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Christian Actions


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: The lone wind-swept West Texan fields. Walking in them is Bobby Jack Windham -- wearing a white 10-gallon hat, a denim jacket over a black button up shirt, blue dungarees.)

BOBBY JACK: Don't even stahrt.

(Bobby Jack rubs his hands together.)

Ah know what each and every single one of you at home is thinkin'. Ah know what ya'll have been sayin'. Ya'll sayin' that the beatin' that Bobby Jack Windham laid on Electric Eddie Patton... that it wasn't very Christian of me.

(Bobby Jack smiles and points to the sky.)

Well, ah beg to differ. You see, the most Christian thing ah man can do for his King Savior... is to SHOW people what will happen if they don't accept his word. Eddie Patton, it wasn't bad enough that ya'll came out here and dared lip-off to me... Bobby Jack Windham... Texas born, Texas bred... and the HEIR APPARENT to the Windham rasslin' dynasty. But then you dared insult me... on my faith.

(Bobby Jack rubs his hands again.)

Y'see, Eddie Patton... Ya'll came out here on TV and said how ya'll haven't gone to church in a long tahm... how ya'll "respected" other people's views. About how mah prayers were better off bein' used on the... so-called poor people in Haiti who, one might argue, ain't nothin' more than a bunch of freeloaders. But Eddie Patton, ah chose one person to pray for. And that person was YOU. Ah chose you, Eddie Patton, because ya'll are a man of SIN. Ya'll are a man of FALSE PRIDE who needed to be humbled... by one of the Lord's subjects himself.

(Bobby Jack pauses.)

Ah would pray for you one more tahm, Eddie Patton. But there's only so much that a man... no matter how great he is... no matter if he was a three tahm NCAA Champion from Texas Tech University... no matter if he was a two-time Lubbock Avalanche-Journal West Texas Athlete of the Year... no matter if he's the LATEST to carry the Windham name... there's only so much that this great man can do. Mah prayers for ya'll, Eddie Patton, went unanswered. But that ain't mah fault.

It's yours.

But... but there are some people who I shall still have in mah heart.

(Bobby Jack genuflects and stays on bended knee, cupping his hands and bowing his head.)

Dear God and Jesus Christ The Savior... ah know that you could not protect Eddie Patton from his pride... ah know that you could not stop him from recieving the beatin' of a lahftime administered by your chosen warrior. But ah know... ah know, God and Jeee-sus... that ya'll can listen to mah latest prayers. Mah calls to you, Lord... they're for the good fans of Next Level Rasslin'. For they have booed me. For they have criticized me. And, as such, they have denied YOUR presence. But, God and Jesus... please do not give up on them yet, despite their lives spent livin' in the cesspool of sin and deceit that is New York City... for they need someone to SHOW them the proper way to live their lahves. Even though they will never have mah God-given athletic ability... or mah last name and all that it affords... or my pure Christian values... they still *NEED* me to show them your glory. The NLW fans *NEED* Bobby Jack Windham to show them the way to ascend to your kingdom.

(Bobby Jack Windham looks intently at the camera.)

The NLW fans... *NEED* me to be their champion.



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