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Chain Reaction coming to you live, November 18th!


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May 2, 2007
(Camera fades in, Arthur Mori, looking to be in his fifties rather then his actual age of thirty-eight, is sitting behind his small desk. He's in a cramped looking office with poster boards, contracts and take home Chinese food containers thrown about everywhere. A half empty bottle of some unknown cheap whiskey is on his desk and the glass next to it is half full. Art, as the IWF's staff knows him, looks to be having an exhausting conversation on the telephone.)

Art Mori: Yes, Mr. Cho.

(Kimball Cho, chairman of IWF, has been Art's brother in law for going on 15 years now. Ever since the day they met he has always referred to his brother in law as Mr. Cho. At Kimball's request.)

Art Mori: Yes.... yes, I will have this commercial wrapped up for our infomercial tonight. Yes sir, I think it's a very good idea...... thank you sir..... goodbye.

(Hanging up the phone, Art takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. Remembering his not alone he looks up to the camera man and motions to the camera.)

Art Mori: Is this thing ready to go?

Camera Man: Yes sir! We are ready to go whenever you want.

(Noticing the glass of whiskey and half empty glass in front of him, Art quickly removes those items and places them under his desk. He folds his hands on his desk and looks directly into the camera, a large smile coming across his face.)

Art Mori: Hello Wrestling Fans and competitors. I would like to welcome all of you to Moss Bay Events Center, on November the 18th for International Wrestling Federations first ever Chain Reaction! This will be a live taping and will feature some of the best wrestling talent Seattle has to offer!

All tickets to attend the event are now on sale at ticket booths located at Moss Bay Events Center or calling the number at the bottom of your screen!

Now for you competitors out there, we will be accepting sign ups all the way until the show date. So, if you are interested in showing your skills for the International Wrestling Federation then Chain Reaction will be the perfect event for you!

Whether you are from Florida, New York, Japan or wherever, if you got the skills we want you there.

And before I forget! The best competitor at our first ever Chain Reaction, as judged by fans, will be awarded 10 thousand dollar prize! That's right I said it... a 10 thousand dollars prize!

So bring your families, your girlfriends... hell bring your pets! Come Friday November the 18th, it will be a night to remember all across Seattle!

(Art's smile grows even bigger as we fade to the IWF logo.)
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