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Check. Mate.


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy Windham, wearing wrap-around shades and a sleeveless MATRIX RELOADED T, stands in front of a BOTB banner.)

TROY: Y'know, my entire career, people have spent discrediting me and disrespecting me. People saw the bright-eyed young star with boy band good looks and the charisma of 1,000 politicians and they got jealous. They said I would never get out of my brother's shadow, that I would be dead before I was 25, that my career would be over because I was a sideshow more interested in being The Virgin Surgeon, bedding underaged girls, making movies and hanging out at seedy rock clubs to all hours of the night.

Well, guess what? (Troy smiles.) I turned the tables on ya'll. I did what I said I was going to do. I made millions of dollars. I became an international superstar of screen and stage. I am *THE* most recognizable name in pro-wrestling, the man whose name on the marquee sells out arenas coast-to-coast. And you may ask yourself, how did I find this large automobile? How did I get here?

Simple. I may have been lazy in my younger days. I may be a broken down, busted-up wreck of a man today. But what I have always been and always will be is the master of this game.

I wanted to be a star. What did I did? Immerse myself in controversy, get my name in the headlines, generate heat for myself and made you all look up and take notice. I forced promoters to write me checks with a lot of zeroes at the end of it. Leagues were made just to have me come in for ONE SHOW. Entire wrestler's personas were created *JUST* to get at me.

And look at what happened? Troy Windham won the big prize. Troy Windham got his hand raised world champ. Troy Windham cemented his name as a legend.

Fast-forward. Troy Windham ages a few years and sees things a little bit differently. I've fought wars against foes to keep them from being the force that dictates this industry. I've fought wars against men just to show them that no matter what happens, I will NEVER say I Quit against an enemy. No matter what has been said to me. No matter what has been done to me. No matter how many times I've woken up in a hospital room requiring yet another surgery on yet another limb... Troy Windham has always come back and found himself on top of the game.

Since my return, I've seen everyone positioning themselves. The Intruders was to take the league down. The GXW forces want to take over. Tom Adler wants people to remember who he is. Shane Southern, Lawrence Stanley want to become the next force in this industry. Eli Flair and Evan Aho both want to become the man. Everyone in this promotion has been moving themselves in position to become the biggest star in this sport.

(Troy smirks.) Mr. Merrit is making his greatest move at BEE OH TEE BEE. All the players have to show their hands. The lights are going to be turned on the big stage and you're all going to look up and realize something...

The pieces have all been positioned. No more moves can be made. The King avoids capture. Long Live The King. All Hail The King. Mr. CSWA does it again. Check. Mate.

You're going to look up and realize that you've just been played by Troy Windham. This sport's true master of human chess. (FTB)

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