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Chain Reaction 8: Eddie Patton vs. Nasr


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a farmhouse somewhere in Gary, Indiana. Dribbling a basketball on a dirt driveway is Eddie Patton, decked out in Indiana Hoosiers t-shirt and shorts. He's shooting baskets. And more baskets. And more baskets.)

PATTON: "'Round these parts, they say Larry Bird used to shoot a thousand shots a day. Every day. No matter what. Didn't matter if the sun had gone down or not.

"I ain't no Larry Bird. Heck, I ain't even the best basketabll player in my family. But I guess you can't shake childhood dreams sometimes. I can't help but wanna come out here and shoot a thousand shots and pretend like I'm Larry Legend. Just for a night.

"But we all got our own dreams. Our own ambitions.

"Just like I'm sure you do, Nasr.

"I don't know much about you, Ms. Nasr. And an unknown opponent is a dangerous opponent. Sure, I've watched a few tapes, but you can't really know a man just by seein' him perform a dropkick, now can ya.

"I ain't gonn take you lightly. And I think you oughtta be real careful about takin' me lightly, too.

"But at the next Chain Reaction... I'm gonna act like this is the next chapter in makin' my own story. It won't be 1,000 shots. But it might be 100 hours of film. It might be 100 hours of workin' on holds and counters and conditioning. It might be 100 hours of runnin' and keepin' my endurance up.

"Nothin' in this world happens by accident. Larry wasn't just born into greatness. He made greatness. He earned it.

"That's the lesson here. I came into IWF and I straight out lost my first match to a man with many vices. I could've said, well... that's destiny. That's my lot.

"But I didn't. I came right back out here and worked twice as hard. And now, well... I got a step in the right direction. Just a step. But it's somethin'.

"And at the next Chain Reaction... I'm gonna try to take another step. And in between me and that next step is you, Mr. Nasr. No disrespect on my part, but... I didn't come here just to compete.

"I came to excel. To achieve greatness. To earn it.

"One match at a time.

"Good luck to you, Mr. Nasr. I hope the best man wins.

"In the meantime... it's my job to prove I am that man.

"One shot at a time."


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