someone we can be proud of!

(CUTTO: The entranceway, where Erik Mateo has emerged, stumbling like he’s had a few too many backstage. Of course, it could be a normal night for him. He has the LVW Hardcore Championship belt in his hands, and he’s leaning more than a little on the guardrails on his way out.)

Creed: Why is he here?

Anderson: Why did Vizier show up for my man Perfection’s match?

McGinnis: I think it’s a little different for a Champion to scout out his number one contender and imminent opponent than it is for a drunken mess to stumble to ringside.

Anderson: That’s unfair. Erik Mateo isn’t a drunken mess, he’s an American Classic!

Creed: Vizier just rolled Rocko all the way over! His head is still locked, but he’s on top of Rocko now, and he’s no longer carrying his weight!


Creed: VIZIER JUST SCOOPED ROCKO DAYMON FROM THE MAT! He’s got all two hundred and forty three pounds balanced between his arms and his neck! Look at those veins in his arm, they look about to pop!

McGinnis: This is a Hail Mary for Vizier, I think. If this doesn’t pay off he might have blown his only chance.

Creed: MODIFIED SIDE SLAM! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Rocko rolls away holding his back, but Vizier is on his knees with his hand on the back of his neck, he might’ve injured himself! Rocko to his feet first, and he charges in – DROP TOE HOLD BY THE CHAMPION! Vizier grabs and ankle – Rocko rolled through and kicked him off into the ropes! Rebound… Rocko with a momentum – aided belly to belly suplex!

McGinnis: The challenger is still in control, but Vizier just did a very good job of breaking his momentum.

Creed: Rocko to his feet, and Vizier is rolling to his knees… Scoop by the Challenger… SMALL PACKAGE REVERSAL! ONE… TWO… TH—KICKOUT! Vizier… to his feet first?!?

Anderson: He’s on drugs, its’ the only explanation.

McGinnis: His stance is wavering, I think his sudden rise was at least half bluff.

Creed: Rocko to his feet, he charges – Vizier with a sidestep and he just sent Rocko—INTO THE REFEREE!

Anderson: Disqualification, kick both of them outta the match and give the belt to Perfection.

McGinnis: It was purely instinctive, I don’t think either of them knew the referee was right there, and I don’t think the ref had time to move, but the fact remains, we have a downed referee.

Anderson: If Goldenrod can’t stay out of the way, he doesn’t deserve to be there. Let Mateo come down and ref, he’ll do better than Tony’s little Protocol Droid arms and legs.

Creed: … What?

Anderson: You heard me.

McGinnis: More importantly, I don’t think either of these men realize that they’re sans – referee right now.

Creed: Rocko with a right hand! Another! Vizier is rocked! Irish Whip… SPEAR! SPEAR! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Vizier dropped to his knees, and he drove his shoulder straight into Rocko’s oncoming head!

Anderson: This is a family show, Aaron.

Creed: Behave!

McGinnis: Talking about a momentum changer… when Rocko fires that spear he’s shooting a blind man’s bluff, Vizier caught him right on top of his head and might’ve given him a stinger. Your neck and spinal cord take the right impact, your entire nervous system can short circuit.

Anderson: Now you’re making excuses?

Creed: Vizier holding his shoulder gingerly… Erik Mateo is up on the apron! Will someone get him down? VIZIER WITH A RIGHT HAND!

McGinnis: Someone got him down, all right!

Anderson: Uncalled for!

Creed: Mateo should have never been up there to begin with! Vizier ta Seti is on his feet on unsteady legs, and he reaches for Rocko Daymon! Rocko is still dazed, and a whip into the ropes… FURY OF THE FATES! He nearly took his head off, but there’s no referee! Vizier to his knees!

McGinnis: This match has taken its toll on both men, Aaron. We need a new referee out here and we need someone to finish off his opponent.

Creed: Vizier with another scoop, and a launch into the ropes… THIRD EYE! Rocko landed face first and he might be out cold! COVER!

Anderson: No referee!

Creed: ONE… TWO… THREE… Vizier is counting his own pinfall, but there’s nobody to make it legal! He’s up, and he’s trying to revive the ref! Rocko rolls to his knees, and he pushes forward with a forearm to the small of Vizier’s back! Right hand to the shoulder blades, and a German Suplex! Both men are down!

Anderson: Still no referee! But we’ve got a Mateo sighting!

Creed: Erik Mateo is coming to after his spill from the ring apron, but Tony Daniels is still out cold! Rocko Daymon is up first, and he’s maneuvered himself behind the Champion… The fans are on their feet, you know what’s coming!

Anderson: What?

McGinnis: Not even you can be that obtuse, Terry.

Creed: Spin around… Kick to the midsection… BRAIN ROCKER! Rocko landed with a bridge, ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… There’s no referee!

Anderson: Now doesn’t he feel silly?

Creed: Rocko up, and he’s trying in earnest to rouse the referee! I don’t know how far gone Tony Daniels is, but he’s starting to stir, though he’s still got his head buried in his arm!

McGinnis: They need to get him up and moving again, otherwise we can’t have a finish here.

Creed: Rocko turns to Vizier, and the Champion has the palms of his hands pressed into his eyes, he’s also stirring, and I think Rocko is thinking what I am – one more to put the period on the paragraph!

Anderson: What language is that?

Creed: The challenger with a scoop, and Vizier with a thumb to the eyes! Whip into the ropes… reversal! Rocko with a backdrop! NO! Kick to the gut! SEE NO EVIL! SEE NO EVIL!

McGinnis: If Daniels is up, it’s over. Rocko didn’t protect himself that time.

Creed: Vizier with a hook of the leg, Daniels hasn’t seen it yet, but these fans have gotten louder and louder! One! Two! Three! He could’ve had him!

Anderson: But he didn’t. His own fault, really.

Creed: Vizier is back to his feet, and he’s shaking the referee even more! Rocko is still unmoving on the mat! Daniels finally waves him off, he’s mostly conscious again. Vizier with another cover! ONE…….. TWO…….. THREEKICKOUT! KICKOUT! These fans are losing their minds, but for the second time tonight, Rocko Daymon has kicked out of Vizier ta Seti’s go – to! Vizier’s eyes are wide, he can’t believe it! Back to an unsteady vertical base, the Champion with a quick scoop and a slam!

McGinnis: If he’s going to do it, he has to do it now.

Creed: I think he heard you, Brian… Vizier on his way to the top! We’ve seen this before, he’s getting ready For The Gods… that 450 legdrop! NO! ERIK MATEO SHOOK THE ROPES! THE CHAMPION FALLS TO THE MAT!

Anderson: HAH! I LOVE IT!

Creed: Vizier didn’t hit too hard, but Erik Mateo is up on the ring apron, and there are three men in the middle of the ring who are all slowly stirring!

McGinnis: If Vizier is up first, Mateo is doomed.

Creed: VIZIER TO HIS FEET! He’s holding the back of his head, and he’s looking at Mateo with the most death – inducing glare I’ve seen from our Champion so far! He rushes Mateo, he has Erik by the neck! LVW TITLE BELT TO THE HEAD! ROCKO CAUGHT HIM! REVERSE T-BONE SUPLEX! VIZIER LANDED ON TOP OF HIS HEAD!

Anderson: So much for honor.

Creed: Rocko with a cover – WAIT! He’s knelt up, and he’s surveying the landscape! Tony Daniels is on his knees, Vizier ta Seti is on his back, and Erik Mateo is on the ring apron!

Anderson: Just cover him so we can go home! It doesn’t matter who Perfection takes the belt from!

Creed: Rocko staring at Erik Mateo… I think he knows what just happened!

McGinnis: He could go for the cover and probably get the win, but after everything Rocko Daymon has said about integrity, can he really do it?

Creed: Erik Mateo shrugs his shoulders, and the Challenger offers a handshake! Listen to these boos!

Anderson: Forget about the humanoids, Rocko, if Mateo handed you the victory, just say thank you and move on.

Creed: They shake hands… ROCKO WITH A PUNCH TO THE FACE! AND ANOTHER! He hasn’t let go of Mateo’s hand, he pulled him forward, grabbed him by the back of the head, and drove his face into the ringpost! These fans are going crazy!

Anderson: If you really want to see them go crazy, maybe he should… I dunno… FINISH THE MATCH!

McGinnis: That’s not his style, Terry. Mateo interfered, so he has to pay.

Creed: Rocko off the ropes… Mateo is still dazed! DROPKOCK just sent Erik Mateo into the guardrail! He’s out!

McGinnis: Hopefully, for the duration of this match.

Creed: Rocko’s attention finally back in the match, and Vizier has rolled to his stomach and knees… Daymon with a scoop, and an Irish Whip… Reversal! AERIAL SCARAB by Vizier! He held on with a kneel – down cover! Rocko with a counter! NO! VIZIER HOOKED THE LEGS! ONE… TWO… THREE!

McGinnis: Is it?

(SFX: DING DING DING! The fans exploded in cheers.)

BELL: The winner of this contest… and STILL… Emerald City Champion… VIZIER… TA… SETI!

Creed: Both men are on the mat breathing heavy as Tony Daniels drapes the Emerald City title belt over Vizier’s waist… I’m telling you, Brian, this match could’ve gone either way. Bad luck and chance kept this match from ending more than once, but in the end, the Emerald City Champion managed to come out on top. As for Rocko Daymon, he gave it his all, and I think he has every reason in the world to walk out of this arena tonight with his head held high!

Anderson: Except for the fact that he lost.

McGinnis: Some things are more important than wins and losses, Terry.

Anderson: Like what?

McGinnis: Integrity. Ever hear of it?

Creed: These two men still soaking in the standing ovation from the capacity crowd… Vizier is on his feet and he has draped the Emerald City Championship back over his shoulder, Rocko is in the corner looking down. You know he’s disappointed in himself, he came here tonight to win, but Rocko Daymon showed us why he is the THE TRUE Professional Wrestler.

Anderson: It might not be over yet!

Creed: Vizier just stepped to Rocko, he’s holding the title belt up… And now he’s offering a handshake!

(Rocko with sweat pouring down his face accepts the hand of IWF's Champion. They shake and the crowd gives a loud ovation of approval.)

Creed: We'll be right back with a few last words folks... please stick around.

Winner: Vizier ta Seti (3 count following the Aerial Scarab)
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May 2, 2007
After thoughts

(Fade in to the announcer's booth. All three men are still buzzing from the amazing main event they just witnessed. Creed is handed a statement by an off camera worker and his mood quickly changes.)

Creed: I was just handed a statement from the IWF front office in conjunction with our medical staff and the Moss Bay Event Center. Scott Douglas was admitted to Virginia Mason Hospital, just a few minutes from our live event after what started as a skirmish with Derrick Allen turned into a medical situation.

Anderson: You mean; After he got his block rocked!

Creed: Terry, seriously. Doctors are going to keep Scott overnight for observation for what at this time they are calling only a minor concussion. From everyone here at the IWF, including Terry, our hopes and prayers are with "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas, Courtney Allen and their families tonight.

Anderson: Even Derrick?

Creed: You know what I meant, Terry. Have some compassion.

Anderson: Some... what? Look Douglas got what he deserved. No one was praying and hoping for my boy Waltz when Moppy dropped him on his neck!

McGinnis: Well regardless of all that, I am still stunned by the main event we just witnessed. I have to say that was one of the most entertaining matches IWF has had since I've been here.

Anderson: It was a rip off. Perfection wasn't involved.

Creed: We are out of time folks, I hope you enjoyed the show. For myself, Brian and Terry. We wish you all a good night.

(Fade to copyright.)

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