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Cherry Blossom Chaos: Jeff Jorgenson vs. Pat Gordon Jr


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Remember, all RP conducted for Cherry Blossom Chaos should be from various locations in the Washington, DC Area.

The RP/Angle deadline is Monday, March 8th 11:59PM PST. Send all angles to pmiller21@gmail.com
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Jun 22, 2009
(Our video loads and we fade in on Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson in the back of his van. He appears to be parked at a rest area, with bedding in the van and some provisions for the night.)

Jeff "Greenhorn" Jorgenson: I've heard this area is beautiful this time of year. There are cherry blossom tees, land marks, and I've heard the weather is mild. But all I've seen is rain and snow lately. But, this hasn't been the time to be thrifty in these parties. Before I learned that if a promoter gave you enough money for gas, tolls and hotel, you made a bit more money if you just slept in the car or on a couch. However, staying in the van off I-95 just isn't the best idea this time of year.

But, these are the kinds of things you do when you are trying to get in the door. Now that I'm in the door, I think it is time to make some changes. Times are tough, but I think I can get out of the van and into an actual motel for a change. But for now, it is time to get ready. There's no better way to get kicked right back out the door than to lose, and I have a match coming up.

I will admit, I don't know alot about Pat Gordon Jr. But, I have time to learn. Once I get into a real motel room, it is time to study. I plan to learn as much as I can about this man. His matches, his speech patterns, his opponents, his wins, his losses and hopefully what he has to say about me.

But for now, I can just tell my fans I am not taking this match lightly. Cherry Blossom Chaos is a pretty light hearted name, but this is a big match. A win here in our nation's capital... well, I'm a bit outside of it right now, but over there in our nation's capital will put me one step closer to... I'm not sure.

I've already lived my dream. I'm here in the big leagues. I'm wrestling in front of so many people on big shows. I'm making fans. I'm wrestling better and better opponents.

A year ago, none of this could happen. I think the fans appreciated the effort I put in, they appreciated my passion, they appreciated that I had graduated from the Hacker School of Wrestling one of the top wrestling schools in the country. But when you drive into a town and out in the same day, it is hard to make fans. Outside of my hometown I've wrestled more than once in the same town maybe... three times. Once in awhile some really awesome fans would drive to see all of my matches when I'd have a series of matches in Ohio. Some people have bought DVDRs of my matches. But, overall... this is the first time I've been able to wrestle in front of an audience that I can make a mark on.

That is even more reason to know all I can about Pat Gordon Jr. I've been doing little more than hitting the gym and sleeping in this van for the past week, but physical training can only take you so far. I need to know my opponent like I know myself.

The fans won't settle for less. If they see someone like me go out there promising to work hard and he doesn't know a thing about his opponent they won't respect him. I can't afford to lose the fan's respect, I've barely begun to earn it! So I can't make any excuses. I can't take any chances. I can't take anything for granted.

Because while I don't know alot about Pat Gordon Jr, I can take one thing for granted... he isn't likely to take me for granted.

At this level, everyone works hard.

Everyone trains hard.

Everyone is talented.

So I can't rely just on what brought me to the dance. I need that mental edge, and hopefully if everyone in Washington DC hears this and understands where I am coming from I can have a home away from home field advantage. If I can get the support of these fans, I can push myself harder, I can push my opponent to his breaking point, and I can take that brass ring one more time.

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