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Chief Big Bet


League Member
Nov 5, 2005

Name: Chief Big Bet
Height: actual, 6', announced as 6'3, gotta gimmick the height
Weight: 264 1/2. Has a scale to prove it.
Hails From: The Mohegan Tribe
Music: "Ecstasy of Gold" - Ennio Morricone

Physical Appearance: Native American mix of Tatanka and Wahoo McDaniel. In his early 30s, guy who used to hit the gym extensively and it shows in the upper body and legs, but has slacked off with his rise and gain in power, and has rolled in the opulence, and that also shows with his bowling-ballish gut. Wears his shoulder-length dark hair back into a tail outside the ring, lets it loose and it whips around inside. That's right, try to snapmare Chief Big Bet by the hair, he'll make you pay for it white blood.

Ring Attire: As a Chief of the Mohegan, Chief Big Bet mustn't be seen in common injun frock. Wears brown tights and boots made from the finest freshly-killed buffalo, boots trimmed with the hair of the kill. Adorned atop Chief Big Bet's head is traditional Chieftain headpiece, feathers and all. Carries a golden spear decorated with feathers, made from all the pictures of dead US Presidents white blood feed into slot machine, to never see again.

In-Ring Style: Has a bit of movement to him, think Mike Knox. Burly but will whip out something unusual. Your basic "wear opponent down" set with chinlocks, headlocks, stomps, CHOPS, body slams, throws, corner squashing... will only venture to the top rope when he counters a top-rope move by doing something to crotch opponent, then go up to hit one of his signature moves, a superplex.

Moveset: Superplex (only as a counter to top-rope crotching of opponent), Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam (the move Finlay does where he puts the guy on his shoulders then runs and flips forward, slamming opponent), Tree of Woe setting up running knee to the nether-regions, atomic drop-->hook arm for suplex-->brainbuster combo, running/flying double-axe off the apron to the floor.

Finisher: "The Trail of Tears" aka "The Clothesline from HELL~!"

Personality: A Chieftan of the Mohegan Tribe, Chief Big Bet may have the white blood's money, but he's out for the white blood's pride, and he will use the money white blood procured with their stolen land to gain the upper hand. Chief Big Bet made his rise in the Tribe through the casino operations, and with it, has learned the ways of the white blood when it comes to bribery and deceit, as well as opulence and grandeur, primarily studying the ways of the Vegas mobster and how to think like the white blood. Chief Big Bet knows the tricks, and Chief Big Bet will bring this experience with him to NLW.

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