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Chain Reaction 8!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Second Opinions

Art Mori sits in his make shift office in the back of the Moss Bay Event center shuffling through paper work with the phone receiver pinned to his ear by the pressure applied by his right shoulder.

"No, I understand. I do, but in you professional opinion ... What is the earliest he could return?" Mori explains.

Mori's facial expressions tell the tale of disappointment as the unheard response from the other end of the telephone connection delivers what appears to be unfavorable news.

"Ok, Alright. I understand. Thank you, Dr. Stahl ... if anything changes please let me know." Mori pauses yet again for response. "Alright, thank you. Goodbye."

Mori continues shuffling papers for a moment and lets the pressure holding the phone to his ear ease but keeps it briefly suspended. He scribbles on one of the many documents on his desk and then finally drops the phone from his shoulder and catches it with his left hand and hangs it up.

The pressures of catapulting his Uncle's promotion to greater success seem to be getting to Mori and after realizing the phone isn't ringing and no one it at the door he takes a moment to lean back in his chair and relax. Just as he melts into his chair in his first brief moment of stress free euphoria; Courtney Paz bursts in the door.

"What's the deal with Douglas?" Paz demands an answer.

Mori scares from his relaxed state and struggles to get back on task quick enough to answer Paz's abrupt line of questioning.

"Uh, well ... " he shuffles through his papers again, this time in nervousness rather than keeping busy. "Well, he could be out anywhere between another week or three months, according to his doctor."

Paz slams her hands down on the desk and gets uncomfortably close to Mori. "He will work Surge. Period."

"What do you want me to do without clearance?" Mori asks in desperation. "My hands are tied, Paz!"

"Useless." Paz shakes her head and stands to leave. "You set the match. I'll take care of the rest." Paz demands.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Rundown of the show


Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

Lightning shoots across your screen....

More lightning...........

The whisper....... "What makes you think I need to prove myself?".............

V/O: What is Chain Reaction?

CUTTO Mateo: Raw

More lightning...........

CUTTO Kuroyama: Tradition

More lightning...........

CUTTO Perfection: Perfect

Heart beating.... beating... beating.... beating...........

The whisper....... "Time is short when you're fake........."

CUTTO Douglas: Home

fading..... fading..... fading..... fading...........

"Why don't you leave me alone..........?"

.................................................. .........


"Just let it.... GOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather Moonsaulting!
CUTTO: The Minstrel in his locker room.
CUTTO: Go-Go walking to the ring.
CUTTO: Eddie Whisky standing frustrated in the middle of the ring.
CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti decking Terry 'The Idol' Anderson with one punch.
CUTTO: Derrick Allen attacking Scott Douglas backstage.
CUTTO: Erik Mateo walking to the ring, full redneck attire, cracking his knuckles.
CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop!
CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd!

CUTTO: A zoom in shot of Vizier ta Seti standing in the ring, Emerald City Championship resting on his shoulder.

BURST OF STATIC.............

Chain Reaction

music softly fades as the screen switches to black.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Chain Reaction 8! Live from the Moss Bay Event Center! We have a ton of action is store for you tonight!

Anderson: Yes, indeed. Most importantly the dethroning of that yellow guy, and of course the cherry on top of it all... Scott Douglas is on a injury hiatus! This might very well be the greatest show in IWF history, Creedy-Boy!

Creed: As, my ... less than esteemed colleague, just refereed to Scott Douglas may be out for upwards of two months as we saw at the opening of tonight's Chain Reaction! I think I speak for, at least myself and Brian McGinnis, as well as the fans that we wish him a speedy recovery.

McGinnis: Agreed, Creed. Scott Douglas is quite the talent and the IWF as a whole will feel the gap left by his absence here tonight.

Anderson: Hey, 'Mc-Whatever' take a lesson from Creed and don't speak for me, or the IWF. Especially since I make the IWF.

Creed: First up on the card is a previously unannounced match up as Dusty Rodgers will be set to take on Af'aa.

McGinnis: Al Saud is in full action tonight as his partner will also be in action.

Creed: That's right Brian. Nasr will be taking on Eddie Patton who is coming off a strong win last week.

Anderson: You guys done bromancing yet?

Creed: Terry we are just going over the line up for tonight.

(CUTTO: Eddie Patton arriving at the arena earlier.)

McGinnis: Even after coming off that strong victory on the last Chain Reaction, it'll be important for Patton to pick up another solid win as we head into our second supershow.

Creed: Indeed. After that one we will have Johnny Niles in his second match going up against the debuting SpookyDoom.

Anderson: Oh ****! We are going to see another episode of Supernatural?

McGinnis: I don't believe so Terry. This will be an interesting match as Niles made some clearly harsh remarks to Spooky at the end of the week.

(CUTTO: A split shot of Niles/SpookyDoom during their various promos over the past week and a half.)

Anderson: If Sam and Dean Winchester show up to burn Spooky's bones you owe me 100 dollars Brian.

Creed: This is REALITY! Terry, Supernatural is a Television show.

Anderson: LIES!!!

McGinnis: Let's move on guys.

Creed: Agreed. Derrick Allen will be taking on Mr. Wrestling VIII.

(CUTTO: A clip of Derrick Allen taking out Scott Douglas on the previous Chain Reaction.)

McGinnis: He made a statement last week, standing nose to nose with Erik Mateo.

Anderson: He made an EVEN BIGGER statement afterwards by sending Mophead to the hospital. Derrick Allen is a rising star here in IWF. I can't wait to see him get another win tonight.

Creed: Well I won't be guarenteeing Mr. Wrestling VIII a win here, but it'll be a good match up that's for sure.

(CUTTO: Stephen Waltz, backstage.)

Creed: Stephen Waltz will be taking on the returning Kerry Kuroyama.

(CUTTO: Kuroyama from Chain Reaction 6 with Rocko Daymon, his arm in a sling.)

Anderson: Kerry is going to wish he never recovered from that injury, he has no idea about my boy Waltz pedigree. I mean I taught the kid everything he knows. Waltz is going to destroy him in that ring tonight.

McGinnis: I beg to differ Terry. Kerry Kuroyama is a great mat wrestler and i'm glad to see him back. Look for him to come away with a close victory tonight.

Creed: After that we will see an already developing grudge between Go Go Spectacular and The Minstrel.

(CUTTO: The Minstrel brutally attacking Go Go Spectacular on Chain Reaction 7.)

Anderson: Minstrel looks like a beast and Courtney Paz had no place suspending him last show.

McGinnis: If he isn't careful she'll suspend him again tonight. But as you said The Minstrel looks like he could be a beast here in IWF. It'll be a very interesting match to see. But i'm going with the underdog Go Go on this one.

Creed: Finally.... the main event. Emerald City Championship. Vizier ta Seti vs. Erik Mateo.

(CUTTO: Seti and Mateo facing off backstage after Mateo showed off his LVW Hardcore title. CUTTO: Mateo attacking Seti in the main event of Chain Reaction 7.)

Creed: Seti's going to be a hard man to put away and with the IWF title on the line, look for Mateo to be all in on this match.

McGinnis: All in to say the least and as with any Erik Mateo match up, you gotta keep him away from his whiskey. It's going to be the key to victory tonight. If Mateo drinks, he's a wild man.

Anderson: Wild man indeed and as much as I will love to see Mateo walk away champion tonight, WHERE THE HELL IS PERFECTION?!?!

Creed: After the stunt he pulled in Art Mori's office last week i'm not surprised to not see his name on the card.

Anderson: Well I call bull**** on that, Perfection deserves to be fighting for that belt. Hell that yellow guy doesn't even deserve to hold the belt.

McGinnis: Who would you root for if it was Mateo vs. Perfection for the belt.

Anderson: Perf.. wait Mate... wait what? What was the question?

Creed: (Laughing) As expected. Well folks you are set for another amazing edition of Chain Reaction... please stay tuned as we'll be right back with our first match.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Af'aa vs. Dusty Rodgers

Creed: Opening up our show tonight is a match-up between one-half of Al Saud; Af'aa and his opponent, "the Big Naitch" Dusty Rodgers.


Creed: Well Dusty certainly has Terry excited and rightfully so as he puts on a good show. They can really get behind him.

McGinnis: Both guys are tough. I think Af'aa might have an advantage if Nasr can get involved though.

Af'aa is first to come to the ring, and Nasr indeed is there at ringside. The ref warns them that no shenanigans will be tolerated.

The crowd gives a healthy pop to Dusty Rodgers as be jives and boogies his way to the ring. Both members of Al Saud tease a double-team on Dusty, but eventually the official Tony Daniels gets a measure of order and shepherds Nasr out of the ring.

Dusty starts with some showboating, getting under the skin of Af'aa. Dusty continues to build up momentum with his trademark chops (with a WHOO~! after each) and elbows, but is tripped up by Nasr after heading to the ropes for a cross-body. Af'aa then goes onto the attack, dropping an elbow and following up with standing knee lock. Dusty reaches the ropes, but the ref does not force a break, as Nasr is now up on the apron, distracting the ref.

Suddenly the area is abuzz, as out of the crowd comes Eddie Whisky!

Creed and McGinnis wonder what Eddie's up to, when suddenly Whisky rolls into the ring and strikes Af'aa down with a stiff Whisky Kick. The ref turns in time to duck, ask Whisky hits another kick, knocking Nasr off the apron, bashing his head on the ringside barrier.

The ref is about to call for the DQ, when Eddie hits one more Whisky Kick square in the face of Dusty Rodgers. Terry Anderson is thrilled at Whisky's house-clearing. Eddie makes some fake lunges at Daniels, who decides to call a no-contest and bolt out of the ring. Eddie drops a running knee onto Af'aa, then picks up Dusty...


(As the beaten men roll out of the ring, Eddie Whisky begins to pace wildly. He isn't leaving the ring, so against her better judgement, interviewer Gail Martin approaches the ring, mic in hand.)

McGinnis: She better be careful in there.

(Gail Martin is in the ring with frantically pacing Eddie Whisky. After the carnage of moments ago, Gail seems reluctant to start. The crowd is feeding Eddie's anger with chants of "Bed Wetty Eddie" repeatedly.)

GAIL MARTIN: Now Eddie Whisky, why have you attacked Af'aa and Dusty Rodgers...

(Eddie grabs the microphone from Gail, who beats a wise retreat.)

EDDIE WHISKY: I Have no clue who these guys are! MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER!! I am SICK AND TIRED of your hijinks! SHUT UP! I said Shut the Heck Up!

(The crowd does not do as Eddie requests.)

EDDIE: Mary-Lynn, it was one thing for you to constantly cheat and steal wins from me yourself...

(The crowd mocks Eddie's rationale of his own failures.)

EDDIE: But you CROSSED A LINE when you stole wins from me in matches you weren't even in!

Creed: Is he for real? He attacked her first!

Anderson: Only because he was sick of her shenanigans! You should pay attention.

(Eddie paces back and forth some more, almost as if he forgot where he is. The crowd chants snap him out of it eventually.)

EDDIE: I am not going to take this from you any more Mary-Lynn! I've done my research! I have seen your trail of theft across the wrestling world! But that ends right NOW!

Creed: I think Mr. Whisky has had "one too many" himself.

McGinnis: Fair guess.

EDDIE: It's time for you to face me, man-to-man!

(Eddie pauses and gets an annoyed look on his face.)

EDDIE: Whatever! The point is I want to end you! Once and for all!

(More boos rain down on Eddie, as well as general allusions regarding his nocturnal enuresis.)

EDDIE: If you don't all shut up, I'm leaving!

(The crowd gets louder.)

EDDIE: Oh, THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT IS IT!? Then I won't go!

Creed: Why are we letting him continue like this?

EDDIE: Mary-Lynn Mayweather, I am calling you out! Any stipulation you want, any match! I want you! In the ring! Face me at SURGE!

(Eddie seems to calm down, then his head snaps up with a froth of spittle around his lips.)


(Eddie Whisky tosses down the mic and storms off through a fire exit, leaving the crowd and announcers somewhat bewildered... )

Winner: No Decision


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Minstrel takes action.

[Courtney Paz walks with purpose backstage, a troubled look across her face as a piece of paper is clutched in her hand. She arrives at the door marked “Mr. Mori” and opens the door without knocking.]

“You will not believe this!”

[She says emphatically as Mori is at first stunned at the abrupt entrance then recovers.]

Mori: What? What happened?”

[Courtney puts out her arm holding the paper and explains.]

Courtney: Apparently, if we do not pay The Minstrel for last week, he is going to sue us for breach of contract! His legal representation claims he “appeared” and therefore is entitled to payment.

[Before Mori can get a word in edge-wise, Courtney continues.]

Courtney: And the letter warns about my behavior as being grounds for a potential class action suit on behalf of the male wrestlers in the company for unequal punishment and protection! This guy has got to go, Art!

[Art shakes his and puts his hands instructing the flustered Courtney to calm herself.]

Mori: Listen Courtney, we cannot have a lawsuit on her hands, just pay the guy and let’s go on our way.

[Courtney just shakes her head, placing her hand on her hips.]

Courtney: So we’re going to do nothing about this…

Mori: Well, Courtney, I’m sure that letter also warns about retaliation on our part.

[Courtney breathes a frustrated sigh and nods her head.]

Mori: He’s smart.

Courtney: He’s dangerous! Who hired him anyway? I don’t recall much of anything about this guy’s hiring process.

[A cautious grin forms on Mori’s face.]

Mori: I did.

Paz: You did? Art, he’s going to get someone killed!

[Mori rolls his eyes before sitting back down at his desk.]

Mori: I know you don’t like it or him, but he’s talented and adds a new dimension here – now just pay him so we don’t have a freakin’ lawsuit on our hands.

[Courtney gives another frustrated head shake and walking out of the office.]

[Cut away.]

A few seconds later…

[Courtney is storming back down the hall towards her office, when she reaches the door, she notices something is taped there. It’s a DVD of the television show “Who’s the Boss?” with a post-it attached to it. The post-it has nothing, but a big smiley-face on it.]

Got to be kidding me!

[She grabs the DVD off the door – post-it and all – and chucks it down the hallway before opening the door and slamming it shut hard.]


[Cut to commercials.]


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Patton vs. Nasr

We return with Nasr Al Saud already in the ring, cousin Af'aa clamoring for silence in respect of the great nation of Islam with all the success that these attempts usually beget. Except since this is the west coast, we get a bunch of neckbeards correcting Af'aa telling him that Islam is a religion, not a nation. Eddie Patton comes to the ring with "Thunderstruck" blaring loudly through the PA system, the crowd sipping their lattes in approval.

Anderson: Tell me you're not impressed with the physical shape of Nasr Al Saud! Smart too: educated in Jordan, Italy-

Creed: Buy a vowel already, Na-zzr!

McGinnis: Settle down you two or I'm turning this thing around!
The two immediately lock into a collar and elbow tie-up as the bell rings, jostling for position. Eddie locks down Nasr with a top wristlock but Nasr powers out with a wristlock takedown, Eddie rolling to his feet and chaining an armdrag followed by a splash for a quick pin!

McGinnis: Great lightweight wrestling tonight, both of these competitors expertly trained in the catch-as-catch-can discipline. One count for Patton, seems he's trying to wear down Al Saud with multiple pin attempts.

Creed: I like what I see in Eddie Patton; respectable boy, defeated Eddie Whisky last week- might be one of the top cruiserweights in the west coast right now. I haven't seen nothin' yet from the Al Saud brother!

Anderson: This is just racial bias, you know that. Always keeping the arab man down.

Creed: Wish I could keep the oil prices down.

McGinnis: Double kip-up! And Patton ducks the high roundhouse, comes back with a right, and another, whips Nasr into the ropes... HURRICANRANA!!

Cradling of the leg only nets a 2 count, but Eddie doesn't let up the offence. With Af'aa trying to get the crowd going at ringside (spoiler warning: he fails horribly), Eddie plants Nasr with a side Russian legsweep, turning Nasr over for an arm trap crossface.

Creed: Although Nasr can claim great economic wealth but Eddie is rich with technique, flush with ability and physically well off!

Anderson: Did... did you just quote one of my childhood heroes?

McGinnis: And there's Af'aa climbing up the apron, protesting towards the referee! Ref distracted, can't see whether Nasr wants to quit or not.

Anderson: He hasn't quit yet!

McGinnis: All moot considering the referee isn't anywhere near the action! And Eddie... Eddie realizing something's wrong, he's gonna give Af'aa what for!

Breaking the hold, Eddie runs to the other side of the ring and knocks Af'aa off the apron with a huge forearm shot before the eyes of the surprised referee! Turns around to get back to the action, only to eat a huge flying roundhouse kick to the face by the recovering Nasr!

Anderson: This is how you do it! Now watch Nasr fly: the greatest cruiserweight talent in the west coast springboard off the ropes... BEAU-TIFUL MOONSAULT!

McGinnis: And that nets a cover!

Eddie Patton escapes just before the three count. Af'aa loudly protests from ringside as the crowd cheers ironically. Nasr pulls Eddie off the mat for a sec but Eddie pulls him in again, rolling him over for an inside cradle!

McGinnis: And now a cradle by Eddie! No, but quite close.

Anderson: He's just not good enough, McGinnis. He can try all he wants but he'll never be as great as the Al Saud family!

Eddie and Nasr both on their feet, Eddie ducks a clothesline but holds on to the arm, twisting it around and flipping Nasr over with an over-the-shoulder armdrag.

Creed: Nasr slow to get up as Eddie sizes him up... BIG BOOT! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK... PLANTS HIM! Who ain't good enough now?

Anderson: It doesn't mean anything until the match is finished, Creed!
Eddie Patton gets pumped up by the crowd but Af'aa climbs to the ring apron yet again! Eddie threatens Af'aa with a closed fist and Af'aa immediately climbs down. Picking up his opponent, Eddie signals for his finisher!

McGinnis: This could be it folks, Eddie Patton hooking Nasr Al Saud for the reverse double underhook... get's him up- IT'S THE CIRCUIT BREAKER! Hooks him up!




With the Vertebreaker connecting, Eddie Patton celebrates his victory, jumping down to ringside and enjoying a triple lowfat caramel machiatto offered by a scarf wearing audience member. Af'aa is despondant but the crowd seems unresponsive to his anguish. Eddie walks to the back, hootin' and hollering and pumping his fist and whatever else guys from Indiana do when they're really happy.

Winner: Eddie Patton (Vertebreaker, 3-count)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Mary Lynn Responds

Creed: Let’s take it backstage to Gail Martin, who’s on site with the plucky tiny attorney, Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

(CUTTO: Gail Martin stands in front of an IWF flag with the petite red head Mary-Lynn. Mary is wearing her trademark red skirt suit and smiles to the camera. She waves as Gail speaks.)

GAIL MARTIN: Thanks Creed. Mary-Lynn Mayweather, earlier tonight, Eddie Whisky laid out a challenge to face you at Surge. In doing so, he also offered the stipulation of your choosing. First things first, are you going to accept?

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Well, it’s not exactly appropriate to accept the conditions of a man going around interrupting matches and causing chaos. That’d be rewarding unacceptable behavior.


MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: So in all honesty, I really shouldn’t. Having said that, I will gladly accept Eddie Whisky’s challenge. My terms and conditions are as follows. Neither myself nor Eddie Whisky will be able to cheat at ANY time during our match up at Surge. Should either of us be disqualified for our actions, we will be promptly FIRED.

(Mayweather smiles.)

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Not only that, but should one of us cheat during the match and NOT be CAUGHT, the footage will be reviewed by IWF’s officiating team and the appropriate punishment shall be levied out.

GAIL MARTIN: And that punishment…

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: The same as if that person were to be disqualified, yes. If Eddie Whisky hits me with a chair should the referee faint or get hit by a bus, Eddie Whisky would be effectively terminated. To make it fair, if I were to do something so heinous and dastardly, I would also be terminating my own contract with a chair shot.

GAIL MARTIN: Putting your IWF career on the line! How bold!

MARY-LYNN MAYWEATHER: Not really. I have no desire to use weapons or foul play to win my match up. I simply want a clean, one on one contest in the middle of the ring. If this condition is accepted by Eddie Whisky, I will gladly defeat him at Surge, one, two, three.

GAIL MARTIN: Thanks Mary-Lynn!
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I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Niles vs. SpookyDoom

"What's up People" by Maximum the Hormone brought IWF's resident Grim Avenger to the ring in, appropriately, bone-colored attire. He would hit the ring with intensity and enjoy a positive response the whole way down. In ring he would throw his white hood from head and reveal his sinister mask.

Creed: The odd little man known to us only as Spooky Doom, readies himself in the ring for what should be a interesting matchup.

McGinnis: Certainly, Aaron. His opponent measures in somewhere around six feet and three inches and Spooky barley hits the five-seven mark. Not to mention; Spooky gives up nearly fifty pounds to Niles.

Creed: Spooky will have to rely on his speed if he plans to come out on top tonight!

Johnny Niles emerged from behind the curtain and took pause at the top of the ramp to take a knee. Rising to his feet and giving the fans a taste of his signature "Straight-Edge 8" pose, he made his way to ring side as the crowd showered him in applause and screams.

Creed: Look's like everyone is a fan favorite in the IWF, folks.

Anderson: Except that yellow son of a ...

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, looks like this match is going to get underway as we speak

Anderson: As ... I spoke, you mean. Rude ...

Tony Daniels called for the bell and the two men set in on one another. Niles made several futile attempts to lunge for and lock up with Spooky Doom; only to denied each time by Spooky's lightening like reflexes and defenses. The dance continued for several minutes and the crowd began to turn on the pair, but Spooky quickly redeemed the pair with a thunderous snapping kick to Niles' abdomen. Niles took the kick as if he it was no more than a light caress. Spooky, surprised, whipped around and delivered a heel kick in precisely the same spot as before. Again, Niles appeared unharmed and clearly not amused. Spooky, again surprised - yet determined, fired away with yet another snapping kick. This time; Niles had enough.

Creed: Johnny Niles caught the kick. Spooky is in trouble now!

Spooky hopped around for a second or two as Niles grinned and gloated to both Spooky and the crowd. However, his personal victory party wouldn't last long as Spooky turned adversity into opportunity and executed a text book Enziguri. Nile's collapsed to the mat as a result of the vicious blow to the cerebellum. Spooky would was no time at all, focusing on the Niles' knees; mainly.

McGinnis: If he is able to keep Johnny Niles grounded, Spooky's chance of taking home the victory increases exponentially.
Creed: Indeed, Brian. The height advantage doesn't factor in while your face first in the mat.

Spooky feeling, either, he had sufficient fatigued Nile's lower half or just plain got bored took the top rope and aimed to land his Wheel of Doom dubbed, 450 Splash. Niles, however, had other plans. Before Spooky could properly set himself for the aerial maneuver; Niles slowly climbed to his feet forcing Spooky to adapt. Spooky would fly from the top with a cross body, but would be caught and be power slammed. Niles attempted the pin, but fell short of the full three count.

Niles' argued with Tony Daniels and was slow to capitalize off his reversal. His would stalk the recovering Spooky and eventually hoist him up into a Fireman's Carry.

Creed: This may be it! Say Good Night!

Spooky seeming came back to life atop Niles' shoulders and spun around into what became a modified satellite head scissors. Upon full rotation Spooky caught Niles by the back of the head and brought the larger man to the mat with an impressive three fourth's front face bulldog.

Creed: Oh my! That is the Doom Reaper! Will he cover!?

McGinnis: Looks like the Grim Avenger will fly, Aaron!

Spooky motioned toward the ceiling and the crowd let loose. With a handful of each opposing rope Spooky would catapult himself to the top turnbuckle, spin around, and launch into a 450 Splash.

Creed: Wheel of Doom! Cover! One, Two ...

Anderson: Three ... yeah, yeah, yeah. We can all count, Creed.

Creed: Well, there you have it folks, Johnny Niles makes a strong showing, but in the end Spooky Doom is named the victor. Will be right back with more IWF action!

Anderson: Chain Reaction, Creed.

Creed: I'm aware of the show's title, Terry. Stay tuned, folks.

Winner: SpookyDoom via 3 count


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Derrick Allen vs. Mr. Wrestling VIII

The Seattle native lurked to the ring to the thunderous claps and distorted bass of AWOLNATIONS' attention deficit disorder anthem; “Sail." As the pianos gave way to the self-loathing vocal track; Derrick methodically stalked toward the ring with a paranoid twitch. The fan reaction was one of mixed emotions. Derrick was a local, which boded well with all, but he brained "Sup Pop" Scott Douglas last week and possibly took out the man that thus far has represented Seattle in the IWF.

Anderson: There he is! The man that single handily ridded the IWF of Moppy McMopstien.

Creed: You mean the man, who, amidst a backstage scuffle with Seattle favorite, "Sup Pop" Scott, inadvertently caused a serious injury.

Anderson: Inad- ... what? I don't care. Douglas isn't here, and that is always good news, Creedy-boy.

Mr. Wrestling VIII, already positioned in the ring, attacked as Derrick Allen slid inside underneath the bottom rope. Mr. Wrestling would attempt to capitalize on Allen's prone position on entry with a stomp that quite possibly could have created a mud hole. That is if Allen had actually stayed still long enough to give way to such an attack. Switching momentum from sliding forward to rolling vertical; Allen nearly escaped what would have been a bad start to what would become a less than difficult completion.

Tony Daniel's frantically called for the bell.

Creed: Well, here we go folks. Derrick Allen and Mr. Wrestling VIII in a exhibition style match up.

McGinnis: Nothing really on the line here except the almighty bragging rights; which can, sometimes, prove to be the making of an incredible match up.

Allen quickly snapped to his feet as Mr. Wrestling found no one to be at the home his boot had just knocked on. Derrick Allen would waste no time taking it to VIII with a flurry of lefts and rights that would land his opponent back first in the turnbuckle. Mr. Wrestling would attempt to mount a defense and/or escape but every fist thrown would be met with a block and a fist in return, for good measure. The escape he would so desperately seek would only come as the result of a spinning back elbow, and running bulldog.

Having his face planted into in the canvas seemed to take quite the toll on Mr. Wrestling as he was drug to his feet with ease and laid back down with a properly set drop toe hold. Either in a show of skill or possibly just a demented violent streak, Allen would float into a excruciating half crab.

McGinnis: Beautiful display of technical prowess!

Anderson: Break his leg, like you broke Moppy's skull!

Tony Daniel's would, short thereafter, force the rope break as a Mr. Wrestling nearly reached out to safety. Once released, Mr. Wrestling rose to his vertical stance slowly as Derrick Allen got an ear full from Referee Daniels for hesitating to break the previous hold.

Mr. Wrestling would use the distraction of the IWF's, seemingly, only contracted in-ring official to surprise Allen with a flying cross body.

Anderson: No, no ... that's cheating!

Creed: For once, he is technically right.

McGinnis: No quarrels here. And as it has been said cheaters never prosper.
And on this night, the most certainly would not. Allen caught Mr. Wrestling mid-splash and instantly slammed him to the mat with an incredible force not yet seen in this promotion. Rather than attempt the pen, Allen rose to his knees and gazed out into the packed Moss Bay Event Center with an look of disconnectedness and paranoia. With no pin attempt; Tony Daniels would begin the standing ten count.

Daniels: One ... !

Anderson: One, two, TEN! He is done!

Creed: That was quite the Powerslam, but I wouldn't count the masked Mr. Wrestling out just so quick.

Daniels: Two ... !

Anderson: I would, One, two, ten! Done! Adios ... muchaos! And you winner, and STILL reigning champion of Scott Douglas' career ending concussions, Derrick Allens.
Daniels: Three ... !

Creed: Allens? Plural, Terry?

Anderson: Yeah, "Blame It On My ADD" Derrick Allens, right?

Creed: No, its ... you know what? You're his biggest fan, suddenly. Call him what you like, I guess.

Daniels: Four ... !

Amidst the slowest ten count ever witnessed, Derrick returned to his vertical base and paced around the ring for a short amount of time until he grew impatient . With a handful of hair Allen would drag Wrestling to his feet and send him to the ropes with a hard Irish Whip. Returning from the ropes, Mr. Wrestling, would duck a lariat and find the elastic like spring of the opposite ropes. His return, however, would not bring favorable results as Allen tossed up his right foot and used VIII's momentum against him.

Creed: Oh my, that is the same standing side kick, a Super kick, if you will that sent Scott Douglas' head crashing to that steal chair last week!

Anderson: My new favorite move! The ADD Kick! It WILL get your attention!

Much like Douglas last week, Mr. Wrestling would take the blunt force to the underside of the chin and instantly would collapse like a sack of old potatoes. Derrick motioned to the audience by clapping his hands in a succession of three that it was time to go for the three count. The building set off like a pack of Roman candles. Derrick basked in the audible pandemonium briefly before hold one solitary finger up and waving back and forth to signify that this match was not yet at its finish. The crowd, much like Derrick entrance, met the native with a mixed response. Some, clearly, felt that it was time to take the win and leave with your head held high. A small subsection of others, Allen included, felt it was time to cross the "T's" and dot the "I's" on live television.

Creed: Folks, this match is clearly over. For what reason Derrick Allen has decided to just rub this victory in, in unbenounced to me at this time. This is simply despicable.

Anderson: Get him! Get him! Do that top rope, flippy thing, or whatever!

Creed: The Shooting Star Press?

Anderson: That's not what it's called, Creed. And here I thought you were a journalist!

McGinnis: Allen is heading for the corner.

Creed: It's called the Fremont Plunge, Terry. But as a student and long time broadcaster, of course I know it is the Shooting Star Press.

Anderson: Fremont Plunge!

As Terry "The Idol" Anderson screams out a term he learned three seconds earlier, Derrick Allen launches from the top turnbuckle with an insatiable appetite for elevation, velocity, and force. Allen crashes down on the masked man and takes his wind from him amongst other things. Allen, who appears to intend more harm before wrapping this up, instinctively hooks a leg and Tony Daniels drops to make the count.

Anderson: One, two, three! It's a wrap. The Sub POPPER takes the victory, and all of Seattle, nay ... The World can now rejoice.

Tony Daniels calls for the bell and raises Derricks hand in victory only to once again be shoved away.

Winner: Derrick Allen (Fremont Plunge, 3-count)

Creed: The World, Terry?

Anderson: Well, at least the world of professional wrestling.

Derrick Allen motions toward the time keeper in a beckoning motion.

Creed: Well, it looks like ... as Terry has dubbed him, "ADD" Derrick Allen wants a microphone. Might we see and apology for last week's brutal and unfortunate backstage episode with Scott Douglas.

Anderson: He better not!

Derrick: Now that's out of the way, I have something to say to you feeble minded individuals here tonight!

The crowd erupts in a deafening chorus of disapproval at the former South Park, Seattle resident.

Derrick: Douglas! Oh, I know you're here, sir. I know you, and I know how you operate! You're back there somewhere, right now, milking your injury for the sympathies of others! All the while posing and smiling just so that everyone will think you're the concement team player. Injury or not, "Sub Pop" Scott is here with bells on! Oh, happy day! Because how would we little folk ever manage without the likes of a washed up, skinny-fat, want-a-be grunge poser traipsing around the City like he's our (bleep) damned Messiah!

Anderson: He won't dare show his face!

Creed: Let's hope not, as we saw earlier tonight, Scott Douglas' medical clearance has not yet been issued by medical professionals that attended to the concussion he suffered just a week ago.

The lost grunge classic, "Baby Takes" by Green River, cues up and rings out over the public address system and incites the Seattle crowd to come to their feet. Scott Douglas emerges slowly, and with measured movement, from the curtains and onto the ramp way.

The nearly capacity crowd inside the Moss Bay Event Center lets loose and the fan fare slowly turns from yelling, screaming, and the occasional two fingered whistle to a harmonized chant of "Sup Pop" Scott. Derrick sarcastically introduces his rival over in an attempt to undercut his pop.

Derrick: Ladies and Gentlemen of Seattle, it's Curt Cobain!

Douglas holds his hand up and soaks in the approval of his city; ignoring Derrick's comments. The crowd reaction simmers momentarily as Scott's adopted theme fades out.

Derrick: Or is it Steve Growl? Is there "Foo" to fight, sir?!

Derrick pauses momentarily awaiting response.

Derrick: What? Did your brain get rattled so bad you forgot to bring a mic? Or just how to speak, sir?

As Derrick questions Scott's remaining brain function, the dilapidated event center speakers ring out once again, this time with the slow grinding sounds of Mudhoney's "The Rose." The fans in the building don't initially know what to make of the tune or who to expect to emerge from the depths of the backstage area.

Anderson: What now?

Creed: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, for anyone just joining us: after a brutal victory of Mr. Wrestling VIII, Derrick Allen promptly called out, in no uncertain terms, "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas and much to the surprise of us all, he is in attendance this evening!

Anderson: Why the hell is she out here?

Courtney Allen steps from behind the curtain and the crowd again pops; twice as loud as before. She presents Scott with a microphone and the two wait for the crowd to calm down before Scott addresses his girlfriend's agitated older brother.
Douglas: Really, sir? You gave up that incredibly lucrative run in the Great White North to come down here and get smacked with a bottle of hooch, take the head off of an over-grown luchador, and generally be a pain in my ass?

Derrick finds humor in Scott's jab and raises the mic to his mouth yet again.

Derrick: Well, sir... Being a thorn in your side was just a contractual perk to be perfectly honest. I had Art toss that in there alongside a few other things; if you catch my drift, old friend.

Douglas: Good talk. Are we done here or are you going to explain why I'm out here on a night I'm not even getting paid?

Derrick: Good talk, sir? The whole point of all of this is for the great "Sub Pop" Scott to finally man up, bring his overrated ass down to the ring, and face the past!

Douglas: Since you asked so nicely, sir. I suppose I can oblige an old friend.

Douglas, much to Courtney's dismay, begins his walk down to ring side. She attempts to stop or at least slow Douglas but of course is no match for his size or determination. Derrick readies himself in the ring and beckons for Douglas' arrival.

Creed: I imagine security will be here any minute. Scott Douglas is not cleared to compete here and even the smallest blow to the head could easily exacerbate his condition.

Anderson: Hit him in the head!

McGinnis: This is a bad move on the part of Douglas. He should be fully aware, at this point, that he is barred from competition until he gets cleared medically.
Douglas gets a few steps ahead of Courtney and she pleads from the background in desperation. Douglas circles the ring with his eyes fixated on Derrick Allen in the ring. Courtney abandons the chase and hits the ring as Douglas makes it to the time keepers corner and commandeers his seat.

Creed: Here we go folks. This is going to get real ugly; real fast. Can we get some officials down at ring side, please.

Anderson: One can only hope, Creedy-boy! For the ugly, not so much the officials.

Douglas slides the chair under the ropes and rounds the corner post to take the metal stairs up to the apron.

Derrick: I like the way you think, sir! Especially since your recent history with folding chairs has been less than favorable.

Courtney rushes to Douglas and attempts to coax the love of her life to stand down as he enters the ring. They trade words for a moment and Courtney backs off but remains between the pair. Douglas picks the chair up from the canvas and unfolds it in the corner opposite of his would be combatant; Derrick Allen.

Derrick: What the hell is this, Scotty? Did you come to fight or take a load off?

Douglas: I came to see whether or not you still had enough self control and moral fortitude to restrain yourself from attacking a injured man. I mean, really ... Senior Wrestling Forty Five wasn't enough for tonight, you sociopath? Question; what does your therapist think about your profession?

Derrick: Cut the semantics, Scotty! Me and you, let's do this... right now! Or should I say ... Nathaniel!

Scott Douglas springs from his seat and the two clearly intend to meet in the middle of the squared circle as Courtney frivolously hold her arms out, still positioned between each.

Creed: Where is security? Ladies and Gentlemen I apologize for this interruption.

Just as Aaron Creed questions the staff and their decision making skills the Chain Reaction theme, "Just Let it Go" by KHZ, rings out over the tonight's over worked P.A. system and Art Mori emerges from the curtains.

Creed: Finally. I'm sure Art will put an end to this ridiculousness.

Anderson: No! We are THIS close to getting rid of Scott Douglas' ridiculous career!

Both Douglas, and Allen stop in their tracks and turn their attentions to Art Mori on the ramp way.

Art Mori: Hold it right there! Allen, lay one hand on Douglas and you violate your morality clause! Boys?

Douglas takes back to his seat as Derrick loses it and vents his frustrations off mic toward Art Mori as security and a few of Seattle's finest appear on the ramp way and head toward ring side.

Douglas: You signed a morality clause? Do you know what morals are?

Art Mori: As for you Douglas, draw or no draw ... Your record is horrible, and you know you shouldn't even be out here right now! You want to beat each other's brains out? Fine. But it will not be here! "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas verse Derrick Allen at SURGE! That is, of course, pending Douglas' medical clearance.

Douglas: I'll be there ... with bells on, sir.

Derrick: So be it.

Derrick drops the microphone to the mat and takes a few steps toward the seated Douglas. The security a ring side pump fake their ring entry and wait to see what will actually take place. Derrick turns his back on Douglas in attempts to tempt Douglas to take the first shot.

Anderson: What the hell is he doing?!

Creed: This is an odd move from Allen.

Douglas rises from his seat and places his hand on the back of the steel chair. Security hits the apron as he folds the chair up and Courtney pleads with both arms out and palms out. Scott picks the chair up as a "Knock Him Out" chant slowly builds but remains scattered. Scott looks around at the security, the crowd, Courtney, and Art on the ramp way.

Art Mori: Don't do it, Douglas! Save it for Surge!

Douglas cocks the chair back and security hits the ring. He drops the chair to the canvas just before they can properly get in position and exits the ring. Courtney follows shortly after as Derrick holds his hands up and out as if to motion a confused mind state.

The Chain Reaction theme plays as Douglas and Courtney walk back down the aisle. Douglas glances back occasionally and Courtney tries to keep in moving forward and to ignore Derrick Allen. Art slips behind the curtains to take care of more company business.

Creed: Well, apparently Douglas takes the high road, and we have our third officially set match for the IWF Supershow!

Anderson: Allen should have taken his head off and been done with it, right here.

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be right back with more IWF action, momentarily. Stick with us!


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May 2, 2007
Kerry Kuroyama vs. Stephen Waltz

"The Fallen Angel" Stephen Waltz was already in the ring as "Revolve" hit the PA and "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" Kerry Kuroyama stepped through the curtain. The fans that remembered him and were anticipating his return to IWF gave him a hero's welcome, which he acknowledged with a pumped fist as he made his way down the ring with a look of determination on his face. Aaron and Brian touched briefly on the main event at the last show between Kerry's trainer Rocko Daymon and the IWF Emerald City Champion Vizier ta Seti, but Terry quickly interrupted the conversation to gush over his own student, Waltz.

Anderson: Look, EVERYBODY knows Kuroyama is just a chump trained by another chump! Steph-O is a TRUE professional wrestling prodigy trained by a TRUE professional wrestling legend!

Creed: Right... and I'm sure "The Fallen Angel's" lackluster record in the IWF ring is more the result of his mounting injuries as opposed to you being wrong.

The bell rang, and both men met in the center of the ring for the lock up. Waltz tried to take an early aggressive edge by slapping the younger man into a few holds, but Kuroyama deftly turned the tables at every opportunity. Kuroyama nearly turned a simple side headlock applied by Waltz into a near three-count when he swept Stephen's legs out from under him and curled him to the mat. The frustration was beginning to show on "The Fallen Angel's" face, and likewise, Kuroyama was noticably growing more and more confident.

Kerry was gaining a good rhythm, going for another pin attempt after reversing a whip to the ropes to put Stephen on the mat with a sidewalk slam. Things were looking good for him, but Waltz clawed back with a charging shoulder strike to the mid-section as he was being brought back to his feet, pinning Kuroyama into the corner and knocking the wind out of him. Waltz continued to rough him up into the corner until the referee warned him about making the break, and Terry's student complied by bringing Kerry out of the corner and onto his back with a heavy belly-to-belly suplex. Kuroyama kicked out after only two counts in the following pin attempt by Waltz.

McGinnis: Kick-out at the two by Kerry Kuroyama, showing good resilience against the strength of "The Fallen Angel"! Waltz really put him to the mat with some force, but it only phased "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" from the Dojo for only a moment!

Anderson: Ah, that move is just to soften him up! A REAL man would have kicked out right at the ONE!

Kuroyama worked his way up to his feet, but Waltz quickly halted his progress with a hard knee to the side. He continued to brutalize the younger wrestler with some hard stomps to the limbs and torso as he laid on the mat, which Terry praised as brilliant wrestling strategy. McGinnis argued the point as Waltz continued the offense, pulling Kerry off the mat and throwing him hard into the corner. Stephen followed it up with a clothesline that sandwiched Kuroyama against the turnbuckle and filled the commentary booth with Terry's chuckles, but the Dojo alum successfully countered the following Irish Whip. Waltz bounced off the opposite turnbuckle in surprise and stumbled right into a running knee lift by Kerry, drawing a pop from the crowd. Kuroyama went for the cover, but Waltz managed to desperately kick out before the three.

Stephen scrambled across the mat to the ropes, which he used to get to his feet. His brimming confidence from only a few moments ago had washed away completely, and panic was beginning to set in. Kuroyama remained calm, and was perfectly ready for him coming with a running lariat, which he ducked and turned into a bridging Tiger Suplex that wowed the fans and the commentators, but only only earned another two count by the ref. Waltz was slower to get up this time, so Kerry brought him to his feet and raised him into the air for several moments, getting the crowd pumped and giving Terry more gray hairs to worry about.


Creed: I think that's part of the PLAN, Terry! GORDBUSTER!! "The Fallen Angel" Stephen Waltz took that right on the FACE!

Kuroyama burst back to his feet, glancing into corners of the crowd as a small "KER-RY! KER-RY!" chants began to grow in volume. He looked ready to finish things off, locking the stunned Waltz's legs into a cloverleaf, but before he could turn him around, Stephen reached up and raked the eyes in desperation. Kuroyama recoiled in pain and the referee gave Waltz an earful, though Anderson swore up and down that he was reaching up to grab his head and Kerry leaned into it.

McGinnis: You saw that all the way up here...?

Anderson: This might surprise you, kid... but I've got an EAGLE eye! Nothing gets by it!

With Kuroyama rubbing his eyes, Waltz seized the opportunity and caught him open with a kick to the gut, which may have been lower than what some would consider clean. Hastily, Waltz drew the younger man in and lifted him over his shoulder, going for the Last Waltz inverted powerbomb... but Kuroyama, with plently of life still in him, quickly wriggled his way free and slipped down his back, hooking an arm on his way down and strapping the unsuspecting Waltz into a pumphandle hold. Before Terry could even say "What the HELL?!", Kuroyama pulled Waltz onto his shoulder and drove him hard into the mat with the Kuroyama Driver! The hooked the leg for the pin, but it was moot given Waltz was out like a light for all three counts.

Winner: Kerry Kuroyama via 3 count

Anderson: I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! Steph-O was just about to put him away! What HAPPENED?!

McGinnis: It looked to me like Stephen was just desperate to end the match and tried to finish off the young Kerry Kuroyama before he was fully subdued!

Creed: "The Pacific Blitzkrieg" definitely showed a never give up attitude in his return match here tonight, picking up a win and reminding these IWF fans of the promise he showed before injury kept him away all those months!

Anderson: He wasn't injured... he was AFRAID to get in that ring! Stephen's the one who is REALLY injured, which is probably why he lost! We should be PRAISING him for having the courage and fortitude to go through with this match in spite of the pain!

Creed: Whatever you say, Terry...

Kuroyama stayed in the ring to celebrate as the fans cheered him, before spotting the defeated Stephen Waltz walking back to the locker room. Quickly, he called for a mic and started waving for attention.

Kuroyama: Hang on a second... stop the music... Stephen! Hey, Stephen!

Waltz stops before he gets to the curtain and looks questionably back to the ring.

Kuroyama: Come on back to the ring, Stephen. There's something I want to say to you...

Anderson: Oh, what now? Is he going to rub his nose into it? Make fun of him for losing yet another match?! Let the kid go, chump! It's not his fault he was born with a weak neck!

Creed: And I'm sure it's not his fault that he had such a weak teacher as well...

Anderson: Watch yourself, Aaron... or I'll IDOLIZE you right here and now, so help me Jimmy Buffett!

Waltz lingered before the curtain for a moment of deliberation, but the honest and trustworthy expression on Kerry's face seemed genuine enough, and slowly made his way back to the ring. Still rubbing out the pain in his head, he rolled under the ropes and came to his feet where Kuroyama was waiting to speak.

Kuroyama: Look, Stephen... I gotta come clean with you. It was no act of randomness that you and I should meet here in the ring tonight. You see, at the last Chain Reaction, when I walked into Commissioner Art Mori's office to let him know I was ready to come back to the ring, I specifically requested for YOU to be my opponent in my return match. Now... why STEPHEN WALTZ out of everybody else in that locker room? Well, I'm about to explain that...

Anderson: Oh, this should be good...

Kuroyama: Everybody who's been following this company long enough knows that you've lost to a number of men in that locker room. No, I didn't ask for this match because I thought it would be a guaranteed win... it's one of the men that beat you that interests me, Stephen. Specifically, our own Emerald City Champion... VIZIER TA SETI...

The crowd reacts to the announcement of their champion's name. The camera catches a sign being held up by a ringside fan that reads "WE are the Tribe!"

Kuroyama: My Mission, now that I'm back in the International Wrestling Federation, is to be the man that succeeds Seti as Emerald City Champion.

Anderson: HA!! That's all we need! One chump replacing another as our champion!

Creed: Kerry Kuroyama is announcing to everybody that he intends to be the man to usurp Vizier ta Seti as the Emerald City Champion and the leader of the IWF Tribe! Does he have enough to overcome the tenacity and determination of our own champion?

McGinnis: I'm not sure, Aaron. Seti is a proven champion who has defended his title against some tough opposition. I admire Kuroyama's bravado, but that's a task that is much easier said than done!

A din spread through the crowd as Waltz scratches his head in confusion, wondering how this applies to him, but Kuroyama quickly holds up a hand for silence and presses on.

Kuroyama: You see, Stephen... I don't want, nor expect, a title shot to be given to me. If I'm going to be a champion, then I intend to EARN it, every step of the way. That means working my way up from the bottom of the ladder to the top... until I become Number One Contender to the Emerald City Title. You were the first man to fall to Vizier ta Seti when he came to IWF... so for all intents and purposes, Stephen, that makes you the bottom.

Anderson: Hey, now, if he's trying to insult him, then let me just say you find some great things down at the bottom! Where's all the treasure in the sea? That's right, AT THE BOTTOM!!

McGinnis: I'm sure that's where all the rum goes in your Captain and Coke, too.

Kuroyama: Stephen, you're the first step in my Path, following the footsteps of our Emerald City Champion. I will challenge every one of his previous opponents... and should my training and determination hold up, I will DEFEAT every one of them, to prove that there is nothing Vizier ta Seti has done in this federation that Kerry Kuroyama cannot do himself.

Mixed reaction, supporters giving pops and haters scoffing in doubt. Stephen doesn't seem to feel any better now that he's been given this explanation.

Anderson: What's the deal? First he calls my boy the absolute bottom of the pile, and now he has the audacity to say he's going to be the next Emerald City Champion? Before guys like Perfection and Erik Mateo?

Creed: If what Kerry is saying is true, then I don't doubt that he'll be giving challenges to either of those men as well, given they were previous opponents defeated by our Emerald City Champ, Vizier ta Seti!

McGinnis: He just better hope Seti doesn't keep dominating the main event of IWF as he's been doing... otherwise, Kerry Kuroyama will be trying to catch up to the champ for a long time!

Waltz is about to leave the ring, but Kerry stops him again.

Kuroyama: Hang on, Stephen... I'm not saying this to belittle you. I'm saying this because I'm an honest man, and you deserve the truth. And the truth, Stephen? You've lost quite a few matches in this federation... it's just a sad, but true fact. I don't know if it's because you've just been unlucky... or if injuries have held you back... or if your friend Terry never trained you how to finish a match...

Anderson: HEY NOW!

Kuroyama: ...or maybe you just don't have the the level of talent and skill to hang with today's generation of professional wrestlers. Whatever the reason... it doesn't really matter to me... because when I look at you, Stephen Waltz, I don't see a loser. I don't see just another "jobber" who comes into the ring and collects a paycheck. Any other man in this sport with your kind of record would have just taken the hint and gotten another job. But you? Despite all the defeats... and all the disappointment... you're still HERE. Your record isn't what counts. Its your PERSISTENCE. It's your DESIRE to keep getting yourself off the mat and continue fighting in this ring. Only few ever appreciate that commitment... but Stephen, I am one of those few.

McGinnis: Those are surprisingly kind words from the winner of this match. You know, Terry, I can't say Stephen Waltz is the most impressive wrestler I've ever seen, but he's shown great spirit and dedication to IWF!

Anderson: Well, uh... OF COURSE! Spirit and dedication are the methods of "The Idol"!

Creed: I dunno about dedication, but I'm sure there are a NUMBER of spirits in your methods, Terry.

Kuroyama: The reason I say this, Stephen... is because we could use determined and educated men like you at the Dojo. You may not have gone on to become one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, but you've put years into this business... you've seen and learned things that a younger guy like me could only know about after years and years of time put into this sport. I'm offering you a place at the Dojo as one of our trainers... to pass on your skills to future generations so that they may honor your legacy and carry on the tradition of professional wrestling.

Waltz looks stunned to be given such an offer. Up in the commentary booth, Terry sounds pretty stunned as well.

Anderson: PF-whu-HUH?! STEPHEN! Don't listen to this clown! You belong in the RING, kicking ass and taking names!

Creed: I dunno, Terry... you know, Stephen's never really looked comfortable in the ring. Maybe a life as a trainer wouldn't be bad for him.

Anderson: The prodigy of "The Idol" doesn't belong in that crummy DOJO!

Kuroyama: What do you say, Stephen? Do you want to keep following Terry around... or will you join us?

Kerry holds out his hand, and Waltz wonders if he should take the offer. The crowd cheers supportively, and finally, he reaches out his own hand and gives Kerry's a shake. Kuroyama holds up Waltz's arm as "Revolve" hits the PA again and the fans cheer with delight!

Creed: Well how's that for a happy ending for you!

Anderson: HAPPY?! What the hell are you talking about?! My boy BETRAYED me tonight! My own STUDENT! My PRODIGY! The fruit of my LOINS!

McGinnis: It's not all THAT bad, Terry. If this means Waltz will retire and just become a full-time trainer at the Dojo, then at least he won't embarrass you in the ring anymore!

Creed: Stephen Waltz has found a new home at the Dojo, and perhaps his journey in professional wrestling has come to an end! The journey for Kerry Kuroyama to the Emerald City Champion has only just begun though! If Stephen Waltz was the first step, then who comes next? Perfection? Scott Douglas?

McGinnis: I guess we'll find out at the next Chain Reaction. This was an exciting opening match to tonight's show... can't wait to see what the rest of tonight's action holds!

Creed: We'll be back in just a few moments with more action, ladies and gentlemen!


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May 2, 2007
The Minstrel vs. Go-Go Spectacular

“Run This Town” by Jay-Z and Rihanna blares over the crowd as Go-Go Spectacular stepped out from behind the curtain to an appreciative pop. She managed to strike a pose lifting her hands over head despite a grimace of pain from the rib injury suffered last week – which is taped at this point. She hustles down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Aaron Creed remarked on her courage at coming out her tonight to face a man, who had viciously attacked her last week. Terry Anderson did not enjoy the fact that her tightly-packed abdomen was now hidden and that it was not courageousness, but rather stupidity.

“Gasoline” by Brand New plays over the speakers as the Minstrel appears to a chorus of boos, which he is unfazed by as he does a little break dancing, which does not fit at all with the spastic sound of his theme. As he makes his way down to the ring, Creed admonishes the Minstrel for the attack last week and supports Courtney Paz’s decision to suspend him without pay – which was rescinded earlier in the night. Terry wants to know who the Minstrel’s attorney is…

Anderson: I have some major parking tickets I need taken care of… NOW!

Creed: Well, just ask the Minstrel, who he uses.

Anderson: Bet you its Johnnie Cochran.

Creed: I’ll take that bet since he’s dead.

Go-Go eyes the Minstrel from across the ring as he waves at her and blows kisses in her direction. Tony Daniels calls for the bell and Go-Go comes out of her corner charging right at her attacker. The Minstrel ducked out of the corner, but Go-Go reacts quickly, jumping up and springboarding herself out of the corner flying crossbody. Instead of going for the pin, she immediately starts pounding away on the Minstrel with lefts and rights until Tony Daniels is finally able to separate her.

When she approaches again, the Minstrel attempts to sweep her legs out but she jumps over the attempt and lands an elbowdrop. Go-Go then hits the ropes and catches the Minstrel spinning wheel kick before going for a quick cover and a two count. She whipped the Minstrel off the ropes and ran to the opposite side herself to attempt another cross body, but the Minstrel caught her attempt and hit a backbreaker and then a fallaway slam – immediately targeting the injured ribs of his opponent.

Go-Go was slow to recover so the Minstrel quickly went to work stomping away before Tony Daniels could intervene – but the second, Daniels stepped away the Minstrel went right for Go-Go’s throat – screaming “I’m going to choke the life right of you” and laughing. After releasing on the count of four and accepting his warning from the ref, the Minstrel picked up Go-Go by the hair before ringing her bell with a European Uppercut sending her reeling into the ropes. As she bounced back the Minstrel hit a kick to the midsection and hit a swinging neckbreaker before covering for a count of two before Go-Go could kick out.

Anderson: Always wondered what it be like “having relations” with a girl in a mask.

McGinnis: Terry, wouldn’t that be weird since they demand you wear a mask to hide your face?


Anderson: Hey… Oh… I tell the jokes here.

The Minstrel sensing his opponent is weakened set up Go-Go for a power bomb, but Go-Go aware of the situation reverses it with a Hurricanrana and a surprise two count. Both get to their feet simultaneously, but Go-Go takes the upperhand with a strong 360 roundhouse kick, which causes the Minstrel’s head to snap back and leaves him seemingly almost out as he is propped by only the second rope. Sensing the opportunity the crowd cheers as Go-Go charges in and hits a 619, which she promptly follows with a springboard legdrop and a cover. 1….. 2…… 3! No, the Minstrel’s foot was on the bottom rope.

Go-Go wastes no time – picking her opponent up and delivering a series of hard knife-edge chops. Before whipping him into the turnbuckle – she charges in, but is met with a boot to the face from the Minstrel causing her to back out and allowing the Minstrel to hit a dropkick to the back of her head. Go-Go landed awkwardly seemingly stunned by the blow from behind. The Minstrel swaggered over and picked up her head by her hair and said, “Did mommy make you feel better? Maybe she can make me feel better – Maybe, I should pay her a visit.” – before slamming her head down hard against the canvas.

Anderson: If Go-Go’s Mom looks anything like her – I’d pay her a visit – even if she is Mexican.

Creed[ignoring Terry]: The Minstrel is sensing victory here he’s heading up top… Looks like he’s setting up for a moonsault, he braces and GO-GO LUNGES AND SHAKED THE ROPES! MINSTREL IS CAUGHT IN THE TREE OF WOE!

Go-Go is still clearing the cobwebs as the Minstrel struggles to unhook his leg. Go-Go gathers herself and sees the position the Minstrel is in. She seems totally enraged – she unloads on the Minstrel with a series of kicks, finishing with a spinning heel kick. Tony Daniels attempts to stop her, but she pushes him away – Tony confronts her threatening her with disqualification….


Creed: PELE KICK by Go-Go! Tony Daniels is out!

Anderson: Figures she would use a move named after a soccer player – can’t just call it what it is – a kick to the head.

The Minstrel is dazed in the corner, still hanging upside down. Go-Go goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. She slides it into the ring and sets it up on the Minstrel’s face. The Minstrel can be heard laughing between coughs. Go-Go shakes her head before charging and dropkicks the chair right into the Minstrel’s face. His body goes tumbling down out of the tree of woe.

Tony Daniels has come to, but is still down. He manages to call for the bell.

Creed: The Minstrel is going to be the winner of this match by DQ, but I think Go-Go is going to win the war here tonight.

Anderson: Hell hath no fury like a woman bored.

Creed: Scorned.

Anderson: That’s what I said.

Go-Go has taken to the outside with the chair and climbed the turnbuckle – the Minstrel lies in a heap on the mat. She leaps off the top rope to the delight of the fans and places the chair underneath her….


And lands a big legdrop using the chair to the Minstrel’s back and shoulder area. After recovering from the after-effects of the blow, Go-Go takes one more look at her fallen opponent, says something in Spanish and raises her right arm above her head, grabbing at her rib area with other before heading out of the ring.

Winner: The Minstrel via DQ.


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event... oh wait Retribution.

The show returns from commercial to a shot of the commentators booth, Creed is on the ready, McGinnis aligns his notes by tamping them even on the surface of the desk and Anderson is out of his seat standing on the back of the platform taunting fans for no apparent reason.

Creed: Here we go folks, the main event! Erik Mateo goes up against the Emerald City Champion Vizier ta Seti for a chance to be the second ever IWF Champion.

McGinnis: Aaron, this could be quite the turning point for the IWF, here tonight. This could extremely change the dynamic of the main event coming up at Surge.

Anderson returns to his seat and starts mouthing off even before he can get his head phones properly seated.

Anderson: Wait, wait ... wait. I had to set a few marks straight. Creed, I believe you misspoke. What you meant was; Erick Mateo will be defeating that yellow guy to become the IWF's first EVER Unified Champion. Mateo is already LVW's Hardcore Champion. What's a little Emerald to a big old World?

Creed: That may be, Terry, but that is a title of an... Hold on. I'm being told there has been an attack or something of the sort backstage. We are getting a camera back there, right now. I'm being told Derrick Allen require medical attention.

The shot switches to the backstage area and Derrick Allen is laid out on the concrete floor, still in his wrestling gear. His forehead is slightly busted open and is streaming a small amount of blood; which mixed with sweat appears to be much more.

The shot tips up to show staff and random people backstage scattering as Douglas stands over his fallen victim holding a steal chair by his right hand alone.

Creed: Folks, tonight's previous altercation did not end in the ring as previously believed! It seems Scott Douglas has exacted revenge on Derrick Allen for last weeks ...

Anderson: Accident. Last week's accident. If Douglas wouldn't have had brought the chair into a fair fight then he wouldn't have cracked his already broken brain on it later.

Creed: Regardless, Douglas seems to have returned the favor here tonight!

Douglas drops the chair, it clangs and echoes loudly on the concrete floor. Derrick Allen stirs, slightly, as Douglas walks away calmly and slowly outside the depth of field.

The camera rack focus' on Douglas as the he steps through the door and the door slams. The lens is again adjusted to bring a recovering, yet bloodied, Derrick Allen back into focus. He slowly sits up and with his finger tips, dabs his forehead to confirm his bleeding. He struggles to his feet and the shot fades.

Anderson: See, Douglas ruins yet another good IWF show!

Creed: Ladies, and gentlemen, in attempts to bring you the main event uninterrupted we will take one more commercial break and when we return Mateo meet Seti, live on Chain Reaction!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007

IWF Presents:


5/12/12 Live at Key Arena


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Emerald City Championship: Vizier ta Seti vs. Erik Mateo

Erik Mateo hit the ring first, whiskey bottle in hand, The Idol marked madly for him and praised his ability to destroy his opponents in the ring.

Creed: Erik Mateo is probably IWF's toughest son of a gun. However, his reliance on the whiskey to surge him through contests could prove to be his downfall.

Anderson: Pfft! Mateo will be walking away champion tonight, I guarantee it.

McGinnis: Vizier ta Seti has been a proud champion for IWF since the title's inception. You should show him more respect.

Anderson and McGinnis continued to argue as Vizier's entrance unfolded in front of the crowd. They gave him a loud ovation of cheers as he walked stead fast to the ring. Emerald city Championship resting on his shoulder.

Handing the belt to Tony Daniels as he enters the ring. Seti takes position in the opposing corner from Mateo.

McGinnis: The challenger is staring down the champion. Mateo is pumping himself up in the corner while Seti stares daggers at him.

Anderson: Perfection is the true champion, that yellow guy is just a stand in.

The bell rings and Mateo quickly charges Seti, going for a sweeping big boot that Seti ducks. They lock up in the middle of the ring and Mateo uses his knee and drives it into the gut of Seti. Hooking him and DDTing him flat into the mat.

Mateo gaining control of the action, picks up Seti and drives a few forearms to his face. He continues on as he assaults Seti's upperbody, hitting with a hanging Vertical Suplex, holding him flat to the mat with an underhook headlock and finally going for a pin attempt after a spinning spinebuster off the ropes.

Anderson: Look at Erik, doing just fine without that whiskey!

McGinnis: Match isn't over yet, Terry.

The crowd started getting into the action and cheering for their champion to mount a come back, which after another whip attempt -- he did -- reversing it into a killer clothesline. Seti didn't captialize right away and Mateo took advantage of that with an eye poke, which McGinnis criticized. That wasn't enough to stop the champion's come back attempt. Seti wiggled his way out of a suplex attempt and went on the offensive.

Creed: Seti proving why he still is IWF's first ever Emerald City Champion.

Vizier, after executing a beautiful neckbreaker, picked up Mateo once again and threw him into the corner. Mateo stumbled forward out of it, but Seti was waiting and charged in with a devestating spear.

After only acquiring a two count, Seti pulled Mateo to his feet. Mateo pushed him off and the two started exchanging chops in the middle of the ring, which turned the crowd's excitement way up. Seti having enough of the back and forth, kicked Mateo in the gut and planted him with an Evenflow DDT.

McGinnis: Seti going for another pin...1....2..NO!

Anderson compliments Mateo's toughness and points out that he has yet to touch his whiskey. Seti looks ready to put Mateo away and hooks him for the Third Eye. Mateo, blocks it with a head butt, which at first doesn't cause Seti to release the hold. However, the third head butt does and both men stumble backwards.

Seti charges in with Fury of the Fates but misses! Mateo spins Seti around and executes a front face leg sweep.

Anderson: This crowd is full of a bunch of idiots, HOW CAN YOU BOO THIS MAN?!?! He's amazing!

McGinnis: Maybe cause half of our fan base doesn't understand him and the other half is too drunk to care?

Creed: Great point Brian. Uh oh.. Mateo is pointing to the whiskey!

Erik Mateo slowly makes his way to his original starting corner, where his bottle of whiskey is sitting. He pulls it up and pops off the top. Looking at the crowd and grinning he goes to drink from the bottle and....

Creed: Seti with a superkick to the bottle!

Cameras flash as the bottle goes flying into the stands, and Mateo spins around with a pissed look on his face. Seti ducks a clothesline attempt, but Mateo quick to recover charges at him again. Seti ducks and uses Mateo's charge to send him flying over the top rope and to the outside!

Anderson: DQ! DQ! That move is illegal!

McGinnis: This isn't 1980 Terry.

Anderson: Well it should be!

Tony Daniels starts the ten count and Seti backs away into the opposite side of the ring. The crowd starts motioning to something and the camera switches to the fan barrier.

Creed: Oh no! Perfection just hopped the rail!

Perfection grabs the IWF Emerald City title from the time keeper. The fans are screaming for Seti to turn around but he's focused directly on Mateo. Perfection is in the ring and.... HE CLOCKS Seti in the back of the head with the title. Daniels is none the wiser as the count is at 8 and Mateo gets to the apron.


Creed: Mateo sees Seti out cold on the mat... he stumbles over to him and hooks the leg..


Creed: Daniels has no clue what happened but he drops down to count.....1.......2............NO!!!


McGinnis: WOW! Seti kicked out.. I can't believe it.... I thought we were going to have a new champion!

Mateo is in disbelief himself, as he hooks the leg again and this time only gets a one count. Perfection is furious on the outside as he throws his arms up into the air. Mateo lifts Seti to his feet, hooks him for the Sitdown power bomb, but Seti uses a leg sweep and sends Mateo to the mat! Seti still with Mateo's legs hooks him... Slingshot into the corner!


Perfection seeing enough storms the ring right in front of Daniels who immediately calls for the bell when Perfection swings the title again at Seti! Vizier this time ducks it and the two men start exchanging punches in the center of the ring. Mateo gets up to his feet and looks PISSED! He charges into the fray and Tony Daniels is doing his best to secure the ring.

Creed: Hate to leave you now folks but we are out of time! For Brian McGinnis and Terry Anderson.. this is Aaron Creed signing off.. see you at SURGE!

(Insanity ensues as all three men are brawling in the ring, security quickly hits and does it's best to seperate them as we fade to copyright.)

Winner: Vizier ta Seti (c) via DQ

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