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Character Motive


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Starting CR12.

New Pre-Card ... stuff for you to do.

I would like every handler involved on card to PM his characters "motivation" to me pre-card before the RP deadline.

In the past these were considered strategies and still can be ... but to my recollection those were more of match strategy (He'll be a powerhouse and hit really hard ... and such) and that can be included but for the most part I don't think that is really unnecessary. Most of that information can be gained from the bio and if there has been a slight change ... that should be noticeable in the RPs. But motivation or intent can sometimes be purposefully hidden when address the public (i.e. RP.)

Motivation, however, is key.

CR11 and the quirky line up has taught me that and I think every card even sans the quirky line up can still benefit from this.

Basically, what does your character feel he or she can gain or loose from this match. Titles or title shots would be obvious of course but as well all know professional wrestling story lines can sometimes go against the grain.

So basically, less a requirement and a suggestion but anyone who doesn't send in a motive for that nights card I will assume they're only motive is to step into the ring and attempt to win or actually win.

Knowing the character's motivation from card to card could really help shape a match and card whether win, lose or draw and add a extra dimension of realism to our weird little hobby.

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions and comments below.

This will not take effect until the next card, any character who's motive I truly questioned on this card I asked the handler but moving forward I think it'd be helpful if everyone just sent them in before each match.

I will be sure to clear my PM box after this card to facilitate this.


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